Did LeAnn Rimes come out ahead, PR-wise, after the latest Twitter War?

This may seem like I’m literally writing up a boring and “WTF?” post about LeAnn Rimes filling her tank, but I think we all know by now that whenever there’s a mention of LeAnn, the post automatically gets 100+ comments, so keep up the good work! Personally, I think this is one of the best outings LeAnn has had in a while. Her clothes fit, and that’s a really cute and comfortable-looking down-time outfit. I would wear every piece, especially that white zip-up. LeAnn actually looks… cuter (?) when she isn’t trying so hard and posing so hard. I actually wonder if she realizes she’s being pap’d right now. Probably, right? But for whatever reason, she’s just doesn’t care.

Last night, LeAnn went to some kind of NO H8 concert. I know because she was tweeting about it. But oddly enough, she resisted the urge to tweet incessantly about last week’s Brandi Glanville drama. I mean, sure, she had some comments here and there, but the old LeAnn would have been tweeting constantly about it and it would have been a huge Twitter War. So did Twee-hab work? Unknown. I came across this interesting assessment of the Brandi-LeAnn situation – Fox News talked to some PR professionals about who is coming out ahead:

The public mudslinging between ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Brandi Glanville and country singer LeAnn Rimes has gone nuclear. Glanville said in Us Weekly her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian’s new wife has mental problems and a severe eating disorder.

Rimes went on E! to tell Giuliana Rancic how she wishes she wouldn’t have hurt so many people, but wouldn’t go so far as to use the word “regret.” Glanville is hitting back next with an explosive tell-all containing intimate details of her marriage and divorce.

So with little hope any of this will be worked out behind closed doors, who’s winning the tabloid — and social media — war? Jamie Krauss, Director of the Narrative Group PR, says nobody.

“I think they’re putting the kids in the middle and that’s absolutely making them both look bad,” Krauss said, adding that Twitter can be both friend and foe to a celebrity publicist. “I think if there is one thing that is difficult for a celebrity publicist it is rogue tweeters.”

“If I could give Leann Rimes one piece of advice, I would stop tweeting,” Krauss advised. “It’s really important that you get a little strategic about how you handle a public incident like this.”

Soulgee McQueen, CEO of Trio Entertainment, shared a similar sentiment, saying Rimes should bow out gracefully.

“I don’t think that she should go back and forth because then it becomes child-like and then everyone is going to be in your business. Then everyone is going to get the option to judge you,” said McQueen.

Unfortunately, while silence can be golden, it does not help a celeb trying to sell records (Rimes) or books (Glanville).

“I think it’s really easy for people to say she (Rimes) should just shut up and go private behind closed doors but I gotta be honest, she has a new album coming out. When you’re a celebrity you have an obligation to your record label,” Kruass continued. “They want you on the cover of everything and they want you on prime time television.”

McQueen agreed that a bit of drama only helps move a celeb’s product-du-jour: “Controversy does increase whatever it is you’re trying to sell,” said McQueen. “If there’s anything going on during the time you’re putting anything out it will definitely boost sales.”

And while Cibrian may be the man in the middle, both publicists agree his reticence throughout the controversy is a wise move.

“Eddie has stayed very quiet in all of this. I think he’s done exactly the right thing. There’s really no way to win by taking a public stand in this war between two women,” Kruass said. “He hurt of one them. He’s married to the other. He really has to stay quiet.”

My advice? Leann and Brandi should take a Twitter break until they can behave like mature adults, instead of mean girls in high school. The latter is a bad look.

[From Fox News]

I think LeAnn is actually taking some better advice, although how soon people forget that it was allegedly Eddie Cibrian who was releasing all of those “Brandi, we’re very lucky that LeAnn loves our kids and that she has so much money” emails. Eddie’s hands are not clean, and he is not “wise”. He’s just ignored for the most part because both Brandi and LeAnn can’t shut up… except that LeAnn is actually doing a somewhat better job of it, at least on Twitter.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. HotPockets says:

    I hate to say it, but I think Brandi lashing out and alleging some hateful things, which may or may not be true, gives people a reason to understand why Eddie left the relationship. Brandi comes across as being a very destructive, immature, and spiteful, which could break a marriage long term. He should have had the balls to leave though, before he cheated with numerous women.

    I just wish they would all grow up and shut up.

  2. Rita says:

    The E-News interview was an unmitigated disaster for her. Everyone saw it for what it was. The fact that Brandi’s book shot up the best sellar chart during the week means Brandi is, was, and always will be the clear winner while Eddie has no one to blame but himself.

    Also, she is really stuffing that bra in these pictures because from the pictures of the NOH8 party it is very clear that she had her wandering-wonkeyed-wallabies removed.

    • MerryHappy says:

      May i point out, just because people are buying her book doesn’t mean she’s ‘winning.’ People love to read the airing of other peoples dirty laundry, just saying. I find her exhausting and annoying, but I’d read it to see the special kind of crazy these two women made over a man who is not-so-special.

  3. Bowers says:

    She looks good–sensible stuff on.

  4. TheOriginalKitten says:

    LOL @ “This may seem like I’m literally writing up a boring and “WTF?” post about LeAnn Rimes filling her tank, but I think we all know by now that whenever there’s a mention of LeAnn, the post automatically gets 100+ comments, so keep up the good work!”

    That’s great…

  5. OXA says:

    Maybe the the month in “Tweehab” worked cuz she is not tweeting as much.

  6. palermo says:

    Every time she opens her mouth she makes her situation worse. The best thing for her to do it show up at her concerts and be invisible the rest of the time, for a very long time to come.

  7. Krock says:

    Absolutely not. People aren’t stupid and the fake crying didn’t earn her any points. The whole “me me me” thing doesn’t fly well.

  8. Samantha says:

    None of them look good in this whole mess; it’s one giant asshole pileup.

    That said, Leann looks much better dressed casually like that.

  9. Bookworm mommy says:

    I love her sweater! So cute!

  10. TheOriginalKitten says:

    So I’m adding another comment to contribute to the 100+ (anticipated) comments ;)

    She looks SO much better casually dressed, minimal makeup. I think (?) Eileen pointed that out last week.

    I’m not going to say what we all know about her appearance because I try not to snark that way, but yeah less makeup/casual dress works in her favor.

    I think all three of them have come off very badly at times, with Brandi obviously being better in the sense that at least she TRIED for while to take the high road. It’s gotta be hard though. As someone with a big mouth, it would be hard for me to stay silent if I thought some crazy b*tch was spreading lies about me.

  11. Cam S says:

    This is an odd question, but did Leann get the same truck as Brandi? I know Brandi has had hers for years. It’s even the same COLOR for cryin out loud. That would be too weird. I’m sick of media outlets treating Leann as if she were the victim. So lame

  12. Fofototto says:

    So crazy how we’re giving props to people for acting their age and doing the right thing. The three of them need to stfu and take care of business. That said I can’t wait to read Brandi’s book. Is that hypocritical of me? I want to look away but I can’t.

    Side note: Did anyone else catch last weeks episode of RHOBH? What did Brandi say? I’ve read that she blurted out that Adrienne lied about giving birth, when in reality she used a surrogate? WTF girl? If someone tells you that in confidence don’t go around and tell other people. No matter how much you hate them. Not okay.

    • claire says:

      There’s a huge back story there. But the surrogacy thing isn’t a secret, so everyone is just guessing at what it was that Adrienne got upset about. It’s all wrapped up in the drama going on with Adrienne possibly selling fake stories about cast mates and a bunch of defamation issues going on with her chef vs. cast mates. That’s the short version. That show has gotten crazy.

    • LAK says:

      *hanging head in shame* for watching RHOBH and then going over to Vulture for recap and comments….

      Anyways….this blinditem seems to be enlightening with regards what may have been said and what the feud is about.


      I think we can assume that whatever Brandi spilled, Adrienne has been lying about to the group andto alot of people. Since Apparently Adrienne is slapping everyone including Bravo with lawsuits it was edited out.

      However, did you see what Bernie, Adrienne’s Chef, allegedly posted to FB while they were filming this episode…..


      @Relli – Adrienne has gone balls out after Paul since the separation so i guess he is now in Brandi’s camp united against Adrienne.

      • Relli says:

        True, true.

        But if Brandi is currently involved in litigation with Adrienne and lets say for the sake of the argument Bravo over this VERY PERSONAL MATTER. Why is Dr. Nassif making public overtures to show his support and friendship with Brandi. He was obviously very upset over this “information” being made public and if it is in regards to a private family matter, it wouldn’t be worth it to side with Brandi just to anger Adrienne.

        things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm

      • LAK says:

        @Relli – that is indeed the $$$$ question.

        With hindsight, i would say that whatever Brandi said affected both of them at the time of filming, and doesn’t affect Paul anymore especially with Adrienne going after him like she’s doing.

    • mln76 says:

      I don’t understand what kind of person would reveal that kind of information that really only hurts and humiliates kids out of spite. Sure its juicy but in the same way you don’t tell a kid he is adopted until the parents reveal that you dont spill this secret especially since she was probably told in confidence. What a horrid person.

      • claire says:

        I don’t know…I don’t really get why Adrienne would be so upset about that. The whole point is that it’s been out for two years. Not a secret. Her kids could have googled that and found it, prior to this event. I’m still not convinced it’s what got bleeped out on the show.

        Second, why in the world would Adrienne, knowing it’s been out on the internet for 2 years, not have had a talk with her kids about it prior to now? It just doesn’t make sense.

      • LAK says:

        @Min76 and @Foto – You both make a very good point however, it doesn’t seem to have been that straightforward or secretive.

        Apparently A & P had been trying to recruit B in their ‘war’ against LVP, but B refused to participate and was then allegedly subjected to many rude things by A&P. Bullying was the word B and LVP used.

        I think the problem started at the s2 reunion when B accidentally [or deliberately] made a throwaway comment on tthe state of AP marriage. AP were very supportive of B, sort of, last season. This season, right from the beginning you can see friction between them. And when B is at that Lunch, someone [not shown] specifically asks her what is up with AP to which B replies that she’s sick of A’s lies which apparently they are all aware of and which B doesn’t deal with anymore. Since rest of conversation is edited out, whilst simultaneously edited to look like B talked for a very long time, it seemed that she blurted out every alleged little lie she’s ever been told by A. Out of all of which, Kim took it upon herself to tell Adrienne about the alleged family lie because that is what SHE took from the entire tirade. And was willing to make drama out of it.

        Whether or not Surrogate rumour is true, A has repeatedly told birthing stories on camera. apparently she had c-sections for both her kids.

  13. Jayna says:

    No one came out ahead ultimately. Both came out looking bad for different reasons at different points because of being saturated with all parties for a week. I think people are over the public twitter fighting and interview bashing and magazine bashing airing of issues that all happened in a short span of time. Put it in a song, release the book, but handle the children issues and divorce issues privately, both sides, off twitter and interviews instead of back-and-forthing publicly.

  14. Riana says:

    The problem isn’t LeAnn came out ahead, its that Brandi made herself look just as bad. I know everyone says, “Brandi needs to make money” but the reality is when you’re on a show and have a career that centers entirely around you being a mess people are going to have a hard time separating that show from every action you do.

    Brandi said a lot of things that seemed geared towards getting a lot of attention including the sociopath and anorexic comment.

    Frankly I blame her for that. None of those things directly relates to her children. Say “Eddie’s Spouse is presenting a danger to their kids” and detail how as professionally as possible.

    But when you’re telling stories about ‘angelfish’ you tend to come off bitter and more angry at the person, than the crimes against your children.

    I think the issue is LeAnn plays things rather smart for those who don’t follow gossip. Whereas Brandi came out in a big way that many, no matter how much they knew, felt a little turned off. Fighting on Twitter will never help your kids…so why do it, honestly.

  15. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    Okay! She’s holding back because she is pregnant and can’t wait to unleash this news into the world. She’s filled out, quieted down, and looks good.

    Pregnant. We’ll find out in a month or 2.

    • Mags says:

      I was thinking the same thing. One of her loyal followers asked her on twitter the other day how the bump was doing? It was that Asu, the bsc one. Either she’s just being her bsc self or this was something LR asked her to put out there. But who knows! They could just be playing games.

    • Snowangel says:

      Yep, totally preggers. Thirty year birthday did it for her. Now she has something else to focus on, well sort of, more me me me me me me me. Having a baby of Eddies would make her more equal to Brandi.

      • claire says:

        A lot of people think if she has her own, it will make her empathize with Brandi more, and understand what a B she’s been. I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

        I think we will see MORE delusion/ego/narcissism from her, because now she’ll see herself as even more the expert/best mom ever because she’s a stepmom AND a biological mom.

    • eileen says:

      Sorry guys-no way is she Preggo. She went off her psoriasis meds and told him she did so they could try for a baby and he said no -and so she went back on. She had already started breaking out in bad red patches everythere just being off them for a few weeks. If she was off them-you could tell. He said he likes the set-up now with just having kids 50% of the time so they can have time to themselves.
      I’m sure she stopped taking the laxatives and its made her swell. I modeled from 14-21 and when I would have a show coming up they would hand laxatives out like candy and make you take them 7 days straight right before the show. You drop TONS of water weight-and when you stop-you swell up so bad while your body regulates itself again. She’s been taking them for years so her body was severely dehydrated. SO when she stopped her body soaked up all the water and moisture to prepare for more laxatives/dehydration.

      • claire says:

        HOW do you know those kinds of things? Like, conversations between them? I don’t get it.

        I could believe the laxative thing. Two days ago her face was hugely puffed up. Last night it was normal.

      • brin says:

        I’m surprised she actually went off the meds, but I’m not surprised by Ediot’s answer.

      • eileen says:

        Because Leann is stupid and tells people who she uses and abuses private things. Then when she’s done with them, she tosses them away like trash.
        Eddie is stupid because he tells his mistresses private things and of course they all talk.
        They all end up finding one of us and spilling. I certainly don’t search them out-I don’t care enough.lol

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        That kind of swell doesn’t happen from stopping laxatives. If we are going with 1st hand experience I had a bad ED in my late teens early 20′s and lax taken even 4 days straight cause fissures. Assuming you’re taking 1 pill day 1, 2 pills day 2 and so on. It is difficult to use them past that point without serious long-term complications. Although, I believe your experience I doubt that is what is going on here.

        She has the money and that means she has the power. She needs Eddie for emotional reasons, but he needs her maybe more for financial reasons. If push came to shove and she said she wants a baby he will either give in or she’ll have a happy accident.

      • Jessica says:

        I wonder if this happened shortly before the Katie interview since the “we like things how they are now” excuse was given then?

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Eileen, you always have the best, most reliable dirt. Thanks for sharing with us. You & Jezi are better than Radar or the Enquirer!

  16. TrustMeOnThis says:

    There are no victors in a “Twitter War” – and why is that even a thing?! >.<

  17. Macey says:

    Theres ablind on Cdan that is thought to be LR…

    This B list celebrity is a very jealous person. Needs all the attention which is why she probably pulled off her double stick tape and made sure everyone got a very good look at her breasts at a recent event. You have never seen someone bend over as much as she did. The problem is the crowd really didn’t care, but she is hoping there are pap photos of it so she can be outraged.

    Heres proof it is her..lol

  18. truthful says:

    Its waaaaaay too early to tell, I am not calling it at all.

    As long as Eddie does not give her the “slip” trying to creep during the holidays…we may be clear.

    you can never tell w/her.

    now, if she would drop that crazy lawsuit, against the teacher..then maybe.

  19. mollie says:

    Leann lost the instant they allowed those children to be shown during her interview. They lost all credibility re Brandi showing them in the background on her reality show.

    • DreamyK says:

      Brandi won by way of sympathy for her breast tumor surgery. I know, I know..it’s benign..BUT! Brandi played on our collective lady fears and we were able to put ourselves in her place, just for a moment, and sympathize with her while breathing a sigh of relief it wasn’t us.

      LeAnn hasn’t had that moment ever. To go on national TV and talk about how she imploded her marriage and broke up a family (with Eddie’s help of course) and stop short of saying she “regrets” the affair? Yeah, no sympathy vote for her. Making a stink about her step-sons being on TV and then putting them on TV herself. That’s a crock of hypocritical shite right there.

      You think that Halle and Gabriel are big ol’ custody/visitation babies? When Leann gets her trophy baby, watch what happens when Eddies peen takes a stroll on the Strange side. Nuclear option, scorched earth..LeAnn and her love child will come unglued.

  20. G says:

    This woman will put anything in her mouth. YUCK!

  21. Under My Skin says:

    LeAnn is a very very bad seed and a twisted sick little inferior freak. It’s not enough for her to come along and disrupt Brandi’s world, she has to constantly dig taunt and torment B.

    The tv appearance and recent photo’s of Ed and LR are so very telling. His face just screams disgusted and so over this bitch he married.

    He had no where to go and no money once Brandi kicked him out. He should write his own version of Misery because no doubt, he’s living a very personal real life version. She is so draining. There is no way he is happy with her.

    And LR not allowing Ed and Brandi to communicate for their childrens sake, just proves what an insecure loser LR’s is. Her karma will be epic.

  22. Asiyah says:

    It’s funny how even with this casual look you can still get a sense that she knows she’s being papped and is liking it. Check out the way she’s standing while pumping gas.

    • MerryHappy says:

      They’re both wearing white sweaters, that’s the only similarity… You’re grabbing at straws here. I don’t even like Leann, but you’re grabbing at straws. If that’s all it takes, we’re all copying Brandi, because she’s obviously the first woman I’m the history of the world to wear a white zip up sweater.

      • Mags says:

        @merry – of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but I don’t think she’s grasping at straws. When I saw the pics of Brandi the other day I actually thought to myself how long before LR is photographed in a white sweat jacket. LR never dresses like this. She’s tried so hard to look/dress like Brandi since the beginning, it’s well documented. Even in the pics above, she’s driving the same exact car that Brandi drives. It’s not normal.

      • Gia says:

        grasping at straws would be it happening once or twice…but we’re talking repeatedly wears the same sh-t. It’s weird. It’s scary.

        Comment #28 and counting…;)

      • Lady D says:

        She bought the exact same vehicle. I wouldn’t put anything past angelfish here. Her bust looks much bigger in that top pic. Maybe she had to up the size to keep Ediot interested.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        The ONLY thing those two outfits have in common is a winter white top. Not even a similar top.

        Brandi has jeans, ugly boots, layered shirts red and white.
        Meanne has on gym pants, tennies, and a zip shirt on.

        Rag away for the twin cars, but the outfits? Ridiculous.

      • MerryHappy says:

        I’m with The Original Tiffany. I agree the copying the car is creepy. But the sweater? It’s a sweater. The outfits are too different. if i could see the words ‘puma’ peaking out, maybe my mind would be changed, but in terms of this one, this time, i don’t think she’s copying her. I will agree with the cars, i will agree with the weird bikini stalking. But the sweater, i think, is just a sweater.

      • Wanda Full says:

        The shirts are sorta similar, but if this is another attempt to copy Brandi—I give this attempt a D+ LeAnn, ur game is slackin!!

        Also, this is a bit off-topic, but what were the comments LeAnn made at the red-carpet ACA Awards? I can’t seem to find a video online :(

    • Mags says:

      I thought the same when I saw the pics of LR…especially because she doesn’t normally dress like this in public. The hair is very Brandi-ish as well.

    • Macey says:

      omfg, I thought that was LR at first when I saw 1st pic in that article b/c she is wearing almost the exact top. She must have cameras or something in Brandi’s house that she can pick almost the exact same outfit. unbelieveable.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Yeah, I have to agree with the others, the outfits are not similar. Brandi is in all white. Like I said below, the twin Range Rover is the worst.

    • Under My Skin says:

      To that first commenter on that article you linked, Jezi. Brandi didn’t stage anything. Those paps hang at those xmas tree lots just like they do at the pumpkin patches in L.A. Brandi is so comfortable in her own skin she oozes confidence. She never lets us see her sweat. I think she is a strong role model for women. I really everything amazing and good to live in Brandi’s world.

    • skilo says:

      I love those pictures of Brandi! She’s at her best when she’s just being herself and wearing less make up, she’s so beautiful naturally that she doesn’t need a lot of makeup to look good. With some people no amount of make up will help.

  23. Isa says:

    I really like her outfit too. She looks less like skeletor. I need more casual but put together clothes.

  24. Kelly Ingersoll says:

    Ed’s body language says it all! He has both hands in his pockets while kissing her.Not to mention the look on his face. Ha its OVER!

  25. Grace says:

    I think this twitter drama made them both look worse but Leann is way worse off than Brandi.

    Leann was insane in her E! interview. Anyone can see she is totally a mess, more so than Brandi. I think people think Brandi is really spiteful and needs to move on but also know she got screwed over at this point. I think people that judge Brandi harshly are not worth her time. Walk a mile in that woman’s shoes and I’m sure they would sympathize with her.

    My father walked in while I was watching the TV interview and he saw Leann and said, “my god! she looks like a drug addict!” and he has no idea of the gossip drama obviously he’s a 60 year old man. lol.

  26. skuddles says:

    No, they both came out looking like assholes. Eddie too of course.

  27. MoxyLady007 says:

    One week of silence doesn’t make up for four years of bullying and stalking.

  28. southernbell317 says:

    I’m am absolutely #TeamBrandi but, I do think at times her mouth/fingers can get out of hand & get her in to trouble… I empathize with her on many levels… 1st and foremost I’ve been through almost the EXACT same scenario with a cheater & my children and 2nd I have a flash fire temper and my mouth can get me in trouble as well… luckily for me I don’t have to live out all my mistakes (lashing out) in the public eye… IMO the only way Leann could make herself look better is to stop using those boys against Brandi & to wh-re herself out & stop provoking Brandi with her little digs.. however, we all know she’ll NEVER do that… so, LR is still a TRASH and a HOME WRECKER :)

  29. TheTruthHurts says:

    It’s really freakin’ creepy that she has a white Range Rover JUST like Brandi…

    • heidi says:

      +1. And the top is similar to one worn recently by Brandi when out Christmas tree hunting with her two sons. Daily Mail carried the pix several days ago.
      And her over-exposing black top worn at last night’s NOH8 event very much resembles the low-cut black outfit Brandi showed us when we got to tour her closet in the Bravo tv video blog

  30. Lara says:

    That’s a lululemon outfit she’s wearing isn’t it? Let’s see at least 150-180 for the pants, and a minimum of 200 for the top. Cute yet overpriced workout wear for the vain.

  31. Veruca says:

    Wow. That picture of Leann with the tape over her mouth is the first one I’ve ever liked of her.

    It’s a look she should keep.

  32. nomorerimes says:

    Did you all see the “kiss” at the NoH8 concert? It looked like Eddie was just looking at her when she planted one on him. His lips are not puckered up at all. He looks sooooo not into her at all.

    As to who won–definitely Brandi as she finally got EC (0r should I say–LR) to respond to her. No one knows all that Brandi has had to put up with during these past few years. But once the book comes out, we will.

    As to LiaR pumping gas–yes, of course she knew the paps were there. Don’t you all know that the paps hang outside her home and just follow her EVERYWHERE! She knew but she is trying to make people think she is just going about her business. She is such a liar!
    Got to admit though, it seemed good to see her covered up for a change!

  33. Nolove says:

    This is an article about her recent concert disaster. WOW she is losing what marbles she has left. I wouldnt want a nut job like this around my family either. That is all Brandi is trying to say to Eddie. That his wife is sick and she is around her kids. To take in into his own hands and help her before something happens to her or worse her children.


    • nomorerimes says:

      WOW! And her mother was there at the concert watching her antics??? Surely that is proof to her enabling mommy that something is wrong with LiaR! Someone has to do something to get her help! She is in desperate need of serious therapy and not just the “spa” stay she had to cope with her “twitter anxiety”. No wonder Brandi is worried about her sons! Too bad Ediot isn’t!

      • Nolove says:

        Its so sad that all Brandi wants is for Eddie to open his eyes to what he is exposing the children too. NOT to divorce or leave LR she doesn’t seem care anymore. But how can LR who is person clearly “present” be aware that she now has a problem. She thinks Brandi is out to get her because of the paranoia side affects. EVERYONE is out to get her according to LR. Compare it to Britney Spears and what she put her OWN kids through.

    • Relli says:

      hmmm interesting. Radar had a similar story up the day after the concert but did not go into quite the detail of this one, which by the way I had a difficulty accessing everyone must have been trying the at the same time.

      But these sort of stories do make me question the credibility of the one that this article is actually about. This something that I and a few others commenters discussed with one of the international commenters on here who was baffled why larger outlets always carried more positive stories on her and yet the smaller ones did not. I for one believe that she pays for press and because the intimate interview with a the hardest working mom in showbiz didn’t really pan out in her favor (to be fair Jenny Rivera’s death sort of took over the whole evening and next days entertainment news) But her and her label’s PR people are hard at work rehabbing her image and this was another step. Because honestly as much as I loathe Fox News, I cannot imagine any other reason other than payola for them mentioning Rimes.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      I don’t know, with the rug there, it looks like that might have been planned

      • Nolove says:

        It was a small acoustic concert to promote her new stuff coming up. I would rather think its all freaking planned than to see a human being spiral out of control. But the crying, forgetting her songs, and “talking to the audience” is batty no matter what. This went on for half the concert off and on.

    • Lady D says:

      Reports of her bizarre behaviours are showing up more and more. Concerts where she is rambling or forgetting songs. The amount of cancellations. Fans yelling at her to stop talking and sing. The myriad dental emergencies coughdrugproblemcough. It is going to affect her bottom line and career if too many more reports of her bizarre actions surface. Maybe she wants to be the Lohan attention-wise of the country music clan.

  34. mln76 says:

    They all look like a-holes as well as the idiots stalking their Twitter feed for pearls of crazy.

  35. Nolove says:

    I pretty much feel that everyone involved loses no matter what.

    Brandi- because she is trying to make the best of the situation and get her life on track like most people after a divorce. What she said on RHWOBH about how she wanted to just cry most nights because she was in such a bad place and “no one is calling you to hang out because they are all married with kids.” It broke my heart. After all she has gone through LR still goes out of her way to hurt, lie, and jab at her.

    Her children – they will read all of this and know fully how it happened and what is happened after the affair. The older one seems like he is already aware that something is up with the whole situation. :(

    Leanne- she clearly lost all sense of reality and has made this so real in her head that only she can get herself the help she needs. her husband doesn’t care what happens to her and she already alienated the people closest to her. She is definitely on something even it its prescribed she is still medicating herself. This is not a happy woman and that much you can see.

    even Eddie- he ruined his marriage, career, and is a laughing stock. when he wakes up and looks around and the mess he made it will be a rude awakening. because as vain as he is HE cant even fake it anymore. You can tell he misses just having a “normal” outing.

    The root of all of it is LR vortex for desperation, low self esteem, and obvious personality disorder. She is such a mess its so sad. This is what you get when you make a child a work horse. she doesnt get it and she never will. this is what she knows and her yes people dont care as long as she makes them money.

    ok done. i never post on here but have been a long time lurker. its just horrible how much people lose sight.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Very well said. Totally agree on how damaging it is to make a child into a work horse.

      You should post more often! :)

      • Nolove says:

        :) well thanks you. I really appreciate that. its just makes me sad when parents put their children to work in Hollywood so early. They cant handle the critic, pressure of perfection, and rejection. HELL most adults cant. It messes them up.

        She might even actually like Brandi but her envy takes over. Brandi is confident, attractive, smart, has friends, and speaks her mind. I feel she got it in her head that is she had that life she would be those things too. But nooo its not how it works.

        I feel LR really thinks that she just wants to be loved and accepted and its SO twisted on how she thinks that works. She WANTS not feels or thinks about anything but her immediate need to feel like she belongs.

        She bases her value on how much people like her. Like Eddie, strangers, and Brandi’s children. Like if Brandi is evil and I get people to not like her then she must be good if I get them to like me. Its so weird to me. Its all in her head and none of it matters. She is who she is and that is messing her up royally.

        It really is sad and she not the only one.


        That world eats its own young and spits them out.

    • Jayna says:

      Great insightful first post.

      After posting links of normal, cute, talented LeAnn the other thread it made me sad. Her face is ruined because of overtanning (she had pretty pale skin which made her look younger) and anorexia and drug use and booze and fillers.

      I am posting a timeline of the demise of LeAnn and to see what she lost. She met Eddie the beginning of 2009.

      2007 LeAnn puts out Family, an album that did well (for her type sales) and good reviews and with the absolute best song of her career, What I Cannot Change. She was nominated for a Grammy for it in 2008 and a CMA award for something off the album and performed a song. That same year Bon Jovi asked her to do a duet on their Crossroads album. They received video duet of the year for their music video for the song. She performed it several times with Bon Jovi in 2008. Also in 2007 she was asked to be on Reba McIntyre’s “Duets” album. I buy very few country music albums (more songs here and there), but Reba is someone I adore and own a few of her albums. I bought the Duets album and love it. Kelly Clarkson duet was my fav but LeAnn’s was amazing and they performed it on the Country Music Award show together in 2008. She was also picked to be one of the singers at a star-studded Reba tribute show singing Reba’s songs in 2008. So 2007/2008 was a great period for LeAnn. She was a B-lister singer as far as sales with an A-lister respect by those in the business.

      Here are some of those performances showing LeAnn healthy, great vocally, and together, and then I will post her last performance in July of this year. I feel like this is a eulogy for the LeAnn that once was because she’s not coming back with her mental issues and addictions to Eddie and pills and ruining her looks. Her ex went everywhere with her, and Eddie will be around less and less. She will only get worse because of it.

      LeAnn/Bon Jovi Live 2008 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36k6tnSUWys

      Reba/LeAnn 2008 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTqJctiMIiI

      Leann – Greatest Man I Never Knew at show in tribute to Reba, 2008:


      The affair is out now. The same day she was on the Today Show to promote a re-release of What I Cannot Change (my favorite song of hers) and a book and she has to vague address it.
      Her stripped down version of this song is nothing short of brilliant for a morning show especially and she she still looks together. She is one of the few truly great live vocalists sounding like their album.

      What I Cannot Change

      Her relationship public, LeAnn at least in perfromances hasn’t unraveled yet: A performance with the Gay Men’s Chorus that will give you absolute chills.

      The Rose, 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaROl1j-xBY

      By this year, 2012, LeAnn was erratic on stage, vocals shot, painfully thin in 2011, ruined face, and her life online had been disturbing for several years now, taunting Brandi and her bikini pic obsessions. She pulls this song off (but nothing close to ther album vocally), but it is clear to me she is high, her eyes, her arms moving, and wiping her mouth once like dry. It’s a tone-downed version of the link I once posted of LeAnn so high she was almost falling over on stage.

      What I Cannot Change Gay Men’s Chorus:

      She’s a shell of her former self, all for what, Eddie? He has brought out the worst in her and the most damaged part of her.

      • claire says:

        I do not actually like her voice, so I’ve always turned off her music and never bought any of her songs, so I’m nowhere near an expert on her singing, but I can still tell the difference in those videos between the quality, enunciation and mannerisms. It’s a big difference. And her looks, ugh…don’t get me started. I know she’s never been considered a beauty, but I personally thought she was “cute.” Now I find her frightening looking. I really do believe she has narcissistic personality disorder, which fits with how her parents raised her, and I do think she has been a bit of a B for a while, because there’s too many instances out there of people saying this about her back in the 90s and such. I don’t think this relationship created all of her problems, but I think it exacerbated a lot of them. I doubt that he is a stabilizing influence on her, like Dean had been. I mean, if she’s happy with this new version of herself, and thinks she’s evolved, well, cool for her. But she should keep it more to herself. LOL. And, own the fact and get over it that the public doesn’t agree. She needs to let go. Move on. Face the facts. She’s never going to get the same type of public approval that she had several years ago. I don’t know, Jayna. I don’t think she has the ability or self-awareness to see what everyone else does.

      • candigirl says:

        This is an interesting timeline, thanks for putting it up. I would disagree that her relationship with Eddie ruined her. She had begun on that downwards spiral many years before, when, as a young teen she moved in with an adult man, started drinking and using drugs and sued her dad and record company to get control of her money so she could continue to party and sleep her way around Hollywood. Her former manager talks candidly about all of this in past interviews. I think that her relationship with Dean was a saving grace and put her back on a path of health and sanity, but in a self destructive pattern she trashed it. She returned to her addictions and narcissism with Eddie. She is now doing to Eddie’s kids what her parents did to her: putting them in the middle of warring adults and whoring them out for money and the attention it will bring her. The kids were always part of why she is so attracted to Eddie. She needs to repeat the abusive pattern she learned as a child. She is also repeating the pattern of suing her dad, with the lawsuit against Kim S., suing someone because they won’t let her have control and won’t kiss her butt.
        Her voice is much worse than it was and her egotistical sloppy phrasing has killed any enjoyment of listening to her sing.

      • LAK says:

        my goodness, that last video…she’s lost so much tonally in terms of her vocal. And she looks really bad even though it looks like she had the glam squad in.

      • Dana M says:

        Good post Candygirl. Great analysis.

      • K-rock says:

        @Jayna: Wow! Thank you for that timeline! She did have a lovely voice and demeanor. I can’t get over how it changed her so much seeing it in the timeline. That last song she did look and act wasted but on what? Was she drinking? If she was stoned I can see the dry mouth thing. Oh so sad to see what the choices she made did to her. I’m not a big country fan but the first few songs were beautiful. Such a waste. :(

  36. Memphis says:

    She was only (mostly) quiet on twitter because she had other outlets to (AGAIN) vent her ‘no regrets’ story to.

    When she has only twitter left to vent she’ll once again start tweeting and re-tweeting her version of ‘truth’

    While Brandi could have come off looking worse (to some) in the ‘twitter battle’ this week, over the long drawn out saga she still looks 1000% better (and much more sane) than Leann.

  37. BREE says:

    At least LR can sing: Brandi has no talent at all. After watching her on RHOBH, I actually feel sorry for her children for being exposed to her foul mouth and craziness. Actually, the story of her divorce is not THAT interesting. Will people pay money to read her take on a divorce from some minor actor? Brandi is PATHETIC. Prediction: LR and E will be in divorcetown before too long. Seedy story, seedy players.

    • brin says:

      Actually yes, people are pre-ordering Brandi’s book….it’s selling very well online.

    • Nolove says:


      Yes its selling so well people are pre-ordering it. From this article is seems that is has less to do with her twitter fued <<<i feel funny saying that.

      I'm sure LR record will sell very well too. her voice is without a doubt amazing. but i dont want her to end up like Whitney Houston. She can still turn it around.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Sorry but I totally disagree-too much garbage and taunting from LiaR! She should have thought about the affect all this would have on her career before she became a homewrecker and a bully!

      • Rita says:

        LeAnn’s last song was released a month ago. It stayed in the top 100 on country itunes for 2 weeks before it disappeared. It only did that well because LeAnn downloads her own music by the 100′s. It never broke the top 200 on Amazon so we know where she concentrates her buying…itunes.

        Her next release is about how great the sex was with another woman’s husband. Yeah, being that what audience she has left are women, I’m sure it will sell several hundred copies.

      • Nolove says:

        :) I was trying to be nice to LR. I guess I have a soft spot for someone with a so obviously in trouble and in so much turmoil. She lacks so much self awareness and any criticism is crippling to her.

        I don’t care how much $ she has. She doesn’t look happy or enjoying her love and life. She was trained to be a show pony and now she cant stop and its making her ill. She doesn’t need anyone’s validation. Just to own it and leave it be. To show Brandi some boundaries and common decency. She already got what she thought wanted so leave it already.

        If I were Brandi I would move heaven and hell to keep my children safe. I would put her on blast and more. I cant imagine her fears when they leave to see their father. No knowing how much Eddie is hiding about LR condition and how that can affect there children. I think she is actually showing restraint and exposing the reality.

  38. why? says:

    The gas station photos were taken by FameFlynet. FameFlynet was the agency responsible for the photos that were the subject of this article: “LeAnn Rimes called the paparazzi for a photo op, but she gave them the wrong time-Celebrity Bitchy”

    Leann has been on twitter talking about her fued with Brandi. Someone made a comment about an old article and Leann’s response was something like, where did you here that from, I know where it came from, it’s BS.

  39. natavalina says:

    how can she come out on top when we all know she eats laxatives and adderall? come on.

  40. natavalina says:

    and the credit card in the mouth is gross, really gross

  41. silver says:

    she totally knows that’s she’s being papped & is still posing. that pic of her putting her credit card in her mouth – who puts something that hundreds of salespeople’s hands have touched, something that you keep in your wallet next to dirty, bacteria-ridden money? it’s not like she had both hands full & HAD to hold something in her mouth. she was just trying to be cutesy for the paps.

    maybe if Leann stopped putting dirty disgusting things in her mouth, maybe her tooth/bacteria problems will go away. it’s not rocket science.

    • K-rock says:

      Also, why in the world would she call the paps WANTING people to see her pump gas? Seriously get over your inflated ego. I’m actually surprised she would want her pic taken without pounds of makeup and a skin tight mini skirt with gargantuan heels on. I must say I’m confused by this one.

  42. candigirl says:

    Both women lose by the bitter public feuding, which is just what Eddie wants. He wants Brandi punished and to be forced to pay attention to him and will use Leann and his kids to do it. He wants Leann to suffer and take all the blame for the backlash about the affair and bashing of Brandi. But above all he likes the notoriety this brings him and he loves the lifestyle Leann’s millions brings. Eddie was deep in debt and had scarce acting jobs when he met Leann. He was desperate for money and had four people to support. He was an aging C lister with few job prospects and fading looks, in an industry that prizes youth and looks. That’s why he used the word “lucky” in the nasty email to Brandi. He meant that he was “lucky” to have hooked Leann to pay for his lifestyle and support his kids. This guy is a manipulative, narcissistic, spoiled, self centered a-hole. He won’t leave Leann until the money gives out and he won’t have kids with her because he likes all her money and attention to go to him. He will keep up the feud with Brandi because he gets off on getting her attention and punishing her.

  43. Kosmos says:

    Why oh why in our society do the Women always go after one another? Especially in a break up or a cheating scandal, why is the Man always let off the hook, so to speak? Eddie could have cheated with any woman, and that’s who Brandi would blast, not her husband, why? Also, if LeAnn would refrain from posting and posing in so many pics of herself, things might be better for her.

  44. Sassy says:

    Can’t stand this twit. But, I do like her outfit. Also? Is she putting her debit/credit card in her mouth? GROSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Sapphire says:

    Hey, I’m 54 and a a fully snark qualified member of CB! Don’t diss the over 50s!

  46. Ming Lee says:

    leann rimes is so predictable..and see through. this pathetic PR is all a game to her, the ‘candid’ gas shots, the ‘oppsies’ nip slip.. nothing she does is accidental, it is planned with a specific purpose, to show off an ‘image’ to the public. its a shame she hasn’t realized no one is drinking her ‘my truth’ koolaid.

    did she get her implants removed??

  47. V says:

    No doubt pursuing litigation and her lawyers have banned her from tweeting about or into it.

  48. Jayna says:

    @Claire, I agree with this comment by you up above in response to my links: “And her looks, ugh…don’t get me started. I know she’s never been considered a beauty, but I personally thought she was “cute.” Now I find her frightening looking.”

    I also always considered her cute and never saw an “ugly” shot of her in TV performances or interviews or music videos from 19 to 26, 27.

    I can’t look at her anymore. That up close face-on photo of LeAnn at the NoHate nip-slip thing is mind-boggling. It can’t be her. You look at the link I posted above of her singing at the Reba tribute, “The Greatest Man I never knew.” It was only four years ago. No one changes that much in their late ’20s.

    That performance is all up-close shots the whole time with LeAnn’s hair back the same way it is in the NoHate pic. But the difference is her face is now shocking. The makeup and hair in the “Greatest Man I Never Knew” is perfection, one of the best looks I’ve ever seen on LeAnn to be honest and her face is just so pleasant, fresh, nice bone structure in the shots in that performance. Then you go to the frontal picture of LeAnn’s face on the NoHate red carpet and it is like looking at the ugly and much older aunt of LeAnn, face all scrunched up looking. It’s bizarre. I can’t figure out everything she’s done to her face. How can someone destroy their looks in four years when they’re only in their late twenties? Too much tan on her face (which hardens her) and two thin in the face (which hardens her) is only part of it. Fillers in odd places maybe? I hate fillers. Comparing the two with the exact same hairstyle, I can’t figure out what else it is. It’s sad.

    • Deanne says:

      Your description of how much her looks have changed is right on point. It would have never occurred to me to call LeAnn unattractive 6 years ago. She certainly wasn’t prototypically pretty, but I always thought she looked healthy, fresh and cute and that her hair was lovely. It was so shiny and looked so healthy and she dressed in a way that suited her boyish figure. Now, I find her painful to look at. She literally has aged herself 20 years in 3 and reminds me of the ladies who play bingo with my Grandma in Florida. They are all over tanned, and are thin as rails because they all smoke like chimneys, drink like fish and rarely eat. She also used to look genuinely happy and now I find she looks like she is straining to look like everything is just so wonderful. The metamorphosis she’s gone through while in this new relationship is unbelievable and unfortunately, not a positive one.

  49. Cinnamon says:

    All i can contribute is that leann is full of shit and she knows it so she constantly carries laxatives.

    brandi is not the classiest lady but she’d sane. Leann is not. Leann is definitely worse off

  50. lynette says:

    This is off topic but I did some general twitter perusing today and realized LR has made over 50,000 tweets! To put that in perspective her sworn enemy BG has made around 15,000. America’s biggest famewhores Kim Kardashian= 14,00 Rihanna= 7,000 Miley Cyrus= 3,000

    LeAnn’s tweeting more than DOUBLES these people.

    twitter= her whole life.

  51. someone says:

    I think Leann looks nice here. Very relaxed and refreshed. It’s a sad commentary on people’s priorities that every time a Leann story runs the same people have to come out and run up 100+ negative comments about her. Really, how many times do you need to criticize her looks and call her a homewrecker? Are you going to do it EVERY TIME they run a Leann story? Doesn’t it ever get old?

    • Ming Lee says:

      personally, its not her looks, or that she cheated.. its her bullying behavior to brandi and to anyone who doesn’t jump on her truth wagon. for example, what benefit does leann gain from suing the family with special needs children? to teach them a lesson? this is where leann should practice what she preaches about asking everyone to let things go and move on (see the giant interview she gave to E!) leann wants the public to forgive and forget but she won’t do the same herself?

      *i think you already know this, but just incase a refresher is needed. :)

  52. Ming Lee says:


    she isn’t being silent, she’s giving sideways digs dierectly at brandi through her interviews. she did this one TODAY::

    interviewer.: You are in the news again with more of the tempest in your life.

    LEANN: I am honestly trying to keep out of it. It’s always some kind of ex-wife drama. Eddie’s ex-wife. There is my next country hit! Who knows? I mean, honestly, it is so sad. I was just saying to someone I can’t even go online, on radio, on television because I don’t want to see any of it. That is one of the things that I have truly tried to shield myself and the family from is to try to let go of the B.S. that is out there and not cloud my mind with it.

    *the rest is just as snarky.

  53. Joanna says:

    Both Leanne and Brandi need to grow up and focus on the kids. But that’s never going to happen. Instead of going back and forth arguing, if one of them would shut up, the other who keeps posting would look worse automatically. but neither one of them has enough self-control to do this. so instead, they look like two little kids bickering. it makes them both look trashy.

  54. Sonia says:

    It’s cracking me up that on a Meanne post, the comments keep going to Brandi…but not in the way Meanne would like :-)

  55. brin says:

    Skankann has a 10pm show in Vegas and she is dragging those poor boys there?
    She is beyond inapropriate.

  56. K-rock says:

    Adderall causes constipation. Just sayin ;) lol

  57. lindy loo says:

    Sorry, but no matter what Falcor does from now on will never result in me liking her. This “bonus mom” just needs to shut her pie hole, period. I’m totally sick of her and her justifications.