Will Pippa Middleton be offered $600K to be NBC’s ‘royal correspondent’?

Despite her occasional photo-ops on behalf of her bland, basic party-planning book, Pippa’s promotional tour for said book has been pretty much non-existent. We can debate whether or not the palace shut her down, or whether Pippa’s parents – perhaps caring more about Kate – encouraged Pippa to avoid working on behalf of the book, or whether a lack of work ethic is simply part of the Middleton DNA. Whatever it was, Pippa’s book bombed and Pippa barely promoted it. She’s trying to save face by writing clueless-sounding satirical columns, but that’s about it. If she was anyone else, she would be laughed at wherever she went. But she’s Pippa, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, so people are still offering Pippa work. Really crazy work for really crazy money:

Pippa Middleton may soon have something to really celebrate -as an American TV network is poised to offer her a lucrative $600,000 contract.

Bosses on The Today Show want Pippa, 29, to become a Royal correspondent, covering events such as Chelsea Flower Show or discussing topics such as the opening up of Buckingham Palace.

Executives are hoping Pippa, who will only have to appear 20 times on the show to earn her fee, will be a big draw to U.S audiences following the announcement of sister Kate’s pregnancy.
It had been rumoured NBS bosses cooled on asking Pippa after her coffee table book Celebrate failed to sell out as was expected.

An NBC source told The Sunday Mirror: ‘NBC senior figures will bill this job to Pippa as a special corespondent in 2013. They see her appeal as huge as she is linked to the Royal family. A couple of offers are on the table. She would not focus on intimate Royal subjects like Wills and Kate’s move to London or the family Christmas.’

The source added Pippa has been promised editorial input on coverage and said every item Pippa were to record would be pre-recorded so not to ‘catch her out.’

Meanwhile Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli has said he wants Pippa to appear on the BBC 1 show, so she can show off her famous assets.

He told The Daily Star Sunday: ‘Pippa would be great because she’s got a great bottom and would look amazing in those skimpy dresses.’

[From The Mail]

Basically, Pippa would be hired to shill all royal-type things to an American audience, and she would barely have to do anything. Everything would be written for her and pre-recorded so that she would have all of the time in the world to learn her lines. While this might seem like a great and lucrative deal… I don’t think Pippa should take it, nor do I think she will take it. It really does seem like a very pushy and cheap thing, to trade on your sister’s connection to royalty. With Pippa’s book, she was trading on her sister too, but at least Pippa could make the argument that “party-planning” was her career before Kate and William even got married. Of course, Pippa could always take the Today money and then just do nothing… which is exactly what she did with her book.

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  1. Allison says:

    omg, she is so so so ugly in the first pic! I can’t even…

    • BB says:

      I was reading where the magazine/tabloid covers featuring Will & Kate baby announcement did NOT sell good in the US. I think the media in America wants the American people to be interested in Will & Kate and we are not. It is a different time and people are not drawn to them.

      • emmie_a says:

        As much as the media might want us to be captivated by the Royals, neither Kate or Prince William have captivating personalities. Every now and then I like to see what Kate is wearing but other than that she is incredibly dull and boring. She might look good in a designer dress but that’s all there is and I think that’s one reason why they’re not popular in the US. Kate is missing that something special that would attract the world’s attention.

      • garvels says:

        emmie-I completely agree with you. Kate is no Diana. Kate and Will both lack charisma. Harry and Diana have that “it” factor but Kate and Will are just dull.Harry and Diana both have or had that spark….some people have it and most people don’t.

    • RobN says:

      No, she really isn’t ugly at all. She is a perfectly attractive woman, maybe you like her style, maybe you don’t, but calling her ugly is a ridiculous overstatement. Ninety percent of women would love to look this good; you’re probably one.

  2. Amelia says:

    Nee-hever going to happen.
    Funny story, though.

    • GoodCapon says:

      I’m not so sure… Pippa’s already proven that she’s not shy of using her royal connections to land herself a book deal.

    • bluhare says:

      I’m with GoodCapon, Amelia. I’m not so sure it won’t happen either. Unless the palace shuts it down (and Champagne Charlie announced some royal events a few years ago so a precedent has been set)it’s Pippa’s decision. Maybe Kate won’t like her being a presenter in America? That’s the only reason I can think of.

      But am I seeing that she’s wearing a necklace that’s a copy of Kate’s engagement ring??

      • Amelia says:

        I see what you mean about using Royal Connections to get ahead, but surely being a Royal Corespondent and actually passing comment would be a conflict of interest? I could see the palace stamping down hard on this. She may want to do it, but I don’t think the palace would look at this in a particularly good light. Lest she be sent to the tower to get her head lopped off ;)

      • bluhare says:

        I see what you mean, Amelia. I don’t think Pippa would be any good anyway. She wouldn’t be able to talk about anything people actually want to hear about!

  3. Merritt says:

    Well Diana’s brother once did the same thing. So it wouldn’t shock me if this happened.

  4. Angelic 20 says:

    I know a lot people will cone here and body shame her for no good reason. if the same is done in Kate posts then u will be called misogynists and many other names. Since pippa is a private citizen I usually don’t comment on her posts but seriously I so tiered of women criticising her looks and body so much, there is a lot of things to criticise about her but she can’t possibly change the way God made her. Oh and before I forget I don’t think she will except it either or rf will have the ultimate reason to ban this family from attending any royal events IMO.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Thank You! Don’t shame a woman for how she looks! If she went under the knife a dozen times you still should not tease, but at least they did it to themselves.

      Pippa works hard. Her book was a joke, but she went out, got a deal, and wrote one. she’s making her own money and not expecting it to be handed to her because of who she married. I see people making the ugly comments to Pippa that praise Kate. I don’t get it.

      Pippa can’t accept for that very reason Angelic, but this offer gets her name in the press so i’m sure she doesn’t mind. She might take a role of a lesser nature and just talk about Kate’s pregnancy.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m with you on the “as god made you” thing, but if someone goes under the knife a dozen times, then all bets are off.

      • Izzy4Ya says:

        ” not expecting it to be handed to her because of who she married”

        No, but she sure doesn’t mind things being handed to her because of who her sister is-is that much better? Pippa doesn’t work hard. She just works harder than Kate.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Ok probably shouldn’t have added the Kate bit in because that makes it easy to backdoor another way to attack her.

        She works/hustles! She’s constantly hunting down another deal, another work opportunity. She seems like she wants to build a place for herself where she can stand on her own 2 feet financially. Using her “royal connections” for that book deal was indeed smart since anyone else with her literary experience would have been laughed out and she got a cushy advance with the deal.

        I respect that trait.

  5. Ms Kay says:

    Hmmm I dig that black jacket… I really do…

  6. India says:

    There is no way she will take this job. The BRF will not let her number one. And if by any chance at all she did take it, she would be ostracized by one and all. I think the public would go crazy. Everyone is so sick of hearing how the social climbing tacky gum chewing exhibitionist Middletons have taken advantage of their connection to the BRF to better themselves. Vomit.
    And Bruno, Pippa The Orangina has no butt. If you did your homework you would know that she wore butt pads at the Royal Wedding. Fake as Royal Get Out.

    • Christina says:

      I agree. This isn’t going to happen.

      The problem is, other than her royal connections, Pippa is of absolutely NO interest to anyone. She’s just a not particularly pretty, charming or intelligent young woman who, like big sis, seems to spend her life shopping and partying. And while the ‘royals’ can’t actually stop Pippa taking this job, if she were to blab about their private lives – the only thing of interest she’s got to say – she would instantly be cut off from them and her ‘sources’ would dry up, rendering her pretty useless.

      I wish people would stop trying to make this nobody ‘happen’. She’s just so frightfully dull and her much-hyped bum is as flat as a 14 year old boy’s.

  7. GoodCapon says:

    She’s flashing that signet ring much like how Kate flashes Diana’s ring every chance she gets.

    • Buckwild says:

      Where is the signet ring from? I read that their family was a normal middle class family? Or do even regular families often have signet rings in the UK? Genuinely curious

      • Angelic 20 says:

        After the engagement Kate’s family bought themselves coat of arms(now days anyone can buy themselves coat of arms but in the pay it was awarded to people who have done public service ) and started wearing these rings after the wedding. Traditionally in England signet rings are worn by aristocratic s with their family’s coat of arms on it which is passed by generations and usually given by some monarch for the service to crown. In short their signet rings are just another way of pretending to be aristocratic s.

      • Lauren says:

        The Middletons are no where as middle class as the media likes to claim. They are at the least upper middle class after having a very successful party planning business. Not to mention they are well connected with some of Britains oldest Aristocratic families. Pippa is has dated a lot of successful FI bankers her most famous ex boyfriend is George Percy the future Duke of Northumberland and a good friend of Prince William’s. His family is one of the richest in England owning the Norman castle ‘Alnwick castle’ (harry potter used that castle for it’s movies). I remember the media kept on hyping that if Pippa were to marry him Kate wouldn’t be the only duchess in the Middleton family. So yeah I would say the Middletons are not middle class at all but well off and well connected with some very old money and new money families alike in Britain.

      • Sachi says:

        Lauren – The Middletons are not connected to upper class and aristocratic families, let alone “well-connected”.

        If they were, they would not have worked so hard to chase after the wealthy and titled if they were so connected to them and were considered part of that group. Carole wouldn’t have had to send her daughters to posh schools so they could meet other wealthy kids. There’d have been no need for all of that scheming and hustling if the Middletons were connected to Old Money families right from the beginning.

        If they were truly upper-middle class and connected to Old Money, Kate would have been part of William’s social circle right from the beginning. She wouldn’t have had to track him down to St. Andrews, take the same courses he was taking (like lots of girls did during that time) and strut around in her underwear for him to notice her.

        If they were so well-connected to the aristocrats, why did William’s friends use to make fun of Carole’s previous job as a flight attendant? Surely someone considered to be part of that group and considered to be well-connected to powerful and wealthy families, like you’re saying Carole and her family was, would be respected enough to not be the butt of “Doors to Manual” jokes.

        Those connections to wealthy families were forged by Pippa and Kate (but mostly Pippa) in their University years. Nothing to do with the whole family itself. Kate and Pippa did all the socializing and their parents financed their lifestyles.

        The Middletons are a middle-class family with a successful business.

      • Christina says:


        I agree. The Middletons are NOT upper middle class. They are a family of fairly humble origins who made a lot of money through setting up a successful business. They used that money to send their children to exclusive schools and hob-nob with the posher set. In other words, they’re social climbers.

        Now, I’ve no time for the British class system, but the fact is that in the eyes of the British ‘royals’ and ‘aristocrats’, the Middletons are johnny-come-lately parvenus. Kate is well below the social class from which Princes of Wales have traditionally chosen their brides.

      • cumber says:


        Oh my God, why do defend this aristocrat-old money as if they are your own family. In fact I believe, you are not. They way you describe the middleton is so mean. at least these people, papa and mama middleton, working hard to give a better life for their children. unlike your aristocrat masters.

      • Lauren says:

        @Sachi true enough. I stand corrected. It is the daughters and not the family itself that have made all these connections. Still I was wondering then is it different in Britain in terms of how you define middle class as opposed to say Canada (I’m from there)? Because I have assumed that the family networth would propel them into the upper middle class/ upper class standards with the family business having such successful earnings. The press sometimes gives the impression that they are really rich. So maybe that’s why I always am quick to say that they are not middle class but self made millionaries.

      • LAK says:

        @Cumber & @Lauren: in britain, money doesn’t equal upper class. Look at those. Ecclestone daughters who are billionaires but are considered working class through and through.

        For people who care about the class system, the Middletons are lower Middleclass which is where their middleclass father meets their working class mother. They are rich, but it doesn’t make them upper middle or even upper class.

        Their mother is from super uptradey stock. Her mother was apparently nicknamed ‘the duchess’ for being uppity and taught Carole to marry well. Carole married well, then schooled her daughters to do the same.

        Pippa was notorious at Edinburgh for ONLY dating or befriending rich, titled and landed aristos. No poor aristos or non titled had a look in. The non titled were swimming in money.

        Kate removed all traces of her middleclass background starting at school and more so after meeting William eg Right now her accent sounds posher than her own blood royal husband.

        It’s not rude to say these things because these girls are thick skinned and have had worse thrown at them by the very circle they are desperate to be a part of.buying their own signet rings is just one more visible sign of this desperation. It’s rather pathetic because clearly they do buy into the class system in the old fashioned sense because the class system can be transended without all this effort eg the current Duchess of Northumberland (the title Pippa tried and failed so far ) is as middleclass as they come, and her family don’t have money. Ditto Sophie Rhys Jones AKA HRH The Countess of Wessex or all the various spouses of the Gloucesters’ kids, the Philips.

        And William is an a$$ for never stepping in to defend his girlfriends from either media or his friends cruel taunts.

      • Lauren says:

        @LAK thank you for your response. It makes more sense to me now. I guess it’s like the “old” money and “new money” snobbery that exists in America. I watched a documentary called “Born Rich” and it had promient families like the Vanderbilt’s/ a German guy who claimed to be related to the last Kaiser etc. who considered themselves better than newer money and would not associate with certain people because they are from as they put it the “right stock” and “breeding”.

      • GoodCapon says:

        I’ve always considered the Middletons as middle middle, but now I may have to agree with LAK here. It’s also interesting that the current PM, David Cameron, is only considered upper middle despite having a Baron as a grandfather. If we follow that theory, the Middletons fall way below that class.

  8. Barrett says:

    This is boring. As the sister she couldn’t be a very effective royal correspondent.

  9. Minnie says:

    I love her jacket in the last picture!!

  10. Eleonor says:

    The only thing she should “write” is a book about casual style.

  11. Talie says:

    If I were I’d take it, only because her life will work better in NY than in London. She’ll always ben judged there, whereas the NY papers will fawn over her.

  12. smiley says:

    i am gonna check out #pippa tips on twitter abt this

  13. Velouria says:

    I can’t believe anyone is still trying to “make Pippa happen” she’s boring and plain. If being Kate’s sister can’t even get her a bf then idk what can.

    And I agree with who said she looks old and ug in that 1st pic. She definitely looks better with some color, fake or not.

  14. Just Me says:

    I think you might want to add an addendum to the post which points out that this offer is nonexistent. She is NOT being offered a job on the Today Show.

    And her book is selling ok on Amazon UK. It is number 158 of all books. It had dropped into the 400s but I guess with Christmas and the reduced price,it has gone up again. Some people seem to like it – which is their right. We don’t all have to concur with the media’s take on everything

    • Christina says:

      Being no. 158 on the Amazon list is most certainly NOT selling OK. Her publishers didn’t (idiotically) pay her 400K in order to reach the dizzy heights of 158 on the Amazon list. Pippa’s book is an embarrassing flop and her publishers are going to be massively out of pocket as a result of being daft enough to think that having a supposedly nice behind was enough to sell a crap book.

      • Just Me says:

        158 out all the over 1 million books for sale? Why is that so awful? That includes all books, not just cookbooks and entertaining books. It is the 27th most popular cookbook. It is not a runaway bestseller by any means, but it is not tanking the way people are saying. If it were really flopping big time it would be down in the 1000s somewhere. The Barefoot Contessa, for example recently released a book that is 716th in the overall book sales. Is everyone talking about her flop? I think most authors would love to be up that high in the Amazon list. Tom Parker Bowles, Camilla’s son had a book out the same time as Pippa and it is currently 19,071 on the list. But nobody is going after him.

        And by the way – she was NEVER offered the Today show gig and therefore she is not going to take it on. I don’t want to appear as a Pippa apologist, but fair is fair.

      • Christina says:

        Was Tom Parker Bowles paid nearly half a million pounds to write his book? When an ‘author’ receives an advance of 400,000 pounds (!!!) the publishers aren’t anticipating the book languishing in the 150s. They very much expect it to make the upper reaches of the Top Ten. Publishers don’t hand out massive advances for the hell of it.

        Pippa’s book IS a major flop. No question. Comparing her to this or that obscure author is neither here nor there, unless they were given advances of nearly half a million quid. The fact is that this book will come nowhere close to recouping the publishers’ expenses. In other words, it’s a flop, plain and simple.

      • Mich says:

        @ Just Me

        The over 1 million books for sale includes titles that have been out for years. Pippa’s book is new. They definitely expected it to be a top 10 best seller.

        More popular than Pippa’s book are:

        The Hunger Games (432 days in the top 100)

        Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

        I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

      • Zombie Shortcake says:

        @ Mich
        If I recall correctly, ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas’ is also outselling her.

  15. Word says:

    Pippa IS the “missing link” in evolution. She looks so simian.

  16. cumber says:

    pippa is a good example of a person who is very close the royal but would work hard for her own achievement.
    she doesnt deserve your envy and hatred.

    on the other hand, her sister…so dull.

  17. Just Me says:

    Neither the Barefoot Contessa nor Tom Parker Bowles are obscure. His book received loads of free press when it was published (and even good reviews). I picked him as an example because he is related by marriage to the royal family. He has published before. The Barefoot Contessa is a regular publishing industry herself and has built-in fans.

    I am not saying that the book was a good idea. And certainly not the advance – far too much – but that is Penguin’s headache. However people are buying it and they do seem to like it. Just because the media elites have made this book a joke does not mean that everyone in the universe is required to view it that way. I have no need of such a book myself, but when I looked at it in a bookstore it seemed a nice enough book – with attractive recipes, ideas and pictures. Not as bad as it is painted in other words.

    This comment is in response to one above, but it did not line up!

    And once again since nobody seems to have cottoned onto this fact – NBC has not offered her any kind of job.

    • Christina says:

      Let’s say the two books you mentioned above were indeed flops. Fine. That does not in any way change the FACT that Pippa’s book is a massive flop. The publishers clearly intended it to be a bestseller, with publication in time for Xmas. It has demonstrably failed to come anywhere close to their expectations, which, to repeat, means it’s an embarrassing flop.

      And with respect, just because you may think the book is ‘attractive’ and ‘some people are buying it’ is neither here nor there, given its extremely poor sales. I’m actually happy the book has been a flop. Hopefully that will cause big publishers to think twice before offering massive advances to ‘authors’ famous only for their connections, and not their writing.

      • Just Me says:

        I would call it a disappointment rather than a “massive flop”. A massive flop would be a book which nobody bought. A book which nobody bought would be currently languishing somewhere in the 10,000-50,000 range rather than moving up from the 400s back into the 100s.

        I am not trying to say the book is a bestseller. Nor am I trying to say it was a great idea on Penguin’s part. I am just saying that it is not the horror it is made out to be and it appears to have found its niche. That’s all. I just hate all the over the top piling on. I work with books all the time and I’ve seen many godawful books. This one is not close to that. However, she’ll never get another book contract that is for certain. Not does she have the offer of a contract from NBC. She’s going to have to find a wealthy husband I think.

      • Christina says:

        OK we seem to be repeating ourselves, so this will be my last post on the subject.

        When a book comes nowhere within a million miles of recouping the massive advance paid to its ‘author’, and when it is made a laughing stock of by the world and his aunt, it is not a ‘disappointment’. It is a massive, unambiguous, commercial and critical flop. If for whatever reason you don’t want to accept this obvious fact, nothing I can say will change your mind so I won’t bother to try.

      • Mich says:

        Sorry. Procrastinating today and researching Pippa’s book sales is more fun than what I am supposed to be doing.

        In addition to Pippa’s massive advance, the publisher also had to spend money on staff time, designers, printing, shipping and promotion. This title has easily set them back $700k if not more.

        At $25/book, they have to sell 28,000 copies just to break even. In its first week out, most likely its highest sales opportunity, they moved 2,000 copies.

        The price for used copies of the book on Amazon is now higher than what it is retailing for new. It currently sits at #903 on the site’s ‘best’ sellers list.

      • Just Me says:

        903 in Amazon US and 182 (currently)in Amazon UK. The numbers move up and down as all books in the system sell – and of course new books get published all the time. Some books of course have been bestsellers for months – even years on end, some sink without a trace. Pippa’s book in the UK falls in between. I actually thought it would have sunk without a trace by now. I bought a fairly recent and perfectly lovely book – very expensive to produce as well – it is currently at around 62,000 in sales. Pippa’s book was doing worse a few weeks ago and has started selling more recently – probably due to a price cut (in common with all the books in the Food/Entertaining section) and also to Christmas shopping.

        If Penguin (or Viking her American publisher) ever thought it would sell well in the US, they were simply delusional – she is not that well known in the US and the book is about British holidays to begin with.

      • Mich says:

        True enough. I checked amazon.co.uk after I posted.

        All the same, I’m deriving tremendous, giggly joy from the fact that peeing kittehs and pooping dinos are outselling the earnest, snooty Celebrate in respective markets. Different niches, I know, but still putting a big grin on my face.

      • Just Me says:

        Peeing and pooping are perennial favorites for children’s books. “Everybody Poos” was an enormously popular book when my daughter was at “that stage”.

        Of course Pippa’s book is not a huge success, I am not trying to say it is. However were it a complete and total flop it would not be in the top 200 of all books – that is all – coming back from being around 450 or so. Penguin will probably lose money on it but that is their own fault. Maybe they’ll learn something (doubt it).

        I think she did work on it by the way, from my cursory examination of the book. It’s sort of sweet and not pretentious. Had she not been Pippa she would not have been so savagely reviewed. And conversely had she not been Pippa she would not have got the the contract to begin with. But there are far worse books out there believe me!

  18. Just Me says:

    @Christina, agree to disagree then. Will you agree at least that she was not offered a job by NBC’s Today show, so she should not be pilloried in advance for that?

    • Christina says:

      Assuming that neither she nor her people had anything to do with spreading the false rumour, then no, she shouldn’t be ‘pilloried’ for it.

      Though having said that, given that Pippa has profitted, ahem, ‘royally’ from the mere fact that her sister married a prince , I’ll not worry overmuch about whether or not she’s being ‘pilloried’.

      • Just Me says:

        I think the rumor probably came from the same British tabloid journalists who come up with most of the rumors surrounding her – most of which have turned out to be false. The Australian women’s magazines are another fertile source for fake Pippa rumors.

        I don’t go after anyone for what they haven’t done.

  19. erika says:

    was she an extra in Olivia Newton John’s ‘Lets Get Psyhical’ video? cuz that grape colored leotard is electric! fer shurrr!

    gawd pippa….how old is she? GO AWAY.

    1, people, she does NOT have a bum, i dont get it, put her up to kimk, beyonce, wha??? my ass would pop if i wore white satin on a sunny day w/ cameras filming my ass at the highest sunspot of the day.

    2. did she go to college? can she get a trade? stop embarassing yourself and your sister.

    3. doesn’t she have money? if so, why does she look….idk, she looks plain and NOT anywhere close to a fashionista, FAR….FAR….from it.

    4. I just turned 41, wow….she looks OLD. she’s got tire treads and i’ve got a saucer of cream. LAY OFF THE BLACK LINER cleopatra!

    5. even if you suck at this job or any half arse future oppy’ just…god. she really can’t do anything can she?

  20. bettyrose says:

    This is totally the life Kate could’ve had if she’d stayed broken up with Will. She could have been a globetrotting “royal correspondent” dating a variety of handsome, jet-setting aristocrats (some of them even titled), but for reasons beyond my understanding, she chose a confined royal existence.

  21. M says:

    The BRF wont do anything about it, but they can cut all connections that they have with her. No invitations to Ascot or to Trooping the Colour. Her entire family will be called out for cashing in, and this time it will be blatantly obvious.
    As for the palace keeping Pips from promoting her book, they have made it clear that they dont represent or control the Middletons in any way. If Pippa wanted to avoid questions about her sister, she could have banned questions about her so no one would ask. Celebs do that all the time. Pippas failure is her own fault.

  22. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    Yes, in this crazy world, some no-talent bint who can’t even write a party book (by stating the bloody obvious) probably will be offered a small fortune to chunter out utter banality ad nauseam. Do I sound sickened? Oh, just a little.

  23. Somebody somewhere says:

    Actually it is now reported that she has NOT been offered this job at all. Back to the drawing board for the Mirror and the Daily Mail as they come up with new Pippa stories for people to get outraged about. She is a winner for their “click on the article and comment” statistics.

  24. LAK says:

    Please can we keep Tom Parker Bowles out of the cashing in on royals conversation.

    He has quietly built himself a career as a food writer that may or may not have been possible without royal connections but is respected despite the royal connections.

    He has been pilloried and abused by the media and didn’t go running to mummy but took it on the chin. Infact in his case, people hate his mother so he is battling upstream unlike Pippa.

    He has published books before, and as a point of correction his book was published in the summer without the fanfare that Pippa’s book had.

  25. Just Me says:

    I did not intend to slam Tom Parker Bowles, merely to show that his book released this year like Pippa’s is much farther down the Amazon UK sales list and yet nobody is moaning about what an utter flop it is. Just to give some perspective on what the numbers on the list show. Most authors would be delighted to be in the top 200.

    I was certainly aware of his book and the Daily Mail gave it publicly. Good for him that he has made a name for himself, but his book is only at 19,000. And yet I’m sure those who bought it are happy with it as are those who bought Pippa’s book. We all differ in our tastes.

    • LAK says:

      here is what you are failing to get. The Daily mail putting out one article which is mostly about the fact that Camilla showed up to his book launch is a competely different kettle of fish from every media outlet in the world, irrespective of reviews, running a news story about the launch of your book.

      Many people buying Tom’s book don’t care about his surname or that he is royal adjacent.

      And he isn’t known as Camilla’s son anymore despite the DM framing that story that way. He has done cookery shows, has a cookery advice column etc. He stands alone without recourse to his royal connections.

      Most, if not all, people buying Pippa’s book are doing so for that very reason. She has a global audience for her book. That should have translated into ringing tills, instead this deflection to other authors or the market as a whole. Let it stand on it’s own.

      • Just Me says:

        I am not failing to get anything, I just don’t agree with you – it is not the same thing. I brought Tom into the discussion to show that even a well reviewed book by a known author (connected to royalty) which is currently at #19,000 in Amazon UK is not referred to as a total flop. But Pippa’s book which is in the top 200 books on AmazonUK keeps being referred to as a massive failure. It is no blockbuster, but it has been selling fairly consistently. So somebody must like it. And others do not, which is like most books.

      • LAK says:

        and my stickler of a point is that Tom’s book had nothing to do with his being Royal adjacent.

        It was reviewed simply as a book from Joe bloggs. The royal connection may have come up, but it wasn’t the ‘big sell’ of the press tour [or what ever he did]

        Consequently, few people, should they come across it in the stores, will not make the connection between Tom and Camilla even if the name sounds familiar.

        one isn’t the same as the other.

  26. Fue McCormick says:

    I was looking at a website, I think it’s called “Royal Insight”, and I couldn’t help but notice that GB has the most unattractive/dowdy royal family out of all of them. I was comparing W & K’s wedding to the most recent Luxembourg wedding. What a difference in the way the royal families look. Don’t get me wrong, I think monarchy’s should be abolished as it’s just crazy shit these days, but damn, if Kate doesn’t get her shit together she will end up looking like Camilla in 5 years time.

  27. Amy625 says:

    This story is laughable. I don’t think most people even know who Kate is nevermind Pippa. It doesn’t make sense to think she would get the show ratings. I don’t know why some of the media is trying to make Pippa a thing. It’s really bizarre.

  28. Dena says:

    For Pippa to do that it would be tacky and low-class. She would never get the titled gent she is after.

    So . . . if Pippa is trying to marry up, what happens to the brother? The Middletons don’t have enough money (I am assuming) for him to nab a poor aristocrat and I’m sure no one is after Party Pieces (the business). Who/What are his prospects?

  29. cubs says:

    the network denied it, wonder who spread the rumor