Is Vince Vaughn getting engaged?

Vince Vaughn has been notably absent from the promotional rounds for his hit movie Four Christmases, while Reese Witherspoon has been promoting it like her life depends on it. Is it because he’s trying to keep a low public profile leading up to his engagement?

In Touch has this, “Vince Vaughn is hoping to go from a Wedding Crasher to a wedding planner — he intends to propose to his girlfriend, Kyla Weber, over the New Year’s holiday. According to one of Vince’s buddies, the actor has already picked out a diamond engagement ring that is more than 4 carats and costs around $125,000.”

The magazine claims that the chatty source added, “Vince is ready to get married and has been for a while,” his pal explains. “He wants to start a family.” This all sounds very familiar if you flash back about a year and half as many reports had Vince and Jennifer married several times over.

The report notes that another sign that might suggest it’s the real deal is that “In September, the couple was spotted meeting with his parents in Chicago. Vince, 38, has dated many actresses, including Jennifer Aniston, but Kyla is a former real estate agent from a town near Calgary, Canada.”

National Ledger

I’m not sure how good a ‘pal’ this source can be of Vince’s, since he’s blowing the lid on his plans to ask his girlfriend to marry him. If Vince is planning a big romantic surprise, he’s not going to be pleased when his girlfriend reads about it online.

Unfortunately, the report mentions Jennifer Aniston several times over, including in the headline. If Vince does get married and have a family, will she get featured all over again as the woman who let the husband and kids get away?

I somewhat doubt Vince is getting engaged this weekend, I think the real reason he skipped the Four Christmases promotion was that the film just really isn’t that funny, Reese and Vince lack chemistry. Maybe they really didn’t get along on the film set, and he can’t be counted on like Reese to be polite and cheerful about their working relationship in interviews.

Vince Vaughn is shown out at the airport on 10/25/08. Credit: Bauergriffin.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    I doubt he’s getting engaged too – the guy loves his barely legal college students who think the sun rises and sets in his pants.

  2. KDRockstar says:

    LOL, Kaiser.

    All I had was, “Ewwww.”

  3. ohmybuddha says:

    um – he’s been in bora bora filming his latest flick.

  4. GimmeABreak says:

    Uhmmm….do they even know each other?

  5. Mairead says:

    I enjoyed it and I was delighted to see Kristin Chenowith in there, (especially as the effin’ ba$tards cancelled Pushing Daisies). Well, except the bit where they visit her mother.

    But anyhoo, there was more than me laughing at it in the cinema. It was good fun to spot the bits where he was trying to wind Reese up. The Nativity play was definitely one of them, no way could he stick to the script then.

    Yay for Vince if he is getting engaged, but boo at the fact that he has friends that share common traits with Aniston’s mates. Dump ‘em my boy, dump them.

  6. lway says:

    I agree with Kaiser on this one. The girl is walking a mile behind him, there is nothing that says “this is my lady” – she looks like a “tag-a-long”.

    Vince has commitment issues and cannot keep his relationships together for very long.

    I don’t buy the “engagement” story either

  7. vdantev says:

    Engaged in becoming my leading unfunny douche-nozzle, after Jack Black perhaps.

  8. Diane says:

    I thought Four Christmases was hilarious.

  9. Lisa says:

    Actually, in a recent interview Vince confirmed that he’s taken and in a happy, serious, and commited relationship. However, he does confirm that he keeps private matters private. Also, there was buzz going around that he took the girlfriend to meet the parents and that she followed her heart and moved in with him as well. He can’t stay single forever ladies, I won’t be surprised if we hear he’s getting married or he’s gonna be a father in the next news article. Kyla could’ve went to Bora Bora with Vince to support him in his movie Couples Retreat. Maybe they weren’t holding hands or being “lovey dovey” because they knew it would go straight to the tabloids and everyone would hear about it as well. Wouldn’t be shocked if this were true, I can see Vince being commited to someone so to anyone that says otherwise I can’t see him being a cheater otherwise he would’ve taken the 3 sum with the sisters he turned down. Four Christmases was pretty hilarious, I’m looking forward to seeing Couples Retreat this summer.

  10. Candy says:

    I’m not feeling the love in this particular picture…I doubt there’ll be an engagement, let alone a wedding.