Rihanna vacations in Barbados while she & Chris Brown are “cooling down”

Here are some new photos of Rihanna enjoying a vacation at the Cove Springs Villa in Barbados yesterday. She’s alone in these photos, but I don’t know if she’s vacationing by herself. Rihanna usually vacations with her entourage, so I suspect she got some friends staying with her at the villa. But not Chris Brown – sources keep saying that Chris Brown is back with Karrueche Tran for real now, and that Chris and Rihanna are “on a break” after all of the crap that went down in Paris. A few days ago, Hollywood Life claimed:

Chris Brown and Rihanna aren’t necessarily on the outs, but what’s clear is that Karrueche Tran is getting all of Chris’ attention, as the pair have been in close contact while he’s finishing up his “Carpe Diem” tour in South Africa, HollywoodLife.com is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

“He talks to Karrueche everyday by text and Kae is holding it down for him,” a well-connected source tattles to HollywoodLife.com. “Karrueche can’t wait for him to finish his tour. She be telling him to hurry up home and s**t like that so that’s what time it is.”

Meanwhile, Chris and Rihanna are feuding and are communicating very little these days.

“He ain’t talked to Rihanna in two or three days. They given each other some space but they cool. They good.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Well… okay. Even though I hate this entire situation so much it makes me want to cry, my takeaway is that Chris made a series of choices last week in Paris, and he chose Karrueche over Rihanna. Meaning that CHRIS was the one to walk out on Rihanna, and as soon as he wants her back, she’ll go running back to him. Which sucks.

Meanwhile, Rihanna just bought herself a $12 million home in LA – you can see photos of the crazy spread here. That house is AMAZING.

PS… Rihanna’s body looks great! I’m in awe of her booty.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Sloane Wyatt says:

    RiRi’s body does look good. I wonder if she’s really non stop heavy drinking and drugging ’cause her physique doesn’t show it.

  2. bea says:

    I concur! Her body is perfect – thin but not boney. Personally, I wish she’d stop with the ugly tats.

  3. heybaby says:

    lol hollywood life usually post useless info on the chris riri situation…most of their stories on those two always reads like a fan fic.

    anyways i doubt anything is over between those two…there isnt a day that goes by that rihanna and chris arent liking each other pics on instagram

    and yesterday chris posted a pic on his instagram of both of them together


    picture looks like it was taken while they were in paris due to the clothes rihanna is wearing in them

    its the caption he puts under the pic is very telling , its a lyric from one of his songs

    basically for now those two aint done yet …

    and typically rihanan loved it liking the pic several times.


    ole girl is obsessed with him smh

  4. Shad says:

    Ugh. Fist Brown is to perform in my city this Saturday. Here’s hoping the Mayans were right about tomorrow.

  5. hoya_chick says:

    “Even though I hate this entire situation so much it makes me want to cry”

    Me too! I wish she would get out of this situation once and for all. He is not worth it! He beat the shit out of her, she forgives him and takes him back and he still cheats and plays her.

    Sigh, she does have banging body though and a $12 million dollar house but she seems so unhappy. Know your worth girl, and Kae needs to get it together as well, he keeps toying with both of them, what do they see in him? So messy and ratchet.

  6. True..Dat says:

    I wonder how Karrauche Tran is able to exert such a hold on Chris Brown? Even for Rihanna he can’t seem to let go.

    • Riana says:

      To be honest most times I think Chris is using Rihanna as a shield, like whenever someone comes for his head she’s always defending him via Twitter or he’s got her posed up next to him like “See? She ain’t going anywhere.”

      I don’t think he likes her that much. I think he loves she’s obssessed and they probably have good sex but you don’t cheat when you’re happy as they say. If Ri is free with the sex Karreuche is offering something else.

    • regina says:

      I think in general most immature men like him want to feel like the dominant one. Rihanna is way bigger in celebrity with a very heavy schedule that takes her around the world and she is far more wealthy too. I think he’s intimidated by this so can’t commit fully. Rihanna ends up looking like an idiot though because if she had steered clear after he hit her she would have been far better off. He’s making a total fool of her! Karrauche is his go to because she’s a “basic bitch” who is always available for him. she’s not competing with his fame and I’m sure her petite frame makes him feel like a big man. So he wants both because being with Rihanna boosts him in some ways but being with Karrauche is convenient.

  7. Sweet Dee says:

    Her bod is awesome. She seems like she’s drinking all the time, how does she do that?

    Her house is Ah-MAH-zing!

    No comment on the f*cking mess that is her life though.

  8. roxi says:

    Do none of these people know how to speak??

  9. roxi says:

    “She be telling him to hurry home.” Nice grammar.

  10. Madriani's Girl says:

    She has a fantastic figure but her hands are revolting. Like someone dug up an old lady corpse, sawed off the claws, and sewed them onto Rihanna’s wrists. Just gross.

  11. Elceibeno says:

    She doesn’t look happy to me. There must be hundreds of decent guys wanting to date her out there. But no, she desires Jerko McDouche AKA Chris Brown.

  12. G says:

    Good Lord who is their source Katt Williams?

  13. erika says:

    umm….did she just use her long ass/dragonlady fake fingernail to ‘dig’ out some processed cheese from a cheese n’ cracker snack pak? eewwwhhh.

    oh riri….wanna cry on my shoulder girl? well, sorry, YOU CAN’T! God…..like i told her a month ago…

    “you keep blowing candles out on that death wish of a birthday cake you’ve got going w/ brown.’

    he is by far the grossest/douchiest/most unapologetic d**k we’ve come by in ages….and she keeps falling for it.

  14. dana says:

    I said she was beautiful and I will also say that if she were my little sister I’d tell her to leave Chris alone, he will never change and the more energy you give him the more emotional power you give him. I don’t care how much he texts you and tells you he dreams of screwing you and how good that p**** is..ignore him…ignore him- he is not worth it. He showed you who he was the first time. Please be done with him, Karrache (sp) is the type that will always be there. Let her be the fool. Not you. She thinks she’s got the prize….she’ll find out. If you sleep with him you only belittle yourself. You can do better.

  15. Grace says:

    I have a very bad feeling about Rihanna. She has an extreme nature.I can picture her overdosing or crashing her car. If she doesn’t see Chris for the holidays Karrueche might want to hire a security guard. Rihanna looks like she’s on the verge of a huge breakdown.

  16. INeedANap says:

    Eh, I think her body looked better with a few more pounds, about the time her d-bag of a dad publicly told her to lose weight. I think she has the right frame to go full-on curvy.