LeAnn Rimes’s friends allegedly fear she’s headed for another ‘breakdown’

Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian and Eddie’s two sons at LAX yesterday. According to LeAnn’s Twitter feed, they were “Headed to Nashville w/ the fam to see my dad and bonus mom. Should be fun!!” Quick question: where do Eddie’s parents live? Because it seems like LeAnn and Eddie never fly or go out of their way to spend time with Eddie’s family. As for Brandi Glanville and the War of Attrition… from what I gather, the boys spent Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning with LeAnn and Eddie, then they went to Brandi’s house for the rest of Christmas day, and then LeAnn and Eddie took the boys to Nashville yesterday. We know all of this from Brandi’s Twitter and LeAnn’s. Brandi also tweeted, “Kids are off to Nashville with dad for the week and I am off to the gym to see my trainer! So glad Christmas is over! #decompress” yesterday.

It really does seem like LeAnn was making a concerted effort to avoid tweeting too much during the holidays. Which is interesting because just before Christmas, LeAnn stepped into a cesspool drama. Well, I say “stepped” but what I really mean is “drunkenly collapsed into a cesspool of drama.” Following LeAnn’s disastrous and critically slammed appearance on The X-Factor, LeAnn tried to clean up her mess by throwing a 13-year-old child under the proverbial bus, and then taking it back. Now the tabloids are trying to claim that LeAnn is on the verge of another breakdown:

“New Fears for Fragile LeAnn,” blares a sensationalized headline from Life & Style, which claims LeAnn Rimes is “on the verge of a meltdown.”

According to the tabloid, Rimes’ “disastrous” “X Factor” duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar is a telltale sign that she’s “headed down the same path that led her to check into a treatment facility in August for anxiety and stress.”

A supposed “source” tells the mag, “Everyone around LeAnn can see how much she struggles.”

The purported “insider” explains, “She has body issues and worries Eddie [Cibrian] will cheat.”

“Friends and family are constantly worried she’s going to fall apart again if she doesn’t get help,” adds the source.

OK… except that Rimes never “fell apart” in the first place.

The “How Do I Live” singer proactively checked into treatment in order to learn coping mechanisms for emotional issues that a lot of people face. There was no breakdown then, and Rimes is not in a downward spiral now.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Rimes and Cibrian, and we’re told that the tab’s “meltdown” tale is “completely fabricated.”

[From Gossip Cop]

Ugh. I mean, the Life & Style story could be full of it, but I’m not going to believe Gossip Cop’s unnamed sources either. I’m sure the unnamed source is LeAnn’s lawyer or whatever, someone on her payroll, someone who is being paid to push this complete and utter LIE that LeAnn spent 30 continuous days in a treatment facility and now she’s “cured”. LeAnn might have spent SOME time in a treatment facility, and she might have done some intensive therapy or something, but it’s extremely insulting to those of us who were paying attention at the time – LeAnn did not spend 30 days “away” from anything. She took weekends “off” from the treatment facility, and she was only “in treatment” for two or three weeks. If LeAnn and her people continue to lie about that – something that can so easily be disproved – what else are they lying about?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    What aren’t they lying about? Also…does she have friends?

  2. Thinkaboutit says:

    Her boobs look soo bad in that sweater, and she does NOT have an aviators face. Poor thing.

  3. apsutter says:

    I’m pretty sure she is already well on her way to a mental break. It’s really quite sad that she gave up a stable life and marriage for an unstable life. I feel like she’s got to be self medicating which is making everything worse.

    It’s such a shame that she’s such a nutbag because she still has a beautiful voice. Found this video and it just made me sad for her and the day she’s going to realize how badly she wrecked her life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGBeDiXCbJ8

    • dork face says:

      LeAnn is insane.. she lost her voice cause she sure didnt have it the night she played on Xfactor.. she sounds really bad, and to blame it on a child is sad truly sad.. she is going to blame it on anyone but herself. for all she has done. she said herself that she got help for twitter issues. so shes is off her rocker to start with .. of coarse Eddie is going to cheat again. she is a fool to think he wont.. she is insane and so if she is off he has got to find some sex from somewhere .. she cant do it anymore..a tiger does not change his stripes.. once a cheater always a cheater.. only child,cute kid, always getting his way.. and if he cant get it from her cause is a mess he will get it somewhere else. cause he deserves it.. she is going to lose really big i cant wait to see her crash and burn.. cause she is going too.. its just a matter of time. and she is the one to blame for it.. since its her life..

  4. eileen says:

    Jesus-her boobs really hate each other.

  5. grabbyhands says:

    Translation: I’m trying to garner sympathy and make people forget I tried to drunkenly upstage a 13 year old that sings better than I do. Also, I never stop desperately needing attention.

  6. lisa2 says:

    I may be by myself..

    but that little boy looks like a combination LeAnn and Eddie. He is very cute.

  7. Dee Cee says:

    The hubby is the troublemaker.. eliminate him..

  8. Devon says:

    As much as I can’t stand LeAnn, I want this outfit.

  9. Macey says:

    she must be back on the meds. her face isnt puffy anymore and her legs look skinnier than ever.
    Im betting they’ll be some pics coming with LR in skimpy shorts in an xmas setting just like the ones of Brandi floating around. Kind of funny someone posted in the other LR thread that she bought Ediot a house for xmas since thats what Brandi keeps saying that is what she’s saving for. This trick is so predictable its almost not funny any more.

    • Jayna says:

      You’re reaching saying she bought it in response to Brandi. LeAnn has always owned homes. She finally unloaded that Tennessee home. She and Dean sold the California home when they divorced. She rented for a while after leaving Dean. She bought the home she’s been renting. I am sure it’s been the plan for a long time to buy. She was throwing her money away renting with no tax write-offs, no building up of equity. It was temporary to rent.

    • jenny piccolo says:

      So going off her meds made her face puffy and her legs thinker? And how exactly would that be? I thought anti anxiety medication and anti depressants tend to make you gain weight. In that case your theory doesn’t make sense to me. Can you explain?

      • Erinn says:

        I think the adderal can be (ab)used for weightloss, and the laxative situation would also get rid of the bloating. I assume that is what the poster was talking about.

      • tmbg says:

        Not always. Certain meds can kill your appetite temporarily or for however long you’re on them.

        And if she truly has anxiety and it’s not under control, that can wipe out your appetite in a second.

        If she’s taking ADD meds, that’s something else altogether. I know nothing about them other than stimulants can cause weight loss.

      • akua says:

        I’m recovering from an eating disorder and have been on a few different SSRI’s. I think the more common side effect is weight gain, but I’ve been on a couple that totally killed my appetite (and subsequently was taken off, as that wasn’t a side effect that was good for me). Also agree that the adderall can totally kill your appetite, as I’ve been on that too.

    • MerryHappy says:

      The grammatically incorrect conjunction you’re looking for is ‘there’ll.’ ‘There will’ be pictures, not ‘they will’ be pictures. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just a crab today, and I’ve noticed little things, like the misspelling of mystery, and it saddens me!

      • Macey says:

        wish all I had to worry about was internet grammar and spelling on a blog. sorry but I sneak posts from work and can’t always edit or proof…touche, I stand corrected.

        and yes, I was referring to her adderall use for weight loss. It looked like she was putting some weight back on and other speculated that she might be puffy from stopping them.

        apologize in advance for any typos/grammar errors for the grammar nazis on here but I gotta look like Im actually working and not posting on CB, not always easy w/ppl in and out.

      • MerryHappy says:

        You mentioned medicine, then how there will be pictures of the new house. I work, go to school, balance a social life, and try to remain mildly grammatically correct. I’m not exactly a paradigm myself. You’re taking it way too personally.

      • Jayna says:

        I don’t think she’s taking it too personally. She had a right to respond back to you and now you’re putting her down again. I actually think it’s pretty rude and unneccesary for you to spend time making a post to correct someone like you’re their teacher. It was obvious she was just typing fast.

        A lot of times I am on my iPhone and will post something or not have my contacts in and not see what auto-correct changed or just typing too fast and post it and sometimes it’s too late later when I notice it to be able to use the edit function and correct it.

        And if someone on here is just not good gramatically and posts obvious errors, I certainly don’t feel it’s my place to carry on how sad I am over it. I’m sure they are great people. Moving on.

      • Meggie says:

        To Merry Happy: Well, if you’re going to be that way, let me point out that commas shouldn’t be added in front of “and.” If you’re going to judge, try being perfect first.

      • MerryHappy says:

        I pointed out i want a paradigm of grammatical correctness. I see people correct posts all the time. I’m not going to apologize for doing it, especially on a Leann post where everyone is nuts half the time. She has right to post her response, i have a right to say it wasn’t meant personally. It wasn’t, although I’m not sorry she took it as such.

      • Ming says:

        to merry happy: you may want to change your user name if things like spelling and grammmer on a gossip blog comment get you worked up. there is nothing more annoying than an adult trying to police another adult on something as meaningless as spelling/grammer.

        the real issue is that leann bought eddie a house because brandi has been talking about buying one for months. leann is too obvious in her SWF antics.

        and who allows paps to be in the elevator with them?? desperate much?

  10. dorothy says:

    I’m so over this woman, I can’t even come up with a comment.

  11. Cam S says:

    I’m sorry but she has terrible style even for traveling. Looks like a Forever21 hot mess. For goodness sake Leann wear a bra that keeps those wonky boobs pointed straight. You know your boob job is botched when they point opposite ways under a thick sweater!

    And I know this statement is beyond bitchy- but here it goes: You can tell those are not her kids, they are way too attractive to belong to her.

    I refuse to believe she is anything other than blissfully happy 24/7. According to her twitter, her life is sunshine and rainbows all the time. And it’s not like Leann is a proven liar… So there you have it, she is as stable as a rock.

  12. Jess says:

    Leann is not well known in Europe, where I live. I don’t know her history at all. But she comes over as very sad and disturbed. I feel sorry for her.

    • Carolyn says:

      These 3 aren’t known at all in Australia either. Shaking my head in bemusement at the drama they seem to create. Not at all newsworthy to me.

      • Sugar says:

        @ Carolyn & Jess Im an American who happened upon this website just about a year ago (I think) after giving up cable & bored out of my mind one night. I had totally forgotten about the LeAnn Eddie Brandi story & so I have to confess it was a post about them that hooked me! As I began to read about all the crazy that swirls around her name I was like who needs cable!
        The sad thing is even tho I’ve never been a c&w music fan, I admit she has a voice but she isn’t known for that.
        And I have to say that sweater looks coZy but the missing bra ruins it.

  13. Jayna says:

    Well, the fillers finally went down in her face. I don’t know why she’s copying Brandi with her fillers. Brandi’s face is a mess these days with those awful cheek fillers.

    Being married to a hunk like Eddie, I wouldn’t have greasy hair pulled severely up on top of my head if i were her.I would have freshly washed hair. That top-knot look does nothing for LeAnn. Her outfit is cute,

    • jenny piccolo says:

      Eddie is greasy and creepy looking so actually LeAnn could probably do better than him if you really want to know the truth. And also, they’ve been married for how long now? He doesn’t give a crap if her hair is oily and pulled up. Look, these two are cheaters and heartbreakers, but beside that, they’re a regular married couple. Women don’t have to look gorgeous for their man all the time. That’s ridiculous. She looks okay. Jeez.

  14. Maddie says:

    Ever notice that its the younger son always smiling and with Leann and the older of the two standing next to his father and not smiling.

    I think the older son now knows what went down with his parents marriage and what part his “bonus mom ” played a part in.

    • Jayna says:

      Brandi said on twitter the other day that’s just how the older boy is. Brandi even did a photo shoot a month or two back with the boys and he didn’t smile. But i still say shame on Eddie for allowing his boys to be used for papping so often for LeAnn’s purposes.

      The boys love their dad and their experience with LeAnn in their home is good. Sure he knows, but his dad is the one who cheated on his mom. doubt they are going to blame anyone when they get older,
      because ultimately their father would deserve more blame. Boys usually don’t get involved in drama like daughters might. Look at Princes Will and Harry.

      • eileen says:

        I’ll say without getting into too much detail that Mason and Leann’s dynamic out or at home is NOT good. Leann likes having Jake beside her when she calls the paps because he’s open and a ham and Mason isn’t. He’s reserved and doesn’t like the paps. You can see his dad pushing him along or forcing him to pose-he hates it.

      • Linda says:

        I believe it Eileen. You can tell by the photos. Mason is never next to her, she never puts her arms/hands around him. Body language is very telling. You can tell that there are some reservations for Mason when it comes to LeAnn…and rightfully so. He looks like he doesn’t like her, just tolerates her.

        Don’t worry Mason, this all ends very soon when your father leaves LeAnn for good and never looks back. That day will come, just hang in there.

      • Jayna says:

        Well, shame on Eddie even more, then putting the oldest one through this. The paps didn’t happen upon them. They were called, alerted. It’s such an obvious photo op, all the way to the elevators. Bonus mom doesn’t care. It’s just another photo op for her fake happy life, but his real father should care. What a dad.

      • Maddie says:


        All kids want an intact family, their dynamics exploded because of their father and Leann they will tolerate her while their father is still married to her but that is it. The younger son was to young to undrestand what went down all he knows is that he gets presents and lives there part time and he goes on lots of trips.

        Even older kids in their 20′s are devastated when their parents splits especially if there were no problems to speak of and another person is involved.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        You can totally see how she favors the younger one. He has a friendly, open personality and he was much younger when Leann forced her way into the family dynamic. She was kind of grooming him, making out with his dad in front of him, making it seem as though it had always been that way. Mason is older and wiser to her ways. It’s sickening because now she can blatantly favor the little one…. until he gets too old to be the “baby”. And Eddie is completely disgusting for forcing Mason through the photo taking and disgusting for what he did, period. I hope he’s found one day with her playing Kathy Bates on him.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        The thing is, Linda? He can leave her and burn his bridges, but all this time he has put his sons in a horrible position and not even cared. That will leave lasting scars. He can divorce Leann, but making out with her at their games, being inappropriate with her in front of them, all when the separation was completely fresh and then holding Mason immobile to take photos when he doesn’t want to are going to hurt those boys terribly. Boys worship their dads.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Last thought: even though Mason didn’t want his picture taken at the pumpkin patch, notice he was holding his mom’s hand and kissing her. He’s a sweet, sensitive kid- you can tell.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Of course Mason doesn’t like LeAnn, she allegedly left shitty “candy” lying around to make him sick. I’m sure he thinks she’s a freak, especially when he compares her to his gorgeous loving mom.

      • Lady D says:

        Wonder how many times the poor kid has had to witness falcor in a manic phase followed by the inevitable crying jag. Even at his age he knows there is something off about her, and I also believe children can sense cruelty in an adult and instinctively avoid it.

  15. Jennifer12 says:

    So over this fool and her piece. Look how Jake is waving to the pap taking the photo because he knows him and how Mason makes sure he isn’t in a picture. Karma is sure delivering.

  16. Rita says:

    When Hollywood has nothing to gossip about or talent to discuss, check the drawer labled famewhore. In it you will find files for faux romances, rehab, breakdowns, boob jobs, botox, and a very long list of pap telephone numbers.

    If you have talent or an interesting story, publicity will find you, no need to plant stories.

  17. Blondie says:

    After all the stalking of Eddie, the alerting the papa to her affair, the antagonizing that she did to Brandi, and all the smirking she won her “prize”. I hope this is true she doesn’t deserve one second of happiness. She is evil and I for one can’t wait until she gets what’s coming for her.

  18. K-rock says:

    She looks gaunt again. That bun needs to go away. Eddies boy is soooo cute, he’s got his dads dimples.

    Anyone catch his cameo on Hot in Cleveland last night? He played a hot fireman. Gotta say, the guy is good looking. No denying it. He may be a douche but he’s easy on the eyes ;)

  19. ojulia123 says:

    You know what I’ll bet would help her feel better about herself? DROPPING THAT STUPID LAWSUIT.

    Seriously, LeAnn…dude. Drop the lawsuit. Just let it go. Walk away. You claim that you always try to be the bigger person and to not hold onto negative feelings? So PROVE IT. Actions speak louder than words, honey.

    • Haole Bunny says:

      EXACTLY! What is up with her needing to perpetuate that she was “wronged” by a non-celebrity-teacher-Mom? She just looks like a total c-word for bringing that lawsuit up. Honey, you called the teacher. Don’t be surprised when she freaks and records you.

  20. goodquestion says:

    “another” breakdown? she’s still in the grips of the first one. this woman has been progressively losing it for years.

  21. Stars and Stripes says:

    That’s because she wasn’t the “only one that matters.” He is a cheater and he was kicked out his house by BG and of course LR was last resort. Look how well EC played it off and lied to BG and SMJ! LR is just STUPID.

  22. Sonia says:

    I agree with the poster that suggested Leann drop the lawsuit. Not only because it would help her public image tremendously, but because its out of boredom and spite and its showing on her face. It would be good for her soul.

  23. KellyinSeattle says:

    I really don’t wish a breakdown on ANYONE, even LeAnn.

  24. Esther says:

    Really?? Paps in the elevator with you?? You are SO gross LeAnn…and Eddie too.

  25. Memphis says:

    Her friends?!

    The only ‘friends’ she has are her paid employees or people she finds on twitter and bankrolls them to be in her life. She is too narcissistic to develop real friendships and too insecure to let other women hang around Eddie’s penis for too long.

    As for the breakdown…should we really be surprised that watching Eddie’s dong 24/7 while trying to turn herself into a carbon copy of his ex wife is taking it’s toll on her psyche?

    I could almost feel sorry for her if she wasn’t sucha bit*h.

  26. Sassy says:

    LeAnn’s father lives in Texas, Curb Records is in Nashville. To the woodshed LeAnn, your “best 2 songs (Yuck)” on new album both dropped off the “top 100 country charts” w/i 2 week of release. Curb won’t want to put any more $$$ into that album which is now DOA! Don’t know if Curb will demand a different album from LeAnn or just call it quits with the skanky money pit “artist” which brings shame, dishonor and crappy music to the stable (or should that read table).

    • Rita says:

      Curb Records has almost nothing to do with LeAnn’s music except that Curb has the rights to release or withhold it from the market. LeAnn’s last album and this album was produced and paid for by LeAnn. She merely takes it to Curb for their approval to release it and LeAnn pays them a fee to get it released.

      Curb won’t put a dime into promoting her music because she hasn’t made money on any of the last 15 songs she’s released. Curb is notorious for witholding records from the market from singers who actually make money because they don’t want to saturate the market or detract from up and coming artists.

      LeAnn is a royal pain to Curb and they’ve made it perfectly clear that they want her out of their stable….no pun intended but fitting.

    • Jayna says:

      Releasing to the radio as your first single a ballad is a no-no. You don’t do it in country or pop. It never goes anywhere. And releasing your first two songs to iTunes as ballads, like she did, makes no sense. You always lead with a strong up-tempo or mid-tempo track. I hear that all the time from country or pop artists for trying to get something to stick on the radio or generate interest for the album. I have no idea what her thinking was behind releasing an average ballad thinking it was going to go anywhere or generate interest. It just doesn’t happen that way. Ballads come later as a single. Look at Adele, the mid-tempo track, Rolling in the Deep, was her first single off her album. A very slow song would have changed the whole trajectory of that album taking off, even as good as it is, and even her second single was a mid-tempo and so was her third. Someone, a very slow song, and brilliant, was her fourth single. Slow ballads just aren’t used to lead an album as a single.

      • claire says:

        She and that Darrell dude said those were the two singles the radio execs loved, when she went and performed the album for them. Were they all trying to trick her? LOL. Probably not the case, but I do find it funny to think that they would sabotage her that way. I don’t see how this album will do any better than the last one. Both singles dropped to low 200s within two weeks of release. That’s not a sign the album is going to do well. Maybe she’ll finally get a clue after this next album bombs, and go away for a while. She can’t exactly call this one an “art” album to save face this time.

  27. TheTruthHurts says:

    Egh, she had her paid photographer at the airport, she is up to her usual tricks. Since when does she ever care about visiting her father and “bonus mom” with the kids & Eddie? Maybe ever since Brandi took her children to see her family? I know that sounds crazy, but it seems like enough reason for LeAnn to do that too. I can’t imagine a bigger hell for Eddie than having to stay with his father in law & wife for a week in Nashville. Hahahahahahaha!

  28. TheTruthHurts says:

    OH AND, she was only avoiding twitter around the holidays because she has been REAMED endlessly for the XFactor performance. She couldn’t handle all the hate probably. I sincerely doubt there was any attempt at better behavior there.

  29. janie says:

    ENOUGH….. Leave this bunch alone. Eddie is the common denominator here. He plays both women and enjoys every moment! A good DAD? What decent man would do this to his kids? They are the chess pieces in this mess. He cares about himself first…… Everthing else needs to get in line.

    • Iyanla says:

      I agree. He is a horrible father for what he did to Brandi and their family.

      He is really no better than Billy Crudup in my eyes, who left Mary Louise Parker at 7 months pregnant. Pigs with no moral compass, no primal fatherly instinct to keep his family together.

  30. JingleBells says:

    Well the apple doesn’t fall from the tree – Like Father, Like Daughter. didnt her dad cheat on her mom and I thought LR was on bad terms with her dad??’!!! They are all got personally disorders. No wonder she is the way she is.

  31. JingleBells says:

    Well the apple doesn’t fall from the tree – Like Father, Like Daughter. didn’t her dad cheat on her mom and I thought LR was on bad terms with her dad??’!!! They are all got personally disorders. No wonder she is the way she is.

    • nomorerimes says:

      As far as morals go maybe the saying should be Like Mother–Like Daughter! Seems like daddy was trying to rein in his little girl and mommy let her run wild–living with an older guy while she was still underage. Gotta questions the morals of mommy and what she has taught and allowed her little girl to do all these years IMO!

  32. Iyanla says:

    Eddie and Leann are the most despised couple in Hollywood.

    Im finding it harder to be Team Brandi at this point because of all the plastic surgery and her trying so hard to be sexy and oversharing on twitter. Despite that, i still feel sympathy for Brandi because Eddie abandoned her. Some people never recover from such a horrible divorce. I hope she can get it together because its obvious Brandi is not ok yet.

    What sickens me most is two things:1.) Leann mothering Jake. That should be Brandi accompaning her babies but Eddie is a jerk and broke up his family and took the kids away from their mother 50% of the time just so he can sleep with Leann. Keeping your family together is more important than being with Leann, period. Eddie you should have put your family first, not your dick. 2.) How young the boys are. It reminds me that Eddie left the mother of his children when his children were just YEARS old. Talk about not even trying to stick it out and make it work. Talk about being a POS person and abandoning the mother of your young babies. What makes Leann think he will honor his marriage to her when he abandoned Brandi the way he did?

    Eddie disgusts me and so does Leann for her role in this.

  33. DW says:

    I’m sorry but her mouth reminds me of the joker.

  34. sullivan says:

    Question: how many selfish, vacuous narcissists does it take to raise a couple of kids? Maybe three idiots with limited parenting skills are better than two?

  35. Bread and Circuses says:

    That little boy is the cutest thing ever.

    Strong resemblance to his dad, too. Same dimples, same eyes. He’ll be a heartbreaker (too, hopefully not quite so literally) someday.

  36. Jaana says:

    She isn’t tweeting because she is letting the paparazzi speak for her, websites like this will post the picture and people will alert Brandi to them so she doesn’t have to post them on twitter to get the reaction she is always seeking. She knows how upset Brandi is for the boys to go away for the holidays so she is keeping her even more in suspense by not tweeting.

  37. Haole Bunny says:

    #1- LeAnn has no friends. Only paid fans/hangers-on that are on the payroll
    #2- Eddie is a douche. Period. No one puts their kids thorough this kind of crap without having it splatter back on them.
    #3- I am definitely on Team Brandi. I think she is doing the best she can and her basic personality type is to over-share. I might do the same in her position. She probably felt so alone and abandoned and ashamed right after he left her (Ugggh, for that total TROLL) that finding people actually support her might encourage her to say a bit more than she should.
    #4- GET RID OF THAT BUN AND THOSE AVIATORS! Yee Gods, don’t you look in the mirror before leaving your house?

    • Iyanla says:

      I agree. I might act like Brandi too in her situation. I just thought the xmas photoshoot in the booty shorts was in poor taste. She is a mother and no children like when their mommy is looking like that. Besides, I think she is more than just sex appeal! She is witty and honest and a good mom. But i guess those qualities don’t sell. I definitely want to see Brandi succeed. Cant say the same for Leann and Eddie.

      • Jayna says:

        It was tacky. Christmas is a religious holiday, a time of reflection and giving, so she came off tacky. She would have been better off having a photoshoot of her spending time at a homeless shelter serving breakfast or dinner the night before or an orphanage delivering toys on Christmas Eve than flashing cleavage, in booty shorts and f’k me shoes, drinking and cooking Christmas dinner for photos that were put out on actually Christmas Day. Those types of photos for a Christmas party weeks before would be different.

      • claire says:

        What was that photo shoot even for? I saw the photos for it days before that DM article came out, but can’t recall what magazine she did it for. Anyone catch that information? I guess, I don’t really see the big deal if a mag asked her to do that spread, but the DM article made it sound like she just randomly had someone shoot those, but if I saw them before that, I think they were commissioned for something.

      • indi says:

        To answer Claire’s question: Brandi writes a weekly column for an Australian magazine called New Weekly. NW also frequently run stories about Brandi and other housewives, particularly Taylor Armstrong – the latter came out to Australia recently on a RHOBH promotional visit. Brandi tweeted a few weeks ago that she was doing a Xmas photo shoot for NW with an Aussie photographer and those photos featured in last week’s edition so that is why and where the photos came from – she is obviously under contract with the publishing company. Brandi has also said that she is coming out to Australia in April. So I would guess that is all under the arrangement she has with the publishing company.

  38. natalina says:

    yeah totally agree-cant pull off aviators

  39. Jayna says:

    Well, when everyone was rejoicing over Eddie’s TV show being cancelled, which I never blamed him as it was an ensemble cast and just a boring show, I knew it was bad for Brandi. Good money weekly equals good child support. Eddie in Chicago equals Brandi having her children far more than 50 percent of the time. Eddie in Chicago equals cracks in the marriage. Even if LeAnn is there part of the time, she’s bored. He’s on the set all day. LeAnn is too paranoid about Eddie when she can’t be there. LeAnn never traveled anywhere on the road without Dean. He even went in the radio stations with her and sat during her interviews. She’s had it rough this year emotionally it seems even with Eddie around most of the time. Can you imagine the marriage with him on a hit TV show away from home the better part of a year with babes on the show. LeAnn’s career would have been an even bigger mess with her cancelling lots of shows to be in Chicago with him. As it is, she hates being on the road if he’s not there. The longer they are married the less he is going on these gigs with her. The marriage would be having major issues now even worse than they apparently already do if he was busy on a successful TV sow.

    So Eddie’s career going good is always a win-win for Brandi. That’s something to remember when people are relishing in Eddie having this huge dry spell.

  40. Snowpea says:

    It blows me away how invested people getin this story! Myself included. Maybe we’ve all been wronged at the hands of a completely narcissistic nutjob? Not sure, but LeAnn Rimes has done such a job at decimating her nice girl image herself that we can’t take our eyes away.

    I think that all things considered, LeAnn would have been forgiven by the gossiphounds if there were no children in the equation. She probably could have stalked Ed, SWF’d Brandi and tweeted her happiness till the cows come home, but the thing that I find I cant forgive is the bit where she has tried to steal those boys away from her mother. She has overstepped boundaries and disrespected Brandi’s role as those kids’ mum.

    Because LR isnt a mum herself, there is no way she could have any comprehension of what an unforgivable travesty that is. It is a universally understood paradigm, the sheer force of a mother’s love for her children. And the fact that she attempts, time and time again, to belittle, to decimate and to interfere with that relationship between BG and her boys, raises the ire of people everywhere.

    It is a sacred relationship and LR shits all over it.

    Ironically I HAVE a mother like LR. My mum is a very disturbed person. She lies, cheats, destroys and then denies it and tries to put the blame onto someone else. Shes very scary.

    I also have two boys and I keep my mum at an arms distance from them. If, however, I had a mentally disturbed ‘bonus’ mum like LR, I dont know what Id do. It would be very very hard to stay in control. Bg has done a good job at being discreet over the last three years but the cracks are starting to show.

    This is such a sad situation. NPD is a terrifying mental illness. There are no winners. I hope that Ed leaves LeAnn soon so that those kids may have a shot at a normal childhood.

  41. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Why don’t BOTH of them quit Tweeting about the kid’s whereabouts? It’s totally irresponsible and self serving.

  42. Lana says:

    When Leann makes tweets like the one she just made about being at her dads with “Nada to do but play in the woods and ride horses” I’m sure that she puts that out there knowing Brandi will either read or be told about it. Seems Leann likes to always try to one up Brandi. She has more money so bigger and better toys, bigger trips, etc. Brandi must always feel like she just can’t live up to some of that stuff and I know from experience what that feels like when your child is with the x and his new wife. I lived it like Brandi is, and it hurts. I only hope those boys realize what Leann is doing when they are a little older because they will turn on her. Boys are very protective of their mothers and I hope Leann finds out first hand how protective they are. The older one is going to be more then Leann can handle in another year or two, if not already. I doubt there is any luv between the older one and Leann. She got into the picture too late to be able to totally control him. She is all about control in my opinion. That’s why she is cracking. She can’t control everything and she can’t stand that.

    • Jayna says:

      No offense meant, but I find that tweet harmless. The kids will go home and tell mom they played in the woods and rode horses anyway. It’s not a big secret to Brandi what her children do on weekends with dad. I’m sure the kids talk to mom while away also for a week.

      I came from a very middle-class family, no frills, but even we went to visit grandparents in another state in the country and played with cousins who lived down the country road and got to play in the woods and ride horses also. It’s not like LeAnn’s dad and stepmother are fancy people. LOL Far from it.

      You don’t have to have money to take your kids to a horse farm to ride horses anyway. Brandi could lay off filler injections for a week and take them if she wanted. LeAnn is obnoxious enough, but I find this harmless and good fun for children, being outdoors in the fresh air in a regular rural setting. It’s not like they’re at some swanky island resort that Brandi couldn’t afford and which does hurt.

    • claire says:

      I think you both have valid points, but with all the crap that Brandi probably puts up with daily from those two, I doubt that tweet means much to her. It’s when Leann tweets photos of the boys that seems to piss her off. And rightly so, if the stepmom or dad never actually shares photos of the boys with you, but uses them for damage control for her image or for paid content for her website. But just the tweet alone? It seems harmless enough, in the scheme of things. That’s not to say that Leann HAS to share things with the mom like that, but if mom doesn’t want their photos used that way, respect that. And if you actually don’t give a crap about what the mom thinks at all, or that she even exists, then don’t retweet tons of stepmom tweets about how you try to be a successful, compromising blended family, but the mom is a barrier. Own it that you’re a self-serving a-hole or just shut up.

    • Iyanla says:

      Lana how did you cope? It seems so painful.

      It is one of my wirst nightmares to trust a man enough to marry him and committ to making a family together then be abandoned and never be able to move on completely because you share children. It sounds like hell.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Completely agree; she is all about control and manipulation. That’s why she goes at it with people on Twitter- she is going to make them see her side of things and get them to know she’s right (in her mind). Of course, with her, it devolves into calling up people who dislike her and when THAT doesn’t work, she tries to turn the story around and sue. Reality is just a concept to her: look at everything she says. SHE is the victim of people judging, SHE is Brandi’s victim, SHE is just trying to be the best stepmother and wife ever. Nothing is based in actual reality for her. She’s always been able to control with money, and just paying Eddie’s parents’ rent and child support can show control. She’s failing at controlling Mason, but her “charm” is controlling Jake’s attitude toward her so far (he’s also young). The way she acted like part of the family when she’d just entered the dynamic (and in such a terrible way) was pure control. Really, Brandi may not be perfect, but she has absolutely shown more self control, grace and decency than most would in this terrible situation.

      • brin says:

        Absolutely agree with you, she is the definition of control freak. She even blocks anyone who disagrees with her on twitter I hear.

      • candigirl says:

        I love your post as it gets to the heart of why so many people dislike Leann. She is such an arrogant a-hole, nobody matters but me, control freak, my way or the highway. There is no room for other people in her ego driven delusion. Poor Carly. And poor Jake and Mason, this woman has helped to hurt them for the rest of their lives. She is definitely a narcissist and a dangerous one, and like Ming says below, stuck forever in the angst of her teen years. What a monster.

  43. skuddles says:

    Poor, unfortunate-looking MeAnn, even her boobs don’t want anything to do with her. It looks like they’re trying to escape… you run to the east, I’ll run to the west, now GO!!

  44. qtpi says:

    Does anyone have any inside info on what will be in Brandi’s book? Not looking for specifics but will there be anything new about this bermuda triangle that we haven’t heard in the past? Wondering how much LeAnn has to be worried about at this point.

  45. nomorerimes says:

    Thinking about this article, I agree with one of the earlier commenters on this! First off LR doesn’t have “friends”. And I totally think this was a planted story by LR herself to earn sympathy because of all the flak she has been taking concerning the XFactor appearance and the blaming Carly for the fiasco! Don’t forget LR was just trying to help Carly!!! Keep in mind that LR is a master manipulator and it wouldn’t surprise me that this is her idea! Even though we do know she does need MAJOR HELP! But then she will just go to another spa for rehab!
    She thinks she is okay and everyone else is just plain wrong!

    • Ming says:

      leann only knows how to play the role of the victim. no one likes a ‘poor me’ sob story about getting everything you’ve dreamed about only to complain that you didn’t get your wishes the exact way you wanted them and that the world should feel bad your life wasn’t served to you on a platter.
      leann is stil stuck emotionally in her teens, which is why she always brings up examples of being 15 and touring for years straight. she is now 30! but still lives in the past of her teens and is constantly referencing them. the therapy she said she’s been going to since she was a child should have taught leann to grow up. acknowledge your mistakes. move on. BE BETTER.

      • Jane says:

        She plays the victim very well. It’s a passive aggressive move to try to garner sympathy when something goes wrong. She needs a serious session with Dr. Phil. I’d pay good money to see him tear her apart. He wouldn’t let her get away with the fake sobbing and “Oh whoa–ith me “ act. He would tell her to get a life, grow the h*** up and quit acting like a self-serving brat. Dr. Phil? Are you listening?????

  46. Deanne says:

    Am I correct in my observation that they are being papped while in an elevator? Gee, subtle LeAnn. Can they do NOTHING with those boys that isn’t documented for public consumption? I guess when your career is non-existent like Eddie and your music is tanking, like LeAnn, making sure your paid for fan site is worth it for the 100 or so fans, who are sucker enough to fork over 12 bucks to watch you exploit children for your own profit, is a top priority. Can those people really not see the hypocrisy and how wrong it is?

  47. nomorerimes says:

    Made this post earlier today but for some reason it didn’t show up. Anyway I urge everyone to not believe anything about LR’s so called “friends” being fearful she is heading for another “breakdown”. Did she really go to therapy??!! Most suspect a spa stay especially as she never changed her attitude or activities since then. What a joke! But if you think back to when she went to “therapy”, it had just come out that she was going to sue the teacher whom SHE had called. People were giving her a lot of flak for that. And of course, EC found out she lied! Anyway off to therapy! Now she is once again getting all kinds of critical comments about her fiasco on XFactor and her blaming Carly. So now the paid for friends are worried! It’s all a ploy to get people’s sympathy and get their minds off the video that went viral showing her craziness and people thinking she was either drunk or drugged. Don’t fall for this disception. She is a lying, cheating, vile manipulator.

  48. lindy loo says:

    I know it’s so tremendously shallow of me to say this but what the hell does Eddie, the douche bag, see in her?
    She is truly totally unattractive. No wonder she’s so intimidated by Brandi.

  49. Libby says:

    I imagine we will have a show and tail* this next week. Read she is going to the beach with friends for the new year; probably so she can show off all those new bikinis she gets in the mail. I knew it would only be a matter of time before she had to take her clothes off again. She is so predictable.

  50. SageM says:

    What do you mean “another”? Seriously though, I’m waiting for the inevitable mother of all breakdowns then Eddie leaves her.