Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper & the dudes of the NBRs: who would you rather?

I already covered the ladies of the National Board of Review Awards (go here), so this is the post for the gentlemen. The other day, CB and Bedhead and I were discussing how exciting or not-exciting this year’s awards coverage would be, and I lamented the fact that I didn’t have one big crush to follow throughout the awards season this time around. Last year I had Michael Fassbender, who got a lot of big nominations (except for an Oscar nomination, BOO). It was such a joy to follow Fassy’s awards show path. But who am I following this year? No one really. I’m excited for Anne Hathaway (mostly because of the fashion), but I’m not crazy for any of the dudes who are going to be everywhere this awards season. I like Hugh Jackman. I think Eddie Redmayne is cute. I love Ewan McGregor, but he’ll probably only get to the Golden Globes & the BAFTAs. I miss Fassy.

Anyway, I was just thinking about that as I went through these “hot guys” at the NBRs. I’m pretty much over Ben Affleck, although he did look nice last night, and I think he works a beard really well.

Bradley Cooper looks… um… not well. What’s going on with him? He wants an Oscar nomination so, so much, but surely that desire should ensure that he actually makes an effort with his appearance? Dear B-Coop: SHAVE. And put some product in your hair, because you look like a jackass.

Bradley should be taking his cues from Eddie Redmayne. Eddie is youngish (31), he’s a hardworking actor and sometimes model, and he knows how to dress. He always looks pulled together and handsome. He’s always clean-shaven and beautifully turned out. I love his pocket square.

Daniel Craig, looking kind of grumpy and amused. I would hit it.

But my new favorite is Jason Clarke!! He was in Lawless and he’s in Zero Dark Thirty, and he has that scary-eerie-sexy vibe that I sort of like. I don’t even mind his wonky hairline, honestly. He’s HOT.

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  1. Meredith says:

    Daniel Craig looks chubby! I am very disappointed and hope it is merely an ill-fitted suit jacket. The others look good but Cooper really needs to fix his hair. I saw that style in junior high. Yuck.

  2. marie says:

    Daniel Craig always, then Eddie Redmayne (I’m a fan of his freckles) and I will gladly hand off the rest to someone else..

  3. NerdMomma says:

    Yikes. Usually I think BCoop is pretty handsome but you are spot on. He’s looking rough. Hair. Beard. And eyes look drunky.

  4. Post-Its says:

    I hope that’s just a bad camera angle for that Daniel Craig picture. Because it makes him look much heavier and old…

  5. Ranunculus says:

    I can’t stand Ben Affleck and his/wife/kids 2 pap appointments per week, plus he is a real shitty actor. Craig looks like a 65 year old grumpy man and he is a shitty actor two. I go with Eddie, I liked him in My week with Marilyn.

  6. mia girl says:

    I think I’ll pass on all of them.

  7. QQ says:


    All these mofos Look CRAZY Pasty and Miserable AND Unwashed (maybe not Redmayne But he looks clammy) AND Uncomfortable

    Bwahahah What is Bradley Cooper’s Hair?!? Is that weave? Plugs? Lacefront? That shit looks like Bret Michaels doll Hair

  8. Elceibeno says:

    I pick Ben Affleck for my deep dark sex dreams.

  9. Marianne says:

    The coat on Daniel Craig makes him look like he has gained weight.

    And on another note, I hate Bradley’s hair. I hate Jason Clark’s hair.

    Therefore, the best looking out of the bunch would be Ben Affleck or Eddie Redmayne.

  10. T.Fanty says:

    It might have to be Affleck. He’s still hot and likely to leave right after, before I started to regret him.

    How lovely is Eddie Redmaye when he smiles? I don’t think he realizes how douchey(can I say that and escape moderation?) the blue steel pout makes him look.

  11. says:

    All these dudes are doing nothing for my biscuit.

  12. eska says:

    ‘Daniel Craig, looking kind of grumpy and amused. I would hit it’ – lol! You made my day.

  13. silken_floss says:

    Oh god these comments are killing me!! you guys are the best LMAO

  14. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    I’d only hit Brad Cooper and Daniel Craig. Ben Affleck has ‘always’ looked and acted like he would scream out his own name during sex, and the other guys just don’t do it for me.

  15. MsAubra says:

    I need a d*ck report from JLO to give an answer, my choice will be based on that!

  16. Abby says:

    I can’t believe that guy from Les Mis is only 31. He looks way younger!

  17. Incredulous says:

    “[H]e has that scary-eerie-sexy vibe that I sort of like”

    Kim Coates is the elder statesman of this.

  18. Miss Kiki says:

    What’s wrong with Daniel Craig? This is the first time he isn’t making my biscuit tingle. Eddie looks about 18 but he’s wearing the crap out of that suit.

  19. kelsey says:

    Daniel Craig looks like he’s aged 15 years in the last two months.

    Jason Clarke….. WTF? I do not see the appeal. He looks like John C. Reilly if JCR got bad plastic surgery.

    Bradley Cooper is just so boring. What’s more vanilla than vanilla? He’s that. Plus he looks dirty.

    Eddie Redmayne looks like a little boy.

    So give me Ben Affleck. He’s getting better looking as he ages. Actually, he’s starting to remind me of a younger Bruce Springsteen. Hot.

  20. NeoCleo says:

    Redmayne is adorable and makes me think dirty old lady thoughts.

  21. j.eyre says:

    I like all the suits here. I love that ultra-tailored suits are coming back – along with the fuss of vests and pocket squares. I love a well-dressed man.

    Ben – not crazy about the beard. If he lost that, yes. He would be a Hit with a beer and a football game on the tv in the background

    Bradley – suit looks good. I am not excited about the resurgence of the Miami Vice scruff in general. Bradley is, unfortunately, always a no.

    Eddie – I am shocked at how quickly he is climbing the Hit List. Yes to him – in the backseat of a limo on our way to dinner with friends

    Daniel – any way, any where and with whomever he wants to invite to join us. And the grumpiness would only fuel me

    Jason – the kind of crazy “I sift through your garbage to learn about you” eyes intrigue me. Let’s say yes, but with a taser in the nightstand (that could go both ways…)

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Do you not get crazy eyes from Bcoop? He’s a weird combination of smug and psycho. The only person that trumps him is Ray Liotta, his crazy eyes have been mesmerising me years.

      Eddie has come out of nowhere for me but I’m sitting up and paying attention because he always seems to be rocking a fantastic fitting suit, nothing upsets me more than ill fitting suits, they actually offend me.

      • j.eyre says:

        Where were you on the Hemsworth post the other day? I kept looking for you. Did Mr. Kiki whisk you away from CHemboy’s perfectly sculpted biceps?

        BCoop (I like that), alas… I mean no offense to those who like him because he is a nice looking man and he did do a good job in SLP, but his eyes don’t look crazy to me as they do – dumb. I know that is harsh and I have heard him speak his beautiful French and all but when he plasters that toothy grin and looks out under those half-lids, I just see this vapid frat boy.

        Jason looks like he might have an honest dialogue with my cat… and I suspect they would gang up on me. But I like a little crazy in my man… provided it can be channeled.

        Eddie – we need to pass him back and forth as an appetizer. The lips were initially a turn off but I am seeing how they could be turned into an advantage.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      I went to Amsterdam for a few days and I was devastated when I came back and missed the CHemboy’s arms. Mr Kiki knows it’s not even worth trying to tear me away from him. We don’t talk through the Avengers.

      Frat boy, that sums him perfectly. He just looks so smug all the time. Even when he’s speaking French I still want to punch him in the face, I’m making no apology for that. I’ll still forever see crazy eyes with him.

      Is SLP any good? I know it’s getting award recognition but that’s meaningless to me.

      Eddie is positively delectable. I first noticed him when he wore that velvet green suit and the pocket square is blowing my mind. He has officially made it on to the Hit List. I’m now going to have to check what else he’s been in.

      • j.eyre says:

        SLP – if you went to Amsterdam for a few days, I assume you are on the Continent and not in the USA. I ask only because part of my enjoyment of SLP is the amount of American football in it. The characters are die-hard fans and I am too (although not of the Eagles)and their passion appealed to me. However, I think it is akin to any sports enthusiasm so the passion will not be lost on you but the references to the American teams/players will be.

        I really liked the book. It is not perfectly written but it’s good. I liked it better than the movie but not by that much. The movie made some interesting changes but they did work for the most part. And BCoop did a very good job – I never, ever thought I would utter those words. Pat is a complex character and BCoop deserves the recognition for it.

        So rent it, the acting is worth it. And let me know what you dig up on our new little tasty treat Eddie (who I am afraid I feel compelled to name Carpy because of those lips. If Jaguar can be an attractive alien, Eddie can be an attractive, velvet-clad fish)

      • ema82m says:

        I have been a fan of Eddie’s for a while now, after seeing him in a new adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles. He’s been in lots of period pieces like The Other Boleyn Girl, a mini series called Birdsong & Glorious 39 with smaller parts.
        He is fanatasic in Pillars of the Earth a huge epic of a mini series but he makes it worth watching!!!
        Also he’s done some off beat movies like Savage Grace with Julianne Moore which is a seriously creepy movie but he plays his character so well & Powder Blue.
        Of course he’s in My Week with Marilyn too.

  22. Sam x says:

    Bradley Cooper looks like he needs a good nights sleep, a haircut and a shave. Dayumn how blue are his eyes!. Otherwise thats a nice suit.

    I can vouch for his performance in SLP he really surprised me with his performance as bi polar Pat, definitely a step in the right direction in terms of acting. I loved the entire cast, I thought Anupam Kher and Chris Tucker were underused. Great movie!!

    Eddie Redmayne is a cutie, Daniel Craig looks fine, it’s just a bad angle and looks hunched. I prefer Ben Affleck without a beard.

  23. Anguishedcorn says:

    I must be getting old. None of those guys look good to me.

  24. MrsBPitt says:

    After Brad Pitt (yes, I know he isn’t in the above pics, but look at my handle)my second fake boyfriend is Ben Affleck…yes, he makes this girl hot, hot, hot!!!!

  25. pepper says:

    Daniel – Always
    closely followed by my recent hottie Ben Affleck

  26. Tazina says:

    I saw Skyfall a few weeks ago and I thought there is no one on the planet who could wear a suit like Daniel Craig, just perfection. So this picture of him here is shocking! He looks old and fat. So he’s out. I would take BA. He’s a talented director and actor and not hard on the eyes….

  27. Bob says:

    This is not Jlo’s business cause he’s having his family and she has hers. His wife is proud of him and she’s of hers. No difference. Stop making separation.

  28. Bob says:

    This is not Jlo’s business cause he’s having his family and she has hers. His wife is proud of him and she’s of hers. No difference. Stop making separation. She doesn’t have anything to see with that.

  29. Belle says:

    Ben. Always Ben. I liked him when he was younger, but he is actually getting hotter with age! Yum :) I do prefer him clean shaven, or with just a bit of scruff, but not a deal breaker either way!

  30. Amilu says:

    Bradley Cooper’s hair is freaking me out. It’s way creepier than Jason Clarke’s penetrating stare!