Jennifer Lawrence & Sam Claflin cover EW: does he pull off Finnick Odair?

Jennifer Lawrence Sam Claflin

Here’s a first look at Sam Claflin as the charming, damaged tribute Finnick Odair from Catching Fire. When this casting was announced several months ago, there was a mild amount of controversy in the comments section (but not nearly as much as the collective indignation when Jena Malone was announced as Johanna Mason). I think Sam mostly looks the part on this Entertainment Weekly cover, although it’s hard to tell from just a photo (nice trident, dude) if he can pull off the seductive nature of the role. Notice that I am not worried at all about Jennifer Lawrence reprising the Katniss role when she already delivered like crazy in the first movie. As for Sam, I’ll give him a chance even if (as Kaiser has noted), the boy has a serious pants problem that is no joke in real life. Luckily, he won’t be wearing pants while dressed in a fishing net and sucking on a sugar cube, right?

Here’s another photo (from EW’s Facebook page) of Jennifer and Sam in character and some excerpts from their mutual interview. Naturally, Jennifer does most of the talking. Girl loves to talk, and she says it’s becoming a real problem with her team, I guess:

Jennifer Lawrence Sam Claflin

Jennifer’s big mouth in interviews: “It’s almost like I subconsciously don’t want to work anymore so I’m trying to ruin my career. I’m pregnant!” she joked. “I’m so aware of all the b.s. that surrounds Hollywood, and how everyone gets on this high horse and thinks that they’re curing cancer and it makes me so uncomfortable every time I see it. So I go in the exact opposite direction and end up saying something like ‘I’m pregnant!’ when I’m in two franchises.”

Her first meeting with director Francis Lawrence: “I spit egg inside his mouth when I was talking. Into his mouth.”

She hosted a party for cast & crew: “When Sam walked in I was chasing Woody and we’d flipped over my couch and Woody had a sock all the way down my throat…”

Sam is feeling the pressure: He described filming the infamous sugar cube scene, in which Finnick teases Katniss while wearing nothing beyond some strategically placed netting, as “the scariest moment of my life. I’m on Twitter and so many people have been like ‘Don’t mess this up, or we will kill you.’”


Wild parties, huh? Even though Jennifer was recently seen wearing fur at the Chateau Marmont, I don’t see her as a “party” kind of girl. As in, I doubt that Jennifer drinks much at all, and I can’t see her doing drugs either. She’s in such good physical condition and has to perform so many stunts on her movies, so she needs to be fit, and it’s very difficult to be fit while doing drugs or boozing hard. Or so I assume.

Jennifer Lawrence

Liam Hemsworth

Here are some photos from the set of Catching Fire. I know this fish is just a prop and isn’t really a raw fish, but it still grosses me out beyond belief. Hey, I’m a vegetarian.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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  1. pretty says:

    Jennifer is such a miscasting.
    She does not look like a 16 year old girl from District 12.
    She is a great actress and all but she makes Peeta(Josh Hutcherson) look like a 12 year old boy… they soooo do not look good. it totally ruins all. At least Katniss should be smaller and shorter than Peeta who have been brought up in wealthier town and eating breads!!
    …omg Liam is SO HOT

    • Rachel says:

      I would actually reverse that and say Josh Hutcherson is such a miscasting. Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress, and she’s great as Katniss. Josh Hutcherson, however, almost makes the movie unwatchable for me. I don’t know whether to blame his acting or the direction. But either way, it’s just bad.

      • Liv says:

        Noooo! I really like him as Peeta! And I think she’s a great Katniss. What I found so much more disturbing was the extreme cutting in the end of the film. They left so much out of it! Shame!

      • Migdalia says:

        +1 and it actually looks like he’s wearing lifts next to Jen in that one photo. They have no romantic/sexual chemistry and obviously give off platonic vibes. It’s funny how even the director mentions that JL and LH have amazing chemistry. Sorry Josh fans but I agree he was horribly miscast and they should have done a Rachel Dawes recast on him.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        I could not agree more. I saw the movie knowing nothing about the books, and as soon as they called Peeta’s name I was just – he’s pretty nondescript, can’t be a significant character, then. Later, I suspected he was a two-faced rat-weasel, planning to screw Katniss over via pretending to have feelings for her. And then when it became clear he was meant to be in love with her for real I thought, okay, he’s sweet but they have the chemistry of siblings.

        When I read the book, I loved him and thought it was very sweetly written, and such a nice change to have the kind, calm, solid guy be the one who gets the girl, rather than brooding and tortured tall dark and handsome. I was very happy with how they were written, it seemed refreshingly sane, and really healthy for a YA novel, too (much as the protagonist being strong and female is). But in the movie, she has way more chemistry with Gale.

        I was unimpressed by the casting of Hutcherson before I read the books. Afterwards, I loathed it. And it’s a shame, because I liked all the other casting (though I wouldn’t have Lawrence, I don’t think, had I read the books first. She’s fabulous, but she kind of undermines the Careers versus Katniss, because she’s so tall and strong looking. Luckily I saw the movie first, and on its own terms she was fine, so the casting with her isn’t a problem. Hutcherson was a problem for me even before I read the series).

      • LittleDeadGirl says:

        So true … I grew to not hate Peeta but there was no chemistry when they kissed. They got so much right for this series but so much terrible miscasting …

  2. gee says:

    Finnick will always be Armie Hammer to me, but this looks ok. I’m still excited for the movie.

  3. marie says:

    ha, I bet Jennifer would be a hoot to hang out with, seems fairly laid back.

    and unfortunately I saw this picture on Lainey yesterday and she mentioned his hips in the photo and I can’t unsee them.

  4. Elceibeno08 says:

    I love meat, especially fish and lobster. How does agent bedhead get his/her protein?

  5. Toniko says:

    No he doesn’t. He looks like a scared little child on that cover, not a warrior, and those hips ugh, and his tiny arms.. what a joke.

  6. BRE says:

    Perfect Finnick by looks, I will have to see if he pulls off the attitude.

  7. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’ll need to see him in motion but from the pictures, I don’t know, he looks too frightened. To me, Finnick was supposed to look very confident, very sexual, and all oozing power. So that when he revealed the backstory his own vulnerability it would come as a surprise … it’d come off as sweet … the boy in the picture already looks like he cries during sex.

  8. Miss Kiki says:

    It’s such a shame that people kicked up such a fuss about the girl that played Rue because I think Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy would have made a really good Finnick.

  9. Kate (newer one) says:

    I don’t think he’s beautiful enough, really. He’s meant to be one of the most beautiful men on the planet… and somehow he just reminds me of Sparkles.

    Though if he’s a good enough actor I suppose he could sell it anyway.

  10. Sisi says:

    Thought he’d be more exotic looking. At least a glorious suntan from all that walking around halfnaked by the sea. And a swimmers physique :(

  11. annabelle says:

    No, he does not and likely cannot, as a whole.
    I’ve been so disappointed with the majority of the casting. Josh is no Peeta and this Sam kids is no Finnick.

  12. ramona says:

    Sam Clafin is not pretty enough to be Finnick. I mean, he’s supposed to be the hottest guy in Panem. I’m just not seeing it. And his dye job looks budget.

  13. Merritt says:

    Finnick should have been Jesse Williams. The character is described as tan.

    Hollywood needs to stop with the white washing.

  14. anneesezz says:

    That is not what I pictured at all but we will see. Everyone thought JLaw was a horrible choice and she nailed it.

  15. jamminatorr says:

    Too young looking for what I was picturing – he’s supposed to be significantly older than Katniss right? Also needs to be more manly – hot

  16. Harpreet says:

    I still think this film should have been two films, and the last book should have been one.

    Also, should there be a spoiler alert that Katniss and Peeta have to compete again? I was shocked when it happened in the book.

  17. ernie says:

    I like Sam Clafflin. But why do they insist casting the shortest guys in Hollywood opposite Jennifer, who is a tall, statuesque lady? Only Liam’s physique works next to her. I don’t buy anyone else. Except Lenny. I wanted to see that go down after the 1st movie. Obviously I still can’t get over the Peeta casting, even though I like Josh. Might as well cast Daniel Radcliffe for the third movie and complete the circle.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      Agreed. And I think they have a problem when casting a Finnick who is less attractive than Gale, actually. Hemsworth would have been better as Finnick, in looks, anyway (I know nothing much about his acting. All he had to do in HG was brood attractively, which he did fine).

      Clafin looks like David Tennant in that top photo, on reflection.

      • ernie says:

        Yeah. They pretty much set the bar way too high casting Liam as Gale. You see him with Jennifer and don’t care for any other guy anymore. I think Garrett Hedlund would have been a good choice for Finnick with that cast. And Peeta is just a joke now. Like her kid brother she babysits throughout the games. Not sure that’s what they were going for.

  18. Jenna says:


    Wait, what was this post about again?

  19. hoya_chick says:

    I don’t know if he’s going to work. He doesn’t give me the confident/arrogant/charming vibe that Finnick has but we shall see. Plus he is not that attractive. He has a weird body type I remember those SWATH premier pics and he does nothing for me. I can’t wait until the movie comes out though. May the odds be ever in your favor! Gah, I don’t get fan girly about movies but this series is fantastic.

  20. Jess says:

    Everyone needs to watch The Pillars of the Earth miniseries. Encore has it listed in their miniseries section on demand. Anyway, Sam is in it, and he plays a knight, and he is really good in it. Very badass and also very very attractive. Also Eddie Redmayne is the lead, and he’s amazing as well. It’s great overall, but if you’re in doubt about Sam as Finnick, don’t be. He’s got the badass action thing with a side of charm down. He was a footballer before he became an actor. You can tell he was an athlete. He’s very natural in that role.

  21. Wif says:

    I’ve never seen Sam Claflin’s work, but saw the picture and thought, “ummmmm, what?” So I googled some his interviews, and I think he could make it work. He’s a really, really likeable guy, and you need that for Finnick. He hides His likeability in the first half of Catching Fire, but then you find out that he’s THE MOST AWESOME GUY EVER. And if you cast someone that isn’t inherently likeable, it’s harder to make that work.

    I’ll go into it wishing Claflin well. But I agree that he isn’t exactly what I pictured. And the first photo is doing him no favours.

  22. Marty says:

    Does anyone know why they chose not to cast an Annie in this one? You know what would be great, if they cast a WOC in that role, THAT would be something I would be really down with.

    • flan says:

      Me too.

      Those people complaining about Rue being black annoyed the hell out of me. She had been described as such several times in the book, and even if she hadn’t, it was way too much racist fuss.

      I can’t remember Annie’s appearance being described, so they can do whatever they like.

  23. Samigirl says:

    If you look at the mens swim teams, they all have similar builds. Big, broad shoulders, big chests, awesome triceps, biceps; they are big up top, slim through the hips. To me, Sam Claflin is too puny to play someone who grew up in a swimming district. I also don’t find him sexy, but that’s just a matter of taste.

  24. Melissa says:

    In SWATH, I didn’t think Sam was dreamy as the “prince”. I’m not seeing him as an Adonis with dreamy eyes here. Poor Sam, always outshines by a Hemsworth on screen.

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      Ha ha. Best comment! So true, I hadn’t realized he was the prince in SWATH because her was honestly so forgetable in that movie … even Stewart outshined him if only because she’s so annoying … Hemsworth and Theron were the reason to see the movie…

  25. ORLY says:

    Sam Claflin will never be my Finnick.

  26. jessiesgirl says:

    No. No. No.

    This guy is in no way the poster boy for vitality, for masculine seductiveness, or a victor in general. His physical appearance is one of his most powerful characteristics. This is an utter failure. And I even liked ALL the casting for the first one!

  27. bob says:

    Oh look, a budget David Tennant for those extra light days.

  28. Boo says:

    I dont think he is attractive enough. Also isn’t Finnick meant to be ethnic? This guy is bland looking.