Henry Cavill & Gina Carano made their couple-y debut last night: so, so hot?

I only learned on Wednesday that Henry Cavill and Gina Carano are together and have been together since September (I covered it yesterday!), and now LOOK. They just walked the red carpet together at the Critics’ Choice last night!! How did the red carpet photographers not spend the entire time just shooting sexy images of these two? I really don’t get the “meh”-ing of this couple – they have the potential to be as hot (in sheer sex appeal) as Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz to me. He’s buff and English and he looks like Matt Bomer (only Henry’s straight!) and Gina is curvy and strong and tough and sexy. How do you not want to see this sex tape? I’m really asking.

Henry was at the Critics’ Choice to present – he was the first presenter with Nina Dobrev, who, I’m sorry, is incredibly annoying. I kind of felt like Henry knew it too – he’s was like, “Um, seriously? I’m Superman and you’re putting me with this tittering little girl?” Gina was at the Critics’ Choice because she was nominated for Best Action Actress for Haywire. She lost, but she got to take Henry home, so that makes her a winner.

Gina’s dress is Roland Mouret, by the way. This isn’t the best example of Mouret… it’s looks kind of dated and prom-y. The color is pretty on her, though, and you know what I really, really like? I love that Henry Cavill likes a woman with some curves. It’s hot.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. mkyarwood says:

    Amazing! I love them both. He needs a tailor tho, those pant legs are dragging.

  2. LadyMTL says:

    I normally like HC but he seems oddly lifeless in these pics, with the exception of the last one where he’s smiling. Seriously, it’s like I can practically hear the tumbleweed rolling along in his head.

  3. Steph says:

    Seriously Kaiser you hit the nail on the head with your comments! That was almost exactly what I was thinking, but does anyone remember young sweet Henry in the Count of Monte Cristo? mmm I was a tween when that came out, so I was in love with young baby faced Hnery then and now

  4. notpretentious says:

    My heart is BLEEDING right now!!! Is this really happening, ugh!! He’s my (pretend) boyfriend, not hers!!!

  5. marie says:

    individually they are pretty, together they are pretty but they make me feel nothing more than “meh”

  6. Mirella says:

    She’s so lucky! The color of the dress is pretty, but the dress itself doesn’t do anything for her. That man can work a tux.

  7. Lauli says:

    Showmance, they don’t convince me.

  8. Cherry says:

    She could have worn a bra under that dress though.

  9. GoodCapon says:

    That suit is hideous. Get a better tailor Henry!

    They do look good together. A bit blah, but whatever.

  10. Miss Kiki says:

    Henry is terribly good looking but I also get a vibe that he’s dull as dishwater, perfect casting for Superman.

  11. Cody says:

    I think they are acting blah together, because they look nervous to me. Walking the red carpet as a couple, for the first time, might be a little stressful. I liked Henry in mini series The Tudors and I like Gina because she doesn’t look like the typical Hollywood actress, she has curves.

  12. hey u says:

    hmm seems like the promotions for superman is about to start.. This dating life never been on the radar, now months before his film release we have pics of his apparent new relationship lol.. Hollywood never change

    This relationships pr.. They been lowkey gay rumours about henry for a while… When he was chosen for spider man all of a sudden his team were dropping stories in the press about him having a gf (the race horse british chick) yet they never been pics of them together and from other stories I have seen about it on ontd the chick was just one of his best friends

    Now with a few months before the release of the movie, seems either his team or the studio decided he needed a semi famous face as his gf , unknown brit girl wouldn’t drive enough interest in the press lol.

    They don’t have chemistry in that pic, he esp looks stiff

    • Nya says:

      Err no he was definitely engaged to the drunk driving horse beating chick.

    • GoodCapon says:

      There were pictures of him and Ellen together. And they were engaged at some point, if it was just a PR relationship surely they didn’t have to go through the engagement route right?

      I’ve always read rumors here that he might be gay, but I’m not buying it. Maybe I just couldn’t be bothered to care – gay or not, he’s still pretty f-in hot.

    • Kate says:

      It’s not a PR romance, those stories come from datalounge where every man is gay according to wishfull thinking.

      He and Gina haven’t been papd once, only recognized by regular people.
      If you start seeing tabloid stories and staged pap dates like Ryan and Eva or Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldan then start those speculations.

    • andy says:

      ONTD and Datalounge are filled with so-called insiders who claim to know the sexuality of everyone in Hollywood. I don’t know why people believe blind items and anonymous posters on the net as valid sources on the sex lives of celebrities. Most gay rumors are based on those two things but usually there is not one shred of real evidence to back it up.

    • Migdalia says:

      I personally like Gina but only after watching her MMA stuff and reading interviews. She was atrocious in Haywire but she’s only rememorable to movie goers once you mention Haywire. I don’t see how this could be a staged relationship when his PR people could have hooked him up with someone that has done more than one movie.

      Their appearance together was probably pushed but IMO not the relationship.

  13. Nya says:

    They’re…..weird. He doesn’t wear suits very well, he looks like a statue.

  14. April says:

    How old is she!?!?!?! I’m sorry but she looks much much older than Henry, more like his older sister or aunt… And she’s too big for him, he needs some one petite (still curvy but way shorter…)

  15. andrea says:

    Meh. I adored Cavill in the early seasons of The Tudors and the Dunhill campaign. His buzz/Caesar cut was HOT. Then he grew out his hair and just became… boring. Somewhere along the line he lost his sex appeal. As for her, she still looks great, but let’s be honest, she’s not in the same shape she used to be. I like my Carano rock-hard and kick-ass, so this somewhat softer version of her is not as appealing to me. I so want to be more excited about them as a couple but I’m just really not.

  16. Miss You Enclave24 says:

    I know who he is-hotness. I have no idea who she is. The dress is horrid and the sweat stains-gross. Together they look nice, and yes HC gets extra points for dating a girl who looks like she can be found in nature.

  17. Talie says:

    Nina is the new star of the CW now that Blake Lively is gone. I’m sure Blake had to have been mildly pissed because that would’ve been her position last year if the show had been on the CW.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Huh? Gossip Girl came to an end, and was never a “competing” show to Vampire Diaries. Different demographics, IMO. I’m sure the last thing Blake is concerned with is Nina, rising star of the CW. Lol please. Girl has bigger fish to fry now.

      PS- If there is a hot star of the CW for 2013, it will be that little girl who will play Carrie Bradshaw in the Carrie Diaries. Just sayin

  18. Elle says:

    Yeah, sorry but no. Together they are the most stiff, lifeless couple out there. Henry already has a problem with being stiff at times. She just makes it ten times worse.

    She’s a very attractive woman (not pretty–but attractive) but that dress is just terribly ill-fitting. Just awful.

    Personally, I hated Haywire. Thought it was an absolutely horrible film and she was horrible in it. She’s great at doing stunts but listening to her talk makes me want to bleach my brain.


  19. T.C. says:

    Did she get bolt-ons? Wasn’t sure if they would look right together but they look hot. So I’m with Kaiser on this. Hot couple.

  20. Christina says:

    ”How do you not want to see this sex tape? I’m really asking.”

    And I’m really answering!

    Firstly, many of us think this is a showmance. Even if they’re a ‘real’ couple, they’re not exactly oozing the hotness on the red carpet, are they?

    Secondly, while Henry is blindingly beautiful, he completely lacks charisma. Look at these – or any other – pictures of him. He doesn’t seem to me like someone who’d be red hot in bed. Fassbender he ain’t.

    • Elle says:

      Guys, it can’t be a showmance when SHE IS NOT IN THE MOVIE.

      She is not playing Wonder Woman. That was a rumor started—I think by her—and people keep spreading it when it’s not true. She is NOT in Man of Steel.

      Do I think there is a desperate sense of wanting to be seen together in these pics? Yeah. Neither of them are that famous and their publicists probably want attention.

      I think Gina is doing the classic movie that this site has raked other actresses over the coals for in that she started rumors she was playing Wonder Woman hoping that it would push WB’s hand to cast her. I’ve seen other women get bashed to shreds for that desperate move on here. Yet, I’m certain that is what Gina is doing. She wants to be seen with him and is hoping it will get her cast in the JL movie. Which would be awful as she’s a horrible actress.

      • Christina says:

        ”Guys, it can’t be a showmance when SHE IS NOT IN THE MOVIE.”

        Going by that logic, all of George Clooney’s ‘romances’ must be genuine, because none of his escorts are ever his co-stars.

        Whether or not this is a showmance, Henry and Gina look decidedly awkward and un-hot together.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      But often guys who seem bland, boring and a little bit too tame, are those who are really dirty freaks in between the sheets. So Yeah, I am all for a sex tape of him, just not with Gina, she is a little bit too maskuline for my taste.

  21. Lucija says:

    She’s very pretty, but he’s so so meh.

  22. The Original Mia says:

    Her dress could have been so much better with out the flare at the bottom.

    They looked nervous, but very good together. I approve!

  23. Jess says:

    He’s hotter with shorter hair and less bulk. He’s looking like David Hasselhoff to me here, and that’s not a good thing. I have no idea who the girl is, but she looks like my college roomate, so she alright by me. She’s pretty in that really strong and healthy kind of way, that is even more attractive in person… or naked.

  24. Annie says:

    Mark my words: this man is gay.

  25. Christina says:

    This coupling is meh to me too. Not because she is curvy or anything of the sort. Her body is nice and she is attractive. I just am not feeling them together. Her dress is hideous. He is also prettier than her , which is weird. She seems very masculine and makes him seem fem. However, maybe that is how they like…so in that case…good for them!

  26. Dani says:

    I thought she was pretty ever since Haywire but she seemed to put on a noticeable a mount of weight since the movie, and it isn’t really sitting well on her. But, I think she’s really pretty. He seems kind of boring, hot, but boring.

  27. Melissa says:

    What’s wrong with his face or is it that he’s clean shaven?

  28. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Girl would look much better if the dress actually fit. Pet peeve is when stars wear these dresses a size or 2 too small and you get the “pulling across” effect. It’s just not cute. Just because it zips, does not mean it fits. Humble yourself and go up a size.

    Random sidenote: She is giving me young Priscilla Presley vibes here.

  29. Nya says:

    I just realized why he looks so weird – he has so much muscle he just looks fat, with a small head.

  30. Migdalia says:

    BUMP WATCH!! Hahahaha jk the dress is so ill fitting for her. Also I hate when people always jump to the conclusion but at first it looked like she had some facial work done but she could have just gained weight in the face or she’s bloated.

    Still wont get me to go see Superman…

  31. normades says:

    Not feeling this at all. He doesn’t look happy or proud with her. They look like friends, not lovers imo.

  32. j.eyre says:

    He really is old-Hollywood leading-man dashing, isn’t he?

    I love the color of her dress.

    • Miss M says:

      @j.eyre: He is!

      The color of her dress is great!

      • j.eyre says:

        Hey Agent MOL. I want to ice skate down that jawline – but that may not be much fun for him.

        I thought I read some time ago (during Tudors) that he dated an older woman before his fiancee? I mention this only because I remember being terribly encouraged by this since I, in fact, would be an older woman when we went public with our romance.

        Of course, lord knows I latch on to spurious information and run with it in my fantasy world.

  33. Cutiepie says:

    I like that he chose a woman like Gina instead of some blonde bimbo!

    • Elle says:

      Not cool.

      What does being blond have to do with being a bimbo? Cate Blanchett? is she a bimbo to you? Naomi Watts? Jennifer Lawrence?

      The body shaming is not cool.

      Also, I’ve got news for you…if you’ve ever heard Gina Carano try to have a conversation then you know that the term “bimbo” can also be applied to brunettes.

  34. psykins says:

    That look is just ALL wrong for her. Dress, while I agree it’s a nice color, is way too tight. Curvy ladies don’t tend to look great in mermaid unless they’re purposely trying to bring attention to their asses (ala Nicki Minaj or Beyonce), and I don’t think Gina is pulling it off. Her hair looks like a helmet.

    Up do, drop earrings, up a size (or pick a different cut in the same color) – she’d look much better.

    • Elle says:

      Not true. Curvy women can rock a mermaid dress on one condition: having a true waist.

      Gina doesn’t have an hourglass shape. She’s curvy but if you’ve seen her modeling pics she’s also shapeless. No true waist that curves in.

      She’s too thick waisted for this gown so it makes her look heavy.

      • LAK says:

        ‘Curvy’ is a term that used to describe hourglass shaped women. It’s been hijacked by media until the public gave in to mean big boobs and or fat. oops…mustn’t call fat girls fat. They are all curvy nowadays.

        The perfect example of an old school hourglass curvy figures are Nigella Lawson and Candice Swanepeol. In terms of weight, they are on opposite ends of the scale but they both have that perfect hourglass shape to their bodies where shoulders and hips are the same size but the waist to hip ratio is big giving them a tiny clearly defined waist.

        Gina, based on these pictures, is actually an inverted triangle shape or in old fashioned speak, an apple shape. Her shoulders are wider than her hips, and her waist to hip ratio is practically none existant.

      • Fatkid says:

        Thank you LAK! So frustrating that the term curvy has been hijacked. I am curvy (in the traditional sense) and the redefinition of the word to now mean plus-sized is not just annoying, it makes clothes shopping incredibly frustrating…curvy clothes no longer work for truly curvy women, so what do hourglass figures call ourselves nowadays?

  35. Roo says:

    I think they’re hot together, he just needs to lose some of the bulk and get a tailor, and gf needs a stylist, STAT!

  36. k says:

    Her look for this event is all wrong; not flattering at all.

  37. Chordy says:

    I don’t really have feelings about Henry Cavill, but I just think Gina Carano is so sexy and badass. There aren’t enough legitimately tough chicks in the spotlight. It’s usually chicks who are way to try-hardy in their badassness (ie: Kristen Stewart). Carano just oozes that toughness, which is so sexy to me. The fact that she’s dating him actually makes me like him more.

  38. Lindsey says:

    RAWRRRRR…I bet they have hot, athletic sweaty ‘shark week’ s-e-x.

  39. Holden says:

    No opinion on him, but she doesn’t do much for me.

  40. Andrea says:

    I love Henry Cavill but Gina Carano is about as trashy as they come. Always out drinking and pictures of her lifting her dress up because she’s so drunk.

    Also, I’m sorry but I saw Haywire and she was god-awful in it. She was fine when she was punching people but not so much when she talked.

    She’s trash. He could do better.

    Also what’s with this desperate showing up together and posing and PDA? Reeks of desperation and seeking attention. That’s not him. So is it her that wants the attention? Don’t know. Not a fan.

    • BD says:

      Totally agree about her! She is not classy at all. They don’t match in my opinion. Henry is very sophisticated, well educated and posh compared to her, I cant imagine them having anything in common. She is not even in great shape as she used to be. In some pictures, her arms look fat, not toned and Henry is too bulky. :(

  41. Jane says:

    They kind of look like they’re related somehow. Maybe it’s the dark hair and thick bodies, but I like it when a brunette is paired with a blonded/lighter hair color more, but I would take brunette+brunette > blonde+blonde anyday. Think Brad Pitt and Gywneth days. Yuck.

  42. Lori says:

    He’s hot, she’s not. The dress/hair is god awful, & she almost looks more masculine than he does. He could do WAY better. Hopefully it’s just a rebound thing.

  43. novaraen says:

    Gawd…cut that damned mermaid tail off that dress and fix that ill-fitting bodice and she might look pretty. Well…if she fixed that horrid hair too. Hell…she’s a mess and he has lost his hotness standing next to her.

  44. rose says:

    I sense they are both nervous on red carpet I think they are real.

  45. frankly says:

    When she talked in “Haywire” it was Laura San Giacomo’s voice you were hearing, so you can’t fault her for the vocal performance. Or you totally can. Either way.

  46. Lia says:

    My first impression when I saw this pic was that he was posing with his mother. Maybe it’s the Priscilla Presley hair……

  47. Alyce says:

    I’m sorry but I just don’t get it. Neither one of them floats my boat. Meh…

  48. Shawneka says:

    You can’t be perfect when your name is Gina. They’re always heavily flawed.

  49. Tommy says:

    Nina Dobrev is not annoying! Sheesh.

    And Gina Carano isn’t “curvy.” She’s an MMA fighter. “Curvy” implies tits and ass and soft and feminine like Jessica Simpson or Kim Kardashian. Gina is all muscle.

    And also–why do people think Daniel Craig & RW are so sexy? He looks like the kid on the cover of the Mad Magazine, and Rachel “Eyebrows” Weisz is only passably pretty in my book. There are so many hotter couples.

    • Christina says:

      ”And Gina Carano isn’t “curvy.” She’s an MMA fighter. “Curvy” implies tits and ass and soft and feminine like Jessica Simpson or Kim Kardashian. Gina is all muscle.”


      One of my pet hates is how the word ‘curvy’ is automatically applied to any woman over a (UK) size 10. ‘Curvy’ is a body shape, not a body size. Very slim women can be curvy, and larger women might not be. Gina falls into the latter category: just because she’s not super-thin doesn’t necessarily mean she’s ‘curvy’. She isn’t.

  50. danielle says:

    Loved her in haywire, she is awesome, hot couple

  51. Gemini08 says:

    I think the reason people are “meh” is because she doesn’t seem all that interesting. And neither does he for that matter. He’s handsome- yes. But I haven’t seen or read enough about him to make me have any idea about who he is personality-wise. So yeah- I’m “meh” about them too.

    • Kelly says:

      He was a good actor on The Tudors so he’s interesting to me.

      I think she is cool as a fighter but I find her forced “acting” career to be dull as dishwater. I just don’t think she has any talent. Shes a pretty girl who came from a very rich family who got famous for being a hot girl who hit people. She was atrocious in Haywire.

      She’s dull to me because she has no talent. And I just don’t care about actors with no talent.

      I can’t believe some people want her to play Wonder Woman. God that would be atrocious. Wonder Woman doesnt just beat people up. She would be awful in that role.

  52. Katie says:

    I think they are well mAtched. I love that she is a beautiful woman who is also not a plastic stick figure. Good on them! I hope it’s a happy union.

  53. kristiner says:

    Well you know if he treats her bad she can literally kick his ass.

    She’s pretty but they look odd together. It’s probably real.

    He is kind of meh. And I don’t know anything about her.

  54. mamasita says:

    as a mother of a young daughter, it’s just refreshing to see a woman on the red carpet who’s not a typical hollywood actress/model shape…queen latifah, christina hendrick…

  55. hmm says:

    What makes you say she has curves?
    Because she’s wearing a padded bra and has a bit more meat on her arms than usual?

  56. Lil says:

    He’s rather handsome, but she’s very…plain…