“Robert Pattinson was bored, sparkly & well-dressed at the Golden Globes” links

Robert Pattinson at the Golden Globes – he looked nice and he seemed professional. That’s all I’ve got. Meh. [A Socialite Life]
Somebody better give Justin Timberlake some attention or he’s going to widdle on the carpet to steal focus. [Bitten & Bound]
Kevin Costner plucks my last nerve. And there are no Joaquin pics. [LaineyGossip]
I’m kind of worried about Quentin Tarantino. Anyone else? [Dlisted]
The best looking men of the Golden Globes. Um, Leo is #1. [Buzzfeed]
Photos from The Weinstein Party. [Pop Sugar]
Recap of last night’s Downton Abbey, which I still haven’t seen! [Pajiba]
The ACLU wins backpay for victims of DADT. [Jezebel]
Have you heard this addendum to the book The Feminist & the Cowboy? [The Frisky]
More love for Tina Fey & Amy Poehler! Seriously, they were great. [Go Fug Yourself]
Lindsay Lohan is such a jackass. [The Blemish]
Claire Danes says she hasn’t lost all of the baby weight yet. O RLY? [Wonderwall]
Sacha Baron Cohen called out Anne Hathaway for her beav flash. [Celebslam]
Adele has eczema from boiling bottles. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
I didn’t know Selena Gomez & V-Hudgens were friends? [Popoholic]
I think Danny Huston is a fine actor, but he’s super-creepy, right? [Moe Jackson]
Mariah Carey makes her daughter fix her (Mariah’s) makeup. [Amy Grindhouse]
Kimye was all over the place this weekend, but I ignored them. [I'm Not Obsessed]

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  1. marie says:

    I’m just gonna go ahead and ask why was he there? he looks nice enough, but was he promoting anything?

    • pepper says:

      He presented best screenplay award to Quentin Tarantino.

    • Apples says:

      The Golden Globes asked him to present because he’s a big draw, ratings-wise.
      He said yes because he wants to be associated with awards rather than tabloids.

      • Zelda Fitzgerald says:

        A big draw? Come on! He was on stage for all of 2 seconds. He was a blip on the radar. They also asked Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba to present as well.

        Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. He ain’t Clooney or Pitt. He’s That ‘Twilight’ actor. There were probably a million better looking and more famous stars at the GGs last night. Hell, even in this post most here care about Leo.

      • nina says:

        maybe not a “big draw” like clooney, but obviously the ceremony was sprinkled with pretty young things last night, both female and male. Rob’s pretty and young, and frankly he had more right to be there than Jessica Alba. Twilight’s shit and all, but it’s major money making shit and it didn’t make that money by itself.

      • Anname says:

        Zelda, you may hate him, but to deny he has a fanbase is pretty ridiculous.

      • LAK says:

        Zelda – are you just catching on that these award shows invite these people for ratings???!!!

        Robert may not be your demographic, or even your taste, but i bet several million twi-hards tuned in to catch a glimpse of him, seated or on stage. Those same twi-hards may not appreciate a Leo or DDL or even watch those films.

        Ditto people who love Jessica/JLO/Kate etc.

      • Zelda Fitzgerald says:

        I’m saying…if Pattinson did not show up to the GGs the ratings would have been the same. End of story.

        As for his fanbase…I guess since all his movies have been met with a collective ‘meh’ by the public, it’s not quite that large, now is it?

        Hyperbole doesn’t make your arguments sound any better.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        @Zelda, I think he’s no more attractive than a dozen young men I know in life, and I don’t think he’s the best actor in the world, either. But I do think a fair few Twilight fans will have tuned in, just to see him, yeah. Let’s be honest here, if the organisers didn’t think he would be a draw, then they wouldn’t have asked him to present at all. Claiming the guy has no fanbase is a hyperbolic negative.

      • LAK says:

        Zelda – Clearly you don’t understand how these things work as far as awards shows trying to remain relevant and winning ratings.

        why were the following invited if not for ratings? Jason Statham, Arnie, Sly, JLO, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Eva Longoria and many many more.

        Further, Rpatz isn’t the first or last successful franchise actor to falter once the franchise is done because the franchise fanbase is very specific. By your argument, shouldn’t the Harry potter kids be pulling in billion $ BO for their film attempts post HP?

        You accuse others of hyperbole when it’s you who has closed your mind to other possibilities simply because the actor in question doesn’t interest you.

  2. Rachel says:

    I take serious issue with the GG men top 20. B Coop with that hair broke the top 5??? George Clooney?? Ben Affleck #2?!?! What is going on? Does not compute.

    However, that pic of Leo is divine. Seriously. And I don’t go for short guys.

    • Justyna says:

      I agree about the list (P.Diddy higher than Hugh Jackman!?). Leo did look surprisingly good last night and he is not short. I don’t know why people say that very often but he is 6 feet tall and I think he looks like it (maybe it’s because of his giant head?). He usually is much taller than his co-actors in movies. In their shared scenes in Django, DiCaprio looked like a giant compared to Christoph Waltz and Waltz is not as short as some Hollywood men (Cruise). Leo is also significantly taller than Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and they are 5′ 9″ and 5′ 10″. Plus he always dates these tall models and he is taller than them.

    • Issa says:

      I’m more of A Christophe Waltz girl, he looked great but P.Diddy/Sean Combs, please.

  3. annabelle says:

    I was all “Look who took a shower!”

    And, I can’t believe I’m asking because I have zero emotional interest in the fake relationship, but here goes…

    Where was KStew and why weren’t they together? If they are together and all that. (Which I really don’t think they are/ever were)

    • pepper says:

      She supposedly sneaked into the after party in her sweaty smelly jeans, sweatshirt and backward hat. Ewwww.

    • Ann says:

      They never did attend events together. Part of therir being private thing, I guess?

      In years past, presenters couldn’t have a plus one, due to space restrictions. This year, it looked like some presenters did, but most did not.

    • c'est la vie says:

      @annabelle – I think it was the blatancy and stupidity of the mini-coopering pics that are doing her in, as well as her pissy attitude and lack of talent.

      And as for the minicoopering…

      Really, how stupid could someone be – she was in broad daylight, in LA and out in the open where anyone could (and did take) her picture. Unlike other cheaters – she should have gotten a room. That and the public apology sort of did her in – plus her talentlessness. And bad attitude. And dumb comments. Not sexism IMO. Like I said, just sheer stupidity.

      Rant over – I’m wasting too much time on the mini-coopstress. And for what it’s worth, Sanders looks like an idiot too. And a complete asshat. Glad I never have to express my opinion on those two again.

      You’re right about Pattinson btw, somebody cleaned him up!

    • carie says:

      like ann said, lots of times presenters don’t get plus ones, unless you are like Julia Roberts.

  4. ernie says:

    So he has fully adopted Kristen’s smug face.

  5. Miss Kiki says:

    When Sparkles and Kstew broke up he got his hot back, he was totally reinstated onto the Hitlist but no word of a lie since they reunited he’s kind of a butterface again. Shame.

  6. Lauren says:

    Nice seeing Rob out one last time before his busy yr. filming and lower profile. His haters will now have to seek him out because he’s going for smaller films with great directors. He looked great and his fans just wanted to see him.

  7. Julie says:

    Man, Robert Pattinson looks ROUGH. He’s pale and tired-looking and that buzz cut?

    LEO LOOKED AMAZING. Holy smokes. My biscuits have an on-again / off-again love affair with Leo, and last night, it was ON. He looked fresh, groomed, and devilish as usual. (Ben Affleck, on the other hand, grates on my last nerve).

    To answer your question Kaiser, no I’m not worried about Quentin, why would I be? But then again, I worship at the altar of Quentin Tarantino movies and never want him to stop making movies or being who he is. He was always weird, and hopefully, he will stay that way forever.

  8. keats says:

    I would like to know more about the pensive, chiseled man in the last pattinson photo.

  9. Elceibeno says:

    He looks paler than usual.

  10. T.Fanty says:

    Okay, so we’re at links, and clearly we are having a Cumby-free morning (Kaiser, what gives?), so I have something to say:

    what on earth was up with his make up last night? It looked that thing Victorian people used to do when they would dress up dead bodies and take photos of them.

    He and Hiddles are officially the two ends of a bad foundation spectrum.

    • Jennifer says:

      Can I add on the Subject of Cumby. Duana over at Laineys site posted the most scathing post about him I’ve ever read and it was entirely based on his looks, he did nothing wrong or offensive he apparently just has the audacity to not look like George, Brad, or Leo. It was so downright cruel it made me cringe. Poor Benedict with as much success as he is going to have all his life he is always going to have to put up with articles like that because he’s not the typical movie star handsome.

    • j.eyre says:

      Yes, I am perplexed by the lack of Cumberbatch as well. Perplexed and anxious, really. I feel like Fassy became single and Kaiser forgot all about Jaguar Holmes and went racing back to her first love. I understand how exciting rekindled love can be but what about the children? What about the attachment we have formed for the new guy? I just feel like any day now, Kaiser will post something that begins with “understand that The Batch and I still love you and THAT will never change… ”

      Or maybe Kaiser did not wash CB’s car to her satisfaction and the punishment is Kaiser is not allowed anything Cumberbatch for a full day?

      • T.Fanty says:

        In that case, I think Kaiser needs to get scrubbing.

        And while I am very happy that Fassy has made his nicotine stained teeth and collection of dubious cargo shorts available for general consumption, I do think that our fearless leaders need to understand that we ladies of BrokedownBitch Boulevard/Slutshank Alley/StrumpetwithCrumpet cul-de-sac are creatures of refinement and taste who crave good men in bad knitwear (and btw, we’re adding Eddie Redmaye to that list). I am a delicate creature and tremble at the prospect of being abandoned by CB and forced to live on the wild heath that is tumblr.

  11. Zelda Fitzgerald says:

    He’s seriously unattractive. I don’t know what people see in him.

  12. Marianne says:

    You could still see a bit of bump on claire from the side angles. It seemed all the weight she gained was in the belly area, and nowhere else so she probably didn’t have much weight to lose in the first place. But she wore a dress with ruching(sp?) which i think helped.

  13. Freya Magritt says:

    There’s something addictive about Pattinson. Some people feel it, some don’t. But he’s not going to fade away soon.

  14. Skins says:

    That dude is supposed to be good looking?

  15. aud says:

    Leo actually looked really really good

    he was starting to look pudgy and old and had a weird forehead thing going on. But he looked toned and relaxed and normal last night. I think his forehead stands out when he tans, he looks much better with a lighter skin tone.

    I also usually hate Sacha Baron Cohen, find him extremely obnoxious. But his Anne Hathaway joke made my night. I pictured her running way to cry over him ruining her Oscar hopes(I hope he did)

  16. Get a clue says:

    Of course he was bored, his bitch- face gf wasn’t there so they could roll their eyes at the whole HW establishment together. Laughing that Jlaw won a GG when all the KStew fans are still made she wasn’t even nominated. And that whole Jodie Foster coming to her rescue after her summer scandal was totally pushed by Stew’s pr team. If they are such good friends and Jodie cares so much about her, why was KS not even there on a night her “friend” was being honored? Just feel like all of HW are laughing at her and RP over their ridiculous relationship and how they handle themselves.

  17. Tig says:

    He looks so good in a tux. I agree with poster above- there is something about him . I look forward to seeing his next films, tho that will be a long while off.

  18. Esmom says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get Kevin Costner’s speech either. It was more of a traditional Cecil B Demille acceptance speech than Jodie’s was. If the award had been celebrating his career. Which it wasn’t.

  19. Ms Kay says:

    Wait the hottest men at the GG list… Er what??

    I can’t explain it but I have always found Waltz attractive, it may have to do with the fact I have always been fond of German/Austrian cinema as I lived in both places for a while and found some of them actors yummy with their charisma and superb acting etc.

    And the comments section below the 1st comment said Cumberbatch looking like after-birth and the following comment saying his name is like a synonym of after-birth had me in tears from laughter, people description/criticism of looks and as much as it may sound cruel you can’t help but imagine the thing and it makes you uncontrollably laugh…

    • A says:

      Ha, I find Christoph Waltz to be attractive and kind of sexy…think it’s partially his charm, and also that he’s good in an off beat looking way.

    • Trashaddict says:

      The hottest men at the G.G. would be a lot hotter if this idiotic trend of suit coats that are too tight would end. I hate seeing that stretch at the single-buttoned suit and seeing the shirt peeking out from below the button is even worse. Some of them bucked it and looked delicious as a result – oh to be with RDJ when he gets dressed, or undressed!

  20. mia girl says:

    Pattinson always looks good in a tux/suit.

  21. lana says:

    Robert’s got a great face, very pretty and sorta masculine withe jaw, but sweet looking too. He just looks a bit pale here.

  22. Miss Thang says:

    Must have been time for his annual delousing. Boy needs to get out of her armpits and get some sun!

  23. Boo says:

    He is not good looking. I dont get it.

  24. Booboocita says:

    Pattinson’s 5 o’clock shadow is making him look paler than usual. I know he has a somewhat heavy beard, and it was a bit late in the day, but couldn’t he have run an electric shaver over his jaw a bit more thoroughly?

    As for KStew — meh. I do wonder a bit if either of them will attend the Oscars (assuming they’re invited, of course).

  25. Jenny says:

    He looks like Mr. Bean in these photos

  26. Lindsey says:

    Why would anyone of us be worried or any sort of kerfuffle over QT and his using the n-word? He was using it within the context of the word itself, nothing more. Calm down.
    *the D is silent*

  27. LAK says:

    i’ve said it before and i will say it again. RPattz was an awkward looking teen who is only getting better with age. Clooney had the same problem. As Amy &Tina said, Middle-age Clooney is hot. Young Clooney not so much. Ditto RPatzz. As for the other boy, Jacob werewolf, that was the best he is ever going to look. He peaked at 20/21[whatever his age now]. it’s all downhill from now.

  28. JuliaGulia says:

    Not a huge Pattinson fan (I don’t dislike him either) but in these pics he looks pale, tired and unhappy.

  29. Val5 says:

    it’s crazy how his face has aged over 4 years, since the first twicrap film, he seems to be 36 y old, not 26 ……. it was a time when his pictures made ​​me sigh, now they make me wince;

  30. pretty says:

    He was really hot hot hot!!!!!!

  31. LadyBird83 says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and say Rob must do A LOT of drugs and drinking. He looks ROUGH! Look at those forehead wrinkles! Slow down buddy you’re like 25.

    • Asdfg says:

      Pffft, a lot of people who don’t drink or take drugs have forehead wrinkles! LMAO! xD It’s completely normal to have a few forehead wrinkles! Your facial expressions CAN cause wrinkles! See pic 3 as an example! He has been photographed making that same expression many times! :P

      At least he doesn’t go the botox route!

  32. insomniac says:

    Good grief — was he sick? He looks nearly as white as the backdrop in those top pictures.

  33. Mr.Smurf says:

    Vintage Daniel Day-Lewis from “My beautiful Launderette”.
    Wish he had his own post…maybe tomorrow.


  34. Tig says:

    Boys mature differently from girls- I have seen many young men change dramatically from 17-21/22. One kid grew four inches his freshmen year of college- this doesn’t happen with girls, obviously.

    Rob has grown into his build and filling out- and his face reflects that. That’s how guys physically mature. However, he def needs to quit smoking if he’s started back up.

  35. Aud says:

    I don’t understand why he can’t shave properly.
    You either leave the fashionable stubble or your shave. What he has going on is like an overnight hangover stubble.
    So no, not dressed well enough for the occasion. He’ll always look like he got out of the wrong side of the bed after a night of bong and tequila and Kristen’s hairy armpit.

  36. Mew says:

    What’s it with me and suits? Smarter the suit, suddenly the boring bearer becomes far more interesting and better looking. Put on some royal military suit and… well, I’d better stop that thought right there!

    I so much hope that men would wear nice suits, women beautiful and classy clothes, Strauss’ waltzes would be chart number one and everyone would be reading Dostojevsky. Now, that would be a fun world!

    I probably have never been this off topic. Ok. Pats looks nice in the suit but there’s something creepy of his looks. Maybe he’d also need some more hair on his head to accompany the look? He looks somehow harsh.

  37. Prim&Proper says:

    RP has a large face, I agree with one of the Posters that he needs lots of hair around his face. He should also take a lesson from RDJ on wearing suit jackets at the right length. Why does RP wear his jackets too tight and too short?

  38. Jane says:

    Why does he look so good in the movie, but awful in candid photos and videos? Was he and the others in full blown makeup plus airbrushing?

    Also, people keep asking why he, JLo, Alba, Megan are invited to these award shows when they have nothing going on. Simple. They’re good looking people that make some people want to tune in. I would prefer to see pretty people on the red carpet than not-so-attractive people anyway. It’s a good mix of good looking people (whether talented or not) all on the red carpet.