First Lady Michelle Obama debuts new bangs on Twitter: adorable or tragic?

First of all, our lovely First Lady Michelle Obama finally has a Twitter!!! This makes me happy. Technically, the Twitter account is for the First Lady’s office, and you’ll know that she’s tweeting something directly because the tweet will be signed “-mo” – just like Barack Obama’s tweets are signed “-bo”. You can see Michelle’s Twitter feed here – she even posted her first photo, and it’s epic because FLOTUS GOT BANGS.

Thoughts on her bangs? I’m kind of hoping they’re temporary, maybe even clip-on bangs. Maybe she wanted to try a new look for Pres. Obama’s second inaugural? I’m all for Michelle Obama being sassy and trying a sassy new hairstyle, I just don’t think these bangs in particular suit her face.

Anyway, I think the Office of FLOTUS decided to start her Twitter account because tomorrow, Saturday the 19th, is Michelle’s National Day of Service. If you gave to the Obama campaign, you’ve been getting the emails about it – they’ve set it up like the campaign, where you can click links to find out where people are volunteering in your area, so you can volunteer with like-minded people I guess. Michelle told Us Weekly, “My parents taught me from an early age that all of us can find time to give back. And throughout my life, whenever I’ve volunteered, I leave feeling like I’m getting as much as I’m giving.”

By the way, I’ve linked to this before, but if you ever want to waste hours on a magnificent time-suck, you should really check of the White House Flickr page. It has the best collection of photos!

Photos courtesy of WENN, Michelle Obama’s Twitter.

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  1. gee says:

    Love them. She looks younger, they frame her face so well.

  2. Cinnamon says:

    tragic. I like her hair in the second photo. fringy bangs arent right for everyone

  3. Riana says:

    I hope they’re hers. I’m happy a woman her age and in her position would be willing to make a semi-dramatic style change.

    I love her confidence and personality. Plus you know Barack probably got a little thrill, too cute.

  4. Dirtnap says:

    I really like them! Very flattering.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Don’t love the bangs, but who cares. The National Day of Service is great, there’s been so much volunteering here since Hurricane Sandy, and looks like a lot going on tomorrow too.

  6. Monie says:

    Kaiser, you just have a bangs aversion; hardly anyone will look good in them to you. Same as me and my aversion to ballerina flats; they look like designer hospital booties and their lack of structure flatter no foot I’ve ever seen. lol

  7. Ranunculus says:

    I like her – with or without bangs

  8. teehee says:

    great for her- it suits her! And whereas bangs make me look older, I agree they make her look cuter and younger!

  9. wow says:

    Trrrrrraaaaaaaagic. I’ll never understand why she insists on going against her genetics. I’ve seen her natural hair and it suits her BEAUTIFULLY. The same with her kids, why harm their hair by doing such things? It’s the same with most of the African America celebrities, from beyonce to Oprah they go out of their way using so many hash chemicals on their hair just to look like the standards that are considered ‘beautiful’; when in fact a braided hair style or a Nefertiti style and such – are exotic; unique and can only be pulled off with hair that stands up. Yet here Michelle Obama is pulling a very harsh hair style. I don’t think it’s suits her because it isn’t her.

    • Riana says:

      Relaxers, I assume that’s what you were referring to, are no more harmful than any of the other beauty practices millions of women do for whatever they consider ‘beautiful’.

      I think it’s a mistake to insinuate that African American women are not allowed to make choices they want about their own looks. Many like relaxers and find straight hair easier to maintain, likewise many others enjoy styling their coils and natural hair. It’s about the freedom and acceptance of personal choice.

      • sasa says:

        I don’t see how “wow” insinuated that black women cannot choose what they do with their own hair. If I understood correctly, it’s simply a matter of esthetic opinions- I also frequently find black women sporting “black hairstyles” more pretty than those who style their hair like Michelle. It’s just an opinion, no big deal.

      • Riana says:

        …out of curiousity what is a ‘black’ hairstyle? I’m not being snarky.

        Do you mean twist-outs? Braids? Afros? Two-stranded twists?

        Just trying to get a visual here.

      • sasa says:

        All of the above. I personally like Afros the most but that’s just me.

      • wow says:

        Not just relaxers, there are so many harmful chemicals used to get the looks that are so far from good for the hair. From types of dyes to bleach etc etc. Also, I am in no way taking a away a individuals choice I’m only sharing an POV that is widly shared about beauty in general. What we have convinced ourselves of is that we choose most of what we do, when really how much of that choice is determined by society and stereotypes? I haven’t seen Michelle Obama sport any hairstyle that can only be pulled off by her hair texture in ANY of her engagements but she does when she’s on vacation. Indicating that she is in fact choosing to cater to an audience -rather than what she actually wants. That’s what I mean. I just don’t like the idea of any of us going against our genetics just so please people. This outlook is amplified because Michelle is the First Lady – so her style matters to a lot of people. THIS hairstyle is not her, it doesn’t suit her; and if anything it only encourages the idea of conforming to what society says is appealing. Does that help explain it?

      • Riana says:

        I find your comments really interesting wow :)

        I’m not sure if your African American woman yourself but you do make a good point about us being influenced by society, it becomes very difficult to separate what an individual likes from what society approves of.

        I try to give someone like Michelle more credit than someone like Beyonce because she is a very smart and educated woman and I believe she’s probably given a lot of personal thought to what she wants to physically be and do and how that reflects on her pride as an African American woman.

        I can only speak for myself when I say the hair choice could be more complicated, or simple, depending on what works for her in her daily routine. For myself I too tend to favor more straight styles when I’m ‘on’ than when I’m off. This could also give the impression you mentioned, of me favoring one style to be in acceptance with a certain cultural pov.

        But honestly it’s because when I’m on break, I’m on BREAK. I don’t fuss with makeup, overly stylish clothes, heels, I even neglect my skin care a little. I let my natural hair come out more because a small amount is easy to deal with. After trying to go fully natural though I can readily admit it wouldn’t work with my lifestyle. I like hair that requires little daily effort, and more tlc once a month or so.

        For some people it’s the total opposite, they find a way to care for natural hair and make it work with their schedule. I find natural hair gorgeous, but alas…it just didn’t work for me. I ended up damaging my hair more than when it was being treated with chemicals. I can’t say that’s how it is 100% for Michelle, but it’s also a pov to keep in mind.

      • k says:

        Well, I work for a state that is in the process of implementing partial bans on a carcinogen that is found in many items, including some brands of relaxers. Cosmetic products are really a wealth of toxicity with some associations with cancer, endocrine disruption, etc. It makes me sad to see companies like Avon raise the flag for breast cancer funding while the industry continues to crank out toxin-laden beauty products.

        Aesthetically, I like the new hairstyle. I like the “natural” look that some African American women opt for. I only liked her hair previously when she tied it up or went for a faux bob that was chin length or shorter.

      • MST says:

        Anyone who thinks that relaxers are no more harmful than other beauty products is kidding themselves. Just look at the ingredients on the box. I remember as a little girl getting a relaxer and getting chemical burns. That’s when they used lye, but that stuff still isn’t good for your hair.

        I support the right of any woman to wear their hair the way they want, but I’m sorry, many black people just don’t like their hair in their natural state. I work around mostly black women and not a week goes by without me hearing talk about “good” or “bad” hair. I’ve had other black women look at my hair and shake their heads in disgust. Yes, this is still going on in the 21st century.

        When I used relaxers my hair was brittle, smelled of chemicals, and was always breaking off. I stopped using them about five years ago. Now its soft and strong and if I straightened it it would be past my shoulders. It never grew that long before. I love my “bad” hair!

        I am soooo tired of the hair thing. I read that many black women don’t go to the gym because they are afraid of messing up their ‘do. Which is more important — your health or your hair? I think that’s why we have such a high rate of obestity, and that’s a shame. Having nappy hair never killed anyone, but being 400 pounds and inactive has.

      • Riana says:

        Glad you found something which worked for you MST :) my hair was never more dry and brittle than when it was natural because it didn’t work for me. That is what I mentioned above, good hair/bad hair never entered into my world as a child and thus I never shaped my opinion on my hair based on what others thought. My hair is about what ‘I’ like and what works for me.

        I find the concept of ‘good’ hair to be for morons. Seriously I rebuke those people.

        As for relaxers…never got burned with one once, everyone reacts differently though, and it does depend on how it’s applied.

      • Trillion says:

        You know what would be so hot? If Michelle Obama came out with a giant afro. It’ll never happen, but I would love that.

    • Suze says:

      Presumably the first lady thinks this style *is* her – at least how she feels today. She chose it: it’s her.

      You can have all the personal preferences you want for other people’s hair, but to say that this style isn’t her is extremely presumptuous.

    • Merritt says:

      I have a feeling she may embrace natural hair after his second term is over.

      The criticism from conservatives would be insane if she went natural. As it is they use enough racist dog whistles to attack her.

      • Emma says:

        Well that is really stupid to say. There would be a select few moronic conservatives (who shouldn’t be in office, well nearly everyone needs to be kicked out but that is a different topic) who would say something stupid, but not the overwhelming majority.

        I’ve never seen her hair natural, but I did like it better before the bangs. I think the bangs would have been better just a bit longer and side swept? I think thats the term anyway. I know people love the way she dresses and she does always looks very well put together, but I think she should hire someone else to style her. I’m excited to see what she, and the girls, wear to the ball though!

      • Merritt says:


        I don’t think it is stupid at all, It is reality. I’m not even talking about the ones in office. I’m talking about the ones who have TV shows and use them to incite racist fears in their audiences.

        If people want to disagree with the policies of the administration, that is one thing. But many of these people are unable to do so without injecting racism into it.

    • Jayna says:

      @Wow, I find it “tragic” when someone tells other women how they should wear their hair just because of their ethnicity. People are individuals, not a group. My best friend of mixed-race Italian/African-American heritage has wild, very curly hair. She straightens it and wears it long and smooth with a touseled curls at the end not because she is trying to conform, but because she genuinely hates dealing with her hair and humidity that makes it wilder as the day goes on and loves the sleeker, shinier look on her that she wears most of the time, not always. She does rock her big hair and curls some days, especially at the beach. Each to her own. Fashion and looks on a woman is ever-evolving. I wear my hair, makeup, etc., different in different periods of my life.

      Like Nene Leakes said about her blonde hair when criticized. Get over it. I wear it blonde because I want to.

      • Emma says:

        I don’t think she said she should wear her hair natural based on her ethnicity. I think she just liked it better that way. I think, clearly I’m not her :P

        I do agree though. No one should have to wear their hair a certain way based on anything. Unless of course its part of job description, or dance recital, and etc.

    • Tiffany says:

      It not us black women. See Emmy Rossum(naturally curly)

      • MST says:

        Alot of Jewish women have very curly hair. Some see it as a problem, but I think its gorgeous. Jews have a very small admixture of sub-Saharan African blood. Where do you think those “Jewfros” come from?

        My former mother in law was always talking about “colored people.” I felt like saying, “well Miss Lillian, you’re part colored too,” but I didn’t!

      • bluhare says:

        I’m white, and before I became bluhare my hair was so curly my hair person couldn’t deal with it. I ended up seeing an African American woman for years who knew how to deal with curly hair (I still miss you, T!!). I never liked mine because it was coarse and frizzy not nice and curly. Now that I’m bluhare, the curl has relaxed a lot on its own and it’s way easier to deal with.

        All this is because I hated my hair. It wasn’t how I “see” myself.

      • sasa says:

        I’m white and my hair is thick, coarse and wavy, not soft and shiny. I can relate to wanting soft and shiny hair as I spent many years wishing I had it. But that’s just not what I have growing out of my head.

        So instead of wishing for something else or trying to achieve it with flat irons, curlers, products etc. I decided to take advantage of what I have. I chopped it to a very short and messy pixie cut which only thick and coarse hair can pull off and never looked back.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I have to tread lightly, here. I’m a black non-American and should it come up in conversation I have yet to meet another non-American black person who isn’t completely baffled by the utter psychosis surrounding the pursuit of ‘good’ hair, as it’s put. That’s a phrase that doesn’t even exist here. Yeah, we’re more of a minority, so our hair concerns are Greek to many more people here, but with the exorbidant amounts spent on hair–which leaves other issues neglected–looks, well…stupid. How much do you have to hate yourself to hope for things like ‘good hair’ for your unborn girls, right alongside wanting them to have ‘fair’ skin (another term I HATE)? Look, I’m black and don’t exactly have ‘Daddy Bought Me A Record Contract money, so I GET it, and maybe if I lived in a country that knew that I existed as anything more than a voter I’d care more, but the priorties are pardon my French, fucked up. Why are you wasting everything on your hair and not tending the heart that’s about to explode inside of your chest? Why is ‘good hair’ so damned important? Why make all of us look vain and stupid to a staggering degree because you spent all of your time, energy and concern on hair but you’re wider than nine houses and now everyone thinks we’re too dumb to understand how basic nutrition works.

      I mean, we’re in solidarity and all of that, but I’m sorry, the hair thing has become stupid. There’s wanting to do as you please with your hair, which is totally fine, and then there’s this mania, which is something else entirely. Because when the top priority in your life is your hair–your HAIR–and most of the time it’s availing yourself of anything that betrays that there’s say, a black scalp under that Korean hair, for instance, and no one can ever see your own, actual hair, it’s pretty obvious that absorbed self-hatred has reached total penetration. It’s like we’ve hit peak oil with our hair anxieties.

      When the hair becomes a mask, THAT’s when I get antsy, but until the hair reaches that level that obsession, you can do what you want, I don’t care. But be aware of the threshold.

      • Yup, Me says:

        You need to stop. You just wrote that whole long ass rant toward some made up hypothetical women that you don’t even know? Step lightly- yes, you should. You should also stop pretending like Black American women are the only ones acting foolish behind hair texture and complexion. I’ve traveled and seen black women in the islands, Europe and Africa, and I’ve seen the same foolishness in SOME women from all of those places, from skin bleaching creams to bald edges- the concern for “good” hair and certain standards of beauty, (to the detriment of their own physical well being) is something that some women all over the world participate in.

      • bluhare says:

        I’ll probably get it too, but leave Jo “mama” alone. She said she does not live in the USA and does not understand it. And that “long ass rant” you didn’t like? You just made its point.

      • LAK says:

        As a fellow Black non American, i agree 100% with your comment.

    • LAK says:

      what is a Nefertiti style?

      i ask this purely out of ignorance because the Historic Nefertiti has a head piece in most representation implying that she followed her brothers’ style of having a bald shaved head under the piece.

      Coming from a place of ignorance, is bald shaved head ONLY to be worn by Black ladies?

      Relaxing your hair is not dissimilar to peroxiding it. Both unnatural processes that can weaken your hair if one doesn’t look after it.

      I shrug when people take a stand against relaxed hair because i think one should be just as outraged at peroxided blonde hair because it is just as unnatural and feeding a particular image/stereotype.

  10. Ms Kay says:

    Well, FLOTUS or not I really don’t like it. May be it has to do with the angle from which the pic is shown…

  11. T.C. says:

    It looks great. Makes her very youthful. Does anyone know the 411 on why Kaiser hates bangs so much? Is it junior high trauma related.

  12. marie says:

    honestly I can’t tell, I’m not opposed to bangs but I want to see a pic of her straight on so I can decide. I like her dress though

  13. Anastasia says:

    How could bangs be tragic? I think they look great. She instantly looks a few years younger. When they’re done well, bangs are a nice look for a lot of women (not all, of course).

  14. sasa says:

    Bangs or no bangs her hair always looks too fake for my taste. I like to see at least a glimmer of what the hair’s natural quality is and it doesn’t look like we get to see that at all with Michelle.

    • ORLY says:

      Why does it matter to you what her natural hair looks like? Who cares? How many former first ladies have bleached, curled, coloured, and done various things to their hair? Why does it matter how she wears her hair because she is African American? This is her personal choice.

      • truthful says:


        folks YOU wear your hair natural and worry about YOUR head.


        she does not have to go natural if she does not want too.

        EVERYONE does not want to wear “curly” hair, some like just what the heck they are doing…and have no plans to change it.

        so tired of this being shoved down everyone’s throats.

      • sasa says:

        It has zero to do with her being black. I prefer to see at least a glimpse of natural hair texture in ALL women. It’s just prettier to me. Nothing worse than over-bleached, over-styled blonde and that’s even without treading into extensions territory.

        I have a right to find natural(ish) looking hair prettier than fake looking. You know, it’s just an opinion. It’s not jumping from the air attacking you personally.

  15. EmmyB says:

    The new hair style is too juvenile. Not flattering in any way. She has the most unfortunate looks. The poor dear is so homely.

  16. mia girl says:

    Why bangs, why now? Hmmm what is she hiding under those bangs?
    And please, Natl Day of Service is just an elitist name for the beginning of government mandated work camps. Wake up people! . LOL

    PS the bangs look great.

  17. Shelley says:

    Michelle Obama is not new to twitter. She simply has a new account!

  18. Lenna says:

    Not to split hairs, but FLOTUS has been tweeting since Nov 2011…

    I think she’s spectacular.

  19. truthful says:

    I LOVE them, adds a different flirty look, while NOT going overboard w/a haircolor or a crazy style.

    The First Lady could care less what anyone thinks outside of her husband, I know that for sure.

    Her old style was too drab and matronly, I LOVE it!!

  20. Guesto says:

    Not that it matters but I really do prefer her without that fringe. I think she’s got such a great face, really strong and full of character, and I like seeing all of it. Pic.2 for me.

  21. c'est la vie says:

    She has beautiful style, no matter what she does.

    And she’s a wonderful FLOTUS.

  22. FirstTimer says:

    Not a fan of her new ‘do. I think bangs are good with a certain face shape… or something…

  23. PinkG says:

    I can’t believe this made the morning news. Seriously. Someone gets a new hair style and it’s news. Sad.

  24. Jayna says:

    She looks younger and it’s a cute change for her, but I think she looks prettier in the second photo. I predict she will tire of them and grow them out a little and start doing a side bang, swept over.

    I love their dog. I want him. Bo, come to your new mommy.

  25. Thiajoka says:

    I love her new haircut. Makes her look younger and I didn’t think she looked old to begin with–it just suits her so much better than the old ‘do.

  26. Jayna says:

    I don’t know when she did it. But not too long ago she trimmed her hair up shorter into more of a sleek bob and she looked fantastic in the photo I saw of her.

  27. Jaquebelle says:

    The blackness barometer rears it’s ugly head. Have been a natural sista. Meaning no chemicals for a number of years and this hairstyle represents a lot of work!!! Braiding every single strand of my hair at night after long, long days working or teaching spin class. Certainly don’t fault a black woman for opting to relax the kink in their beautiful hair on a regular basis. Ultimately I went down this road and now relax my hair two or three times a year for manageability. One’s hairstyle need not be a political statement or a symbol of blackness. Live and let live, eh. And yes, Michelle Obama can rock some damn bangs any day of the week!!! She is beautiful and her hair looks healthy. One love.

    • MST says:

      Well, maybe that was your experience, but I don’t find my natural hair alot of work. I braid it every other night and it takes maybe ten minutes. Getting a relaxer and a touch up every six weeks was more work to me! And it was much more expensive!

      But as you say, black women (or any woman, for that matter) should be able to wear their hair the way the want. It just saddens me that many black women (and men) still don’t like the texture of their hair in its natural state.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        I know we discuss this subject a lot on this site, but will someone finally explain just what it is about texture and upkeep that is hard and time consuming?

        I know black hair tends to be dry and kinky, but is it hard to wash? My friends always had theirs braided. What takes so long? I think a short natural afro is lovely, btw and am just curious as to why that is not worn as much. It seems like it would be easy to deal with.

        When my hair is very short it is easy. Now I have super long hair and part of it is blue and it is a PITA.

      • Jaquebelle says:

        God bless you!!! I guess it depends on the natural hairstyle too. Some are more cumbersome and labor intensive than others. I teach spin class and have finally conquered the black woman’s dilemma as it relates to what to do w/ our hair while we workout. White women should never complain about bad hair days lol.

        Some young lady below me inquired about black hair care and there are as many perspectives as their are hairstyles lol. Our hair textures vary as much as the spectrum of our skin colors. I have been blessed w/ very kinky hair. My grandmother used to jokingly call it the last slaves’s hair lol. Nature’s afro. Chemicals alter my hair in the form of a relaxer. Typically, a perm curls white hair while a perm straightens black hair. There exists an ongoing debate w/in the black community as to natural hair versus chemically altered hair. I could go on and on, but I think these issues are present in most groups. Preserving our ethnic features versus mainstream societal standards of beauty. We all have experienced this on some level as women. Ultimately it also represents a human experience, because we are never happy with what we were blessed and born with. Curly women want straight hair and vice versa. Skinny women want curves and curvy women want bones. Hopes this helps. One love to you all.

      • Jaquebelle says:

        God bless you!!! I guess it depends on the natural hairstyle too. Some are more cumbersome and labor intensive than others. I teach spin class and have finally conquered the black woman’s dilemma as it relates to what to do w/ our hair while we workout. White women should never complain about bad hair days lol.

        Some young lady below me inquired about black hair care and there are as many perspectives as their are hairstyles lol. Our hair textures vary as much as the spectrum of our skin colors. I have been blessed w/ very kinky hair. My grandmother used to jokingly call it the last slaves’s hair lol. Nature’s afro. Chemicals alter my hair in the form of a relaxer. Typically, a perm curls white hair while a perm straightens black hair. There exists an ongoing debate w/in the black community as to natural hair versus chemically altered hair. I could go on and on, but I think these issues are present in most groups. Preserving our ethnic features versus mainstream societal standards of beauty. We all have experienced this on some level as women. Ultimately it also represents a human experience, because we are never happy with what we were blessed and born with. Curly women want straight hair and vice versa. Skinny women want curves and curvy women want bones. Hopes this helps. One love to you all.

    • Riana says:

      Seriously, thanks Jacquebelle, it’s so good to have someone who can also contribute to the topic and add to it without me having to type a ton.

      The blackness barometer is exactly it, obviously there are some self-loathing people out there but it’s the assumption that relaxed hair automatically = self-hate. It’s definitely a very sensitive topic in the community.

      As for caring for black hair…it really does depend on the individual hair texture and curl pattern. My relaxed hair was sooo good. All I did daily was moisturize, wash & deep condition once a week. Based on my experiences with natural hair I’d need to find a different moisturizer, new moisturizing method, braid it daily (I am NOT good at braiding), wash it every 2-3 days, just…a lot more work for me.

      • Gracie says:

        I feel like what I have to add in doesn’t contribute, but oh well. I started getting kid relaxers when I was 8. I just started getting ‘real’ relaxers and I’m almost 18. I don’t remember my natural hair, but I can go about a 6-8 months without one, and when my natural hair starts growing in, it’s very very soft curls. Idk why my mother decided to relax me in the first place, my natural hair doesn’t seem to be hard to manage. But it’s everyone’s choice. I will probably continue getting relaxers, because I do lik the straightness, and my hair is really long. I just don’t like how condescending some “natural” girls can be when I tell them I get my hair relaxed. I think some people should accept that not everyone wants to go natural.

  28. Raven says:

    MO’s hair usually looks good. I like the new style and I liked the older styles as well. She seems to know what styles look good on her. But her hair in the current photo looks much darker than her hair in the photo below it. I don’t know whether it is just lighting or the products she is wearing or whether she has colored it. I just can’t picture her ever wearing a wig.

  29. rightgrrl says:

    Years ago her team gave her an “eyebrow make over” because they thought her real eyebrows made her look mean (wtf?)
    So they raised and refined her brows, but they have always looked really unnatural to me (as in, that’s all I can look at when I see her)

    So bangs are a definite improvement, wig or not.

    And they should have just left her original eyebrows alone, FFS

  30. Chordy says:

    How can I be expected to pay attention to her hair when she’s wearing that dress?? I’m OBSESSED! I recently got a promotion at work, so I’ve been trying to make my wardrobe a little more executive looking, and my shopping mantra is WWMOW (What Would Michelle Obama Wear?)

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      That’s a cute story. Luckily for those pursuing her style, the answer isn’t always ‘Oscar de la Renta, of course!’ Sometimes exective style isn’t barred from little people. Even though the overwhelming majority of J.Crew pieces to me is chintzy, unflattering, overpriced and aestheically stident mash (save some of the dresses, but we don’t get the crazy sales in Canada that Americans enjoy), I can’t say the same about M. Obama’s look. But both her and Jenna Lyons are Amazons and I’m a well-intentioned munchkin, so we’re not looking for the same things.

  31. Lindsey says:

    Summayall are CRAZY…her bangs are gorgeous and she has a high-enough forehead that she can pull off those long bangs. Sat it down and sharrup. Please and thanks.

  32. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I think she looks great. The new haircut really suits her. She looks way younger than she really is.

  33. Bronwyn says:

    she is the best regardless of what her hair is doing.
    Nothing but love for Michelle- but i think the bangs looks amazing on her and really suit her face!

  34. Reece says:

    I want to see it straight on.

  35. TxGal says:

    I am sorry to say I do not find her looking attractive with her new do…

  36. sweetshell says:

    Nope. Now that’s what I call a “Glamour NO”.

  37. bondbabe says:

    Well, it WAS her birthday yesterday (January 17), and girlfriend turned 49. So maybe that and the upcoming inauguration has something to do with the change.

    I know about wanting to change things up at 49. (I’ve always lamented my “-9s”; as in, “oth this is the last year I’ll ever be 20-something,” “…30-something,” etc.) And this is my last year I’ll ever be 40-something.

  38. Loralei says:

    Her best facial feature was her forehead. Now it’s covered.

  39. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t like it; it detracts for the rest of her beauty.

  40. Flower says:

    Glancing through the thumbnails at first sight I thought it was Naomi Campbell.

  41. mercy says:

    Love the President and First Lady, but no to the bangs.

  42. evie says:

    I can’t decide if I like them or not because all I can think of when I see that hairdo is Joyce DeWitt……..

  43. JuneBug says:

    Some people’s kids are hurtful assholes… She looks fab…

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    I like her fringey bangs (but I would NEVER do it to my own head). She wears them well.

  45. Princess Lizabeth says:

    She looks great, as always!

  46. ms says:

    Im for anything that hides that huge forehead and joker-like eyebrows so good job.

  47. Ally8 says:

    Tragic, in that I thought it was rage-y Naomi Campbell when I glanced at the photo.

    Not as upsetting as this high-flying lawyer having to do this “non-threatening White Housewife” act for 8 years, though.

  48. Jaxx says:

    I think it’s a darling haircut for her. Go, Michelle! It looks so shiny and healthy too.

  49. kristiner says:

    $100 says it’s a weave. Michelle has always had just her own hair but this is waaaaaayyy too shiny. I’m quite sure this is false hair.

    Even freshly relaxed hair. Compare the bangs vs no bangs pictures up there.

    The bangs make her look like a long lost Jackson sibling. Janet’s twin before Janet jacked up her face and nose? The bottom picture is 100% her own hair.

  50. Throat says:

    Olivia Pope is boinking the President on TV. She’s giving Barack a little wakka-wakka fantasy times by wearing her Olivia Pope costume/wig. hehe

  51. JennBee says:

    She is not an attractive woman. The bangs are neither tragic or pretty.

  52. tmbg says:

    I’m not a fan of super thick bangs. If she got them thinned out a little, they would look nice, although she really didn’t need them. She looks awesome without bangs.

    I need to have them, OTOH. My wide-ass forehead (not high, but wide) looks ridiculous otherwise. Michelle has a nice hairline, in my opinion.

  53. Nan says:

    She’s gorgeous and her new ‘do looks hot.

  54. eekahil says:

    I think she looks sweet. She’s always struck me as very shy about her appearance; the way she tries to smile w/o showing her teeth seems like she’s self-conscious about her bite.
    These darling bangs might give her a little bit of a feeling of protection.
    Far less dowdy, too.
    Eager to see her look from different angles.

  55. Kosmos says:

    The look is very nice. She looks great with or without bangs. It’s nice to have a change. Some people can’t wear bangs, but she pulls it off.

  56. eekahil says:

    Re: the discussion about relaxers and perms. I just think of the incredibly harsh chemistry that is needed for us to alter our hair texture (and colour ). Then I think that these chemicals that are used with lots of caution in their industrial applications are being used on our heads, next to our delicate eyes, noses, mouths and being absorbed into our skin! Yikes.

  57. Actually, Michelle Obama has had a twitter account for several years now. Not sure exactly how many, but I followed her for a while about 2 years ago. It’s always been her office with the occasional personal tweet from her.

  58. Ajanni says:

    That shit is laid! FLOTUS looks good…

  59. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    I get depressed when we all talk about what the First Lady is wearing etc.

    I understand that there is a bigger political (and important) conversation here regarding African American women and hair but beyond that I wish we would stop talking about what the First Lady looks like. Afterall, if we can finally elect a black man as president finally can’t we evolve in this area too?

  60. Bambi says:

    All black women are “sassy”. Michelle Obama is so sassy, because she’s black.

  61. em(original) says:

    I like that she’s having a little fun with her hair, better than being stuck in a rut. She has beauty, power and sex appeal either way.

  62. Samihami says:

    I’m in favor of anything that covers her face. She is a painfully unattractive woman. Perhaps she could grow them a few inches longer…

  63. Dirty Martini says:

    Anna Wintour called and wants her look back.

  64. crazycatlady says:

    Please allow me to correct you, Celebitchy writer, and everyone else out there who needs correcting: a person does not “have” a “Twitter” or a “Facebook.” Twitter and Facebook are websites/apps. A person has a Facebook account or page, or a Twitter account or handle (i.e. name or “@”).


    Me and everyone else that has ever been annoyed by statements like “X has a Twitter!” “I saw it on her Facebook!”