Beyonce: ‘Giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman’

GQ has slowly been parceling out bits and pieces of their February cover shoot and interview with Beyonce. I covered some of the interview excerpts (plus a couple of photos) here. GQ just sent us this link to some outtake images and interview outtakes too, because I seriously don’t remember reading many of these quotes from Beyonce. If this all happened in one interview, I’m surprised they didn’t lead with some of these quotes. But I guess dudes aren’t interested in what she has to say. They just like looking at her. Was anyone else watching MSNBC during the inauguration yesterday? Chris Matthews is pretty much in love with Beyonce. It’s adorable. Anyway, some highlights from the “outtakes”.

On being married (and not wearing a wedding ring sometimes): “I was independent before I met my husband, and we have such a natural chemistry and a genuine relationship, and it’s based on the things that relationships are supposed to be based on. I’ve seen, growing up, when a woman or a man in a relationship—it doesn’t matter which one—doesn’t feel confident, they feel a bit trapped. Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.”

She totally gave birth: “When I gave birth, that was the first time I truly let go and surrendered. And it taught me how amazing that feels… Giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman. I have so much more substance in my life. And expressing that excitement and that sensuality and the connection I have with my husband—I’m a lot more comfortable with that now. I actually feel like my child introduced me to myself.”

On the rumors she fakes her pregnancy: “I felt like I kind of had to protect my mother, because when people made up the silliest rumor about me not really being pregnant. She was there when I went through all of those things. And my sister. They were very, very defensive. It’s not personal to me, and it comes along with the job, but the lack of respect—people will just go too far sometimes.”

She’s a Virgo: “Because I’m a Virgo, I will think myself into a crazy frenzy, and I will re-think and re-think and figure out, you know, way too many things.”

[From GQ]

Do you mind if I skip over the heavy analysis of her “I totally gave birth” quotes? I just feel like… there will always be people who believe that she never gave birth, and there will always be people who believe that she would never lie about it. This controversy is SO 2011! I will say this – as a fellow Virgo, I understand exactly what she means about “thinking myself into a crazy frenzy”. I do that all the time. Virgos think and overthink and doubt and re-think and spiral and we can just get super-neurotic about everything.

There’s a video too. It’s heavy on the Uncle Terry and it’s all style and no substance.

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson / GQ.

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  1. Beatrix says:

    Nope. The more detailed lies just make it worse. Woman did not give birth.

    • Karen says:

      They’re not lies. The woman did give birth. Photos and a video of her pregnant in a bikini. Her body looks very different now.

    • Annie says:

      I’m with you. She did not give birth. No baby weight gain or body change AT ALL. No boobs either. And in a woman of color of all people? impossible, I would know! And those bikini pics… People, we all look like that after a big meal. Want to know if a woman is really pregnant? It’s in the hips and the boobs, not the stomach.

      My cousin got pregnant accidentally and she’s young and unmarried and our family very traditional and conservative so she hid it for a bit. My other cousins and I noticed it right away because her hips were HUGE all of a sudden. Not to mention her face.

      And don’t say people would never do that because 1) yes they would and they have, 2) you don’t know what people are capable of, 3) You don’t know her.

      That fake belly video is all the proof intelligent people need. Fans and people who santify celebrities believe what they want, no logic needed.

      • Cazzie says:

        At this point, I consider the remaining people out there who insist that Beyonce gestated and gave birth to her own baby are the same people, until last week, continued to insist that Lance Armstrong didn’t dope his way to seven Tour de France championships because how could he! Lance didn’t cheat – he said so! Uh, yeah – and he made millions and millions of dollars because of it. Beyonce’s figure is also worth millions to her – why *wouldn’t* she protect that investment if the child at the end of the process was still her genetic baby?

        Seriously, folks – just look at the video of her belly folding. The proof is not the weirdly deflating stomach – the proof is the “Whoopsie! Oh no!” look on her face.

      • Rikki says:

        @ Annie

        Are you sure you’ve seen pics of her pregnant? She did gain weight all over. Maybe you are blind, because her body did change. Spread nose, swollen face and feet, huge boobs. For the record, It hasn’t been determined whether that was her stomach that folded or not. I don’t think anyone can say what she had underneath her dress during that interview. Some people have said she wore padding to exaggerate her belly size. Who knows but you need to look up pics of her because her body did change. Beyonce’s boobs and hips were bigger than ever when she stepped out for her 1st appearance post Blue.

      • Tiffany says:

        “No baby weight gain or body change AT ALL. No boobs either. And in a woman of color of all people? impossible”

        Wow, you must really know Beyonce’s body like the back of your hand. Are you raging about Shakira too? She just had a baby and her face didn’t bloat at all! Bring on the “Shakira stuffs pillows!” comments…

        Women carry their babies differently. To pretend that just because someone had a different experience than you or someone you know is proof that she faked her pregnancy is just absurd.

    • mel2 says:

      Will never ever believe that she gave birth. She teased us about her pregnancy, giving birth and continues to tease us by not showing a photo of her daughter. She needs to go some where and sit down.

    • Darlene says:

      I agree. No way did she give birth.

    • Tiffany says:

      The people who swear she never gave birth without actually knowing anything about Beyonce in real life are looney. Why do you care so much to put so much thought and effort behind that hate? Seriously, who really cares if she did or not? Are you waiting for a crowning shot, for goodness sakes?

      • Sharon says:

        And not like you were in the room when she “did” give “birth”, Tiffany.
        It’s a frikkin gossip site for Christs sake ! You can’t come in moral policing when pretty much everyone is a conspiracy theorist ! Gawd.
        I, for one, am totally over Beyonce and her shenanigans.

  2. Zigggy says:

    I totally relate to the over-thinking Virgo thing.

  3. Rikki says:

    She looks good. Her pregnancy will be included in her life documentary that’s airing on HBO in less than a month. There are already 2 trailers released and you can see her pregnant tummy in one of them.

    • V4Real says:

      I’m beginning to think the only reason she is doing that documentary is to dispel the rumors about her not giving birth. I have to wait until I see it to see how much of her stomach they actually show or what kind of tricks they may be using to make her look pregnant. We know Sofia Vegara is not pregnant but her fake belly on her show looks real when they show her naked stomach. Even showing Bey getting an ultrasound is not proof enough becasue if she was faking a pregnancy the doctor could have been in on it as well. Also I’m a little suspecious because Bey claimed that she likes to keep her private life private; so why is she doing a documentary. How long had she been planning to do this biography? Apparently they have been filming this since her pregnancy so could this just be a ploy to convince us that she actually gave birth?

      • Tasha says:

        I agree that the documentary is to dispel the rumors. Just like her tumblr and her releasing wedding photos were all a PR ploy to get her on people good side again after the fake pregnancy rumors and the hospital insadent.

      • Rikki says:

        That’s why she’s doing it. I read somewhere that she’s had a camera crew follow her and record her life for years since 2005. I honestly think she had Blue. That would be a huge thing to cover up if the didn’t. Someone would’ve sold the story by now.

      • Isabel says:


        I agree. Commenting on it in public and trying to ‘prove’ it by showing ultrasounds (like Courtney Stodden did to prove her boobies are RILLL) is just too much. She tries to be subtle and ‘it just happens to be’ in the documentary.
        I don’t understand the documentary anyway, because she hasn’t done much in music in a while, if it was 3 years ago, ok, completely understandable.
        Think it is only a way to make her seem more human, because people tend to have a not so nice opinion of her lately, with the hyjacking of the hospital, the weird belly things etc.

  4. RocketMerry says:

    “Power” is her new favourite word.

  5. Garvels says:

    Oh God……………ZZZZZZz

  6. Janet says:

    ha ha ha, try harder, you need more people. LMAO

  7. T.Fanty says:

    Go, B. Nothing says “power of a woman” like posing as a low-rent prostitute in sports gear.

    • ladybert62 says:

      Thank you T.Fanty – you hit the nail on the head with that insightful comment. I agree with you 100%!!

    • Faye says:

      Co-sign! Just *once* I would love to see a popular female celeb telling off the creepy pervs who encourage these types of shoots by saying, “I am exercising my power by keeping my clothes on. You want an interview with me, you’ll get it while I’m fully clothed.”

      • RN says:

        Exactly!! I am SO tired of women talking about how powerful they are and then stripping down to lingerie! You don’t see powerful men doing the same. For god’s sake, stop putting it all out there! We are never going to have a level playing field if your ass is photographed hanging out of a thong.

    • Marilyn says:

      What’s up with all the slut-shaming? Some women do feel empowered stripping and doing other such things. They view it as taking charge of their sexuality and there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean I think it’s really sad when other people will push you to do stuff like that to get money but if she’s up for it, who cares?

      • T.Fanty says:

        It’s not empowering to strip to someone else’s fantasy. She’s posing for a man who makes a living out of making women look homogeneric and cheap. Beyonce has built a career on being sexual yet strong, and then has cheapened herself with this pandering to a male definition of desirable.

        There’s a gulf of difference between empowering oneself by setting the terms of one’s own desirability and colluding with one’s own objectification. There is not one aspect of those pictures that is not filtered through the lens of the heterosexual male gaze.

      • RN says:

        Is “slut shaming” the new PC term to use?

      • RN says:

        Just wanted to add, when men are required to strip down to a sock covering their genitals and pose on the cover of mainstream women’s magazines to further their careers, then I’ll ease up. Until then, color me a proud feminist.

      • MaiGirl says:

        I totally hear you, but this version of half-naked “empowerment” is now pretty much de rigeur for female celebrities who are not Meryl Streep. And, it’s a pretty pr0ny aesthetic, which has gotten quite stale. It isn’t slut shaming to notice this trend. Also, Miss Bey and her “over-thinking” (I wish I could believe that!) is just the kind of brain trust who would not see the almost compulsory nature of being splashed in various stages of undress, everywhere. It would be awesome if, since she is a successful businesswoman, she had a couple of spreads in a suit, for a refreshing change.

      • T.Fanty says:

        I was going to write that we need a culture that objectifies men in such a forceful way, but then I remembered I’m on celebitchy. We’re starting a revolution over here!

        Now if only we could get Cumby to understand how much more popular he would be if he routinely posed naked…

      • BDHA says:

        I just wanted to chip in here and say it is all too easy to dismiss these small clothed female empowerment arguments as pandering to the male gaze etc, but, like, when I work out and my body looks hot I totally want to wear smaller clothes and show it off – and not just because it’ll look sexy to men, because it looks good, and because i want to show it of as looking good as a result of the work I’ve done.
        Not saying it isn’t slightly narcissistic, just that people sometimes want to look fit for themselves, then their peers and critics and THEN men. Male gaze is far to simplistic to apply to today’s female celebrities.

      • c'est la vie says:

        It is pandering and exploitation. Even worse, it isn’t even tastefully done.

        She’s not showing off her slamming post baby body – she’s exploiting it. To the male gaze. With a cheap body chain included. She’s not doing it to empower herself. Not with those poses.

        And I’m still wondering about whoever it was that first came up with that it’s whole empowering to take your clothes off and cheaply exploit it defense. It’s such bullshit.

      • c'est la vie says:

        And yes, I’d just like to say – how about some cheap exploitation of men. I’m still waiting for it and I’m not talking about something like Playgirl. I want something like Maxim. For Women. Seriously, when have you ever seen any of these men strip down and pose. To (ahem) empower themselves.

      • LeenB says:

        For everyone saying they want men posing naked to empower themselves. Cosmo UK does that every edition where they get someone to pose naked save for something to cover up down there. They do it for some campaigns including prostate cancer or something.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Yes, but Cosmo UK is a kind of trash, whereas photos like this pop up in “sophisticated” men’s mags, like Esquire or GQ. Male objectification exists, but it’s a subculture, and looked down on. It’s either done tongue-in-cheek, á la this site, or is relegated to the universally derided world of fan fiction.

        Moreover, without intending to be mean, the poster who talked about going to the gym kind of proved the point. The aesthetics governing this culture are so ubiquitous that we have internalized these rules and only feel good wearing tiny clothes when we have put enough hours in at the gym and think ourselves a success. That’s precisely why B considers herself empowered. It’s insidious and invisible.

      • good_as_gold says:

        @ Marilyn

        I “slut-shame”, and proud of it.

        I want women in the public eye to wear clothes and act decently. To be a good role model for children and teens. Perhaps you have a new age way of thinking that sexual roaming, lack of clothing and sleeping around is “cool” or something.

        Keep up the “slut-shaming” – I say. Bring it on!

      • c'est la vie says:

        Well put T.Fanty. I couldn’t agree more.

      • Leen says:

        Whether Cosmo UK is trash or not is besides the point, the whole campaign for prostate cancer is something I’m not going to criticize them, and to some extent it is kind of ‘empowering’. They also managed to get London Olympics athletes (and some winners as well) to pose naked (men mostly).
        I mean you can look at it from many ways, either trashy, empowering or objectification.
        The point I was making that there are women’s magazines (even if you consider them trashy) do in fact get naked men as centerfold pieces or for campaigns.

        I don’t understand. Are you saying that going to gym, toning your body and feeling good and in return wearing tight clothes to show off your dedication is a male objectification? I have to heavily disagree with you. Again it depends on how you view it. I can speak for myself that after working out in the gym and toning my body as well as building up muscle, I do find it empowering as I am striving to be healthy, looking good and strengthening my body. At the same time, that does not mean that is it my only point of empowerment, as I take pride in my academia and my knowledge as well. Still when my body is strong, I am a lot happier, you just feel better.

        However if you are torturing yourself and putting a lot of hours in the gym to the point of hurting your body and your muscle? That is not empowering, that is simply hurting your body.

  8. annabelle says:

    I don’t even know where to begin.

    Photoshopped to Hell and back, obviously. That’s your A.

    B. How, as a mother of a daughter, do you make peace with posing this way? What are you telling her? That you can be successful and loved but at the end of the day you still need to show the entire world your panties?

    C. Bitch, please. Sell that birth story to someone else. If there was a big ol’ bump we all would have seen it and she damn well knows it. Getting this naked after the fact all but confirms it. She has no modesty or sense of privacy and what “privacy” moments she does pull are strictly for media speculation and fodder alone.

  9. shaniqua nunyadambidness says:

    I like how she’s presenting her ass…like she’s in heat. It’s really kinda gross.

  10. Lourdes says:

    I don’t know but I love Beyonce, and even if she is considered a bore, I think she is a great example to young girls who look up to her. She is a woman who values herself, did not go around with every Joe Blow, first married then had kids. Independent and makes her own money. She was lucky enough to find a man that loves her and respects her (from what I see in interviews, etc).

    • Tasha says:

      “She is a woman who values herself”

      That’s why she posting in her panties?

      Or that any song she sings about empowering women she shaking her ass at some guy in the video with very little clothes on.

    • RN says:

      I disagree wholeheartedly. As the mother of an 11 year old daughter, I would never display Beyonce’s pictures and musical lyrics to my daughter as an example of a powerful woman who values herself. And if we’re only looking at marriage before having children now (which many of us, myself included, have done) as a value, then we really have sunk far down as a nation. Because some of us still choose to go to university, have a career, marry and then have a family. We don’t need celebrities to demonstrate that for us. And, if memory serves me correctly, she chose to pursue her career in lieu of an education.

    • babythastarsshinebrite says:

      it’s not like she is the only person who has a man who loves her. she is not a good role model for young women except on being rich.

    • gijimenez5 says:

      Everyone has a right to value themselves as they please. Some women value themselves by spending all their money on material things and do not have a pot to piss in. In a perfect world kids would look to their parents, educators, etc as role models. But they don’t. They look up to celebrities like Rhianna, JLo, Justin Beiber, etc. At least Beyonce has some conciousness that she is a public figure.

  11. Janet says:

    Oh an those are her real thighs, and Jay doesn’t cheat. LMAO. If she just shut her mouth nobody would care.

  12. Samihami says:

    Those pictures are just so awful. For someone so “powerful,” she doesn’t seem to have the power to have good pics taken of her!

    Also, she really needs to stop with this “I gave birth” nonsense. Of course she didn’t, she used a surrogate, and there is no shame in that. If she’s so “powerful,” why can’t she just own what she did? Why this foolish pretense?

  13. Ms Kay says:

    No offense but I’m a Sagittarius and I do think overthink overanalyse and over doubt to the point of driving my own self crazy and I’m a neurotic gigantic mess. That whole astrology signs thing is whenever it suits or convenient to people imo.

    Anyway back to the interview. I don’t know what to believe whether she isn’t telling the truth or not but the fact remains the same : Blue Ivy is her daughter, it won’t change that, whether she gave birth or not, whether she secretly adopted her or not, she is a mother and hopefully shall concentrate on being one and give her the best education possible… At the end of the day, it’s Blue Ivy who will live with the truth behind her birth or so, but I don’t think it’s like a Jack Nicholson case here…

  14. energydrink says:

    STFU… I’m so over her independent, strong woman schtick.. rich, coming from a person who from childhood was groomed for stardom and supported by Mommy and Daddy, and had only one major romance in her life.. her power anthems are never written by her, she is like a pre-programmed, although very dull and limited robot in interviews.. I’ve been waiting for her to disappear ever since the late 90′s…hopefully the time is coming soon as more people seem to be over her ;)

  15. Cuddles says:

    *eyeroll*. Beyonce is beautiful, but in my opinion, everything she does comes across as fake, rehearsed etc (I could be wrong, just a personal observation). I just think no one will ever love Beyonce as much as she loves herself.

  16. dorothy says:

    Is she STILL talking about giving birth? zzzzzzz

  17. guesto says:

    God, would she ever put a sock in it.

    Such trite, self-reverential, self-loving, navel-gazing bullshit. She really is her own biggest fan.

  18. Tiffany27 says:

    No disrespect to Virgos (they are the best to talk to about problems), but OMG the over thinking/analyzing EVERYTHING!!! My friend is a Virgo and we went to 4 different stores to buy 1 pair of jeans and then he spent the rest of the day questioning the purchase.

  19. Eleonor says:

    I really enjoyed the Megan Fox interview about giving birth, the one in which she said “I was screaming for an epidural”. Now this bla bla about empowering bla bla. I’ll take Megan Fox every day.

    • Isabel says:

      True. For some reason that made me like her more, because she normally seems very fake with her weird quotes.
      Also the fact that she admitted she uses a night nanny because she might get homicidal if she has sleepless nights, night after night, made me like her more. More honest than ‘omg, of course I don’t use a nanny!’ *enter photos of about 5 nannies running around a celeb*

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Sh*t, you’re right. And it’s a bad day when Megan Fox sounds more reasonable than … anyone. I have never, not once, heard a woman in real life talk about giving birth (the actual procedure) like these celebrities do. All that bs about the most beautiful thing in the world, having discovered the meaning of life, the wonderful experience blah blah. I’m not saying those things can’t be part of it but don’t act like there wasn’t a lot of screaming pain and bloody … byproducts, so to speak. It’s like they’re re-inventing the whole thing in retrospect.

      And this Uncle Terry aesthetic is getting old. It’s cheap and tacky and not beautiful at all.

  20. Wilma says:

    I love Beyoncé, but this photoshoot makes me sad. It’s so tacky and gross and I hate that she worked with Terry Richardson.

  21. BooBooLaRue says:

    Wow didn’t know that giving birth to a pillow was so powerful! I must try it sometime myself!

  22. MonicaQ says:

    She really loves herself…which is fine. I’m not hatin’. My husband was my first only relationship and that doesn’t mean I’m not independent either. And the “what will your daughter think when she grows up”–she’ll tell her to own what you do and that you’re the person you have to answer to in the morning when you wake up.

    I’m not in love with Beyonce and I get that people are seriously over her “me” schtick but I can’t for the life of me get upset at how or what she poses in. Her over the top singing? Sure. But even at almost 30, my husband found pictures of his mom from the 80s when she was a model and went, “Ok, I know why dad married her. /shrug”. And her mom said the *exact same thing* about her child finding the pictures. It comes off as one big, “So?”

  23. mary says:

    “Virgos think and overthink and doubt and re-think and spiral and we can just get super-neurotic about everything.”

    I was born under the sign of Scorpio and I do the exact same thing, constantly.

    horoscopes are such a load of sh*t and basing what you do with your life or your personality based on what month or day you were born is just filler for not just being able to say “this is how I am, I’m not ashamed or afraid to admit it’…rather than ‘i was born on a certain day or time of year, this is why I’m so crazy’

    get over it. don’t bring up your sign in an interview.

    • Ms Kay says:

      Thank you love! *hug*

      I said the same above! Horoscope/Astrology Signs is whenever it’s convenient for people.

    • Sweet Dee says:

      Thank you Mary! I kept wincing, reading all the horoscope crap people spout off. Why are there so many smart people who believe that sh*t? It’s seriously a joke.

      Back about 20 years ago, there were these two cousins, and one was a psychologist (and incidentally an amateur astronomer) and one was an astrologer. They kept having this debate, so they decided to conduct an experiment, and advertized free horoscope readings for the first 200 responders to the newspaper ad, so long as they provided feedback on the readings.

      The astrologer did readings for 100 of them to the best of his ability, and then they sent the other 100 the reading he had done for Jeffrey Dahmer. The group who got the fake Dahmer reading said it was as accurate as the others who got personalized readings, and in fact the feedback was better overall for the faked out group.

      The moral of the story is that you’ll believe that crap only if you want to. They tell you that you are a summation of five vague personality traits that nearly everyone has, and make it even vaguer so it could apply to anyone.

      Like I said, I’m surprised there are smart people who buy this.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, I’m really surprised by the amount of people on here who go on about their signs. I don’t think there are very many people who don’t meet the criteria for at least some of the descriptors of their particular sign. Why? Because they’re quite general and apply to sooo many different people regardless of sign.

      I’m a gemini, so I’m supposed to be more talkative, and moody. How many other people from other signs can claim that as well? Most? Probably.

    • T says:

      People on Celebitchy who really don’t know anything about astrology is really constantly giving bad rep on astrology. Astrology is NOT all about your sun sign. Many times sun sign “I’m a virgo” “Oh all saggis are like this” is not that even relevant to the person’s actual personality. Please stop sounding like you know a lot about it because it makes people think astrology is all that when it’s not. Everybody has a unique astrology chart, a one of a kind. As a person who’s been in astrology professionally it makes my eyes roll over when I hear people commenting such stuff, knowing nothing. It causes people to say that they don’t believe in it because they don’t know anything about it.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        Hey, I had my “chart” done by a “professional” astrologer, and it was also a load of crap, then I got another, which was super vague. This was back when I used to buy this whole schtick you guys sell, but then checked and re-checked, and it’s all a bunch of bull. The “more than a sun sign” argument is weak. Again, it’s really surprising how many smart people believe dumb things.

      • an_astrologer says:

        exactly, no shit, i am an astrologer and laugh at people who dump on astrology because their mainstream horoscope column was inaccurate. ya think? why would a vague paragraph/sentence apply accurately to millions of people?

        mary, your aggressive reaction is typical scorpio attitude, actually; and just so you know, when you’re born you’re affected by not just one planet but ALL and in your chart you most likely have other planets in virgo when you’re born, or a strong mercury influence (mercury rules virgo) which would explain you’re virgo like attitude – i have a similar placement as well and am a strong scorpio even though by mainstream inaccuracies i’m a ‘libra’. but you didn’t know all that, did you. funny, i laugh when people talk shit about what they don’t know about!

        oh, and thank you to the person who put the naysayers in their place.

  24. Chatcat says:

    I have given birth three times and as much as I cherish the experience, it is only a part of what defines the power of being a woman.

    Nice try though Bey, very few, if any, believe you actually carried and delivered your daughter anyway.

  25. MoxyLady007 says:

    I had my little man 11 weeks ago today. And sensual doesn’t and didn’t have any place in my experience. It was raw and primitive and earthy and messy and painful. Nothing sexy about it.

    • RN says:

      Yeah, when I was vomiting profusely while in labor with my first, I would not have used the word “sensual”.

    • bot says:

      I know, right?! Nothing says sensual like mesh underwear.

      ETA: Ha, that sounded sexier than they are. Mesh, disposable, granny panties.

    • Fishlips says:

      MoxyLady007, I can relate to all of the replies to your post: the disposable mesh undies, vomiting (I dry heaved for about two hours), bloody nipples from baby not latching properly, and stitches from a 3rd degree laceration. How can I forget incontinence, leaking from the breasts and the vagina? Haha.

      You hit the nail on the head when you said you were “appalled” by how “gross” you were post-birth. I knew there would be postpartum discharge (lochia), but damn, I didn’t know that it would be like having my period for three weeks.

  26. Christina says:

    In that picture where she’s holding the helmet, the photoshop is unbelievably bad: her right thing is noticeably smaller than her left thigh! And in the last pic, she looks like she was about to take a dump, but someone pulled the porta-potty out from under her outstretched bum!

    Powerful eh, Beyonce?

  27. Dinah says:

    Ever hear of the “magic of movies”?

    ( this was supposed to enter under Rikki, at #3)

  28. Happy21 says:

    Oh please Bey! I can’t, I just can’t.

    Funny how she sang:

    Strong enough to bear the children
    Then get back to bidness.

    She felt this way before she ever experienced ‘birth’.

    She is so full of crap her eyes are brown!

  29. scarlett says:

    Her music, delusions of grandeur ego, weave, and “I am on a power trip” persona are tired. Did I mention the weave and lace front wig?

  30. shewolf says:

    Its not like she is saying she gave birth without drugs and thats why she found it empowering. I’ve given birth twice with no drugs at home but I know people who were drugged the moment they walked into the hospital and still think they had an powerful experience. Its not so much the act of giving birth as wrapping your head around the fact that you gave birth to a baby that is the empowering part.

  31. Unbeweavable says:

    Oh stfu already Beyonce’! We get it- your birth was the most amazing experience ever blah blah blah. Now just shut up. I don’t go on and on about giving birth. It happened. I went through it. I don’t tell anyone and everyone all about. You’re not the first or last to give birth. Enough already, sheesh!

  32. Jayna says:

    I just read it’s coming out she lipsynched her performance at the inaugeration. I wouldn’t really care if it’s true, but if she did, that whole ripping out her ear monitor during her peformance is overkill for drama, pretending she is singing.

    Beyonce was really great, but Kelly Clarkson blew me away.

  33. e.non says:

    heh… bitch didn’t sing live either..

  34. Stella says:

    I’m disappointed, I thought she did a good job at the inauguration BUT :

    She’s a fraud, all the way…

    • Rikki says:

      The trumpet players lipped too. Whitney Houston did during her rendition. They’re frauds too? She lipped some of it when she sang with a backing track and she sang some of it live. That has been done before.

    • delia says:

      I was kind of surprised that she was singing, “The Star Spangled Banner”, as well as she seemingly was. It’s notoriously difficult to sing and from what I’ve heard of her voice I didn’t think that she had the range for it. At first I thought that she was doing ok because the tempo had been slowed way down to make it easier. But then when she hit all the difficult notes almost perfectly at a faster tempo, I knew that a pre-recorded, autotuned track was definitely being used. Her voice is just not that good. She is a liar and a fraud but, on the bright side, at least she didn’t try to dance.

  35. Madriani's Girl says:

    I’m sorry but the pic with the helmet is doing her ZERO favors.

  36. Amilu says:

    I just wish she’d explain the stomach-collapsing video. I’ve seen the bikini photos; I could buy that she was actually pregnant. But I still don’t understand the stomach-collapsing video!

  37. Bijlee says:

    She has said this before, back when she first gave “birth”. I’m beginning to think they just have words written for her to say. Like a script or something. She doesn’t think for herself other people write it down for her.

  38. Isa says:

    I’m not sure why but her body grosses me out when it’s not clothed.
    Am I the only woman that didn’t give a crap about giving birth? I mean sure I like to talk about how it went but I didn’t feel powerful. I slept through most and felt like A lot of pressure so I pushed and I had my baby. I had a csection with my second and it was awful. My kids are my world. But I didn’t feel powerful or whatever while giving birth. It was just a process to get my baby.

  39. Kortnej@Kloi says:

    I have 99 problems but SINGING LIVE ain’t one…

  40. CocoBelly says:

    What exactly is she protecting her mother from????

    Her answers just come off as bs. She’s so powerful she can’t digest basic interview questions.

  41. Cassie says:

    I only will believe Beyonce was really pregnant when she release the video of the birth. I want to see her suffering, the baby crying, body fluids, placenta, blood and everything else. It would be awesome if the baby were born with huge difficulties. Hot stunning doctors that stupid poor women can’t get will be a huge plus. I hope Beyonce’s team take notice of my demands! LOL

    I just think people who claim Beyonce was not pregnant because she did not look like Jessica Simpson and other obese women are quite …, I did not see these people claiming Gisele was not pregnant once. Gisele looks extremely skinny in each one of her pregnancies, people did get angry because they are fat but nobody said she was faking each pregnancy.
    After reading some comments, Beyonce should have got much more fat mass in her body because she is Black and Black women have predisposition to fatness while pregnant.

  42. KellyinSeattle says:

    Giving birth made me realize it hurt like hell to give birth.
    Beyonce’ is beautiful but she’s annoying!!!!!!

  43. Grace says:

    I have a feeling that Beyonce is going to run her mouth one time too many and the surrogate is going to put all of her business in the streets.
    If she’d really been pregnant pics of her belly would have been everywhere. She’s too vain and greedy to not profit from her pregnancy.
    She would have created some horrible line of maternity wear but she didn’t. She didn’t because she couldn’t risk maternity desingers trying to measure the non-existent expanding belly.
    Neither her mother or sister have actually said that they “saw” her giving birth.

  44. alxandra says:

    This is Bey at 9 months pregnant jumping into a SUV plus she was wearing those horrid Louboutin heels. Impossible this woman was pregnant.

    • feather says:

      I don’t see why it can’t be possible. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and I can jump in and out of SUV like that. Not all pregnancies are the same, I didn’t go through any morning sickness or any of the annoying things. Sure I do get back pain time to time but its not that bad.

  45. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    I think by now someone, *anyone* wanting their 15-minutes of fame–a hospital worker, or even the ‘alleged’ surrogate herself–would have come forward and confirmed the rumor.

    • Cazzie says:

      If a hospital worker broke confidentiality, then they would not only lose their job, but they would have a lot of trouble finding a new one.

      Medical institutions take confidentiality very, very seriously. If Beyonce and Jay Z took over a floor of the hospital, then that tells me that they made a HUGE charity donation to the hospital as well as just paying for all those empty rooms. The only hospital employees allowed on the floor would have been the nurses and doctors – and they certainly aren’t going to talk! It would be the housekeepers or intake receptionists who would talk, and the hospital administration would have made sure that they were nowhere to be found.

      And as for the surrogate talking, I imagine that she was paid handsomely and is maybe hoping for another job with them – a little brother or sister for Blue….

  46. Bubbles says:

    “When I gave birth, that was the first time I truly let go and surrendered. And it taught me how amazing that feels… Giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman. I have so much more substance in my life. And expressing that excitement and that sensuality and the connection I have with my husband—I’m a lot more comfortable with that now. I actually feel like my child introduced me to myself.”

    I didn’t give birth, so maybe you really do feel all of this, but man does she sound pretentious.

  47. Lucija says:

    So so pretty, but so so dumb and pretentious. Can’t stand the woman.

  48. Lisa says:

    That sounds so contrived, because she never actually gave birth, she should have listened to her own people who suggested she revelal surrogacy, too late to back paddle now.

  49. Cassie says:

    I only will believe Beyonce was really pregnant when she release the video of the birth. I want to see her suffering, the baby crying, body fluids, placenta, blood and everything else. It would be awesome if the baby were born with huge difficulties. Hot stunning doctors that stupid poor women can’t get will be a huge plus. I hope Beyonce’s team take notice of my demands! LOL

    I just think people who claim Beyonce was not pregnant because she did not look like Jessica Simpson and other obese women are quite …, I did not see these people claiming Gisele was not pregnant once. Gisele looks extremely skinny in each one of her pregnancies, people did get angry because they are fat but nobody said she was faking each pregnancy.
    After reading some comments, Beyonce should have got much more fat mass in her body because she is Black and Black women have predisposition to fatness while pregnant.

    • heyheyhey says:

      gurl, plee. are you aware of what a blanket statement is? well, you just made one. i’ll let you guess what it is.

      there is such a thing as skinny black girls that stay skinny when pregnant just like white girls and girls of other races. c’mon now.

  50. Lisa says:

    What about the video of Katie couric touching her fake plastic bell without asking, and beyonce jumping back,not a single pick of her bare belly in late pregnancy, she is such a joke

  51. Sue says:

    ‘Sensual’!? Really? It tells me she in no way experienced giving birth personally, except to watch the gestational carrier deliver in the ldr w lights turned down & music playing…..

  52. Ella says:

    You sold out to JayZ’s people, Celebitchy….

  53. anneesezz says:

    She and Jay want to be considered high class so bad but the last thing that comes to mind when I see these photos is CLASSY.

  54. Nicolette says:

    Doesn’t she mean watching someone ELSE give birth?

  55. Lisa says:

    According to blind item jay z poked Gwynn Paltrow a few times, apparently they hooked up, and all you’ll see In HBO documentary is a little bloated stomach from eating bucket of KFC chicken, sonogram of the unfortunate surrogate and a lot of scary close ups of beyonce without makeup.

  56. Lisa says:

    Have you seen tiny, Halle berry, or even the human skeleton Victoria beckham at 9 months they had huge stomachs and waddled like penguins. According to hospital insider, beyonce actually refused to watch her surrogate give birth and waited for the baby to be handed to her, of course it was peaceful, she was sitting i the next room filing her nails or brushing out her mop wig, she is really full of it.

  57. Holden says:

    Oh she faked it alright, and everyone got paid so it will never come to light.

  58. Happy21 says:

    I’ve never had an opinion about the skin bleaching rumours and I still really don’t but I have to say that she looks really light skinned in these photos…Maybe it’s the blonde hair or maybe it’s the colours she’s wearing or even the lighting but she looks like a white girl with a tan to me…

  59. Patrice says:

    Nooooo Beyonce, people frantically reporting and showing PHOTOGRAPIC and video evidence of a fake bump does not just “come along with the job” (notice how, much like with the People mag interview she did, she turns the answer to this question into something about her mom. So strange.) I’m pretty sure that you and Katie Holmes are the only two women in Hollywood who went through and elicited that response from the media and public. Ugh.

    P.S. I, like Kaiser, also do believe that Katie was pregnant with Suri and delivered her *at some point*. But that ‘baby’ bump she had was so comically up and down in size the entire time-no one’s baby shrinks and grows a trimester’s size over night!-that I’m of the camp that she and Tom actually planned it that way (using padding) to throw off the media to Suri’s true date of birth. (If you had all the money in the world and were actually nutty enough to faking a pregnancy, wouldn’t you be meticulous about wearing the proper size prostetic every day?) Pair that with the fact that no “3 month” old baby has the motor skills to do the things that Suri did in the VF photo spread (she looked about 5 months there) and I think we have our answer…

    P.P.S. No one should be particularly surprised by the lengths that celebs vanities, unbelievably over inflated egos and endless amounts of ca$h will take them to. There is more than one reason that big stars have such iron clad confidentiality contracts in place for staff/friends/and even some family. No celeb worth their salt doesn’t have ‘em to protect their true lives and secrets. I can’t really say I blame them though…

  60. Patrice says:

    @Rikki- In regards to her face swelling being ‘proof’ that she carried a baby; one of the other sites reported in a blind that she started taking the steroid Prednasone because it has that exact effect on a lot of people and has actually done that to her own face before. Yes, that does seem insanely extreme-as does all of it-but after what happend with MJ and Dr. Conrad Murry, I now believe more than ever that even medical doctors can be bought for the right amount of dollar signs :( Sad but true.

  61. dcypher1 says:

    I will always not believe she had a baby. That video proves that she had a pillow under her dress. Even with photographic evidence people are in denial.

  62. DB says:

    Every time Beyonce shares her pregnancy and birth experience, it makes her sound more and more full of it. I’m a mom and nothing she has said rings true – not even a little bit. It reminds me of the scene in 30 Year Old Virgin when Steve Carell’s character describes breasts as feeling like bags of sand. Beyonce’s exactly the same. she sats these dumb, cliched things because she has never experienced them firsthand. Beyonce thinks she’s so convincing, but her comments are so far fetched that they make the conspiracy much more believable. Beyonce doth protest too much, methinks.

  63. Lisa says:

    And by the way… those prosthetic belly’s don’t just fold over like they’re hollow. They’re pretty solid. Has nobody here ever tried one on or felt one? If she was wearing a fake belly then she wouldn’t have chosen a cheap one that folded when she sat. She’s Beyonce and she is a perfectionist. Myth busted, people.

  64. Bird says:

    Liar liar pants on fire! Oh wait, she’s not wearing any pants.

  65. Anna says:

    She did not give birth. She is a lier and a manipulator.

    There is ONE picture on the web of her belly even remotely big and she is thrusting her hips forward in a white bikini. That is it!!!

    You know this girl would have had TONS and TONS of pictures of her baby bump. In every stage, in every outfit. We would have been SICK of this baby bump.

    I think that, sad to say, Beyonce for some reason cannot have children herself. So she used a surrogate. Maybe she does not want anyone to know she cannot get pregnant. Perhaps the reason she cannot get pregnant is an awful story. Either way, it reminds me of OJ Simpson. He lied so much he began to believe his own lies. I think by this time, Bey really thinks she did give birth in NYC.

  66. Joanna says:

    wow, i am soo sick of women posing in nothing. she’s a big celeb, she could have said no to it. why do women always feel like they have to sexualize themselves? why can’t they just be? ya know what i mean. no man feels the need to take it all off but apparently these women do. no wonder 14 year old girls feel the need to dye their hair, wear makeup, etc. it’s time we started teaching women that they are not just the sum of their looks. beauty is skin deep, dumb is forever!

  67. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    The only way I’m going to believe her now, is if next time she gives birth she also sings The Star Spangled Banner DURING contractions while The Marine Corps Band films the entire process.

    Beyonce is a national embarrassment. She used to just be an obnoxious celebrity but lip syncing the national anthem during Obama’s inauguration? She should be ashamed of herself. No excuse is good enough.

  68. homey says:

    love what she said about childbirth. growing a human is part of the feminist package. directing the lives of the next generation. that’s power. women who say they don’t want kids…they just don’t understand. I don’t want to be a baby making machine either…but having a child and growing their lives..not to control, but to contribute to bringing out their unique lives. I am a bit of a block mom, but i’m no haus frau. I’m college educated, a professional and and a proud Feminist. I’m happy Beyonce empowered birth in her interview…Now about that lip syncing. Is pure singing too powerful to digest?? hmm…

  69. Lisa says:

    How odd to make a documentary about pregnancy and only include pictures of early pregnancy and sonogram, any real pregnancy video would have shown a woman in late stages of her pregnancy. This is Publicity nightmare for beyonce but she chose to do this stupid stunt and these are the consequences. Heard she be announcing another pregnancy soon, and that the reason for this HBO movie.

  70. Taizer says:

    A fellow Virgo myself, I’d say she did not give birth. In her place, neither would I.

  71. good_as_gold says:

    I rethink, overthink, and rethink again till I think my mind will explode. I give myself insomnia over it almost every night. I’m a Pisces. I don’t think over-thinking and over-analysing is in any way restricted to Virgoes. It’s a very much human thing.

    Is it just me, or is this woman obsessed with power? To me, she has grown very dull and self-obsessed. She thinks she is queen of the world. Sure, she is successful, but when people get a huge head it is just so off-putting.