Brandi Glanville rates Eddie Cibrian’s sexy times as a ‘nine out of ten’

Yesterday I covered Brandi Glanville’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live, thinking that I had found the best part of Brandi’s interview. I was wrong! Yes, Brandi did refer to LeAnn’s Entertainment Tonight interview as “cray-cray” and she also used the word “insane” to describe LeAnn, but it turns out that Brandi also had some stuff to say about Eddie. I didn’t have the patience to go through all of the Bravo videos to find where Brandi is talking about this, but here are the relevant quotes:

As break ups go, Brandi Glanville’s split from Eddie Cibrian amongst the most vicious around. So it is all the more surprising to hear Brandi admit that her ex-husband did have some good points.

In a surprising new interview the 40-year-old was asked to rate Eddie ‘in the bedroom’ on a scale on one to ten.

‘I would say he’s a nine,’ the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star replied, without hesitation.

‘I was with him for 13 years,’ she added. ‘I wouldn’t stay if it wasn’t, like, a total package.’

But despite her admiration of the 39-year-old’s bedroom skills, Brandi left viewers of Watch What Happens Live under no illusions about her feelings for her cheating ex.

Asked if the pair would ever reunite she said ‘no’ and added that the father of her two sons ‘makes my skin crawl’.

‘He, at this point … I care about him as the father of my children … [but] even if we’re in the same room, he makes my skin crawl,’ she said.

[From The Mail]

I can understand that. Maybe you call it “dickmatized” or maybe you can just say that love casts its spell on all of us, but I can understand how you can spend 13 years with someone and the sex is awesome and then within the span of a few years, you absolutely hate the sight of that person and they disgust you. I don’t know – I think Brandi was just being honest. It also goes to what I said at the beginning of LeAnn’s affair with Eddie – that it was the first time LeAnn had ever gotten laid properly, and she was so overcome with Big Os that it frazzled her brain. True story.

Incidentally, LeAnn was recently talking about her sex life with Eddie during her ET interview too. When asked about their sex life, LeAnn said, “Have you seen him? Sex is whatever time. Any time of the day. Whenever he wants it.” See? That actually makes me feel for her a little bit. Poor woman had never really been nailed to the wall before she met him. Now she’s doing whatever she can to keep it going.

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  1. Riana says:

    …not milking it at all, nope.

  2. brin says:

    Brandi is a smart cookie…she was honest about her relationship with Ediot (then and now) while basically letting Leann know she is having Brandi’s sloppy seconds.

  3. Lulu says:

    I’m sure it just makes Leann ‘cray-cray’ to hear Brandi rate her ex-husband like that. (He’s mine, mine, MINE!!!!!)

    I feel like Leann is teetering on the edge of insanity and Brandi is the one who could just send her over the edge. Doesn’t she realize that the boys could be collateral victims if Leann goes down in a serious way (think Britney Spears)?

    • arock says:

      at this point shes just kind of uncomfortable to watch. at every opportunity (read-staged photo opps) she throwing her head back, braying and checking to see who notices how happy they are.
      im not a mean person, but wouldnt opposed to a pool going to see how long this lasts and under what conditions the breakup happens. over/unders accepted.

      • Erinn says:

        Yeah… some deranged part of me feels bad for Leanne, but only one the most basic of levels. She’s a train wreck, and that’s where my sympathy ends. I can’t imagine things not just imploding in the near future. For the sake of the kids though, I’d hope it will be when they aren’t around.

  4. Quinn says:

    Huh. He was pretty cute back when he was with Brandi (I had never seen him before all of this LeAnn drama kicked in)…I NEVER saw anything attractive about him before, but he was actually okay. He’s not ageing well, for sure. Brandi definitely had him at his height. LeAnn loses again. HAHAHA.

    • Vesper says:

      He’s not aging well?? He’s going to be 40, he looks almost the same as he did in his early 30′s, he has all his hair, his skin is flawless and he still works out. He’s always been known for his looks. How many 40 year old men do u know that look like that?

      Obviously, Charisma didn’t feel that way since they decided to hire him as a model 1-2 years ago.

  5. pretty says:

    wow! He’s really HOT in pics with Brandi. :) :)

  6. Elceibeno08 says:

    Oh what a big revelation! Like no one knows Leann is dickwhipped. I do wonder what makes a man a 9 in bed? Ladies any hints?

  7. Samigirl says:

    Oh man, I bet LR is going to flip out when she sees this. How delightful!

  8. Ms Kay says:

    Of course he is a 9. But MeAnn will even raise the bar higher saying he is a 18 out of 10, because MeAnn can’t stand that someone knows her hubby d!ck better than she does. And either way, Eddie No-Brilliant has to keep them dangly bits working up to keep his sugar mama satisfied and overall enjoy his kept-bitch lifestyle.

  9. Clementine says:

    I cannot imagine how anyone can stand being married to Brandi- she is a relentless self-promoter and extreme narcissist. I do not support the way Eddie and Leann started their affair while married to others, it probably didn’t take much for Leanne to steal his heart- she is a genuine woman. Brandi, on the other hand, a self-admitted “slut” cannot get passed the fact her husband left her for another woman. Move on like everyone else and try to think about your kids next time you open your foul mouth.

    • mln76 says:

      Narcissistic people like other narcissists. Brandi based her marraige on good sex because that is what she values in relationships (Gerry Butler).Eddie is the textbook definition of a narcisist oh and LeeAnn is a narcisist too (or perhaps borderline personality). Basically they all sick in the head I feel bad for the kids.

      • Happymom says:

        This exactly. I was predisposed to like Brandi just because I think Leann is a whackadoo. Then I watched RHOBH last week for the first time. Ewwww. How can anyone say they find Brandi “real” or “likeable”? The only ones I feel badly for are those 2 little boys.

      • LAK says:

        @happymom – you watched RHOBH last week and decided Brandi was unlikeable…..tell me, was it the episode where she was forced (as a favour) to meet with one of Eddie’s jump offs, who told her, in detail, just how much eddie had cheated and lied to Brandi?

        Or was it the episode where several cast (and non cast) members are trying to intimidate and actually bullied her simply because she is an easy target and has to (de)fend for herself without might of family clout or money?

      • Happymom says:

        @LAK-seriously? She’s tacky and a famewhore-just like all of the other “housewives”. She’s on a reality tv show. The whole point of those shows is to be sensational and drama filled.

      • LAK says:

        @happymom – i’d wager most people who watch reality shows, me included, are perfectly aware of content and the types of people that populate them.

        It’s soap opera escapism pure and simple.

        And since these people are putting themselves about publicly asking to be judged, we judge.

        Against a backdrop of tackiness and reprehensible behaviour on RHOBH, Brandi is likeable.

      • april says:

        I agree. Each one is narcisstic. Not just LeAnn. Like attracts like. They are all losers. Brandi is too foulmouthed and has no filter when she speaks which I find trashy. LeAnn just needs to go away.

    • Zooyork says:

      Clementine, your comments are the complete opposite of the truth.

    • Deanne says:

      Was Eddie thinking of his kids while he was sicking his pickle into any orifice that would let him? Did LeAnn think of her husband, or Eddie’s kids when she was spreading her legs for him? LeAnn didn’t steal Eddie’s heart, she was just a huge crotch shaped wallet to him and still is.

    • Vesper says:

      @ Clementine:

      + 1. Not to mention she is as dumb as dirt and has no idea how to communicate constructively or conduct herself socially.

  10. says:

    Of course he’s a 9. Boy has to have some sort of talent, cause acting ain’t it.

  11. bopit says:

    there is no peen THAT good that can make two grown-up women act like their own Sideshow…

    • Ms Kay says:

      Trust me honey, it’s hard to believe it when you haven’t experienced it. I was hanging out with a narcissistic womanizer dude and I introduced him to a girl I met not long ago, I knew they’d hit it off, but after that it wasn’t my business. Thing is she fell hard for him within a week (read : dude f!cked her brains out and of course like any womanizing liar he told her sweet lines how much he had feelings for her etc), and cried in my ears as dude turned cold and didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. So as much as I liked her, I didn’t want to be involved into the mess and I just tried to get her some fresh air, took her out, to some fashion events, film events, gigs etc. Still she found a way to say how much she couldn’t stop thinking about him (read : dickmatized) and I kept quiet, because it wasn’t my job to be honest for the guy. But thing is the narcissistic dude was having vag’ thirst and couldn’t find any and tried to get her back, he saw that we were hanging out together and he panicked at the thought I may have told the girl he was literally and figuratively a d!ck so he totally turned the situation around out of nowhere and told the girl that if they’re not together anymore it’s because she told me their business and I’m a troublemaker. So the chick bought it and called me, told me she was disappointed in me that I told people (read : NO ONE) their business and she didn’t think I was a friend (read : sorry I’m weak but I choose his d!ck, it’s just too good) and I simply hung up and cut her off. She ran back to him, he banged her and dropped her again to fly all the way to Oceania to live with his baby mama and be a kept bitch (baby mama has money and paid for all the fees, and baby mama knows he’s a cheat but she still keeps him).

      Never underestimate the power of a peen. Look at Fist Brown and RiRi.

      • Joanna says:

        Yep, I can testify to the power of being dickmatized.

      • Kiki says:

        Excellent description Ms. Kay… I suffered from the same two years ago… I too was d!ckmatized…

      • mln76 says:

        I too was dickmatized but I clawed my way out and I tell you what any grown ass woman that stays with someone like Eddie for more than a few months to a year is just as twisted in the head and needs counseling and likely has a personality disorder themselves *cough BRANDI * cough LEEANN. Men like this are sociopathic and its impossible to have anything resembling a real relationship outside of the bedroom.

      • Shannon says:

        Yep its happened to me too. Being dickmatized is a real thing ladies!!

      • Ms Kay says:

        Oh yes, I have indirectly experienced it as I witnessed his antics. I tried to see the good in the guy but he only values himself and has zero empathy for others. Whenever bad things happen it’s always the others fault. He positions things as if he is doing people a favour by being in their lives whereas all he does is using them to satisfy his selfish needs, and when confronted he becomes a stellar coward and runs away blaming others, whether it is for sex, friendship and other pseudo relationships. And because he tries to rationalize his conniving ways he repeats the same thing all over again, he has NO comprehension of his acts, he bases his worth on his ego and d!ck and other “Me” behaviour… Cherry on the top was when he said that he was convinced that God sent him on earth to accomplish something grandiose and a girl sitting next to him was swallowing them words (like she swallowed his d!ck of course).

      • FassDaActor says:

        Ummhummm to everything you said…especially about CB and RiRi. Just remember ladies, it can happen to you lol. Get your Jane Eyre on and stay strong. You can climb out of the dickmitization because you are better than that! Other dks in the world. It happens when the 1st or 2nd dk is banging and/or you’re not used to good dk. Watch out lol! Get a few fks and bounce. Use the memories as a masturbatory aid!

      • ViktoryGin says:

        @ FassDaaActor


        I used Jane Eyre as encouragement to extract myself from an addictive relationship back in college.

        She’s never far from my mind in these types of situations.

    • vvvoid says:

      I have been dckmatized many times. Not always with total jerkoffs, but a few times, and other times I just put up with a less than awesome, while not abusive or terrible, relationship because the sex was fantastic.
      It sucks.
      Buuuuut…either LeAnn is particularly weak minded and insecure, enough that she could still cling hopelessly to a man who is clearly not in love with her nor capable of loving anyone except himself, or Eddie is literally the best lay in the world and can turn a good, sane woman insane and indifferent to the suffering of others. If the latter is true, hell, I want some of that [because it must be out of this world], but I suspect the former to be the case. LeAnn was always a weak and selfish moron and he dcked her down proper and that was all it took, she was never particularly sensitive to the concept of right and wrong or to the feelings of others.

  12. judyjudy says:

    These girls are so trashy! Rating someone’s sex skills? Really?

    I love this trashy drama and all the comments. I’m looking forward to hearing how refreshing it is that Brandi is so honest. Rating sex skills!

  13. Vicky says:

    Honestly, I think Brandi is saying these things on purpose to advertise Eddie’s services, thus unleashing many women and groupies in his direction, which will of course drive LeAnn crazy (well more crazy than she already is).

    Well played Brandi.

  14. Allie May says:

    I’m so grateful Leann and Brandi keep oversharing! Best free entertainment around…

    Although I feel bad for those little boys.

  15. Good boy! says:

    Seems like only Leann is trashed or sometimes Brandi, while Eddie is an angel. If gerard butler cheats on a married woman, it again the married woman’s fault. When Married Brad cheats on angelina, its obviously Angelina’s fault! If Kristen cheats on Rob, it not married man’s fault but only and only Kristen’s! :P

  16. LucyS says:

    I really wish these people would just shut up. They have *kids* who someday are going to read this stuff. Do you really want your child to see that his father makes your skin crawl? Just shut up already.

  17. Cathy says:

    Well, they asked, and Brandi answered. She could of said no comment. But as a poster said above, I think she wanted LeAnn to know she has sloppy seconds. Good one Brandi.

  18. MsAubra says:

    Brandi knows what she’s doing! LOL It was funny at first, but now it’s like, hush woman!

  19. Too says:

    I don’t like LeAnn, but I really don’t like Brandi either.

    Brandi’s big mouth concerning Adrienne’s personal business about Adrienne’s children turned me off of her.

    • LAK says:

      In defence of Brandi and all of this incedent, she told an intimate gathering of people, all of whom knew about it, and if it was so scandalous why did none of those people tell her to shut up right there? That’s what I would have done.

      Instead,some of the very same people in that room, repeated what Brandi allegedly said to outsiders (ie spread the gossip, gleefully whilst concern trolling the injured party) and then used the outsiders to browbeat Brandi down as though they had been in the room when Brandi said whatever she was alleged to have said.

      Further, the one person who did eventually tell the injured party what Brandi allegedly said about them has such a tenaciously weak grasp on reality/truth that who knows what she reported as the truth to the injured party?

      Let’s not forget what the injured party alleged about one of the other cast members during the cast reunion which was both untruthful and potentially ruinous to their reputation and business, which has caused a permanent rift in their relationship. That was aired on national TV.

      Brandi is an easy target for everyone. Who can’t wait to call her trailer trash etc when they behave and say worse.

  20. virginia5 says:

    I know everyone seems to be pro Brandi, but she is no different than leanne!

  21. HadleyB says:

    Brandi seems to rate a lot of men high on the sex scale though so I don’t know if I would trust her judgment too much … maybe she enjoys sex A LOT, maybe it’s her thats really good and puts in all the effort?

    It just seems like all the men she talks about has been GREAT in bed .. come on .. ALL? And seems like she has been around a lot as well so there had to have been some duds in there .. hot or not not everyone is great.

  22. Kiyoshigirl says:

    I guess THAT explains why she still swoons after this guy. It certainly cannot be his acting, earning, or commitment abilities.

  23. Relli says:

    Lol, the amount of pearl clutching in these comments is hilarious!

    In the words if the great Tina Fey,you all have to quit calling each other sluts & whores because it only makes it OK for men to do it too.

    • mln76 says:

      With all due respect to Dame Tina Fey a
      famewhore is a gender neutral term in my book and that is what Brandi is :)

      • Relli says:

        I don’t think its right anyway you put it and I will never use it to describe another woman, its demeaning and defies the sisterhood. The fact that you can justify your reasoning because of what you have seen on TV and perceive a person to be, tells me everything I need to know about you.

      • mln76 says:

        You are entitled to your opinions but once you presume to know how or why I come to my own that shows one thing your ignorance.
        The fact that you can spell sisterhood doesn’t.imply you know its meaning…hilarious how the draconian opinions some have about adultery being solely the blame of the other woman who should be marked with a Scarlet A for all time escape your sanctimony.

      • Relli says:

        M, this is a blog not an English class, if you want to pick on me for a 5 minute blurb i wrote than that is fine, but it shows your true colors. Some of us have real things to do besides hanging out on here picking fights with others.

        I have told you before I generally read your comments because you are smart and usually have great perspective. But you are continuously rude to me (and everyone else) when i do not agree with you and are obstinate in your opinions to the point you contradict yourself. One minute you are going off how on people blame LeAnn because she is a woman and in the next comment you are slut shaming another woman. In another post you are preaching about bullying and being examples to children and yet you do the same. Calling people sluts and whores IS DAMAGING, and it is bullying. Maybe in your little bubble of the world you don’t think so, but it is and I have the scars to prove it.

        So make fun me. Pick apart my response to whatever you want. But there is nothing in the world that is going to justify (to me) calling anyone names like that.

      • mln76 says:

        Well Relli I’m sorry you feel that way but I felt that your prior comment was a personal attack. You presumed to know how or why I came to my opinions and it got me heated just like you are now. Personally I find the ‘slut shaming’ accusation unfair for several reasons. Primarily because my problem is not now nor never has been who sleeps with who..Brandi’s actions are more a pattern of selling out her children, and selling out her private life then claiming eternal victimhood offend me. I find her actions prostituting her personal life for fame to be the definition of being a famewhore and again in my opinion a man can be a famewhore as can a woman. I find the ‘jezi speak’ tiresome and sanctimonious not on a personal level because I don’t know you personally but on a gossip speak level. Why do we have to refrain from calling out a person for being manipulative when they are paying us for fools? In my opinion its an ntellectual cop out to evade from addressing her behavior and a gotcha tactic that tries to evade an actual discussion of her behavior which you like many seem to support. It’s the kind of silliness that gives PC a bad name. And I say that as a feminist.
        As for the dig about time on my hands (another personal attack but I ain’t mad) you post and read enough that I am familiar to you so i guess we are in the same boat.
        Oh and I think you would be hard pressed to find me defending LeeAnn Rimes more than saying it takes two to tango. I think her behavior has been reprehensible and the worst of the three is Eddie only sympathy in this is to the kids.

  24. natavalina says:

    Ewww he gives me the creeps!!

  25. tuva says:

    She is no better than Leann. Those poor boys!

  26. Memphis says:

    I bet the rumblings could be felt for miles from her stomps and screams when she heard it! Then she probably spent the whole night asking Eddie, “But I’m better than she was baby, right? RIGHT?” And he looked at her purse on the counter, hung his head and answered sure baby (all while remembering how not demanding, fun and not so horse like sex use to be)

    And on another note…Wow those pictures really bring out how much Leann is sucking the hottness out of Eddie. He was once a fine looking man! Living with such outright crazy and being on such a short leash has really taken its toll!

  27. Holden says:

    I really can’t imagine talking about my current flame or ex’s bedroom performance, especially publicly, but then again, these are both famewhores.

  28. Haolebunny says:

    I have to say that it’s like a day without sunshine when there isn’t a Brandi-MeAnn-Ediot story here. I love Brandi- I don’t care what you say about her, I love her candor. The girl needs to make some $$$ and Ediot has none of t
    hat. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when MeAnn heard Brandi say that on WWHL? And don’t think she wasn’t stalker-watching.

  29. KellyinSeattle says:

    I still wouldn’t sleep with him, nine or not.

  30. Relli says:

    Has anyone ever noticed how much he looks like Scott Peterson?

  31. Grace says:

    He’s a nine because he spends all his time practicing with all of her friends and every other woman within his reach.
    He’s a narcissistic sociopath.
    If LeAnn ever cuts off the money flow to him he’ll turn into the devil.
    If LeAnn wants to test his “love” she ought to tell him his allowance is going to be drastically reduced.
    He’d be out the door within minutes.

  32. candigirl says:

    ITA with all the comments saying how ugly this guy has become. So old and creepy looking, ugh, he makes my skin crawl too. In the photo with the braying Leann he looks like a molester.

  33. Zwella Ingrid says:

    Maybe its been talked about in another thread, but I’m suprised no one has mentioned the fact that Leann said she gives it to Ediot whenever he wants it. That is major dicktimazation!She gives it to him whenever he wants because she is so insecure and is afraid she will lose him if she doesn’t! That actually makes me feel a little sorry for her. Totally shows how fragile the relationship is, and how she is trying to hold him with all she’s got!

  34. littlestar says:

    I wish Brandi didn’t share this information – it’s TOO personal. If she wants to goad Leann, fine (I made a comment yesterday that I think Brandi keeps this drama up with Leanna because it brings her $$$), but this took it a little too far IMO. Stop talking about Eddie like he’s some prize – he’s not! All of us here know what a turd he is, and why keep him in the spotlight anymore than he deserves to be.

  35. Snowpea says:

    If you’ve never been dickmatised, here’s how it goes.

    They are smart enough to know it’s not all about the bedroom. They are GOOD. You have a fight, and he comes home from work with La Perla lingerie and champers and murmurs, “Why don’t you go put it on while I open the champagne?”…

    They are ALWAYS ready for sex. Nothing is too weird or kinky or exhibitionist. They are GREAT kissers. They talk dirty. The create drama so you can breakup then makeup, and have the hottest sex of your life. They flirt with other women and then deny it. They keep luring you back and when you come back, the sex blows your mind AGAIN.

    They have enormous peens, always rock hard. They tell you what you want hear, you warily believe them, then they disappear for two days. When they come back, they have some half baked reason for disappearing. You cry, saying you can’t take it anymore. You have sex. Your mind is blown once more.

    And ladies, by the time the dickmatisation is complete, your self esteem is shot, you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. You’re a frazzled, snivelling wreck. You can’t sleep or eat. You’ve lost ten kilos. And yet the only thing or person that can make you feel better is him. You are GONE.

    The road back from dickmatisation is a long, uphill battle. It is now ten years since we broke up and I think I may JUST THIS PAST YEAR be finally over him.

    Ladies it’s a real disease this dickmatisation!

  36. Dee Cee says:

    If Brandi hears Leann say anything.. her standard comment should be “Meh?” and turn her back to move away..

  37. skuddles says:

    Meanwhile, MeAnn looks for a bunny to boil. I’m sure hearing her nemesis talk about Eddster’s bedroom skills is NOT sitting well in her little horsey head.

  38. Lucy2 says:

    I would find this hilarious and appropriate, given Leann’s behavior, but… there’s two kids involved here. None of the adults in the situation knows how to behave in a way that protects them.

  39. lisa2 says:

    I have nothing to say regarding Brandi. OK..Why??? MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE WOMAN. And I honesty think that if he left Leanne and wanted Brandi back, she would go back to him in a hot minute. I just feel it.

    And funny how when you see good looking men with women you look to see if he or they look good together. Well I don’t think he looks good with either of them. He doesn’t seem to fit with either woman. No chemistry with either. hmmmm

    • Jezi says:

      She would not go back with him. She has no interest in a man who has allowed his current wife to disrespect her on every level, who has threatened her on numerous occasions about taking her children from her, has put her down as a wife and mother and has completely left her financially strained and fighting to make a comfortable life for herself and her children. She is not interested in that type of man. Eddie used to be her everything and now he’s just the father of her kids. That’s enough for her.

      • candigirl says:

        Thank you. Also, let’s not forget, he cheated on her for several years in their marriage, and during her pregnancy, subjecting her and her baby to possible STD’s. Then he publicly cheated on her and dumped her while his mistress stalked them both and sold the photos of the affair to the tabloids for money and fame. Then he fed details of Brandi’s personal and medical history to his mistress so she could stalk and copy Brandi in minute detail. And he supported the mistress in stalking, taunting and threatening Brandi online and in the media. He disrupted his kids’ home life and subjected them to all the media scrutiny and pap harassment at school and after school games with his new found affair/divorce/remarriage scandal. He is no longer with them for half of the time. He left Brandi and his kids deep in debt and without a means of support. He took her to court and threatened her with lawsuits to try to control her own career and earnings. He forces the kids to shuttle between the tension of two different homes and encourages the two women in their constant fighting. He did all of the above and more because he loves top shelf tequila, Cabo and all the things his mistress/wife’s money can buy. Eddie Cibrian is not a ‘man’ in any real sense of the word. Many terms come to mind: pimp, dick, gigolo, manwhore, gold digger, scam artist, grifter, sleaze bag, douche, cheater, deadbeat dad, sperm donor…

  40. Dirty Martini says:

    I cant stand any of them. At least LR has musical talent, so there is some level of redeeming value there. So EC can rock the bedroom–OK, fine. Good for….well whoever wants it.

    BG can just slink away. She lost her man to moneybags. And LR bought herself a human dildo.

    Ho hum. Is Downton Abbey on yet?

  41. Jaded says:

    All three of them are utterly vapid, low-classy and insufferable.

  42. Shelley says:

    I find the photo of LeAnn with Dean incredibly sad. They look so young, trusting, and happy with each other. And she looks literally like an entirely different person.

  43. Kosmos says:

    Brandi was honest about his bedroom skills, but why flatter him? I would not have commented to this question. He doesn’t deserve flatter. I keep wondering what Eddie does for a living. Brandi has her series, LeAnn has her singing career, but Eddie? He hasn’t had any acting jobs, so what can he do well other than sex?

    • Vesper says:

      According to his IMDb profile he does work. In 2012 he completed two movies, in one he is the main character. He guest starred in three different weekly tv series, and had recurring roles. He is currently filming another movie. He has his modeling gig at Charisma and royalties coming in from Third Watch. Third Watch was a critically acclaimed series, and he was on it for five years as a very popular main character. They’ve been airing reruns since it was cancelled.

      I’m so tired of repeating what Eddie has been up to, but I cannot stand hearing someone being bashed as a deadbeat dad when the facts don’t support that. Go lay that label on someone who does.

      As far as him being a gold digger, I guess that means Dean was one x 100, and any other man who earns less than his partner. Since LeAnn is worth $32 million, I guess she should have stayed single and only date/marry someone whose net worth matches her own.

      If Eddie was a gold digger, why did he spent 13 years with a woman who never worked?

  44. Caroline says:

    OK in the first pic Brandy looks gorgeous…then it’s liked she aged 20 years in the 2nd pic! What happened to her face jesus

  45. Zooyork says:

    Brandi had Eddie when he actually was good looking. HA HA LeAnn, Brandi wins. (Eddiot looks like crap now.)

  46. Maxicab says:

    The whole MyAnn drama is a ridiculous narcissistic mess, created by someone who seems to revel in the downfall of others,to get what they want. I totes respect Brandi for having the guts and gall to hustle as many job opportunities as she can, in a difficult situation. Hopefully she’ll find someone who loves her and treats her with respect next time. Team Brandi all the way. Would have a modicum of respect for LR if she was decent about the situation, not behaving with continual cockiness and wallowing in a trough of self pity.

  47. bELLA says:

    They have beautiful kids together !
    THE CHEATER CAN`T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM THEM!lol It must drive her nuts!