Will Adele “pull a Beyonce” at the Academy Awards or will she sing live?

There are some new photos of Adele floating around – she’s been in LA since Golden Globe weekend, and she’s been getting pap’d every so often, and the latest pics show her wearing a necklace that says “Angelo”. Could this be her long-awaited and long-speculated baby name? We know for sure that she had a son, right? Right. She had a son. So is his name Angelo Konecki? Sure. Why not? Still, don’t expect a hard confirmation any time soon, I think. Adele told reporters at the Golden Globes, “I am not sharing his name at the moment. It is very personal to me. I am enjoying him on my own.” Meanwhile, while she’s in LA, she’s rehearsing to sing live at this year’s Oscars!!!

Adele is making her return to the stage in grand fashion. The new mom will perform her Oscar-nominated song “Skyfall” during the 85th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood Feb. 24, the show’s producers announced Jan. 23.

The performance will be doubly special, as it will be the first time Adele has performed “Skyfall” live and it will mark her first U.S. television performance since the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in 2012.

“We have enormous respect for Adele’s unique artistry as a songwriter and a singer,” Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the producers of this year’s Academy Awards, tell Us Weekly in a statement. “She is currently one of the most successful recording artists in the world, and we believe that her performance of ‘Skyfall’ will be an exciting Oscar moment for audiences watching at the Dolby Theatre and on television screens around the world.”

“Skyfall,” from the James Bond film of the same name, is competing in the Original Song category. “It’s an honor to be nominated, and terrifyingly wonderful to be singing in front of people who have captured my imagination over and over again,” Adele, 24, says. “It’s something I’ve never experienced and probably only ever will once!”

Adele made her first post-baby appearance at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills Jan. 13. The acclaimed vocalist — who has yet to reveal the name of her son with boyfriend Simon Konecki — picked up the award for Best Original Song for “Skyfall.”

“Oh my god! Honestly, I’d come out for a night out with my friend,” said the star, who gave birth to a baby boy in October. “We’re new mums, we’ve literally come for a night out. I was not expecting this. Thank you so much! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your world. We’ve been pissing ourselves laughing!”

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, some singers act like the whole world should worship them even when they’re deigning to sing at the Academy Awards. I don’t think Adele will be like that at all – after all, she’s a HUGE movie-buff. She loves old movies and gangster movies and the films of the 1970s. She’s incredibly bright and I imagine she’ll want to meet all of her favorite movie stars and the people she’ll want to meet are not, like, Bradley Cooper. She’ll want to meet Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep. And I would imagine they’d like to meet her too! As for the questions about whether or not Adele would possible “Beyonce” her way through a live performance at the Oscars… I doubt it. I seriously doubt it. Adele is all about her voice and singing live. I can’t wait!!

UPDATE: The Mail says the baby’s name is Angelo James Konecki.

Some photos of Adele from two weeks ago:

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. DanaG says:

    Adele has a better voice then Beyonce and doesn’t rely on the sexy outfits and dance routines. Unlike Beyonce, Adele is all about the voice. Beyonce sang at the Oscars a couple of years ago I think she mimed then too and still sucked she can’t sing the high notes she needs to realise that not everyone is looking at her butt.

    • Pont Neuf says:

      Sorry, but NO. Adele is a superb composer and a very intense and heartfelt singer. Note that I said singer, not vocalist. Her voice is pretty, but considerably limited compared to most pop singers.

      Beyoncé, on the other hand, is a good vocalist (with awful taste in songs and a plastic personality), and she can sing circles around Adele even on her worst day. She has a FAR better range, a more resonant, elastic and agile voice and a clearer tone.

      Also, that James Bond song is hideous. I love Adele’s openness and honesty, but she is nowhere near Beyoncé in terms of vocal talent.

      • Jen says:

        Vocal gymnastics do not equal artistry. There is no soul or honest expression of emotion when Beyonce sings. It’s all manufactured. Is she a vocalist? Yep.

        But Adele is an artist.

        Adele wins. Every time.

      • kingkayski says:

        Are you high?We’re talking about Adele here,not miming queen B.”she has FAR better range,a more resonant,elastic and agile voice and clearer tone”.What you been smokin girl,i want some of it!And i don’t even like Adele that much!

      • 'Sup? says:

        I don’t know Pont Neuf, personally it seems that their CDs deliver very good music however when it comes to performing live a lot of singers do not have that wide range the autotune and special recordimg effects gives them. So Bey does sound great in recorded audio but lacks during live performances because then you hear her real range. Adele delivers in recorded media or live because it seems she stays away from tweaking her voice in either form, which makes her so authentic and likeable.
        It’s like the fast food ads, the sandwiches and burgers look like a scrumptious dream on paper or commercials, but when you buy the actual thing at the store you see the real product without photoshop or retouching. I miss mom n pop restaurants (Adele is like one of these, less ads, real product). That’s my 2 cents.

      • mel says:

        I thought the same thing…what are you smoking? There is no way Beyonce is a better singer or vocalist….period. I like her music fine..but seriously…just no.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Pshhhhhhhh um yeah OK, troll. If that’s the case, why didn’t the “Skyfall” producers have Beyonce write/and or sing the track for the film? Oh yeah…Beyonce’ doesn’t write her own material, and she does not have the unique soul or tone in her voice when compared to Adele. Bey would have been all about verbrado and that R&B showmance all over the track. Adele was evidently the best choice and still is.

      • su says:

        THANK YOU.

        Its so funny to see all these pressed individuals talking about Bey not being a good singer just because they dont like her. Beyonce DOES have better range and is a MUCH more skilled singer,her lovel of vocal control is UNMATCHED-Check get me bodied live. These basics are out here like Beyonce is the only one to ever use a pre-recorded track- whitney, aretha anyone ?

      • littlestar says:

        Even if a singer has a limited vocal range, as long as they can sing well and use their voice to its full potential, that’s all that matters to me personally. Even if Adele and Beyonce both have limited vocal ranges, well, not everyone can be a Mariah Carey lol. Adele knows how to use her voice. After watching some live performances of Beyonce on Youtube yesterday, I thought her vocals were very weak and she had poor control over her voice. I’m beginning to think Beyonce truly is all fluff and no substance. Theatrics and grand performances do not make someone a good singer.

    • nikko says:

      I don’t understand why everyone is comparing the two. The both sing differently, they are both artist in their own right. I’m not a fan of either one and I feel there are some singers who are better than Adele and Beyonce, but that’s my choice and the style of music I like. What fun would it be if everyone sound the same?

  2. Riana says:

    The uproar over this, Beyonce singing on a backing track, now makes me wonder if folks really didn’t realize how much this happened before with various singers in the past. Like so many didn’t know Whitney’s version was pre-recorded. Oh well.

    Adele is absolutely adorable and I’m sure she’ll kill it!

  3. brin says:

    I agree…Adele seems so down-to-earth..she is the anti-Beyonce. She’ll sing live and she will be fantastic!

  4. carrie says:

    everyone sings live at Oscar show

  5. marie says:

    It’s what she does, she doesn’t dance or fanny about so it would be a bit odd if she didn’t sing live. Plus, she’s got a fantastic voice and there’s no need to pre-record it. I’d flip jipped if she did (not that I really invested anything into the moment)

    • Buckwild says:

      I agree! People are making it sound like Adele’s talent is sooo much greater than Beyonce because she only relies on her voice..well that’s true, but why is dancing and stage presence considered less of a talent? Beyonce can sing, dance and she does have star power. It’s not really correct to compare a soulful vocalist like Adele to a pop superstar like Beyonce. Apples to oranges

      • Ash says:

        Aha but there in lies the problem…if Beyonce could sing and dance at the same time, she wouldn’t need a backing track, would she?
        Team Adele.
        All Beyonce has ever done is scream at people, oops I meant “sing” while whip around extentions. If that’s the case, I am certain I have talent too, for the bargain price of 49.95 clip in weave!

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        If Beyonce had powerful enough of a voice and lyrics, she could move people with out all the props, costumes and dancing around. That form of entertaining on stage is to keep the audience from getting bored, which would happen if she just stood or sat in the same costume and just sang the whole time – which is what Adele does at her concerts. So the point is that Adele doesn’t need to do all that, and Beyonce does. I think the other reason is her fanbase, they wouldnt know what to do at a show where there is no dancing around etc..but I dont know what fueled the fire of influence first, Bey to her fanbase or the fanbase to the type of music she puts out.

      • su says:

        thats the whole point of being the type of performer beyonce is, there is more than one element to it. DUH. Tina turner had costumes so CLEARLY she has no talent right? what a stupid to suggest! buckwild people just LOVE to hate.

      • LAK says:

        Su – bad choice of examples to use since Beyonce has SWF’d Tina’s stage act/costuming and is now pretending she came up with it, down to the sexy back up dancers.

        Tina could SING and DANCE in high heels. no grandiose LOOK AT ME tricks.

      • su says:


        when has beyonce NOT given props to tina turner? when has she pretended she invented her performance style? what are the look at me gimmicks you suppose they are talking about then? beyonce CAN sing and dance in heels, any suggestion otherwise is blatant denial. come ON.

        emmastonewannabe claims if a person has costume of intricat choreography then theyre an attention whore, which is amazingly stupid on ALL levels.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Considering she sang live after throat surgery, I’m pretty sure she can do it here!

  7. Nicole says:

    I don’t think Beyonce should become a synonym for playback… As much as I don’t like her persona she’s proven multiple times that she has a great live voice!! That said I think Adele will be amazing at the Oscars!!

  8. Katie says:

    Well, when you have talent you can sing live. Beyonce has always had to rely on gimmickry; Adele can stand on her voice alone.

  9. Jayna says:

    What an odd question. That’s an inside venue, not outside in freezing weather singing to a million people at the inauguration or at the Super Bowl in freezing weather with poor acoustics like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and even Jennifer last year all mimed.

    Even Madonna sang live twice at the Oscars. Everyone does inside at the Oscars.

  10. dcypher1 says:

    no way will she pull a beyonce. shes a pro. and her music is way better than bey. and she sings better too. she could probably sing better live too.

  11. epiphany says:

    It wasn’t WHAT Beyonce did that upset everyone, it was the WAY she did it. Apparently, she showed up late, which left no time to rehearse. The band that was backing her complained, she told them to stuff it. Then, the over-the-top emoting complete with ripping out her earpiece. All she had to do was mention to one reporter after the ceremonies, ‘yeah, I was late, so I had to do a prerecorded performance’, and none of this would be a problem. Her arrogance got her in trouble, not her lip syncing.

  12. Liv says:

    I LOVE Adele, but seriously, she named her baby Angelo? Is it a common british name? Because I find it horrible as long as you aren’t Italian! ;-)

  13. Harpreet says:

    So, the Oscars are still a bit away, is she going to stay in LA for a whole month to rehearse?

    It is just weird seeing her photographed so often.

  14. val says:

    Adele SINGS period. No gimmicks, no forcing, she just opens her mouth and lets her real talent do the talking. She does NOT need to mime. I will bet my soon to be acquired law degree on it…lol.

  15. Diana says:

    Adele will be awsome. She would never lip-sing, she’s a pro. She went live after trhoat surgery, it’s not likely she won’t do it here.

  16. Ms Kay says:

    Well Adele is singing indoors right? Not that even indoors one can’t lip-synch but what I mean is she’s is going to sing live, she’s not putting on a show about dancing and jumping… Have you ever saw her famous “Someone Like You” performance at the 2011 Brit Awards? She was heartbreakingly amazing.

  17. serena says:

    I’m glad and I like the baby’s name, but Adele isn’t that great when she does live..let’s face it.

  18. Maura says:

    I’ve seen Adele 3 times in concert, twice I was no more than 10 feet away. She and Beyonce have totally different styles but no doubt the better singer. And I would MUCH rather hang out with Adele!

  19. Maura says:

    I’ve seen Adele 3 times in concert, twice I was no more than 10 feet away. She and Beyonce have totally different styles but no doubt the better singer. She was simply an amazing singer every time. And I would MUCH rather hang out with Adele!

  20. efwcheryl says:

    Since she’s from Texas, Bey will understand when I say her singing is all hat and no cattle