Beyonce-gate: sources agree that she had some kind of pre-recorded vocal

Beyonce-gate, Day 4 (if we’re counting the beginning as Inauguration Day). Sources and theories abound about the state of Beyonce and whether or not she sang the National Anthem live. Even the initial reporting was sketchy, with two different Marine Corps band spokespeople saying different things. Here are some of the latest pieces of information:

*White House press secretary Jay Carney actually got Beyonce questions during Wednesday’s press briefing. Think about that!!! Pres. Obama is in the midst of a gun control campaign, he has a slew of new cabinet appointments and Hillary Clinton was giving testimony on Benghazi and the press ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT BEYONCE. Anyway, poor Jay was aksed if the president knew anything about Beyonce’s lipsynching and Carney said he “has not had the discussion with him [Obama]. I am not sure that I understand the variety and contradictory reports on the matter… My understanding, and this is what I recall from the inauguration in 2009, as a precaution, recordings were made. But I actually have no idea what’s true and what’s not about what happened here. And I don’t think it’s a particularly important issue to address from the podium here.”

*A well-known British sound engineer analyzed the footage and he claims that Beyonce sang live AND used a pre-record too.

*An anonymous “inaugural official” (this sh-t is like Watergate!!!!!) told CNN yesterday that “She did not sing live,” and that Bey “made the decision herself” to lip-sync. The official said: “Because she didn’t have time to rehearse with the Marine Band, she decided to use her recording with the Marine Band… It was all Beyoncé.” Conspiracy!!!

*A source confirms to Us Weekly (once again, anonymously) that Beyonce did use “a backing track” and that Beyonce “didn’t think there was anything wrong with it… Pavarotti has done it! It was freezing out, and if she messed up just one note, that would have been the story….Everybody uses these tracks, and the music director advised it. Any big outdoor live performance is almost always with some kind of track.” The insider goes on the clarify – “She did sing, but used a track.” Meaning she sang live and used a back-up recording too? Anyway, Beyonce thinks this whole controversy is “a technicality which everybody does took away from the beauty of the moment.”

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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  1. Rikki says:

    I don’t see why this is such a big deal. So what? Beyonce still sang the song herself. There are real problems going on and this is the top story everywhere? She sang live over her pre recorded voice.

    • Pont Neuf says:

      I completely agree with you. It was the Inauguration of Obama’s second term, which is an important event because he was voted by a significantly greater amount of people than before, in spite of the economic crisis – he has made many positive changes and, although his performance has been disappointing in some regards (i.e. the treatment that he ought to have given, but hasn’t given, to banks and financial institutions), by and large he is one of the greatest and best presidents that the U.S. has ever had.

      Also, there’s recently been yet another tragic school shooting and yet… THIS is what everyone is worried about?!!?!!? Who gives a toss? Seriously. I don’t like Beyoncé at all as a person and I find most of her music to be grating and awfully bad, but she has more than demonstrated that she is a great singer during countless live performances. Who cares if she sang over a prerecorded vocal track? That won’t change anything in history. Maybe she was nervous, or tired, or cold… That’s all the significance that this situation has. Get over it, people. It’s not a tragedy.

      • Lucinda says:

        Um, actually he got fewer votes in the 2012 election than the 2008 election. I agree that this is a silly issue but if you are going to bring up how many votes he got, even on a gossip site, let’s not misconstrue.

        For the record:
        2008–365 electoral vote
        53% popular vote
        66,882,230 votes

        2012–332 electoral votes
        51% popular vote

        In 2012 the votes were also more widely distributed among other candidates as well indicating more people voted for parties other than Republican or Democrat. Either way, he did not win ever win the presidency by a large majority of the country.

      • Chatcat says:

        Very good Lucinda…I am a stats person myself…because people lie, but numbers can’t lie. People like Bey will implode in on themselves in time…sort of like the implosion of her inhumanly folding stomach (i.e. baby pillow) with Wendy Williams!

        My favorite line ever from my favorite show ever…”It’s the lies that undo us”.

      • emmie_a says:

        Greatest and best president the U.S. has ever had?? Please. I just did a rude Michelle Obama eye roll to that.

      • gg says:

        She obviously thinks far more of her career and perception than putting out an honest performance to dedicate the next presidential term. It was selfish on her part, in my opinion. If she doesn’t have the chops, she shouldn’t do it. People are on to this practice these days and it’s dishonest, especially when you have absolutely no excuse because you’re not even dancing. Rant over. :/

    • Carol says:

      Thank you, Rikki! I cannot believe we are still talking about this. Yo-Yo Ma pre-recorded in 2009, for goodness sakes. Whitney Houston pre-recorded her famous rendition. I don’t understand why Beyonce gets all the heat, other than some people don’t like her. This topic has now reached the status of ridiculous.

    • T.C. says:

      Agree. Big deal she sang the song at some point. This is not Watergate.

      • c'est la vie says:

        I wouldn’t necessarily agree – the national anthem means something and it was sort of turned into a production as sung by Beyonce!
        In front of a global audience.
        At the inaugural of Barack Obama.
        Think about how many people saw that and are talking about it. And there’s a reason they are – it seemed off. Don’t get me started on earpieces. They’ve even got Aretha throwing shade her way. It wasn’t supposed to be about a single performance. It was supposed to be about the POTUS. No, I could care less about Beyonce, but she seems to have brought this down upon herself. Oh well, this will play itself out.

      • gg says:

        What c’est la vie said.

        This is why I have a problem when everything has to go all HOLLYWOOD! all the time. The plastic fakeness has invaded the east coast now. The inauguration should be more about the people, not the stars they shipped in with their personal agendas. It taints the authenticity of the whole affair in my opinion.

      • Chatcat says:

        c’est la vie … wouldn’t it have been awesome to have some inspiring “nobody” American sing it to the people for the people instead of a disingenuous ‘celeb’ friend of the POTUS or of a particular party? I believe so. But then again I didn’t watch a single minute of the inauguration, as a matter of fact I haven’t watched a single minute of any inauguration in my life because the whole thing seems so contrived.

      • KellyinSeattle says:

        I agree; politics and showbiz have always blended, but it’s especially bad now and Hollywood has taken over politics in many senses.

      • MW says:

        @c’est la vie – you know what scares me? Aretha did take a jab at Beyonce over this, and people are so stupid, they can’t even understand what Aretha meant by her remarks. They think Aretha actually had her back! Besides that, I initially watched the videos of Beyonce and Kelly singing, and thought they were great. People were comparing them as to who did a better job. THEN I found out about the lip-synch, and I felt really duped. So — this is what Beyonce has to do to make sure everybody liked her song better? And even the White House is covering for her now! Something is weird and wrong here.

    • Liv says:

      I think people have a problem with her because she made a big deal of it. She threw her earpiece theatrically away and so on. Pretty ridiculous.

      Kelly sang live, so why is it exactly an issue for Beyonce, who’s telling us constantly that she’s the best singer alive?

      • gg says:

        Exactly. If she’d at least done it better like Whitney, she would’ve gotten away with it, but she just had to show off. Go away, Bee I’m sick and tired of you now.

      • Jane says:

        I don’t think any of this has to do with whether Bey can sing or not. She is certainly not the first time a singer has used a track at a supposedly live performance.

        I think the fact that Kelly and James both sang live is one of the things that created the comments about Bey. It created a comparison of the three singers, one hugely famous, all having to take the same chance that something could go wrong, and Kelly and Jim decided to go for it. Bey didn’t.

        The dramatic gesture with the ear piece only added fuel to the fire.

        If Bey sang and also used the track, I don’t see the point in that, other than she can say she did “sing” which is really a smoke and mirror thing.

    • c'est la vie says:

      She sang live over her pre- record. Well, that’s nice.

      I’ll just go with Aretha Franklin’s little comments on this one.

      The less said the better.

      Though surely there had to be a better way to remove the quote unquote – earpiece.

    • Ranunculus says:

      If you think about the cultural value of an inaugural celebration in which a country presents itself to the rest of the world, yes then it is a pretty poor picture when one singer is so out of touch with her humility and her judgement that she decided to fake her singing rather than giving it up for somebody who would have pulled it off for real. The cultural picture with which a country presents itself is just as important than the political image. Beyonces problem is GREED, for fame, for recognition, for money, for being in the spotlight!

  2. GoodCapon says:

    Yep I can hear the pre-recorded track in some parts.

    What I find depressing is that artists always try to showcase their vocal range when they sing the National Anthem. It’s your country’s NATIONAL ANTHEM for crying out loud! They should sing it with the respect and pride it deserves and not use it as a promotional tool.

    Beyonce may be afraid of ‘messing up just one note’ but if she sang it with emotion and with pride, nobody would really care. I know I’m being cheesy but that’s just how I feel.

  3. Emma says:

    Seriously press?? You asked about Bey?!! You have more important things to write about, leave the celebrity stuff to TMZ and whatnot.

    I know it’s common to use the prerecorded track, but considering everyone else sang live she probably should have aswel. Unless she really was sick and her vocal folds were not up to snuff that day.

    “beauty of the moment”–more like “beauty of MY moment”

  4. Hannah says:

    Give it a rest! “Superstar has overblown ego”, hardly news, is it?!

  5. marie says:

    so f’in ridiculous, who cares? how sad when the White House is answering for a freaking popstar, gmafb.. there are far more important things going on.

  6. brin says:

    She didn’t have time to rehearse? Everyone else did. Diva.

  7. Scal says:

    *eyeroll* She was doing what everyone does sure, but it’s the drama of ripping out her earpiece and PRENTENDING that everyone is pissed about.

    Also, why is she wearing a evening gown? Everyone else is wearing cute coats and scarfs, and then there’s beyonce. That annoys me more than her fake singing.

  8. Saracen says:

    This fraud needs to be called out on her b.s. Reading interview after interview where she claims to be the greatest performer/wife/mother/whatever has given me a serious hate on for this bitch. It’s time she got called out

  9. kenyan247 says:

    Personally I get the reason why she could lipsynch. Singing outside like that aint the same as singing in an enclosure and the sound could be distorted if not controlled properly. But the issue is that she has built this image of herself, the Diva/queen/mogul…. with these title comes a very high level of expectations fro someone that ‘powerful’…

  10. emmie_a says:

    Stories like this one are the only thing fueling this stupid story. Honestly is anyone surprised that Beyonce is a fake? That she orchestrates every single component of her life to make herself seem totally perfect? I’ve never gotten her allure but I can see why she thinks she is sooo incredible – it’s because non-stories like this are taken to an absurd level and all they do is feed her over-inflated ego.

  11. Ics says:

    Hahahahaha “Pavarotti did it”?!?!?!
    Pavarotti performed live his “nessun dorma” (which technically is far more difficult) at the Turin Winter Games while he had a terminal cancer (he died few months later) and he was 70 hears old. And yes, it was cold.
    A least show some respect,my dear.

  12. Ics says:

    Hahahahaha “Pavarotti did it”?!?!?!
    Pavarotti performed live his “nessun dorma” (which technically is far more difficult) at the Turin Winter Games opening ceremony while he had a terminal cancer (he died few months later) and he was 70 hears old. And yes, it was cold.
    A least show some respect,my dear.

  13. Mac says:

    Capt. Gregory A. Wolf, media officer from the Pentagon, said in a statement Tuesday afternoon, “There was no opportunity for Ms. Knowles-Carter to rehearse with the Marine Band before the Inauguration so it was determined that a live performance by the band was ill-advised for such a high-profile event,”

    Regarding Beyoncé’s performance, Wolf said, “No one in the Marine Band is in a position to assess whether it was live or pre-recorded.”

    Wolf adds that as a regular practice, each piece of music scheduled for performance during the Inauguration is pre-recorded in case it’s needed for extenuating circumstances such as freezing temperatures or equipment failure.

  14. HK9 says:

    Just a thought~if you can take off your coat and sing in your evening gown outside, you can sing live outside. Just sayn’……

  15. Apsutter says:

    Omg..why are we still talking about this?! She sang over a pre-recorded track!! Just go to YouTube and look it up, you can clearly hear her singing! Her voice was much quieter than the track but you can plainly hear two voices.

  16. kibbles says:

    I think if she weren’t such a diva who thinks she is the Goddess of Pop and R&B, people wouldn’t give her such a hard time. If JLo had done it we wouldn’t be surprised because we all know she’s not a strong singer, just a pop star and celebrity. However, with a musical diva who believes that she is the most amazing singer eva, people expect you to sing live. Beyonce might not be as good a singer as Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, but she has earned the title of diva and she has earned billions on being a so-called great singer who doesn’t need the help of a pre-recording at a live event. Trust that if Celine had been asked to sing, she would have sang live because her voice is one of the best in the world. She’s earned her millions because she gives amazing performances LIVE. Beyonce lip synching and ripping out her earpiece is just the tip of the iceberg. So many people dislike her and Jay-Z because of their ostentatious lifestyle. Many doubted her pregnancy and disliked her and her family for using former members of Destiny’s Child and most recently stealing other artist’s dance moves and songs. Now this is just another example of how Beyonce has built her multi-million dollar empire on being an arrogant person, a liar, and a fraud.

    • Karen says:

      Whitney Houston had one of the greatest voices ever and she lip synced her version of the National Anthem. So many singers have lip synced at one time or another. They’re all frauds too then. If people don’t like Beyonce and Jay Z because of the life they live, too damn bad. They earned it. Beyonce is not the only one who has ever copied a dance move. None of pop singers today have any originality.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Whitney Houston, may she RIP, was also a self destructive drug addict who died young from an overdose. She was a tragic figure, a beautiful singer but not exactly a role model of how to live life as a pop singer.

      • holly hobby says:

        Karen you seem to be citing this ad nauseum throughout this post. The difference between Whitney and B is that the NFL made an announcement to the press that she was going to sing via track. It was already disclosed beforehand. That’s not the case with B. She tried to pass it as “live” until someone exposed her. Therein lies the difference.

        I bet you the army band must not like her for them to go on record to the press about this.

    • floretta50 says:

      Let’s be honest and some of you need to stop making excuses for this woman. Beyonce is conceited, her main goal to prove she is the best singer, best actress, and so on and so on. Her intention was to de-throne and take down Whitney Houston’s version of the Star Spangled Banner. All her scheming showing up late to practice, computerizing and engineering tape backfired! Serves her right, richly deserved criticism. There is an old saying you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. She thought today all of us would be talking about how her version of that song was better than Whitney’s. Whitney Rip, and Thanky You, for the best version of that song ever.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      KIBBLES ~ +1,000,000!
      I am thoroughly enjoying this backlash towards Beyonce! I agree so much with your comment.
      She never used to bother me…Now she makes me sick. The EGO is ginormous.
      I think the most fun part of this is that I can actually picture her crying about it and saying how unfair it is!

      • tabasco says:

        Kibbles, YES. I also think part of it is you can’t turn around w/o some prominent person involved in some form of fraud, cheating, being gross, etc – I mean, just look at the headlines on this website alone and just today – folks aren’t just sick of Beyonce, they’re also sick of the constant stream of assholery – and a lot of those people are super wealthy. And it’s not about begrudging their wealth – it’s that they flaunt it, waste it, haven’t really earned it, and meanwhile the rest of us who do actually realy work hard in the real sense can’t just go to a rehab spa resirt for a month when we’re feeling stressed or going through a divorce or work for a jerk but don’t have another option, etc, etc. Many really need to be better people, better citizens. And, yeah, for those who don’t like it, sure, why not, I’m a “hater” if that’s what you choose to call it.

        Haters gonna hate – - and sychophants gonna (lip) synch.

      • Karen says:

        Do you know how many singers have lip synched to pre recorded versions of the NA? It’s a pretty normal thing to do

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        tabasco ~ I agree!
        I seriously cannot believe Leonardo DiCaprio actually came out and said he was so worn out from acting. WTFFFFF!
        Try working 40 hours a week for years and years and YEARS and still have to worry about $$$.
        It’s absolutely INSANE.
        I got no problem admitting that I am a HATER when it comes to some celebs (if you an call them that) the K’s, Beyonce, Beiber, JLo….Yes ~ I hate them!

      • tabasco says:

        I’m choosing to ignore Karen Knowles b/c those arguments have already been addressed and shot down about 500 million times. Moving on.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Good point tabasco. Karen is definitely overreacting.

  17. Garvels says:

    Unbelievable that a lame reporter would ask about Beyonce in a White House press conference. So entertainment reporters are now covering the White House? The reporter should be fired.

  18. JL says:

    She let the pillow do the talking.

  19. LL says:

    OK, this is what I mean when I say folks need to get a grip, when you have reporters asking the dang White House Press Sec. about this ish… I mean, that is ridic.

  20. Ms Kay says:

    They lost me at the Pavarotti note. To put him and Beyonce in a same sentence and have the nerve to compare the two is blasphemy, sorry… Hell the pre record probably stopped at some point and shut the f!ck up to let Pavarotti sing… Bye!

  21. Natasha says:

    They asked about this at the White House?? I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce’s voice (I find it a bit too vanilla) but as someone who has seen her live, I will say she is technically a very good singer. So singing over her own backing track because it was cold and she had no time to rehearse seems quite reasonable to me. But then again I don’t actively dislike her so that’s probably why I think all of this fuss disproportionate to what actually happened. Besides I’m not sure when she (or any other performer) as acted like they’re above this. I’m sure they’re all aware that circumstances may cause them to have to mime at some point.

  22. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    She just said said in an interview something about how she works harder than anyone else in the business. If that’s the case then she was being lazy by not singing live. And if she wanted to be lazy she should have turned down the gig, but she’s greedy and had to perform for the President two times.

    • booboochile says:

      sometimes when you are so powerful even more than your mind can conceive and after bouncing around in silk knickers for a pervy old man to showcase your feminism, it is really hard to sing live when everyone else did…it’s just unfair!

  23. lisa says:

    she had to sing over an enhanced studio recording, her voice isnt good enough to sing the natl anthem live w/o studio tricks. that’s the big deal. she shouldnt be singing the natl anthem in the first place. it isnt like when whitney houston did it because everyone knew her voice was good enough to do it.

    • Karen says:

      Beyonce’s voice is obviously good enough to do it because she did. That was her voice.

      • tabasco says:

        BEYONCE didn’t think she could/should do it w/o a backing track. That was HER choice and if she or her fans don’t like that a lot of people didn’t like it, then I guess that’s part of being in the public eye and just too damn bad for her. If she wants to cry about it and throw out “technicalities” and goddamn Pavarotti over it, then well, she’s welcome to step down as “Queen Bey” and come take over my 9-5 and I’ll happily take over her penthouses, jets and jewels.

      • Rikki says:

        She decided right before she went on to use a backing track. It was still her singing. I don’t believe this “source”. Her camp is not saying anything. Is it really that big of a deal. Bitching over nothing. This doesn’t take away from her being a good singer. She sang live many times. For whatever reason nerves, weather or whatever she decided to use a backing track. She didn’t break the law or shoot anyone. I highly doubt she’s crying over this.

      • lisa says:

        do you really believe that it was a raw studio track without any enhancement such as autotune? if yes, i have some swampland for sale.

      • Loira says:

        I find The “it was still her singing” a poor excuse. Then they should have put a cd and save everyone the theatrics.

        It as an important event and she was scared of screwing it up. I do not find that very powerful. If o,thers can do it, singing live why not her?
        She was invite dto sing at the inauguration of their bestie the president… And she does not have tim e to rehearse???? Maybe she should have passed on this one.
        I’m sorry, I fi nd her a bigger annoying phony than she is an artist. I think she fancies herself the greatest entertainer in history or something like it. No way.

      • Karen says:


        Beyonce doesn’t need autotune. She has sung live many times and can actually sing. That is for “singers” like Rihanna.

        @Loira It was a last second decision to use the backup track.

    • MST says:

      I dont think her voice is that great either. She made it partially on the basis of her looks and a great PR machine. Let’s face it — she’s what the entertainment industry thinks a black woman “should” look like — as close to white as possible.

      Same with Rhianna. Does anybody think that if either of them were dark-skinned women with short, kinky hair singing like they do, they would be as famous as they are?

  24. eny says:

    I bet she feels the same about BIC birth: pillows and surogate were just “technicalites which everybody does took away from the beauty of the moment”.

  25. littlestar says:

    You know what the worst part of all of this is, everyone? Beyonce won’t be going away after this. With her new $50 million contract with Pepsi WE WILL BE SEEING BEYONCE EVERYWHERE FOR THE LONG FORSEEABLE FUTURE!!! Can’t stress that enough :) .

  26. Blondie says:

    It was the Presidents Inauguration, and everyone in talking about Beyonce.
    Well played Beyonce, well played.

  27. Renee says:

    Everyone knows Beyonce CAN sing, so what is the big deal? And no one should mess up their national anthem purposely. When I was going to high school back in Jamaica, our Principal suspended the whole 11 grade for deliberately messing up the national anthem repeatedly. It even made the news

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    Catch it while you can; Jay Z is smiling in the last photo.

  29. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Depressing thought littlestar but I won’t be watching that festival of capitalist greed and stupidity (aka the super bowl – it’s not even about the game anymore)and I don’t drink pepsi; Just a note all the great rock bands of the 60s/70s played live without tricks and they played stoned and overall they all were far better than bouncy – but they were great live musicians not robotized corporate gimmicks.

  30. BrandNew says:

    Who cares. Her performance was blah anyway

  31. lady X says:

    NEWSFLASH: Beyonce lips sync’s or sings over a pre recorded track always …. you have never ever ever heard her raw live …. period …. I know for a fact … Now please carry on … there are more important things in life

  32. erika says:

    ummm i was once a drama/musical theatre nerd/afficionado and i can say that it’s terrible to sing outside and infront of people, because the acoustics suck. your voice gets sucked away just by being outside and people actually absorb sound too.

    so, let’s just STFU about this controversy! god..

    ps – ummm for a chica who brings in MILLIONS and BILLION i would hope that she could pull it off like kelly clarkson sang w/out lip syncing….

  33. lena80 says:

    I posted this yesterday:

    I guess I’m the only one that heard her singing over the backtrack, she was literally seconds off with the track hence her pulling out the earpiece to hear herself because she was singing live but not in “time” with her pre-recorded track. Get over it people, it’s really not that big of deal. Singing over a backtrack is NOT the same as lip synching. Plenty of singers do this at venues with large open spaces which can create an echo in the singer’s ear and it throws the timing off with the band/music. Why do you think singers wear ear pieces when they perform live? It’s to stay in tune and Beyowolf was simply off. Learn the difference between lip synching and singing over pre recorded track.

    Now can we please go back to our regularly scheduled program of Beyowolf conspiracies?

    • TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

      Question how did bands in the 60s and 70s perform without backing tracks, lip synching or earpieces. There are thousands of clips of bands performing live on youtube; obvious examples hendrix and santana at woodstock, no technical enhancements of any kind and their performances are legendary – Is it simply that today’s so-called performers simply can’t perform live because their live raw musicianship is nowhere near what it was two generations ago. And those bands performed stoned, btw.

  34. Chelsea's handler says:

    My God. This scandal could spell the end for the Obama administration. He needs to distance himself from this train wreck as fast as he can.

  35. aquarius64 says:

    Beyonce is getting grief because:

    She pulled the earpiece out – implying she was singing live.

    Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor, with a string instrument (guitar), performed live.

    The White House was dragged in to response because Beyonce and Jay-Z are reported BFF’s with the Obamas. Judging from the press secretary, the White House wants this to go away.

  36. G says:

    And she kissed the freaking first family like they are besties, like her and J are as powerful as they are, so J can rap “Obama on the text”. Sit down Beyonce!!!! Maybe Kanye is right in picking Kim because Beyonce and her have a lot more in common than we thought!

  37. tabasco says:

    good lord, the freaking POTUS really does not need to be on a former drug dealer’s rap album talking about “obama on the text” – here’s hoping obamas are done with them after this – NOT even necessarily b/c of the lipping, but the whole sitch overall. sheesh, way to F up the most influential relationship you’ll ever have. Dear B – you know who is a powerful woman? Her name is Michelle.

  38. kendra says:

    I just got a 3 moth free insurance at