Courtney Love says Gavin Rossdale runs all aspects of Gwen Stefani’s career

Courtney Love

Here are photos of Courtney Love at Sundance where she is undoubtedly raiding the swag rooms. Hahaha. That was actually just a joke, but then I started to wonder why Courtney attended Sundance at all, and Page Six has detailed her swag coup under a list of “greedy celebs who attend the annual festival to raid the gifting suites: “[A]fter a couple of minutes and a few obligatory press pictures, Love walked away with a $695 Kudsak leather jacket, $600 worth of Johnny Was tops, and a $2 bottle of Hint water. After all, it’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re swagging on the slopes.” Easy work if you can get it, right?

Meanwhile, Courtney just doesn’t know when to shut it. Of course, this is a chronic problem for her, and in just the past year or so, she’s talked about how if Kurt Cobain came back, she’d have to kill him; how her benzos addiciton is all Winona Ryder and Andy Dick’s fault; and how she wants to marry a titled nobleman and become Lady Love. She also accused Dave Grohl of trying to seduce Francis Bean and claimed to be Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety coach, which is hilarious because if was true (which it wasn’t), Courtney was pretty much saying that she is the worst sobriety coach in the universe.

Now Courtney is running her mouth again to ABC News, which is listening for whatever reason, and she’s talking sh-t about Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s marriage. Essentially, she says that Gavin is running the whole show and even does all the work for Gwen’s fashion lines. What the hell?

Courtney Love

Courtney Love sounds a little bitter over Gwen Stefani’s success and her marriage to Gavin Rossdale.

In ABC News’ profile on the outspoken Hole singer, she claims that she dated Rossdale before he got together with Stefani.

After noticing a Yves Saint Laurent coat that the No Doubt singer wore on January’s Vogue cover that Love coveted, she says in her interview, “Funny thing, you know, I would’ve never really bet on Gwen. Not back in the day.”

Love claims that Stefani’s success and her “[bleep]ing empire” of a clothing line, L.A.M.B., can be credited to her musician husband.

She also claims that because Rossdale’s band Bush never found continued mainstream success after the nineties, he now runs Stefani’s career.

“His band never did that well but he is very, very smart,” she says. “He runs the Gwen show, that’s him. He runs the clothing line, he [bleep]ing built that up, he has nothing else to do.”

She adds, “He was so good looking, but I kind of envisioned that me and Gavin Rossdale would end up on the French Riviera, like, taking tennis lessons and [bleep]ing our respective polo teachers.”

[From Page Six]

I think we all realize that Courtney, who has long claimed that she slept with Gavin while he was with Gwen, has no idea what she’s talking about when it comes to Gwen’s career and Gavin’s alleged masterminding thereof. I do think that there is tension in Gwen and Gavin’s marriage (like most marriages), and Gwen may very well end up at a nice spa getaway soon after trying to do it all, but I don’t think that Gavin is the one sitting around dreaming up crazy-ass haircalf wedge shoes and metallic cargo shorts. Courtney basically is dreaming crap up in her own head and decidng that’s the truth of the matter. And for the record, Bush was a very successful band in the 1990s with three multi-platinum albums. Gavin might be struggling to rebuild the band and reach his former musical success, but it’s not like “he has nothing else to do” but act as a behind-the-scenes tyrant. Shut up, Courtney.

Here’s Gwen and Gavin out on Saturday with the kids while shopping for topiaries. They probably just shook their heads at Courtney’s silly, drugged-up words.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. honeychurch says:

    How much does she look like Madonna in the second photo?! Who would have seen that coming back in 1993?

  2. Seagulls says:

    I love that Gwen looks like my friends’ artsy moms circa 1984.

  3. Hannah says:

    Why is ABC News even doing a profile on her?

  4. Eleonor says:

    I’ve forgotten the “sober coach”. I bet it explains a lot of stuff.

  5. Lisa2577 says:

    Courtney is the last person to claim somebody has nothing to do or a band isn’t successful.

  6. Annabelle says:

    I would love to see Gwen Dynasty slap Courtney.

  7. emmie_a says:

    I don’t know – look how Gavin dresses. I can believe that he has input on Gwen’s fashion lines.

    I used to think Gwen was so effortlessly beautiful but I saw earlier pics of her and compared to now, she is messing with her face too much – she’s starting to look like a pretty clown.

    • deehunny says:

      ITA. I don’t see why this aspect of the story couldn’t be true. I’m sure wives in power celeb couples have a hand in their more famous husband’s enterprises, so why not the other way around?

      Every quote you hear of hers just echoes the past. I pity her.

  8. megs283 says:

    Ya know – even if he is…so what? Gwen can’t be in 100 places at once (even with her annoying microsoft smartphone), and someone needs to be on the ground. There are worse things than being a background CEO of a multi-million (billion?) dollar company. I love how Love “revealed” it as if it’s an insult.

  9. ahoyhoy says:

    Courtney is just currently coveting Gwen’s life, so OF COURSE she has to crack up a scheme in which Gavin is the TOTAL puppet-master—Whilst Gwen is usurping Courtney’s right to be Mr. Moneybag’s wife, sitting around, getting famous doing nothing.

    If I were Gwen, I’d watch my back if C.Love thinks she’s in the way. ANY man who ever met Courtney back then, if he still has money, she’ll claim a timeless connection to eventually.

    (Btw, C.Love’s ‘dating’ of Gavin was probably a single time she tried to force a BJ on him, backstage at Lollapalooza or something.)

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      Courtney sooooo wishes she was her…but she’s failed in every respect while Gwen has succeeded. Gwen’s style was evident from the beginning of No Doubt’s rise when she was creating her own stage outfits. Gwen has the gorgeous husband and kids while Courtney is estranged and clinging to famous widowhood. Where Gwen has talent and success, Courtney just has envy.

  10. Hautie says:

    Geez, Courtney needs to have a seat. And realize that she snorted what career she had… away.

    So sh*t talking Gwen, only points out how jealous Courtney is of Gwen’s success.

    And no one running a large money earning business, does it alone.

    But making it sound like Gavin is the mastermind of it. Just gives me the giggles.

    Simply cause I don’t see him giving two sh*ts about women fashion. And Gwen strikes me as a female that keeps a firm hand on her ventures. And where her cash is at.

  11. teehee says:

    Well at least gwen HAS a career. And news to you Courtney– not veeryone is living in your recollections of what was, from 30 years ago. Gavin is probably nothing like what she recalls even if she ever did know him in the past. And I would highly doubt her recollective capacities at this point.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes. Courtney Love is stuck in the 90′s. She is just going off of what she knew about people a zillion years ago.
      I like how candid she is, but who knows what is actually true.
      I may be in the minority, but I actually like Courtney Love. She may be bats#$&T crazy and full of bs stories, but she’s interesting.

  12. Merritt says:

    Oh Courtney. Even though she is completely crazy, I’ll always love “Live Through This” and enjoy “Celebrity Skin”

    Shame that she couldn’t stay on the cleaner path that she was on around 1996-1998.

    • Bitca says:

      Thanks for speaking out about her musical talent. I am sick & tired of people dissing CL without even listening to her music.

      We’ve become so judgmental over the past couple decades. Jim Morrison & Iggy dropped trou, played some dreadful gigs, yet became rock gods. By 77 or so, what’d we have among females aside from Patti Smith? The Runaways? Pat Benatar? Heart?

      Hole was already moving up when she met Cobain, but they were never going to be an MTV Featured/TRQ type lot; Courtney is just too visceral. And no way did she ride the guy’s coat-tails to build her own musical career.

      If she was born a decade earlier, she’d be a mid-late 70s batsh*t–crazy–but–seminal, living legend—like 9-Lives Iggy.

      OK, I prefer her body of work to much of Cobain’s self-pitying stuff; often my sense was of listening to a guy who’s always depressed & self-absorbed/self-pitying & cut off from other human beings. Without the liveliness & humor of NIN.

      Maybe she downgraded music in favor of girlhood Hollywood dreams, but even her last album exhibits sparks of what should have been. If she was male, a good deal of her nutty behavior would have merely ‘built her brand.’

      • Farah says:

        Both Cobain and Love wrote self pitying stuff. The difference is that we never got to see what a self involved, miserable twunt Cobain was, and Love willingly provides the fodder. She was once pretty smart and knew some words, but most of her brain has probably been destroyed by drugs and untreated mental illness. It was uncomfortable watching a 30 YO act like a jealous, zero self esteem having pre teen, but it’s tragic and gross to see it magnified at 50.

  13. keats says:

    I love seeing LA people dress for cold weather.

  14. CreamSoda says:

    I love Gwen, but why is the nanny holding her kid’s hand in the one pic instead of her? She’s right there and she’s not carrying anything; her hands are free. And why do celebs need the nanny there when both parents are out with the kids? I don’t get that about celebrities.

    Way off topic, I know. And Courtney Love is crazy.

  15. Nicolette says:

    Wait wait wait. She said if Kurt Cobain came back she’d have to kill him? I’ve always had my suspicions of whether she had a role in his demise to begin with.

    As for her pearls of wisdom about Gwen, that’s pure jealousy. Gwen had an amazing career before she was ever married to Gavin. She’s talented, very successful, always looks great and has a gorgeous family. Courtney wishes she had any one of those things.

  16. says:

    I gotta say, I love Courtney. B!tch is cray-cray and the things that come out of her mouth are just so random.

  17. Zigggy says:

    Gavin should have killed Gwen at the height of her fame.

  18. Mary says:

    For the love of all things holy, Courtney needs to STFU and go away.

    She has the audacity to come at this couple again and claim that Gwen’s success is due to Gavin? Bitch please. No Doubt was very successful pre-Gavin. People love Gwen, always have. She’s talent, beautiful and minds her own damn business. Courtney must be projecting b/c we all know she’s successful b/c she was linked to Kurt Cobain.

    Courtney, do yourself a favor–take a parenting class, take a shower and flush the drugs down the toilet. It’s time to be a grown-up.

    As for Gwen and Gavin’s reported marriage troules, they’ve been together more than 15 years since they started dating. That’s very respectable, especially in their industry. I wish them well!

  19. Aud says:

    Oh Gav, that thumb ring on the right hand…

  20. Mira says:

    Any idea what’s happened to Cobain and Love’s daughter?

  21. RobN says:

    If he’s got a great business mind, why wouldn’t he be involved in the business? She may be into design while he’s into the business side; just makes good sense. Keep it all in the family.

  22. Babalon says:

    Bedhead, in your intro, you left out her recent idiotic twitter appeal for sympathy (to Goop no less) for the trials of being a ‘white woman in a black man’s world.’

    She’s so bitter and self absorbed. Anyone successful, ANYONE, is such because of her. Any movie in the 90′s that was worth watching had been offered to her. She is the best everything, ever! Etc.

  23. Butch says:

    I totally believe this. Gwen admitted as much herself years ago. I’ll bet hard money LAMB designs are his. I see sales for her/his crap all the time on MY HABIT. Nothing special. Overpriced. And yes. Courtney’s pissed she married the wrong rocker.

  24. SamiHami says:

    Please. If what she says is true, well, then good for Gwen for hooking up with a guy who helped make her massively successful and rich. And if it isn’t (and it probably isn’t) who cares? Their business relationship and their marriage is between them, and I doubt if Love has the first clue about how their relationship works.

  25. boo says:

    I love Courtney’s mad rantings, she always has some pearls of nuttiness to throw our way. She’s interesting and she’s not all about saying the right thing and being all proper and sh*t. I know she’s cray cray but I do like her for some reason.

  26. Meg says:

    an ex-roommate is starting to remind me of Courtney. this bitch wants to believe things so badly she makes them up and then truly believes they happened, getting mad at people over things she assumed happened. things she didn’t even know for sure happened.

  27. Sue says:

    $600 Johnny Was is like 2 tops!

  28. valleymiss says:

    Gwen is the cheerleader who graduated high school, married the captain of the football team, and became very successful. Courtney is the stoner under the bleachers who dropped out, slept with every random she could, and ended up as a cautionary tale. Courtney seethes with jealousy, and in one fell swoop she insults Gavin (um, Bush was HUGE in the 90s) and Gwen (look up old Youtube videos of Gwen from 92 and 93 before she ever met Gavin…it’s obvious she always had an eye for and an interest in design). Courtney, before you go around spouting off about a man being responsible for Gwen’s success, sit down and think about how Kurt wrote most of Live Through This and Billy Corgan wrote most of Celebrity Skin.

  29. Sue says:

    I was seated next to them in a bistro a few yrs ago. He did all the ordering! Very take charge. Btw: I thought their waitress was going to need medical attention, she was a wreck! And the owner walks past everyone else & just gushed all over them!!
    Oh…Gavin is gorgeous! A tan Brit w straight teeth!
    She was very feminine (no red lipstick).
    Just being in their orbit I had the best service in my life! I’m sure my waiter wanted them to see how awesome he was! So I got a glimps & these people live in a big fat ‘Yes’ world’!
    P.s. I’ve never seen anyone sooooo bummed to see me except Gwen when I sat down next to them! Hahaha! Not even the mean girls in high school …..

  30. angie says:

    Him running Gwen’s career? How ridiculous!!!! This guy does not come across as anything close to a mastermind – his own career hit the skids long ago and he can’t even handle his own kids without a nanny tagging along 24/7!!! Besides, Gwen has always had a team of experts to help and provide whatever guidance she needs. Nope, she’s doing okay without his influence.

  31. mollination says:

    Courtney was there for a ridiculous show, even though she had the flu and no one cares about her music anymore. Well, that’s the “reason” she was there. Mostly, I imagine she was just trying to get into the SCP concert, suck up to all the musicians who came out to support Grohl’s premiere, and get as much free shit and paparazzi shots that she could. It was ridiculous. People were following her and Dave Navarro around like puppy dogs…..why!?

  32. Patrice says:

    Idk…She might be crazy but I can’t help but believe there might be the slightest grain of truth in some-if not all-of Courtney’s rants. Afterall, this woman was in a HUGE band in the 90s right alongside Gavin & Gwen and actually knew them at some point if she doesn’t still now. Who are we to say that it’s all “lies” and made up? You know?

    I just don’t buy the Gwen & Gavin perfect happy family act especially because they were once such a private, under the radar family and couple and they’ve recently seem to come out of the woodwork laying it on insanely thick for the paparazzi and press, just as all the “marriage trouble” rumors began (also: see blind item).

    Too much has happened between the two of them-he admitting that he fathered a now 20-something daughter; the handsy nanny pics from a few months back; etc.-for me to think there isn’t a whole lot of trouble brewing there; and that’s just the stuff the public knows about! I wouldn’t at all blame them if there was, I just wish they’d stop trying to sell the perfect couple image so hard. Classic celeb deflection though I guess…

    • LAK says:

      The nanny stuff is suspect but alot of what you think is secrets coming out is actually pretty well known in London. These people and their entourages aren’t exactly discreet. Only when Gavin moved to America and found a need for a publicist to further his career did it all go underground. You can’t be party of London’s party/music/fashion scene and hope to keep any secrets.

      For the record, the mother of his daughter lied about the father’s identity for years. Gavin thought he was merely helping out a friend by standing in as godfather. Only as she came to resemble him in her mid-teens were suspicions aroused, DNA tests ordered and the truth came out. He never hid the fact that he had a fling with the mother nor did she.

      His bisexuality could be guessed at because he was a BIG part of a notorious London party crowd who mixed it up sexually and visually called the Blitz kids. People like Boy George were part of the crowd. Lots of books with photos have been written about them and that 80s scene. Gavin can be seen in some of these photos taken at various clubs. It was always assumed that they were gay/bisexual or dabbled.

      Given his London in-crowd, most of whom are in fashion and his previous membership of the blitz kids, it would be unsurprising if it turned out that he designed for LAMB.

      The only disquieting note about their relationship is Gwen’s making herself over to be a glossier version of Marilyn, the 80s pop star who was/is supposedly Gavin’s teen/early adulthood sweetheart.

  33. stay-cee says:

    Wasn’t holla back girl about Courtney ? Lol

  34. Jayna says:

    Gavin isn’t the driven one. Gwen is.

  35. lola lola says:

    Wow. After all her complaints about the sexism in her industry, blabbermouth Love comes up with that? LAME!!!!! Seriously, this chick needs to shut it.

  36. LAK says:

    i think Gavin is ‘the one that got away’ love of Courtney’s life. She seems obsessed with him and his love life

  37. Moi says:

    First of all, Gavin still has a successful and affluent music career with Bush. The Sea of Memories was a great album. Secondly, I still want to punch her in the nose for her false accusations against Dave Grohl. Courtney Love knows nothing and simply spews bitterness from her unfiltered mouth. I would truly pay for her to somehow shut her pie hole.