Miley Cyrus on her newish short hairdo: “I will never have long hair again!”

Miley Cyrus

These are some photos from a few days ago of Miley Cyrus in attendance at the music video shoot for Lil’ Kim and Tiffany Foxx’s “Twisted.” I’ve got no idea whether or not Miley was dressed to appear in the video or if she just chose this wacky, jailbird-esque outfit of her own volition. I’m just happy that her butt cheeks aren’t hanging out this time.

Now onto the topic de jour, which is Miley’s hair, which still defies reason, but she apparently likes it a lot. So much so that she never wants to ever grow her hair out again, which I guess is a good idea for the simple fact that a very short crop like Miley’s would be terribly awkward to grow out at all. Here are Miley’s thoughts on the topic:

Miley Cyrus

RIP Miley Cyrus’ topknot, forever and ever, amen.

The So Undercover star told E! News she does not miss her long locks “in any way” and will forever be a short-haired lady.

“I feel like I had bun every day of my life,” the 20-year-old singer-actress said. “I hated the extensions hair–that’s sewn into your head. It’s creepy.”

Miley shows off toned figure in Daisy Dukes

“You will never see me with long hair again!” the blond beauty proclaimed. “My fiancé [Liam Hemsworth] loves it…It’s so easy and [I] don’t need to wash it. It looks better grungy and not washing it.”

But Miley has bigger things to think about than her hair, y’all! She’s planning a wedding and working on her new album.

Miley fans take over newsstands

“[My fans] are dying for new music,” she gushed. “So, I’m excited to push play and have the world hear it!”

[From E! Online]

Miley does make sense here, and I can understand why she’d be tired of all the “Hannah Montana” hair that she maintained throughout her Disney run. To Miley, short hair represents adulthood and making her own way, and I agree with her that sewn-in extensions are creepy. That bit about her not hardly washing her new ‘do is pretty gross though. I’m guessing that she’s not even a fan of dry shampoo from the way she describes her “grungy” new hair habits. Gross.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Riana says:

    I know how she feels so much, I cut my hair short to grow it out and goodness. I didn’t expect to love short hair as much as I did, soon I was finding excuses to cut it more and not let it grow out.

    Short hair can be so awesome.

    • greenieweenie says:

      I love short hair. The only reason I have long hair now is because I’m over 30 and I just feel…old…with short hair. But I never washed mine either when it was short. And by never, I mean I could stretch it to 4 days between washes instead of my usual 2. That’s because you get a fro when you first wash your hair, and you have to weight it down with tons of product or wear a hat to flatten it. It’s so much better when you just let it get oily…then it just looks styled. Sounds gross, but its not if you’ve had short hair. The whole point of the haircut is low maintenance…not more styling via dry shampoo.

      Agreed, she could go a little longer. No need to shave to the scalp. I liked it when it was first cut…it was a cute length then. Not so harsh.

  2. Sam says:

    Personally, I hate hate her hair. Especially in these pics! But I can definitely get that it would be appealing. I cut all my hair off once because I was sick of it and it felt so good.. But looked terrible on me. I cannot pull it off. I love long hair and how it looks on me, but it is a hassle. If I could pull off Miley’s hair (and btw, I don’t think she can) I’d probably be tempted.

  3. Evelyn says:

    I think she should grow it out to just below chin length. She’s cute, but her face needs a bit of length (I feel). But I’ve cut a lot of women’s hair short and a lot of them say they’ll never grow it out, and some of them don’t, but a lot of them do, so well see.

  4. Monie says:

    Wash your hair Miley, or the Lice Family will love your short hair too.

    • Nashville Girl says:

      Actually, lice prefer clean hair. Our school has had several outbreaks so I know way more about them then I haver ever wanted.

      • Darlene says:

        We dealt with it with our daughter, too. One of the myths is that lice prefer dirty hair and if you get lice, you are “dirty”. Lice LOVE clean hair, the cleaner the better. We actually went to washing our hair less after the outbreak and all of our hair is healthier from allowing some natural oils to stay on the hair.

      • mia girl says:

        I suffer from PTLD – post traumatic lice disorder.
        When one of your kids gets it, the whole house needs to be torched to eradicate them.

        And yes, the cleaner the hair, the easier it is for those tiny spawns of the devil to attach to your head.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        There was a lice outbreak in my son’s school and most of the little boys got a precautionary crew cut, while the girls wore braids (since it’s more difficult for the lice to nest in tightly braided hair). My son has prominent ears, so we decided not to cot his hair. However, we sprayed it down with a diluted tea tree oil mixture and he stayed lice free! Great home remedy for lice prevention.

      • Kate says:

        EDIT: this has nothing to do with lice – it posted in the wrong area! Sorry to derail comment chain.

        I know nothing about Liam Hemsworth that indicates anything bad, but as a rule, when pretty young girls start making style choices that make them dramatically less pretty, and they indicate that a boyfriend they’re crazy about strongly approves, I am suspicious. I hope that’s unfair and it’s the Disney connection, but in my experience guys who play around are more jealous than anyone else.

        Again I don’t have any reason to think Hemsworth is like that. It’s just an observation from people I’ve known.

      • deehunny says:

        @mortitians- I didn’t know all of that for lice prevention. Thanks for the tree oil tip. I had lice as a kid & my school never implemented that simple advice

  5. Esmom says:

    Short hair can be awesome. I think she looks striking. But mark my words, she will be growing it out one day. I know the feeling. And the angst of growing it out all too well.

    I’m the opposite, I won’t cut my hair now just because of pre-dread of the growing out process.

    As Brad Pitt says, it’s “inevitable.” :)

  6. JudyK says:

    Never thought Miley was even attractive before she cut her hair. Now, I think she’s gorgeous…beautiful eyes.

    Her hair is every bit as sexy as long hair is–I’m sick and tired of the Real Housewives’ look–it’s become so generic and boring.

    • Nur says:

      Me too! I though she looked like a pumpkin before, now I find her very stylish and attractive. But I know the majority disagrees. Especially men never find short hair attractive. Blah!
      I personally cut my hair short after loving it on AnnE (the hair, not her attitude) and I am unsure when I will grow it out. Right now, Im so happy with it!

      • Ella says:

        Hang on! Lots of men find short hair attractive! I’ve always had short hair and never had a problem. I think Miley looks great and like another commenter, I am sick of the same blond, middle part, long hair look that many starlets sport. Boring!

    • Nina says:

      Yes! I never thought she was particularly striking or interesting before but think the short hair looks terrific on her. It suits her small face. Her skin also… Amazing these days… Is it the gluten free thing she says she did last year? Guess she’s still gluten free.

  7. Yuck, I hate her hair. The shortness I understand (I think extensions are creepy too and it does seem easy to style) but the yellow-blonde colour?! That’s just ugly.

    Short and brown (her natural haircolor) would look SO much better.

  8. Zoe says:

    For some women long, wavy hair make huge difference and can add a lot of beauty even for somebody who is very average looking. I’m talking about Miley, Anne H., and others. I know she thinks that she is a rebel or a riot but she looks like full moon with that short, bleach blonde hairdo. Fail.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I agree. I think this look ages her too. She has a very mature face for her age. I’d assume she was 28 or so.

    • Tessa says:

      It’s sad, but true. Miley isn’t very feminine, and she’s not particularly pretty, so long hair gives her a little more feminine beauty, imo. It softens her.

      Now Emma Watson and Natalie Portman were more delicate and feminine with short hair. It really depends on the person I guess.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @tessa, I agree about Portman and Watson pulling off the short hair. Women with petite frames and certain face shapes look great with short hair. Both of those ladies you mentioned have a Mia Farrow quality about them. Mia, btw, looked amazing with short hair.

      • Melissa says:

        I agree, Emma and Natalie’s faces look a lot better with the short hair. I think Miley has great eyes, but this cut kind of features her cheeks more than her eyes. I think the white hair with dark eyebrows washes her out as well.

        I think she is pretty DISPITE this hair cut. I think she would look even better in a warmer tone that was chin length.

  9. Mia 4S says:

    Awww yes, we all were sooo smart and soooo sure at 20 weren’t we? Absolutely positive we would think and feel the same way in 10 years. You’re twenty Miley! You’ve got it all figured out! ;-) insert eye roll here. This girl needs to stop talking and do something productive. I realize her talent is limited but she is getting very tiresome.

  10. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    I’d shave my head right now if I thought I could get away with it in public. Thick, curly, frizzy hair that makes me spend $75 at Ulta every couple of months for products to tame it so I can look relatively normal. Blah, rant complete.
    Regarding washing, my hair and scalp actually dry out the longer I go without washing. I have to oil spritz to keep it from spontaneously combusting. After a 14-day working trip to the DR (hair washing was a luxury we didn’t afford ourselves at our hosts’ expense), it was finally getting oily and gross, but three or four days is no big deal.

  11. crab says:

    I liked her hair when she first got it cut! It was real longish on the top and short on the bottom!

  12. LL says:

    I think it looks good on her actually. And everyone knows it’s much easier to style dirty hair that freshly pooed hair.

  13. Chordy says:

    I know I’m in a minority around here, but I love Miley’s style these days! Then again, I am a child of the 90s, so one could argue that I’m inherently prone to bad taste.

    • sasa says:

      You are not alone. I love that she experiments and has fun with her hair and clothes, even when it’s tacky. It shouldn’t always be about what is most flattering, sometimes you just want to get a little silly. It’s only hair/clothes, it’s not THAT serious.

      Miley and I probably don’t share a lot of things but we do share a haircut (minus the bleach on my part).

  14. Cinnamon says:

    I like long hair and had a near nervous breakdown when “a few inches off” meant up to my shoulders. I dont know why, maybe its because Ive always wanted that mermaid hair look thats really thick and long and its my lifelong hair goal to have hair that doesnt frizzle up and die when it gets to the length i want it to (you all know what im talking about when your hair is just yuck at the ends)

    My husband hates short hair and its hard to find a man who embraces it so kudos on Liam.

  15. dcypher1 says:

    She looks way better with hair. I do agree with her short hair is easier to manage though. dosent mean she should go short. She could have it a little bit long but not so short.

  16. Louise says:

    Up until yesterday I had really long hair, for most of my life. Had it cut into a Mia (Uma Thurman) from Pulp Fiction bob yesterday & it’s taking some getting used to so not sure if I could go shorter again! I’m growing out highlights as I don’t want to keep putting dye on my head & it ruined the hair condition. Although it’s nice not to have the hassle of longer hair.

    I’d never get extensions.

    I think it’s a shame she’s bleaching her hair, so much too, it’s so not good for you to have that sitting on your scalp every few weeks.

    But good luck to her. I think tightly pinned ears look nicer with this hair.

    I always forget how young she is so think she likes this look as it ages her. She looks more like a woman instead of a little kid. I forget she’s younger than Emma Watson even.

    When she starts to get older, and look it, she’ll hanker after her teenage looks so will grow it long again.

    Having said all that, I remember when Jade Goody (sorry to bring her up) said she’d never go brunette again after going blond, and in next to now time she was an even darker brunette. This coincided with her fame waning, Miley reminds me a little in that fame-whore way, so I think the moment her fame starts to lapse (if it does) she’ll dream up new hair. After all, it worked this time.

  17. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I love short hair on certain women- Morena Baccarin, Halle Berry, Tamara Taylor, Melissa McBride all look better with short hair IMO.

    I like short hair on Miley but I wish the cut and color was a little different—-maybe honey-blonde and not shaved underneath.

    I have really long hair and have been thinking about cutting it lately….

    • marie says:

      how short OKitt? I say cut it, but don’t go extreme with it. I did when I was about 15. I had really long curly hair (had never had it cut before) and whacked it to right at my chin. While I liked my hair short and even tried to go shorter (short curly hair ends up lookin like the business end of a q-tip most often) at times I miss the long length. (have never been able to get it length pre-cut)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’m thinking like shoulder-length and I might go blonde again. I had it blonde for most of my twenties..all that dyeing was really damaging though..ehh…

        You have short hair now, marie? I have natch curly hair too.

        I’m scared that I’ll end up crying if I cut it…yup-I am THAT big of a baby about my hair.

      • marie says:

        Yeah, ever since that first cut years and years ago I’ve been unable to let my hair grow past shoulders. It’s actually mid-shoulder blade wet but barely reaches my shoulders dry..

  18. Mew says:

    Short hair is the best because it’s sooo easy, however I look totally derpina with short hair so I’m stuck with long-mid-lenght hell with daily washing.

  19. Marni says:

    She looks ugly and tacky these days.

  20. kim says:

    Hate the color more than the cut. So she fights the long Hollywood hair, but does the generic California blonde that down nothing for her features is more creeps.

  21. Jenna says:

    I just cut my hair too. And while there are some benefits, there are some drawbacks too. Like being VERY limited as to what you can do with your hair. I miss the variety my long hair brought. Its waist length, I do not miss however.

    Also, did her pants remind anyone else of Beetlejuice?

    Beetlejuice, beetlejuice… o_O

  22. TXCinderella says:

    In the third and fourth pics she looks like Amber Rose. I don’t like her new hair style at all. Maybe if she went back to her natural color and didn’t wear it spiky it wouldn’t look so bad. Pixie style might look cute on her.

  23. s says:

    I said that too but six years later I’m over it. That outfit is horrible but her body is ridiculous.

  24. RN says:

    I love her short hair and I think she’s even prettier with it. I had super-short hair all through my teens and early twenties and I loved it also. I like short hair on most women – it sets them apart from the crowd.

  25. Kat says:

    her new style is ridiculous and very, very unflattering…she is simply too young and too confused

  26. kate says:

    ok anyone get this reference?:

    “stop the insanity!!” – susan powter

  27. KellyinSeattle says:

    I hate when people make the peace sign all the time.
    She’ll grow her hair long again.
    Though, any hair story is better than one about Anne Hathaway.

  28. Happy21 says:

    Never say never Miley, it will bite you in the ass cheek…

  29. valleymiss says:

    In that 2nd pic where she’s looking down and throwing the peace sign, she resembles a young Madonna!

    Miley worked really hard through her childhood. Good for her, enjoying the fruits of her labor a little. Though I hope she gives up all the weed smoking by the time she’s 25. There’s something kinda “clinging to youth” when ppl continue to smoke recreationally (not for medicinal purposes!) past 25. Sorry, only an opinion.

    Party in the USA is a guilty pleasure of mine. Loooove that song so much. I also have the mash-up of Miley and Notorious BIG called “Party and Bull****.” You wouldn’t think it would work as a song but it totally does!

  30. StaCat1 says:

    Saying you will never have long hair at 20 is stupid- as is getting married in my opinion- but whatever…. Let’s see her in 20yrs and then discuss…(sigh)

  31. KC says:

    Of course she doesn’t want to grow her hair out, think of how she’d miss all the attention her short hair is giving her!

  32. ladybert62 says:

    I like short hair (and have mine very short) – I also like her short hair.

    However, I hate her clothes!!

    If she does not wash her hair then I hate her dirty hair which is really gross!!!

    P.S. I also hate her tattoos.

    ha ha

  33. KC says:

    I really don’t get everyone saying that long hair is so much more work than short hair. I’ve had short hair (not Miley short, but above my shoulders) and I’ve had hair to my waist for the past few years and I don’t find it much more work. It does take longer to get wet, but you really should only be focusing on the first few inches when you wash your hair to avoid drying it out (which can then make it too oily too) and making your hair frizzy so after you get it wet there isn’t much of a difference in that length range. At least that’s how it works for my hair texture, I know that it does vary.

  34. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Susan Powter called, she wants her look back.

  35. JL says:

    If she’d never show that camel toe in those clown pants again I’d be happy!

  36. Ally8 says:

    Between her helium voice, absence of neck, 5 foot 2 height, and taking style cues from Susan Powter (remember, the “Stop the madness!” lady)… not good. Miley may soon be joining Frankie Muniz in the millionaire brat unemployment line.

  37. Kosmos says:

    Not everyone looks good with a short cut, or long length, it varies from person-to-person, so it really depends on what suits your face/style best. She is still very young, but once she ages, that cut might not be so appealing. Actually, the long hair was her idea, too, for her Hannah Montana look, which made her millions of dollars and put her on the map, but now she’s trashing the look, hmmm. I guess it’s easy to trash once you’ve made it…

  38. Luxe says:

    Sorry, Miley. This look ages you by at least 5 years. She’s obviously trying to make some sort of point with this new look. Everyone is right when they say she resembles Susan Powter. Yeesh. We’ll see what she looks like come next year this time.

    Oh, and Miley? After I went natural 7 years ago, I said I would NEVER again get a relaxer relying only on a blow dryer and flat iron when I wanted straight hair. All it took to change my mind was a 100 degree day in DC and my hair shrinking up like a sponge to make me change my mind for 3 years!

    You are barely out of your teens. Things as basic as hair are never final that young.

  39. Asdfg says:

    Pfffft, what are her future plans? Does she plan on continuing acting or “trying” to sing?

    If she plans on acting she better reconsider her decisions! You have to get in character for certain roles and your appearance has a lot to do with those rolls! Right?

    She shouldn’t have cut her hair! She looked much better with the longer hair on top and shaved sides! I hate blonde hair with dark eyebrows! So awkward…

  40. Justine says:

    I don’t know, she was so beautiful and now she just looks… odd. I hope she’ll change her mind. But I think she will because she appears very immature to me – and I hope she will grow mature soon. It’s time.

  41. xoxokaligrl says:

    Just because you have long hair doesn’t mean you have to have extensions.

    Her hair, weight loss, and new style looks awful anyways.

  42. dan says:

    good. as long as there’s less of her i’m happy

  43. Lucy Goosy says:

    She looks like Lori Petty in “Tank Girl.” (Actually, there is a good possibility that no one remembers that but me.)
    The cut and attitude worked on Lori Petty.
    It does not work on Miley.
    And I will always be firmly stuck in the 1970s with my own long hair thank you very much!