Kim Kardashian, gun control advocate, tweets photo of her diamond-encrusted gun

These are some new photos of Kim Kardashian in LA, where she was going out to eat with some people and I think her brother Rob. A few things: I’m worried that Kim seems to be Spanx-ing the life out of her bump. She really doesn’t look that different to me, not in a radical “she’s super-knocked-up” way. Is it Spanx? Or something else? Also: NO STRIPES. Not even vertical stripes. Not when you’re built like Kim. You will always look like a circus tent. Trust me.

Anyway, you know how Kim got her doctor to say that the “stress” of Kris Humphries’ neverending legal shenanigans regarding their divorce is putting her pregnancy at risk? Well, TMZ now says that Kim’s lawyer is making a legal argument for the same thing – basically saying that by drawing out the divorce, Kris is endangering Kim’s pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian says she wants a divorce because it “will help create a new, full life for me” … this according to new legal docs.

Kim filed a declaration in her divorce case obtained by TMZ, complaining to the judge that Kris Humphries is not only standing in the way of her happiness, but threatening her health and welfare, and “also … the health and well-being of my unborn child.” We broke the story, her doctor is concerned as well.

Kim scoffs at Kris’ claim she defrauded him in the marriage, and says it’s actually Kris who is screwing with her life. She says she wants a divorce so she can move on with her life, and “the same should hold true for [Kris].

Kim notes Kanye is eager to sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity when their child is born, but he won’t be able to if she’s still married to Kris.

And Kim is citing some stories claiming Kris is saying he now has “all the power” and that “he is in control of my misery.”

[From TMZ]

Ugh. You know how I feel about this mess, and many you continue to berate me for being on Team Kim in this particular instance. I will say that even though I think Kris is a d-bag who needs to let it go, I’m not sure if this legal strategy is Kim’s best bet. It feels like she’s showing her hand and letting Kris have power over her…?

Meanwhile, did you know that Kim spoke out about the Newtown massacre and that she signed a gun control and anti-violence petition called the Sandy Hook promise? She did. She tweeted: “Today, people in Newtown are making the #sandyhookpromise to reduce gun violence. Sign the pledge with me.” And then yesterday, she tweeted this photo:

A diamond-encrusted gun? OF COURSE. So, her Twitter followers basically had a meltdown and Kim deleted the photo and acted like nothing happened. Just to play devil’s advocate: it’s perfectly possible to be a handgun owner AND believe in gun control. It’s possible to be a responsible gun owner AND want to reduce gun violence. The problem is that for Kim, guns are just a sparkly, glamorous accessory.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Brown says:

    I am not a gun control advocate, but damn, the thought of Kim with a gun is terrifying.

    • Erinn says:

      My thoughts as well. I think anyone who is responsible, and common sense should have guns if they want guns. Hell, we were raised since early childhood that they are not a toy, and that you have to assume every single gun is loaded. My brother and I have grown into responsible gun users.

      However– the idea of ANY Kardashian with a firearm terrifies the shit out of me.

    • Pandy says:

      i am a gun control advocate (I’m Canadian that’s how we roll here) and she’s a dumb hypocrite. Anything to publicize herself.

  2. T.Fanty says:

    She’s actually starting to make me pine for the days of Paris Hilton.

  3. just sayin' says:

    Umm, that looks like a handbag to me- no trigger?

  4. Vee says:

    Team Kris.

    This woman is an idiot.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    So Kim is a hypocritical dumbass who will say anything to have the spotlight? In other news, water is wet.

    As for the baby stuff, it was her choice to get pregnant while in the midst of a divorce, and supposedly he offered a way to end it ages ago but she won’t do it. So who’s really the problem here?

  6. StopKiddingYourself says:

    This just MIGHT be a “gun” handbag? If you look at the top right of the pistol, you can barely make out the word ‘bijan’, no? It sort of looks like the designer’s signature as well. Hmm. I was trying to find it online, to no avail.

  7. logan says:

    While I was raised in a rural family who hunted all my life, my dad would have taken that gun dug a hole and buried it. Guns are meant to be handled safely, not used as an accessory. Not cool, not cool at all.

  8. Lolly says:

    I’ll have my godbrother’s ex girlfriend check it out. Lol

  9. Sue says:

    This is the same picture you find when you bing bijan handgun. It is real only 200 made in 1980. But does she own one or tweeted picture from internet?

  10. Londerland says:

    Googling it, it looks like it’s a real gun – Bijan made 200 of these designer, diamond-encrusted Colts in the 80s…

  11. putchka says:

    She is looking like an old Italian grandma (which I had). God, she’s an idiot.

  12. The Original Mia says:

    Don’t get pregnant by another man while in the midst of a nasty divorce. Team Kris.

    I don’t mind sensible gun ownership, but turning a gun into a cute sparkly purse is dumb. They aren’t cute accessories. They are lethal weapons.

  13. aims says:

    I have a feeling Kim isnt going to be a cute pregnate women. Honestly, I don’t think she’s smart enough to make a statement regarding gun control. She really has no clue about any thing regarding current affairs.

  14. bopit says:

    I didn’t know lips got plumper during pregnancy….hmm…

  15. L says:

    Spanx actually has a maternity line, although it seems to be more about supporting the bump vs. hiding it.

  16. JL says:

    Posting a picture of a diamond encruted gun totally negates any “statement” she may make.
    What it does tell me is she will use anything for atention, including a gun.

  17. jj says:

    how can you be team kartrashian?

    So Humphries is the major cause of her stress? Nothing else stresses her out more, huh? Not Kayne, not her schedule, not her pimp mother, nothing else. Oh. Ok.

    I try to like her, I really do, but she just tries to hard to be the victim in every situation. She’s trying to gain media sympathy and guilt him into a divorce in her favor, no one wants to be the reason an unborn baby is hurt.

  18. dcypher1 says:

    I bet she has a diamond encrusted vibrator.

  19. Jackson says:

    This trick is an idiot whether it’s a purse, a statement of some sort, whatever.
    And if she is *that* worried about her little bump then she can pay off the other idiot that she married and be done with the whole divorce deal. It’s not like she doesn’t have boatloads of money and I doubt she is standing on “principal.”

  20. MsAubra says:

    Forget a gun pic, let’s discuss her looking like a Maytag-built linebacker in that pic of her walking with the coat on her shoulders…

  21. N-Bear says:

    … and now we know how the World’s Saddest Kardashian Kitten died.

  22. JudyK says:

    Shallow Moron.

    Picture of entitled excess and greed. These people are repulsive reptiles.

  23. Dawn says:

    I don’t think it is a real gun either. A picture of a diamond encased fake gun is yet another grab for attention. She is all about herself and herself alone. What a tiresome bitch she must be. So does this person have any friends or is it just the man of the hour and her fame whore family? The ugliness of these people just oozes from the inside out.

  24. RHONYC says:

    she should just accept that at her height , shape AND being preggers…things are gonna get real wide, real fast. i’d just throw on a moomoo like Jessica Simpson and live it up.

    screw trying to be a fashion plate & pass a plate of Krispy Kremes dammit. not everyone can do pregnancy like Vicki Becks & A. Jolie. jussayin. :roll:

  25. EscapedConvent says:

    Kim made me sick before this blingy gun accessory—now I have passed the point of no return. She really does not have a brain in her head.

    And what is that ring doing there? Do people really have nothing else to do with their money?!

    • swack says:

      Thank you, I was wondering what a diamond solitaire ring was doing in the picture. Did anyone else notice it. What is with wearing a coat on the shoulders all the time? If you are going to wear a coat, wear it as a coat should be worn. If you want to wear it like a cape – wear a cape!

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        Goodness, did ANYONE check out the link I posted above? LOL

        It’s a real gun. The “solitaire” is a button on the mink case that came with the gun.

        “In the late 1980s, Bijan Pakzad designed a golden Colt revolver. The gun had a leather handgrip fashioned for a .38-cal. Colt revolver. Inlaid in the cylinder was 56 grams of 24-karat gold. The gun was placed in a mink pouch in a Baccarat crystal case embossed with the customer’s name. Bijan’s own signature is engraved in gold on the barrel of the gun. Only 200 such guns were made. In 2005, one of these guns sold at Christie’s auction house for over $50,000″

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Hi, DeltaJuliet. I just looked at your link. I wonder what KK paid for her diamond gun.

      This makes me think of my favorite line from “Pulp Fiction”: “That is some f*cked up, repugnant sh*t.”—Jules Winfield (Samuel Jackson)

  26. Dani says:

    I doubt Kris is causing all of her stress. Life would have been easier for Kim if she waited to be divorced before getting pregnant with some other mans child.

    Team Kris – hope he continuously gives her hell.

  27. coconut says:

    for kim she looks good in this outfit. not even going to comment on the gun.

  28. Nanea says:

    Is it me, or does she look like an expensive version of Octomom in the last pic?

    If I had a lookalike with Octo’s reputation, I’d make sure to get away from that as fast and as far as possible. KK’s bad taste in klothing makes it even more obvious.

  29. Kate says:

    1. No baby bump because there is no baby (at least not inside Kim).

    2. Thank you for saying that it is possible to be a gun owner AND support various gun control measures. I absolutely hate how this debate is being characterized by politicians and the media as you either support gun ownership, no limitations, or you want to take away everyone’s guns. Ridiculous.

  30. Annie says:

    Who needs a gun? Nobody needs a gun. Guns are not toys or iphones. Not a single civilian needs a gun. It’s idiotic that people like Kim have guns. She is a moron and so are many people with guns. Morons and guns don’t mix. Why would anyone sane want a gun anyway? Did you see the story of the kid who shot his little brother because their mom had a pink gun? That boy is dead. Did you need that gun mom? Did it have to look like a toy?

    The only people in this world that I would arm is the women in India who keep getting gang banged on the way to work. That’s when you arm the crap out of people. In America? Please.

    If you don’t need it, don’t get one.

  31. lady X says:

    Lord knows I try my hardest to like this woman ….
    She tries way too hard at everything that is why she is always getting busted talking out of both sides of her neck ….
    First she say’s she never drinks …. then as recent as 2 episodes ago on the new Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (please do not judge me ) she and Khloe are stumbling drunk through out the city …
    She says all she ever wanted was to be married an have babies yet she has done everything but that up until this point…. if that was all she wanted she would have had babies with her first husband … the truth is all she ever wanted was to be famous and be a clothing designer
    She is saying she had fertility issues .. yet the only time she has ever actively tried to get pregnant was with Kanye…. none of the other guys she married or dated has she ever tried to have a baby with …
    My things is Kim just be yourself … You are a woman who sleeps around and has very loose morals … just accept it and move on .. this wholesome girl image.. I just keep getting a bad wrap is stupid and we can see right through it

  32. Barrett says:

    disgusting photo. She really shows how uneducated and unintelligent she is when she discusses health, current events…. I feel bad her whole life is about expensive material things and her looks. I also work in medical field and infertility, her explanation of why she was concerned about ever conceiving a baby made NO SENSE a few weeks ago. She said her hormone levels were low and she had the egg reserve of a 50 year old. First no doctor would ever say that, second she most likely had lower egg reserves on average compared to 31 year olds but not a dire situation. Two, such an uneducated announcement is cruel when her own sister Klhoe has a real health issue and does not ovulate. She should just shut up and stay focused on her imagine as a sex symbol.

  33. Kitkerenina says:

    Is she grieving? Her style and posture are grim. The gun thing seems to be all about distraction. Could she be rattled, finally?

  34. judyjudy says:

    She looks exactly like her mom in that top pic.

  35. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    She’s an idiot. Nothing she does is genuine. Her charity work, political positions, and all the petitions she’ll ever sign are just on a whim for her image.

  36. G says:

    No no she took OFF the Spanx. That’s her shape naturally. Give him the annulment if you’re so worried. It’s no secret Kim/Kris marriage was a fraud.

  37. iyanla says:

    not liking her “maternity wear. ”

    she is really wide in the hips and I don’t think her current fashion choices help. she’s not embracing her pregnancy curves yet, she is fighting it by wearing regular skin tight clothes. everything looks strectched out on her, soiled and wrinkled, accentuating her wide hips.

    With her shape, I’m at a loss as to how to minimize her widening hips but whatever she is doing is not cute nor comfy looking. She needs to moisturize her legs or wear nylons. she looks so ashy. she use to be so pretty. Maybe she should go the Jessica Simpson route, short, flowy, cleavage bearing moo moos.

  38. Fishlips says:

    When I saw her blazer, I was immediately reminded of “Beetlejuice”. LOL

  39. iyanla says:

    also can she stop with the turtlenecks. she makes herself look so overweight with her fashion choices.

  40. tabasco says:

    she’s exhausting. isn’t she early 30s? she always dresses like an aging Dallas mob wife. there’s just nothing fresh or carefree about her look. ever. all stuffed in a dress, the heels, coat balancing on shoulders, load of makeup, blarrghh. uncomfortable and exhausting.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      True, this. She does look uncomfortable. I can’t imagine dressing like that all the time. Too-tight clothes are no fun! Doesn’t she ever feel like flouncing about in a loose top or something? Girl, if you’re pregnant, knock yourself out & wear a muu-muu!

      Also, I feel just a tiny smidge sorry for her because she looks very depressed to me. But that won’t stop me from making fun of her per usual. ;-)

  41. idk says:

    Well if she’s so worried about her unborn child and the stress of the divorce, why not ask the judge to POSTPONE the divorce proceedings until after the birth rather than try to speed them up ??? Or better yet, maybe she should NOT have gotten pregnant by going off birth control pills until after her divorce was finalized ???

  42. Kat says:

    I believe in the need for stricter gun control, and I’m also a fan of gun sports and hunting. I skeet shoot, and we hunt pheasant here in the fall. I’m less than five foot tall, and I have my concealed carry license. I also believe that it is far too easy for insane people to purchase lethal weapons. It iS possible to agree with both sides of this debate.

  43. lucy says:

    Looks like she raided her mom’s closet.

    And why is she hunched over? She looks SO HEAVY and lumbering. Is the gravitational pull of her boobs pulling her to the ground?

    Fashion designer guns make as much sense as bedazzled surgical equipment.

  44. soxfan says:

    She is famous because she starred in a s$x tape and got p&&d on. She and her family are vile creatures and I feel so badly for any of the spawn.

  45. KellyinSeattle says:

    Her cuff bracelet looks like something you have to have taken off at the store so you don’t set off the alarm

  46. Memphis says:

    Of course she has a diamond encrusted gun *rolls eyes* What.A.Dumbass.

    And this isn’t 1997 Kim, that outfit is hideous!

  47. Grace says:

    The pregnancy hormones are making her even dumber than she already is.

    There needs to be a license test for people who want to have kids.

  48. bullpin says:

    For me it’s the fact that KIM HAS a gun. Blech

  49. terilynn says:

    Where is the trigger on this gun?

  50. janie says:

    It never ends with this bunch!

  51. JMP says:

    This limited edition ‘Gold and Diamond’ Colt revolver (NOT a lighter) was designed by Bijan; only 200 were made. This is the original promo photo — see his signature?

    One was sold at Christie’s in 2005 for 50k.

  52. Joan says:

    I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due and i will like to say that kris j has done a nice job in securing all this money for her family.i think kimmie should cut down on her excessive spending because she dosent know what tomorrow will bring,if not she will end up damn broke,i know people will say they have a ton of money but people like kim who spend excessively continueto do so on hopes of kash on a silver plate.i mean lets face it the kardashians think they have the staying power but in all sincerity,they dont have talent and hence will end up like the oders who have come before them.Many people have come before them,they have evem pulled crazier stunts than them but eventually their light dimed and people forgot about them,the willeventually fade out because people will definitely get tired of hearing kim and her family go over the same stories like khloe has fertility issues,kourtney and scott are about to split,kimmie buys a house etc people will get bored.even the best of the best have at some point fallen out of favour with the public,it will happen to the kardashians no matter how much kris tries to convince them it wont,no matter how many stunts they try to pull,no matter the number of different times kim gets pregnant.this is the simple law of nature people come and people go and although it may seem like they are here to stay,this family will disappear when we least expect it.they have reached the height of their fame,they have done it all from weddings to pregnancies and i dont think anything they do in the near future will top it.they have pulled every stunt in the book,they have nothing left.the kardashians wont disappear immediately,they will go down gradually like the setting sun,and i know people say kris h will take them out i do think kris will do that but no kris h i feel that the person who will put the last nail in their coffin is kris but it is kris jenner,she started this whole charade and i think she feels like she can outsmart and pull any stunt and the public will still buy in,she started the whole empire and she will be the one to shut it all down,when someone continues to perceive the public as stupid they end up miscalculating,they think of solutions that dont help but destroy.this pregnancy may be what ends it all for them.
    Kimmie will soon have a miscarriage.i give her and her pimp of a mother 4weeks to make the announcement.she likes being compared to the royal family and their is no way kim would have known kate was preggers,she pulled a stunt of a wedding after the royal wedding in order to be compared to kate and i think she is doin just that with this pregnancy.coincidence as some people may say,i think not.

  53. Ryan says:

    Its a real gun that fires real bullets. It is a North American Arms Mini-revolver (go ahead…Google it).

    Good on Kim for exercising here god-given and constitutionally protected right.

  54. Kim says:

    She is so unintelligent its scary.