Radar: LeAnn Rimes is ‘losing it’ over Brandi Glanville’s epic tell-all book

As many of you discussed in yesterday’s Brandi Glanville post, Eddie Cibrian has a new Instagram page. You can see it here. IT IS AMAZING. All of the photos in this post were taken from the Instagram account, and I’m included “Eddie’s” comments on all of the photos. Do you think Eddie Cibrian just loves his wife so, so SO much that he just sits around, posting all of his archived photos of himself and LeAnn and adding such cutesy messages on them? I love this so much. I consider this evidence that LeAnn’s “twee-hab” was a total sham and she feels like she can’t post all of this crap to her own Twitter, so IT HAS TO GO SOMEWHERE. So why not start an Instagram account in your husband’s name and write messages in “his” voice?

Speaking of LeAnn’s Twitter, she has made a few pointed tweets in Brandi’s direction, I guess. Yesterday she tweeted “Lie lie lie lie deny deny deny deny….. Hey, that rhymes :) oh good times.” On Feb. 1, she tweeted, “I love fictional stories…. If you’re gonna tell the truth, tell it. Please do not make it “way cooler and more embellished than it is.” It’s then just called fictional AND A BALD FACE LIE.” So… something is bothering her! And Radar says that’s just the tip of the iceberg:

LeAnn Rimes is “losing it” over Brandi Glanville‘s new tell-all book called Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders, a source close to the country singer says, adding the scandalous memoir has her second-guessing the strength of her marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian.

“This is bringing out LeAnn’s nagging fears about Eddie that one woman isn’t enough,” a LeAnn insider told a weekly publication about the book, which goes into detail about Eddie’s unfaithful tendencies.

“Does it bother her? Of course — no woman would want to read these things about her husband,” the insider said. “But she knows that Eddie loves her and she’s secure in that … LeAnn desperately wants to believe him. If they don’t last, she looks like the biggest loser in the world.”

In one passage, Brandi writes about having angry sex with the Playboy Club star at the tail-end of their marriage, and after he and LeAnn initially hooked up on the set of the 2009 TV movie Northern Lights.

“LeAnn has always worried about Eddie being attracted to Brandi,” the insider said. “It was devastating for her to learn that Eddie didn’t leave Brandi, that he wanted both of them.”

The insider called Brandi a “toxic” person who “believes her own lies” and is “desperate for money and attention.”

“That’s a dangerous combination,” the source added, noting that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has done her best to paint LeAnn “in the worst possible light.”

“That’s pretty good revenge,” the insider said.

With graphic excerpts from the book already making headlines, LeAnn continues to put a smiley public face on the matter, calling Brandi’s tome a collection of “fictional stories.”

[From Radar]

Well, it looks like Brandi’s plan is working, right? Several stories in her book seemed perfectly designed to make LeAnn question her marriage, to question Eddie’s authenticity, and to attack the very foundation of their relationship (the affair, etc).

As for the way LeAnn is counter-attacking Brandi with this week’s Us Weekly cover story, which is all about how “Brandi cheated first,” Radar also has some additional information on that too. In 2001, before Eddie and Brandi got married, Brandi “made out” with Rick Fox (who was married to Vanessa Williams at the time). And then Brandi allegedly hooked up with Harry Morton in 2005 AND 2007. And when Brandi and Eddie got together initially, Brandi “stole” him from his live-in girlfriend Julianne Morris. The “source” (who resembles Falcor) says: “She stole Eddie away from Julianne! And she complains about LeAnn being a home-wrecker.” LeAnn… girl, you’re being WAY too obvious.

Photos courtesy of Eddie’s hilarious Instagram.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Questioning her own marriage NOW seems a bit “too little, too late”, but I guess one has to start somewhere.

    It seems that Leann so desperately wants to be on “the good side” that she’s willing to believe anything: that she and Eddie had “true love”, that there was “no stopping it”, that they are “victims of feelings”, that Brandi is the villain who tried to keep them apart, that Leann is such a martyr for enduring this, that the public is easily fooled…
    Anything to give meaning to the terrible and pointless cheating that destroyed a family.

    The woman has deep, troublesome issues.

  2. RHONYC says:

    Le-Haw’s level of insecurity should be set as a new World’s Record! :roll:

    • only1shmoo says:

      So true. NeighAnn seems like such a horrid, delusional egomaniac, and I couldn’t be more happy that she’s stewing in the mess that she started. I just wish she felt even a hint of remorse for her wrong-doings, but I’d bet my salary that she doesn’t.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        She’s been into the drama from the very start. She’s not stewing and fretting out of fear. She’s more likely doing it out of the thrill of it. Like any addict.
        She will be sheltered by delusion and only let in the bits she can deal with. The bits she can gab with her twitter friends about.
        If she really feared something it would be drastic and not more of a circulating rumor.

  3. Anguishedcorn says:

    Yeah… I’m sure Eddie writes “lol” all the time.

  4. Lulu says:

    Wow. I hope Brandi realizes that her boys are in the cross hairs here. If Leann goes psycho she’d better hope and pray the boys aren’t there when it happens.

  5. The Original Original says:

    OMG. Like Eddie would actually write a caption saying middle finger for haters! hahahaha She is crazy.

  6. Tiffany27 says:

    Middle finger for the haters? Both of these dumb f-cks are so obvious and thirsty it’s laughable.
    Boy go to a corner somewhere and sit DOWN!! Here’s a chair _/

  7. fabgrrl says:

    Losing it? I don’t think she ever had “it” to begin with.

  8. Samigirl says:

    Oh man, this keeps getting better and better! I try not to delight in others misery, but leann has done it so often, it’s hard not to!

    Edit: for everyone who likes to say how trashy Brandi is, here’s the self proclaimed “America’s Sweetheart,” flipping off the camera. So classy!

  9. Arock says:

    Who takes all these pictures, it’s amazing that two people who are so devoted spend so much time doing this. It’s all Leann, and its really sad. So Brandi made out with a guy before she was married and had sex right after child birth? So what to the first and hahahaha to the second (for all the reasons discussed yesterday. No one at 6 weeks goes trolling, your pretties are like a salami sandwich and your whole body is leaking. Just no.) she really needs a publicist.

  10. Kitkerenina says:

    Brandi seems to be Leann’s sole obsession. Makes me wonder now if the Eddie thing was all about Brandi from the start.

  11. JL says:

    LeAnn “lost” it way before this book, let’s get real here.

    She is an attention seeking famewhore,and having banged another woman’s husband a whore. Now why in the living world would she think;

    Everyone would be prefectly fine with that?

    Eddie would be faithful to HER when he cheated on his wife.

    Bradi would be her new friend

    His kids would call her mommy

    For either of them to think this smear campagain will fix thier problems and make them feel better is beyond stupid.

    I say BAIL on Eddie – let the loser have him, STFU before you damage those boys irreparably, close your legs and open your mind to about a year of inpatient treatment.

  12. Erinn says:

    Just reading the descriptions on the photos… it read like a girl. I can’t evverrrr imagine my guy writing something so feminine sounding. Mind you, he grew up in the woods hunting and 4-Wheeling, and is a plumber; not exactly a delicate man.

    But is Eddie? I just can’t look at him an connect him to something so ridiculous sounding.

    And if Brandi is lying and embellishing so much, then Leanne is certainly welcome to sue for libel or defamation, or whatever. It seems to me that if these things were all as untruthful as Leanne wants us to think she’d have done something about it by now.

  13. Macey says:

    Its so funny how everyone is calling LR out for planting the latest rumors. She’s so transparent its almost not funny, its scary. Does she actually believe that anyone would believe this news after 4 yrs and 588999 interviews over her “love” and these rumors never once came up? She’s as dumb as she is psychotic.
    On the bright side, it is helping Brandi’s book sales. I just saw she’s #70 on the Best Seller Books list and #20 on best Seller Biographies, not bad for a 1st book.
    The funniest thing is watching her and her minions take over the comments over on Radar. First she was posting under kmd23 (she deleted that one) then Joe(who also suddenly disappeared)and now Jen90. she’s going nuts over there saying the same things over and over. Out of 400+ comments. 300+ of them are all from the same 4 people.

  14. TheFiveW's says:

    Took a look at the instagram page…I love the comments. But I love his personal description even more, daddy/actor/husband. Actor before husband? Sounds right.

  15. ojulia123 says:

    “The ‘source’ (who resembles Falcor)….”

    Kaiser, you are KILLING ME! I’ll be laughing about that for the rest of the day.

    Aaaand now I’m off to clean coffee-spit off of my keyboard.

  16. jules says:

    I am beginning to seriously worry about Brandi’s safety. Every time I look at LeAnnn now I just see Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

  17. Cathy says:

    You gotta admit Brandi is good, if she’s trying to drive LeAnn crazier then she’s doing a good job of it. She may be trashy, but I kind of like Brandi.

  18. qtpi says:

    That has to be a fake instagram account. I think someone swiped all her twitter pics and made this laughable account. If it turns out to be real she really should be committed.

    • judyjudy says:

      I think it is very obviously fake, created to give everyone another way to hate on Leann.

      I’ve started to feel really bad for her. Tell your story, cool, but this is a mission to completely destroy a person and is getting ugly to watch.

      • Little Darling says:

        Hmm, I don’t think Brandi is out to destroy Leann, moreover just tell her side. Yes, she’s throwing shade, but Leann is the only one who really can destroy herself. If she and Eddie had just lived their lives quietly, if Leann had not acted a fool with icing, injected herself ridiculously into Brandi’s life, copied, stalked…etc etc this book would have nothing to fill it.

        I just see it as Leann building the Jenga tower and as we know, that is bound to come crashing down with one slight tug.

      • LAK says:

        Under normal circumstances and dealing with normal people, I’d be right there with you. However, these aren’t normal circumstances or normal people and LeAnn started it. Again i would say turn the other cheek, but if you set out to destroy a person and their life, don’t be surprised if they retaliate in similar fashion or worse.

        LeAnn/Eddie thought they could brow beat Brandi into the ground and she’d never retaliate.

        And i do believe Brandi is telling the truth because If there was a smidge of a lie in her book, LeAnn would have the lawyers in faster than Brandi can drop an F-Bomb.

        Instead LeAnn is resorting to taking her smear campaign from twitter to print media as though seeing it in print will make it true.

      • Cam S says:

        @judyjudy: Cry me a freaking river. Leann and Eddie set out to purposely destroy both their families. If they can’t handle hearing how to injured party feels, then they should act more considerate rather than choose to be unfaithful. If this happened to me, you better bet I’d be out to destroy both my husband and the witch he was cheating with. That’s just how I roll.

        And those who disagree, save all your pious crap for someone else. I seek revenge, I judge, and I believe in treating people the way they treat me. I ain’t above getting my hands dirty to make someone miserable if they mess with me or my family. End of- if you play with fire, you get burned. I learned that lesson early on, and now I don’t write checks my butt can’t cash! Leann and Eddie seem to need to learn this lesson.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        judyjudy, I don’t think Brandi is trying to “destroy” Leann. She’s trying to protect the 2 boys. If Leann didn’t have access to those boys Brandi would not give her the time of day. She’s trying to either expose to the world that Leann is unstable–so that she may possibly be able to convince a family court judge to not allow Leann visitation with her boys; or she is trying to put a wedge in the relationship with Eddie so they break up. Either way, the goal is to get whack job Leann away from the kids.

    • Amanda says:

      I commented on one of the photos that the account was fake but still hilarious, and I was immediately blocked by “eddiecibrian” hahahaha!

  19. dorothy says:

    Guess it’s time for LeAnn to make another trip to Mexico and tweet numerous inappropriate pics of her in a bikini, hanging all over hubby. Ewww….

    • Pop! says:

      It’s so funny, because I’m in a loving relationship with my boyfriend and we have no pictures together. We literally don’t have any. Instead of tweeting/updating, we’re enjoying our time together.
      Not to be preachy to people who have pictures. I actually would like a few! Mostly ones where i look fabulous haha.
      Pictures prove nothing, Leanne. We don’t think your live is epic just because you get drunk on a beach and take 30,000 pictures.

  20. Kaye says:

    I never thought I would feel sorry for this famewhore, but I do. Ruins all my fun.

  21. aims says:

    Leann is going to lose her shit!! I have a mental picture of her sitting on the floor, hugging her legs, rocking back and forth, talking to herself. She’s a nut job. Brandi is clearly the winner here, I hope she makes a ton of money, while driving Leann crazy. Who wants to bet that on the day the book gets released, Leann will have a few interviews lined up to try to make her look sympathetic?

  22. GeeMoney says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Brandi is doing and saying anything and everything she can to destroy Eddie and LeAnn’s marriage as payback for the affair that they had. Hell, if reports like this are true, she might actually succeed in doing so!

    • Iyanla says:

      Thats what I think too. Brandi is getting her revenge by revealing Leann and Eddie’s abhorrent behavior AND bringing it rough in the book to drive Leann out of their blended family. She is going to make it so miserable for Leann that she will run for the hills. Good for Brandi.

  23. J7 says:

    I know he is a total douche, but he is so damn hot. Ugh!

  24. Isa says:

    I can’t wait to read the book! Such juicy gossip. I love all the excerpts. Obviously Leann is flipping out and leaking lies to the tab.
    Leann sucks at fighting dirty. She’s so transparent!

  25. Blondie says:

    The whole world is discovering just how crazy Leeann really is, although we here at Celebitchy knew this a long time ago. She is pathetic and blatantly see- through. I do think that Eddie is in on all this, he could have put a stop to it at the beginning, but he didn’t. I think he enjoys it. Team Brandi here!

  26. bopit says:

    this sh*t makes me so thankful for my low-key, quiet and content life. so thanks brandi, eddie and leeann for making me realize how great I have it.

  27. Relli says:

    Middle finger for the haters!!!

    Hahahahaha, yes i can now see why Cruddie just had to get rid of Brandi; she is so “trashy and hes pure class.

  28. Hahahahaha says:

    ‘LeAnn Rimes is ‘losing it’ over Brandi Glanville’s epic tell-all book: I will believe it when i see her ‘BRITNEY’ here hair off,& she gets a ‘guardian’..Wouldnt it be nice if EDDIE became her guardian..GOD THAT WOULD BE EPIC…in 5,4,3,2:DESTROY!!

  29. Sunnyjyl says:

    Can’t one of them just give the other a hard stare, and walk away? Sheesh. I wouldn’t give either one the time of day at this point.

  30. Jayna says:

    I still think that neither one wrote the instagram account. It is probably one of her obsessive fans, like that Holly chick, or a troll poking fun at them. That’s what many have said and I still agree. Someone even familar with the way LeAnn posts says it’s not her, and she did seem clueless about the account when shown a photo on it, so it’s not like she was saying it was Eddie’s account and he loves her so much making it, wanting people to believe Eddie did it.

  31. rylan says:

    I thought it was “bold” face lie, not “bald”. What is a bald face lie?? Chick is losing it.

    • Jayna says:

      Out of dictionary.

      “bald–faced adjective ˈbȯl(d)-ˈfāst
      Definition of BALD-FACED
      : barefaced – a bald–faced lie”

    • Hannah says:

      Both exist, apparently. From wiki.answers:

      “The phrase can either be used as bold-faced lie, as in someone with a bold enough face to lie (bold meaning daring, or brazen) or someone bold enough to lie to your face; it can also be used as bald-faced lie, where the older meaning of bald (meaning uncovered or unconcealed) – the more correct usage with this term is bare-faced lie. Earlier editions of Merriam Webster define bold-faced as someone being bold or forward, with no relation to lies.

  32. Quinn Parker says:

    God. Sit down. Have a brownie. Quit calling the tabloids while trying to disguise your voice. Sixth grade is over, honey. Your man is a whore and you are a dumbass.

  33. MoxyLady007 says:

    “Leann is devastated that he wanted both of them” …..
    Or, you know, he was ashamed he was f-ing a squinty eyed troll and tried to keep it hidden from the world. And then when said troll stalked and harrassed him and fed the story to the tabloids in order to “keep” him, he begged his wife not to leave him. And when she ended things, he went to the troll for revenge against Brandi.

    • HousePlant says:

      That is the most plausible scenario I have yet heard. Didn’t Brandi acknowledge at some point that he begged her to take him back and she refused? With no job he clearly felt he had nowhere to go and so he gave in to the chick stalking him with the means to keep him in style, and now he has no choice but to play the part, given her media campaign to publicly mark him as her property.

      Leann should REALLY rethink that lawsuit ASAP. It could so easily turn out to be the final nail in her self-built mental coffin.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        It’s in their divorce documents.

        I think Eddie got together with Leann to hurt Brandi. He is furious she left him and held him accountable for his actions. Brandi left him even as he begged her not to. That made him feel powerless. He lashed out by dating Leann.

        I also think that he subconsciously is furious with Leann for forcing the issue in the tabloids and “causing” his divorce. That’s why he lefts her stew and fixate over Brandi when a long talk or two could help her insecurity. And I think that’s why he is letting her combust. He is angry with her.

        Just my theory.

    • vvvoid says:

      Agree. Eddie didn’t want them both, he is just a skank and he’ll eff anything willing, rhino nostrils or no. Then Brandi finds out, he tries to hold onto her in spite of LeAnn’s money, and when Brandi kicked him out he had only LeAnn’s money to console himself with. He knew it was a possibility that Brandi was going to leave him so he kept LeAnn and her money, mainly her money, on the back-burner just in case.

  34. Lauren says:

    They really do look like siblings (Leann&Eddie). They are just so similar. Same puffy face, slanted eyes, dimples…same douchey behavior.

  35. Cecada says:

    LeAnn isn’t “losing it”. She “lost it” a LONG LONG LONG time ago.

    Brandi wrote in her book something about Eddie’s “punishment” for his cheating ways was being stuck with LeAnn… And after reading this truly weird stuff about her using Eddie’s name in what are CLEARLY her Instagram posts, you KNOW she’s right on target. LeAnn is crazy to the nth degree.

  36. lambchops says:

    Glanville is the poster child for every woman who has been cheated on and had to suck it up and take the high road. LR definitely did not see this coming and it is such sweet revenge. She thought she’d be celebrated for her affair and it turned ugly. Just desserts. This is like some 18th century French revenge play!

  37. kay says:

    “another beach pic… at the beach…” #pippatips

  38. fabgrrl says:

    I’m confused by this “Brandi cheated first!” line of attack. That makes it sound like Eddie was revenge-cheating, or had a cheat-pass. I thought that Eddie and LeAnn fell in loooooove and couldn’t fight their destiny — which would have nothing to do with the state of Eddie and Brandi’s marriage.

    • Londerland says:

      It’s because LeAnn, bless her heart, just does not get why she is so widely disliked. She still seems to think it’s because she cheated on her husband and stole someone else’s, hence all the “it was destiny, we couldn’t help it, we’re so in love” stuff, and now making out that Brandi cheated first… She’s trying to even in out.

      She just doesn’t seem to get that it’s her pitiful oversharing, single white female-ing, desperation, obviousness, pap-calling, whoring out if someone else’s kids, proclaiming her special super happy life and defending the man-douche when everyone knows he’d rather have kept his wife anyway that have made her a laughing stock. Nobody hates her for cheating, they just really wish she’d shut the hell up.

      • Relli says:

        YES. If i have learned anything from the 101 personal in depth interviews she has given recently is that she really lives in a bubble not all that dissimilar from LaLohan. I dont feel sorry for her per se, but I do think she lacks the ability to empathize and understand the consequence of her actions. Which, is understandable given that child stars are constantly told what amazing special snowflakes they are and how lucky anyone is to be with them or in their presence.

        off topic: But I recently was watching a crime show detailing Scott Peterson’s life and one of the psychologists they interviewed said that a lot of Scott’s issues stemmed from his childhood of being coddled and held up on pedestal most of his life therefore never being held accountable for his actions. Scary stuff.

      • brin says:

        @Relli….that’s true, I remember someone saying that Scott Peterson’s parents called him “golden boy”.*shudder*

    • Holly says:

      Exactly. And what did Dean do to deserve this mess?

  39. Prinny says:

    These are obviously old pics made to seem current. LR has her old teeth/boobs in most of the pics. Such a weirdo!

  40. southernbell317 says:

    I just love, love, love KARMA! Leann totally posted those and the captions.. she’s so beyond obvious is pathetic

  41. judyjudy says:

    So, what do all of you Brandi fans expect the end-game of all this to be? I mean everyone sees that Learn is crazy, Brandi was wronged, we all know the cheating story….what do you want to happen now? The incessant jobs at Leann’s looks and mental state aren’t changing anything and are only serving to destroy this person. So what do you want? Are you all seriously invested in making her permanently disappear? Please don’t say you just want to expose her…we already know the story. Honestly the non stop trashing is becoming disturbing. And sure, you can say she has taunted Brandi but nothing at the level of meanness I’ve seen thrown at her (LR) the past few weeks.

    • SleepyJane says:

      I am worried about this bashing. She had an affair, and tries to play mom when she shouldn’t; she didn’t commit murder. This is getting out of hand and I hope it stops soon. She is a fragile person, and not even her horrible antics deserve this level of retaliation.

      • brin says:

        I don’t think she is fragile at all, she is very manipulative (imo).

      • SleepyJane says:

        @Brin Oh, she’s mentally fragile alright. I don’t care what anyone says.

      • Sapphire says:

        You sound like a nice person, but Leann has a simple solution_TURN THE COMPUTER OFF. It is not like anyone is crewing up in front of her house, making prank calls on the i-phone clutched in her hand etc. Bashing? Retaliation? Is she physicall forced to view this web site or others? Feh.

      • Alida says:

        Brandi is pathetic. She says she has moved on and yet she continues to write books and tweet things to Leanne just to get at her.. She is like Jennifer Anniston.

      • claire says:

        People commenting on a gossip site is not retaliation. That’s just laughable.

        But to your question. I guess the best outcome, if these two nuts stay together, is that A) Leann gets serious mental health treatment – not fake 2-week rehab, but real treatment because she badly needs it and B) without Leann interfering, Eddie and Brandi get some space to develop some tools to effectively coparent and communicate and C) out of treatment, Leann may have the ability to allow these two to coparent, and be a supportive third party, without it being about her wants, her needs, her control issues, her insecurities, focusing on one-upping the mom, etc.

        It’s not going to be Brandi’s fault if she cracks. It will be the fault of her family who has watched her issues increase over the years and done absolutely nothing but cash her checks. That is who will be to blame. It is not Brandi’s fault that her side of things does not uphold Leann’s distorted fairytale view.

      • judyjudy says:


        Those are all great outcomes, I agree. And the best possible end to this crazy business.

        But I don’t see what the constant jabs at Leann’s looks are doing to help reach this outcome. Making fun of her and saying things like horse-teeth, slit eyes, nasty body, falcor, F-ing ugly, downgrade, bigger girl, donkey, rabid animal, whore etc. aren’t going to give Eddie and Brandi the space and tools they need for a successful co-parent relationship. Those are just nasty, bullying comments that we all try to teach the “youth-of-today” to avoid.

        Again, I do think Leann’s actions are crazy, she is manipulative, and contributed to this awful triangle. But I don’t understand how everyone thinks it is justifiable to rip her to shreds this way.

      • ColdRock says:

        Sorry SleepyJane but you still don’t get it. LeAnn did far far worse to Brandi than try and take over her boys, as bad as that is. Stalking her, cutting her off in her car, laying in wait for her outside of the boys school, sikking (sp) her songwriter friend onto Brandi and ambushing her at an airport, getting people to call Brandi the most horrific names, creating at least one (that we know of for sure) separate account to abuse Brandi and call her disgusting names, forcing her out of her place as mother at Family Day at school, stalking her neighborhood, telling people on twitter the name of the boys school, using innocent children and exploiting them for pap attention do you want me to go on? You minimising what Brandi goes through to this day as just ‘trying to play mom when she shouldn’t’ is totally offensive. It is far FAR more evil, abusive and violent than that at dismissing it and minimising it as no big deal shows you have no idea what we are talking about here. Go read prior articles and comments and then come back to comment. Its far worse than Single White Female, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and Fatal Attraction combined. Its far worse than you know.

        As to judyjudy, I don’t care for revenge or particularly want LeAnn to be hurt, I just want her to leave Brandi alone, and her boys alone. Thats ALL.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Exactly Coldrock–but the loony Leann-atics will never get it. And if Leann is trolling sites like this and getting seriously offended by them, well then she is SERIOUSLY mentally ill.

    • Mich says:

      I have the same thought when I wander onto these threads. On one hand, I find the saga entertaining, on the other, I feel like a lot of people won’t be satisfied unless/until she tries to seriously harm herself. I don’t condone anything LeAnn has done – she is a nightmare – but I can’t help but think she is mentally ill. Her behavior is just so beyond the realm of normal.

      The person I blame most is Eddie. He trashed his marriage (and not just with LeAnn), he made an unstable person a permanent fixture in his children’s lives, he sat back idly while LeAnn launched her own crazy smear campaign against his ex, the list goes on.

      Honestly, I find his behavior the most unforgivable. He created this situation and has allowed it to fester out of control. If he actually cared about his current wife he would work to protect her from herself, not encourage her rapid decline into insanity. Kind of makes me wonder what his ultimate game is. He has already demonstrated (repeatedly) that he is far from a good person.

    • Iyanla says:

      take a breath, you are taking this too seriously!!! were just having fun GOSSIPING!!!

      Leann screwed Brandi’s husband. And Brandi calling her insane and telling her story and crap is mean?! Brandi is being a big meanie to the woman who screwed her husband and helped break up her family…seriously I mean….wa wa wa. Leann is one of those people who has probably walked all over people and taken whatever she wanted her entire life (ahem-suing her own flesh and blood).

      Well, as I like to say to all bullies, one day you will meet someone who is bigger and badder than you and you better watch out then. Leann meet Brandi.

      And to reiterate, this is all gossip it’s FUN! If you don’t like it, why come here and bitch about it? Are you like the Mother Teresa of snarky gossip? what a joke

      • SleepyJane says:

        For me, it’s not the snarky commenters on gossip sites that concern me…it’s the twitter mafia. It seems like they’re out for blood.

        They run to the press with stories, because some of them know Brandi personally..so they are considered a loosely ‘reputable’ source. And the stories are printed. They hunt and prowl for Eddie’s mistresses.

        One person commented on here that Eddie called Brandi a few months ago and begged for her to come back. These aren’t snarky comments on a gossip site. It’s very personal. These Z-listers personally KNOW some of the commenters on these sites. It’s so bizarre.

      • Alana Fajina says:

        I’m with you Iyanla! I don’t feel bad for her, she brought it on herself.
        Some of you play the game, some of us just play it better.
        I ain’t buying that she has issues so now it’s just mean bit. I think she is very calculating and manipulative and the reason this is driving her crazy is because this is a situation that is bigger than her and is Out of Her Control. (Classic Narcissist.) At some point though, people need to be held accountable for their actions. If I need to be considered “mean” because I point it out, I can live with that.
        Nobody wishes her death, this is Cele’bitchy’ we’re just like Bitch, Sit Down Already.

      • Alana Fajina says:

        @SleepyJane- are you sure you are talking about Brandi bc that is EXACTLY what Leann “fans” do/have done. Girl, please. A Lot of us that comment here have been here for a while and have seen/heard/read the shiz goin on here, we don’t need a play by play. Why not read about Anne Hathaway or some other post and let us have our giggles?

      • iyanla says:

        Ok well I have looked at the twitter stuff, like blocked by leann, and I have to agree- both sides in the twitter wars are completely freaking nutso. There are “Holly”s on both sides.

        I don’t have a twitter but I love to read it every now and then for a laugh so maybe I’m just as bad. LOL

        I guess we differ in how we enjoy the bizarre weirdness of it all…it’s all weird especially if commenters know these Z-listers, yes..but just because it’s bizarre doesn’t make any less juicy for me, in fact it’s juicer for me!! This is my guilty pleasure and I am the first to admit it.

        Maybe the line between civilians and celebrities is very fine these days..just about anyone can get famous..Maybe that is uncomfortable for some. I just enjoy the gossip and don’t understand why people who think it’s stupid or bizarre or beneath them, take the time to bitch about it.

        I am a gossipy bitch and enjoy gossiping with all you bitches about these celebs!

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Iyanla! YES! Amen to that! :-D

      • Zooyork says:

        + 1 million Iyanla on your first comment above.

    • SleepyJane says:

      @Alana or, you can skip my post, being that you’re entirely up to speed. I find this debacle to be interesting, so I’ll continue to comment.

      • Alana Fajina says:

        Yes thank you dear when I add my two cents into a situation, I like to know my facts ;)
        You’re taking this “debacle” and yourself, too seriously girl. My point is, this isn’t rocket science we don’t need to dissect Leann’s Obvious mental issues.

      • Lulu says:

        @Alana, I’m confused. You say here we don’t need to dissect her mental state. But early upthread you posted that she is “very calculating and manipulative and the reason this is driving her crazy is because this is a situation that is bigger than her and is Out of Her Control. (Classic Narcissist.)”

        Keeping with the theme of judyjudy’s post, I too wonder what people want will happen. Twitter/Gossip sites can be a powerful tool for bullying, tormenting, and pushing people’s buttons. Are they trying to get Leann to commit suicide? And yes, this board counts, because Brandi once sent a personal update to CB to be posted here, and there have been several trolls that were either Leann or one of her minions here since that time. So I think Leann spends hours combing the internet for just this kind of stuff. Plus you know people are sending her things that they read on this and other sites.

        I’m not trying to pick on you, so please don’t take this whole rant personally. :) . There are a lot of others doing it and I’ve been guilty myself. But at this point I am just getting really uncomfortable with the continued venom and bashing from both sides, and I can’t get the faces of those two little boys who will pay the ultimate price, out of my head.

      • Alana Fajina says:

        Hi @Lulu! No, I am not offended by your opinion. I kindly welcome a well thought opposition to my views, and I appreciate your tone. Also, I was a bit rushed earlier in that post, so I can understand your confusion.
        My point in stating that I feel Leann is “calculating and manipulative” is that while I do think her mental state is certainly out of the norm, I find it hard to believe she is this fragile little being that is being picked on by the entire of the internet world and is ready to break at any moment because of it. Something she herself had a part in creating.
        Things have definitely gone far on both sides, and like you, I am including myself in that. I can relate to Brandi’s story, a lot of us have been cheated on and left to pick up the pieces. The stalking, the minions doing the dirty work, using the boys, in my mind, just takes this whole story to another level altogether.
        With that, if she was without a doubt clinically disturbed, than I feel like the fault lies with the people who “love” and surround her. Look at Britney, bitch went cray and her parents needed to step in. She could not handle day to day life. Leann chases the drama, so while I agree it probably isn’t doing ourselves any favors, I am not above fighting fire with fire.

        I don’t really think this is the forum to be feeling bad for her and scolding others for having their views, albeit bitchy ones. (Debbie Downers?) I just feel like Gosh, some of us have stressful jobs and have stressful personal lives, why is it wrong if we like to come here and get out some of our aggression in a (healthy?) way? There are moderators here that I’m sure would step in if things got Really out of hand.
        ok, end rant ;)

      • Zooyork says:

        Totally agree Alana, and I need to be able to read about this saga to de-stress from work for sure.

    • Ok says:

      Judyjudy — good question. I really enjoy reading the celeb gossip sites. But the Leann – Brandi – Eddie posts are a bit frightening. There is a lot of hatred. It is shocking and disturbing and it makes me a bit sad.

      I used to enjoy the comments, but recently there has been such a nasty overtone, I actually decided to step away on reading and posting.

      I guess it will be ebbs and flows to the comments. I just skimmed then skipped a lot. Then skimmed. Then skipped.

      Posts here have just been so filled with venom you would think posters were personally involved. It is interesting and strange to observe at the same time.

      Have a lovely day everyone. I gotta stop reading this post or I swear I will go blind. Take it easy on each other, please?

    • jessiesgirl says:

      hmmm…I’ve seen this question before on a different site. Methinks LR or one of her associates is trolling for someone to say “YES!” so they can run to the tabloids or a lawyer with another sob story about how mean Brandi’s “fans” are.

      AS IF! This coming from people who thought it was hilarious to refer to the ex-wife as Old Bitter Bitch and relentlessly attack her for years, just for the crime of being a significant person in her husband’s PAST! So now that she’s getting back what she put out there, it’s all of a sudden time to stop being “mean?” Let me answer that for you- HELLZ NO! If she didn’t want the backlash, she shouldn’t have thrown it out there in the first place.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      I think most people would like to see them divorced so LR is out of Mason & Jakes lives and out of Brandi’s. Plain & simple. Brandi may say she does not want her kids to go through another divorce, but if they could get over their parents divorce, they will get through LeAnn & Eddies with flying colors. It will probably also help the co-parenting between Eddie & Brandi because he will be allowed to communicate with her again.

  42. tabasco says:

    Y’know, I look at my bf, for intsance, and I’m thinking, what man would be attracted to this chick? I mean, Brandi/Eddie (gross) aside for the moment, what dude signs up for this?? And stays?? I’m trying to imagine putting up a damn fake Instagram or similar in my bf’s name with stupid captions supposedly by HIM saying crap like “gonna” and “wanna” ….. He would hit the door so fast. There wouldn’t be any discussion of the why or the feeeeelings or whatever b/c there would be no reason good enough to be so ridiculous. And good on him!

    • brin says:

      He stays for the money…he is the weakest link in this drama and as bad as Leann looks, Eddie is worse. Feel for his sons.

    • shady says:

      I think he stays because at this point, it’s just easier. Divorce would be a huge upheaval for the boys and for him, I think the boys love Leann and she loves them (as much as a person like her is capable of loving). He’s obviously getting something on the side, because he’s an expert cheater, and he’s got a nice set up with a new mansion coming. And if this is Leann when she’s “happy in love” imagine her as a jilted ex, his career would take an even bigger hit.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Not to mention that he’s kind of free to do what he wants. I mean, think of the humiliation Leann would face if she dumped him for cheating.
        Leann Rimes has burnt a lot of bridges in her life. Brandi isn’t the only person out there who would like to see her eat some crow.

  43. LL says:

    I cannot wait for the book. FIVE MORE DAYS!!!

  44. Cam S says:

    The stalker tendencies in this woman are strong! If I was accused of copying the ex wife the LAST thing I would do is get caught tweeting about pole dancing classes the day after Brandi’s episode on pole dancing came out! Some people on twitter called Leann out on it, and she said “Me and my friend Lizzie have been doing it for two years”

    What friend is that Le? Brandi’s former friend? Your new best friend just happens to have been former friends w/Brandi (huge eye roll). And besides, who cares HOW long you were doing it, the timing that you just “happened” to tweet about it the very next day makes you look bat$hit crazy. Good gawd, this woman is a effing lunatic! I’m not the biggest Brandi fan, even though I’m on her side, but Leann Rimes is without question certifiable. It’s the fact that she has no shame about the taunting, copying and stalking. Wouldn’t a normal person be embarrassed?

    • shady says:

      Yes! if I had been accused just ONE time of stalking/copying someone, i would purposely tweet about complete opposite subjects, and I would develop a different style so we never ended up buying the same outfit. The pole dancing tweet was almost unbelievable. I have no doubt Leann pole dances, but come on girl, people are watching your twitter just to catch you saying these things!

    • Theskinny says:

      Seriously! Not only would I be humiliated, if my husbands’s ex looked ANYTHING like Brandi, I would GO OUT OF MY WAY to avoid the comparison. I’m a cute girl, but Brandi is extremely gorgeous. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a side by side with her. lol Even if we happened to have the same style, I’d change mine ASAP.

  45. skuddles says:

    And the desperation train keeps chugging along. MeAnn has forfeited every single scrap of credibility and self respect… no low is too low for for this ho.. lol :D Hope that limp dick is worth it!

  46. Heather M says:

    No time to read comments yet b/c I am rushing to an appointment, but can someone do research and find out if Leann, Rick, and Harry Morton all share a publicist? I want them to come out and deny it and clear Brandi’s name, but if they do not do so…why would that be, and could it be some sort of inside connection (e.g. a publicist or other insider who says, hey, want some free publicity? Just go with this story and keep quiet…you F-ed that hot girl Brandi Glanville, OKAY??? wink, wink…)…

  47. bea says:

    It’s nice that he got work starring in this soap opera.

  48. Rita says:

    Always, always look carefully at the pictures for hidden messages.

    For instance, the top picture. Picture perfect! While dining out Eddie scarfed down his meal not being able to get a word into the conversation while LeAnn blabbed the whole time but didn’t touch a bite of her meal.

    For dessert, LeAnn went to the toilet to puke, took a hand full of laxatives and tweeted how delish the dinner was.

    • skuddles says:

      I think you’re right on the money Rita…yak, eat, barf, tweet, tweet tweet. Ever since I heard MeAnn pops laxatives like candy I always get this mental pic of her tweeting her brains out whilst shi-ting her brains out. Poop and tweet… it’s the new thing you know! :D

  49. candigirl says:

    Kaiser, stop!!! I promised myself I would stay off that Instagram account, because I couldn’t stop laughing!. That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve come across in a long time.
    One of the photos is Eddie holding a fish:

    Eddie: Catch of the day!

    Demented Goober: You’d be lucky to sleep next to that every night!

    But the picture of the food table backstage and the comment
    “You trashed your family to snack on Costco cheese platters? Lol, damn you’re cheap.”
    Still has me on the floor, every time.

  50. Alida says:

    Not a fan of Leanne, but seriously Brandi needs to let go. She looks as pathetic as Jennifer Anniston at this point. The marriage ended 4 years ago.. Why does she have to keep talking about it.. MOVE ON!

    • Londerland says:

      I kind of think Brandi tried to let go. She refused to take him back, after all, and LeAnn was only the latest in a long line of side pieces. However great he was in bed, she must have known she was better off.

      If LeAnn hadn’t constantly tweeted pics of Brandi’s children, bragged about being a Bonus Mom, and shoved her super special perfect love in everyone’s face, then they all would have adjusted and gotten on with their lives.

      But LeAnn has made sure that Brandi couldn’t forget, so it just seems now like Brandi is responding to constant WTFery – fighting fire with fire.

      And at least she’s being honest about it – she’s owning up to her bitterness, her anger. It’s not like she’s giving interview after interview telling the world “oh I’m so over it, I don’t even think about Eddie anymore but you should totally buy my book all about it”. She’s being honest in that she’s mad as hell and hurting and bitter and vengeful.

    • rachel says:

      Brandi’s answer to this question of ‘why doesn’t she move on’ is this: Leeanne has spent years publicly broadcasting the joys of stealing Brandi’s life partner in print, pictures, sit down interviews, and song. Brandi has stated that she has written this book as ‘her side’. She has indicated that what she is doing now is promoting her book, and when she is done with the book promotion she is done with this. What happens will remain to be seen, but this is what Brandi is saying.

    • Belle says:

      Not a fan of any of these people, including Jennifer Aniston, but I am wondering what Aniston did that is so bad?

      As for Brandi, it seems to me like she did try to ignore everything for a while, but had a hard time keeping her mouth shut. I don’t blame her… dealing with LR would be a nightmare. Brandi isn’t exactly rolling in money though, is she? I’m guessing the book is a chance for her to tell her side (other than on twitter), and make some money at the same time. Who knows, going through the writing process might be somewhat healing as well… and give her some closure (if that is what she wants).

      • ColdRock says:

        What Jennifer Aniston did is milk her divorce and pity parties for 8 years and talking about her divorce in every interview for 8 years and gaining leverage at Brad and Angelina’s expense. Plus, having her friend Chelsea Handler be her attack dog and call Angelina horrific names as well as racial taunts against the adopted JP kids. Aniston isn’t that much different from LeAnn Rimes. The only difference I can think of is that Aniston’s vendetta against Jolie succeeded, Rimes’s hasn’t.

  51. Rita says:

    This Instagram account is proof that LeAnn is holed-up in her snowglobe bunker making EZ-Bake Oven brownies for her “Eddie Bear” sitting expressionless with its stuffing shreaded on the floor.

    btw-On yesterday’s thread @Whatever made a very good point. The Instagram Account is so rediculous that it may very well be an internet trap to get account information and addresses from “haters” who leave a comment. Always be carefull when dealing with LeAnn’s computer hackers.

    • Iyanla says:

      wow thats so creepy if she did that to get posters information. wouldn’t put it past her nutty ass

      • Rita says:

        Over the years I’ve read many internet comments about how LeAnn’s detractor’s twitter, internet accounts, and even computers have been hacked. LeAnn is an obsessive cumplusive about all of this and hiring a computer hack would fit her MO exactly.

        And don’t forget Darrell’s threat to all of the twitter universe if they don’t apologize.

      • iyanla says:

        That Darrell guy is such a wack job. Him and Leann are two peas in a pod, extremely talented and extremely huge creepazoids.

        I heard this type of behavior before too so I’m not surprised. People are saying Leann’s girlfriend dobbie or whatever, that was there on the infamous phone call, has switched sides in the saga and is no longer supportive of Leann. I don’t buy that and think Leann and her are in cahoots to get information for the case to help Leann. So manipulative.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Iyanla, I don’t trust Ericka/Dobbie either. She seems obsessed with LeAnn and still tweets her from that love quote account. I hope the BB girls, especially Kim, are careful what they say to her.

    • trtuhful says:


      I hollered at the vision of this..sooo Lifetime movie ish.

      luv it

    • candigirl says:

      I hope she tries something this stupid. She has a long history of stalking and several people and websites have well documented screen shots and evidence of her stalking and threatening people using her home accounts and her phone. This kind of professional stalking and use of hackers to entrap people won’t go over well at the trial with the Smileys and will play right into their hands. She does this stuff because she really is delusional and can’t see what is so obvious to the rest of us: that she is insane.

  52. Memphis says:

    I wonder if Eddie even knows he has an Instagram page? He probably has no idea Leann is making him out to be such a pansy in pictures. He really should change his password LOL.

    And really, does anyone really believe Brandi cheated on Eddie and we’re just now (a week before Brandi’s book is about to drop) hearing about it PU-LESEE! We all know if there was any truth to this Leann would have been telling everyone about it from DAY ONE in her many, many interviews.

    Careful, Falcor…your desperation is showing.

  53. KellyinSeattle says:

    LeAnn always looks like she’s hanging on him for dear life. Barf to all the pics; always on vacation or “dining”; they drink a lot, don’t they?

  54. Sasha says:

    I feel so sorry for LeAnn. I know she’s pathetic and annoying and deserves very little compassion – but to be SO clueless and desperate.. it is a sad thing to see. You know that no man with half a brain (ok, I’m not saying Eddie is a SMART guy, but still..) couldn’t love such a delusional wreck of a woman. This is all going blow up at some point and LeAnn is going to be left with no man, no ‘bonus’ family and NO identity if she can’t keep stalking Brandi and copying everything she does. Blegh..

    • iyanla says:

      I agree, her whole life and identity has revolved around Eddie since they met. Everything she tweets, photographs, and talks about is about him and because of him. That is incredibly sad. He is her world, and when he leaves, her world will feel like its over. She did this to herself.

  55. trtuhful says:

    did she really NOT think of the repercussions from humping and wedding Eddie in the manner she did???

    all she knew is that she wanted him and he seemed interested and to go with it huh???

    with her money she could have just parlayed and divorced and then start to date/buy her a single nice looking man.

    she was just waiting to cheat on her husband huh??

    I’m sure she is self medicating right about now.

  56. LIVEALOT says:

    i’m sorry but eddie’s eyes in that top pic just scream “help me”. :-D

  57. palermo says:

    At this point I am just embarassed for both of these women. They have no dignity left. He is not worth any of this.

  58. tricklady says:

    So LeAnn what did you do after you dropped out of fourth grade?

  59. Markus says:

    So what do you ladies think will eventually happen to LeAnn´s singing “career”?

    Do you think that after Brandi´s very likely success with her book LeAnn will still be able to put out her new album, or do you think the record company will try to save losses by pulling the plug on the project?

    • Relli says:

      While I disagree that she was America’s sweetheart, LeAnn has always had a very strong, (un)stable fan base that has been has supported her throughout her career which has now spanned almost 2 decades. She has never had the pull that say someone like Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood her devout followers they will stick around but those who have been angered by the cancelled shows and failed appearances may not.

      I think a lot is riding on this next album, both financially and professionally. If she had good people around her they would be telling her to focus on her art, not tabloid fodder.

      • Rita says:

        You are very much correct up to a point and that point is “had” a fan base. She had a loyal following of about 50,000 and another 100,000 that bought her “good” music but she lost many fans when she tried to cross-over to pop and left the sweety country girl behind.

        When LeAnn hooked up with Eddie, she lost 85% of her assured record sales from loyal fans. She turned away from them and they gave up on her.

        She never toured well as a headliner and now she plays very small venues. Assured sales for a low priced album are now less than 10,000 with chain stores picking up another 10,000.

        From the sales of her singles to her paid site “SSC”, every indication is that her music career is over except for the echoes of “Shut up and sing or get off the stage”.

      • Jayna says:

        It will be interesting. I don’t count that covers album a few years ago. Ill-advised, covering uninteresting old male country music songs in the now Carrie Underwood climate. The affair wasn’t the reason for its failure.

        But her last original music album was a success (not Carrie Underwood standards) but debuted at number 4 on the Billboard charts and garnered a Grammy nomination in 2007 (Nothing Better to Do) and in 2008 (What I Cannot Change) for two of those songs and a CMA nomination and an award for a duo with Bon Jovi (video) that was on her album and theirs, and had a successful duet with Reba on LeAnn’s album that was on Reba’s successful Duets album and one of Reba’s singles.

        Even though Brandi labeled her a hasbeen when he took up with her, she was far from a hasbeen at that point, 2009. A successful B artist saleswise and highly respected within country music for her talent, though not an A-lister.

        This new album is going to lead off with the uptempo Spitfire as the single when it drops. I don’t hear anything great in the melody of Spitfire nor the bottom range of her voice she’s using on it, so will not bode well for the album or radioplays. With her vocal deterioration, I can’t even see great promotion for the single compared to her promotion for her last original album with this spectacular performance on Letterman rangewise and great melody, catchy:

        Nothing Better to Do – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_fAc6lkj4M

      • Relli says:

        Thanks Rita for the hard numbers!

        For a short time I worked at country music station in a fly over state a few years after Coyote Ugly came out. My interest in this story began when she started calling herself America’s Sweetheart because as I recall she wasn’t super popular a decade back either. Talk about re-writing history….

        She was always buried in the Radio promotions … you know when they do the ” This is Falcor and your listening to….” She was barely on rotation as the DJ’s did not care for her music and they always complained about crazies calling in for it. I thought they were making this stuff up, turns out they were not.

        So imagine my surprise a million years later when i am on the internet trolling for celebrity gossip and all these facts start pouring out and things start making sense.

        I commend you ladies who have been truth telling from day one.

      • Rita says:


        The nominations you mention were a result of the politics of the business. It was an attempt by the insiders to keep her alive but the fans that vote for the CMA’s washed her out and none of it was grammy worthy. Two years ago she was nominated for a grammy for Swingin because of Darrell but it was a complete bomb with the public.

        What I Cannot Change could well have been a mega hit but it was released just after she exposed her affair with Eddie and a book of the same title with all the lies about how much she loved Dean. That was the end of any fan base support.

        I remember watching Nothin Better To Do for the first time and thinking, “Our little LeAnn is all grown up and making really fun music”. It was the last nice thought I had about her.

    • apsutter says:

      IMHO, she’s f*****. There are a few cardinal rules if you want to make it as a country music star and she is flying in the face of them. Country stars have a small but very devoted fan base and have to work their asses off year-round. This is why J.Simp didnt make it as a country singer because she refused to devote the time to her career that it needed to flourish. She has only been able to book very very small venues the last couple of years and she cancels left and right.

      Not to mention that most of her fans were women and she kind of went nuts and brazenly went after another man’s husband and family. That is NOT the type of thing that country girls will put up with.

  60. Gemini08 says:

    When you constantly feel the need to have the public validate your relationship something is broken. Maybe she thinks that if she keeps saying it to everyone else she will make herself believe it. But all LeAnn is doing is making a fool of herself. She gives Brandi all the ammunition she needs with her own attention-hungry behavior. Get off Instagram and Twitter sweetie! Isn’t that what you went to rehab for??

  61. WM says:

    I’m no Leann fan, but she would do so much better for herself if she just said: “Yep! We’re young, rich, and he’s a walking hard on. It might not last forever, but I’m going to enjoy it while it does!” And be done with it.

  62. candigirl says:

    On that last photo of Eddie giving the bird on Instagram, Kaiser, you had to post that one, lolololol
    EddieCibrian says:
    Date night with my love and middle finger to the haters!!!
    Commentor says:
    Stay classy Eddie. Just like your wife and her sh-t stained undies.

  63. Dee Cee says:

    The only way Leann can win this is to have a girl baby and name her Brandez

  64. K-rock says:

    First off HeAnn, its bold faced lie, not bald faced. (just sayin’)

    Second, Eddie isn’t going anywhere. He may cheat, well he WILL cheat, kuz yanno once a cheater…..And look at the pics. Every one of them is him enjoying drinks on the beach somewhere or eating dinner, living it up. Sure she can hang on to him with her loot, but I never understood how that can be satisfying for her.

    Third, WAAAAAAAAY too obvs. Really, don’t be so overtly insecure and insane. Guys are grossed out by that. He’s definitely got a piece or three on the side. She needs to shut her pie hole.

  65. Rianic says:

    Does he not realize how bring with her has affected his “career?”

    Ohh – maybe they can split, and she could get w Tommy Girl!

  66. SleepyJane says:

    Is Leann going to come out and say that this is not Eddie’s Instagram? Dear god, even if it is “Eddie’s” she needs to save face quickly, and just lie and deny it. I love reading it though.

  67. skuddles says:

    I’ve come to believe that MeAnn is actually addicted to all the negative feedback she inspires. It allows her to jam the endless “Eddy loves me seeeeeee??” pics in our faces and convince herself they’re a modern day Romeo and Juliet, plus whine and boo hoo in interviews, and just generally bray about how difficult her life is… so many haters picking on MEEEE! If people stopped reviling her and stopped commenting about her on sites like this, how on earth would she fill her days? Power trip on her manicurist? Count her empty laxative bottles? Pick fights with the neighbor’s dog? Being loathed gives her purpose.

    • candigirl says:

      Great point! Your insight is backed up by all of the times on several sites that people call Leann out for posting under alternates on the blogs, yelling and arguing with posters who don’t like Leann. We see it here. I think it’s why Leann went to “Tweehab” too. She is texting and tweeting and fighting compulsively with the world all day online about herself. She’s so narcissistic and needy that any attention feeds her delusion. The “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” phenomenon. Her non-treatment at the non-facility did her no favors. If Eddie, her mom, Darell or Curb wanted her to get better (paid enablers don’t) they would find a real rehab and make her go and make her stay for the full time with no cell phone, no photos ops, no weekend concerts and shopping trips. She also needs ongoing psychiatric treatment.

      • beclove says:

        Agree. Team Falcor in a straight jacket.

      • Christin says:

        “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” is such a great, eerie movie. Bette D. playing the childhood singing star in her later years, singing “I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy”. Actually, there is funding for a remake (announced last year, but no casting announced yet). Casting will be key. In the original, the two leading actresses despised each other for years in real life.

        Hmmm…That movie had three main players. Two women – one a deluded unstable woman clinging to her childhood singing / performing days who harbored great jealousy and tormented the other woman, her sister. Plus there was a male piano player hired to assist the aging “star”, a woman who was convinced she was still capable of a comeback and the world knew and loved her after so many years. He was a bit of a dolt, but saw opportunity to make money off the severely deluded aging childhood star.

        Any casting thoughts for the three lead players in the remake? :) :) :)

    • Theskinny says:

      I was juuust thinking this the other day. One minute everyone is talking about RHOBH on twitter and the next Leann is dominating the attention because everyone is tweeting how crazy she is for mentioning SHE went pole dancing. She’ll take whatever she can get. I think she does it for tabloid attention so she can say “See Eddie!! I’m SUPER FAMOUS! They can’t stop obsessing about my every move!”
      We never saw her on vacation or heard a word about her when she was with Dean.

    • Lady D says:

      She is definitely enjoying this. The last 4 years of being dickmatized and being able to unleash her inner sadist has probably made her feel more alive than she has in years.

    • Lulu says:

      This could also partly be true. Any attention is good at this point, be it bad or good. She’ll take it.

  68. Heather M says:

    Can Brandi sue Us Weekly if it is not true? Usually Us Weekly is somewhat reputable, so I am really surprised by this cover story b/c I do NOT believe it…maybe Brandi gave them a pass b/c she just wanted to be on the cover again, even though it is not true…???

    • Rita says:

      The reason tabloids are very seldom sued is because of the precise wording in the articles which makes us think an accusation is being made when it is not. The other and more important form of protection is the “source”. When a source is sited, the tabloid is only reporting what they’ve been told. The tabloid is not making the accusation.

      It’s all a game.

    • ColdRock says:

      Us weekly ‘reputable’? what the? Us Weekly is the same rag that says Jen Aniston is pregnant every second week, has Angelina with 176 children by now, claims Jennifer calls Brad crying, and that Angelina Jolie uses voodoo dolls and that Brad is crying all the time over Angelina being mean to him all the time. The Us weekly has the WORST reputation any trabloid trash rag could ever have. Not once in their history have they ever been reputable or right about anything, they are the joke tabloid and the trashiest and most disrespected. They are infamous for being lies and trash and not printing one true story about anyone or anything. Calling the Us Weekly reputable is like saying New York is in Idaho. No normal person whould call Us WEAKLY ‘reputable’. It is is the sleaziest, slimiest most dishonest shameful piece of trash out of all the tabloids.

  69. Iyanla says:

    Here goes Leann and her cuckoo tweets about Brandi and “truth”. What a delusional mess! Anyone that says anything Leann doesn’t like, she blasts as “lies.” Ok whatever Leann.

    “To Deflec the truth is just plain admission.” what the hell is crazy Leann trying to say. She really needs to stop trying to sound smart and sober, her words just come out like gobbly goop and make no sense.

    Then she retweets “Hurt people hurt people. n she is so hurt she wants u to feel that pain and its killing you she’s happy.” Leann’s entitlement is insane. And secondly, she is crying in every interview and is whining away on twitter about liars and denials and pain, she clearly is not happy about anything.

    Good god, this chick is unreal. Now i really can’t wait to buy Brandi’s book next week.

  70. apsutter says:

    You guys, I have an absolutely shameful secret that I would only admit to my fellow celebitchers…all of this wonderful Le/B/E drama has sent me on a binge of listening to Falcor’s music *shameface* I can’t help it..she really does have a beautiful voice. And her “What Have I Done & “Borrowed” songs absolutely fascinate me. I prefer to call it “hate-listening”(kind of like hate watching bad tv)

  71. Amanda says:

    HAHAAHAHAH I just got blocked on Instagram by “eddiecibrian” for saying “You do all know this is just some random troll, right? Still hilarious though.”

  72. silver says:

    I’m sure you guys have pointed most of this stuff out already, but a few observations:

    - does ANYONE believe a man, much less Eddie, wrote those? no straight man writes like that. no sane man writes like that.
    - a man who’s averse to social media & tweeting tends to avoid using hashtags, cheesy emoticons & writing “lol”. think, Le, think! step up your ghostwriting skills, girl.
    - she makes him sound incredibly dumb. the redundant “beach pic…at the beach” and random misspellings (spanning instead of spamming, really?)
    - the misuse of “so-and-so and I” in places where it obviously should be “and me” is hilarious, because dumb people make that mistake all the time when trying to sound smart. LeLe misuses “and I” ALL THE TIME, it’s like her signature move.
    - I’d love to see Eddie’s reaction when he finds out she pulled this hilarious shit posing as him. a mix of biting his inner cheek to keep from yelling at her, visualizing all the money she has & putting on a fake smile as he feels like a caged, trapped animal.

  73. brin says:

    LMAO! Leann just tweeted “Eddie doesn’t have instagram nor twitter so there”. Bet she stuck out her tongue, too!

    • Memphis says:

      LOL. Then she stomped off, pouted and told Eddie that we’re being mean at her… before being distracted by the shiny new pole she bought herself to dance on. weeeee …watch me Eddie… weeee

    • candigirl says:

      Rita!?? Where’s our comic genius?
      We need you to write another brilliant description of this tweet like the tricycle one.
      “Leann stuck out her tongue, stomped off, hopped on her tricycle and pedaled furiously in circles over Brandi’s photos screaming nyah, nyah,nyah, neener, neener, neener.”

    • Rita says:

      It’s interesting that LeAnn hasn’t notified the Instagram folks and demand it be taken down. To me that means one of LeAnn’s crew, Amajen, Darrell, et al are fishing for commenters and getting info.

      If Eddie and LeAnn are not part of it, they would demand its removal because it makes them look incredibly stupid but then what hasn’t in the last 4 years?

    • Post-It's says:

      LOL. We know Eddie doesn’t have an account. No one is accusing him of that. We do know that Leann probably has an account Eddie’s name.

    • Bonnie2405 says:

      Untrue, the handwritten note claims “my family” . Someone has been busted. A fake account user would not post ownership of an account it would simply take it down and build another, there is no fun in being exposed as a fake person, a fake user relishes in being the other person. This is definitely them being caught with their hands in the pie again.

  74. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    LeAnn just tweeted that Eddie doesn’t have an Instagram or twitter. Hmm…

  75. holly hobby says:

    Those captions do not sound like what a man would write. Sorry but I can’t imagine Eddie taking the time to write all of this. Also what’s “spanning?” I assume she means “spamming.”

    Pathetic Leann, pathetic.

  76. Madriani's Girl says:

    Okay, so we’re really supposed to believe that’s Old Slitty Eyes posting these stupid quotes?

  77. Grace says:

    This is going to end badly. I know Brandi is trying to get money to raise her boys but she’s about to go too far. I have a feeling that Eddie is nuts. He is okay while everything is putting him in the spotlight but if she reveals the wrong thing he’s going to go bonkers.
    LeAnn and Eddie have homicide-suicide super crazy written all over them and Brandi should watch her ego before they do something harmful to those kids.

  78. Stef says:

    Wait wait… “eddie doesn’t have a twitter or instagram so there”. Is she serious? SO THERE?!

    • Bonnie2405 says:

      Told yeh ! “so there”, thats confession…..as a stalker she is really bad isn’t she ? I have a few degree’s in behavioural science and even I can see (fictional mag’s aside) that there is direct interference going on here. My only hope is that Brandi bag’s herself a really rich guy who can help pay her legal’s so her kids get wrapped up in protection, hey Jackie O did it. Those boys need to be removed from the spotlight immediately.

  79. Baylor says:

    Does LeAnn have any of her own interests or hobbies?

    Let’s see, she has shown an interest in cooking, but only after she married Eddie. We all know Brandi was quite the cook so…

    She has shown an interest in children…but only Brandi’s children.

    She pole dances now. However,so did Brandi….

    She claims to like photography. Do we know if Brandi also has an interest in that? We know Dean’s new wife is a professional photographer so.. I don’t know whether to give her that one or not.

    By the way, seems like Candance and DB got into it this week over at twitter. What became of that?

  80. Holden says:

    Oh man, all those stories from Leann camp just make Eddie out to look like like a serial adulterer who should never be trusted. I wonder what’s going to happen when her marriage ends? Kind of scary to think about.

  81. Snowpea says:

    You know, whenever I see pap pics of Rimes she always has that bloody iphone in her hand. ALL. THE. TIME. She must be tweeting, trolling, scrolling, searching every minute of the day. This chick is a full blown addict.

    I’m a social media addict as much as the next person but the phone is in my bag at least some of the time.

    She is always clutching that thing like it’s her life-support.

    Little does she realise it’s actually draining the life force from her like a bloated leech stuck to her hand.

  82. Stef says:

    What I think the draw for all of us is to Brandi (or at least for me) is girl is going something a lot of us sometimes wish we could do, or wish we did do – which is call out your ex who tore your heart out for every bad thing he did to you so the world knows how big of a dbag he really is, and rip into the new girl he picked about everything from what she looks like to who she is. Most of us don’t do it because we don’t wanna look crazy. We want to “be the bigger person”. But sometimes being the bigger person simply means letting the person who broke your heart off the hook and get away with some bad shlt and maintain a reputation they might not deserve. I think this is the case with Brandi, LR and Eddie.

    I am the most anti-RHo whatever town ever. I never watch that show, EVER. And usually, women like Brandi – the plumped up, plucked and tweeked Hollywood type – turn me off in a big way. But there’s something about this situation that when I started following it on Celebitchy, I got hooked. And then I once tweeted to Leann about how people who are genuinely happy don’t feel the need to broadcast it, and she blocked me on Twitter and it was all down hill from there. LIke, it wasn’t even about Brandi, it was some other story that made me go look at her Twitter and I remember being like wtf, what a try hard, Jesus.

    Anyway, while I think it’s straight low blows and one big awesome cat fight, I can sympathize with Brandi simply because I’ve been burned before and I wish I could have written so much as a FB status about the pain a guy – who evvvvvveryone else thought was sooooo great! – caused me, and the gross little tramp he picked up after me who posted pics of them together like he was God and she hit the lottery. Sometimes, just calling someone out for the hurt they caused another person isn’t a totally bad thing. To me, it’s a form of accountability. I think Eddie hurt someone who really loved him, the mother of his kids, and I agree that all LR seemed to care about was not only winning, but SHOWING that she won. There was no humility, no grace. Lots of people have affairs and are forgiven for it. But I think mainly it’s because they don’t try to turn the affair into the greatest love story ever told, rivaling the Notebook and doing so via Twitter. LR and EC took to the social media sites almost trying to justify their affair instead of quietly just letting it fade and keeping it quiet for a bit. LR tried too hard to publicly replace Brandi and it backfired, miserably. And I’m kinda glad Brandi told LR and EC to eff off.

    My hope is after this book, she follows through and does move on. This book is her say, her bitch slap, her vengeance on getting hurt and having someone (LR) try to kick her while she was down. She knows that. I’m hoping once this is all said and done and the world is introduced to how batshlt LR REALLY is, Brandi will take the money, take the kids and quietly get on. But who knows.

    Just my two bits.

    • Londerland says:

      So much applause. Well said :)

    • SouthernGal says:

      Thanks for this comment. I wish people read and understand that it is Brandi’s time to tell her side. I’ve followed this mess since 2010 and when I joined Twitter the first person I followed was Brandi. She seemed very honest and humble. Sometimes the truth hurts but it should be told. LeAnn is not a good person. She hasn’t been remorseful on anything she has done. She has entitlement issues and this will be a huge slap in the face. Too damn bad her parents (especially Belinda)didn’t get her child help when she needed it…instead she cashed her checks and let her child believe that she is above everyone else.

      As a mother, I applaud what Brandi is doing. She might be trashy to some but she is getting her revenge. Never f*ck with a mother and her kids. LeAnn started this sh*t and Brandi will end it. This book will shed some light to everyone what we have all been seeing for 4yrs.

    • Runaway says:

      You know what, I’ve been wondering why, as a married-and-moved-on woman, I click on these articles at CB and I think you’ve given me my answer! I’ll agree and say that I subconsciously, vicariously live through BG as the angry ex who lashed out like an immature psycho. I buy it. I totally buy it.

      • Stef says:

        Right?? I think thats my biggest draw is how many times someone has said “let it go” when I have overanalyzed and rehashed all the bad shit a guy did to me and I think “why? Why the f*ck can’t I blow him up for what he did and let other people know that he did this? Why does he get to hurt me, win, and not have people judge him for the hurt he inflicted on me?”

        Last year I went through a very volitile relationship with a baseball player. I loved that f*cker more than I loved anyone in my life and he dragged me through hell. He didn’t cheat but he just made my life so horrible, he was just….cruel. That’s the only short way I can put it. I went through this terrible struggle with depression and I wrote a blog post about it and I called him out for parts of it. And it felt good. It felt good to let other people (and HIM!) know hey, asshat, your actions and words have consequences and if you can’t handle people thinking you’re an asshole for what you did and the pain you inflicted to casually, then don’t be a dick. He has a fair amount of Twitter followers and girls who are all up on him and I wanted people to know he wasn’t this Derek Jeter in the making. He had a real capacity to be cruel and watch someone he claimed to have cared about just literally die and suffer and I thought it was fair that he get called out for that. You can’t be a dick and expect people to just want to maintain your golden boy reputation.

        Anyway, long long winded response but yes, I think this is a thing where we can all relate how badly we have wanted people to know an ex or two were not these great guys they kept pretending to be after they broke our hearts. :)

      • vvvoid says:

        I pulled a slight Brandi last year. It was the first guy who ever cheated on me [to my knowledge, trust is now out the window] but the cheating turned out to be the least horrifying thing I had to learn about him. I found out he was extremely violent with the girl right before me, I mean BAD, and that he had a proclivity for child porn. This guy was a mutual friend with basically everyone I grew up with, and he had most of them so snowed about his true nature. I was snowed, too, and when I found out what he really was [a sociopath, to put it mildly] I was really angry that no one who knew [and there were several people] his dark side had warned me. I decided to really destroy the false reputation he crafted so carefully, via 3 or 4 FB posts, 2 of which were really funny memes I made of his photos. It wasn’t “the high road” per se, but I saw how PR savvy he was and he presented a real danger to others because of this, considering his tendencies [violence, pedophilia, theft] so I was really taken aback by the friends of mine who took greater issue with me speaking out than they did with him doing what he very definitely did to me, not to mention others. They were thrust into a moral crisis because I didn’t keep my mouth shut, and I wasn’t someone they could write off, either, because I own my dirt, they were angry that I removed their plausible deniability shield. Next time this guy screws someone over, they can’t pretend to have been ignorant of his capacity for evil. Plus I also forced them to look at what they’d tolerate in a person they considered a friend, publicly.
        In the past when I had been wronged or dumped a guy for turning out to be a douche, I didn’t publicly seek and destroy. But this particular ex crossed several lines and had no humanity, so I snapped. I don’t regret it, either.
        Brandi snapped after several years of insult added to injury. She didn’t immediately write a tell all. She tried to be civil in the face of intentional torment and finally had enough. What Eddie did to her was abusive, what LeAnn continues to do to her is abusive. Brandi’s reaction is completely reasonable.

    • Zooyork says:

      ITA Stef! Thank you for posting this. <3
      And good for you for outing that awwful guy vvvoid!

  83. natalina says:

    i SERIOUSLY doubt big Ed wrote those captions……

  84. Sway says:

    Leann’s twitter is super scary right now. She’s obviously in meltdown and people are going at her… hard. She’s under attack and I think she’ll face breakdown soon… if not already.

  85. Maddict says:

    Anyone interested in seeing those Instagram pics better get there quick. Eddie (LeAnn) posted a note that the account is going to get deleted.

  86. Maggs says:

    Ediot just posted on istagram:

    “I’ve decided to close my instagram account after much careful thinking. It was initially made to connect with my fans and friends, however it’s turned into no-lifers and losers leaving negative comments on pictures with my wife and kids. My fans shouldn’t have to defend against such disgusting comments. Leaving in 3 hours! Thanks for all the support!! “

  87. why? says:

    Is Radaronline’s source the same person who told US Weekly that Brandi cheated on Eddie first? Again, the “source” tries to make Leann look like the victim because Brandi is releasing a book even though Leann wasn’t concerned about hurting Brandi or Dean’s feelings when she gave exclusive interviews to ET/E/Katie/Leno/Jimmy about her affair with Eddie, convince us that Eddie loves Leann, and goes out of her way to trash Brandi. Can you imagine the crazines she and her paid gigolo are going to be doing on the red carpets for today and then for the Grammys?

  88. Deanne says:

    The instagram account now has a post saying that after careful consideration, he’s closing it in three hours, because losers and no-lifers are posting negative things about his wife. I don’t know if the account was actually LeAnn’s doing, or one of her mega fans, but if it’s purpose was to show how happy Eddie is with LeAnn, it did just the opposite. It makes him look like he’s a bought and paid for loser, controlled by his unstable wife, who stands idly by while she speaks for him like he’s a ventriloquist’s dummy. I’ll miss reading the comments as they were comedy gold.

    • why? says:

      “Eddie”(aka Leann) is embarasssed because instead of generating “Leann and Eddie are going strong:there is no way that Eddie has feelings for Brandi because he loves Leann”, it generated “Leann and Eddie mocked Brandi” stories.

    • Christin says:

      If I set up an account in my guy’s name and posted lovey-dovey snaps with silly, rather feminine sounding captions and photos of what we were eating, I would fully expect to be shamed. I don’t know who set up that account, but if the alleged owner did not know the full content, I would understand if he is furious. Then again, it may be that he was completely aware.

      But it was comedy gold. Even though at least one comment that made me chuckle the most was quickly removed…Oh well.

    • claire says:

      Aw, shame to see it go. It’s made the news already! hahaha. I highly doubt it was her. Probably one of her dumb fans. My guess is whichever of her uber-fans that possesses a pic of themselves or their friend in a Team Leann t-shirt ’cause that is nowhere near Eddie’s body in that pic. It’s missing the tequila bloat – Ed’s not had that trim of a bod in many years.

    • SleepyJane says:

      That instagram account was the best thing to come out of this whole saga. I can just imagine Eddie discovering it for the first time, and coming across the caption “a middle finger to my haters!!!!!!!!!!”

      Oh, wow. I could laugh from that thought for a long time.

  89. Hatorista says:

    Right so this man has NOTHING to post to his Instagram account other than pics of him and Le? Like not his kids maybe? DOUBT IT. If Le was a little smarter, she’d be less obvious, but god she’s stupid and god it’s funny!

  90. Thiajoka says:

    Ugh. None of the three adults involved needs to be responsible for kids.

  91. hownowbrowncow says:

    Oh Falcor your beauty is eternal

  92. GotThatRight says:

    I just finished watching the UK tv premiere of ‘Nashville’ starring Connie Britton and I loved it!

    Anyway, during the commercial breaks there was a commercial for a country music event called ‘Country 2 Country’ taking place in Londons O2 Arena on 16th and 17th March. On 17th, headlining is Carrie Underwood, then Darius Rucker, LEANN RIMES and finally Brantley Gilbert.

    Will she show up? Will she make Ediot accompany her to the UK? Will Carrie Underwood actually speak to her? Oh, the excitement!!

  93. Jana says:

    Maybe LeeAnn should concentrate on her singing career, which has been in the toilet for over a decade, and less on keeping that worthless gigolo…she’ll lose him the same way she got him!

  94. why? says:

    “Eddie”(aka Leann)is closing down the IG in 3 hours because in 3 hours Leann has to get ready for the Grammy event she is doing today, walk the red carpet with her paid gigolo, or be on stage to perform for the Grammy event that is taking place today.

  95. Rita says:

    I hope you people realize LeAnn is in the bunker with the launch codes. You all will be to blame…3,2,

  96. bettyrose says:

    okay am I the only one here who adores falcore? the luck dragon, I mean. I just want to snuggle him.

  97. Christina says:

    I really can’t wait for them to break up…I will laugh so hard it’s gonna hurt :D

  98. A Fan says:

    The girl seems like an intense combination of off-the-charts control freak and hyper perfectionist…those strings are strung pretty tightly.

  99. Andrea says:

    OMG!!! Eddie is , I can’t explain how friggin’ fake this all is. WHY are they still in the news after 4 years. She’ a afake. AMerica’s Sweetheart cheated on her husband with a marrie man, the married man cheated with a married women and a waitress and God knows who else. Brandi sho knows, who cares??? When did LEeann become so important. She hasn’t had a decent hit in years. She’ a fake and egomaniac and been controlled by her “handlers” to the point that now that she feels she’s found her soul mate…she’s pullinga Brinttney Spears. She’s crazy…if my husband put all that on Instagram I’d well , he wouldn’t . Why do they have to continually justify their LOVE??? Brad and Angie just went on with life and it went away. Leeann has closed down her career, his career and helped make Brandi a few million. Just get on with your singing career and your fans and get over yourself LEeann. Your not that cool, sexy or funny…I hate to break it to you!!!

  100. Jane says:

    I cannot wait for this whole thing to implode. Team Brandi!

  101. Loira says:

    Oh, my, it is gone :( .
    Bye bye eddie! And bye bye to that hilarious mess, and those witty replies.
    well, it was good till it lasted.

  102. Rita says:

    IKYN (I kid you not) this is true. I just watched an episode of The Soup with Joel McHale where he showed a video of a farmer holding a flute to the nostril of a horse that exhaled into the flute while the farmer played a song. When it was over, Joel said, “That was LeAnn Rimes new video”.


  103. Danielle says:

    BOOOOO, Eddie’s off instagram before I could enjoy =( lol

  104. Jennifer12 says:

    Had to click on Instagram links- they were hilarious while they lasted. That was absolutely Leann doing it because if it was a fan or troll, she’d have mentioned it in some way. The comments sound exactly like things she posts. I bet it was taken down because Eddie found out she was doing it and was furious. I bet she even wrote “daddy/ actor/ husband” in an attempt to show that it wasn’t her doing it because everyone knows she would have put husband first if she didn’t think it was too obvious. Apparently, female sounding writing and icons were really subtle, ha ha. I can’t believe more media isn’t picking up on her meltdown. As for Brandi, I don’t blame her for wanting to get even after being stalked, harassed and humiliated, but mostly for trying to take over her role as parent. You don’t mess with mothers because we will hunt you down. Leann paps Brandi’s kids, tries to take over as parent, tweets pictures of them nonstop, leaks the names of their schools, etc. Brandi is kicking butt, taking names, and making sure Leann is exposed. I don’t agree with every decision Brandi makes, but she seems like a decent woman and certainly not deserving of someone trying to destroy her just because she wants Brandi’s life.

  105. nikzilla37 says:

    She always looks so clingy and desperate in her photos with him.

  106. MiMi says:

    This *feud* is the only reason any of these three are still remotely relevant.

  107. Sapphire says:

    Now that the Instagram account is history, I have a guess. MeAnn’s inept PR people set it up with her approval. They did not expect a backlash,thinking it was just a cute promo. And that tweet from Horsey denying it was Eddie’s is predictable: she always throws her people under the bus!

  108. Cirque28 says:

    I can’t be the only one who noticed this– you all are usually super quick to pick up on LeAnn’s bizarre moves– but LeAnn didn’t just head straight to pole dancing class right after Brandi. She actually went to the same place and instructor as Brandi. I know, because I recognize Sheila Kelley, the instructor:


    Good lord, LeAnn, have you no pride? Most crazy people know to hide the crazy.

    • truthful says:


      she is pathetic, she just can’t sit and chill–get into her music.

      she would have been kinda forgotten had she shut her mouth and not flaunted her win/LOSE in the game she played.

      she had to ram it down our throats, smash it in our faces, constantly tweet about it, instagram every moment.

      no one told her, Eddie is not wanted..he’s something you catch like a disease..a terminal disease.

      game on drunken fish, or whatever they call her behind her back

  109. Helvetica says:

    It’s clear she has totally lost it (well, she did a long time ago) over Brandi’s book. I read Rimes’ Twitter the other day and it’s abundantly clear she tailors everything she posts to piss off Brandi on there. All of this “my husband” this and that and “my love” and how she is in bed with her husband. Nobody talks like that in real life. She sounds insecure and desperate and it’s actually really a huge turn off to see someone who revolves their entire life around their partner.