The bearded & dashing hot guys of the BAFTAs: who would you rather?

After the powerful dong duo of Tom Hiddleston and Henry Cavill, you might think that all of the BAFTA dong that’s fit to print has been used up. Not so! Here is an assortment of lovely dudes who attended last night’s BAFTAs and BAFTA-parties. Alas, we only have one lonely photo of Michael Fassbender dashing into a post-BAFTA party. But it’s enough to get me through the day.

I have to admit, George Clooney is really giving it to me with that beard. Why am I such a sucker for a beard? I have no idea. But Clooney’s grey beard is making my life. Maybe it helps that Stacy Keibler wasn’t invited? I wonder what’s going on there? I bet she’ll be at the Oscars though. Ben Affleck’s beard isn’t doing anything for me these days. And Bradley Cooper just looks… unwashed. What’s up with him? It’s nice to see Joaquin Phoenix and B-Coop hanging out, right? That’s nice, even though Joaquin’s pants look… odd. Who else? Daniel Day-Lewis is impeccable and bangable as always. Christoph Waltz won Best Supporting Actor last night for Django – I think he’s realized that he only should work with Quentin Tarantino at this point. Damian Lewis is dashing and lovely. And Javier Bardem looked unkempt and hot too.

So, who would you rather? I think I’ll start off with some Clooney, then some Damian, then Javier, and I’ll end it with DDL. And then I’d choose Fassbender for forever.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. GossipG says:

    Clooney Clooney Clooney….like myy mother would say,Sean Connery,Sean Connery,Sean Connery

  2. kennedy says:


    He was SO incredible in The Master. Paul Thomas Anderson is a beautiful man and I wish he was nominated, if only to see him on the awards circuit. This film and performance will go down in cinematic history. Freddie Quell, ya’ll!

    • Rachel says:

      Agreed. Joaquin was MESMERIZING in the master and is so so hot.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I am seriously so into Joaquin. Intense, hot man.
      It’s good to see him back! Sigh. I wish he’d win some awards this year, but won’t happen, right?

      • Amelia says:

        I’m not feeling the tingle for Joaquin as I am for Ben Affleck’s beard, but you’re bloody right, I went to see The Master and came out partially hypnotised.
        It’s such a shame that The Master coincided with Lincoln; whilst both are brilliant films (and DDL a deserving winner) Lincoln seems more like awards bait than an engaging and entertaining film.
        As for who I’d rather … I’ll start with Clooney, followed by Affleck, then DDL, then BCoop . . . oh stuff it, just send them all to my door with a big red bow :)

      • RocketMerry says:

        Clooney, Affleck, DDl, BCoop… sounds like a party to me. Tell you what, I’ll take Joaquin, all the rest you can have.
        Oh, and what should I bring, is chocolate cake and chips alright? :P

      • Amelia says:

        Ooh, musn’t forget the pizza and cracktinis! A staple part of any post-romp snack ;)
        And seeing as Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, a bit of pink bubbly can’t do any harm.
        I think my apartment is going to have been turned into a hareem after all this …
        Meh. I can live with it.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Pizza and chips and cake then it is.

        Eeeh, CB has been the ruin of many a woman’s fantasy world: as I wrote before, my mind is a dirty brothel by now :)

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Agreed, Joaquin was amazing in The Master. The man is a genius.

      • Ranunculus says:

        The Master was such an amazing movie and I actually went to see it twice.
        All the three main actors gave absolutely stunning performances. Still so pissed off that AnnE won over Amy.

        This is a speech about Amy’s talents PTA did at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

        So hilarious!

        Clooney and Affleck had some plastic surgery done recently. Most of the guys look totally Hollywood except for Joaquin and Javier. He always looks like he just came from working in his veggie patch in his farm house in the woods – I guess that’s how you become one of the best actors working today. Love him!

      • yasmin says:


        I bet you believe in the toothfaries too.
        I agree he a great actor.Everyone thinks because he’s a vegetarian, he’s this squeaky-clean ,nature lover or something .Couldn’t be further from the truth.He’s a drug user bordering on psychotic nut.That is why he quickly paid those woman that sued him a while ago,so they wouldn’t talk about him in the press.

      • kathy says:

        you were referring to his act in I’m Still Here, right? but that documentary was a HOAX, none of that was real. and casey was the one who was sued and settled out of court, not joaquin. I can’t imagine joaquin being a drug user, with his brother died in his arms due to overdose, he should have learn to keep away from drug his entire life.

  3. bopit says:

    Cooper in all of his hot mess glory. I’d hit it in the rain all day every day.

  4. Hannah says:

    I’ve always liked Clooney with a beard. And the hair was looking good, too.

  5. Jackson says:

    I’m not sure how George doesn’t land that dumb People mag sexiest man cover every dang year. He should win that thing every year for at least the next ten. Dammmnnnn. And Javier. I love me some manly man and he has cornered that market.

  6. Ms Kay says:

    Nothing like a Clooney loving my curly fro :-)

    I bumped into Joaquin Phoenix, whom I didn’t see anywhere during the ceremony, and he just popped out of nowhere from the gents and woooosh he disappeared into the next room! O_O

    Fassbender was finishing smoking his cig when he recognised me and my boss as we were in front of the Grosvenor, he came towards us we all chatted a bit about the weather, we talked about the Weinstein party he was attending later. My boss mocked his outfit (barely ironed) and he laughed and shrugged and said “ehh… it’s just a party you know” and we laughed again and he left!

  7. T.Fanty says:

    Clooney brought his A-game, huh? Showing the whippersnappers how it’s done. Sigh. Clooooonneeeeeeeee.

    And then I’d sit in the bathroom for a bit and stroke Eddie Redmaye’s hair, because the poor little lamb should have been pouting up a storm on this list.

  8. LadyMTL says:

    DDL, then Javier, then Clooney (and I normally loathe beards) then back to DDL and Fassy for dessert. I mean come on, the man played Lincoln and he has that lovely Irish accent too? How could I ever say no to DDL?

  9. Nev says:

    Clooney’s beard makes him YUM again!!!!!

    There’s always a comeback!!!! Love it.

  10. Decloo says:

    I think George would benefit from a little “Just for Men”. He’ll always be tops for me but he’s really starting to look old.

  11. Aqua says:

    They all are a very fine looking group of gentlemen if you ask me.

  12. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Why would you put Clooney instead of Fassy as the header pic?

    Fassbender looks so sexy here. That is the perfect beard on him-I love him scruffy.

    Man so many beards all-around huh?

    I can’t believe The Master isn’t getting more accolades-so much talent in that film. This is why I never watch awards shows-too much bullshit.

  13. Lily says:

    Is it just me or did Joaquin look really, really good last night? And he also seemed very happy and relaxed! Both on the red carpet and during the ceremony, he was always smiling. Very nice to see because he has been looking a bit sad lately :)

  14. Miss Kiki says:

    Fassy and Damaian, I love gingers.

  15. mandy says:

    Phoenix joachim is really beautiful. George is far behind (it seems tired, is necessary to stop to drink gigi). Ben is always so beautiful man wahou !!!
    george is alone to bafta . why?
    I heard that stacy and phelps michael!! Finally you anderstand: they would have pass several nights together (in cabo)???

  16. mandy says:

    michael fassbender is the most beautifull . i love him :)

  17. Claudia says:

    Clooney looks ridiculously handsome here, rawr.

  18. lady mary. says:

    i shall take the bearded dongs of “argo”

  19. handsome man saved me from the monsters says:

    From this lot I would have to say Joaquin. Anyone else have a guilty laugh at family guy when they think of ” a hair lipped reminder of what could have been”

  20. BW says:

    So, Stacy didn’t come with George? Well, he always shows up with a beard, so . . .

  21. Sarah says:

    I give them a bit of a pass for looking messy as it appears to be raining cats and dogs.

  22. Jess says:

    Javier all the way! And I’m normally a huge Clooney fan, and a beard fan, but I don’t care for Clooney with a beard. Ben with a beard, on the other hand, is mega hot!

  23. Grace says:

    Daniel Day Lewis for the win.

  24. Blue says:

    Bradley Cooper really gives me the creeps in pictures. He looks like he will kill me and hide me in his freezer. But in movies he looks okay.

  25. andy says:

    My lunatic prince Joaquin looked dashing last night.

  26. Mira says:

    PHOENIX, JOAQUIN. And we live happily ever after.

  27. ViktoryGin says:

    Glad Cooper is regrowing the scruff because the pre-pubescent serial killer look is a turn off. With that said, I’m still not attracted to him.

    With the exception of Damian (intriguing fashion choice with the green velvet), I’m not feeling the men. As actors, they are tremendously talented (which usually sufficient enough to encourage a sexual attraction with me), but I just have to say that I’m left feeling dry.

  28. Anne says:

    George, Joaquin and Michael F. They are the hot men last night. *Sighs*

  29. Lily says:

    I’ve really missed Fassy this award season! Last year was much better because of him. I hope that he will attend the Oscars although he probably won’t.. Sigh, hopefully next year :)

  30. StaCat1 says:

    I had no idea that the Dos Equis man produced “argo”?? Wow – he really is the “most interesting man in the universe”

  31. mimi says:

    Please STOP with the facial hair trend.

    That ternd must GO!

    Because of these movie stars, guys are starting to grow their facial hair. We must stop this disturbing trend.

  32. Kaye says:

    Bradley Cooper looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in a week. Gross.

  33. nina says:

    I’ve had a huge crush on Bradley since i met him in person. Those eyes *_* George and Fassy look good too.

  34. ichsi says:

    Joaquin because talent turns me on, Christoph Waltz because s. above and he’s super funny and then Fassy… till his tiny tiny hips break.

  35. Dawn says:

    If I wanted to stay age appropriate it would be Clooney otherwise it would be Ben!

  36. Loulou says:

    Joaquin and Javier. In a NY second. Joaquin looks a bit like Kevin Kline too.

  37. TrustMeOnThis says:

    Never mind that, someone PLEASE post the $cientology joke that the host made! I’ve seen references to it, but want to know what was said. I was sure it’d be on here by now!

    • MGray says:

      Ugh, I watched it last night and I’m trying to remember it for you… basically it ended with Stephen Fry saying that he had the voice of Tom Cruise in his ear telling him to shut up. It wasn’t that great of a joke, personally I preferred the banter Stephen Fry had (sorry, paraphrasing here) “To present the award for Best Actress, is an actress of exquisite calibre… Jeremy Renner.” which Renner replied with “Acknowledging the bastions of cinema… but enough about Stephen Fry.”

  38. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    DDL looks like Morrisey(sp) with that hair cut, and doesn’t do it for me.

    Clooney doesn’t do it for me either (in fact most of the guys in this post leave me as dry as a desert), but I do like the beard.

    And BCoop just looks like a slimey, rat-like looking serial killer to me, so NO thank you ever to him.

    I’ll stick with Fassy, forver and ever thanks.

  39. Miss M says:

    Hmmmmmm… all of them, except Cooper and Affleck.

  40. Cody says:

    Where’s Stacy? George walked the red carpet without her. That’s right, this is when sources close to them say they are to busy with their careers to be together.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Oh, she must have missed him so dearly especially this weekend. What a shame, she couldn’t be there to pose and show off her glamorous beauty and style. What did he do there without her, tsk.
      Guess she will fly over as soon as humanly possible and pollute the European air with her cleansing farts.

  41. Gabby says:

    Love fassbender forever but am I being petty when I say I want him to whiten his teeth? :-/

  42. DanaG says:

    Clooney all the way. He just looks great loving the beard. Glad the giant Keibler didn’t go but surprising. I wonder how he kept her off the red carpet? Is it over, I hope so she is just such a waste of space. George looks so much better without her. I think she finally has some sort of job but if George had asked for her to go I can’t see them not letting her have a day off she is only hosting and not the actual star of the show. Must of killed her seeing Jennifer Garner and Lysa Heslov both there and her back in LA. I do think she will be at the Oscars which just makes George look pathetic so I’m going to enjoy these lovely shots of him alone at the BAFTAS. As for who else I would go for Joaquin looks like he needs a bath most of the time but DDL is hot and so is Bradley Cooper I wouldn’t mind being stuck in a lift with any of them.

  43. KK says:

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!! Hotness!!

  44. I Choose Me says:

    I don’t want to serve my biscuits to Joaquin but I love him so. Fassbender on the other hand. I keep having filthy, raunchy dreams about the man. Him and Hiddleston…mmm what was I saying?

  45. JuneBug says:

    Who’d I rather of the bearded ones ? All of em’ , but just one or two at a time….thanks !

  46. wow says:

    I disagree with all of you calling Cloo old – he’s a man. With the beard he is a gentlemen, very regal looking and very much sophisticated. I like it. It suits him wonderfully. Affleck on the other hand…goatee would suit him better

  47. Fleur says:

    Clooney looks like a Grizzly Bear. Scaring!

  48. bELLA says:

    Did George dump her yet?I heard it was over!!

  49. amilu says:

    I never thought much of him before, but Christoph gets my vote now. Love, love, LOVED him in Django Unchained. Actually if I could just vote for Dr. King Schultz, I’d probably do that. It was the hair and beard and top coat that really did it for me. ;)

    Fassbender for a close second.

  50. C.Lynn says:

    Clooney looks smokin’ hot!

    This is the first time in years I’ve found him attractive. I don’t know if it’s the hair or the beard or what it is. The silver fox is looking fine these days.