Angelina Jolie decided to ‘pass the torch’ by mentoring 14-year-old Elle Fanning

When we were looking at those photos of Empress Zahara and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt the other day, did anyone else think that Shiloh looked a lot like a little Fanning girl? She resembles both Dakota and Elle Fanning, only Shiloh inherited her mom’s crazy lips. Well, this Star Magazine story reminded me of that association – according to their sources, Angelina is “ready to pass the torch to the next generation” (at the ripe old age of 37!!) and she decided to mentor her young Maleficent costar, Elle Fanning. She may have chosen Elle because Elle reminds her so much of Shiloh, I just don’t know.

Angelina Jolie is ready to pass the torch to the next generation of actresses and has chosen to mentor Elle Fanning!

“They became firm friends on the set of Maleficent and Angie’s decided to take Elle under the wing!” explains an on-set insider, adding that the 14-year-old is already growing under Angie’s tutelage.

“In this film, Elle really comes into her own, and they’re looking for another project to develop together.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I can’t even imagine how terrifying it must have been for a 14-year-old to do scenes with or against Angelina. I’m sure Angelina was lovely – no costar has ever complained about her – but Angelina was probably in her Horns of Doom and even adults would have been like, “Wow, The Villainess Jolie has come out!” So while I think it’s reasonable to assume that Angelina made a special effort to get to know her young costar, please let’s not even play into this whole idea that at 37, Angelina needs to “pass the torch”.

In other Angelina news, The Enquirer has a funny story about what Angie got Brad for Valentine’s Day. Hint: NOT breath mints.

Hubba Hubba ANGELINA JOLIE got BRAD PITT just what every horndog hubby wants for Valentine’s Day – but had to hide her X-rated gift from their kiddies.

Heavily-tattooed Angie special-ordered Hunky Valentine the naughty coffee table book “SuicideGirls: Hard Girls, Soft Light,” a collection of more than 2,500 photos of young, tattooed and nude pinups.

“I actually think the book’s more for Angie than Brad,” said an insider.

“She fell in love with the photos and said they reminded her of her youth!”

[From The Enquirer]

See? Doesn’t that sound more reasonable? If Angelina is going to “mentor” a young actress, it will probably be some teenage hellraiser with tattoos and a motorcycle. And does anybody else kind of want to look through that book now? I do. Of course, maybe I’m not the best judge. The other day I was idly wandering through Amazon’s online vibrator collection. I think I found one. His name will be L’Fassdong.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. T.Fanty says:

    Amazon has a vibrator collection? Weird, yet good to know.

    (That’s what I’m choosing to take from this article, because the whole “Angelina mentoring a fourteen year old” thing sounds like a Daily Mail wet dream).

  2. maria says:

    They have some of the best ones, lol.

  3. Lily25 says:

    Elle had said a few times how nice Angelina was on set. I don’t know why people assume mean and cold when nobody has ever said that. I doubt it was mentoring but more like giving somebody some tips.

  4. mel says:

    Passing the torch> More likely giving tips!

    However, I do think that Angie is slowly making her way out of movies because she doesn’t get serious roles and people are not interested in seeing her on dramas.

    • More than Meryl says:

      2008, the last year Angie was in a dramatic role (Changeling), her movie made $113 million and Meryl Streep’s (Doubt) made $50.9 million. So if “nobody” wants to see Angie in a drama any more, less than half of nobody wants to see Meryl any more. It is agreed by all that Meryl is the gold standard of all actors (if you go by award shows speeches)- I like Meryl- just trying to point out FACTS about “nobody”. Angie herself has said numerous times over the past decade the that SHE WANTS TO WORK LESS and she has. Angie is one of the VERY few actress that can get a project green-lighted on her name alone- THAT is power and that hasn’t changed, despite what “nobody” says.

    • Angelina's Trash says:

      Jennifer Lawrence has spoken several times about how she is getting scripts out of Angelina’s trash (JLaw mentioned Silver Linings Playbook as one of the roles in Angelina’a trash). Soooo, while you may think that Angelina doesn’t get offered serious roles any more, the FACTS prove you wrong. Angelina does what she says and has proven that acting is not her 1st priority- by a longshot- sad for us fans, but understandable to parents.

    • lisa2 says:

      You are forever spouting this crap forever. Angelina’s dramas for the most part have done well. Some have given her critical raves. So if you don’t want to see her fine. But stop acting like you are the voice of the world.

      You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Jan says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Angelina is more in demand now than ever. She has just done Maleficent and has a couple other movies in pre-production. She has always said that her humanitarian work is more important to her and most see her as slowly stepping away from Hollywood to focus on her humanitarian work. Shes always been a humanitarian first, actress second.

  5. Emily says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with Angelina Jolie in it. I only know about her because of trailers, award shows, and celebrity gossip.

    If she is mentoring I suppose that is nice of her, but why does she need to pass the torch? Hollywood still needs older actresses who are good (from my understanding she is a good actress). Unless she just doesn’t want to act anymore?

  6. product placement says:

    Funny how these “gifts” are reported as true, INCLUDING exact product name, over and over by every outlet. TV show, mags, AND blogs are so desperate for anything about Brad & Angie they accept any and all items about them and don’t ever bother with checking. It’s all lies- no breath mints or sexy books for gifts, just product placement. We’ve seen this type of lie SO MANY, MANY times over the years, if Brad and Angie got paid, they would be richer than Warren B or Bill G by now.

  7. Kim says:

    AJ just told Jerry P on Extratv last year that they dont celebrate V day

  8. jinni says:

    I don’t think Shiloh looks like the Fanning girls. Shiloh looks robust and solid, while the Fanning girls (especially when they were small children) looked frail and malnourished.

    • hunter says:

      Agreed. They don’t look particularly “malnourished” to me but just rather washed out and pale, it’s just their coloring. Shiloh looks more rosy and glowy and robust is a good word.

    • Cameron says:

      Yea ITA , although the fanning girls are cute..they are average looking in HW. Shiloh is a beautiful litlle girl with exotic features.
      Those crazy lips are what stands her apart than most blond-blue-eyed children. There’s no resemblance to the fanning girls other than blond and blue eyes. That’s like comparing Kim bassinger to Naomi Watts.

  9. Micki says:

    I don’t think AJ is ready to “pass the torch” but I got the impression Clint Eastwood encouraged her to start directing?

  10. Leah says:

    Elle’s sister Dakota will look like Susan Sarandon in the future. They look like mother and daughter to me.

  11. lucy2 says:

    The “passing the torch” thing is ridiculous for a 37 year old, but no one ever accused Star of being reasonable.

    Of all the kid actors, the Fanning girls seem to need the least amount of mentoring. Their parents really did it right by them, as far as I can see.

  12. Ally says:

    The image of a 50 year old man looking at ‘young, tattooed and nude pinups’ creeps me out.

    Maybe I’m turning in to a prude in my old age but I feel the same when a older male friend of mine drools over young celebrities.

  13. JL says:

    Pass the torch, LMFAO – what an ego.

    Now for the Tattoo pinup girls, I’m betting thats a turn-on for both on them to really get it all hot and heavy.

    Amazon, love me some amazon.

  14. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    I love Angie and I love this little ELLE !

  15. RHONYC says:


    when Shiloh becomes of age, best B-E-L-I-E-V-E she’s gonna shut sh*t down.

    you can’t compare her looks NOW to any chick in HW, that’s how beautiful she is.

    hold tight 7 more years…she’ll be like the sun. you won’t be able to look directly at her or go blind. jussayin’ :lol:

  16. j.eyre says:

    Two things: I love her dress in the header photo – does anyone have a designer on it. Its cold enough to still wear wool here.

    Second – can I please be henceforth referred to as The Villianess Eyre? That sounds even better than Empress Eyre which was too much alliteration.

  17. mimi says:

    I think it’s wonderful that Angelina does humanitarian work and helps focus the world attention to important matters, but if she has any spare time and energy, she should be spending it with her 6 children who I’m sure need her attention and guidance.

    Elle has parents, a sister and teachers and friends.

    I don’t really believe in the “mentoring” thing anyways.

    It usually something people say to that professors or bosses would help them get ahead and get promoted/ recommendation letter/ get into a good degree program or get tenure.

    People don’t really need mentors. They need their parents or their spouces for support, and they need to be talented and hard working.

    All the rest is just polotics of work-places.

  18. Bijlee says:

    …I dislike both fanning girls.