Kim Kardashian admits that she will ‘definitely be up there’ with her weight gain

I’ve been accused of being pro-Kardashian before, but really… I just consider it “being a human being”. Having a normal amount of empathy for another person. Yes, Kim is a dumb, vapid famewhore and there’s no reason for her to be everywhere, but still… I’m starting to feel bad about laughing at her pregnancy weight gain. Kim is only about five months along and her body is already full-on Jessica Simpson. That’s how we should think of it too – Jessica and Kim are built similarly, and no matter what, they are always going to “carry large”. Well, Kim is now admitting as much in her new Cosmo interview (we had excerpts a few days ago too):

Kim Kardashian has already added a whole lot of swerve to her attention-grabbing curves, just halfway into her pregnancy – and she expects to get huge! The 32-year-old reality star, who is pregnant with her first child with Kanye West and expecting a baby girl in July, admits that she is going to be a large pregnant woman in the April 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan – and has the details.

“I feel good. Nothing’s slowed me down,” Kim says about her pregnancy so far, adding happily that when it comes to packing on the pregnancy pounds, that she expects “I’ll definitely be up there.”

Kim, who conceived the “happy surprise” baby in October during her birthday trip to Italy with West and is still married to NBA star Kris Humphries, believes that the timing of her pregnancy couldn’t be better.

“I’ve always said that I wanted kids, but I don’t think I ever would have been ready until now.”

One thing Kim isn’t looking forward to when it comes to the final months of her pregnancy, is giving up her beloved sky-high heels.

“I’m trying to prep myself for when I’m extremely pregnant, so I wore a wedge sneaker,” she explains. “I didn’t feel it; I’m not gonna lie. I can’t. But I’m trying.”

[From Radar]

Jessica Simpson also refused to give up her high heels during her first pregnancy – until the very final months, when she finally gave in to flats. Beyonce wore heels throughout her pregnancy too (cough). So… on that, Kim is not alone. As for Kim’s admission that she’s “definitely [going to] be up there,” it’s going to get interesting. Especially because we can do side-by-side comparisons of Jessica Simpson and Duchess Kate, both of whom are due around the same time as Kim.

Also: Hollywood Life’s sources claim that Kim has made up her mind to definitely give birth in LA. As was reported over the weekend, Kim is apparently expecting a baby girl.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Dawn says:

    What happened to her “desire” for privacy to make her “man” happy? That was short lived. So what if she gains weight? The only person who should give two snaps about that is her “man” because he is pretty tiny as far men go. Other that this is not newsworthy.

  2. Eleonor says:

    Whatever she has done to her butt,now it looks more fake than ever.

    • mel2 says:

      Totally agree. Her butt is so fake and unnatural looking. I hope whatever she injected her butt with doesnt effect her baby.

      • Amea says:

        I bet whatever natural fat she has gained is being added to the implants–oh excuse me, INJECTIONS–that she’s had for years, making her backside look like a blimp.

        Hopefully she only got injections, I don’t think the body would respond negatively to that in pregnancy since it’s supposed to be your own fat. I just hope she treats this baby better than poor Mercy. She Would be the one to consider a baby “Summer’s hottest accessory.”

    • Macey says:

      Just wait another couple months, her ass is going to be EPIC!

      Anyone considering those butt injections should take note that this is what happens when you transfer fat into your ass and then gain weight after. Those fat cells will grow as you gain weight just like fat on any other part of your body only it will be much bigger and bumpier.

      I normally avoid anything kardashian but I have to admit Ive been checking her pics just to watch how her ass is growing. Im almost embarrassed to admit that but I cant look away. Ive seen some pics that look like she’s carrying twins in her ass and this is just at 5 months. I literally cant wait to see it at 7-8 months. it will be its own universe back there.

      • Petee says:

        Thank God you broke it down.I try and explain this to my Mom because she watch’s this awful show and insist’s that her giant ass is real.She tell’s me Kim had a x-ray on the show to show her butt is real and I tried to tell her injection’s don’t show up on a x-ray.Now that she is gaining weight you can see how fake her ass and boob’s are.She look’s horrible and I haven’t watched there show since the first season but I see her on all these site’s and she is just morphing into this blob.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Macey – It’s like a car accident – you don’t WANT to rubberneck it, but you just can’t STOP.

    • Mayday says:

      My friend has a theory that her baby is growing in her butt.

      That said, I think weight gain for anyone isn’t easy, I’ve been there and it sucks and I didn’t even have the pregnancy excuse :( .

    • bluhare says:

      I bet she’s regretting those fat injections big time.

      I also would be willing to bet that along with the tummy tuck, she’ll have lipo on her butt after the baby’s born.

    • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      The only thing that stands out to me is the size of her butt. I’m not even trying to be rude but I couldn’t even digest the meaning of the article cuz all I could think is how large her butt is.

  3. marie says:

    I have no problem with her pregnancy weight gain, it’s the lie of where her weight started that gets me..

  4. swack says:

    Kim really needs to think about her health and the baby’s health. “Packing on the pounds” is not good for either of them. Yes, you are going to gain weight when pregnant (and I will never put someone down for their weight) but there is a right way to eat to gain the necessary weight and a wrong way to eat. Also, not gaining enough weight is also not good for the baby.

    • Skipper says:

      Please don’t make me defend her

    • margie says:

      ok mother superior gisele 2.0

    • Dani says:

      Actually there is no wrong amount of weight to gain or a wrong/right way to gain it. Currently pregnant and my doctor told me a healthy pregnancy is 35 lbs. Anything over isn’t an issue to the child, or even to you. It’ll just be more weight to lose after you give birth. Most doctors insist that their moms to be eat a lot of dairy, breads etc and those happen to be the most fattening things. Some women gain 60 lbs during pregnancy and their babies are still tiny. Your weight gain doesn’t determine the health of your baby. I have HG and currently 3 months, instead of gaining 10-15 lbs I’ve only gained 6 and my baby is healthy and growing. It doesn’t matter.

      • Auruor says:

        Dani is right. With my twins, I was encouraged to gain as much weight as I could, because of the possibility of preterm labor. Every pregnancy is different. She is not going to endanger the baby in any way by gaining a lot of weight. She’ll just have more weight to lose later.

      • Christy says:

        Are you telling me gestational diabetes is not something that should be of real concern to am expecting mother?

        Sure, pregnant women shouldn’t have to worry about how much weight they gain. I myself gained almost 45 lbs. I had cravings for the unhealthiest things, and had them guilt free. However on a daily basis, I always kept in mind that there are recommending servings of “this” and “that” in order to properly nourish the baby. Why is it considered “condescending” to remind women of that?

      • Dani says:

        I’m not saying you shouldn’t be concerned about things, I’m just saying that limiting someone’s weight gain or telling someone the appropriate way to gain while pregnant is ridiculous. Yes monitor your portions and servings etc, but that’s something you should do pregnant or not. But there is no right way to gain weight, ask your OB. Mine laughed in my face when I asked him if there’s a healthy way to go about gaining weight.

    • Marigold says:

      Don’t lump all pregnancy weight gain together. There is weight gain from eating, breast tissue weight gain, blood increase weight gain, something called maternal fat stores weight gain and water weight. That last one can put a solid 20 extra pounds on a very healthy (read: not an overeater) pregnant woman. I gained a ton of extra water weight for unknown reasons and lost it all within a week of giving birth but a week earlier, someone like you probably would have called me unhealthy and it would have been inaccurate.

  5. Lem says:

    Either way she cannot dress her shape. Either way she way large before she got pregnant. Any way you go about it, at this point its fat, and partially her stupid clothes. Not baby weight.
    I am greatly looking forward to laughing my arse off the more she looks like a weeble. I think it’s fabulous!
    No, I would not be laughing at at normal not stick girl, but Kartrashian seems to think sausages are sexy and that she’s a small sexy sausage. Gasp she might even be a * size 6* by now.
    Like J.Love (who will be a little house pregnant) and Jessica Simpson, Kim is fair game while pregnant because SHE starts it!
    Sidenote: those gym pants are making me feel hella better about my winter lbs. Good grief, time to move up a size Kimmy

  6. Prinny says:

    Why is her butt so lumpy in places? Especially for someone that works out all the time. It’s not normal.

  7. Jano1981 says:

    The only thing I will make fun of is that ass. I’m sorry. That has to be a fake ass and it looks horrible. Super weird. Those leggings are not the look for that strange booty. It seriously looks like a normal pregnant girl with a weird lumpy fake bum stuck on.

  8. shewolf says:

    I must be the only person in the world who doesnt think her bum is fake. She has wide hips which is obvious because her bum is fuller at the sides than it is at the cheek part. If she had implants they put them on her hips and not in her bum cheeks… which would be strange. She also has cellulite and she has thick legs. Its not like her bum doesnt work with her legs or any other part of her body… a la Sophie Turner.

    And Im not sure why she says she’ll give up her heels. I’ve had two pregnancies, one went to 42 weeks and the other to 41… I wore heels the entire time. I get that some women have swelling in their legs and their feet so they dont do heels but so long as you have no swelling there’s no reason not to wear heels.

  9. hayley says:

    she doesn’t even look pregnant, she just looks fat. I don’t know if it’s because she can’t dress herself or what, but she doesn’t look pregnant at all, just like she’s gained twenty pounds.

  10. NeNe says:

    Now she has a real reason to be the fat ass we all know she is

  11. Sarah says:

    Wow, Tracy Anderson is going to take her over the coals unless they part ways due to “creative differences” or something. Popcorn, please!

  12. A says:

    She must be regretting those (fat) ass injections by now.

  13. Auruor says:

    I am not a Kardashian fan, but damn, I can relate to this. I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy with my twins (who were born in July)… between bed rest and it being a high-risk pregnancy, there wasn’t much I could do to avoid it. Now losing the last 20 pounds is the hardest thing ever. I feel for her.

    Anyone want to join me in my frustration that DUDES DO NOT HAVE TO WREAK HAVOC ON THEIR BODIES WHEN THEY HAVE KIDS? GAhhhhhsdgjklh.hrwk.

    Okay, sorry. I’m back now.

  14. mar says:

    I saw a picture of Kim’s body that her plastic surgery office leaked, it id not have her head, but you could absolutely tell it was her body, and let me tell you, she had A LOT of fat sucked from her body, so she is very prone to weight gain.

  15. RHONYC says:

    poor Kimmy’s ass is…unfortunate. in those leggings anyways.
    but whose isn’t right?

    glad she’s embracing the inevitable.

    if i were her, i’d be on the phone with Cavalli right now ordering the most drop-dead-gorgeous, St. Tropez looking moo-moos money could buy. ;-)

  16. Debbie says:

    I would never laugh at her gaining weight she is suppose to, not so excessive amount but she is suppose to gain weight.

    However, I will continue to point, laugh and mock at her dressing. She is gaining weight of course so she needs to stop dressing like she was that size two she never was. This doesn’t mean wear a moo moo but pick clothes that flatter her changing figure.

    Until she does that I will mock.

  17. Hipocricy says:

    I never loved her body proportions : too short legged and long truck. Kylie Minogue who is even more petite appears longer because she has long legs with a short trunk.

    Kim usually long heels diminish that stumpiness impression at first but now with pregnancy, with her increasing large butt that put her gravity point even lower, with her flat shoes on, her (dis)proportions are so obvious that it makes her look even more squat and stumpy.

    She should put better clothes for her body and stop making herself a parody with those nasty oufits that focus on her naked butt.

  18. KellyinSeattle says:

    She looks good in the first pic, a little like Matt Damon’s wife Lucy (in the face)…I find Kim so annnoying, yet every guy I know thinks she’s hot.

  19. anon says:

    well she seems to be carrying in her back & butt so her front will never be as Jessica’s was.. Jess doesnt have the broad ass so everything carries out front.. I dont think any pregnant woman should be attacked for there look while pregnant & there agian Jessica paved the way after all the trashing & ridicule she took now we all back off a little & tread a little lighter. Has anyone actually seen how much Jessica gets trashed & months later another celeb gets given a pass for the same. It is amazing if ya pay attention. I think its fair to say KIM wants a weight loss deal after baby & WW has already said there not interested. SO who will it be & then did K’s ever settle there lawsuit with there slim fast weight loss contract? The butt on a couple of there pics looks like someone wearing depends.

  20. Luls says:

    She has the most hideous misshapen ass I have ever laid eyes on (relative to a normal sized figure). Like it makes me want to gag. And no I DON’T feel bad saying it. She did that to herself.

  21. msjen# says:

    Way tooo much ass. very just uhh, gonna be really not good at month 9. Id be hiding!

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    UNDERPANTS! Buy some; have Kanye commission some; something!

  23. Lexi says:

    I cant really see her baby bump in that white dress! Her booty is so big, no wonder everyone is joking about her carrying her baby in her bum!

  24. anonymous fan says:

    Who cares about how fat she’s getting.Let’s not forget the real reason we hate her; because she is talentless,skanky,manipulative fame whore who did a sex tape,plotted with RayJ to sell the sextape and is now worth a 100 million dollars for doing absolutely nothing.Nothing the world needs anyway.I bet she thought that her and Beyonce would be best friends when she got pregnant.And that she and Kanye and Jay’Z would be traveling the world together like Bey and Goop,hahaha Beyonce wants nothing to do with her.Nobody with half a brain does.

    And now she walks around looking angry and pissed that this baby that she only got to keep him, is making her fat when her looks are all she has.She really thought getting pregnant would make her America’s Sweetheart?Nope Kim,you’re just terrible.

  25. yolo112 says:

    I don’t know ladies…I said it the other day…if you really think KK is going to NATURALLY drop all of this weight, you’re crazy. I’m 100% sure she’s going to get her ass, thighs and tummy done when she delivers but claim the “worked so hard” to lose it and give Tracy a big boost in popularity as well. These two are both shady and can both benefit from that…

  26. Memphis says:

    I’m not a Kim fan but I never thought she had a bad body; horrible fashion sense yes, but not a bad body…BUT now…

    Oh.My.God that ass is HUGE!

    This is the weirdest pregnancy gain I have’s all in her ass!