Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton tweet-deny tabloid rumors of his infidelity

For the past year, the tabloids have been trying to make something out of the idea that Blake Shelton (still?) has a wandering eye after marrying Miranda Lambert. Last year, the tabloids were all pearl-clutchy about Blake tweeting encouragement and jokes to then-21-year-old Cady Groves, a contestant on The Voice. Long story short, Blake is still tweeting her and they might have met up a few times to talk and drink (because Blake loves to drink), and the tabloids are still “OMG Blake is cheating!” For the record, it’s possible, I guess. I don’t have strong feelings about Blake or Miranda, but I do know there’s always a lot of drama about them and how they got together (he left his wife for Miranda, there was overlap). Anyway, Life & Style has run two cover stories on this “scandal” and Miranda and Blake decided to comment. Via Twitter.

The latest “it” couple to make headlines over an alleged cheating scandal is none other than country music royalty Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert. But the country crooners aren’t taking the reports to heart — or even seriously, for that matter.

The pair are the focus of a new tabloid magazine cover, which reports that Shelton’s alleged affair with a 23-year-old artist has shaken up their “perfect marriage.” Shelton, 36, took to Twitter on Sunday, March 17, to address the rumors head-on.

“Hey @mirandalambert… I just read in a tabloid that our marriage is falling apart! FOCK!” he wrote jokingly.

Lambert, 29, was just as flippant in her reply.

“Oh no! Can’t wait to read if we make it or not,” she shot back, to which Shelton heartily wrote: “Ba! Ha! Ha! You see y’all! I’m making her funnier!”

This isn’t the first time that the pair has taken to Twitter to address rumors about their private lives. Last November, the duo similarly shot down reports that they were expecting a baby.

“Wow! I just read the headline! ‘We are having a baby’ yay! Blake Shelton, we’re getting a new puppy?” she tweeted at her husband of just under two years.

“Either [Miranda is pregnant] or Reese had my baby…I’m confused too!” Shelton, referring to the cover, which featured a split of Reese Witherspoon and her new baby boy with Shelton and Lambert.

“I think it’s gonna take the Witherspoon name,” he added. “Look, I know I’ve gained some weight but the test was negative!”

[From Us Weekly]

Eh. At least they can laugh it off, I guess. Considering the long-standing drama with these two… I do worry that they’ll burn out on their crazy-love and when the spark is gone, it will be a huge mess. Of course, that was my concern with Brangelina too, and they’re still going strong. Maybe Blake and Miranda will stand the test of time and weather every storm. Or maybe he’ll end up in bed with some young thang and Miranda will find out and it will be chaos.

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  1. JenD says:

    She seems like hell on wheels. If/when he cheats, there will be hell to pay. But I like both of them, so I hope they last (drama-free).

  2. Shira says:

    I don’t care if they make it or not, I just don’t understand the need of celebrity couples to make fun of rumors about them through twitter etc.
    That just makes it seem more fishy IMO.

  3. GoodCapon says:

    He cheated on his wife with her. What makes Miranda think he wouldn’t do the same to her?

    Perhaps he’s now a changed man, but I still have doubts.

  4. Mrs. Peacock says:

    A leopard cannot change its spots.

  5. lolaluvsu says:

    Interesting reaction from them…considering her song.

  6. Dani says:

    I think I might be the only one who doesn’t think he’ll cheat on her. I get that he did cheat with her, but it doesn’t mean he’ll cheat on her. I’ve seen guys turn over a new leaf and stay devoted etc. Not a fan of hers but they’re kind of cute together in a really gross trashy way.

  7. flutters says:

    Miranda wasn’t the 1st person Blake cheated on his wife with but she was the one he cheated with whom he also fell in love with. Sorry for the dangling preposition.

    I also don’t think Blake’ll cheat on Miranda. But his music is such crap and hers is so much better, I wonder if the talent gap between them ever gets to him. Her current album is several notches below her previous albums so I hope he isn’t going to make her music suck.

  8. Chell says:

    I actually love them as a couple! Good for them if they can just laugh off the rumors & make jokes about it. Life is too short to get upset over these tabloids!

  9. Helvetica says:

    Why even address it at all?

    She looks pretty in the first pic.

  10. Jen says:

    I don’t know, I like them together. A LOT. They have shared interests besides just country music, and the way they goof around with each other is very endearing. I saw them a while back on a hunting show (took me a while to realize it was even them), but they were just so down to earth and so normal, that I really, really hope they make it.

  11. Gemini08 says:

    I can’t stand Miranda Lambert. I think she is a big hypocrite. And if he IS in fact cheating all that would be is karma.

  12. j.eyre says:

    I am not a huge fan of these guys but I think my feelings hover over the “don’t care” bar on the care-o-meter.

    However, I thought those tweets were funny.

  13. jes_sayin says:

    These two look like they could be brother and sister- weird.

  14. Kosmos says:

    I really like this couple…so I hope nothing is amiss. Love her, she is quite talented and seems like they are a great twosome. Yeah, when stupid stories come out, which they inevitably do, I think they should just be “ignored” rather than responded to…that’s pretty disgusting, but we live in a world now where nothing is sacred, especially when you’re an entertainment figure. Personally, I think tabloids should be brought to court for inaccurate articles and lies, and paps should only be able to take their snapshots from a certain distance away, never being able to hound their subjects and shout out accusations at them. This just should not be legal, folks.

  15. Pam Sizemore says:

    I Think Blake and Miranda are great artist. What I don’t understand is why people think that just because they are famous they have an obligation to their fans and anyone else out to tell everything about their relationship.Blake and Miranda do not owe anyone an explanation of their private life. They make a beautiful couple and I hope them the very best. Keep on making beautiful music together !!!