Hot Ladies of ‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 premiere: who looked the best?

Here are some photos of the ladies from Game of Thrones at last night’s premiere for Season 3 (which airs two Sundays from now). I covered the hot guys of GoT earlier – I even included a Greyjoy, against my better judgment. Anyway, I wanted to write something about the ladies because GoT is awesomely committed to writing strong, nuanced and complicated female characters and one of my favorites is The Khaleesi, otherwise known as Emilia Clarke. She’s barely recognizable without her blonde wig, right? Emilia wore Victoria Beckham for her big premiere. She looks beautiful!

Here’s Gwendoline Christie, otherwise known as “the huge blonde woman,” otherwise known as Brienne, Jamie Lannister’s captor/helper. Look at her awesome legs!! Damn.

Rose Leslie, Ygritte the Wildling. She was on Downton Abbey too! I like her, but this dress isn’t great.

Sophie Turner… wait, is the Stark girl? Yes! She’s Sansa. She looks really grown-up here.

Oona Chaplin, otherwise known as Robb Stark’s new wife. Oona is Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter. I like her on the show, but this whole look is a disaster? THAT HAT.

Natalie Dorner… you in danger, girl. Joffrey is going to ruin this girl. I also don’t understand what Natalie always looks like she just smelled an egg fart.

Lena Headley: MESS.

Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) is one of my favorite people in the world. I love this young woman. Forever.

Natalie Tena – she plays that Wildling woman who is helping the young Stark boys at Winterfell. Look at her crazy hair! I barely recognized her.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. spugzbunny says:

    Oh my lord the shoes on Natalie Tena!

    And is Gwendoline Christie pregnant or does she just have an unfortunate dress on?

  2. Amanda says:

    Most of them looked pretty messy. Emilia Clarke looked perfect, though. Sooooo hot!

  3. momosays says:

    That brunette is perfection on Emilia. So pretty!

  4. Lipsy says:

    Who doesn’t love The Khaleesi?! She looks gorgeous. I caught up with the show last summer and I’m glad that I can now recognize all these great actresses and characters! :) PS. Brienne does have amaaaazing legs.

  5. someone says:

    oona chaplin was so great in the hour! i’m going to miss that show to death. also, emilia clarke is drop dead gorgeous. cannot deal with how pretty she is.

  6. yeahright says:

    I think they all look amazing especially Emilia! She’s just jaw dropping.

  7. kristine says:

    Natalie Tena= Tonks for me always. She is awesome and I love her on GoT. the women are gorgeous. You haven’t met The Tyrell Matriarch yet. Joffrey better watch his crown.

  8. fabgrrl says:

    Ug! I think all of these ladies look soooo lovely in GoT, but, aside from Emilia Clarke, they look like all kinds of hell here. Maisie Williams looks really cute, of course, but she’s still a kid, so I don’t put her in the same category.

    What if…what if Gwendoline Christie and Peter Dinklage paired up? Yes, I know he is married in real life, just saying. I wonder if there is some slash pr0n of that on the internet? Who am I kidding? Of course there is!

  9. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Natalie ruined by Joffrey? Don’t bet on it she’s a tough one.

    Love Aryanna, she and Bran are my faves now.

  10. Miss Jupitero says:

    Maisie and Emilia look great. Otherwise it looks like London’s stylists decided to pull an elaborate prank. Was there something in the punch? Ugliest dresses and hairstyles ever!

  11. GoodCapon says:

    Emilia – perfect! Thank God she’s pretty because she can’t act at all.

    Gwendolyn – the LEGS

    Rose – lollipop head going on here. Her neck goes on forever

    Sophie – she’s a natural blonde but the red hair suits her really well. I’m glad she stuck with it

    Maisie – I will give her a pass forever. She’s just awesome.

  12. lamamu says:

    Okay, the Chaplinesque hat on Chaplin’s granddaughter is a little too on the nose. Paired with that demure stripper dress is just too much. And the smile…I’m grumpy today, I guess.

    The Kaleesi, however, looks amazing.

  13. Amy says:

    Who looked the best? Sophie Turner, Sophie Turner, Sophie Turner! Emilia’s eye makeup is HORRIBLE, although I am having a good laugh about it. Rose is dressed like a 40-something. Don’t even get me started on Lena’s hair.

  14. LAK says:


    I always think Natalie Dornmer looks like a washed out Joan Collins.

    • Christina says:

      LOL! She does. I loved Natalie on ‘The Tudors’ – she was so gorgeous and sexy. But blonde does not suit her. At all. As a brunette, her unusual features really stand out, but as a blonde, she just looks bland or, as in this pic, vaguely campy. Please go back to brunette, Natalie.

      • Troof! says:

        I thought I’d read somewhere that Natalie Dormer a blonde, naturally, tho?
        and ITA she looks better brunette. And IDK how old she is, but she looks “right” for Margaery (i.e., just a bit older than Joffrey the Jerk)

      • Christina says:

        Natalie may be a ‘natural blonde’ but nobody naturally has hair that particular shade of blonde! She definitely colours her hair, and I really don’t think it’s flattering. As for her age, she was born in 1982, which makes her 31. I’ve always thought she looks a bit older than her age though – if anything she looked older than JRM in ‘The Tudors’ even though she’s 5 years younger than him.

      • Troof! says:

        Christina, true she usually does look “older” (I blame the “smelled an egg fart” face–thanks for the perfect descrip, Kaiser LOL)
        I think what I was trying to imply last night was that there have been some “work done”; ’cause if you want to see her looking horrid, watch for her in Captain America –she looks closer to 40 than to 30 (and this from somebody who is *ahem* over 40)
        And ITA that isn’t a natural blonde. I have the sneaking suspish that her “natural blonde” is rather like mine…best described as dishwater… :P

  15. RHONYC says:

    the top two pics is giving me young Monica B. like 20 years ago. wow! 8O

  16. LadyMTL says:

    I adore the Khaleesi (I have a mug at home that has the Targaryen dragon / words on it, and trust me it’s my fave mug) so I’ll give Emilia my vote.

    Other than her, I love Maisie Williams! How can you not, look how adorable she is! Maisie and Emilia forever, lol.

  17. Spooks says:

    Rose Leslie is so beautiful, but she doesn’t look good here. And I love Brienne.

  18. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I don’t think any of them look that great. The dresses chosen just aren’t flattering imo, and the hair on some of them…what were they thinking?! (Lena Headley I’m looking at you!). I do think Emilia Clarke is beautiful, although I have to say that I really love her with the blond hair…she just looks so striking with it on the show.

    Most of them look so much more attractive on the show, even when they are covered in muck. I love their characters though, especially Arya and Khaleesi…so fierce and strong!

  19. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Natalie Tena also has a fantastic voice and is the lead singer for a band called Molotov Jukebox (she sings lead and plays the accordion!). Here’s a youtube video of her playing a guitar and singing. I think her voice is incredible!

  20. Devon says:

    I can’t wait until the 31st (or April 1st for me since I’m in the UK!) A Storm of Swords is my favourite book out of the 5 and it is going to blow everyone away!

    Emilia – I love her. Even more now that I’m pretty sure she’s done dealing with Seth Macfarlane. The front view of the dress isn’t my favourite, but the side view is better and the colour is great on her.

    Lena Headey – Found out that I’ve met her cousin before and now when I think of Cersei, I think of her d-bag of a cousin. However, she makes me kind of feel bad for Cersei, which I HATE because Cersei is so horrid, so she gets a big yay from me for her acting. And she’s gorgeous but her clothes are always kind of wack, it’s to be expected. She too looks nothing like her character and I like that.

    Sophie Turner – She’s so pretty. The dress isn’t the best but she still looks great. I hate the shoes. I can’t wait for Sansa this season.

    Maisie Williams – Oh Arya, how I love you!!! The dress is cute it’s not my favourite thing ever. I know she’s only 15 but she COULD age it up a bit. Not like Chloe Moretz aging but just a bit more.

    Natalia Tena – TONKS! It looks so budget and makes me sad.

    Natalie Dormer – I will take more Margaery please. I love the dress. I want it.

    Gwendolyn Christie – Hate the colour but THOSE LEGS! And Brienne and Jaime are the best. Like ever. I want more Brienne!

    Rose Leslie – Ygritte! You are so gorgeous but NO! Colour yes, but the rest, NO!

    Oona Chaplin – Really? The hat? I’m already not a huge fan of Talisa and this pose is making me annoyed. And the dress looks ho-ish.

  21. Dids says:

    I love Lena Headley’s hair! Though, I agree that her outfit is not that great…

  22. s says:

    holy crap what a disastrous collection of messes.

  23. Lemony says:

    I’ve never seen the show, I will have to check it out. The first woman is so gorgeous. And I love her name “Emilia Clarke”, so elegant. That’s what I shall call myself from now on ;)

  24. moon says:

    Khaleesi looks so Rachel Weisz here! I have her body type and height, so it’s nice to see her pull off that dress. makes me want to work on my diet just that bit more

  25. Gemini08 says:

    Can I just point out how INSANELY beautiful Emilia Clarke is? That blonde wig on the show doesn’t do her justice.

  26. Sara says:

    Terrible dresses. Why is ugly the new pretty? Don’t get it…

  27. M says:

    I would love to see Robert Pattinson and Emilia Clarke together. (Running to hide)

    • mom2two says:

      Nooo…Emilia Clarke deserves better then Kristin Stewart’s leftovers. I applaud your bravery for admitting that though.
      Emilia was rumored to be linked up with Richard Madden during (or before) season 1 and if he did not have a steady lady, I would totally support that pairing. Same with her and Jason Momoa (if he was single).

  28. Kris says:

    Michelle Fairley is so beautiful–want pictures of her!

  29. Sachi says:

    Emilia looks gorgeous. But at first glance, I thought her eye makeup made her eyes look bloodshot. :D That shade of eye shadow is too severe for her blue eyes.

    What is the height on Sophie Turner now? I think she’ll be as tall as Gwendonline Christie. She looks really tall and grown up! Naturally beautiful, that girl.

    On the other hand, Maisie looks like a 12-year old. Love her! :D

    All the others…meh. Natalie Tena has her own style so this is just par for the course for her.

    Oona’s look is too much, as usual. She almost always adds something to her outfits that makes her look silly, IMO.

  30. Elena says:

    It’s NataliA Tena, actually. She looks really wild here, lol!

    Emilia Clarke looks gorgeous, that’s true. Daenerys is my favorite character on the show. Maisie Williams is a sweetie, but that doesn’t stop her from pulling off a great performance. Natalie Dormer is very beautiful, she’s one of my favorite celebrities!
    Rose Leslie and Sophie Turner are also great! I’m not so crazy about the rest, but I love them all on GoT.

  31. I Choose Me says:

    Love, love, love the Khaleesi.

    I also have girl crushes on Gwendoline Christie (love her as Brienne) and Lena Headley (though I hate her on the show).

  32. Merman says:

    Emilia Clarke is gorgeous,Maisie is beyond cute and I don’t care what she wears,Lena Headley is beautiful.I also hate Talisa and the hat doesn’t help.

  33. Reece says:

    Emilia is gorgeous!
    Tonks gets a pass because she’s TONKS!
    Chaplin *eye roll* Really?

  34. Chordy says:

    Oh man, putting all the GoT ladies together in one post really drives home how much I love them all. Arya is my homegirl, and Maisie Williams plays her to perfection! Sophie Turner is growing into an amazingly beautiful woman. I can’t wait for more Brienne/Jaimie scenes. And Khaleesi..SWOON!

  35. apsutter says:

    Brienne….DAMN!!!! Maisie is the best!! Such a cutie and cant wait for more Arya

  36. taxi says:

    Brienne has weird bumps on tops of her feet.

    Snow or winter white dresses on these women isn’t very flattering.

  37. daily gloss says:

    I still haven’t seen got yet I doubt netflix is going to get it.I think all of them look good from a distance but up close is a whole different story.I think emilia is very pretty but people are over hyping her as of late also in the first pic with emilia that’s alexis knapp in the background with her hand over her face.

  38. Isabel says:

    I always love me some Khaleesi, but I have a huge girl crush on Gwendoline. I can’t help/explain it, everyone calls her ugly (and she is supposed to be on the show) but I find her attractive in an odd way, haha!

  39. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Emilia is so, so beautiful and I love her character on the show. One of my favs.

    Can’t wait for the next season to start. Can. Not. Wait!

  40. gefeylich says:

    Well, at least Emilia Clarke has lost 180 pounds of douchey flab, namely Seth MacFarlane. Bleh – maybe now I’ll respect her again. I don’t know what the hell she was thinking with that (and her happy loss is Charlize Theron’s unfortunate gain).

    THANK YOU for saying that Lena Headey looks like a mess. I loathe her. Why are all women named “Lena” such unmitigated assholes these days?

    However, Maisie/Arya is the bomb and ever shall be, amen.

  41. daily gloss says:

    I never thought emilia and seth was together like that.You don’t go from dating regular dudes your age to dating a man 15 years your senior with tons of money for no reason I always thought those pics we seen in September were set ups you can tell.I don’t think him and charlize are together its just a working relationship.Emilia is pretty though but nothing special I’m not getting all the hype.I think she will do good in theatre than movies to me.

  42. Aud says:

    With the exception of Headey – who tries to switch on that fake Hollywood look, the rest of the women look like women..not the fake Hollywood over styled actress stereotype. Sure, I don’t like many of of the dresses, but that’s probably because I, like many, have been conditioned to see the usual parade of brands.
    Kudos to these women for looking natural and not like emaciated bobble heads.
    Here’s hoping that they don’t sell out or are pressured into hiring Zoe-like stylists.

  43. Amy says:

    I love the Khaleesi character in the books and the show. However I’ve read reviews for the fourth and fifth book (and kind of spoiled myself for Daenerys’s story line) and it seems like the last two books are not that good. Basically George RR Martin introduces all these random new characters that start to take centerstage and I don’t really care about any of them!

    Was the woman who plays Caitlin Stark there? I don’t think I see her in these pictures. Also Sansa girl looks unrecognizable here! Even more so than Emilia Clarke.

    I also was just introduced to Brienne a few episodes ago–I have to say the actress plays her well.

    I also don’t see Melisandre lurking about aka Lord of Light priestess.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Keep in mind that most reviews are written when the book was published, and that George R.R. Martin takes for-freaking-ever to write. Normally that wouldn’t matter, but in this specific case it really did impact on the reading experience.

      The 4th and 5th books were originally planned as one book, but it became unwieldly, so George R.R. Martin split it by location.

      So in the 4th book, everyone’s favourite characters are missing (Daenerys, Tyrion Lannister, and Jon Snow). Those plot-lines reappear in the 5th book, but it was over 10 years between the 3rd and 5th books! That’s a long time to wait, you lose your connection with the characters.

      However, books 4 and 5 are both out now, so you can read them back-to-back and the wait for your favourite characters isn’t anywhere near as bad.

      Personally, I found book 4 a bit weak, but book 5 was easily my favourite. When I finished it, I was all: “want book 6 now. Now! NOW!!”

    • GoodCapon says:

      Yes Michelle Fairley was there.

      I hated Book 4 but not as much as CoK. I didn’t mind the new characters but the Greyjoys were so B-O-R-I-N-G I felt like quitting everytime I see a new Greyjoy POV chapter. Cersei’s POV kind of made up for it IMO.

      Plus, everything else would seem a bit boring after action-packed ASOS (which is arguably the fan favorite).

  44. verena says:

    you totally forgot to put sibel in that list. sibel kekilli plays shae and she looked so stunning!

  45. Redd says:

    what happened to Lena?!? Watched them on the webcast last night and she looked perfect! This is just a tragic look for her. Emilia can do no wrong. And damn Gwen’s legs are longer than a 3 week payday!

  46. miasys says:

    Sophie Turner- what have they done to you? So pretty on the show, but she looks like Boy George here.