Rumer Willis goes ombre blonde, shows off some lip injections: cute or tragic?

I was looking through our photos of Rumer Willis, and I guess she’s been in the process of going blonde-ish for a few months, but these are the first red carpet photos we’ve had of Rumer in a while, so let’s just say that she’s “newly blonde”. The last time I paid attention to Rumer, she had very dark hair with kind of a reddish tint:

I actually thought that color suited her. I’m a big fan of ladies going darker than their natural hair color, although most women go lighter. Rumer changes her hair often enough – for a few years she even had some Manic Panic red-pink shade that looked completely awful on her. The dark hair was an improvement, and I’m surprising myself by not hating this blonde shade either. I guess it’s sort of ombre? Is she intending to have such prominent roots or what?

But here’s my real question, beyond the hair change – is Rumer getting lip injections? I’m looking through old photos to see if her upper lip always looked so swollen, and… yeah, I think she’s getting her lips plumped. If it’s good enough for Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian, eh? I asked CB to look and she doesn’t think the lip-plumpers are new, she thinks Rumer has been getting lip injections for a few months, and that Rumer got new (bigger) veneers in 2011. I guess the real question is: with a mother like Demi Moore, how could you avoid thinking that a little tweak here and there will hurt? Here’s Rumer in March 2011:

Also: CB wanted me to point out Adam West is checking out Rumer’s rack.

Photos courtesy of WENN. Rumer is shown at the launch of a “1960s Batman Classic TV series product line” sponsored by Junk Food Clothing and Warner Bros.

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  1. Amy says:

    Bruce’s girls all look so much like him.

  2. Miss Kiki says:

    Ombre hair needs to die soon, it’s horrid.

  3. Bowers says:

    –not tragic but kinda sad–

  4. DeltaJuliet says:

    Oh, Batman, you’re better than that.

  5. judyjudy says:

    Not a fan of the blonde. She looks best with the dark brown.

  6. Littlewood says:

    She looked the best with the dark hair

  7. Diana says:

    Tragic. Lip injections are always tragic.

  8. Tanguerita says:

    still ugly – and now pathetic, to boot.

  9. Fleurthefrenchy says:

    Not a fan of cosmetic surgery or injections, especially on young women, but I kind of admit that slightly plumper lips do suit her face… it seems to give more balance to her chin/lower face area.
    I still think she has always been pretty in her own way though and definitely didn’t NEED to go down the ‘need to conform and look plastic’ road…

  10. serena says:

    She looks awful as a blonde, she should have stayed a brunette -that suited her- or going red again.
    As for the lip injection.. do these ‘celebrities’ -LOL- think we’re blind? It’s so oblivious.

  11. Hubbahun says:

    For once, I think it really works for her, it makes her face more feminine. I think it’s kind of cruel to pick on someone for their looks – actually, scratch that, it’s unbelivably cruel. Hardly Rumer’s fault she has her father’s jaw.

  12. Happymom says:

    She’s not a conventionally pretty girl. I’m not a fan of her hair-and I usually hate when people get their lips done, but in her case a little bit of a lip plump kind of balances out her face.

  13. Lizzie K says:

    I agree, dark hair looks best, and she looks better with the sweep of her side part falling over more of her forehead. Baby girl has a lot of forehead to go with a lot of chin. I’d suggest, forgive me, BANGS, but I’m afraid that would make her chin look even longer. But the low falling side sweep looks good, and she should cultivate that.

    No to the lip plumpers.

    I feel a lot of sympathy for Rumer. She’s like an ugly ducklng born to a swan, and as body-obsessed as Demi is, it has to have made Rumer even more conscious of her lack of typical beauty. I hope she can find a look that suits her.

    • SydneySpy says:

      If one looks at photos of the mother before she began her career and became “Hollywoodised”, it’s clear that Demi was not considered a beauty at all. To top it off, she even wore ugly glasses because of her myopia. Demi completely transformed herself to the point where her natural looks are barely discernible. Rumer is still growing into herself, and since (mostly) all we see are 2D images, it’s likely she’s much more attractive in the flesh. It appears to me that, despite being in the public eye all her life, and considering her parentage and upbringing, this young woman is rather self-conscious. This self-consciousness really affects the way one poses for photographs. It’s the difference between being photogenic or not. My sister is extremely photogenic, very confident in front of a camera and always looks stunning in photos. Yet, when people first meet her after seeing her photo, they always say she looks nothing like her picture. Photos of me, on the other hand, just scream AWKWARD and EERGLY, and people have always told me how lovely I am in real life and that my photos don’t do me justice. I think this is what’s going on with this girl. Evidently, there are techniques for overcoming this lack of confidence and for posing for the camera so one looks great in photos.

      As for the hair, let her play around with her look. She’s young and she’ll hit her stride. I agree she should dedicate her time to perfecting her craft, because if she becomes a truly great actress, her looks will be a non-issue.Two words: Meryl. Streep.

  14. anneesezz says:

    I don’t know who she looks like, mom or dad, but she is really unfortunate looking and pumping up her lips just make her look worse. Also, is she basically just a celebutard with no career to speak of? These children should try going to college or something.

  15. Shannon says:

    She has the strangest nose. That and the fact her head is huge makes her so unfortunately looking. Poor girl.

  16. WendyNerd says:

    Poor thing!

    I’m sorry, but the lip injections make her chin look bigger and that shade of blonde is just wrong for her. It’s sad, because she can look quite pretty, but this is a disaster. This is a clusterfk of disasters.

  17. LSS says:

    I just figured out what proportions her face reminds me of… she’s like a piece of A4 blank paper with margins that are waaaaaayyyy too big around the text in the centre.

    Having said that, this is the best she’s ever looked to me.

  18. liz_bee says:

    Maybe she would look prettier if she smiled like a normal person, but in all these pictures she looks scared and awkward. Look at her eyes! She looks freaked out. Just smile! Or maybe that’s impossible with lip injections.

  19. diva says:

    I like the color of her hair. I hate that these tops for spring are going to be see through.

  20. Caitlinsmommy says:

    That hair is horrible. Brassy and fried and way too orange-y. It looks like she did it herself. And if she paid someone to make her hair look that bad, then she needs to demand a refund.

  21. missespresso says:

    I feel so sad when people say horrible things about her just because she’s not stunning like her mum. Can you imagine an average girl her age being attacked that way by unknown people for no reason other than being born the way they were? So, so sad… She’s not really ugly either. Just not Hollywood pretty.

    Having said that her natural dark hair suit her the best.

  22. Miss Kiki says:

    Here is the stance I’m trying to take lately. I won’t take the p*ss out of people for things that are out of their control but hair, make-up, clothes, baby names, sketchy husbands and botched plastic surgery are all fair game.

    Rumer’s fillers have actually enhanced her looks so she isn’t getting any shade from me.

  23. logan says:

    I’m not going to trash this girl on her looks. She looks pretty in several of the above photos. I think it all depends how the photos are taken and from what angle.

  24. Belle Epoch says:

    She was born weird looking but now she looks tweaked AND weird! A natural face is always better! (Unless something tragically, medically wrong) Too young for this shit! Problem is she won’t stop because she feels insecure.

  25. Katie says:

    She was in The House Bunny (don’t judge, that move is cute!) and she looked perfectly normal. Maybe it’s just in pictures where her chin looks large?

  26. BeachBelle says:

    I feel for this young woman. You just have to know she has been through hell trying to deal with a Mother who wants desperately to be her age. As far as her looks are concerned she’s done about the best she can do. I don’t like the crazy hair colors on her. Something more natural looking to me works better for her.

  27. Nan says:

    She actually looks pretty nice! She’s getting ever closer to figuring out what works best for her unconventional beauty. Not a fan of it normally but I like those lips on her. Not crazy about that hair color but it definitely warms up her skin tone in an attractive way and I like her in longer hair for the sake of proportion.

  28. Bella says:

    Come now…dont add insult to injury!!

  29. Tania says:

    Ok, I’m going to play devils advocate here. I do think she has had a nose job along with her other tweaking. So my question is, if she’s going to tweak, then why not have surgery on her chin, which is really what is throwing off her pretty features? Or is that something that surgery cannot fix?

  30. Shelly says:

    I don’t think she looks that bad. I do like her darker hair the best though. She has a strange face, but it’s an interesting face. Sometimes she looks super cute.

  31. V. says:

    Poor thing….her jaw is tragic! It sad to say she is morphing herself becuase she doesn’t like the way she looks. Honey a trout pout won’t distract from the real issue…just give up the acting dreams and get an average joe job to go with your average joe face. No need to tweak yourself to death just to please Hollywood.

  32. snappyfish says:

    there’s no hiding that jaw, but why draw attention to it with lip injections and big mr. ed teeth?

  33. Mario says:

    She’s one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen. She looks like Bruce Willis in drag. She’s an example of the downside of genetics, she’s a woman like her mother with a face like her father.

  34. gg says:

    OH DEAR. Now she’s got permanent “ew” face. Looks like she’s sneering. Me and my best friend in high school used to make a similar face when we were extremely grossed out.

  35. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think she seems really sweet. The thing about surgery, is it cannot change basic bone structure (chin..)…maybe she’s really Jay Leno’s daughter :) But again, she seems pretty nice/normal. She has pretty eyes, skin, and hair (in the right color)..What’s with Tallulah and Scout? Anyone know what they’re doing…pics, Kaiser, please!

  36. Rabbit says:

    I actually think that Rumer is quite pretty in an unconventional way, though the ombre hair is pretty bad, otherwise no complaint from me.

  37. VanillaDeeLite says:

    No wonder she would get stuff done to her face, she probably can’t escape reading nasty comments from people regarding her looks.

    I think she’s very pretty, always have, she looks unique.

  38. Lampshade says:

    This girl should just give up on trying to be cute or pretty. She should have gone to college, like her sister, and pursued an education. She’s not average looking. She is very strange looking.

  39. Christne says:

    I saw her on an episode of Hawaii Five-0 (what? my husband and I like to watch it :) ) and she was very cute. Maybe she just doesn’t photograph well.

  40. miriam says:

    The top of her face (from the nost up) she looks a lot like Keira Knightley, and quite pretty. But then you scroll down and see the bottom half of her face…

  41. HappyJoyJoy says:

    No, totallt. Highlight your chin, girl. It needs it!

  42. squeakie says:

    If that boxed hair color had a name it would be trailer park queen…I feel bad for Rumor Willis everything about her look is so trajic. Its really not her fault she has so little facial features to cover her large face shape. I actually liked the red on her even though she really jumped on the Rhianna red band wagon

  43. BengalCat2000 says:

    I saw her on an episode of Workoholics recently while visiting my brother & I was suprised at how pretty she was. My bro even said she looked hot. I think she just doesn’t photograph well or we are only exposed to bad pics put out by the media.

  44. Sugar says:

    She is one of those I’d like to see in real life. I bet she is very pretty in the real. Some photos she is pretty in her own way & others um sorry. If you care Rumor I prefer you in short dark hair but that’s me and who the heck am I to you….exactly.
    So she wants to be famous for whatever it is she does or who she is & she is putting herself out there for comment good & bad
    that’s part of the fame game. She has to be able to deal with it otherwise she wouldn’t be in places that get her photographed.
    I’m same age as her mom & I am mortified at the behaviors Rumor has had to deal with so I give her props for being the daughter of Demi.

  45. J says:

    She looks really good like this. well “improved” I don’t think anyone else would improve with blonded up hair and lip injections but it looks great on her.
    dark hair over pronounces her jawline

  46. another nina says:

    She actually inherited her jawline from Demi, who had a surgery…

  47. SamiHami says:

    I saw her on an episode of Hawaii 5-0 and was truly surprised at how pretty she actually is. I think that she is just not terribly photogenic; the camera seems to emphasize her worst features. But in motion on that show she was quite attractive.

  48. violetb says:

    She is pretty, the lip injections and weird hair color do not enhance her looks. She looks better with her natural brown hair, and her original fox-like features, it makes her look cunning and slinky.

  49. april says:

    I think she looks very nice. She puts in a lot of effort these days and if she wants to switch it up, then go fot it. She’s very young and has the means so why not.

  50. jensational says:

    I swear, I’m not trying to be mean but she is the oddest looking person. She needs a bigger nose to offset the chin and forehead and the tiny eyes and mouth. I’m such a bitch