Jessica Alba in Mary Katrantzou at the Kids Choice Awards: cute or too precious?

Here are some final fashion photos from the Kids Choice Awards Saturday night. (Kaiser and Bedhead have some earlier coverage.) It’s a very fun end to a protracted awards season, and included a heavy-duty sliming of Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris. A list of winners is here.

First off we have Jessica Alba in a Mary Katrantzou A-line white cap sleeve dress with a blue, teal and pink line design. (Our friends at Red Carpet Fashion Awards have the link to the dress on Net-a-Porter. It’s $4k! It’s doubtful Alba paid a dime for it of course.) It’s a very event-appropriate, cute look for her. Some may think that the curlicue design is too precious, but I love this look. Her hair and makeup are so well done too. One complaint: her shoes are too cutesy. (I have an aversion to bows on shoes, it doesn’t matter if they’re Louboutins.) Some plain pumps or strappy heels would have looked more elegant.

Here are Jaden and Willow Smith looking cute but serious. Can you believe they’re just 14 and 12? They’re both stars now and they’re used to red carpets. I love Willow’s little crop jean jacket, and I like how she paired combat boots with a dress! I used to do that in the late 80s, but my combat boots were from the military supply store, not Chanel. Jaden is dressing like Justin Bieber and I’ll leave it at that.

Here’s Kylie Jenner, whom Jaden was seen out with in London earlier this month. Her sister Kendall didn’t show up, (or least wasn’t on the red carpet that I can find) which makes me wonder if she had another engagement or if she just didn’t want to come. She’s said she’s not as into fame so she may be avoiding these things. Kylie, 15, is wearing a lot of makeup, but she’s covered up well and she’s even wearing hose. Her hoodie dress is adorable.

Finally Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars is looking super cute in white Christian Dior. I love this retro look!

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  1. Eleonor says:

    Kyle Jenner is going to be a gorgeus woman, I hope she doesn’t get the plastic surgery addition running in her family.

  2. thinkaboutit says:

    LOVE Alba’s look. I’m a sucker for shoes with bows so I think they were the perfect choice — and, I NEED those!

  3. eliza says:

    Willow looks dangerously anorexic to me.

    • Aileen says:

      What?! She’s a child! I take offense because I was a really skinny kid just like that. All bones. I didn’t fill out until later. Leave her alone!!! And it’s distasteful to pick on kids.

    • Susi says:

      That is just ridiculous. She is TWELVE!! That is what a lot of twelve year olds look like. Skinny little legs and arms, long limbs, etc. Are we are so used to seeing overweight kids that we’ve forgotten this?? I was just like this at her age and I ate a large bag of food for lunch every day and was always still hungry. I stayed like this until I was almost 17 – I was a late bloomer. I ate like a champion and played 5 sports. I was healthy and happy and in no way had anything resembling an eating disorder. Get a grip.

  4. QQ says:

    Alba Shows Up to the opening of an envelope, LOL! Her famewhore game is COMPLETELY disproportionate from her actual talent… BUT sure she looks cute

    The Smith kids are indeed growing up and looking like a mix of their parents

    The Homely Low foreheaded Kardashian girl looks A HOT MESS, sorry

  5. Sisi says:

    I seriously thoiught the last one was a Kardashian too.

  6. Sarcasmo says:

    I super-duper resent that “Alba” and “Elba” look so similar to my caffeine-deprived brain.

    Don’t do that to me, CB. PLEASE.

    I think I speak for ALL OF US when I say Idris is MUCH more welcome here (HELLO!!!) than Jessica. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Ladies.)

  7. Thischica says:

    Willow looks adorable and so does Lucy Hale! Too cute.

    The Jenner girl looks much to grown. But of course she’s following in her sisters footsteps. Everything just HAS to be short and tight at all times.

  8. elceibeno says:

    Jessica Alba looks beautiful but her outfit is too young for her. And yes, the bow on her shoes are a bit too precious.

  9. Quinn says:

    I want to smack those smith kids…sorry! :0

  10. Britt says:

    I thought it was a fashion faux pas to wear hose with open toed shoes??

  11. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for mila jovovich

  12. aud says:

    I love lucy hale so much.

    I really hope she can get a career going beyond PLL

  13. xoo says:

    Is there an event without alba? Attentionseeker.

  14. janie says:

    Jessica Alba looks adorable.. The Smith kids look like sourpusses just like their mom! I think her face would crack if she smiled! K-kid looks cute as well.

  15. serena says:

    Jaden Smith is a cute little boy but he should stop with that ‘I’m so over it’ expression, it makes he look a bit douchey.

    • Susi says:

      Oh my. I HATE that stupid expression he seems to have permanently glued to his face these days. It’s a total douche expression. He seems to be mini-Biebering with the same ridiculous clothes and same rdiculous sneer on his face at all times. I hope one day he looks back and laughs in embarrassment at what a too-cool little twerp he was.

  16. Tania says:

    The Smith kids need to stop scowling. And why does the boy look like he has rickets? Wtf?

  17. dave says:

    Who under 15 would know Jessica Alba? She hasn’t been in anything in ages…
    Surely all the ‘kids’ of the kids choice awards are like… ‘Who is that random old lady?’

  18. JoJo says:

    Is that what Jaden’s expression is? I thought it was constipation…..

  19. Lexi says:

    What’s with all the teen dudes making the same face? Bieber, Jaden and Cody Simpson all furrow their brows and make this surprised/worried face all the time! WHYY??

  20. Spooks says:

    The Smith kids are annoying as hell. Having the right parents is more important than talent, I guess.

  21. Cait says:

    Ugh, Will Smith’s kids both look like little brats.

  22. Jenny says:

    Jessica Alba isnt that interesting as an actress but her style is always on point. Her make up is always great. She must have one of the best hair/make up/style teams in hollywood because she consistently looks good.