Anne Hathaway pissed off at James Franco, thinks he’s ‘unprofessional’

Here are some photos of Anne Hathaway and her husband in Brooklyn a few days ago. I’m not sure what Anne’s current strategy is, but I think it’s along the lines of “don’t say anything directly, but give people some happy-couple photo-ops”. If she announces a pregnancy this year, I really do think all will be “forgiven” for her, although I’m not sure that Annie has erred so badly that she needs to be “forgiven”. She doesn’t need to apologize for anything, you know? Her Oscar campaign and Oscar speech were JUST annoying, she didn’t do anything “wrong”.

As Bedhead covered earlier this week, James Franco was on Howard Stern’s show and The Artist discussed Anne Hathaway. To be fair to Franco, Howard brought it up and Howard said some of the most insulting things about Anne, but to be fair to Howard, Franco didn’t disagree with him. Franco talked about the fallout from his and Anne’s horrible Oscar co-hosting duties, saying: “Anne and I made up, by the way. Let’s just get that on the record. It was a really hard time after the Oscars. She wasn’t mad at me, I don’t think . . . she didn’t say she was mad at me for what happened . . . The critics were so nasty.” He also name-dropped the “Hatha-haters” too. It was… unpleasant. He didn’t really throw her under the bus, but he didn’t go out of his way to defend her or be a gentleman about it either (especially considering that more people hated HIM not her following the Oscars). So what does Anne think about Franco’s recent comments? According to Radar, she’s not pleased:

James Franco said Anne Hathaway wasn’t going to be happy that he was discussing their strained relationship during his interview with Howard Stern on Monday – and he was right! has exclusively learned that the Spring Breakers actor’s chat with the shock jock didn’t go unnoticed by the Les Miserables star who is fuming that Franco has drudged up their past yet again in a radio interview.

Anne, 30, just can’t understand why James, 34, couldn’t just say “no comment.” Worse still, she thinks Franco was using her name just to help promote his latest movie!

“Anne can’t believe James has openly discussed the past and how they aren’t really on talking terms anymore,” a source tells Radar. “She thinks he did it purely to drum up publicity for Spring Breakers. But, as far as she’s concerned, James pulled an unprofessional move by talking about her during the interview with Howard Stern.

“Stern did provoke Franco, but he didn’t have to respond. And she couldn’t believe that he said he understands why people dislike her. Anne would never air her dirty laundry in public and is intensely private. It’s opened up old wounds, is totally unnecessary and she’s fuming,” the source reveals.

[From Radar]

Again, this is just coming from “sources”. I would assume that Anne probably is kind of pissed off at Franco, but she’s smart enough to realize that many people think Franco is a total douche, and his comments were off-side, so she doesn’t need to work to prove her point. I don’t believe Anne would suddenly claim (incorrectly) to be “intensely private” when she was shilling everything about herself for the sake of that Oscar. So… a mixed bag. My recommendations for Annie (who I still like, thank you very much): keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t comment. Stay out of the spotlight for a few more months and whenever you give your next interview, don’t cry or throw a tantrum. Own your nerdiness and theater-geekdom with humor and self-awareness. You’ll be fine!

PS… Is Adam wearing a lady’s coat?!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Talie says:

    I don’t know if he’s wearing a ladies coat, but he is carrying a clutch. What does he do?

  2. Sweet Dee says:

    Yes, a lady coat. And what looks like…a murse? Or a very, very fancy computer bag.

    I’ll go with murse.

  3. Eve says:

    Franco is a d*ck, we all know that. But when he was criticized for his Oscar hosting performance and people said he looked like he was high/doped, he compared her behaviour to The Tasmanian Devil (from Looney Tunes) and said anyone would have looked high while being next to her…I had to agree with him. And I still laugh my ass off at that quote.

  4. lisa2 says:

    I don’t know.. he just has this look that I can’t find attractive. Very Metrosexual or whatever the correct term is. He looks a bit like Ryan Gosling, and somebody else mixed in. And it is not a great combination. I don’t know.. maybe he is very artsy. I can’t put my finger on it. I always feel like they could or do wear each other’s cloths.

    and I don’t know why people are still talking about the Oscars. It was so over after it was over.

  5. bammer says:

    I will never not be annoyed by her.

  6. Marty says:

    Her husband is REALLY skinny, they look like they could share jeans.

  7. Erinn says:

    I don’t really see anything wrong with what he said. And honestly… Anne gets so over the top, and maniac like at times, that I think almost anyone would have looked like a corpse next to her. She’s just soooo dramatic.

    And really, the issues people have with AnnE aren’t completely unfounded. She is grating. I think she’s an ok actress, and I do think she REALLY cares about her craft. But at the end of the day, I just can’t handle more than a tiny dose of her.

    Yes, James is a douche, but he’s not wrong.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      +1. I’m still trying to figure out what was so completely awful about what he said…

      I like Anne but she seems incredibly high-maintenance. Franco is still my shamefuck but yes he is a d*ckbag.

      I guess I have mixed feelings about both of them…

  8. French Reader says:

    Nope, the buttons are on the right (they’re on the left for women) so it’s a man’s coat. Just a very tight one.

    • EllaM says:

      I’m very surprised, that someone like Kaiser, who writes a lot about fashion, doesn’t know such a basic fact. Not only coats, but also blouses, pants and shirts for men and women are buttoned that way and zippers are also on opposite sides btw.

      I’ve heard two theories about why:
      1. When men used to wear weapons like swords etc, they could put their right hand into their uniform jacket to keep it warm. Napoleon Bonaparte was famous for doing this and was pictured a lot with his hand in his uniform.

      2. Wealthy women in former times were clothed by servants who were standing in front of them and could button the clothes with their right hands, while men put their clothes on themselves and needed the buttons on the other side to use the right hand.

      • Lady D says:

        Appreciate the history lesson EllaM, thanks.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        #2 is historically correct. Which is why it is irritating as HELL (well, not to left-handed women, I suppose) that this stupid standard is still observed somewhat.

        Go into, oh, say H&M and try on some random garments from the ladies’ section. I guarantee you that roughly half will have the archaic (left-handed) buttons/zips and the rest will have the more standard right-handed. It’s maddening! (And I picked on H&M on purpose, since they are ONE label and they can’t even be internally standard).

        Regarding #1: pockets had already been invented then. It was about the wealthy women being dressed by servants. Then, as now, everyone wanted to copy what the rich ladies wore and did, and so the standard was instituted. :-)

  9. CS says:

    Why do people sometimes write her name ‘AnnE’?

    • Faye says:

      Because at one of the awards ceremonies this year (SAG? Producers Guild Awards?) she started her acceptance speech by very snottily pointing out that her name on the award had been misspelled “Ann” when it was actually “Ann with a ‘E’.”

      • Although anyone who’s a fan of Anne of Green Gables totally gets that.

      • Lucrezia says:

        I’m an Anne (with an E!), because my mother had read Anne of Green Gables.

        I side with Hathaway on this one. They might sound the same, but one is her name and one is not.

        It’s not like your read your own name aloud in your head when you see it written down. You just see it and recognise it. So the fact Anne and Ann sound the same doesn’t mean a thing. You just look at the typo and see “not my name”.

        Everyone would understand her complaint if they’d accidently spelt it “Nne”, right? Accidently spelling it “Ann” is exactly the same thing – it’s not her name.

      • holly hobby says:

        She’s the passive aggressive version of Katie HI-gull. Katie likes to ram people down their throats (how’s that career going Katie?) while Annie is more of a grating people pleaser.

        I’m referencing Katie’s time on Greys where she won some kind of award and the announcer mispronounced her name. She spent a bit of time correcting that person.

      • says:

        The things we think to pick at. A joke about spelling her name correctly?
        Um. I imagine if I were to be nominated for and to win many highly publicized awards including an Oscar I might also expect that someone whose apparent JOB it is to put things into print to be aware, maybe as part of the job, of the correct spelling of my name. Perhaps also to print it with all the letters, even the ones that don’t make noises. I might make a joke about it, too. Also: aren’t there reasons within the actor’s unions that a person needs to be clear about specifics in names? A guy from my high school married Vanessa Williams who was a barrier-breaking Miss America, before she wasn’t, and she was on Ugly Betty but not Melrose Place. An “L” makes the difference. Anne is not Ann. Duh. yes. Diva? no.

    • gefeylich says:

      If one is a person with class and discretion, one does NOT accept an award by bitching ON CAMERA about how one’s name is misspelled on it. I mean, who really cares? No one in the audience, surely. Not like she couldn’t have had it replaced instanter, either.

      So now everyone uses the E in homage to Hathaway’s general insufferability and rudeness.

  10. Caroline says:

    Let’s be honest, he’s a d*ck but they’re both VERY full of themselves. Her throwing in the “intensely private” is just gag-me territory. Nothing could be further from the truth (cough cough Oscar cough campaign).

    Sort of feel an epic Liz Lemon eye roll coming on.

  11. shanaynay says:

    LOL that coat is so small and they’re matching AGAIN. I didn’t even notice is murse. HAHAHAHA. This couple makes me laugh for some reason.

  12. annabelle says:

    He is a manic little pixie isn’t he?

  13. Palermo says:

    From those pictures I’m starting to wonder if the blinds about her hubby being gay are true

  14. serena says:

    Feminine coat and manners, I don’t know he doesn’t give me a ‘good,stable’ vibe.
    And anyway she did wrong, by acting that way, she pissed off people who liked her.. I don’t know just shut up for a while, Anne.

  15. Lachica says:

    What does her husband do for a living?

  16. GoodCapon says:

    I like Anne’s coat, but I don’t get how she ties it.

    And he has great legs!!! LOL

  17. neelyo says:

    I wonder if that’s his purse or she makes him carry her spare one.

  18. Boodiba says:

    The husband looks really effeminate and prissy. Did she even win the Oscar? I so didn’t watch.

  19. picopink says:

    He looks prissy, and they probably share a wardrobe. If they are happy together, that’s what matters.

  20. Sam says:

    Eh, if it’s between Franco and Hathaway, I like Franco more. At least he can laugh along with the joke. And I can’t see Anne ever not being pretentious enough to do a film like Spring Breakers (which is basically Franco channeling K-fed in his heyday).

  21. Veronika Knowles says:

    I call bs on this story, because I don’t think A-list talent like Hathaway has the time to be bothered if Franco was on Stern. Between meeting with agents, producers and writers and reading scripts and what not – I doubt she sat down to read the transcript of Franco on the shock jock Stern show, and said, “Oh that James, he better be quiet.” If anything her publicist mentioned it in passing and she made an irate phone call to Franco, but that’s all.

  22. anneesezz says:

    Are we supposed to think she’s “just like us” because she wears those ratty old sneakers? I just feel like everything she does is finely orchestrated. She’s never just just walking to Whole Foods. I’d like her more if it was Trader Joe’s. It’s far less pretentious. Haha.

  23. potatopatch says:

    I thought I “used” to like her but now, I think that was all a mirage. And I do wish she would just go away. She is too full of herself.

  24. Ginger says:

    She is annoying…why respond? You have a freaking Oscar now…get over it! Have a kid…focus on something important!

  25. Meg says:

    yeah, anne’s husband is probably the most feminine man i’ve ever seen.

  26. tforce7878 says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that Anne will get pregnant to improve her image(as implied in the article)? I certainly do.
    Some celebrities treat babies as the lastest fashion accessory.

  27. JuneBug says:

    She isn’t a great actress. She won an Oscar that she campaigned very hard for…doing who or what, we’ ll never know. But she behaves like a great actress… That’s annoying. Go far away Ann with an E.

  28. vvvoid says:

    Still don’t really understand why people think Franco is a dick. He’s harmless.

  29. I Choose Me says:

    Anne’s husband does seem a little um…twee but maybe he’s a tiger in bed? You never know. Don’t judge a man by his skinny jeans and all that. :P

  30. KellyinSeattle says:

    She’s growing her hair out a bit; I think she’s due for a change. I really used to like her as a girl-next-door clean cut gal, but I retract that thought the more I learn about and see her.

  31. skuddles says:

    Agree with all the posters who think Anne’s husband is very… in touch with his feminine side. Even the way he carries his purse is quite effeminate. And that jacket def looks like something straight out of Anne’s closet.

  32. NerdMomma says:

    Eh. I’m already over being annoyed at Anne. And I don’t even remember that Oscars anymore. The less she reacts to this story, the better.

  33. Kiddo says:

    It’s getting to the point where I might actually have to say Team Franco, and that is pretty low. Don’t make me do it, Anne.

  34. Shy says:

    I understand why Anne Hathaway can’t understand why people dislike her. They don’t hate her. They just dislike her. There are those kind of people. We all met them in our lives. They are sweet, nice and say nice things to you, but somehow you don’t trust them and don’t like them. You don’ even know sometimes why.

    It’s because they insincere. You just feel it when you talk to them. You feel that they say one thing to you but think the other. And they want to please you with their sweetness. People just feel that everything about Anne Hathaway is insincere and rehearsed. When she goes to accept her award and tells some “spontaneous” joke that we suppose to laugh at and you just feel like it was rehearsed.

    And she was just begging for that Oscar for few months. Even since it was announces that she will play in Les Miserables. And she wasn’t super good in it. The whole performance was like: “Look, I cry and feel sorry for myself. Give me Oscar”. At the end people were just like: “Yeah, take that Oscar and go away”.

    And then she accepts awards every week. And we know 100% that she will win. And she knows it. And then she goes and cries at how talented she is, how people were so kind to give her that award, because she cried her eyes out during filming… And it wasn’t even some good, real life drama. It was stupid musical.

  35. Bridget says:

    What a douche. Franco was a terrible Oscar host and tried to blame it on everyone else, never taking responsibility for the fact that he phoned it in. It didn’t matter if he wasn’t into the material, because 1) it’s the Oscars, of course the host material sucks, and 2) the professional thing to do would have been to at least attempt to do a good job.

    And seriously, like James Franco isn’t totally jealous Anne won an Oscar before him, but of course he’s too cool for school to admit that he actually wants something as pedestrian as an award.

  36. sunny says:

    Can’t stand Franco. Nothing about his personality is attractive, and something about his teeth/mouth are just gross to me.

  37. mac says:

    There was a video on Yahoo! the other day about what male vs. female beauty. The guy that was brought on listed some examples of celebrities males think are attractive and the female host listed women that other women find attractive. The woman asked about Anne Hathaway and the guy said something along the lines of “No way. I think other women like her, but not men. She’s just too earnest”.I think that “earnest” is a good word for Anne. She’s pretty but something about her is just off. She really really wants people to like her, so much that it’s a turn off.

  38. mimi says:

    Her husband looks like a nice guy, and reminds me a bit of Ryan Gosling.

    As for Franco. I think he is the colleague from hell. That guy you never want to be in his team or paired to do a project at work, because if it’s successful you know he is going to take all of the credit, and if the project fails, he will be the first to throw you under the bus.

    The guy is just full of sh!t.
    and I can’t stand how he gets away with getting these degrees without being an A plus student and without attending classes and working while he was supposed to study and do his papers.

    He plays the system and gets away with that

  39. Shira says:

    OMG nobody cares!!!!!!!!!

    And these two got their coats mixed up.

  40. Peta says:

    Re. the husband: his wardrobe has always been odd, he’s odd. No one knows what he does for a real living (“jewelry designer” isn’t a full time career and not for this guy). Seems like he politely defers to Anne on everything and caters to her needs which she likely appreciates, but in the long run it can’t be healthy for them as a couple IMO. The constant togetherness 24/7 points to a problem neediness, although whether on her end or his (or both) is hard to tell.

    I will bet anyone that she’s not pregnant this year. Or next. Too ambitious, wants to capitalize on that Oscar.

    And Franco is and has always been a douche. His latest is just more of the same (yawn). I’d be happy to see him disappear into the ether.

  41. Pgt12 says:

    Why would you wear headphones when out with your husband? I find that suspicious.

  42. Jane says:

    Both Anne and Franco need to fall off the face of the earth. I cannot stand either of them.

  43. Snowpea says:

    There is no way on god’s earth those two are making the beast with two backs. They have zero sexual chemistry. In fact, they look like two kids who have just met in science class and are going out for coffee.

    My eyes don’t lie.

  44. M79 says:

    Who are these “sources” who tell us what celebrities are thinking and what they believe? So bogus.

  45. Kirsten says:

    Even if it is a women’s coat, so what? There’s nothing shameful about wearing women’s clothing because THERE’S NOTHING SHAMEFUL ABOUT BEING A WOMAN.

  46. Dee Cee says:

    Spotting the fake; if she always acts in ways that are annoying, speaks in a way that annoys… is all into creating herself as superior, perfect and above any blame, please politely applaud, laud her as wonderful, then quickly move on, expect no thanks.. so the next in line can praise her.. she is annoying.

  47. LJ says:

    Whilst his jacket is ill fitting, it is technically a mans jacket as the buttons do up from the left over the right side. Female jackets are opposite, as displayed by what Anne is wearing.