Daniel Craig was paid $1 million for 7 minutes of “work” at a car show: grumpy sellout?

These are some photos of Daniel Craig at the 2013 New York Auto Show earlier this week. Daniel showed up, looked grumpy as the Range Rover Sport was revealed, and then… nothing. From what I can see, very few blogs even ran these photos because they were super-boring. When I glanced through them when they were new, my thought was: “Huh, Daniel Craig is doing car shows now? SELLOUT. Literally, he must be getting paid.” Turns out I was right, but it’s even weirder than you think:

Seven must be a lucky number for James Bond star Daniel Craig. According to reports, the actor who plays 007, was paid a massive $1 million to appear at a Range Rover event and stuck around for barely seven minutes!

Fans were left fuming after the 45-year-old Brit dashed in and out of the New York Auto Show event, the NY Post is reporting.

One guest told the newspaper: “He didn’t even give a speech.” Another said: “I couldn’t even tell if he was actually here!”

During the event Daniel appeared in a video driving the $70,000-plus 2014 Range Rover Sport.

In footage reminiscent of his appearance during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics last year, the footage shows the car being driven from the company’s UK manufacturing plant into New York, crossing the Manhattan Bridge and ending up on the red carpet.

Daniel then reportedly appeared live, walked along a line of photographers and guests and posed for a quick photo session. Then in a flash the Skyfall secret agent was apparently gone!

A rep for Land Rover told the NY Post: “We won’t comment on our relationship with Mr. Craig beyond confirming that Land Rover supports the charity S.A.F.E of which the actor is a patron and will continue its charitable efforts with a vehicle donation later this year.”

S.A.F.E is a Kenyan and UK charity that fights a number of social issues in the African country including HIV/AIDS and female circumcision.

[From Radar]

I think the subtext is that Range Rover paid Daniel Craig $1 million to do seven minutes of work at a car show AND Range Rover promised to donate a car to the charity of Daniel’s choice. Do you know what I would do for $1 million? A lot more than look grumpy on a red carpet for seven minutes. There would at least be a sloppy beej involved, and I don’t mind admitting that whatsoever. Which is what I don’t understand about A-list actors – if you’re going to take a gig like this just for the money, own it. Shill like you’re determined to EARN that $1 million. But I guess that’s pocket change for someone like Daniel.

Speaking of, a few weeks ago, Daniel threw a hissy fit – complete with screaming – at a fan who dared to take his photo while he was out with Rachel Weisz. Apparently, Rachel had to get in-between Daniel and the fan and calm him down. You can read more about that incident here.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. allons-y alonso says:

    speaking of his gorgeous wife and my forever girl-crush, was she a no-show?

  2. Eve says:

    “Do you know what I would do for $1 million? There would at least be a sloppy beej involved, and I don’t mind admitting that whatsoever.”

    ROTFL!!! God, this made my morning.

  3. marie says:

    sellout, yes (can’t say I wouldn’t do it) but I’d still hit it, even when he’s acting a fool..

    • Lauren says:

      What sellout?! He reached his peak, it won’t last forever. Take that easy money and enjoy the moment!

      • i'm french don't kill me says:

        because he needs easy money???
        it’s like Leo Dicaprio doing 3 Asian commercials(he was paid $ 5 millions per commercial) the year when he won $ 75 millions for Inception

      • Lauren says:

        Don’t believe what you read on gossip websides or even magazienes. In the end they usually get much less because they must pay off many people. It’s still a lot but much less than people think. BTW There is never too much money.

      • Christina says:


        Yeah, I’m always very skeptical about the huge figures (even by celeb standards) you hear about celeb endorsements. Brad Pitt getting $7 million for one (lousy) ad? Beyonce getting $50 million to shill for Pepsi? They’d have to sell a LOT of cans of Pepsi to recoup that!

        So while there’s no doubt that celebs can make a ton of very easy dosh with these ‘endorsements’, I also suspect that the figures are often exaggerated – it’s good publicity for both the brand and the celeb.

  4. JL says:

    Grumpy or not, Hell I’d take a peice of that paycheck quite honestly.

    Bring on the offers, I’m already looking at getting that Range Rover so I’ll take one of those too.

  5. lisa2 says:

    But he gets upset when people take a picture in grocery store. Look I get the invasion of your privacy. But he is nowhere near hounded the way some celebs are. He is not on the cover of magazine and his relationship is not attacked on a daily basis. He makes millions for being Bond. Married to the woman I assume of his dreams.

    WTH does he have to be so mad about all the time. Get over it. It ain’t that serious.

    • Christina says:

      Yeah, him turning on the guy taking his photo put me off him, not that I’ve ever really been a fan. He was in a public place, doing a normal activity – it’s not like someone with a long lens snapped him in the bathroom. Yes, it’s got to be annoying, but hey, when you get a million quid for a few minutes ‘work’ shilling for an expensive car, you have to put things into perspective.

    • Chunky Bunny says:

      Why do you so easily believe a rumor? Is there any concrete-solid proofs?

      • Christina says:

        Rumours about what? Him being paid a million to shill for Range Rover? Quite possibly the figure is an exaggeration, but you can be sure he wasn’t there for the good of his health. Anyway, I still think he’s a bit of a tosser who takes himself way too seriously. If he doesn’t like the attention, he could always go back to doing bit parts in films that nobody sees. But that wouldn’t pay as well, would it?

      • Chunky Bunny says:

        Calm down, Christina. The ‘grocery crisis’ story came from The National Enquirer. So
        I highly doubt it’s true. Why do you so easily believe a rumor?

      • Christina says:

        Calm down? I wasn’t aware I wasn’t calm. Is it possible for us to have this discussion without you trying to patronise me?

        Anyway, I’m not American and am barely aware of the ‘National Enquirer’. But the story about Craig’s aggressive response to a fan taking his photo in a public place was reported in several news outlets, and as far as I know, neither he, nor Weisz, nor anyone else involved has denied it. Are you suggesting the story is made up?

      • Chunky Bunny says:

        As far as I know, he has refused to deny or confirm any rumors so far (maybe it’s his policy).
        I know several news outlets picked it up The National Enquire, but it doesn’t mean it’s true.

    • T.C. says:

      His rage monster coming out over one pic at a grocery store was immature. Better ways of handling that.

  6. GoodCapon says:

    So he was just required to drop by, pose for a few photos and that’s it?

    I think Land Rover could’ve negotiated more and say that he should give a speech or something. Just to make his time there short but at least memorable. But I guess that’d raise his paycheck to another million dollars.

  7. Marianne says:

    Remind me that if I ever come face to face with Daniel to NOT take a pic of him.

  8. elceibeno08 says:

    Life is so unfair. Actors are so overpaid. Some of them become conceited and entitled instead of being gracious and grateful. Perhaps if we all stop watching their movies they will go away.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      This and hearing about all those damned gift bags and luxury lounges makes me cranky and rouses my envy. I admit I would like it all just fine if it were mine.

    • TheOneAndOnly says:

      Agree with you, Read the story about Diva JoHo’s demands getting her canned from a gig in India for cricket tourney
      Sadly, many are sell outs look at how quickly rap/hip hop was co-opted by corporate sports and they gladly went along to make mad cash;I remember how disappointed I was when i heard a stones’ song playing as muzak – that’s why i like the music from the 60s-early 70s – they ignored the corporate world and corporations ignored them for the most part – better music and more authentic people I should add.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        It seems like everyone ends up shilling for a corporation as soon as they are able. It’s all about the clothes and cars. Bleh. I am old enough to remember when Rolling Stone started getting commercial– beings rocker used to mean something!

  9. Sirsnarksalot says:

    Land Rover has been trying to brand itself with celebrities in recent years. They even let Victoria Beckham design their Evoque (which consisted of picking the leather and maybe the gearshift color). It’s a dumb way to sell a car. Everybody in the US just associates them with the Real Housewives franchises.

  10. bns says:

    Meanwhile, I have to be at work in an hour where I’ll stay until 8 o’clock tonight making nowhere near that amount. Clearly I’m in the wrong field.

  11. Leno says:

    The people there exclaimed with excitement. Daniel seemed to be very cheerful, and looked like he was having fun showing his smile. I feel sorry for him because you guys don’t recognize it to be “his smile”. lol

  12. lucy2 says:

    If he didn’t fulfill his duties, then Range Rover should be pissed, but if it’s all good with them, maybe that’s all they hired him for?
    Would have been nicer was him showing up in exchange for $1 mil for the charity though.

    He’s known to be a grouchy guy – anyone who expects otherwise is in for a disappointment (though the yelling at a fan about the photo was very out of line).
    “He didn’t even give a speech!” Huh? He’s an actor hired to stand there for photos and publicity. What kind of speech was that person expecting?

  13. fan says:

    He has exactly done what he was supposed and contracted to do. Drive the car into the hall and pose for some pics. If RR thought this would be worth 1 mill, so be it.
    Btw they made the video with a Hollywood director (second Unit, but still) so I highly doubt it only took 7 minutes. Still a nice paycheck even for a day of work. He would be stupid not to take the money.

  14. Original A says:

    If he was a woman, he’d be absolutely crucified. The man is the perfect example of Hollywood double standards.

  15. Ruth says:

    My aunt is the significant investor. she earns $200000 in 3 minutes.

  16. Nora says:

    It would include all the promotion if it is the truth that Range Rover paid him $1M.
    He was promoting Range Rover and S.A.F.E in interviews. Range Rover uses his image in a publicity poster/TV ad in future.

  17. Jade says:

    He’s looking a bit rough in the pics.

  18. kibbles says:

    I used to like him, but no more with his piss poor attitude. There was a time when he was a nobody, a c-list actor. Now he thinks he deserves a million for showing his grumpy face for a few minutes. I hope Rachel dumps him because he’s only pulling down her reputation as well. And the way he treats fans is disgusting. This man has no appreciation for what he has and the fans who helped him become rich and famous.

  19. Adrien says:

    1 M for appearing grumpy in an ad for 7 min? Range Rover should have replaced Daniel with Grumpy Cat.

  20. Arla says:

    What is wrong with these idiots?? Having your picture taken in public is part of the deal. It’s why you get paid millions and millions of dollars to do something that people do for fun. The trade-off is that you have to have your picture taken. Pretty small price to pay for millions and millions of dollars and legions of (inexplicably, in this case) adoring fans. Suck it up.