Jeremy Renner & his ex-girlfriend welcomed baby girl Ava Berlin Renner

Back in January, we learned that Jeremy Renner had knocked up his ex-girlfriend, a woman we soon discovered was a 22-year-old Canadian model named Sonni Pacheco (allegedly). I believe she is the woman in these photos (taken in August 2012). Apparently, Jeremy was fooling around with her for a while, and when she became pregnant, he moved her into his home (or his guest house) where she lived quite comfortably with Jeremy and Jeremy’s business partner and BFF. I heard lots of rumors that Sonni gave birth back in February, but Us Weekly says it just happened last week…? And now Jeremy has taken the time to confirm everything, including his baby daughter’s name!

Jeremy Renner is tackling his most challenging — and most rewarding! — role yet: fatherhood! The two-time Academy Award nominee and his ex-girlfriend welcomed a baby girl on Thursday, March 28, two sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.

Update: The actor’s rep confirms the birth of baby Ava Berlin Renner. “They are beyond thrilled,” the spokesperson says. “Mother and daughter are doing great.”

The Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters actor told Eva Longoria about his baby news at the Golden Globes on Jan. 13, as exclusively reported in the Jan. 28 issue of Us Weekly. Renner, 42, was overheard saying, “‘I’m going to fly in when her water breaks,’” two witnesses revealed. “Then Eva said, ‘I’m so blown away.’”

The Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol star put his ex-girlfriend up in his L.A. home as they awaited the arrival of their firstborn. “They used to date but it wasn’t serious,” an insider explained, adding that Renner was “being ultra-secretive about it, but she has been going on about her life and not hiding it.”

Says a pal, “Jeremy will make a great dad!”

[From Us Weekly]

Ava Berlin Renner. Ava Renner. Call me crazy, but I kind of like it. I wonder if Sonni picked it out or if Jeremy had a say. I feel like his input might have been the “Berlin”? He seems like the kind of dude who suggests “Berlin” as a name. I’m not disrespecting the Berlin name – it pairs surprisingly well with Ava. And before now, I never realized how much I like the last name “Renner”. It’s a good name! Anyway, congrats to Jeremy and Sonni.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Can’t understand why this guy is considered attractive, but ok.
    Congrats on the baby, let’s hope it takes after mommy.

  2. Birdie says:

    Berlin as a german city fits good with Renner as a german last name. Ava is lovely too.

  3. Hannah says:

    Berlin sounds very masculine to me. Probably because of Irving Berlin?
    Anyway: congrats!

  4. allons-y alonso says:

    Ava Berlin Renner – not going to lie, it sounds pretty boss.

    I love the name Ava.

  5. Mrs. Peacock says:

    All that comes to mind is Hitler’s girlfriend. Despite spelling difference.

  6. Kota says:

    I still think Jeremy Renner is gay. My gaydar goes off with both him and Bradley Cooper, and my gaydar is usually on point. I remember when Jeremy was nominated for an Academy Award for The Hurt Locker, there was a segment on Oprah and she has Ben Affleck, his director in The Town interview him and some of his answers made it even harder to think he’s straight. At one point Ben asked him if his newfound success and fame was making him popular with the ladies and Jeremy answered and said something about how he’s been popular with men and ladies! I was like omg, I can’t believe he actually just said that. And Ben’s reaction was so funny he just immediately switched topics. And then Jeremy was talking about how Ben is a father so Ben asked him if he ever wants children and Jeremy said something about how he does but there are a lot of steps he has to take in order for it to happen so that was also a major red flag to me. I don’t know what kind of steps a straight, single male has to take to have a child in the future. The video is in YouTube, check it out. I doubt this lady was his girlfriend, I bet she was paid to conceive and carry his child. Those “steps” he was talking about, ya know.

    • kay says:

      Dear Kota, my stupidar usually goes off when i listen to stupid people, in this case your making it go way off

      • Kota says:

        Okay, I’m not the only one who thinks he’s gay. It’s the popular opinion on many sites that I’ve been on. Call me stupid all you want, it’s not going to change the fact that I think he’s gay. I forgot to add that Jeremy has been living with the same guy for years now, long before he became famous. I think it’s a little obvious who that guy is.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think that it is silly for ANYONE to think that they can tell the sexual preference of someone they have never met, someone they have never interacted with, someone they see only through a camera after it has been edited and filtered.

        It is quite common for a celeb to have a platonic roommate (friend or assistant) who stays at their house. That way when they are away for long periods of time, things are still taken care of. I know first hand that this is very common.

    • scarlett says:

      I think he’s gay too. Call me crazy but I don’t think that a 42-year old male who is an established actor needs a roommate and he and his “roommate” have been together for years. The other thing is…he used to be a makeup artist…just saying. Now, I’m not one to stereotype but come on. If it walks like a duck…well you know.

      • Aussie girl says:

        Make up artist! Live in best friend! His as gay as the pope is a catholic

      • Mia 4S says:

        It’s not the same guy though (roommate, business partner, different) two minutes if googling told me that. It’s a good little fable Kota us spinning but it doesn’t hold up. That said, your fantasies are personal so go ahead.

        I think everyone if missing the obvious on the delay in announcing, DNA test. I’m glad things seem to have worked out.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Scarlett, who wrote: “Now, I’m not one to stereotype but come on. If it walks like a duck…well you know.”

        This in spades with Renner. His ‘Quack’ is so obvious to me, I don’t know how anyone can miss it.

        He has a vicious, protective group of fan-girls, too.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Celebs frequently have friends or assitants live in their house. When they are on location or tour, someone is at home. When they are in meetings, someone can let make sure the Fed Ex packages are signed for, etc. Estates usually require a lot of upkeep (pool cleaner, housekeeper, gardener, salt water aquarium guy, etc.)

        It is really VERY COMMON for celebs to have platonic roommates. Sometimes they are employees (housekeeper, assistants, etc.), but many times they are long time friends. Really similar to Entourage, actually.

    • epiphany says:

      Ted Casablanca lost his job at E! because he outed this guy – this ex GF is probably just a surrogate. It’s the height of hypocrisy that Hollywood goes on and on about gay rights, yet homosexual actors are compelled to stay in the closet because TPTB think openly gay action stars won’t sell tickets.

      • Kim says:

        They wont sell tickets. Seeing openly Gay actor as romantic lead especially in drama is not believable.It’s like seeing Jodie Foster kiss some dude not believable. Also Young. Guys will not realate to some Gay Action Guy especially after seeing pics of him with his boyfriend online.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Okay, I am scratching my head here. If someone can fill me in about homophobia in Hollywood, I am all ears. Enlighten me.

        At this day and age, barring serious repression, why would anyone who is otherwise wealthy, powerful, influential, riding high on an excellent career etc., do all this hoop jumping to stay in the closet?

        I have no opinion about whether or not Renner is gay. I tend to not care about such things. But I am curious: even with all the legal protections that are in place these days (which I agree can be useless in many situations) are there *still* serious career ramifications in Hollywood if you are known to be gay or lesbian?

        I’d like to believe we have all risen about this sh*t, but maybe we haven’t. All this said, I would be disappointed in he were closeted. It does the rest of the gay and lesbian community, especially those who are young, a lot of good when people buck up and come out.

      • Liv says:

        I think he’s gay. And I think he wouldn’t be able to make the movies he does if he had come out of the closet.

        Clooney might be powerful enough now to be openly gay, but even he had to be super careful.

        It’s sad, but if they want a proper career, they have to stay mum.

        It’s all about the audience, the box office and the money.

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss Jupitero:

        Hey — this is unrelated, but do you post on any other site where it’s possible to PM people? I’d like to show you something (both hilarious and creepy at the same time) but don’t want to highjack any threads here.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Eve, this is really the only forum where I comment lately– I find it to be refreshingly troll free and fun! Do you have Twitter though? We could connect that way!

        If you say yes, I will post my Twitter addy.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Liv: Man, that is just sad. We really do have a long, long way to go I guess. :-(

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss Jupitero:

        Awww…I don’t have a Twitter account. I hate social media. But don’t post your addy here (I think I know how to find you, in case I decide to open an account) — CB is not as troll free as you might think.

        Do they limit the number of characters in PMs too? If so, Twitter is useless then…

        EDIT: Nevermind. I opened one and I’m already following you.

      • Miss M says:

        @epiphany: I remember reading that blind right after he got the nickname fixed, but it was too late. A bunch of people had read, etc. Days later Ted was gone. Well, he denied on his twitter account he “left” E! because of that. Note: I never saw if He ever denied the mistake made.

        @Ms Jupitero: I am on twitter too, and T.Fanty told me you were too. So, I hope you don’t mind I added you.

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss Jupitero:

        Pffff, I tried to send you a PM, but I don’t think it worked.

        @ Miss M:

        I added you, too (I mean, I hope the person I added was you).

      • gefeylich says:

        Wow. Renner must have powerful friends (I’ve long wondered about his sudden and meteoric rise – NOT). E! may have used this as an excuse to get rid of Casablanca, but then again…

        And for the record, I knew Renner was gay when he shared a limo with Kevin Spacey to the 2012 Oscars.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Miss M: I don’t see you on Twitter. Are you sure you added the right person?

    • Iggles says:

      Whatever.. Ignore the random character attacks above..

      I’ve heard similar gossip before and AGREE with you about his being gay.. Ted Casablanca was fired from E! For accidentally outing Jeremy. There have been other stories too, such as the bar fight he got into in Thailand was a gay bar (that little detail was left out of the news..)

      So yeah, I think this girl is a surrogate. Not an ex!

    • venny says:

      Oops… replied to wrong comment!

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve heard this too, that she was a surrogate for Jeremy and his partner.
      If that’s true, it’s a shame that in this day and age people still can’t be themselves and publicists or studios or whatever try too hard to craft a certain public image. I think he is such a good actor and I’ve really enjoyed a number of his films, who cares who he is in love with off screen?

      Whatever the case, congrats to them, I love the name Ava, and I hope they are a happy family.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Lucy2, who wrote: “…it’s a shame that in this day and age people still can’t be themselves and publicists or studios or whatever try too hard to craft a certain public image.”

        Zachary Quinto made his own decision to come out (not that he was ever truly in the closet), against his Team’s advice. We’ll see if “Star Trek” films are his only script offers in the future. I hope not. He is one intensely talented actor.

      • lisa2 says:

        @emma.. I don’t think his being gay will hurt Star Trek.. I mean I am a total Trek nut from years ago. And the character he plays Spock is and never was that “Man” so to speak. Spoke was seen just a few times with women. But let Kirk be gay.. and yes sad to say that will matter.

        I don’t know if Jeremy is gay. I like him as an actor, but I feel like he is always the same character so to speak. grumpy. I don’t find him attractive and don’t get it, but to each his own

        Everyone has prejudices and like it or not we do. And I agree with a post earlier, a GAY action star is not what men want to see.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Lucy2, who wrote: “@emma.. I don’t think his being gay will hurt Star Trek.. I mean I am a total Trek nut from years ago. And the character he plays Spock is and never was that “Man” so to speak. Spoke was seen just a few times with women. But let Kirk be gay.. and yes sad to say that will matter.”

        Well, first … I’m an original “Star Trek” fan from the 1960′s as well, and I beg to differ, but Spock (Lenard Nimoy) was ‘always’ seen as a babe and had nearly as many groupies as Kirk (William Shatner). Regardless of the number of love interests he had on the show, the character was considered super sexy in a calm, intense kind of ‘Who’s your Daddy?’ way. :)

        Second, I’m not worried in the least about how Zachary’s coming out will affect “Star Trek.” He was smart enough to do so ‘after’ the first film, so any fallout should be (hopefully) negligible. It’s ‘other’ future roles for Zachary Quinto I’m worried about. I hope his incredible acting talent won’t be discounted in future movie/TV roles.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      “I don’t know what kind of steps a straight, single male has to take to have a child in the future.”

      Maybe the steps he was talking about were settling down and making changes in his life to prepare for the responsibility. Not all straight guys knock up a girl just because they can. Some actually want to be mature and ready to take on this huge responsibility first, and make changes to their single, child-free lifestyle before that happens. I interpreted his comment as he wanted to have a wife, or at least a serious girlfriend, and otherwise grow up before taking that next step of having a baby. :)

      Before I make any big decisions, I write down what steps I need to take to get there, to make sure that I’m fully prepared.

  7. jinni says:

    Ava Berlin sounds like a great stage name for a cabaret singer. Nice.

  8. Sophie says:

    The only qualm I have about “Ava Berlin” is that my mind makes… Hitler-ish associations. I’m not casting any aspersions on Jeremy or the baby mama at all, it just unfortunate.

    • A says:

      What a strange comment.
      How is it “Hitler-ish” or nazi-like? Ava?a popular girl’s name. Berlin? a City.
      Hitler’s gf was called Eva Braun.
      Please don’t tell me you’re one of those people who associates anything German with nazi.

  9. Eve says:

    The second picture…Jeremy Renner’s answer to that Bradley Cooper’s “hey gurrrrl” one? Needs more sassy eyes though.

  10. KadyO says:

    All I could think about when I saw the name was Hitler’s girlfriend, Eva Braun. In German, her name is pronounced as Ava, and she killed herself in Berlin.

  11. mw says:

    Congrats to him and his “roommate”!

  12. Miss M says:

    @Kaiser: Locals who spotted Jeremy shooting here in Boston along with Amy Adams said he flew from here (to CA?) a week or so ago. I read somewhere online.

    ps: I like her name too. Congrats to the new parents!

  13. Madpoe says:

    Two words: Maury.Povich
    Lemme know when those DNA results come in. I’m happy he’s a pappy..but she has her meal ticket set up. Berlin is pretty unusal, cool, but now that I know about the Hitler ref, damn.

  14. Sirsnarksalot says:

    Congrats to Jeremy, his partner and their surrogate! Great baby name.

  15. Jenna says:

    I like it! Ava’s a pretty popular name these days.

  16. megsie says:

    Of course Jeremy’s gay. And what a shame such lengths are gone to hiding what should be a harmless factoid for fear it will damage his career.

    I like the name. Hope Jeremy and his partner are enjoying fatherhood.

  17. Browniecakes says:

    I think ‘Berlin’ may have come from his recent success at the Berlin Film Festival in Feb. From the Hollywood Reporter:
    “BERLIN — Jeremy Renner thriller Kill the Messenger, the biopic of disgraced journalist Gary Webb, has been a top seller at the European Film Market in Berlin. Renner, who will play Webb, and Don Handfield will produce via their production company The Combine alongside Scott Stuber. (The) rights to distribute the movie have been snapped up by buyers across the globe. Director Michael Cuesta begins shooting Kill the Messenger in the summer from a script by Peter Landesman.”

  18. Dawn says:

    Congrats to them and I like the name.

  19. WOM says:

    I googled her name and a biography came up saying she met Renner in 2011 when she was 19. He was 40 at the time. I’m not sure that it’s a good PR strategy for Renner to hide his gayness behind the story that he’s got a taste for barely-legal girls. So I think it’s probably — pathetically — true that they were a couple.

    • Julianne says:

      The only info on her rather than on this story gives her age as 25. I think the 22 is wrong.

    • WOM says:

      A quick trip through google and I see her age noted as 22 on Daily Mail, Perez Hilton, People’s Celebrity Babies, ONTD, and OMG! on Yahoo. Plus she’s listed here as being in the PItt Meadows secondary school grad class of 2009.

      • Julianne says:

        She is shown here as Sonia 18. The program first aired in May 2007, but it is likely this was filmed earlier and would match a birth date of March 1988.

        As to graduating in 2009, if she was chasing this stuff at that age it may have been at the expense of graduating. The evidence points to 25 as her correct age and you can put the mistake down to hack journalism. As someone who went as far as it is possible to go in education I respect someone who chases their dreams and has the backbone to go goes back and graduate as a mature student – I think I am beginning to like this girl.

  20. Sandra says:

    She met Renner on the set of MI:4 in 2010 and she was a stand in on the movie.A little info on her cause she wasn’t 19 when she met him. Her d.o.b is march 23, 1988 so she is 26. She has been reported to be an topless blackjack dealer,stripper, lingerie model,wet-t shirt girl, monster energy drink spokesman,got booted off America next top model canada in the first round and aspiring model. She was in American Pie:Book of love and did some topless scene. She was in some rap videos that sucked so her acting isnt up to par.
    I don’t think he is gay but what would it mattter anyways, its not your life.

  21. KellyinSeattle says:

    All I can say is that in the second pic, this facial expression reminds me of Mario Lopez, minus the dimles. Slimy. Loved the name Ava.

  22. LittleMissy says:

    I thought i was the only crazy person to like the name berlin for a girl…i am secretly in love with that name

  23. Sarah says:

    He’s gay and she agreed to have his baby for him and his ‘roommate’, no doubt for a nice fat paycheck. My gaydar is seriously off the charts.

  24. Bridget says:

    I find it interesting that people keep saying that a male action star can’t come out as gay because young men won’t accept it. I totally disagree, because first off, young men are way more interested in the special effects and the action than in any specific actors. There have been a lot of articles written lately about a dearth of young male movie stars. Think about it: the ‘name’ action guys are all getting way older, and the younger guys are all in very tween/YA kind of stuff – your RPatz, Taylor, Liam, et al. And for the most part, aside from Rob, they’re supporting players. As many movie writers have been saying, it’s all about the franchise characters rather than the name actors.

    I would make the argument that it’s the powers that be that won’t accept a gay man as an action star. Would it shock you that a bunch of old white men were the least progressive? After all, Hollywood isnt about looking forward, it’s about trying to replicate someone else’s success with as little risk to yourself. They’re the ultimate followers, not the leaders.

  25. scarlett says:

    I have nothing against the guy but to me it is quite obvious that he’s gay. He’s kind of like Quinto until Quinto came out of the closet…I’m sure people that are firmly in his circle get it. HW is a hypocritical place…if every gay person that works in and is associated with HW disappeared, it would be a ghost town. I’m not just talking about talent, but producers, directors, makeup people, stunt people..everyone who works in some capacity in the business. I suspect the reason why he keeps a lid on it is because he now has a franchise (Bourne series) and has established himself as a action star. Everyone is cool in HW when it comes to sexuality until there’s a chance it may affect the bottom that case, the closet is shut tight. That said, not sure why women lose their sh*t for this guy. His face reminds me of a rodent..literally.

  26. misstrishm says:

    I have never gotten gay vibes from him but I don’t know him from Adam. If he is who cares it’s his life if he wants to keep a secret he should. I love the name Ava ,I’m a huge Ava Gardner fan. I would of named my daughter that had I ever had one but since I’m 43 and I’ve been a single mom for 11 years it’s not going to happen. I’m not doing it alone again.

  27. Julianne says:

    Oh yes – I still think your comments on people who graduate later in life are pretty contemptable, regardless of whether they apply in this situation.

    sorry – in reply to WOM (22)

  28. neelyo says:

    Well she certainly enjoys the paparazzi attention.