Kim Kardashian insisting she only weighs 151 lbs, has only gained 23 lbs

I’ve been staring at these photos for much too long trying to figure out if Kim Kardashian is wearing harem pants or if she’s wearing FAUX harem pants. Like, are these actually pants or is it just a bizarrely cut skirt made to look – through the use of diaphanous layers – like pants? Why am I obsessed with this? Probably because OMG this is horrible. I just don’t understand why she can’t just wear a pair of maternity pants and a cute top. Why does she insist on tucking in blouses and making sure we see every butt bulge? Probably because she’s kind of delusional. Following last week’s doubling-down by the tabloids about her weight lies, Kim must have called up TMZ to set the record straight. And OMG.

Kim Kardashian’s NOT a food-shoveling, 200-pound, fatso — and Kim is telling friends the proof isn’t in the pudding … it’s in the yogurt.

We’re told Kim went to the doctor last week for a checkup, and she weighed in at 151 lbs … way less than the 200 lbs the tabloids claim.

And there’s even less. We’re told she’s gained a grand total of 23 pounds from the time Kanye West impregnated her.

Although there’s an epic headline from one of the tabs — “I Can’t Stop Eating!” — we’re told a lot of this is just plain made up. Por ejemplo … “In Touch” ran a cover pic showing Kim shoving ice cream in her mouth. Fact is … the pic was taken in Monaco in 2009, when she was relatively tiny.
And our Monegasque (Google it) spies tell us … the cone is not topped with the fat stuff … it’s dairy free, sugar free yogurt with fresh strawberries. Sounds disgusting.

[From TMZ]

So because In Touch used an old photo of Kim making love to some yogurt, the whole story is crap? Ha. While I don’t believe Star or In Touch or the Enquirer’s claims that Kim is totally gorging on everything and that she’s gained 60 or 70 pounds, and while I think it’s really unfair to yell at her for gaining weight while pregnant, Kim really isn’t making this easy by insisting that she’s somewhere between 140 (which she claimed about 10 days ago) and 151 pounds (which she seems to be claiming now). Granted, this is just my opinion, and true, Kim is really short and that could be throwing everything off. But look at these photos. Seriously, 151 pounds? No.

PS… I can totally see her Spanx too. Damn, girl. Let the baby breathe!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    Of course she does, she has started with a sized 4 ass, don’t you remember?

    • BB says:

      Thanks to the media, tabloids, blogs and haters, Kim will definitely get a weight loss deal. It seems that everyone is interested in her weight now that she is pregnant. Once again for those that complain about her, you have to blame the media, they report on her nonstop!!

      • PinkG says:

        I hope not. Can you imagine all the commercials with her horse face, duck lips, and annoying nasal valley girl voice? It would be a huge mistake for any weight loss company to hire her. Besides, isn’t her target audience 8 to 12 years old?

      • donna says:

        The major weight loss companies, WW’s, Jenny Craig, etc. have already said when she announced her pregnancy that they wouldn’t take her. They stated that they want someone who would take the weight off honestly, with diet and exercise. She would definitely tarnish their brand.

      • Me Three says:

        Replying actually to Donna’s comment that the major weight loss companies wouldn’t take her because they wanted someone who would take the weight off legitimately…they didn’t seem to have a problem taking Jessica! I guess that worked out so well, you’re right, they won’t be offering Kim a contract.

        J Hudson has been a wonderful spokesperson for WW. Why they went with a Jessica Simpson is really beyond me which makes me think that one of those companies will probably go with Kim.

    • mrs j says:

      Her ass was never a size 4 more like a size 44

  2. Dawn says:

    Since lying is her one true talent I don’t know why she would be insisting anything. Stories change with this chick mid sentance so this is just Kim doing her job and getting herself talked about yet again. Nothing is new here.

  3. GossipG says: could we even doubt her..How dare WE!

  4. sam25 says:

    I don’t understand why people think Kim weighs 200lbs. She doesn’t look it to me. Her clothing choices and being 5ft tall make her look a lot heavier. She just put out a photo of her stomach so I’m surprised that people think she’s lying about her weight. She probably weighs closer to 160lbs though.

    • kiki says:

      I agree with you, sam. I don’t think she weighs more than 160.

    • Tessa says:

      Agreed. She’s so short, so 150 is quite heavy for that stature. And she’s got very little muscle tone, so it’s all fat and baby. I tend to believe her.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      That picture was soooooo photoshopped. Look at it closely. Very closely. Look at the background. Under her breast in the first picture. What happened to the background of the dressing room? It is gone. And in it’s place is pure white. And not the white of her t-shirt. I don’t have a problem with a person gaining weight. It happens. But she posts these photos that she has doctored and fibs about herself. Just own it. Tell people to bugger off, don’t lie through your teeth. I am her height, and because of a screwy thyroid I put on 25 pounds. I weighed 151. Granted, it wasn’t pregnancy weight, but I promise you I did not look her size. I know tiny women, shorter and more petite than her, that gained 80 pounds. She could be sending out a positive message to so many woman if she would just stand up and say, “yes, I am gaining weight, but I am pregnant, and that is what happens. ” But that is not her. Instead, she will lie about it and wear spanx to hide it. It’s sad that she thinks so little of herself.

    • Lb says:

      I don’t think she is 200 lbs but she’s definitely not 150 or even 160 IMO. I am as short as her. I was 160 a few months ago. I am 151 today. I don’t look like that at all and never have. My breasts and butt have always been smaller than hers, even at 160, but I held the weight in my legs and core. So taking into account that at this point, all parts of her body are bigger than mine, she is not 150. It’s unlikely she is even 160.

    • ojulia123 says:

      She’s not very tall – she’s what? 5’1″ or 5’2″? I don’t believe that she weighs over 160, either.

    • JenD says:

      A lot of people are judging her weight on their own experience – but they are judging based on non-pregnant weight, rather than pregnant. At this point in her pregnancy, her stomach should be basketball size, but only ~20-25 lbs. Fat belly does not equal pregnant belly, weight-wise.

      • Elle Kaye says:


        Yes, the weight is different, but the scales will still read the same. She is putting on baby weight, but it is clear she has an extreme amount of fluid retention as evidenced by her breasts. I believe she weights more than she is stating, but she will also lose that fluid fairly quickly, especially if she breast feeds. I can’t imagine how they must hurt.

    • PinkG says:

      Because that’s what she keeps telling the media,the denies it to keep her name out there. We will keep hearing this till she has the devil’s spawn. And it’s only going to get worse because we will have to then constantly hear about how hard it is for her to lose the baby weight. All this trick does is talk about her body and weight. She’s a broken record.

    • Elle Kaye says:


      Poor JD. Kimmy has a bridge to sell you.

    • Mimi says:

      Regardless of what she says..,She weighed 160 before she got pregnant so there’s no way she weighed that now

  5. dorothy says:

    Her backside is HUGE. Not curvy, not voluptuous, just HUGE!

  6. Hipocricy says:

    Something nice to say : I love the dress color.

  7. swack says:

    I couldn’t tell if it was a dress or pants either. Again epic fail on the outfit. As far as weight – I don’t know and don’t care as long as her weight gain does not affect the baby’s health or her health.

  8. ilovejapanesefood says:

    I won’t believe anything she says about her weight til she gets on the scales live on tv. She loves being on tv doesn’t she. But not on her show, they would prolly tamper with the scales. Or – she should shut up. It’s not even funny anymore. I find her pathetic and insecure. Im sorry, she calls for this kind of attention. And oh my, I am not usually that mean.. I do hope I dont sound mean

  9. Cinnamon says:

    i believe her. first off she is 5’2 and 151 at 5’2 looks a lot different than on a taller woman. I have been over 200 pounds at 5’3 and trust me, trust me, Kim is not anywhere near how big i looked at that point. she looks like she would comfortably fit in a size 10 right now and that is nowhere near FAT. Kim though, needs to shut up and nest/hibernate for a while. im tired of hearing about her.

  10. bangbang says:

    Can I say I covet that dress? because it is making me a little angry I can’t own that dress for spring, yet Kimmykins can pour her pregnant not flattering to the dress body in it.
    I’m just saying the dress would be happier on me.

  11. Faye says:

    There’s been so much coverage of her pregnancy weight gain, it just has to be deliberate on her part. Does anyone else want to take bets on which weight-loss company she’ll be fronting for this fall?

  12. gg says:

    Oompah-loompah loompadee-doo.

  13. Kkhou says:

    I am not a fan, and hate that I am defending her, but feel like I should point out that pregnancy spanx have a panel for the belly that is not constricting. They are even somewhat supportive! Towards the end of my pregnancy I wore them a lot, not to make me look smaller (they didnt) but because they were so comfortable.

    That said, she should embrace maternity pants. They are so comfortable. If it were socially acceptable, I would still be wearing them and my daughter just turned three!

  14. Len says:

    It’s not good but it’s not horrible either. The color is nice. And those don’t necessarily have to be spanx, I wore many a large belly covering granny pants in my pregnant days!

  15. Dawning Red says:

    She does weight 151 lbs. On the Moon.

  16. Justyna says:

    My mom is as tiny as Kim and every extra pound is easily noticeable on her. I’m pretty sure she can’t be anywhere near 200lbs (as magazines claim), maybe not 151lbs. either but closer to that number. I am few inches taller, I weigh 105lbs and people call me anorexic (I have other health problems, but not ED) but when my mom dropped to that weight, she still wasn’t skinny. The height difference is a huge factor in this case, so maybe she isn’t lying this time.

  17. lucy2 says:

    Is anyone shocked that Kim isn’t so good with numbers? She is a graduate of the Kris Jenner Famewhore Academy, after all.

    I don’t think they care what people are saying, so long as they’re being talked about and in the media.

  18. El Kiddo says:

    i don’t doubt her at all. Last time i checked, a giant mammoth also only weigh 151 pounds. it’s not impossible.

  19. Joanna says:

    wow, how stupid can you be to think this would look good on you? I have big hips and I know better than to wear harem pants. omg, how can she not know how to dress her body?? esp when she has money for a stylist??

  20. Eleonor says:

    Using spanx during pregnancy is ok for the baby??

  21. Kim says:

    I think she is in the 150 to 160 range if she wants a weight loss deal it would be better to say she weighs more than she does.So it will appear she lost more weight. RIP Margaret Thatcher

  22. mkyarwood says:

    She’s short. 153 seems logical to me. At 150 lbs or over, I’d be a size 14-16. At 135 I’m a 7-8. Photos add more than ten lbs these days, too.

  23. Joanna says:

    I believe her. I’m 5 ft 6 in and 155 pounds and I’m not fat. Like other people have mentioned, she’s short so she looks bigger.

  24. andy says:

    When is she due? Can’t wait for this pregnancy to be over.

  25. dcypher1 says:

    150 pounds my ass. She looks at least 200. Its ok to gain weight when ur prego u dont have to lie about it kim. It only makes us not like u more. Why is it even an issue I think its stupid pregnate women gain weight who cares.

  26. Cirque28 says:

    You wouldn’t think anything could make butt-ruffled peplum pants and skintight leather maternity dresses seem somewhat reasonable, but this peach harem jumpsuit thing did it. We can’t even say, “Oh but it’s so comfortable, who cares?” because it’s not comfortable with Spanx.

  27. Jess says:

    I believe it. I don’t think people are really grasping how tiny she is. I’m her height, weigh 165ish, and I’m much bigger than her.

    When you’re this short, it doesn’t take much to make you look like you’ve ballooned up. I gain 10lbs and everyone notices. Conversely I have a friend who’s just a smidge over 6ft, and she can gain and lose a ton of weight without even noticing it herself. She has to gain like 25lbs before she even notices her clothes are getting tight, the lucky bitch!

  28. Tiffany27 says:

    If I ever get pregnant I will tell my dr. to keep the numbers to himself as long as me and the baby are healthy. Why torture yourself?

  29. Liberty says:

    New from Sears: The Kardashian A Lighter You bathroom scale.

  30. Nicole says:


    So, I’m both Kim’s height and her ethnicity (half Armenian) and I can kind of confirm what she’s saying here.

    No, I did not carry my kid in my butt, thanks. But I had a boy so maybe that has something to do with it. What happened to me, and what may be happening to Kim, is that I lost a lot of muscle weight and gained less heavy fat weight. I looked huge but i gained around 30 pounds.

    Want to be really annoyed? My bet is that she sheds the weight right away. The muscle takes longer to get back, but I guess that’s what she’s got Tracy for.

  31. says:

    I feel kinda bad now for her. No pregnant woman wants the world discussing her weight. But she should really just shut up about it, instead of throwing delusional numbers around.

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t feel bad at all. She is bringing it upon herself by throwing out delusional numbers and instagraming pretty obviously photoshopped pictures of herself. I don’t really remember, but I don’t think people really went after Jessica Simpson for her pregnancy weight gain cause she was open and seemed to have a sense of humor about it.

      • andy says:

        “I don’t really remember, but I don’t think people really went after Jessica Simpson for her pregnancy weight gain cause she was open and seemed to have a sense of humor about it.”

        People were very nasty towards Jessica’s weight gain. I also remember nasty comments about Kate Hudson’s 1st pregnancy.

      • Dawn says:

        Oh please this POS could care less what you think of her as long as you think of her. That is her job to make people think of her be it good, bad or ugly. Notice in her picture how her mother and her are in step. They both are sociopaths if you ask me. Neither one has a moral compass or can feel shame. That is why is so easy to lie about everything.

      • Izzy says:

        andy – you’re right, people were nasty about Jessica Simpson too. But that had to do with her constant blathering about how her weight was all amniotic fluid, when the truth (well documented by the media) was that she treated her body like a garbage pail while pregnant.

        I guess it’s a similar backlash here. Kim Kardassian just kant shut up about how little she’s gained, when all visual evidence just screams BS. If she’d just shut up, or at least own it, I and many others would not be inclined to call BS on her weight comments.

    • trudiebell says:

      I feel bad for her too and am kind of disgusted with people for caring so much and being so nasty to a pregnant woman.

  32. turningviolet says:

    It’s weird, she has the face of a thin person but then everything below the neck is not.

    I’ve just had to calculate this – I’m English and we tend to work in stones. So she’s 10 and a half stone by her calculations – which makes her just over 2 stone heavier than me. And I’m very slim – I just can’t see that by adding those 2 stone I’d look anything like as large as that (maybe an inch or 2 taller than her).

    Whatever, I mean what does it matter? If she’s deluding anyone, it’s herself. And her maternity style is the worst. Does she even look in a mirror?

  33. Kim says:

    Any who thinks Kim is 200 lbs is delusional that’s what Melissa McCarthy weighs and she is taller than Kim

  34. slc says:

    i’m no fan of these people but she’s pregnant. the woman will gain weight, it’s normal, or so i’ve heard, i’ve never been nor do i have any desire to ever be. as far as i’m concerned she could gain 100+ lbs and i wouldn’t care less. my problem is that she’s is already prepping the fetus for the constant clicks and whirrs of pap camera’s once it makes it’s escape from the womb. if she get’s a weight loss deal i’ll be sorely disappointed because honestly, even ‘thin’ the woman has a very pronounced butt and huge thighs.

  35. DanaG says:

    I am Kim’s height and rubbish she is only 150 pounds she is at least 260-270. Look at her bust alone. At least she isn’t wearing one of those silly tight leather skirts but the outfit is horrible and it actually would make her look even bigger. Which is probably part of the plan get everyone talking about your weight gain and get a diet contract. I can’t think of any other reason for Gwen and Tracy to be talking to Kim but to try and tee her up for a weightloss contract. They are afterall trying to help the little people and Kim is much more a normalish body type then Goop is. Looks like Kim is going to be a single mum and if she is I think the baby will be very much part of the reality show.

  36. truthful says:

    that outfit is a horrid, safety pinned mess.

    did they just leave the kids in the car? LOL

    when you have breast and butt implants and gain weight, this is what you get..a mess.

  37. valleymiss says:

    I felt sorry for Kim before, but it’s now clear that she’s angling for a weight loss deal after little North West is born. Of course the tabloids are going to comment on her weight, but the way that Kim is running to TMZ to “set the record straight” and give out numbers when she could just ignore it tells me something’s up. Instead of being concerned about being pregnant and how to be a good parent in a few months, she’s running to TMZ. She’s part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  38. TXCinderella says:

    She’s already gained 23 pounds and she’s only mid-way through her pregnancy? I’d bet she is already at 180. If she doesn’t start watching what she eats, she’s gonna hit 200.

    • Jessica says:

      I know, that’s alot already! I’m 5 months and have gained 8 lbs. The only thing that bugs me is how she claims the only food she is craving is carrots and ranch. Yeah, you don’t gain 23 pounds on carrots and ranch dressing.

  39. TXCinderella says:

    I don’t understand why she doesn’t wear some maternity jeggings and a cute top instead of these tents she’s wearing. She could wear some flats and nice jewelry and look really cute. If she wants to wear dresses, she needs to wear them right below the knee and also not so low cut.

  40. The Original Mia says:

    I’m 5’1 with a big butt & when I was at my heaviest of 213, I didn’t look as big as Kim. That said, I think she’s probably 165-180. She’s definitely not a size 10. She’s in the 16-18 range. Even my mother, who’s usually very generous to irritating famewhores, thinks she’s huge.

  41. Belle Epoch says:

    Is weight gain associated with gestational diabetes?

  42. Gabby says:

    She looks like she’s wearing a coral colored parachute.

  43. Fd says:

    I don’t get the “controversy” about her weight. I am 36 weeks pregnant, the same height as her, and I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m 161lbs, and I am telling you I look huge right now, my stomach and breasts are huge. She is right where she should be and her main problem is having no clue how to dress.

  44. Cathy says:

    Maybe her butt weighs 150 lbs. That dress makes it look like it. That outfit is horrible.

  45. SunnySide says:

    She should not have gotten fillers because she is seriously getting the MudFace.

    You know, where it looks like a face a 3 year old made out of play-dough, all lumpy and distorted.

  46. RHONYC says:

    LMAO @ Kris’ rocker/sneaks look.

    i can’t be mad at her. she’s reppin’ hard for the 50+ set. ;-)

  47. Laura says:

    I’m 5’5 and 150 as of this morning. I have 3 inches on Kim and I DO NOT look like she does right now. I don’t care that she’s pregnant, gaining weight, or eating like crazy – I care that she keeps talking about her weight and habits. WHO CARES, KIM? YOU’RE PREGNANT, JUST LET IT GO FOR ONCE!

    Get some maternity leggings/jeans and some normal tops and let it ride, girl.

  48. Pixie says:

    Okay Kim, I give in. You win. You weigh 151lbs; you were in love with Kris Humphreys when you married him and you’ll do anything to make the divorce go away. We’re the nasty ones for not believing you.
    Sorry for the sarcasm celebitches, it’s been a long day and I’m tired of people’s crap (Kim included!)

  49. SydneySpy says:

    Kill me after I’ve written this… I detest these famewhores, but I actually believe her. Is that the mother with her in the last pic? Looking at them together, she doesn’t look like she’s 200. Her boobs are huge, but that’s not unusual. As far as I know she’s always been big-arsed, and good for her. I’m her height, also with a big arse, and I gained tons of weight with my first and third pregnancies. I carried all in front with #1 (boy) and all around with #3 (girl). I think she’s fine with the pregnancy part, and she can dress however she likes. The faux face, however….ugh. So overdone, so fake. So hideous. Does she honestly think she looks more attractive? She looks repulsive.

  50. Shelly says:

    Well at least she’s admitting she started at 128 lbs. That I can believe. I don’t think 151 is too far-fetched. I think she looks so much bigger because of the horrible clothing choices she makes.

    • Kim says:

      She didnt start anywhere near 128. She is about 5 ft tall and normally weighs probably 115 or less. She has put on ALOT of weight for as far along as she is BUT who cares she is preggers. I dont understand why she is lying about what she has gained & not embracing it and saying Yes ive put on weight, im pregnant. I think lying is engrained in everyone in this family – even when they dont need to lie they do.

  51. Ag says:

    Worst outfit ever. 151 in Kim pounds is similar to dog years.

  52. Tessa says:

    My boyfriend is 6’2 and a former college hockey player. He weighs 180 lbs, and in his heyday was about 200. NO WAY does Kim weigh anywhere close to 200lbs. She’s only 5 feet tall. She’s tiny in stature. Tops she’s 160. Tops.

  53. Sarcasmo says:

    She needs to just shut up already. We get it; you’re smaller than Kourt was when she was pregnant (snort); you haven’t gained as much as she had at this pregnancy point; you win!

  54. Lulu.T.O. says:

    All I know is, she looks like she is a heavy 7 months.

  55. Palermo says:

    I always go to church with most of my breasts exposed, don’t you?

  56. mar says:

    she is like 5’1
    I have stood next to her, she is very short, so I think she is about 165. She is normally about 125-130.

  57. Becks says:

    Yikes! She’s enormous …..on another topic, I love her sandals so much! Any idea who makes them? I must have them!

  58. Cait says:

    I’m 21 weeks’ pregnant and short (5’2) and hippy, too. I’m curvy, but don’t remotely approach the obvious weight gain displayed in these photos. I’m sitting at around 140 lbs and a size 6.

    In conclusion, she’s full of it.

    Here’s the thing. I, like most sane people, hate fat-shaming. But she’s the one bringing attention to her weight by repeating commenting on it, openly lying about it, and whining about the changes to her body (instead of waxing ecstatic about the fact that she’s creating a life).

    So yeah. Rage on, ladies and gents. She’s asked for it openly.

  59. HH says:

    She got her butt X-ray’d on TV because she was so interested in the truth, so why not step on the scales on live TV. Preferably, Wendy Williams. She’s a gossip, but she doesn’t pull punches.

  60. ceilie says:

    how come you’re making a post like THIS again about her and not about the “i hit it first” fiasco? too funny/kind of tragic

  61. Lexi says:

    That outfit is awful, it makes her look soooo big! I agree why cant she just wear a pair of maternity jeans and a cute top? She would look better for sure! I hope the baby isnt being suffercated or squished and what not that people say it is when kim wears spanx and those tight outfits :( poooor baby, hope its comfortable

  62. sheila says:

    nay for the KK daily updates.

  63. Izzy says:

    I guess the proof really is in the pudding.

  64. novaraen says:

    Funny how she thinks draping 30 yards of fabric around that HUGE posterior of hers is going to make it look smaller. LOL…

  65. LAgirl says:

    Please, is it possible that we all stop bashing this woman. She is very short and I believe that she weighs 151. Even if she felt the need to lie it’s her right. Give her a break. It’s really sad that women are able to speak so harshly about another woman…

    • novaraen says:

      She’s not just any woman…this is a sex tape making, peed on, famewhoring, oh look I lost weight, oh look I gained weight, oh look I’m getting married, oh whoops that marriage was over fast, photograph me everywhere and sometimes in the nude…type of woman. She puts herself out there for us to cross examine…splays herself everywhere…and refuses to go away.

      but oh I’m sorry, we shouldn’t judge her. :-/


      • LA Girl says:

        Oohhhhh!!! I See, You’re a Modern day saint! (Sarcasm) Listen Lady, I don’t care for Kim K. in the slightest but get off your high horse. Ever6ybody has done something that they are not proud of. I have no right to judge Kim K. on any of her issues. I have yet to be married for 72 days, Knocked up, etc. If she chooses to deal with her life and problems a certain way that is her right. She’s pretty, Wealthy and has many girlfriends (which lead me to believe that she could actually be a cool girl). Stop hating, I’m pretty sure Half of you wish you could be as “Fat” as she is. Let her live her life however she wants and stop being Mean.
        P.S. You sound Bitter, LOL!! If you don’t like her and want her to go away – Stop Commenting….Duh!

      • blaize says:

        It’s funny to me how Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were able to sleep with married men, pose nude, and make bad marital decisions and are still considered beautiful icons today, but Kim Kardashian is seen as worthy of condemnation just because she made a sex tape, posed nude, and made bad marital decisions. I don’t think it’s fair to praise or accept one celebrity with open, nonvanilla sexuality just because she’s talented, has a great personality, or is a philantropist while slut-shaming another just because she’s a whiny drama queen who seeks and gets too much attention. That’s not really tolerance. It’s like accepting one gay celebrity who’s in a relationship since you like them as a person but using another gay celebrity’s sexuality to condemn them just because you don’t like them or something they do. Or accepting one female celebrity who has gained weight or is overweight just because you like her while fat-shaming another just because you don’t like her or something she has done.

    • Nina W says:

      Spare us all, please. Kim likes nothing better than people talking about her and she doesn’t need you defending her and calling her critics jealous haters. If any woman on the planet is worthy of criticism it is Kim K so don’t even get me started.

  66. T.Fanty says:

    I really don’t care about this woman’s weight delusions, but I do think it’s interesting to note the complete absence of the proud papa in all of this recent famewhoring.

  67. buckley says:

    Wasn’t she always photographed coming out of gyms?
    Does not compute.
    She has absolutely no definition

  68. Ginger says:

    UGH! That outfit makes her look a lot bigger than she is

  69. Jade says:

    I may disagree with the fat bashing but I don’t feel sorry for her. She is reliant on both positive/negative publicity for her fame and wealth. So whatever bashing she gets, it still keeps her and family “relevant” while the likes of Hilton disappears under the radar. So well played Kim / Kris, well played. On a separate note, rubbish styling as usual. And they have their own clothing line ? Right.

  70. novaraen says:

    I don’t care what she weighs…she still looks horrid. Whatever that number is…it’s more than what she’s telling us, that’s for sure. There is NO way this spanx wearing tramp would be honest.

    She needs to just shut up about her weight, put on some comfortable clothes and shoes that aren’t made of leather and go sit on her ass somewhere out of the spot light and relax.

  71. Allie says:

    A pregnant woman at 150 pounds does not look like a non-pregnant woman at 150 pounds, even if they are the same height. The comparisons don’t make sense; the pregnant woman is going to look much larger. I gained only 25 pounds in my pregnancy, and about 12 by the point where Kim is at now. However, if my waist and butt had expanded to the size they were when I was approximately 5-6 months along without pregnancy, I would have had to gain at least 30 pounds.

  72. Ann says:

    She means her ass weights 151 lbs.!

  73. Marianne says:

    Iveonly gained 23 pounds is bull crap. Her face is fuller and her ass is a lot bigger too.

  74. Swan Jaco says:

    Tubby’s rump alone clocks in at 150+. She was fat before she got preggers, she’s a behemoth now. And she’ll be fat after she loses the “baby blubber” too. She’s a chunker, a flabbly fatty pretending her gross rolls of lard are “curves”.

  75. Joanna says:

    I don’t even like KK but I feel sorry for her. It’s really crazy how critical people are being of her weight gain. she’s pregnant, ffs! and even if she did put herself out there and is lying about her weight gain, so what? how would you feel being pregnant and hormonal and being judged negatively no matter what you wear or what you say? give the girl a break, ffs! yes make fun of her lack of fashion sense, but to criticize a woman for her pregnancy weight gain is just cruel.

  76. someone says:

    Well, if she was 140 last week (60 pounds less than 200 she said) and she is 151 this week, then she gained 10 pounds in 1 week. That’s not normal either.

  77. lisa says:

    i’m her height. she’s a minimum of 175 lbs.

  78. Cirque28 says:

    Urgh. While I have talked plenty of smack about KimK (and will continue to do so), the nasty, ugly fat bashing and body shaming is starting to be such a bummer.

    Yes, she is a ridiculous creature. She has no education, no interests, and apparently spends most of her time in front of mirrors, cameras, and camera + mirror combinations. She injects way too much shit into her face, has godawful fashion sense, and if you’re a kitten: beware.

    Still, currently she is making a new human being, which can really have its way with your figure. So there’s that. Also, she becomes no less or more vapid when she gains or loses weight. 151, 251, 351, 115, 95, who cares? Does her weight really change her mind or soul? Does her weight make her union with Kanye any less or more absurd and ill considered? I say it doesn’t.

  79. hairball says:

    Really find it disgusting to keep bashing and nitpicking about her weight when pregnant.

  80. Jel says:

    Is this supposed to be a maternity dress? It’s a step above the stuffed sausage skirts…perhaps by the time this kid has fallen from her golden uterus she will have purchased at least one normal maternity outfit.

  81. Angie says:

    She probably does weigh 151. thats entirely realistic. k. end of!

  82. blaize says:

    This is coming from someone who used to be 5’2″ a few years ago (and still has the pictures): There is no way that girl is 200 pounds looking like that. At most she is 175, and that’s only if she’s some killer spanx. Just juging by these pics and the fact that the camera adds 10 pounds, I’d say her honest weight right now is about 160-165 pounds. Sometimes women feel self-concious about their weight being over the ’50′ mark (more than 150 or more than 250) because that means they’re “more than halfway there” to being 200 or 300 pounds, so they’ll lie and say they’re in the 150 or 140 (or 250 or 240) pound range.

  83. Nina W says:

    She looks fine, size wise, I don’t get why people are acting like she’s a beached whale. She’s pregnant and looks it, big deal. She’s only 5′ 2″, look how big her Mom is next to her in that pic.