LeAnn Rimes claims Mason & Jake call her ‘Mom’, Brandi ‘refuses to engage’

As I was glancing through these LeAnn Rimes-Brandi Glanville stories, I felt a momentary rush of joy that these two women exist. I know I should be above it (we all should be above it), but I enjoy this unending drama and all of the petty feuding. The LeAnn-Brandi stories have something for everyone: drama, lies, infidelity, bolt-ons, Botox, famewhoring, STDs, vadge rejuvs, bikinis, dimples, children, and barely any careers of note. This ongoing debacle is a self-sustaining ecosystem of gossip. I love it. I appreciate it. It makes my job easier.

Anyway, LeAnn gave an interview to “Fabulous Magazine” and here are some excerpts. They are unfortunate, of course.

Did you make an effort to gain weight after people seemed so concerned in 2011?
I never tried to lose weight and I never tried to gain it. It depends on how stressed I am. I was eating a ton and couldn’t put on weight!

Were Eddie or your family ever concerned?
No. But being from the South, my mom and godmother are always happier when I have a little meat on my bones.

Are you happy with how you look?
I’m secure with my body. Trust me, there are moments when I’ve stood in the mirror and gone: “Oh my God, I’m getting cellulite!” but then I stand in a different light and I’m like: “Oh, it’s not so bad now.” I have my moments, like every woman.

You’ve recently become a stepmother to Jake, five, and Mason, nine. What’s that been like?
They have been very accepting. It’s taken a while to feel like it’s not just Eddie and the two boys and then me. But I do feel that’s happening, and the love that I have for them is tremendous.

What do they call you?
Lee. Sometimes they’ll blurt out: “Mom!”, but I just go with whatever they call me. As long as it’s nice and respectful, I couldn’t care less.

Do you and Eddie want to have your own kids?
Absolutely. There’s still a lot of adjustments to make. It could be five months from now or in two years.

Eddie’s ex-wife, Brandi, has been pretty vocal about her feelings for you. What’s your relationship like now?
That’s where you write “insert face reaction here”.

Eek… That doesn’t sound good.
It’s been really difficult. You have to stand up for yourself and be your own person, but at the same time you have to protect these children and their hearts. And that’s a very tough balance.

Do you have any regrets?
I don’t like that word. Do I wish I handled it differently? Absolutely. No one wants to hurt anyone or put themselves through hurt. I think the only other thing we could’ve done would have been to get out of our marriages before anything happened. It was tough, and it all happened very fast. I felt so ashamed and guilty.

[From Fabulous]

I took out some of the stuff from the Radar article about how LeAnn was just begging to start another war with Brandi, because Brandi has already sort of responded and she didn’t sound too pissed. Brandi tweeted: “I am not in a war with ANYONE (maybe the tax man). As I promised I refuse to engage. Peace Love and Happiness people.”

So, do you think LeAnn was making pointed comments about Mason and Jake calling her “mom” accidentally? I’m sure LeAnn said that on purpose, to try to get under Brandi’s skin, but I also kind of think… yeah, it happens. I could see how those two boys would accidentally call LeAnn “mom” and it’s no big deal. I’m sure LeAnn threw a parade about it, but I doubt it means much.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Brandi is keeping her word (something Leann should try ) that she won’t engage with Leann so it seems that Leann is waging a one-sided feud. Keep trying to stay relevant, wewe.

  2. chirpy says:

    Occasionally, my son calls me ‘Teacher’ when he comes home from school. Sorry, LeMann, it means nothing, no matter how much you wish to make a big huge deal about it.

    • Erinn says:


      Sometimes I call my manager by my supervisors name, because that’s the name you’re USED to calling for help.

      Leanne makes it sound like it’s because the boys are so comfortable being around her. But the likely reality is that she dresses like and tries so hard to resemble Brandi, that it accidentally slips.

    • RuddyZooKeeper says:

      And sometimes I shout out the dog’s name to my kids. It’s habit when I walk into a room that looks like it was hit by a tornado (the pooch-of-destruction was around before the kids). So if these boys yell “Mom” when they need help finding their shoes or wiping their rears, I wouldn’t read too much into it, silly girl.

      • Arock says:

        I worked in a restaurant for most of college and for 2 yrs after would answer the phone, ” thanks for calling….”. Now I call my son my husbands name, my coworker my friends, and occasionally when angry I go through the whole list . Stop trying to take normal experiences and make them unique to taunt someone about their kids. You’re so vile.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        When I was growing up, Sister Clare would call out everyone’s name before getting to me. I was “Elizabeth… Siobhan… Maire… Patsy… Corine… Brenna” growing up.

    • heidi says:

      I seriously doubt it’s just an innocent slip or a one time thing, in this case. Rather one of Leann intentionally encouraging it. She told Brandi she would do something like this-read this in ‘Drinking & Tweeting’. Leann will take what she wants if she damn well pleases. And Eddie is as nasty-hearted as Leann!

    • Lizzie K says:

      I take care of my 90-year-old mother. When she is really tired or sick, she will call out for “Mama” instead of “Lizzie.” Does she think I am her mother? No, she is feeling bad and calling for the woman who was there for her from the day she was born. At those times, I am a stand-in for that woman.

      Leann is such a nasty piece of work.

      • Meg says:

        Thank you for sharing this, it’s really wonderful that you are caring for her. We never stop needing our moms do we?

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Aww, Lizzie. Blessings on you for caring for your mom.
        (I can’t believe I am commenting on a LeAnn story!)

      • bluhare says:

        Good for you, Lizzie. I helped my mom care for my dad, and while some of it was awful and stressful at the time, you won’t regret a single second when your mom is gone. I don’t. I’d do it all again in a nano-second.

      • Lizzie K says:

        Aw, thanks for the sweet comments, y’all! It is totally a blessing to be able to care for my mother, and I promise you she STILL does more for me than I can ever do for her.

      • anonimouse8319 says:

        I took care of my mother as well…such a rewarding experience. I don’t regret a second; even the bottom wiping and bath giving.I’ll be thinking of you while you go through this experience.

      • Aussie girl says:

        I am a step mother to three great kids. Once in a while the two youngest will call me mum. This is due to the fact that they get confused because they where with their mum acouple of hours/ a day or so ago. Not because they feel that i am their mum. I always corrected them and tell them not to be embrassed I remember back in the day calling my teacher mum. The youngest who is only four thought it was a game for awhile to call me mum when we had them. I would just gently remind her that she already has a great mum. I can not fathom Leanne & her moral compass. As a women ( without children) I respect her role ( childrens mother) way to much to tweet or tell people how fab I am. I would never even consider posting photos of the kids on f/book as they are not do this

    • Moli says:

      Word! My kids call my husband, “Mom”. When Grandma is here for a few days, they call her “Mom”. I’ve been in classrooms where the kids call the teachers “Mom”. They know who is who and get a little embarassed when they do it, but especially for little kids, “Mom” does everything. She dresses you, feeds you, cleans you, takes you places, decides when and where things happen–she’s kind of everything. Of course they’re going to call Lee “Mom”. Anyone in a faintly parental role will accidentially be called “Mom”. I’ll bet they call Eddie “Mom” too–but she doesn’t mention that.

      • Just So says:

        @Moli: So true! When my patents visit, by day 2 or three my toddler is calling them “Nana-Mummy” and “Pop Pop-Daddy.” As long as he’s getting his physical and emotional needs met, we all become, to some extent, interchangeable.

    • Steph says:

      My students have called me Mom, Dad,and Grandmom. Both of my parents call my 3 yr ld steph all the time. It happens so often nobody even corrects the other person. What a delusional lady.

  3. heidi says:

    And from her latest vacay in Puerto Rico she is tweeting about all the planning she is busy with for ‘Jakey’s birthday party’.
    Can’t wait for Eddie’s reaction when Mason and Jake begin referring to Brandi’s new man as ‘Dad’.

  4. Cinnamon says:

    and here we go again. Leann has realized taunting brandi with eddie stories doesnt phase her anymore so she is stepping it up with “and i have your kids too and they love me more etc” which at the end of the day, shows leann is focusing on Brandi instead of her pure angel light and happiness with eddie. a happily married woman would stop focusing on the ex wife.

    My best friend won’t put up facebook photos with her stepson because her husband’s exwife doesnt want her son’s photo on the internet. My best friend thinks the ex wife is being dramatic but would rather not cause problems when it can be avoided. Leann does NOT have that sort of action filter. I hope Brandi continues to ignore the bait

  5. Celeste says:

    Good for you Brandi! Keep it up.
    “Smother” doesn’t deserve the attention that she so desperately craves.

  6. dahlianoir says:

    Dlisted got the whole sentence
    ” you’re not our mom, go back to the stall !!”

    I nearly died of laughter.

  7. elceibeno says:

    Both Glanville and Rimes are shameless famewhores! The only who is keeping some dignity is Eddie.

  8. Joanna says:

    why do people wear their shorts unbuttoned? It drives me crazy. I used to live near the beach and everyone does it, so maybe I’m the crazy one but I don’t get it. Is it easier access for when you want to get freaky? or to let people know you are wearing your bikini bottoms, in case they were wondering? Is it to show off more of your body? Can someone who does it please explain? it drives me crazy for some reaon.

  9. Joanna says:

    The best thing Brandi can do is not engage LeAnn. then LeAnn just looks crazier and Brandi looks classy for not responding to her nutiness. But i wish they would both go away. i know, don’t click, don’t comment

  10. SydneySpy says:

    Working in the education system, I’ve lost count of the number of times pupils have called me “Mum”. It’s sweet, but doesn’t mean anything. I’ve also been a step-mum, and those kids have done the same. It’s just a slip of the tongue. I feel a bit sorry for LeAnn. I imagine being “the other woman”, even if one eventually becomes the wife, would engender deep feelings of insecurity. It’s a lot different if his marriage was over for years, as in my case. Knowing that he did it “with” you would surely make one wonder when he’ll do it “to” you. Desperation reeks. I think she looks really good in the white cozzie, though.

  11. Hannah says:

    “Do you have any regrets?
    I don’t like that word. Do I wish I handled it differently? Absolutely.”
    Isn’t that the definition of regret?

  12. Jennifer says:

    Leann can’t get used to the idea that people are not interested in her music anymore so she’s desperate for attention. She’ll take it anyway she can get it-broadcasting her overstepping and lack of boundaries, calling the paps, ridiculous twittering, etc…

    Brandi’s onto LR’s game (just like the rest of us). Bravo to Brandi for not playing along, ignoring it, and taking the high road.

    The next question is what else can Leann do to try to get attention since her usual antics are becoming obvious and redundant.

  13. SunnySide says:

    My little brothers would accidentally call me Mom sometimes, but it didn’t mean anything. Anyone has absent minded moments when they call someone by the wrong name. MeAnn will think it is the next step in her quest to become Brandi but it is really meaningless.

    Must be fun living in the land of delusion!

  14. red says:

    Brandi is much prettier than Leanne. That Eddie has rocks in his head for sure. And no idea why ppl unbutton their shorts…am also curious.

  15. moon says:

    I just want to slap her. Isn’t it bad enough you got the man, do you have to steal the babies too?

  16. JL says:

    Anyone with class would leave the children out of it – period.

    Planning Jakey’s Paptravaganza birthday party huh – puke.

  17. paranormalgirl says:

    The eldest of my soon to be step-kids occasionally call me “ma,” it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It’s merely a force of habit when dealing with an adult authority figure.

    At the moment, my soon to be step-kids are not speaking with their mother (the three oldest)because of what she did to their father and then what she attempted to do to me (paint me as the other woman when she was the one person in their marriage cheating, I barely even liked Jason when I first met him, LOL). I have one rule in my house with regards to the ex: you can discuss the issues you are having with her and why you are angry with her in a calm and adult manner, but you cannot call her names or talk trash about her in my house. That goes for the kids and Jason.

  18. Fran says:

    At the end of this article I could think about was an actual parade to celebrate the boys calling her mom. There would be clowns making MOM balloons, big floats of just leann’s torso, marching bands playing just leann songs, Leann sitting in an old convertible waving at the crowd…

  19. marie says:

    WTF is wrong with this chick? If the kids blurt out “Mom” then it’s by sheer accident. They already have a Mom and don’t need another.

    At this point, she’s just goading Brandi for a response.

  20. needsmeds says:

    Just when I start to pity her for her obviously terminal case of arrested development Leann goes and says bull shit like this. Thought she was taking the high road?

  21. dorothy says:

    Between the tweeting and the interviews regarding another woman’s children. This woman doesn’t have time to have a career. I truly believe there’s something mentally wrong with this one. Like I’ve said a hundred times…get some professional help.

  22. OrangeOprah says:

    Why can’t this trick just say NO COMMENT when anyone asks about the bonus boys?? How about saying I DON’T WANT TO DISCUSS MY FAMILY?? She does it for one reason only, to pi$$ of Brandi and rub her face in all of it. The only thing she is gaining from her stunts is killing her career.

  23. Talie says:

    I think she was just testing Brandi to see if she would keep her word, which was not to say anything more once her book tour ended.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t know. It’s not like Brandi has been totally quiet, LeAnn tweets about the boys waking her up, and Brandi tweets the next week a comment about waking up her boys or something and definitely a pointed comment the way it was worded, etc. And the whole snake thing after LeAnn posts about a snake and the boys and then Brandi is tweeting about discovering a snake also and how a real mom takes care of them or something. Brandi says she doesn’t follow LeAnn, but she needs to tell her friends to stop reportng back to her and then tweeting anything. It was obvious to me what Brandi was doing with her digs on both tweets. Why give LeAnn the satisfaction to show you are even aware of her stupid tweets.

      My niece on overnight visits always slips and calls me mommy. Sorry, LeLe, stepmoms don’t mention such things in print. It only makes you look desperate and rude instead of being discreet because of the real mom and R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  24. Ash says:

    My nieces and nephews accidentally call me Mom all the time when I’m watching them. They also did the same with their evil ex-stepmom. So don’t get too excited, “Lee”.

  25. rachel says:

    Poor LeAnn.

    She is being abandoned by the most important person in the world to her.


  26. TeresaKansas says:

    I like how LeAnn wore that denim shirt to cover her widening waist. Then had the other photos expertly altered, stretched and ‘shopped to h*ll and back. I think she’s been acting out because she’s soon going to be losing power and she knows it. If they truly are signing up for a reality show, Eddie will now have his own money, and the camera will be there capture her inevitable implosion. Opportunistic sleazebag Ed doesn’t have to lift a finger to reap the many financial and other various benefits thereof. Her whole world may soon dramatically change and not for the better, I think she finally may have gotten her “t*t in the wringer”.

  27. Samigirl says:

    Good for Brandi. I’m certain it does happen (sometimes my son calls my husband daddy instead of papa, or me his teachers name instead of mom), but she did NOT have to include it in her damn magazine interview.

  28. Arock says:

    She’s beyond the pale. It’s not even that she’s malicious anymore, it’s just pathetic and desperate. At some point the other shoe will drop either in the form if Eddie being Eddie or her going off the ledge.
    To me, fighting a “twitter war” is pure cowardice, as is throwing things out indirectly. She should grow a pair to put in those heinous jorts.

  29. ilovejapanesefood says:

    One of the best things Brandi can do is to not repond to this kind of &#&# period. And its not even about not giving “Lee” satisfaction, its about focusing on her life.
    On another note I think Brandi is a bit vulgar, – that “quote me i like to fxxk” on H stern made me cringe, she does have two kids and speaking like that publicly doesnt make them any favor.

  30. Shannon says:

    Anyway lol … my younger son, who is five-years-old, has a father who lives in another country now for work. He visits with his dad for a week or two a few times a year. When he comes home from being with his dad, he’ll spend a couple of days accidentally calling me ‘Daddy.’ Chick needs to tone it down. She’s not ‘Mommy’ (also, calling their mother ‘Bio-Mom’ is beyond offensive)

  31. Jayna says:

    Honestly, we all need to stop responding. LeAnn doesn’t have that many tweets responding back to her tweets as far as fans. If all the people who love to critique her bizarre behavior lost interest, as many are losing interest over the whole LeAnn/Brandi thing because it’s been oversaturation, I expect to see it dying a slow death as far as being of internet interest. Without all the response to all her gossip papped photos and such, which is primarily disgust, where is the interest? She has no high profile career anymore and neither does he have a regular gig on TV. No hit record, no big place in the industry. Just her gigs in small towns.

    I guess I need to take my own advice and stop commenting. LOL

    • Relli says:

      I dont know J, I always appreciate your comments becuase as mean as some of us get you still have the willpower to say something nice and not back down. I admire that! Its obvious that you can remain objective about her behavior and still respect her as a musician!

      • littlestar says:

        I really enjoy Jayna’s comments on Leann/Brandi posts too. They are always insightful, and exactly as you say – not mean spirited. Leann really needs to hire Jayna as her PR person! She’d do a hell of a better job than her current person, and maybe even get her career back on track lol!

      • Jayna says:

        Aw, thanks, Relli and Littlestar. I can never take away LeAnn’s talent. I love her voice. I don’t like country fast music for the most part, but ballads, I do. And it’s where you see her amazing tone, not just range. After realzing she had been self-medicating, I thought she could salvage the goodwill the country music world had for her now that she was healthier. But even now, with the stakes so high for her career and vocally back much better, her twitter nonsense and papping nonsense shows she is delusional and all the worst in her has been brought out by this Edde relationship and is pathetic.

        And her face has lost all that was unique and cute about her. LeAnn wasn’t beautiful, but she had a unique cuteness, gorgeous peaches and cream complexion, and had a self-confidence and kind of young sexiness in her mannerisms.

        Now, her face, even though better with weight on, is flled with fillers, botox, lip injections, newest odd-spaced teeth, an odd smile and none of the soft facial expressions she used to have. She’s is just hard and desperate acting usually.

        Looking at the London videos and seeing back a glimpse of the old LeAnn again (I loved that dress I want it), it is sad to watch her shallow, delusional downward spiral at such a young age. Even off whatever she was on that was making her erratic and looking better weight on, her twitter shows she is still obssessed and immature and can’t even see or be embarrassed. She has no self-awareness at all, which is clear by her recent interviews. She lives in her own reality.

        Funnily enough, I just see two different LeAnns, meaning I see her as two different people, so still easy for me to listen to the ballads I have on iPod. But still when you see LeAnn in this video, just a year or two before Eddie, a cute girl with unusual eyes and a great voice, it’s still hard to even think it’s the same girl living on twitter, posting photos of herself with her mouth wide open and tweeting about nonexistent scenarios with Eddie and obssessed with being on any gossip site. LOL

        LeAnn in the Bon Jovi music video below. Where did this girl go in a few years. Her face is so different in the span of a few years. She could have still been respected in the music industry as a B artist if she weren’t making such a fool of herself trying to compete with Brandi.


    • Rita says:

      A few days after people stop publishing LeAnn threads and commenting on them, that big bang you will hear will be LeAnn’s head exploding…..she loves all this.

    • ya says:

      haha – the more people comment on her and care about what she is or isn’t doing, the more money she makes off of the pap pics etc. (I don’t care either way about it but I don’t know why her haters don’t see that.)

    • Christin says:

      If pap pics pay so well, then why don’t we see such constant photos of Carrie and Miranda (similar age singers) outside of awards shows and career-related events? I think their pics would bring more $$$, given they are among currently top-selling artists. Maybe someone should tell them that they could really make the big bucks with getting a slice of pap pics, versus playing big venues and having great record sales. Someone should probably let Adele know as well.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Leeann’s fame won’t last forever. Nothing ever does. Every singer has “slumps.” And if you think about it, the more attention Leeann gets now, the farther she will fall when people eventually get tired of her.
      So I wouldn’t feel too bad about commenting about her if you can’t stand her and think she is undeserving of the spotlight. Because the brighter it is now, the darker it will seem when it eventually shuts off. (evil cackle) :)

  32. Blondie says:

    Leeann is just trying to get under Brandi’s skin. The best thing Brandi can do is not respond. Brandi really needs to hire a lawyer and get those boys away from Leeann, this is not going to end well.

  33. rachel says:

    Wait-here is a real question for everyone, no sarcasmo. What is going on here? LeAnn cares waay too much about what we all think and pays way too much attention to what we all think to keep doing the same exact thing she is reviled for every day. Mental illness aside- no one is that crazy. Even if the attention is making her think she is temporarily prolonging her celebrity- again, what next- a twitter and interview feud can’t go on forever. Is there really a reality show in the works? Would Brandi do it? What do you all think is the end game/plan here?

    • Rita says:

      With all due respect, trying to rationalize crazy is futile. The purpose is to merely perpetuate the “hamster cage of crazy”.

      (Just so you know, there really isn’t a hamster cage but the crazies think there is so shhhhhhh.)

    • ya says:

      a lot of celebs do the exact same thing – yes LR has a big image problem right now, but it’s not that unusual.

    • msw says:

      I work in the field of crazy as a medical social worker, and I can absolutely attest that people are that crazy. When you get a person who lacks personal insight like this, they do all kinds of stuff that rational people wouldn’t do. Leann’s schtick has been the same for years. Her interviews, since forever, have always indicated that she thinks everyone would be on her side if they just understood her. So she talks, and talks, and talks, trying to find the right way to explain herself. The chick has no concept that other people may totally understand her perspective and just aren’t impressed with her justifications.

  34. K-rock says:

    Where is Eddie lately? They used to photp op together all the time and now HeAnn is flying solo the last few times. Hmmmm……

    • Jayna says:

      The biggest thing is Eddie has been in Canada, I guess, shooting, and she has been in South Florida for gigs. She hasn’t seen him for at least a week, maybe two, and they are at a resort for a few days and it looks like her band is there too. So looking at her twitter, she has been tweeting away since yesterday arriving there, still tweeting away this mornng. Who is at a resort with their man and some friends and has the desire or the time to waste posting ad nauseum on twitter or caring even to post to twitter instead of enjoying the beautiful weather and resort and husband.

      So bizarre, her need to tweet during this period there.

  35. MrsBPitt says:

    Is LeAnn sure that the kids weren’t calling her dum…not mom?

  36. Cam S says:

    Leann, stop with the phony photos of you throwing up your hands in frustration that the paps have found you yet again. If they REALLY bothered you that much (assuming you didn’t call them yourself), try looking away from the camera lens, and walking in the other direction. Just a suggestion.

    I love how her “baby fat” found its way back to her. I’m NOT calling her fat mind you, just observing the fact that it is pathetic when people use that old “I grew up, lost my baby fat” excuse for their eating disorders. So lame. Celebs use that B.S. line when they get plastic surgery too. “I grew up. My nose got smaller, boobs bigger” etc. Riight

  37. anne_000 says:

    Whether or not the kids accidentally called her mom (& I do think it’s only by accident, nothing intentional), LR shouldn’t mention it, especially in an interview. She’s only trying to start another war. Very Pathetic. Good for Brandi for realizing that this was bait & not taking it.

    As for LR making herself sound like a victim & martyr at the same time, she knows that she’s not doing the kids any favor by saying such things publicly. She’s not a victim when she’s the one throwing the first shots across the bow in order to get a reaction.

    As for her saying she’s never tried to gain or lose weight, I don’t believe her.

  38. fabgrrl says:

    Leann, calling out FOR their mom is not the same as calling YOU mom.

  39. Debbie says:

    I think she was hoping a different quote would get attention. The mom comment was totally designed to make Brandi react and look bad, Brandi really handled this well.

    But I think Leanne wanted the answer to the baby question to be what the blogs are talking about while else would she say that she could havea baby in 5 months or 2 years? I mean unless she is pregnant then no healthy baby is coming in 5 months.

    Either way the entire interview is disrespectful and sad. Really these Hollywood step moms should look at jada pinkett smith ( whom I don’t like) but she has done a wonderful job expressing how she loves her step son as her own but know he is not and has great respect for his mom.

  40. claire says:

    It’s a good idea for Brandi not to respond. Kids make that mistake all the time and it’s obvious Leann wanted to get it out there, knowing the headlines. It’s an insignificant thing she wants to give bigger meaning to as a dig so no response is the best response. She just looks foolish.

  41. drdoolittling says:

    And somewhere, a village is missing their idiot. God, this Moroni.

  42. janie says:

    They all need to grow up? How many years is this going to go on? Both women need to kick Ed to the curb, he’s the common denominator in all this.

  43. candigirl says:

    You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch

  44. Palermo says:

    She should have refused to engage from day one. Nothing drives the other person crazier than to stop playing their game. LeAnn’s frustration will get even worse. Everybody wants to have the “last word” but it’s so much better to let the other one sputter and spit and you say nothing.

  45. Rita says:

    The longer Brandi refuses to acknowledge LeAnn’s taunts the crazier LeAnn will become. LeAnn will keep pushing and pushing, out of sheer meanness to get under Brandi’s skin.

    LeAnn is truely a perfect bitch (Perfect Bitch…song title, anyone?)!!!

    Keep your powder dry, Brandi. When LeAnn goes over the edge, Eddie will walk away, if he gives a fig about his sons.

    btw- I recall when the author of these threads suggested that maybe we should all back off LeAnn because we might be fueling the crazy. Now that the author is fully on board and absolutley “loves” the totality of this thread’s gossip-worthiness, I guess we have only ourselves to thank. (Tongue in cheek…where else would it be?)

  46. Leslie says:

    She’s with her “man” after not seeing him for something like two weeks and she’s tweeting non-stop this morning? That says volumes about their relationship. Her agenda is to PROVE they are together and in love. If she had tweeted once about being there with hubs, and then NOT tweeted again for three days, I might believe they at least were still IN a relationship. As it is, it’s all Twitter ammunition.

  47. DGO says:

    Squinty posted a picture of her and Ediot. I cannot believe how badly he’s aged and how unattractive he’s become. Granted, I never found him that appealing – I don’t like eyes that are locked in a permanent squint – but he’s definitely seen better days.

  48. VanillaDeeLite says:

    She’s such a pathetic little mess and I would feel bad for her were in not for her pathological lying.

  49. DGO says:

    In case anyone is interested, Spitfire did not get released on the 9th as advertised, not here and not in the UK either. UK date has been pushed to the 15th and it’s not being released by Curb.

  50. MonaG says:

    I’m not convinced Mr. Rimes is actually in P.R. With her. She tweeted a dark pic of a guy in a tree & said it was him but it didn’t look like him. When someone said it looked like one of her band flunkies, she tweeted a pic of her & Ed to prove he was there. However, the pic could not be a recent photo because her bangs have magically grown out. It’s an old photo. I know you read this LR this so if the albatross is really there with you, prove it. Drag him out in front of your hotel or something & hold up today’s newspaper for your next pic. We know how you love to prove us all wrong so Make him earn his keep. We will be waiting so hop to it girl.

  51. JenniferJustice says:

    My son has called me Mrs. Groves on occassion (his teacher’s name)and I get it that we’re both women he seeks when he needs help, has a question. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. It’s just a momentary subconscience slip. I’ve never thought he must love his teacher as much or more than he loves me. LeAnn is a sorry, sad case. As much as she disgusts me, I end up feeling sorry for her b/c narcissists are their own worst enemy. They fail at relationships long term and are most always insecure and lonely. If/when Eddy hurts her, she will be devestated and worse, so publicly humiliated due to her own media blitz about how the means of their hook up justified the end. When she becomes the one betrayed and belittled, it will be worse than anybody else who had an affair without the whole world hearing them make excuses and making themselves out to be the victim.

  52. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think part of the reason her shorts are unzipped is because she’s trying to bring on pregnancy watch for herself…she has a decent body but I never see her as attractive – her personality is too ugly.

  53. Christina22 says:

    This interview is classic Leann, never acknowledging the hurt she has caused, giving a squinty face when asked about Brandi, as if Brandi is so evil for not having anything good to say about the women who stalked and married her husband and gets Brandi’s boys for half their life. Singing her own praises when it comes to the boys, denying the obvious fact that she had an eating disorder, defending her failing career, standing strong on her stance of “no regrets” and then playing the victim card to top it all off. As long as Leann continues to live in complete denial I will have no respect for her. Brandi is smart to ignore her and move on with her life. How ever things end between Eddie and Leann, one thing is for sure, we’re gonna continue to see a whole lot of crazy.

  54. skuddles says:

    Brandi refused to engage? Probably because she’s collecting fodder for another book.

    I bet MeAnn ran home and ate a shitload of laxatives after having someone point out she’s gained weight.

  55. KimmyPooh says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited if the boys accidentally called her Mom. Sometimes I call my husband our dog’s name by mistake. I bet Ed closes his eyes & calls her Brandi all the time.

    If Ed was really in Puerto Rico with her, we would see a bunch of pics on Twitter and from the paps. I don’t think he is there either. I think he is hiking the Appalachian Trail.

  56. Dana says:

    Geez, Leann can’t even carry her own towel. Guess that is what her assistant is for. Poor little thing looks like Leann’s own personal towel rack.

  57. Itsa Reallyme says:

    Sounds like Eddie has checked out. I guess he could only be kept on a leash for so long before he chewed through it.

  58. Why? says:

    It was not necessary for Leann to even mention anything about the kids calling her “Mom”. She just did it to be spiteful. After a “30 day stint in rehab” which according to The Dailymail “cured” Leann why is she still doing the very same things she did in 2009? If she truly loved those kids, this will all stop.

    Isn’t today April 9th? The day that Spitefire was supposed to be released in the US? Leann is having “legal troubles”. Leann does inappropriate things and then she can’t understand why so many things go wrong for her.

    Leann was tweeting like crazy today, just like she did Easter night, the night she was watching the Lakers game with Eddie, and on Easter.

  59. Snowpea says:

    Ok I just had a look at Rimes’ twitter and I am absolutely convinced she is there ALONE. The guy in the tree could be anyone and that pic of her and Cibrian is an OLD photo.

    Which, really, when you think about it, absolutely takes your breath away.

    I think the marriage has disintegrated but somehow she has convinced him to play along for now.

    When I think about the lengths this chick goes to to portray her life in a perfect, golden, Instagram light it makes me at times disbelieving, sad and lose any modicum of respect I may have had for her.

    Leann doesn’t realise that it’s really not that complicated. Come clean to the world and ditch that parasite Ed. Admit you’ve been wrong. Go away and have a break. Come back and focus on your music. The world LOVES a comeback and Rimes’d be no exception.

  60. Christin says:

    Has anyone read the lyrics to the album’s title song?

    I thought Swifty could write / sing some one-sided, middle school sounding lyrics, but she has some serious competition. (No offense to middle schoolers!)

    • Rita says:

      I got a real laugh from the Spitfire lyrics where LeAnn is screaming about someone for being a liar. Not only are the lyrics incredibly lame, LeAnn calling out a person for being a liar is like the Pope calling out somebody for being Catholic or Joan Rivers being offended by plastic surgery.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Just read the lyrics to Spitfire. Good lord. Is that song directed at Brandi? Or the tabloids? (But why would you be telling the tabloids they need to “buy some friends?”)

      If it’s directed at Brandi, that is just sheer lunacy. Whenever you are having a much bigger feud with someone than they are having with you, it’s time to check yourself. Brandi is a cool chick to remain so unruffled by things like this. People say the best revenge is living well, but IMO, there’s no better revenge than knowing they’re still obsessively gnashing their teeth over you while you move on.

  61. Leslie says:

    Since Eddie just recently got this “Kept under wraps” part in The Best Man Holiday, and they are already filming in Toronto, I doubt he’d be taking any time mid-week to go to Puerto Rico (or wherever LeAnn is).

    In his IMDB, his character has no name, so I wonder if they added him last minute to get some media attention for the movie–you know, LeAnn Rimes’ husband. Anyway, here’s a link to an article about his “top secret” part.


    • Rita says:

      Your link says,”An interracial romance”!! OMG!!! I’m not one to spread gossip but the word on the street is that Eddie’s been studying French so he and Halle Berry can move to France.

      It’s all starting to fit together now. He sure likes the nutty ones.

  62. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    This couldn’t have worked out any better for Brandi if she had planned it. Leeann was given just enough rope to hang herself and she’s slipping the noose further over her head every time she tweets/talks/takes photos with Brandi’s sons.
    Leeann is a certified idiot if she can’t see what’s happening. Which is proof alone that she has no business raising someone else’s children.

  63. Ming says:

    I applaud brandi a thousand times over for not responding to leann. It is killing her to be ignored.
    Her tweets today are nothing but braggy..danced in the rain, it rocked us to sleep,..taking a swim by our pool on 15 ft from our bed is cool.
    Did I stumble upon a 15 year old girls twitter account? It seems like nothing matters to leann unless people are jealous of it..then she wants it. She is only happy if others are envious of what she has,,and she likes to rub it in.

  64. Theskinny says:

    She’s just trash. “Hey lookie here Bran-deee! I got’s your slimey greasy ex huzzband and I’m feedin yer kids slurpees and pig skins. HEEE-HAW HEEE-HAW HEEE-HAW” Classes white trash whose classes white trash parents farmed her out for cash and now she is too stupid and classless to see that she is just a hillbilly with money.

  65. Luxe says:

    okkkkkkkkk LeAnn. My niece and nephew sometimes slip and call me mommy. It happens. Gosh she is so juvenile. If she didn’t act so vile, I’d pity her.

  66. Sonia says:

    FYI Leanne…the boys calling you Mom is a mistake that is ok…Eddie calling you Brandi probably isn’t :)

  67. Rita says:

    While in Miami, LeAnn tweeted, “A cockroche on the bathroom floor is not something nice to wake-up to”.

    Soooo, that’s proof Eddie was with her in Miami and must have gotten into her laxatives thinking they were breath mints.

  68. Jane says:

    Leann is seriously grasping at straws here. She is just mumbling nonsense to get noticed.

  69. Why? says:

    “It came a crazy, beautiful rain storm last night. We may have ran around and danced in it. Rocked us to sleep.”

    This is the same woman who tweeted that she was listening to Damien Rice and watching the Lakers with Eddie, a game that wasn’t even on. Rain storm was Leann crying knowing that her husband was passed out drunk or in bed with another woman. Leann’s first tweet of the day was about Brandi’s kids, which means Eddie was with someone else. The only thing that rocked Eddie to sleep was knowing that he isn’t alone in Puerto Rico with Leann. Did AKM-GSI get photos of Leann and Eddie running and dancing in the rain during a rainstorm and then rocking themselves to sleep! Why does this sounds like a scene from Notebook? Seriously Leann is crazy. She just single white femaled a scene from the Notebook.

    Which is odd about the rain story is that Leann posted a photo of them sitting on a beach and it’s very sunny, the sunny beach photo came after Leann tweeted photos of the sunset and that she hadn’t left the room yet because everything that they need is there. The sunny beach photos of her and Eddie are not from teh room because you can see umbrellas(like what Leann had a ther birthday party) in the background.

    • Jane says:

      You’re totally right. In the past Leann would have dozens of different staged photos of them on yachts, walking the beach, sleeping in a hammock (that one made me particularly nauseous) and yet now…. zilch. Nothing. I didn’t see the Notebook, but I’ll take your word for her re-enacting a scene out of it. She cannot make any of these scenarios up herself so she must act out whatever she reads to prove to the world how gloriously romantic her so-called life is with Eddie.

      • Why? says:

        I believe that she is gearing up to release a staged photo-op with Eddie. She was being way too desperate today. I also find it odd that she made a big deal about being cyberbullied and having her privacy invaded and yet instead of being in court today she is in Puerto Rico setting up staged photo-ops, tweeting photos, and going on and on about dancing in the rain with Eddie.

        Leann and Eddie have such an odd relationship. Every aspect of their relationship is based on a movie or what Eddie did with Brandi or Scheana.

        In other news. As of today no photos of Brandi and her kids at her son’s baseball game on Saturday have surfaced. How is that even possible? Leann Rimes wasn’t there. How can Leann continue to say that she is protecting Brandi’s kids when she doesn’t even hold their privacy sacred?

      • candigirl says:

        Remember this hillbilly was home schooled on tour buses watching soap operas 24/7. As a teenager Leann was desperate to be in one and finally clawed her way to an appearance on Days. Her dramatic scheming and stalking finally “won” her a soap opera heart throb, Eddie.
        This arrested teen development drama is how she lives her life. Leann is Narcissistic/Borderline Personality Disordered. She will never grow up and will forever scheme and manipulate those around her for her own ego gratification; living in her delusional world as a perpetual victim no matter how much she hurts others.
        Eddie, a former soap opera star has been trapped by his own greed into a marriage with his crazy stalker fan, ala “Sunset Boulevard,” it is killing his career. Now she has set her sights on his kids.

    • Ming says:

      So now leann is swf’ing The Notebook..I love it! Let me know when she sues Nicholas sparks!!

    • Relli says:

      Shoot I don’t know about his other albums but if she was listening to Damien Rice’s 9 she is in a dark place. That album carried me a whole winter after a break-up.

      But there is a song on there called “accidental babies,” hmmmmm

      • Why? says:

        There is also a song called, “9 Crimes”. Leann desperately wants everyone to believe that Eddie picked her over Brandi, she and Eddie’s affair was the greatest “love” story ever, and that she and Eddie have “hot/steamy” sex. I don’t think that she was listning to Damien Rice, just that she googles songs that make references to cheating because she did the same thing to Meiko who has song called “Boys With Girlfriends”.

        Here are the lyrics to 9 Crimes:

        Leave me out with the waste
        This is not what I do
        It’s the wrong kind of place
        To be thinking of you

        It’s the wrong time

        For somebody new

        It’s a small crime

        And I got no excuse

        And is that alright? Yeah

        Give my gun away when it’s loaded

        That alright? Yeah

        If you don’t shoot it how am I supposed to hold it?

  70. lindy says:

    Leann has to be aware that her constant tweeting, photo ops, baiting Brandi, etc. is turning public opinion overwhelmingly against her. But isn’t doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result the definition of insanity?
    Sounds like Leann to me.

  71. nj says:

    how is Leann going to react when her baby daddy takes her child around another woman?

    I’m sure Brandi would love to hold Eddie’s and Leann’s child and tweet a photo.

    So, once Leann and Eddie break up and if there is a child…well then Leann will be repaid for all her evilness about Brandi’s kids, and we will all be treated to a huge and ugly non-stop custody war!

    • Jayna says:

      There won’t be a baby. In ever interview since 20 with Dean they kept asking her the question, and always we talk about it and want to, except maybe the first two years when she said they were young but defintely want to in time. Seven years nothing.

  72. Jennifer12 says:

    Brandi is as rock star and gangster as they come. I can’t imagine being this strong in the face of having some evil woman you detest and don’t trust around your kids this much, and having it sanctioned by their own sperm donor. I mean, father. But without Eddie around, how did Leann manage to take the boys to the game and pap herself? Did Brandi think Eddie would be there? We all know he doesn’t communicate with her. Eddie really sells those boys cheaply. For Brandi, it’s like stalker groundhog day every day. I wish she and the boys could be rid of Leann forever.

  73. Deanne says:

    LeAnn said that she’d be telling everyone the release date of her album yesterday. Well, when is it being released LeAnn? She claimed that it was only pushed back in the US, but on Amazon.ca., you have to order it as an import out of the UK from Rhino records, so really, it’s not being released in Canada either. Curb still has nada about the album on their website either. What’s the deal? If they are waiting for the public to embrace LeAnn again, the 2025 release date listed on Barnes and Noble might be accurate. With interviews like the one mentioned above, she’s not going to be winning any more fans and alienating more of the few she still has. Is she really that clueless? How she can’t be aware of what a hag she makes herself sound like, is beyond me.

  74. Why? says:

    Leann is feeding more stories to US Weekly. Just like she did last year in March 2011, today a “source”(aka Leann Rimes) told US Weekly that she and Eddie are pitching a sitcom based on their lives. Leann must really think that everyone is stupid. She actually belives that she can trick people into thinking that it’s not a reality tv show by calling it a sitcom? Although Brandi’s kids won’t be on the relaity tv show which Leann is calling a sitcom to save face, they will have actors playing them.

    Why would anyone watch the “sitcom” (aka reality tv show) about Leann and Eddie’s life when Leann plays out every detail of their lives on twitter, her fan website, blog, interviews, and staged photo-ops? What could she possibly tell everyone that they haven’t heard before?

    Didn’t Leann say that she was trying to protect Brandi’s kids in the interview that she gave to Fab mag in London? So why would she do or even suggest doing a show based on their lives? With all the mean and nasty things that Leann has done to Brandi this week alone, why would anyone want to support this relaity tv show, oops, I mean “sitcom”?

    All this sitcom demonstrates is that no one wants to hire Eddie Cibrian anymore and that Eddie’s cheating on these sets have gotten so bad that Leann literally has to babysit him so that his affairs are not exposed.

  75. Why? says:

    The “sitcom”(aka reality tv show that Leann is calling a sitcom to save face) will also include a character based on Brandi. How can Leann keep insisting that she is taking the high road when she does things like this? She whined about Brandi talking about her and yet she pitches a sitcom to include a likelness of Brandi? Leann just keeps getting meaner and nastier.

    It’s funny that Leann is trying to get a “sitcom” based on their lives considering that she has compared her marriage to Eddie to the marriage of Lucy and Ricky on I Love Lucy(because Ricky is Cuban and so is Eddie). Why is every aspect of Leann and Eddie’s marriage based on something else? Leann does know that Desi was a drunk who cheated on Lucy like crazy and that Lucy and Desi fought a lot.

    Since Desi had a band, will Eddie also have a band on this reality tv show that isn’t a reality tv show?

    Who will play Leann’s sidekick? Lizzy or Kiki?

    • Christin says:

      How many times have TV shows been mentioned, with nothing ever coming to fruition? I will have to see a show actually on air before I believe it. Same for baby rumors.

      This saga reminds me of middle school girl drama, whereby a teenager thinks she knows it all (everyone else is stupid or a jealous hater) and just keeps digging further into the hole of irrelevance and negative opinion. Brandi should not engage at all. Don’t carelessly tweet a little dig or anything. Let her keep working on that hole all alone, as she’s been doing to some degree for years, I think.

      I love the last part of Kaiser’s list – “and barely any careers of note.” Indeed – Brandi seems the only one with a regular gig.

  76. Jane says:

    Leann just released herself recording Spitfire on her Twitter. I am dying to know, is the soundcard on my PC going or was she singing as if she had marbles in her mouth? I couldn’t understand a blooming thing she sang.

  77. kylie says:

    @Jayna-liked your comments referring to LeAnn and the changes she has made since the video with Bon Jovi-yes she looks so good and wholesome then. Just wish she would quit all of what she is trying to change about herself.She looked fine naturally. Then she gets into Hollywood and Eddie her looks are destroyed (just like Brandi too too much work)I just wish she would listen to some good advice-fade out-have babies and be happy

  78. BeachBell says:

    One hour ago…..

    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian ‏@leannrimes
    6/4/13 is the official US release date for “Spitfire” it starts to roll out 4/14/13 in the UK

    Maybe they think LeAnn can rehab her reputation by June…

    • Why? says:

      The release dates for the album coincide with the birthdays of Brandi’s kids. Last year Leann turned his birthday into a mega media blitz on 4/15/12 in the parking lot of Chuck E Cheeses and the year before that around 4/19 when she had photos from within the party at CEC released to the press afte rshe and DB spent a week tweeting about the party. She didn’t set up a staged photo-op for the other child, but she did tweet about it sometime in June in 2011 and 2012.

  79. Jane says:

    I saw on Gossip Rocks that the CD was to be released back in November, then to March, then to April, and now June. I have no idea if this true or not.

  80. Dana says:

    Leann got her new tattoo of an arrow while on her little vacation I think. She keeps tweeting about getting her arrow and following it. In reference to the song about following my arrow. She tweeted awhile back about getting one along with her friend getting the same. Just an FYI in case anyone wondered what the hell she is tweeting about.