Reese Witherspoon partied with Chelsea Handler & Cameron Diaz post-arrest

I have a real question for all of you: is it possible this Reese Witherspoon situation is ripe for a conspiracy theory? So many of us love a good conspiracy theory, and it seems like we should at least briefly entertain the possibility that Reese’s drunk-redneck-bitch act is just that: an act. But for what purpose, to what end? Could it be that “America’s Sweetheart” Reese wants to dirty up her image so that she’ll be in contention for different kinds of roles? She can’t just play an endless stream of ditzy blondes in romantic comedies, you know. So maybe she’s trying to dirty up her image. I’m not saying I believe that or anything, but it’s as legitimate a theory as some of the Twihard stuff, you know? Anyway, I was just thinking about that while I read this story of how Reese spent the days post-arrest: by hanging out with Chelsea Handler and Cameron Diaz, best known as The Drunk Bitches.

Reese Witherspoon needs her friends’ support more than ever. Two days after the actress was arrested for disorderly conduct in Atlanta, the Academy Award winner and her husband Jim Toth joined their A-list pals for drinks at New York City’s Greenwich Hotel Apr. 21. (Toth was also arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated; he took a field sobriety test and blew a .139, more than 17 times the legal limit.)

After briefly attending the Cinema Society screening of Mud (where she declined interviews), Witherspoon, 37, and Toth, 42, met up with Chelsea Handler, Cameron Diaz, Michael Keaton, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann at the Greenwich Hotel, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “Nobody was drunk — it was pretty tame,” a source says of the group, who sipped on San Pellegrino instead. “They all seemed really happy. There was no indication that there was anything wrong.”

Witherspoon and Toth “were cuddling” and looked “cute,” the source adds.

Later that evening, Witherspoon (via her rep) apologized for her behavior in Atlanta. “Out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment on everything that is being reported right now. But I do want to say, I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said,” she told Us Weekly in a statement. “It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that is no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. The words I used that night definitely do not reflect who I am. I have nothing but respect for the police and I’m very sorry for my behavior.”

[From Us Weekly]

Yes, because if Cameron Diaz and Chelsea Handler are known for anything, it’s contemplative, quiet sobriety. I’m surprised some “eyewitness” didn’t notice that some members of the party kept sneaking off to the lady’s room and came out sniffling. I’m just saying, if Reese was truly upset by her newly banged-up “drunk redneck” image, she really shouldn’t be hanging out with Camy and Jennifer Aniston’s drunk attack dog. That’s not very sweetheart-y. But maybe that’s the point? See? Conspiracy theory.

Meanwhile, People Magazine got an “exclusive” from some unnamed source close to Reese’s husband Jim Toth. According to the source (who is probably just Toth), he “feels awful that he involved Reese in the situation… He made a bad decision and it certainly made things worse that he dragged her into it.” Jim apparently “gets” that he has to “pay the consequences”. His job as a CAA agent is being blamed for his sloppy-drunk ways, with the source claiming: “Jim has always been a big social drinker. A lot of his job is being social. He’s out to lunch or dinner almost every day of the week, schmoozing clients and taking business meetings. [The arrest is] just going to make the two of them stop and pause, and think about maybe how much Jim’s drinking plays a role in their lives – if it does or not.” Another source says that if Jim ends up going to rehab, “no one would be surprised.” That is interesting.

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  1. Eve says:

    Like Lainey said, she wasn’t scared or upset when she was arrested, she was inconvenienced.

  2. brin says:

    Um, this is wake-up call time…the last thing she should be doing is hanging out with Handler.

  3. LL says:

    I don’t know why but this situation with Reese Witherspoon is so funny to me. Not the “drunk driving/bad attitude to cop” situation, but her PR placing majority but if all the blame on her husband and him needing ‘rehab’.

    Who would have thought RW needed so much damage control when all they could have done was let this die down. With canceled appearances on Jimmy Fallon and GMA, all that does make people be reminded of this situation.

    Also hanging with CH is not the best idea after her being arrested.

    • Jane says:

      She and handler were probably working on getting her on her show in a bit after the worst is over, as a part of her apology tour. handler will then trash someone else (and we know who that will be) to make witherspoon look sweet and innocent in comparison.

    • MissMoody says:

      I’m surprised by all the backlash too but reading the comments from different sites, people are pissed. Guess more was resting on her image as America’s Sweetheart than I realized. Also, throwing your husband under the bus to save your own reputation? Just another reason why Reese is more Tracy Flick than Sweetheart

  4. andy says:

    No conspiracy theory. She just effed up.

  5. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    So Chelsey Handler only hangs out with people with giant chins. Interesting.

  6. GoldenState says:

    Wow, now I’m REALLY beginning to suspect she isn’t America’s sweetheart.

    If I were just arrested and my husband was booked for a DUI, I’d prolly be hanging out with Ben and Jerry at home in my pajamas, crying on the phone to my mom and feeling all sorts of upset.

    • Eve says:

      @ GoldenState:

      Did you read the story a poster linked to yesterday (vv, on that other thread)?

      Witherspoon has always been a bitch of epic proportions.

      • GoldenState says:

        DAMN, really?? Ugh, and I kinda always loved her!! Sigh. Girl crush over.

        Yeah, this whole situations is in such bad taste! Disappointing.

      • Eve says:

        I’ve always read stories about her being a bitch, but this one was told by Kevin Smith — who I don’t believe has any reasons to lie, names names and describes the situations with details.

      • Ms.Smurf says:

        That is just so…unfortunate. I won’t even be able to look at her the same anymore. I’ve always kind of held a soft spot for her, since a lot of people on here didn’t really like her or her acting, didn’t think she deserved her Oscar-which I still thinks she does….but this whole thing, the way she acted, the way she handled it is just so ugh..

        If I had been in the car with someone like her husband, had talked back to an officer, then had all that broadcasted, I would’ve been so embarrassed. I’d be apologizing and begging for mercy from the public every day….I sure wouldn’t be hanging out with Chelsea Handler right after….now I understand that friendship.

        To me, Reese always seemed kind of sweet….just her Elle Driver persona I guess. I can never understand how anyone could be friends with Chelsea Handler. If someone I was working with made racist and homophobic “jokes” about children, no less, do you think I’d talk to them? I would speak to them only when needed to and if there were cameras around I would have a look of constant constipation if they were within ten feet of me. I would be embarrassed beyond belief…I most certainly wouldn’t hang out with her after. Birds of a feather….

      • Anna says:

        [All the drunk driving stupidity aside] What does it say about me that I like her so much more as a bitch than as America’s Sweetheart? I’m much more comfortable with seeing someone’s dark side than all the saccharine coating.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        Let me try to save your ass here (and that’s me being reeeeeeeally nice to you).

        Well, that’s (maybe) because deep down you’ve always known her sweet persona was fake as they come. You felt like she was lying to you.

        Now, even though that’s a nasty version of her (the one she never wanted us to see), you feel more comfortable about it because that’s probably her true self — and she can’t lie anymore.

      • Anna says:


        You’re so good to me :) Sure, let’s go with your story. It makes me look better.

      • Bijlee says:

        Such a funny story! I never liked Kevin smith before this and now I actually really kinda like him.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        That’s the best I could do.

      • kibbles says:

        LOL. Wow, thanks for this link. Never heard about this account from Kevin Smith. Guess it will get a lot more hits now that people want more info on the “real” Reese. If Smith’s account is true, then Reese is definitely the type of entitled snob who would talk back to a police officer. Horrible. She should just be glad that she lasted long enough in Hollywood to win an Oscar and get paid millions of dollars for her mediocre performances.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I think you’re thinking of Elle Woods. Darryl Hannah was Elle Driver in the Kill Bill films.

      • cs says:

        I’m not surprised. I’ve heard worse stories about Reese. Now people who guessed Julia Roberts for the BI about the actress that’s racist are believing its really Ms. Witherspoon. I never thought it was Julia, being that her family were friends with MLK’s family during the Jim Crow Era/Civil Rights Movement. I must admit, I loved her performance in Election Day but always thought she was a B**ch along with her chin sister (Jennifer A). Believe me JA’s cover will be revealed soon as well.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        Eh, Kevin Smith has a bit of an entitlement complex. Remember when he publicly complained that Red State hadn’t gotten nominated for some indie awards?

        I do buy that Reese was unpleasant to him, but I also think he is hyper-sensitive to perceived snubs.

        Kevin described the party where Reese sneered at his girlfriend as being “wall-to-wall with creepy young actors”. Maybe Reese assumed his girlfriend was another of them and reacted accordingly?

      • andy says:


        It’s not right to accuse someone of being a racist based on a BI. The item may be made up or about another actress.

      • Kristine says:

        @Bread and Circuses

        I agree with you. Kevin Smith came off entitled and snobby in that little story. I’m really not a huge fan of him or his work and find it hilarious that he holds onto such asinine grudges the way he does.

  7. Nemesis says:

    17 times the legal limit? I can’t believe their conspiracy theories if they can’t even do simple basic math.

  8. Amy says:

    I’ve gotta say, I was impressed that she released a statement apologizing and did it quickly. Whether she really meant it or not, it was the right thing to do.

  9. Barrett says:

    I just kept thinking behind the great PR image what 2 LOSERS. Could kill someone w drunk driving ya morons…

  10. G says:

    He is gross! And she needs a good ol fashioned Southern b*tch slap to bring her back to Earth preferably from her ignored baby.

  11. JenD says:

    Too bad he didn’t apologize for putting innocent people in a potentially bad situation with his drunk driving. But yeah, apologize for putting his wife in an embarrassing situation that she helped cause. What an a-hole.

  12. Kate says:

    This may get her considered for edgier roles, sure. It also may make it harder to insure her if she’s out drinking and getting arrested while on location for a production. See: Lohan, Lindsay.

  13. Granger says:

    “She can’t just play an endless stream of ditzy blondes in romantic comedies, you know.”

    Walk the Line? Water for Elephants? Rendition?

    She’s done her share of crappy movies, but I wouldn’t say she’s JUST a ditzy rom-com queen.

  14. elo says:

    While drunk driving is never funny..I love the drunk southern bitch. Being from Texas, I know a lot of drunk southern bitches. They are the ones that go to church every Sunday and post on Facebook only about god and their kids.

  15. Nanz says:

    I don’t think there’s a case for a “legitimate” conspiracy theory. It would imply that Toth’s drinking and driving was all “part of the plan,” which would be…reprehensible. What I think is more likely is that they are part of a larger culture that doesn’t take drinking and driving all that seriously. If she was really embarrassed about the situation (not just her behavior in it), I would think she would keep a lower profile for the time being. Show a little remorse and concern for both her and her busband’s actions. But for RW, like many people, it seems DUIs are just a “simple mistake,” a blip on the radar. And this attitude is largely supported by weak DUI laws and lenient court systems.

  16. Dawn says:

    Well it is a shame that she and hubby messed up. And it’s nice that she apologized quickly but that hanging out with Handler is NOT too cool, but it could have been worse it could have been a KrapTrashian. Just think about that for a minute. Oh yes, they are all in NY trying to protect their “brand”. Ha!

  17. anneesezz says:

    For someone who relishes her privacy she sure pulled out the “don’t you know who I am” card out pretty fast, didn’t she?

  18. Tig says:

    If your work, like Toth’s, involves a great deal of socializing, and drinking, alcohol dependence is something to be aware of. Have had many folks in such fields tell me it’s an occupational hazard.

    That being said, very glad no one was injured in connection with this. Peach tree St in ATL is insanely busy day and night.

  19. Talie says:

    He doesn’t need rehab. He just needs to recognize that making his car into a weapon is a dangerous thing. But I’m sure he’ll be required to attend some class that will highlight that for him.

  20. TG says:

    Why dies she use the phrase”out of respect for the legal system. . .” When she really means I am not going to own up to my actions and will not say anything to incriminate myself. If she hasn’t pulled the “do you know who I am” card thus story about her would have been funny and we all would have moved on but she has shown her true colors by her behavior and getting I’m the car with a drunk

  21. KIMYE says:

    Hope she feels so ashamed, SHE JUST DISAPPEAR QUIETLY!!ima gonna pray for it.

  22. scarlett says:

    I flat out dislike her and have always felt that she is not what she seems or tries to portray. I don’t think she is really contrite if she did she would lay low. She was inconvenienced and she obviously feels that she is an elitest. I think that’s just the way it is with her and it’s not going to change.

  23. scarlett says:

    It’s pretty much known in the industry that Chelsea Handler is an alcoholic and drug abuser. I remember seeing a couple of her shows where she absolutely slurs her words…I’m almost for certain she is a pill popper and loves her some coke too. Hanging out with her after being arrested? Not good judgement.

  24. Jayna says:

    What does his drinking have to do with her being trashed out of her mind? She was obviously very drunk to be spouting off like that and combative with a police officer. He didn’t drag her into it. He made a horrible decision to drink and drive and she was complicit in it since she was drunk. It seems like she was drunker than him. At least he was respectful to the officers. She should have sat there, which she would have if she wasn’t drunk on her a….

  25. Gossip Garl says:

    I blame the ‘new’ hair color..

  26. Beth says:

    I really don’t understand how her husband “dragged” her into anything. I only read the initial TMZ report but wasn’t he being arrested when she jumped out of the car twice to yell at the officer? If she had shut her mouth after the first time, this would have been a tiny blurb about Reese Witherspoon’s husband being arrested for drunk driving.

  27. Suze says:

    If she had kept her mouth shut and her sense of entitlement reigned in, she would be in a much better position.

    Remember NIcole Richie was busted for a DUI back in the mid aughts – and she was actually the one driving, I think, the *wrong* way on a freeway – and she has rehabbed her image.

    So it won’t be impossible for Reese to come back from the drinking issue. The entitlement issue will not help her cause at all.

    • Anna says:

      Well, Richie originally came to public attention as a hard-partying wild child BFF of Paris Hilton, so even after she cleaned up a little, antics like that are not a huge shock.

      But Reese’s image was always super-clean super-proper Oscar-winning Southern belle, and it will be much harder for her to come back. The bar is much higher.

  28. Daisy Mae says:

    How come nobody is talking about that She or Jim or both–may have a drinking problem. let some intrepid reporter research that!

  29. Mac says:

    Are these felony charges?

    Mugshots seem like overkill on the part of the PD for a misdemeanor.

  30. Ruth Dunbar says:

    The only thing I’m really interested in knowing is what Michael Keaton is doing with that bunch.

  31. Aud says:

    When I read about Reese, I thought ‘what? no way’, but after a bit of time, I came around and reconsidered.
    Now she has finally stepped out of the boring zone. Still, not a great look in terms of how her kids will feel later on. She ought to transfer her wilder side to her roles rather than her real everyday life.
    There is nothing tackier, or cheap, than a drunk (male or female).

  32. Danielle says:

    I keep thinking back to two years ago when Reese got married and it was discussed on this blog about how she pimped out her photos to coincide with Water For Elephants because she hadn’t had a hit in a while. I never even knew that she had a new film coming out and then all of a sudden she gets arrested and turns up for the premier a few hours after the story breaks and suddenly we all now know that she has a new film out. That’s my conspiracy.

  33. Katie says:

    It’s disgusting that she’s selling out her husband to try and maintain her America’s Sweetheart image. Even if it was his idea, there’s no way that it doesn’t affect their marriage negatively. They screwed up, and her reaction to this has nothing to do with genuine regret and embarrassment; rather, it’s all about trying to fix that she showed her true colors.

  34. Ravensdaughter says:

    Neither charge is a felony charge, just different levels of misdemeanors (at least in my satte, Washington).
    Well, I guess Reese hasn’t learned from her experience.
    Her older children may be noting her poor example. I have 11 and 13 year old boys, and there is NO WAY I would get caught in the situation she and hubby did, little less shrug it off.
    We just had a drunk driver in Seattle take out (2 deaths, 2 critical injuries) 4 people in front of a middle school at 4pm about a month ago. He hit them because they were not in the crosswalk; he had exceeded the posted citywide speed limit; it was after hours for the school zone limit. My older son goes to that middle school and it really shook him up.
    I want them to know in no uncertain terms not to drink (well, not heavily-I suspect it will happen in HS), and never, ever get in a car with someone who is drunk. Call Mom, anytime, day or night….

    • TG says:

      And in Virginia we recently had a high school boy sneak out if his parent’s home to party and drink with his friends then when he returned he crept back into the wrong house 3 doors down and the neighbor shot him dead on the stairs. Drinking irresponsibly can be just as deadly whether you are in a car or on foot.

  35. Lulu.T.O. says:

    Boy, bad PR move for her to go back out drinking the very next night. Plus, after reading the various links (as I am sure many former fans are) I now realize what a colossal bitch she has always been. I can’t believe how she mean girled poor Joey Adams!

  36. MavenTheFirst says:

    She was ‘afraid for her husband’? Ye gods. She wasn’t afraid for him when he was driving DRUNK.

    And what was there to be afraid of????

    I bought her act, damn it. Entitled punk.

  37. bluhare says:

    What I think is funny is the cops calling him Mr. Witherspoon.

    Maybe he can get his balls back in rehab.

    • TG says:

      LOL. And they keep calling her Mrs. Witherspoon and she would only be a Ms. Witherspoon or Mrs. Roth. Also love that her name is Norma Jean Reese or something like that but very country and hickish sounding. I would change my name if I had a redneck name.

  38. Luxe says:

    America’s sweetheart? Clean-cut I get, but she is not Julia or Sandra in that regard. At all. Was she ever “officially” dubbed that??

    Pretty low to sell out your husband to fix your image. Wow.

    • bluhare says:

      I’ve always wondered about Sandra Bullock. Nobody’s that nice all the time as her PR would have it.

      • Luxe says:

        So far, Sandra hasn’t given any reason to believe she’s not a mostly down-to-earth lady. I do believe she has a managed image, but she hasn’t had slip ups like Julia, Reese, Taylor, etc over the years that would make you side-eye her and wait for the day some exposing story comes out. The others we’ve seen examples over time that were completely unforced glimpses into who they are.

        Sandra just doesn’t come off as the “do you know who I am?” kind.

  39. kibbles says:

    No, I don’t believe in the conspiracy theory. I think this is just her true self finally coming to light and she doesn’t seem to care much anymore because she’s already got the Oscar and millions in the bank. She hasn’t cared much about her career in many years, taking on roles in horrible romcoms just for a paycheck, so it’s easier to believe that she is tired of putting on the goody two shoes act. She has probably always been trashy but hid it well during her marriage with Ryan Philippe. The fact that she married Ryan Philippe and became friends with Chelsea Handler before this incident says a lot about her real personality and who she chooses to hang out with.

    Side note, she looks really horrible in that black mini dress. Like a middle aged woman going through a midlife crisis and trying to dress like a college student on a Saturday night. Her hair is horrible and her facial expression shows that she really doesn’t give a sh*t about what happened the night before. She just looks nasty and trashy in the photo. Oh well. Guess we’re finally getting a view of the real Reese.

  40. kim says:

    I actually believe she’s a hillbilly drunken b*tch, and just acts like she’s a sweetie.

  41. MisJes says:

    Yes! TMZ just posted the video of her in handcuffs at the Police Station!

  42. Kelly says:

    If it’s a PR ploy then it backfired big time. She blew it with the entitlement crap. It makes me think twice about going to see a movie with her, and I loved her in Walk the Line.

  43. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Leave Mrs. Poon alone! Lol. Seriously, I believe that is her real name. Go to Dlisted to see her mug shot.

  44. videli says:

    My favorite Southern belle right now, and just as perky and and blonde as Reese: Carrie Underwood. She went to town against the Ag Gag bill in Tennessee.

  45. Agnes says:

    More than “17″ times the legal limit? He’d be dead. I think they mean “1.7″…

  46. Thiajoka says:

    I was thinking–wonder how this story about Reese and hubby was held until Sunday. Then I realized that it’s good for all of us that it was because if it had come out Saturday morning, it wouldn’t have garnered as much attention because it might have been buried. Don’t know if it was her PR team or the police department, but if it was her PR team then they should have known better.

  47. Patty says:

    I read through the police report and her husband was described as polite. As far as being an asshole when drunk or just being an asshole, that seems to be all Reese. The fact that her husband was polite while drunk leads me to believe that be is probably a nice guy or at least one who can control his liquor. But there is no excuse for the drunk driving. None.

  48. Patty says:

    I read through the police report and her husband was described as polite. As far as being an asshole when drunk or just being an asshole, that seems to be all Reese. The fact that her husband was polite while drunk leads me to believe that be is probably a nice guy or at least one who can control his liquor. But there is no excuse for the drunk driving.

  49. emma says:

    I don’t think she CAN play anything besides sweet romcom ladies. She did Cruel Intentions and that Freeway movie where she did slightly darker versions of the peppy romcom girl, but that’s who she is! She’s just the Southern belle who is a huge selfish bitch but puts on the sweet peach facade.

  50. Emily says:

    Reese Witherspoon has always been a nasty piece of work. Remember when she tried to slut-shame every woman who has had naked pictures taken of her, while saying she herself was a “good girl”? Yeah, I wasn’t surprised at the arrest, and I’m not surprised at this. She’s just not a good person.

  51. Springtime says:

    Next will be Reese’s Pieces PSA for MADD.

  52. Janet says:

    Any residual respect I had for Witherspoon went out the window on reading that she hung out with Chelsea Handler.

  53. Kristine says:

    I never bought the americas sweetheart act and I never liked her movies anyway. I don’t care if she drinks every night in her spare time. I also think this altercation is just an inconvenience and nothing more for her. Celebrities act differently to these types of things because it affects their lives differently. Something that might be seen as a huge deal to us rolls off their backs since they will hardly be affected by the repercussions.

    On a side note she looks so so so much better as a brunette.

  54. Butch says:

    Haha….GREEZEE REEZEE. Suits her.

  55. F5 says:

    Reese is freaking out that media will investigate Toth, along with what exactly they were doing that night.

  56. womanfromthenorth says:

    Jennifer Aniston’s drunk attack dog

    Soooo funny!

  57. Noodles says:

    Honestly, I’m wondering who the 3rd person was in the car that night. I read the police report and there was a third person– I think it said something like that person was sent home in a cab.

    Who was it and why didn’t he/she tell Reese to STFU?

  58. Adrien says:

    Even her mugshot is too sweetheart-y.

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