Kristen Stewart named ‘Best Dressed Woman’ by Glamour, beating out Duchess Kate

After Robert Pattinson “rushed” back to LA last week, nothing much happened. The story about Kristen Stewart maybe being seen with Rupert Sanders was BS (I guess) but it didn’t stop Rob from being swarmed by paparazzi in NYC on the day the false reports came out. But it didn’t seem like Rob and Kristen were too upset by it, of course. There were photos of them out together a few days ago – like, they were getting some late-night munchies or something. Maybe that’s Kristen’s big secret? Rob will never break up with her as long as they’re both high. But it does seem like Rob has flown out of LA again, so take that however you want.

Meanwhile, for the second year in a row Kristen Stewart has been named the “Best Dressed Woman in the World”. Yeah. I know. The list was compiled by the Twihards at Glamour UK, and I guess it’s notable because Duchess Kate is not number one. Neither is Emma Watson. I’m always surprised when some meaningless UK publication declares an American to be their #1 anything. But it’s especially weird when it’s Kristen Stewart and I don’t consider her anything special in the style department.

She often seems happier in scruffy jeans and trainers than a posh frock. But it seems Kristen Stewart still has a few fashion lessons for her British contemporaries. The tomboy American actress has been declared the world’s best-dressed woman, ahead of Harry Potter star Emma Watson and the Duchess of Cambridge. It is the second year in a row Miss Stewart has topped the annual fashion list compiled by Glamour magazine.

The 23-year-old Twilight star was praised for her ‘personal rock-chick style’. Although she sometimes embraces high fashion on the red carpet, she often dresses down in her free time.

She once admitted she can sometimes be found wanting in the fashion stakes, saying: ‘I go outside, and I’m wearing a funky T-shirt and my hair is dirty, and people say, ‘‘What’s wrong with her? She needs to invest in a hairbrush’’.

Miss Watson, also 23, remained in second place. In recent years she has ditched her innocent image as a child star with a series of sultry photoshoots and risqué film roles.

The Duchess of Cambridge moved up one place to third. The 31-year-old royal has been praised for her demure outfits during her pregnancy. Her sister Pippa Middleton jumped 32 places to 15. Also in the top five were Spider-Man star Emma Stone and singer Taylor Swift. Other names in the top 50 include Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and actress Lily Collins, daughter of Phil.

Glamour’s 50 best-dressed women of 2013 appears in the June issue of the magazine, out on May 6.

[From The Mail]

Sometimes I try to put myself in the mindset of a teenage girl who may or may not be a Twihard and I try to make sense of this kind of stuff. When I was a teenager, I worshipped Winona Ryder, Tori Amos and Emma Thompson. For this generation of teenagers, is Kristen their Winona? Is that how I should think of it? Because back in the 1990s, Winona was a BIG deal style-wise. She wore vintage to the Oscars, she wore Johnny Depp’s t-shirts on magazine covers and she knew the value of great tailoring. I can see how I might defend Kristen’s style if I was a teenager, but as an adult… I really can’t. I keep waiting for her to figure it out, for her to find her style vision. But she’s too high to figure it out.

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  1. Lflips says:

    I like her style, but I have a sense I’m in the minority. Even so, Duchess Kate? Please.

  2. aims says:

    Gross. She always looks like she just rolled out of someone’s backseat. Pun intended.

  3. Redheadwriter says:

    It’s MAY 1st today, not April 1st.

  4. Annie says:

    Lol ok.

    It amazes me how hungover she looked at the Oscars. How greasy and lazy her overall look was. She should’ve dressed like for the BD premiere. Hair and make up included.

  5. judd says:

    The photos of her and Pattz were shot weeks ago but released recently to give the impression they are daily out. He returned to LA after just 2 days because of the photos of her and that Rupert look-a-like. Saving her ass once again.

    This list is nothing but her publicist’s attempt to give her some relevancy.

    • FLORC says:


      This list is nothing but her publicist’s attempt to give her some relevancy.

      Yes! I thought all these “World’s Most Beautiful” and #1 Best … were are sold to the highest bidder for these mags. Gwyneth has a movie to promote so she won one. When Aniston needs attention she gets one too.
      Kristen’s style is sifting through your boyfriends hamper for an outfit while not bathing. I look at a pic and I imagine she chronically smells like cigarettes. I do love the shorts and top she wore to the kids choice awards. The was was really nice too.

  6. GoldenState says:

    WTF? Is it that that she seemingly looks especially amazing on the red carpet because of her gross everyday appearance?? On the daily, she wears jeans and a ratty white shirt!

  7. booboocita says:


    (deep breath)


  8. Regina George says:

    Kristin stewarts code of style is sometimes i get high and wear a dress ps looks like she sleeps on bed with no sheets

  9. LadyMTL says:

    Yeah, only a bunch of Twi-hards would call her best dressed. I don’t loathe her style (overall, though she can make some god awful mistakes) but to call her best dressed? No way in hell.

  10. Erica says:

    Did The Onion publish that article posing as Glamour?!

  11. Jacqueline says:

    They should have a panel of professionals who know what in the world they are talking about choose the winners.

  12. Jenna says:

    LOL. No.

    Granted she can wear nice things, and look great on a red carpet, but not enough to be considered number one. Bitch, please…

  13. marie says:

    blasphemy, Winona is talented (as are Tori and Emma) so I don’t think that comparison works..

    out of all those pictures, only the the blue/black outfit is cute. and here I was thinking of throwing out my holey shirts and too short shorts but now I know I can sport the hell out of them and be the best dressed of the subdivision..(granted I’m surrounded by older ladies wearing track suits, but still)

  14. Miller says:

    Lets enable this woman to be a total asshole even more by stroking her ego with some totally unmerited accolade! I can’t wait to see her not only not caring about it but actually going out of her way to let us know she doesn’t care about it! Seriously though why do we keep endorsing this chicks behavior? Her movies are terrible, she’s not a good actress, she has no charisma, and not only have rumors gone around that she’s a total jerk, we’ve seen her act like a jerk! She really has no redeeming qualities! When will she stop getting rewarded for being a total doucher? Can we all just agree to stop trying to make this chick into an icon and let her fade into obscurity? Please?

  15. Tessa says:

    If they wanted to go for young hip tomboy, they should have chosen Cara Delevigne. She has more style in one of her eyebrows than Kristen.

  16. NM9005 says:

    Great news! They’re no longer pretending her film career is a big deal (JLaw vs. KStew hahaha) so they focus on her:

    - former cheating
    - clothing
    - being the girlfriend of RPatz who does have a career

    Seriously, give the girl something. Her career is going nowhere at this point.

  17. Janet says:

    I’ve seen bag women who dressed better than KStew.

  18. Rabia says:

    It’s a smart move on the magazine’s part, really. It gets people talking about their inconsequential list because most people will disagree with their top pick.

    She really is a mess, though, isn’t she?

  19. Shauna says:

    Just did some market research on my 15 year old daughter. She used to like Miley. Other than that, she’s stumped for an answer. I like that, it means that none of these folks have too major of a pull on how she looks/feels.

  20. Eleonor says:

    Winona not only had style, but she also had (has) talent.

  21. eileen says:

    No. Way. in HELL. She wears trucker hats and Chucks every day. What a joke.

  22. RobN says:

    I don’t always get such a good laugh so early in the day. Thank you, Glamour.

  23. OhDear says:

    Oh noes! Her hardcore-ness has now become mainstream! What is she to do?????

    But congratulations to her publicist!

  24. Mari says:

    Hahahaha Ohhh you. I so needed a laugh this morning.

  25. madpoe says:

    someone at Glamour has a drinking problem!

  26. mel says:

    I like her red carpet style….its edgy, age appropriate and stylish. Not ALWAYs…but she is not boring like a lot of the other starlets out there. I think she gets far more hate than she deserves.

  27. kim says:

    Lmao glamour magazine people ! Surprised they haven’t started doing spreads on the stylish Target brands since they’ve done sweatshop lookin H&M.

  28. moon says:

    I don’t think she has style. But she’s got a great body, so she gets away with a lot.

    • Cece says:

      gotta disagree – she’s really skinny, but she has no waist at all and no muscle/definition. i thought we were past the druggie, unhealthy look.

      as for the UK Glamour award, I think this is pretty good proof that a PR team can get you just about anything for the right price. i refuse to believe that our British friends are that lacking in taste.

  29. Leslie says:

    Kristen Stewart best dressed woman? WTF???? And Gwyneth Paltrow the world’s most beautiful woman? Double WTF?

    • kim says:

      I know right?

      Celeb magazines be crazy this year! They already think we’re (reg ppl) are dumb enough to believe half the crap they put out, now they want us to believe goopy garbage is “most beautiful” and kstew is “best dressed”?

      Ya right…

      Best dressed is always given to the starlet who isn’t doing well in movies and needs to be in the spotlight to remain relevant. Lmao

    • Another Ann says:

      Most of these “best” lists are a joke. They just pick people who are either very popular, or who generate a lot of hits (positive or negative).

      None of the top 3 come close to being the best dressed woman. Stewart and Watson are both very hit or miss on the red carpet – some cool stuff, some ridiculous. Kate wears some nice things, but dresses like she’s 20 years older than she is. And don’t get me started on those dowdy hats/fascinators.

  30. erika says:


    i will cross off shampoo from my shopping list…

  31. The Original G says:

    It’s amazing what money can do.

  32. Me Three says:

    The whole top 5 is ridiculous. They basically chose the top 5 20 something stars, leaving out Jennifer Lawrence. None of them have any sense of real style. Sorry but I don’t think Kate is a fashion icon either. She looks the same no matter what she wears and she doesn’t have that “it” factor of a Diana. The only thing most of them have in common is they’re skinny, they wear lots of minis and they are trying way too hard to be famous.

  33. Hakura says:

    Wow, this is a joke. Regardless of what -we- think of her, there’s simply NO way to defend Glamour’s suggestion that she is the “best dressed woman…in the world. Not even close.

  34. Ron says:

    Glamour should be applauded for hiring blind fashion editors.

  35. lala says:

    HA HA HA that’s hysterical. totally off topic, but if you want the truth about kristen stewart then please go to and read about what an enormously racist pig she is. why do people like her? she has no talent and has ABSOLUTELY no style whatsoever.

    • Another Ann says: really isn’t the place to go for “truth”. While they do get some stuff right, they get an awful lot wrong, too. Some of their “sources” are crap.

      • lala says:

        that’s true, but the most recently solved one totally fits with all of her behavior. her suddenly dropping out of focus after will smith signed on citing non-existent age-difference reasons…the fact that she yelled at her non-white bodyguard at LAX last year saying “don’t even f—–g touch me dude!” when he was only trying to help her through a crowd of paparazzi…

      • Ann says:

        Don’t believe she dropped out of Focus on her own. Studio dropped her when they recast the male lead, and they’ll cast a new female lead that fits better with Will Smith. Noone was going to believe them as a romantic duo.

        It was made to sound like Stewart walked away, but don’t believe it.

  36. Tiffany says:

    Really? Her?

    Arrested Development for life!!!!!!

  37. INeedANap says:

    She relies on a stylist, something even she has talked about. I don’t think calling her best dressed is accurate when she has someone else dress her.

  38. KellyinSeattle says:

    It always seems like she has an underbite…but really, will she ever change her hairstyle?

  39. homey says:

    She’s a coat hanger. Most clothes are designed for her body type, so she’ll win there for sure. I did like her converse high top phase, but again, only a waif can pull that off. She’s just a wiling young uberthin participant in the hollywood syltist game, not really a “best dressed” contender?
    I’m so severly over the walking dead look in fashion- bony, pale, indoorsy looking. At least duchess kate smiles and gets outside on boats and ski hills. I want vibrance and health in fashion, much healthier role modeling for the diabetic era.

    • Apples says:

      “The Diabetic Era” is such an interesting/great term. I haven’t heard it before. Is it something you came up with, or did you read it somewhere?

      • TheOneAndOnly says:

        Excellent comment homey and everyone else; bring back the 90s supermodel look – womanly, vivacious, curvy, feminine – the fashion industry is idiotic for getting away from that for the “diabetic look” initiated by Kate Moss; as for the list Do these mags no longer care about credibility or are they just shills for whomever pays the most money?

  40. Agnes says:

    I think KStew’s red carpet style is ok. Not the best, but far from the worst.

  41. The Original G says:

    She’s not even the Best Dressed Woman in her own home.

  42. argirl says:

    Meh. Not the worst. Not the best.

  43. aquarius64 says:

    A girl with an image of being hygiene-challenged (a point driven home in an episode of “Family Guy”) is picked Best Dressed by Glamour UK. Now I see why Kristen’s Balenciaga perfume contract wasn’t picked up. Glamour better hope its subscription business doesn’t take a hit. Sometimes bad publicity is not always good.

  44. Tig says:

    When I saw this headline, I cracked up! “Best Dressed”??? Surely not as a woman- get it if the criteria is looking like a 12 yr old boy. Where are Stacy and Clinton when you need them? It would be so great to see them throw all those god-awful baseball caps in the trash!

  45. mar says:

    I love the first 2 dresses. That gold one is so cool.

  46. jaye says:

    While I do think she’s a very pretty girl, I’ve only seen her a handful of times where she looks well pulled together, fashion-wise. Often, it looks like the dresses she wears on the red carpet are in desperate need of tailoring and her style on her down time is that just rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing her hands touched. I am baffled by Glamour’s choice.

  47. Val5 says:

    I like the fact that the Twihards and krisbians are the fiercest fans and yet they manage to ridicule their idols and themselves every time they vote in these kind of contests .. KStew best dressed b, it’s just appalling, next!