Star: Jennifer Aniston & Justin fighting over careers, wedding plans

This week’s Star Magazine cover story is amazing! I love it, even though I don’t believe most of the information in here. The basic gist is that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s engagement is on the rocks… because she still has feelings for Gerard Butler! But of course there’s more to it than that. The first part of the story is just an incident that probably never happened – Justin and Jennifer were partying at the Soho House in West Hollywood at the end of April. They looked miserable… until Gerard Butler came strutting in, and then Jen turned into a Butler fan-girl all of a sudden. Justin was visibly annoyed, so he pulled out his iPad Mini and started ignoring Gerard and Jennifer. Then after Jennifer and Gerard completely ignored him, Justin got up and started talking to other people and he and Jennifer avoided each other the rest of the evening. Then what happened? Tears and betrayal!!

When Jennifer and Justin reunited later that night, “Justin was furious. He called Jen selfish and said he’d felt like a third wheel while she flirted with Gerard all night. Jen broke down in tears. When they left, she had mascara running down her face.”

Sources say the friction between them has been building for some time. After months of fighting about everything from their careers to their families to their wedding, the couple must have finally reached their breaking point, because following the blowup, Jen and Justin called off their nuptials.

“Jen and Justin were so happy for a few weeks after getting engaged, but soon Justin got extremely annoyed with her. All she talked about was planning the wedding around her schedule, without even asking what his looked like. She even told Justin that he needed to schedule his projects around hers! Justin is a very driven guy and he won’t change his work or personal engagement for anyone, including Jen.” So, because of what he sees as Jen’s lack of respect for his career, Justin has refused to set a wedding date.

When vacationing in Mexico over Christmas, “Justin told Jen that he was seriously considering a role in a movie that would be filming later this year, and she freaked out and told him he needs to OK all his projects with her. Justin flipped out and told her that he has a career too, and there’s no way he’s giving it up for her.”

“Justin told her she’d better knock her ego down a couple of notches or he’ll never marry her.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Star goes on to say that poor Jen never talks back to Justin when he’s in one of his bitchy moods, although she did passive-aggressively go out on a friendly “dinner” with Gerard. Allegedly. While I wouldn’t put it past Justin to be a smack-talking tool, and I wouldn’t put it past Jennifer to demand that Justin cater to her every whim, I’m not sure about this larger theme of “Justin is going to remain independent, his career means everything to him.” He’s barely lifted a finger since he got with Jennifer. He has no film projects coming up at all, unless you count the barely-confirmed sequel to… Zoolander. Eh.

Methinks Justin likes having a sugar-mama and whatever Jennifer wants is fine with him as long as she pays the bills. For what it’s worth, Gossip Cop spoke to “a source close to Theroux” who said the story is “false”. Oh, and Gossip Cop also says that Jennifer and Gerard Butler never dated, which is funny because her publicist spent a lot of time and money trying to convince people that some kind of romantic relationship happened. Oh, well.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Faye says:

    It speaks to the sad state of Jen’s career and popularity that these are the kinds of stories tabloids are printing about her. Even if it’s true, it’s sad they can’t be bothered to make up anything better. This is so juvenile. This is Twilight-level stuff (and even the real Twilight stars had better gossip, once a married man/director came into play).

  2. Lizzie says:

    That magazine cover is hilarious.

  3. Sophie says:

    Its Star Magazine meaning it was cooked up in some dingy cubby by two pimply faced interns.

  4. PHD Gossip says:

    obviously, Jen’s publicist is up early to refute this!

  5. Amelia says:

    That is a wonderfully melodramatic cover picture.

  6. Caitlin's mommy says:

    What is with these pictures? They are so unflattering! She looks really, really horsey.

    • Maya says:

      Really? I think she actually looks very pretty here…except for the issues with her hair (see below for my rant on that).

    • Jaxx says:

      I totally agree with you! All I could think is that weight loss does no favors to her face. It just gets longer and horsier the older she gets.

      True, she has a gorgeous body and I truly admire her for being willing to work to maintain it, but the old saying goes that after a certain age you choose your face or your body and now I can totally understand that statement.

      She has clearly chosen her body and her poor face is suffering for it. I don’t even think she’s pretty anymore, and I thought she was lovely as the early Rachel. But her face was wider, softer, a little rounder and didn’t spotlight the chin so much. I wonder what her body would look like if she had that face agtain. Not nearly as bad as she clearly fears. With all the exercise she does she would still have a pretty body if she gained 15 pounds. Not going to happen. She’ll be one of those stringy, skeletal old women.

  7. Maya says:

    Okay, the pictures above of her in the black dress – why can’t Chris McMillian or whatever his name is comb her hair properly?? Those little stray wispy strands at the top – very fixable – are driving me crazy, and it was even worse at the Oscars (I mean, seriously, it’s the OSCARS. If you’re going to wear your hair the same boring way you always do, at least comb it properly!!).

  8. Janet says:

    I don’t buy any of that baloney about her and Cooper, but I can see her being so totally focused on her own wedding plans that she doesn’t give a damn about Justin’s. She’s always been all about herself to the exclusion of everyone else.

  9. Lulu.T.O. says:

    Sad photo. I can’t imagine having to deal with that intimate vulnerable moment being out there for all to see. Gah

  10. truthful says:

    “she left w/mascara running down her face”

    I was a bit too tickled at the thought.

  11. lisa says:

    i dont think the pic is real. if she knew she was being papped, she’d be in a bikini.

  12. irishserra says:

    Is that picture for real or just two separate photos of them ‘shopped together? That is just too much. His pose, giving the camera eyes while she’s crying. These rag mags are ridiculous.

  13. Toniko says:

    Yeah, Butler never dated her, but she was ok with his finger into her as* in public..

  14. Mac says:

    There are elements of this story which sound believable. Justin seems prone to pouting and public outbursts so I can only imagine what he must be like in private.

  15. Micki says:

    Awww, ego clash masked as love discord.
    I’ll start singing “Love hurts” any second now…

  16. janie says:

    I don’t care what she does? She acts like she is in High School… She doesn’t seem to get that everyone grew up & got a life. Marry or don’t? No one gives a rats!

  17. floretta50 says:

    Something has happened between these two. In her own words she stated in an interview that she was postponing her wedding because of Brad Pitt. JA have been speaking about her ex husband constantly on her way to the alter.

  18. Belle Epoch says:

    HAHAHAHA Fake out Justin. Karma’s a bitch. You dump someone who was loyal to you for a decade as soon as a “career-making” star comes along, then you get manscaped until you look like a wax doll, and suddenly you got no jobs and you’re stuck with a whiny ass girlfriend. Epic fail.

  19. Emily says:

    Jen: I won’t sell tabloids if I’m in a normal, stable, happy relationship with a guy. If I don’t sell tabloids, I have no career. Quick, let’s manufacture drama!

    Justin: Well, I love being on tabloid covers, so okey-dokey! How about you have a conversation with your ex-lay and I sulk about it like a 13-year old?

  20. ohno says:

    it seems like the only way JA can stay (barely) relevant these days is to talk about her (fake) wedding nonstop. tbh, do people still care about her as a celebrity?

  21. KellyinSeattle says:

    I kind of disagree with people who thinks she has a great body….she has no waist and she’s a bit stumpy…I wouldn’t bring it up, but when people rave about her body, I just kind of have to shake my head..

  22. Nicolette says:

    This wedding will never happen. She will stay ‘engaged’ until Brad and Angie get married (if they do) so that she can pathetically stay in the headlines with her own ‘nuptials’.

  23. floretta50 says:

    Jennifer Aniston if she is smart would hold off getting married to Eddie Munster. Brad and Angie is nearing the 7th year itch, in Hollywood that’s eternity,most of the time they ditch their partner. Nobody speaks consistently about their ex on their way to the alter. Anyway, marriage vows are till death do us part maybe she kept hers Brad Pitt broke his. There is no shame in wanting your ex- husband back.

    • lisa2 says:

      Actually Brad and Angelina are passed 7 years.. So not sure about that Itch.. hell the tabloids have had them itching for every minute they have been together.

      and that debate continues. I think when you separate and have NO intention of getting back with someone you have the right to move forward with your life. Just as she did with Vince.. so enough.

      that ship sailed the minute they split. They are never ever ever getting back together.. EVER.. lol

    • Lauren says:

      Brad does not want Jen back..he has six children with Angie! Not even sure if Brad still wants Angie..but Jen has no chance at all. Brad has publicly humiliated her & said derogatory statements about their marriage. Jen is becoming more unlikable by the minute. I used to adore her on Friends and thought she was hilarious in “Along Came Polly”. Now she just seems bitchy & self-absorbed…hope i am wrong. That Star cover is beyond obsurd.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @floretta50, who wrote: “There is no shame in wanting your ex- husband back.”

      (Blinks) There is if you’re still pining for him even after he has six kids with another woman.

    • Ms.Smurf says:

      Um, no. Even if Brad and Angelina broke up, he would never go back to her. Take it from a loser who has no life over spring break (me), who spent her entire spring break reading JA’s archive here on celebitchy, from the beginning to the end.

      JA and BP broke up/divorced because they never should have gotten married in the first place. My theory as to why they even got married when they both wanted different things is because of GOOP. I mean, putting up with GOOP’s crap for a few years, and then getting cheated on by her- I think he wanted someone who was more low-key and laid back. Ergo, he met JA.

      After he married her, after the bong haze left them, they realized they didn’t want the same things at the same time. I would say that they both realized that, however he stayed because he wanted to make babies and had a conservative upbringing w/a family who was probably wanting him to start a family as well, and she had a hit tv show, w/a handsome, movie star husband. Neither of them were willing to face reality at that time.

      I mean, when he filmed Troy, she came to see him once in six months! If it was my hot husband away from me for that long, I’d be like Sibi Bale, and plant my butt where he was as soon as I could. When he and AJ did MAMS, JA met AJ once….on the set of “Friends”…she didn’t go to visit him once while he filmed. Especially as he filmed it in two segments…before and after their legal separation in Jan. 2005 because he had to film Ocean’s 13. Which seems a bit odd to me.

      After the divorce, she had that Vanity Fair article, with a writer who was so biased, it wasn’t even funny. I watched the interview on youtube that she did with Diane Sawyer on the article…she was acting as though she was JA and had been cheated on. It was oddly personal. In that article, they (JA, CC, etc) stated that BP did not cheat, etc.

      And the thing that kills me is that whenever she or anyone else *coughchelseahandlercough* attack the JP’s, it’s Angelina. If you read that article, JA says that he explained everything to her, there was no cheating, she believed him, wanted the best for him, and so on. But she seems fixated on Angelina. Anytime she or her “friend” CH say anything bad, it’s about Angelina-or the kids. Never Brad.

      And I don’t believe all that crap about JA wanting to take the high road and not talk about the cheating….when she did that Vanity Fair interview, she could have easily said that as far as she knew, they were still together when he was filming w/ Angelina. But she didn’t. She said he was honest about what had happened, that there was no cheating, and so on. So, I don’t believe there was any cheating. I believe what she said, and I also believe that BP pursued AJ when they filmed for the second time period, after the separation.

      And I apply that to the whole Theroux/Bivens situation. How easy would it have been for Heidi to say, when asked, that she and Justin were broken up/had an off and on relationship for years, and that she wished him all the best? Very easily, especially since she hasn’t done anything but given that initial statement WHEN ASKED. It makes one think doesn’t it?

      Anyway what I’m trying to say with this obscenely long rant (which I sincerely apologize for, I have no life), is that I don’t think JA wants BP back or vice versa. What JA wants, what she has always wanted is to be Alist…which hshe is clearly not. She has Alist recognition (because of being divorced), but Clist talent. I mean, coming from someone who will watch Maid in Manhattan obsessively (because of Ralph Fiennes), I couldn’t get through ten minutes of The Bounty Hunter…it was that bad on both their parts.

      She did, to some extent use the tabloids (don’t tell me she has Huvane out denying baby food diet rumpors, but won’t shut down, at least officially anything to do with her obsessing over her ex and the mother of his kids…don’t even try), bought off CH (we know she endorses what she said…if my “friend” made racist and homophobic “jokes” about toddlers, let alone the toddlers of my ex, do you think I’d be seen in public with her again, let along go onto her show? It’s disrespectful and disgusting, and made the “Angelina is uncool” comment, about a comment AJ made three years ago, and so on.

      To put it plainly, she wants the power of being the golden couple, and she’s pissed that he moved on so quickly with a beautiful, successful, intelligent woman. That’s why all her exes are compared to Brad, why she makes her focal point Brad re: People mag “Five years after Brad” and so on. It helps her career, and she can make cheapshots at his woman, never him, but his woman.

      That being said, I do think that she’s happy with JT. I would hate to be him, knowing that their wedding is going to be dictated under the terms of when the Brange is getting married. I don’t think that JA is an evil person, just supremely boring (not the talented boring like AJ is, just boring), a worse actress than JLo, and is a person that holds grudges forever. I applaud Huvane for working for every single penny that he gets from her..I don’t think I could do it.

      Sorry about this big, long novel…I have no life, and the more I read about JA, the more I don’t like her. She’s one of those mean girl’s that seem harmless and nice, until you do something to offend her, or she can upgrade.

  24. Hatuh says:

    I love her. I think she’s just beautiful, and it always shocks me how invested her fans and haters get, and so emotional about everything she does. Really, it’s kind of creepy on both sides. That being said, the ring is just horrible.

  25. Patrice says:

    God am in I love with that plunging little black dress she’s wearing here! (Actually, I’m generally a big fan of most of the dresses Aniston wears.) I would KILL to be able to throw on something like that but I’m naturally built much more like Kate Upton so even if I were daring enough-I’m not-the whole thing would just look totally obscene on me :( Sigh. So goes the life of being both very modest & busty all at once…

  26. VioletCrumble says:

    I can’t believe she doesn’t use waterproof mascara.

  27. Savina says:

    I think DoC should try the same pose Jenn has in the last pic, that way she can show off Diana’s ring more than she normally does. And yes, it was Diana’s ring and always will be as far as I am concerned. PW even said he gave it to Katey so that his mother could be part of everything.

  28. Anon says:

    I have never thought he’d marry her. I think he’s just using her for publicity and will get out of the relationship rather than marry.

  29. Carolyn says:

    They’re never getting married. Get ready for Poor Jen PR onslaught #34…

    I’m 42. Jennifer Aniston is not someone I look up to admire or wish I was. I don’t think her face hair or body is anything special. Especially considering all the $$$ she has spent on “upkeep”. Definitely not a role model for me. I would never see any movie she’s in or buy anything she endorses. She is vapid uninteresting and not a great actress. No matter what PR spin she and Huvane choose for this week. Not a hater, just someone who sees through the PR crap.

  30. lisa2 says:

    I am not a fan of her. But how can anyone not see that the picture if photoshopped. That picture of her is from that movie she did with Butler. Never saw it, but I have seen that picture of her before.

    and all that I feel sorry for her. This story is tame compared to some of the filthy stories STAR has printed about other celebs and children. Wonder where all the unfair and concern was then. The whole her mother goes to comfort her is one RED flag. She is not even close to her mother. Not sure where that picture of JT came from, but she is not the first to have break up stories printed about her. And as I said as they go her story is tame.

    I hope they do get married. Certain stories are drying up and that is always good for me.