Michael Fassbender & his new ‘mystery girlfriend’ had dinner with Bradley Cooper

So much for Rosario Dawson! Michael Fassbender was spotted out last night in London with a new mystery girlfriend AND Bradley Cooper. They were photographed leaving the Wolseley and then they all (?) headed back to the Bulgari Hotel, apparently. Is that shady? They all got in the same car after eating. Hm.

Let’s get into the Bradley Cooper thing first because it’s easier to explain. I think Bradley and Fassbender met several months ago, maybe the first time, although who knows. What I do know is that after Bradley and Zoe Saldana broke up, Bradley was doing the “single guy, hanging out with my bros” thing for a while, sometimes hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and his posse, and sometimes hanging out with a group that included Fassbender, Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin (who was coming off of his own split with Diane Lane). So, they all party together. Explained.

As for Fassy and this new (?) girlfriend… one photo agency tagged her as “Nicole Beharie” but this is definitely not Nicole, who confirmed their split on Twitter back in January. From certain angles, this woman looks a lot like Zoe Kravitz, but this isn’t Zoe. She just looks a lot like Zoe. Because Fassbender REALLY has a type: petite black (or mixed race) women. I guess Fassy’s thing with Rosario Dawson was either non-existent or short-lived. Which is fine. At this point in his life, Fassy seems to have one monogamous relationship for about a year, then he spend six months dating and having fun, then he gets in another monogamous relationship. That’s his pattern, from what I can discern.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Me says:

    Mystery solved. Her name is Louise Hazel and she’s a British Olympic athlete (heptathlon).

  2. Earth to Kelly says:

    A Saturday Celebitchy post??!! Is this something we can expect going forward? Or just if it involves the latest Fassy news ? :)

  3. Lemony says:

    I wonder if they know each other because of that Natalie Portman Texas movie that is having lots of issues…weren’t both of them in it?

  4. Sour patch says:

    Michael is hot but he a player for sure! And Bradley needs to come out

  5. flower says:

    She’s his type, beautiful woc.

  6. truthful says:

    She’s had my Fassybaby, look at the “smug and fuzzy feeling” inside face…GGrr

    I’d like to smack it off now, I suddenly need a a vodka tonic but its too early.

  7. Agnes says:

    Fassbender looks older in these pictures. I think his hairline is receding.

  8. truthful says:

    Did some digging, she is an athlete, Louise Hazel.

    I just saw a nude “athlete” photo of her, fixing that gin and tonic NOW.


  9. vv says:

    Wow, Fassbender does not look good … actually both of these guys look like ass. But she is really pretty!

  10. Kcaia says:

    Haha, at first I read it like “and then they headed off to the Budget Hotel, is that shady?”, and then I did a double take

  11. moon says:

    Is Michael doing a Hamm with his dong? Couldn’t help noticing. And she definitely looks a lot like Zoe. Personality wise they all seem the same too – aloof, sharp. I wonder how his girlfriends feel about being so interchangeable.

  12. Maria says:

    He looks rough in these pictures but still attractive to me.

    She’s a lovely woman, no doubt.

  13. Sumodo1 says:

    Fassy’s new piece sure looks smug. Arrrggh, stop it!

  14. Jalie says:

    She is a cutie, she looks like Zoe K.

  15. Miss M says:

    Isn’t she loving the spotlight?!

    Nicole was so discreet. I believe the Fassyloonies will have a heart-attack with this new one.

  16. lady mary. says:

    She is stunning,so fassy is taking an olympic athelete to his Dong emporium,bars must be raised pretty high in that bedroom there, .

  17. jamee draper says:

    Is he really drunk in these photos or did he just get out of bed?Either way he looks terrible.As much as I like Rosario Dawson I didn’t believe they were together because he doesn’t seem to date women over 30.That’s his type too,really young looking women in their 20′s.

  18. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    None of these guys can dress off the red carpet. Terrible clothes.

  19. Helen says:

    He is dating the double for Zoe kravitz so he is still hung up on Lenny’s daughter.

  20. Shira says:

    I thought I was the only one thinking she looked like Zoe!
    And Bradley should really keep away from Hollywood’s douchiest.

  21. Kate says:

    They’ve been dating at least one month.

  22. Mam says:

    Where is Suki?? In all Bradley’s photos in London and no Suki??

  23. Leah says:

    I just saw Fish tank yesterday and I can’t believe that’s how he looked just 5 years ago.Wow.Please lay off the chain smoking and whiskey Michael. We need you to stay beautiful as long as possible.

  24. staciedoo says:

    Suki is a sex buddy!!! He never takes her anywhere important. If he was INTO her she would have attended MET gala, the two major premieres of Hangover 3 and out on town. She is a booty call….no more, no less. He always took his true loves to events. She is a talentless, fame whore who went after Coop purely to become known. She is so childish and looks 12. Not even attractive. Hipe Coop was gloving it or gold digger ho will get knocked up for pay cheque. Coop obviously ashamed to be seen with her. Only spent four one night two day together. He also said he was single on Jay Leno. Burn to Suki! Lol. He is ready to find a grown up woman to marry. Suki way too juvenile and drinks/smokes/snorts too much to be a mature wife and mum. Gross little ho!

  25. guest says:

    Maybe they have an out of sight out of mins relationship? Because there’s been multiple sightings of him making out/being over multiple women. So maybe there are together when he’s in London but then he’s free to hook up with whomever when he’s elsewhere…

  26. jinni says:

    Dude looks haggard as f*ck. Wow! Is he really in his mid-thirties, because damn.

  27. dunzo says:

    oooh what happened to Fassy ??? He looks like he’s been hit by a bus. I think I lost my lady boner for him a long time ago, and those pics don’t help.

  28. Atlanta says:

    Finally some Fassy!!! Too much cumber batch and hiddleston. Omg how i missed this man. And yes he has a type that girl looks like zoe kravitz.

  29. guest says:

    Sightings: girl in buenos aires in a club, Cameron Diaz, Rosario Dawson….

  30. hayley says:

    I don’t understand his appeal at all, and you know you’re unattractive when you make Bradley Cooper look good by comparison.

  31. Halicon says:

    omg i thought fassbender was bryan cranston for few seconds, sorry bryan you are way better looking. bradley looks good here.

  32. Patty says:

    Fassy’s new lady looks like a cross between Zoe and Leasi to me. I don’t think he is hung up on either of them. I think that is just his type. Sort of like how all of Leo’s girls start to blend together. That’s what is happening with Fassy.

  33. Beatriz says:

    I used to not “get” the Fassbender-love, didn’t find him attractive etc. But then I saw Fishtank and DAMN!! Needless to say, now I get it xD.

  34. Cam S says:

    That is way too much man-meat in one car

  35. Me says:

    I know that often times celebs (or in Fassy’s case, more than likely, his reps) read gossip blogs/comments. If his peeps are reading this then I just want to say that you guys need to get your man back to 2012 form. No, screw that. 2011 form. He’s slipping big time. There’s no reason why he should still be smoking. It’s killing him and it’s killing his beauty. Get him off the effing cigs! Secondly, we all know how much he likes his drink. But can he not think about his career and how hard he’s worked for it and just slow the f*ck down with the booze? Because it’s killing him, as well. He looks haggard as hell in these pics. What happened? He’s aged like 15 years in a matter of weeks! No man with his natural beauty at his age should be looking emaciated and elderly. He didn’t look like this earlier in the year but it’s pretty obvious that he’s been on a steady decline. Whatever’s going on with him, you all need to address it, STAT because as a die hard fan, I can’t lie. I’m pretty damn dumbfounded. I want the guy on the cover of GQ back. Not this poster boy for eating disorders. No offense to anyone with an eating disorder, of course. But I just wanted to vent my frustrations. I can only hope somebody in his camp is reading this. God knows they scour his IMDB board.

  36. Athena says:

    Ewww….Bradley Cooper looks REALLY CREEPY in that second picture (as well as smug). Creepy and smug….what a great combo. I’ll give Fassbender a pass in these photos but….dude get back in fighting shape STAT!. Also, stop hanging out with the creep with the serial killer eyes….and greasy hair. A world of ewww.

  37. Devlin says:

    Hey, Bradley….where’s Suki?….oh yeah, she’s at home with the sitter.

  38. cubfan34 says:

    This was posted on another board,

    The Celeb writer in our Sunday Mirror says he was having dinner out with his wife Friday and Bradley Cooper, MIcheal Fassbender and Bill Nighy sat on the table next to him, no mention of any women.


  39. Madpoe says:

    They’re all spread out like they don’t want to be seen together.

  40. Janet says:

    If she’s his date, why is he walking ahead of her like that? Not cool at all.

  41. Yolanda says:

    I just want to say one thing that bothers me.Whenever Michael Fassbender is seen talking to a white woman all of the tabloids go crazy with some sort of News Alert about it the very next day.This happened 2 days ago and only a couple of gossip blogs reported it.I just can’t help but notice that whenever Michael shows any interest in a white woman(such as Cameron Diaz or that blonde outside that club,you know who I’m talking about) all of the tabloids go crazy and report it that day.Like they’re all so desperate to prove that he really like white women and doesn’t have a type.He clearly does,young and black.Just saying,if he was walking with a white girl it’d be a much bigger story today.

    • Ashley says:

      That is true but that’s the way the media is. Which in my opinion is so sad and quite pathetic and just futhers society’s notion that white women are the “prize” in terms of beauty.

    • Me says:

      I hear what you’re saying but it came out on a weekend, late Friday right? And a holiday for the US. So maybe that’s why? Doesn’t weekend gossip tend to get less attention? I’m pretty sure the reason this isn’t bigger is because of that. When he was first photographed with Nicole Beharie, it made bigger news than this and was on more sites. However, I do agree with you that when the woman is not of color the news spreads like wildfire.

  42. Bel says:

    Fassy isn’t aging so well and god he’s so beautiful and attractive. my heart aches when i see his beauty is dying. somebody please tell him he needs to smoke less and drink less!!!

  43. coy55 says:

    I cosign with what everyone is saying about Michael and his appearance. He looks at least 45-47 here. The smoking is the real killer to his looks. Smoking decreases the collagen in your skin, and it appears he has lost most of his. That is not good if you are in your mid-30s. He is a good actor so he will work, but he may not get offered those leading male roles in the future if his looks don’t hold up.