Tom Hiddleston & Tilda Swinton at Cannes ‘Lovers’ premiere: perfection?

This is just an FYI: this post is full-on Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston p0rn. I don’t even have that much to say about these photos other than LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS. They are from last night’s Cannes Film Festival premiere of Only Lovers Left Alive. Tom and Tilda play Adam and Eve, immortal vampires and underground goth rock stars. They are amazing. I would have a full-on love affair with Tom and have his Hiddlebabies if he promised to only pose hand-in-hand with Tilda Swinton from here on out. They just look beautiful together. It helps that Tilda makes ANYONE look good. She could stand next to a serial killer and you would think, “Damn, that guy is pretty chic.”

Tilda wore this immaculate and absolutely perfect slouchy gold… ensemble. Is this considered a “suit”? It’s just sort of perfect and amazing and absolutely Tilda. I think it works because of the gold and the sparkle. This is how Tilda does Cannes, and we’re all just living in her world. Her hair is… wonderful. God, why can’t I be her when I grow up?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the photos of Tom and Tilda at the Only Lovers Left Alive photocall too, but the premiere photos… perfection.

Some random photos from Hiddleston’s Who Say page & from John Hurt’s Twitter:

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Twitter.

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  1. Joanna says:

    wow, she’s really tall!

    • Ida says:

      I walked past her in a London airport once and, though by no means short, she’s actually not that tall. She’s just wearing really high heels in these pictures and some of the men standing next to her are not particularly tall.

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        She’s 5’11″ which to me is pretty damned tall, but I am 5’3″, so take that with a grain of salt.

        I think she is wearing heels– she towers over Hiddles who is no munchkin himself.

      • Ida says:

        I’m 5′ 7”, and she didn’t seem much taller than me when we crossed paths. But my memory could be shit! If she is indeed 5′ 11”, that is tall. You should see my 6′ 4” Sweedish friend though, it’ll make Tilda look like a midget! :)

  2. treefingers says:

    I love them…
    Please hold hands forever.

  3. Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

    The hair!!! Omg, she is amazing!

    I think I know what I wNt to do with my hair now.

    I’m reading the film reviews– somewhat mixed, but I think I’m going to really love it anyway.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Her hair is like a sculpture. Only Tilda could do this. I can’t think of anyone else who can be this avant-garde and not look ridiculous or try-hard.

      • FLORC says:

        Tilda, Cate, & Dita are 3 women that have their own unique style and personality. Nothing they do seems “try-hard” and they always pull it off. These are my 3 favorite celeb women and I consider Tilda their Queen. All 3 are aging too and their skin is flawlessly perfect with smile lines and wrinkles. Young Hollywood should be taking notes!

    • Louminary says:

      I recently got the “Tilda Swinton”! Not intentionally, but I wanted to donate my hair to Cancer Society so they had to take it almost all off!
      I love it! I’m a ginger, so I think that kinda helps pull it off, and I like piling up like hers here, but not quite as high, not sure I could pull that off like her!

  4. Raven Sparrow says:

    The reason why she makes others look good , in my opinion only, is because I think she’s not attractive at all! She’s not even pretty or cute or sexy. I don’t like her hair and I think her outfit is ugly.
    But then again, that’s only me.

    I don’t understand all this “OMG she’s amazing, she’s beautiful…etc!” . Sorry! :)

  5. Eleonor says:

    Only Tilda can wear a pijiama and make it look great.

  6. Deb says:

    She is beyond unique. She does fashion like no one else and all that acting talent to boot. And getting to hold hands with Hiddles as a side bonus. can I have her life please?

  7. Badirene says:

    I want to live on Planet Tilda.

    John Hurt is on twitter? I have to check that out.

    This day is looking up!

  8. LAK says:

    And to think she could have been a deb….what a waste that would have been….

  9. Charlotte says:

    The hand-holding photos make me feel happy in ways I don’t understand or comprehend.

  10. smee says:

    If you don’t “get” Tilda, you don’t understand style. She breaks the mold.

    It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t a petite blonde with an upturned nose flashing her tits. She proves that you don’t have to be desperate for attention to get it.

    She radiates intelligence and confidence. I love her hair and the drape of her metallic p.j’s.

    I cannot wait to see this movie. Great to Jim Jarmusch directing again.

    • V4Real says:

      She proves that you don’t have to be desperate for attention?

      Are you kidding? The woman went on display by sleeping in a box for crying out loud. If that’s not desperate then I don’t know what is.

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        That’s conceptual/performance art a d it is more challenging than you think.

        She has an Oscar in the bag and does not need to beg for attention. She never has.

      • V4Real says:

        Oh please just because the name art is slapped on it that makes it different. I bet if someone like Goop or Cameron Diaz had done it you would feel different. David Blaine slept in a box too and called it magic.

        BTW Goop has an Oscar in the bag as well; so what.

      • susanna says:

        I totally agree with you, now everything is art just because the internet says so, I think keeping up with the kardashians is considered art too. Tilda gets a pass for some reason but like you said, I don’t doubt people would be calling Goop some bad names if she did that, or any other actress/celebrity for that matter.

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        Conceptual and performance art has a long and distinguished history dating back to surrealism and fluxus. Tilda’s performance piece itself is something she has been doing for ten years, dating back before her Oscar.

        It has nothing to do with the internet, and it is not a fad. Maybe you don’t get it, maybe you are just ignorant, but this doesn’t invalidate what Tilda is doing.

    • Nina says:

      Yes. She’s not a conformist or a kartrashian or any of these other desperate fame whores who pollute my eyes and ears.

  11. Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

    Could we all take a moment to admire John Hurt?

  12. bns says:

    Stunning punk rock goddess.

  13. Decloo says:

    They look like twin aliens.

  14. j.eyre says:

    The only thing that would make these moments better (besides various scenarios that involve my involvement) would be if David Bowie appeared from the luminous background and kissed them both for luck.

  15. Dedrie says:

    Giantess Platinum Pixie Power!

  16. Miss M says:

    “I would have a full-on love affair with Tom and have his Hiddlebabies if he promised to only pose hand-in-hand with Tilda Swinton from here on out.”

    In your dreams, amateur dragonfly!

  17. Miss M says:

    I think Tilda and Tom look like siblings. But they do look good together. The way they hold hands , hmmm…

  18. Jenna says:

    Eh; I’m not crazy over her outfit. Though I LOVE her hair. I only wish she would’ve gone to the Met Gala this year. That would’ve been a sight to see.

  19. Ai says:

    Beauty is not specific to 1 standard. Some people see and understand Tilda’s beauty, others will not. I find it annoying that just because she is not your type of beauty, some ppl are quick to call her names. She radiates inner beauty to her own standard and fashion and that is what many of us like about her. We adore her hair, her androgynous style and all the while a classy lady.

  20. Ann says:

    I love Tilda because she’s not desperate to please as so many women are, you know, the whole “do you think I am hot? do you want to f* me?”

    I like her “take it or leave it attitude.

  21. MissWilso says:

    Random interesting fact about Tilda.. She went to an all girls school with Princess Diana :)

  22. Izzy says:

    Tilda Swinton is truly one of the very few on the planet who can rock that hairstyle and look completely right doing so.

    Also, John Hurt has a Twitter account. Why do I love that so? :)

  23. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    I don’t get the appeal of this chick – she’s not uber sexy like Angelina Jolie or girl next door like Jennifer Aniston and doesn’t get dramatic naked like Kate Winslet.

    • OhDear says:

      I think that’s the precise source of her appeal – that she does her own thing and doesn’t fit into an easily categorized persona. She doesn’t seem to care whether or not she’s seen as “sexy” as what is traditionally considered sexy. Given that it’s Hollywood, it takes some serious self-confidence to pull off.

  24. Merman says:

    I think few people could stand next to her without being overshadowed.She’s spectacular.

  25. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I just noticed how pretty her eyes were. I love the color.

  26. Amy Pond says:

    Does her hair remind anyone else of the villain from the Incredibles?

  27. Jo says:

    It’s designs like this that makes me wish I wasn’t 5’2😟 I love these easy and comfortable looks but I can’t pull them off because I’m too short. Even with heels on I end up swimming in things like this. Werk Bitch!

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    They certainly make a striking couple! (Those eyes, those cheekbones…envious.)

  29. Lucy says:

    You just need to throw Cate Blanchett in the mix (on the other side of Tom) and BAM! Utter perfection.

  30. Nina says:

    She is just so impeccably high-end

  31. serena says:

    wow, they’re both so tall and beautiful in an uncommon way.

  32. Asdfg says:

    She looks like a chicken! Gorgeous chicken!

  33. Anna says:

    I know I am late to this party but Tom wears the hell out of a tux. And I love the hand-holding! Shipping them so hard right now.

  34. EscapedConvent says:

    When I saw these pics, the first thing in my head was “I ~love~ that gold outfit.”

    How clever of Tilda to find something that looks so slouchy & comfortable, but is sparkly gold & dressy enough for the occasion. Also, I would like to see the price tag, please.

    The only thing is I want to sneak up with a scissors & snip that one little tuft of hair that seems to be trying to get away.

  35. skuddles says:

    ♥ Tilda’s outfit! The color, lines, and elegant simplicity make it absolute perfection.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I think so too. The more I look at it, the more I’m kind of drooling. It is so lovely & perfect for her.

      It’s just the right thing to wear to an event—when you get tired, you can just find a quiet corner, curl up, & go to sleep! In your gold, sparkly jammies. That’s how comfortable it looks to me. :-)

      Pay attention, you Hollywood bimbos who look like you can barely move, what with the layers of Spanx, & the boobies worn outside your clothes, & hoof shoes that you cannot walk in. Tilda looks effortlessly chic because she doesn’t have to think/obsess about what she’s wearing all night (not that she would).

    • LadidahBaby says:

      I agree, it’s all perfection, from head to…oh. No. The one Achilles heel here in an otherwise sublime look is that her pants cover her feet and that looks silly. For me, it would ruin the whole look except that it’s SOOOO ethereally, weirdly, alienishly sublime. She should have gotten a tailor in to repair that one deet. She does really know how to put it all together, though. I love that, uh, whatever it is. (I can’t bear to call it a pantsuit.) She wears it beautifully and carries herself so confidently. With every good reason. xxx

  36. Grant says:

    Sweet Lord, Tilda is everything. EVERYTHING, I say.

  37. Fefe says:

    Tom is beautiful, sweet, clever …. A perfect lord… I love him so much! <3

  38. NEENAZEE says:

    Yikes… Tilda and Tom are beginning to look alike. Just hand one of them a hairless Chinese Crested and it’d be a family affair!

  39. Mandy says:

    Jesus, her hair is extraordinary. I would give anything to be able to pull that hairstyle off!

  40. Maria says:

    people She is 53…She is amazing for 53. bone structure unique, her style is odd and arty but you could style her more conventionally and she is a beauty…she doesnt look all botoxy or fake either

  41. Kloops says:

    My absolute favourite alien. Not classically beautiful but sheer perfection nonetheless.

  42. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Don’t know where else to put/ask this: Did anyone else read that Angelina Jolie’s Aunt Debbie just died from breast cancer? I feel so bad about that, and her family history certainly explains some of the crazy things that she’s done in the past, why she had such a large family so quickly.

    I wouldn’t wish her family history on my worst enemy. That’s got to eat at you, knowing that you are virtually guaranteed to die by cancer at a fairly young age, and see that happen to all your family around you. It makes me grateful that the women in my family are healthy.

  43. rightgrrl says:

    She is super cool (how does she get her hair to do that?) but TOM. Omg.
    That man just does it for me!

    He so pretty :)

  44. Jenn says:

    I just love her because I don’t think she gives a damn what people think. That hair is pretty awesome.

  45. drea says:

    I get too much of a younger brother / older sister vibe from these two to get all lathered up about them as a (movie) couple. I guess I think she’s a bit too much for him.

    But Jarmusch and Tilda? Now that I could get on board with.

  46. allons-y alonso says:

    Ar….are there little skulls on Hiddleston’s bow tie? Because if there are that is strangely hot. Bow ties are cool!

  47. Atlanta says:

    Why are you covering this movie so much? Just because of hiddleston? Its wasn’t even a contender in cannes. The movies who got prizes and seem more interesting are getting no coverage at all on this site. The male break out star of cannes is oscar Isaac the lead of the new cohen brother film which was the runner up at cannes. Not hiddleston. Just saying…

    • allons-y alonso says:

      To be fair, the articles about Cannes are mainly covering the fashion and the personalities, not the films themselves

      • Atlanta says:

        I am sorry but Tilda is a fashion icon Hiddleston isn’t. You can even argue he is a little untrendy with his fake bake. He is also not someone who got a lot attention in cannes in general for his work. I get that he is big on certain parts of tumblr but his coverage here really isnt relative to his status elsewhere.

    • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

      I am also not really on the Hiddleston train, and I think you are right about his acting potential.

      Fwiw, I think anything with Tilda is top news though. It’s TILDA.

      Coverage at Cannes has been pretty good, though I wish some of the lesser known film not up for the Palme got more coverage. Joderovsky is back! Check out Peter Bradshaws reviews at The Guardian.

      • Atlanta says:

        I feel like they havent covered the movies that got the top prizes at all. The gay movie that won the palme
        dór is meant to be a landmark movie and bound to be controversial especially in the US. Could have covered that instead of boring old polanskis outdated views on women

        I love this site maybe i am being harsh, but sometimes i wish they wouldnt just stick to covering the same people over and over. Hiddleston has a post here everyday.It can get boring.

      • Lemony says:

        There has been a story on Hiddles for the last couple of days, not every single day of every week of every month. There are far more of Cumberbatch & others.
        But really, this isn’t a film site.
        I think there are a couple of good Cannes film sites to check out.

    • Syrav says:

      OLLA was actually pretty well-received, considering that the subject matter made it really hit-or-miss. Nobody’s calling it a masterpiece but reviews were mostly positive. TH and TS performances were praised as well. Oscar & Adele are the breakout stars but that’s because they were virtually unknown, especially compared to the other actors who had movies in competition.

  48. diva says:

    He does look nice. I guess I’ve missed what so great about this women? Maybe I’ll have to look into her movies.

  49. Ginger says:

    Holding hands again…they are trying to kill me! Sigh…

  50. Esmerelda says:

    Tilda IS.
    Hiddles looks proper and sweet, and that’s good.

    BUT! What happened to Jarmusch? He looks soooo tired! He used to be the perfect man, handsome and intelligent and witty and with a great voice and and and… Jim, what happened?

  51. Mia says:

    Tilda’s eyes are gorgeous! But I can’t stand her outfit, and I think Tom’s look is typical and boring so…ehh.

  52. gogoGorilla says:

    Not on the Tilda love train, either.

  53. flower says:

    I don’t mind Tilda, in fact its funny watching the silly fangirls go insane because Tom is holding her hand. lol.

  54. Ladytron2000 says:

    madame swinton is 53, hiddles is 32. they’re nearly 20 years age difference. love that it’s the opposite of the typical younger woman to older man set up. you go, girl!

  55. Telephantasm says:

    does anyone know where she is these days?
    i think i saw her 2 hours ago in sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina…