Justin Bieber’s neighbors revolt, stop paying dues over speeding

Justin Bieber

Here’s a newish photo that Justin Bieber posted to his Instagram of Biebs with rapper Tyler, the Creator, who is apparently a willing scapegoat for Bieber’s recent speeding antics through his Calabasas neighborhood. We’ll get to this silliness in a moment, but first a recap.

Bieber has shown himself to be no stranger to speeding through his hood and threatening to kill any neighbor who dares to tell him not to endanger lives. The latest such incident hilariously resulted in ex-NFL football player Keyshawn Johnson chasing Bieber back to his home where Biebs ran and hid “like a little child. Well, Bieber’s neighbors have all collectively had it with this accident waiting to happen, and since the LA District Attorney’s office is predicably dragging its feet, the members of the homeowner’s association are taking matters into their own hand and refusing to pay monthly dues until something is done about Bieber. Voting with one’s pocketbook is often the smartest thing to do, and this situation is no exception:

Keyshawn Johnson

Ex-NFL player Keyshawn Johnson isn’t the only Calabasas resident who’s fed up with Justin Bieber.

TMZ reports that Bieber’s neighbors have banded together and stopped paying their monthly dues to their homeowners association in an effort to get the group to do something about the alleged neighborhood menace. It’s reported that 500 residents pay $1,000 a month, so the withheld money could really do some damage.

Sources told the gossip site that the goal is to force the HOA to give Bieber a warning about the neighborhood rules he’s allegedly broken.

Bieber has been accused of driving at reckless speeds through the gated private community, holding noisy parties (even when he’s out of town) and his friends have allegedly been parking on the street overnight.

[From Page Six]

This tactic should get results from the HOA sooner rather than later. Of course, Justin already whined about being framed for this latest speeding incident; and conveniently Tyler, the Creator (that comma is so irritating, right?) is now taking the fall and claiming that he was the one who was driving, not Biebs.

Well, Keyshawn told TMZ how he really feels about the incident: “We try to get behind gates so we can enjoy our families and enjoy our lifestyle, but you got a 19-year-old kid feeling entitled speeding up and down the highway.” As for Tyler, the Creator’s claims, Keyshawn is calling bullsh-t: “Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and white kid driving a car … I got biracial kids.” Keyshawn goes on to stress that Bieber must accept responsibility for his actions. I couldn’t agree more.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Fame/Flynet, and WENN

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  1. Mrs. Peacock says:

    He makes me all barfy.

  2. bowers says:

    Why in the world would this kid want to live in a gated community? People in gated communities go there for the peace and the quiet.

  3. Lucy2 says:

    Bieber, The Baby isn’t going to listen to an HOA. He’s an entitled turd who thinks he’s invincible.

    The HOA takes in $6 million a year?! I’m in the wrong business. Wonder what they provide for that kind of cash.

    • Ivy says:

      ahahah love this nickname ^^

    • FLORC says:

      He will listen. He may not like it and in the end he may just quietly put his home on the market claiming he was done with that neighborhood and was going to leave before all this happened, but they will make him leave.

      The only way to get people to do anything is to withhold money and in the case of most HOA they will act fast if there is a danger in their community. He’ll be driven out and we’ll hear it on twitter from him and his pity brigade.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      I’ve lived in a strict HOA before. They had the power to shut off the water if residents didn’t cooperate with the rules. We signed a contract agreeing to that stipulation in order to move in.

      Justin’s ‘hood probably has a manned gatehouse. The HOA may be able to restrict access to his guests as well. They can make it extremely annoying for him to live there.

  4. Darkladi says:

    I so love the pic of his bodyguard getting ready to put him in his car seat

  5. whipmyhair says:

    Thank you for putting the Bieber in a carseat photos! They are the gift that keeps on giving.

    Also I bet Bieber will tweet about how his neighbours are bullying him, and Justin Bieber stands up to bullies!!!

  6. Tifygodess24 says:

    Where’s his mom? I thought they made such a big deal about being super close and she was guiding him in his life and has this super huge influence( and blah blah blah…) yet she’s no where to be seen? I know he’s what 18?/19? But I would be damn if I let my grown ass child act like such an Ahole in such a public forum. Where’s his PR team???
    That pic of his team “holding” back “hard core Beiber” always makes me laugh!!! Looks like an angry toddler.

  7. Jacqueline says:

    500 residents doesn’t strike me as too exclusive. I’m sure it’s very, very nice at $1,000/month. But that seems like a very large “exclusive” gated community.

    • Val says:

      I live in the same city as the Biebs – Calabasas, CA, although, the condo I rent is in one of the few middle to lower income sections of town and I don’t live behind gates. However, I may well be in the minority because I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere between 45-65% of the homes in this city ARE behind gates. Based on 15 years of residence, it all to often seems like Calabasas, CA is ground zero for narcissists who feel completely entitled to disregard any and all rules, ordinances or laws if obeying same might present the slightest inconvenience to their oh so important lives.

    • shannon says:

      This is just a guess, but I’m thinking there might be a building with condos in the association. That would explain a few hundred extra part-time residents. And you never know if there’s an arrangement where people from nearby communities are counted because they pay a fee to use the facilities. There is probably a concierge, a nice pool, dining options, a golf course, etc.

  8. Christin says:

    Agree with Keyshawn. One spoiled brat neighbor should not aggravate or endanger others.

  9. marie says:

    monthly dues? I b-tch like crazy when I have to pay my yearly dues..

    put speed bumps in the neighborhood, let him bottom out his car. one good bump and he’ll f-ck that car all up. Isn’t his 15 minutes up yet?

  10. Tapioca says:

    Pish! Don’t they know that being a celebrity means never having to take responsibility for your actions?

    Just ask Charlie Sheen or Li-Lo…

  11. K says:

    I work in property management and if there is one thing that drives me insane it’s residents thinking the management company is a landlord. These people are WAY out of line.

    Yes, there are times when people have a legitimate gripe about their neighbors’ behavior…but it’s for stuff like LETTING THE GRASS GET TOO LONG, not for some rat bastard kid blowing through the community at high speeds. That is what the police are for. It’s not the HOA’s problem that this brat is speeding through the neighborhood, nor is it their responsibility to stop him. HOA’s are there to manage community property to protect property values. THAT’S IT. The only thing that would change my opinion of this is if it turns out in the bylaws that the HOA is supposed to provide security, including enforcing speed limits.

    While I suspect at a $1000/mo/per lot they’ve got a hefty reserve built up, the only people this is going to hurt are the vendors—the lawn guys, the road guys, the gate guys, etc.

    • MojoRising says:

      I hear what you are saying. I think it shows their level of frustration to take it to the HOA. I swear, the inmates are running the asylum in CA. I couldn’t bear to live out there.

    • HappyMom says:

      I’m guessing that they’re not getting anywhere with the police, so they’re doing this instead.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Because it is a private community, I have heard the speed limit is set by the HOA, not the city. Therefore it is a suggestion, not a law. I haven’t vetted that theory, though.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      In a gated community the HOA generally does provide security. It’s their private property that he’s speeding on, no? I don’t see how it’s not a liability if he wrecks and damages the property there.

      • K says:

        That’s a fair point that you raise. We have one Association nearby to where I live that is actually incorporated as its own town and hence they have their own security force. But the majority of gated communities simply do not provide their own security. Yes the roads are generally owned by the community, and the community is responsible for the upkeep, but that doesn’t mean the police don’t have jurisdiction over them. I hope that makes sense. And any liability that would arise from Bieber screaming through the Association would be all on him.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Ahh, I see. It’s so nice to have someone in the biz on the comment boards here at times like these :) I’m always learning new things!

      • K says:

        I’ve been doing this for two years, and I’m STILL learning. :) Believe me, property managers spend a great deal of time every day trying to suss out who is responsible for what. I feel so sorry for this property management company. Whomever is responsible for this property is screwed. I can guess how this went down:
        a. residents call to complain about Bieber
        b. manager tries to calm them down and tell them to call police, that, as much as they would like to help, this is a law enforcement matter. Probably calls cops themselves to back the resident up.
        c. resident doesn’t get anywhere with police, decides to exert influence where they have some and calls property manager again. Doesn’t get any further.
        d. resident gets on the website (or emails everyone) and bitches and moans to everyone about perceived inability of management company to deal with problem. Suggests withholding HOA dues to get point across.
        e. someone leaks this to press, and now the property management company is getting phone calls left and right, real emergencies (like ruptured irrigation pipelines) are being put on the back burner to deal with the first world problems of a bunch of rich people.
        e. Property Manager is hammered by 5pm if they haven’t quit.

        Ironically, by not paying their HOA dues, they’re opening themselves up to foreclosure.

        It’s a crazy job. :)

      • Nerd Alert says:

        You’re right, it doesn’t seem like this will get them anywhere, just like with the police. $1000/month X 500 sounds like a lot of maintenance needs to skip, you know? Of course you do ;) After reading that I want to be hammered by 5, too.

        What California needs desperately is a way to withhold funds from their crooked, lazy LAPD.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        In SoCA, in the event property management provides security, it is called a “Courtesy Patrol,” as “security” implies that vehicles/homes/condos won’t be broken into, which no one can guarantee.

        Private properties have the right to set speed limits (mine was 10 MPH) AND, IF INCLUDED IN THE “HOUSERULES,” the right to serve a Three-Day-Cure-Breach-or-Quit. After 3 violations, a 24-Hour-Quit may be served (make sure it falls within your management company’s parameters), or a 30-Day-Notice-to-Vacate may be served. (It may also be a 60-Day-Notice, based upon duration of residency.)

        12 years Property Management speaking here.

    • Bodhi says:

      I bet that particular HOA is responsible for security & enforcing speed limits. I also bet that there are a lot of lawyers & business folk in that neighborhood & that they’ve done their research into the bylaws, etc.

  12. most-celebrities-suck says:

    he is so hardcore

  13. carol says:

    oh god why is he such a boob?

  14. Gal says:

    Please, please, please ALWAYS use the picture of Bieber, The Baby (love that) being put into his car seat when you do a story on him. Please.

  15. Dedrie says:

    Two faced hood.. wah-wah-wah.. sure I’m tough.. but I’m a nice guy.. uh huh so weak brained.. insecure.. mimic poser, flight and panic when he gets caught..

  16. Nick says:

    Ill never understand why people wear their pants/shorts below their a**. Its not like I’m ancient either (I am 33 y/o). Why is this a thing? Can someone explain to me, please. If I were to rank who deserves a punch in the mouth the most in Hollywood it would have to be:
    1) Chris Brown
    2) Bieber

    The problem is these tough guys hide behind body guards so they can run their mouths/act like idiots w/out consequence. I cannot wait until Bieber declares bankruptcy. Its coming.

  17. Leigh says:

    Didn’t Keyshawn SEE him run up the driveway like the little bitch he is?!?! And now he’s blaming one of the black guys in his entourage? Seriously??!!

    I’m all for not seeing the colour of ones skin, but that’s just flat out ridiculous.

    • Migdalia says:

      Keyshawn is not pointing any fingers at Tyler the creator. He’s calling bs on Tyler taking the blame by saying HE KNOWS it was Justin Beiber that was driving as he clearly saw him.

      • Leigh says:

        No no.. I know Keyshawn isn’t blaming The Creator – I’m calling out Biebs, The Baby for blaming one of the dudes in his entourage! Keyshawn SAW Bieber running up the driveway, the fact that Bieber is blaming some other dude, who happens to be black – when Keyshawn saw the sad, little skinny white boy running away, seems ridiculous to me!

  18. Shuffle says:

    I love that first picture of Justin bodyguard holding Justin at the door of the SUV.

    It’s almost perfect like he is going to put him back into his car seat for the ride home, cause baby was having a temper tantrum!

    Never get tired of that picture.

  19. MonicaQ says:

    As a black female, I don’t like going, “That jackass is racist,” because it’s like a “go to” response.

    But that jackass (Beiber) is racist. Every time some shit go down, it’s the black dude in his group. “Nah wasn’t me, it was that black guy smoking weed. Wasn’t me that trashed that hotel room–black dude. And speeding? Totally a black dude. I’m a sweetheart Canadian that loves Jesus, think rape happens for a reason, shows up 2 hrs late to concerts, and tries to beat up my neighbors.”

    Keyshawn, you should’ve been faster.

  20. eliza says:

    When is this little, entitled parasite going to go away?

  21. Faye says:

    Blaming Tyler, the Creator? Bien sur. I’m not one to play the race card, but isn’t there always a black person for Bieber to blame whenever he gets into a scrape? Wasn’t his drug-taking some black kid’s fault? Come on. And whose fault was it all those other times when he was speeding, and Tyler wasn’t around? He disgusts me.

    On the plus side, that picture of him being picked up like a fractious baby will never stop being funny.

  22. Kelly says:

    I think I love Keyshawn. That great big beautiful man and the little girl.

    I would give anything for film of him chasing little B down in his Prius and B running into his house.

  23. With a name like Tyler, the Creator he almost deserves to take the blame…seriously it sounds like a name for a 6 year old.

    As for the Biebs…I’ve never wanted to lay a kid over my knee and whale on his ass with the buckle end of a belt like my Grandfather did…but I think it’s called for here…maybe if he had learned consequences to his actions as a child he might not be the entitled megadouche he is now.

    This is what spoiling and telling your precious crotch dropping how special they are all the time does to kids.

  24. lisa says:

    keyshawn for HOA president!

  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    The bald guy is hot – wonder why Jennifer Aniston never went for a dude like that.

  26. MollyB says:

    I live in a regular house in a blue collar neighborhood in the city but when some annoying kids on our block decided to start racing through the street, we contacted our alderman and he had the city install speed bumps on our street. It’s annoying as hell but at least we don’t have to worry about our kids getting mowed over on the way home from school.

  27. Emily C. says:

    Why are these guys Bieber keeps blaming for things still friends with him? Is it the money?

  28. mabooski says:

    *side-eyes* how is tyler the creator a willing scapegoat? receipts please

  29. Itsa Reallyme says:

    Not paying your HOA dues is not a good idea. Where I live, your HOA can take your home for missing payments. I do understand their frustrations though. Maybe the neighbors need to set up some type of cameras to capture the speeding so the police will do something.

  30. Anna says:

    I absolutely love the way the community is going about this. It’s smart, it’s organized, and it’s on a large enough scale to make some noise AND not get placated by some hush money/aggressive ‘fixers’.

  31. Jule says:

    Why does he want to live in a gated community with families? Why doesnt he go live somewhere hip and trendy?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      LA has a lot of party neighborhoods…Calabasas isn’t one of them. It is where people with money go to raise families as it is way far out of the way of all of the action in the city.

      I think that is partly why he has so many parties, though. He doesn’t want to drive to the action so he has to bring it to him…and his neighbors.

  32. hatekyle says:

    Put him in the cell with Jodi Arias.

  33. bullpin says:

    Call me crazy, but what if, as Justin is speeding through the neighborhood, randomly tossed a plastic dummy towards his car. He’d think he’d hit a person, freak out and everyone records and place it on YouTube. Just saying.

  34. colt13 says:

    I don’t know if those celebrity races are 21 and over, but he should do like Jason Priestly and drive the pro-am if he wants to drive fast.