LeAnn Rimes on singing about cheating ‘it was the elephant in the room’

Kaiser passed this LeAnn Rimes story over to me because I think she’s tired of covering it. There is only so much you can take of LeAnn’s hypocrisy. Plus the girl just talks so damn much. She’s been promoting her new album, which just seems like an excuse for her to keep playing the victim and covering the same old ground. It’s exhausting.

The latest in this never-ending saga has LeAnn appearing on The View yesterday. She was of course asked about the personal nature of her latest songs, and she acted like it was the first time she had addressed the whole situation, like ever, when it’s all she’s talked about in interviews for years.

On how open she was about the affair in her lyrics
It was incredibly hard to write. It was kind of like the elephant in the room that I had to address. If I would have gone out and sung songs about everything being happy and fine everyone would have gone like ‘that’s so not true.’

So I mean I really sat through a lot of tears, through a lot of honesty. I didn’t realize I was experiencing these things until I wrote it.

Everything I’ve gone through, this emotional roller coaster ride over the past four and a half years is in song in this record.

On being in the tabloids and being a musician
They’ve had a great time with me. That’s what I love to do [sing]. I’m glad the conversation is changing. Yes I’m approaching these topics through my music, but at the same time… these are real human emotions. I’ve been in this business for 20 years and for the first time I’m approaching this from a human perspective. People always know me for my voice… they’ve never really gotten to know me.

On if the criticism is unjustified
I definitely take my responsibility for the side of things. I definitely think that it’s been a very skewed version of this story and it’s gone on far too long. This album was written two and a half years ago and I am approaching real emotions, it’s not just the situation.

On the lyrics to Borrowed and if she still feels the same
Yeah, that was a moment in time captured through music and of course I know it was wrong. Life is so complicated. Life sucks sometimes. When you grow up in the public eye you kind of – like I said no one really knew who I was. I think that was also half my responsibility to figure out who I was and it was hard. It was incredibly complicated. I think finally, through my music and through my life, first time I’m kind of settled a little bit more. It was nice.

On her rehab stint
I wasn’t going in for anything other than anxiety and stress. I lived this life I had a lot of emotions I hadn’t dealt with growing up in the public eye. Writing this record I opened up a can of worms I didn’t even know was there. There was a lot of really deep things I wanted to go take care of myself. I’d taken care of everyone else, I wanted to pause.

On if she has found peace
It depends on the day.. acceptance is an amazing thing.

On being a stepmom to Eddie’s kids
For us, it’s fantastic. We’ve been able to build this life that we’re very happy with, this family that we’re happy with. Those kids are so amazing and they’ve always been so respectful and accepting. I’m lucky, I really enjoy them. We have them half the time. It’s not easy at all.

On getting along with Brandi
As any stepmom would understand, it depends on the day.

[From The View video]

I watched it, you can watch it at about 25 minutes into this video on Hulu if you’re in the US. All I heard was “me me me, my struggles, my problems, my life is hard and you don’t know me.” Plus she focused so much on getting her side out, as if she hasn’t done that pretty much nonstop on Twitter and interviews. It is tiring! It’s ridiculous. If cheating was an elephant in the room, it was one she dressed up and trained to act in her own personal circus. She thinks we don’t “know” her, but we’ve watched her beg for attention for years, and we’ve heard her say the same things over and over. We know her, she just tries too hard to be something she’s not.

LeAnn is shown yesterday in NY. Credit: Pacific Coast News and FameFlynet

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  1. Brown says:


  2. Mrs. Peacock says:

    Elephant in the room?
    More like a heiffa in aviators.

  3. Kiddo says:

    Um no, the crazy attention seeking is the stomping charging elephant in the room. If she writes an honest song about that, I might listen.

    New album: 24/7 Fame-whoring. She could mention the Kardashians and all the housewives too.

  4. aims says:

    we all know she’s full of sh*t. We have all called her out, and think she’s crazy. I think we’re all getting to the point here, where our heads are going to explode with her bullsh*t.

    She has to have some kind of mental health issues at this point. I just can’t put my finger on it.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think her whole problem stems from her inability to accept responsibility for what she did. She tried to make it seem as though her relationship with Eddie wasn’t her fault, their love was a force of nature, her “body wouldn’t let her stop.” no? Ok, it was BrandI’s fault! She’s evil! No? Ok, look, I’m just like Brandi, except I’m a better mother! I have the same clothes and everything! No? Ok, I’m a victim, I’m so misunderstood, I had tape over my mouth for years! No? Ummm, well it’s somebody else’s fault, right? I think she would have been forgiven long ago if she would just say, “what I did was selfish and dishonest and wrong.” and then shut up.

      • Itsa Reallyme says:


        And she’s like totally like a hero. Because she like totally saved Eddie and those boys from like a life with like Brandi. Totally like a superhero ya’ll.

      • Apsutter says:

        People cheat all the freaking time. If she had just showed one bit of remorse and apologized and then stopped talking about it most people would have forgotten about it by now, especially because she’s the biggest star in the trifecta and Brandi wasn’t even famous. She could have led a nice quiet and happy life with “her boys” if that’s what she really wanted. And she could have released the exact same album and it could have been popular. But she didn’t want any of those things. She wanted to be the one everyone is talking about and be in the tabloids daily. I also have a theory that she keeps putting them front and center because she’s terrified if she disappears from the public eye then Ed will leave her

    • Jennifer says:

      @ames +100 on everything you said. I really really can’t take anymore of her. I have been thinking every-time I read something new she has said that she must have some type of mental disorder. I saw a UTube of her singing at a club since she got out of rehab. She was laying on the floor singing. Leann looked really messed up and out of it.
      Gurrl HAS ISSUES!

  5. lem says:

    i think she’s a terrible awful ugly person but i really wish i had her hair.

    and i hate myself for saying that.

  6. dorothy says:

    She’s talking about it all again??? Enough already, get some psychiatric help!

  7. brin says:

    She is a broken record (pun intended).

  8. TheOriginalKitten says:

    She sucks but she looks better than usual in these pics– I mean, minus those awful tie-dye pants.
    Glad to see those terrible bangs are gone at least.

  9. HappyMom says:

    Oh my god-shut up. SHUT UP. So many celebs have cheated on people, left spouses for their affairs-she is the only person who NEVER stops talking about it. As a result, no one ever gets past it. Do you remember that Tom Hanks cheated with Rita Wilson and then left his wife for her? How about Julia Roberts? Robin Williams leaving his wife for the nanny? Or if you remember, does it matter? Do you immediately associate them with gross behavior and are repulsed by this? Probably not. Because they didn’t TALK ABOUT IT.

    • Christin says:

      Julia pulled her little t-shirt stunt and apparently learned a lesson from the backlash. I will give her credit for finally staying quiet.

    • Naddie says:

      WTH Robin Williams left his wife for the “help” ?! *Scrambles for the google button*

      Oh, also agree with everything you said. I knew about Tom Hanks because he addressed it in a playboy article (I only read it for the interviews lol). He said he wasnt proud and he tried to make it up to his ex and his son Hank. I knew of Julia from old tabloids. But its not my first thought when I see these two because they dont beat me over the head with it, Leann. Or pretend to be equal victims of the self-created situation.

    • Nerd Alert says:


      I could not agree more, HappyMom.

      Doesn’t she have a therapist? A friend? Literally anybody to talk to besides the effing media?

      Maybe after this album flops she can stop talking about it.

    • ya says:

      Completely agree…. She has been a public relations disaster for the past 5 years. I think the album was great but all of her interviews, tweeting, tabloid stuff etc are ridiculous. I don’t know why she doesn’t realize that by now. I sometimes think that she and her haters have a mutually dependent/destructive relationship where they feed off of each other.

  10. Relli says:

    I like that she ALWAYs has to point out she has been in the biz for over 20 years. Like aside from all the other vomit that come pouring out that one is funniest to me because a) who doesn’t know she came out as a preteen with Blue AND b) she treats like a free pass for her idiotic PR stunts and validation for her actions.

    I am over this b!tch.

  11. Mia says:

    Not a fan of her music and i’m sure she sells her private life to help her career, but i think the amount of hate and abuse she gets online is disgusting. People go WAY too far and seem obsessed with hating her. It’s like their daily hobby. I think people should chill out about her, even if she is a silly cow she doesn’t deserve more hate than Chris f_cking Brown!!!

    • emmie_a says:

      Just like Chris Brown, she brings this on herself. People aren’t reacting to her just for thrills. The reactions she gets are no more disgusting than her behavior.

      • Mia says:

        Because she fell for a married guy? Sorry, i disagree that it is comparable to beating up a woman. That’s really bizaare, and the kind of crazy attitudes i was referring to earlier.

      • drdoolittling says:

        @Mia: I compare her to Chris Brown because she is completely without remorse. She is torturing another woman, SWF’ing her, having gangs of bullies on twitter harass Brandi, and is clearly trying to use BG’s sons as ammo. What she is doing is abusive and should not be condoned. There are many other types of abuse, other than physical.

      • emmie_a says:

        Mia: Did I say that the reactions LeAnn gets are just because she fell for a married guy? NO. This is about her BEHAVIOR. Personally I think her actions are disgusting too but that’s in the past. It’s done. Old news. Her problem, just like Chris Brown is that she has learned NOTHING and doesn’t shut the f**k up.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        That’s not what Emmie was saying, I don’t think. Leann does not bring hatred on herself due to the affair. If she’d acted decent in the aftermath, I think she’d be okay now. The loathing aimed her way is for things like bullying and harassing Brandi on Twitter and using Brandi’s kids as tools to hurt her. It’s for being inappropriate and overbearing with Brandi’s kids and blatantly trying to replace Brandi as their mother. It’s for spreading lies and negativity about Brandi and actually BLAMING her for bad press when she does things like call the paps on Brandi’s sons. It’s for making out with Eddie (who’s also to blame) in front of the boys at soccer games, in the park on FATHER’S DAY, grabbing his crotch in front of them, making out in front of Brandi and the boys at Brandi’s own home on Easter, climbing over Jake who was cuddled next to his dad to make out with Eddie- the list goes on. She strikes a nerve with moms everywhere because we’re like tigers with our kids. I don’t believe in insulting people’s looks, but Leann has encouraged her fans to laugh at Brandi’s appearance. The truth is out there and it’s accessible; Leann just insists so hard on her victimhood that people are stunned that she’s actually a vicious bully.

    • ya says:

      Completely agree….. Honestly I don’t know how I would react if I faced that much vitriol online on a daily basis… I wonder how much that is affecting her confidence, and fueling her destructive reactions – she’s obviously bleeding insecurity in every appearance.

    • KB says:

      And why are people able to make it a daily hobby? Because she won’t. shut. her. mouth.

  12. Aussie girl says:

    On having them half the time, “it’s not easy”. Try and be a single mother like brandi then. Far out, please let this promo of her album finish. I’m so sick of the shit that dribbles out of her mouth!

  13. Dedrie says:

    It’s all about helping and finding me.. I tell truth to explain so I don’t get angry and upset.. the world is so soooooo jealous I am so normal and kind..

  14. Jms says:

    Her truth is that this entire charade has been a psychotic reaction to the loss of Andrew keegan in her teen years. What is sick is that the players in this new chapter of revenge are children. it can’t and does not matter to her about how they develop and grow, but how they are props in her daily narcissistic indulgent chapter about her her her. Second verse same as the first. Stop giving her a platform to continually abuse people around her.

  15. Candy Cakes says:

    I love how she said she “built this great life with Eddie and how happy they are!” Hmmm well he was married to BG had a great life – had two boys together- and had his cake too. LR doesn’t get it-BG had it too with Eddie. And when he was caught he tried everything to not have BG kick him out. He denied LR and said she was not attractive. He even changed his number when LR stalking him and called her a speedbump. EC had NO CHOICE but to be with LR by default. BG and SMJ didn’t want him. Of course he is going to make LR feel she is the “only one that matters” bc he knows he got it made with this cash cow and she is unfortunately fugly and would believe a guy like EC would want to be with her.

  16. Candy Cakes says:

    I love how she said she “built this great life with Eddie and how happy they are!” Hmmm well he was married to BG had a great life – had two boys together- and had his cake too. LR doesn’t get it-BG had it too with Eddie. And when he was caught he tried everything to not have BG kick him out. He denied LR and said she was not attractive. He even changed his number when LR stalking him and called her a speed-bump. EC had NO CHOICE but to be with LR by default. BG and SMJ didn’t want him. Of course he is going to make LR feel she is the “only one that matters” bc he knows he got it made with this cash cow and she is unfortunately fugly and would believe a guy like EC would want to be with her.

  17. Jane says:

    Unfortunately, Leann is so addicted to herself and attention that she will not give up that easily. She’ll continue to spit out this verbal vomit until she thinks she has gained acceptance from more people (which will not happen). If I have said this once, I’ve said this a dozen times: She is exactly like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. She is thinking, “I will NOT be ignored”. She will continue these over-the-top histrionics, lies, complaints, and drama until the cows come home. In her mind SHE is the only victim on this earth. Only SHE has felt pain more deeply than anyone else, suffered more than anyone else (remember her God-awful line about having more pain that a stage 3 or 4 cancer patient?–that was a doozy)Her judgment is skewed and her feeling of self-entitlement has gone ballistic.
    I’m happy that Billy Bush went “there” with her. I am, however, very disappointed that the women on The View didn’t tear her apart. She needed a good tongue lashing, not an a$$ kissing.

  18. OrangeBlohan says:

    She is insufferable! Seriously is this what she’s going to be talking about 20 years from now? Her “truth” “bonus boys” “tape over my mouth” blah blah blah! Talk about something else already. You are never going to be the victim, no matter how hard you try to spin it!!

  19. Scarlettmoon says:

    Okay, I know this is the unpopular opinion, but….Leann’s cover of “where I stood” is really beautiful. I do not, in any way condone what she did, but I’ve also learned in life that no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors. Obviously Leann and Eddie had long been unhappy in their marriages and maybe they honestly have found a great life together??? My brother had an affair, left his wife and eventually remarried his “mistress”. He got incredible flak for it, but when he leveled with me about how horrible it had been on the inside, I did understand. I think people can get so sad and desperate that they can act in ways they normally wouldn’t. My brother’s new wife has made him so happy and they’re a fantastic, strong, loving couple. I’m not saying that’s necessarily the case here, or that Brandi and kids didn’t suffer, but sometimes life is a screwed up hot mess and you do the best you can with what you have. Alright, flame away!

    • LAK says:

      It’s not the affair and subsequent marriages breaking up, though that is objectionable. We’ve all long moved away from that, though apparently not LeAnn.

      What people object to with regards LeAnn, is her consistent and often repeated bad behaviour [an understatement] to BG since the break up. Ditto her obvious desire to replace BG as the boys’ mother. She is also creepily obsessed with Brandi despite being mean and hateful to her, to point where one wonders if she wouldn’t be happier moving in with Brandi.

      • Relli says:

        Yeah I am going to have to second what LAK said….

        Its really not about their affair and its certainly not her first either, so all these RAW emotions she is feeling are more crap that she is selling in order to come off remorseful and to get her album out there. What keeps her in the gossip pages is her crazy spiteful attitude, horrid personality and delusions of grandeur.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      No flames. But does your brother constantly rub his new wife in his ex’s face? Or talk non stop about the whole thing? That is what people have a problem with when it comes to LeAnn.

    • Apsutter says:

      Agreed! I can’t stand this bitch but that song is gorgeous!!

    • KAI says:

      Too bad your brother wasn’t ‘level’ with his wife, ended the marriage and then found someone new. Demonizing the spouse in order to justify unacceptable behaviour is a common tactic among cheaters.

  20. amanda says:

    We know her, we just don’t like her. Got issues, here’s tissues. Time to invest in a therapist Leann.

  21. Theresa says:

    When will someone sit her down, and say, LeAnn; you just do not get it. It’s not that you had an affair. NO, it’s not that! YES, people have them everyday. You are no different. BUT you are a public person, so you are on record; you have been caught in photographs (mostly supplied by your own hand), in interviews, in digital media of lying, being deceptive, spiteful, inappropriate, bitter and petty towards people that you should have left alone. THAT is why people are after you. You are a country singer, a musician. You are expected to live beyond reproach. You are supposed to present a benign, approachable image. Instead you tried to become something else, something bigger, something more desirable. BIG MISTAKE! Instead of being appreciative or content with what you had, you wanted more. And that comes off as greedy, ungrateful and spoiled. Your fans, your audience HATE that in people. And you were relentless in your pursuit of this image. Your chickens have now come home to roost (perhaps she will better understand that analogy). You are now in damage control mode. However, lying about what you have done, denying, deflecting, back-pedaling, in this day and age is useless. You are being discredited by your own words and actions. It’s too late to take it back. You can’t pretend things didn’t happen. It’s also too late to make amends. People won’t believe that you’re sorry. People won’t believe that you have learned any lessons. People only believe what they want to believe and their minds are made up about you.

    The only thing you can do now is SHUT UP. And hope that with time people will stop caring. Don’t fight people anymore, stop trying to defend yourself. Yes, haters gone hate. But that’s life. You can’t fight everyone, you can’t change people’s minds by shouting at them, swearing at them, suing them… If you take the adoration, you also have to take the criticism. You won’t lose face; you have nothing left to lose. Your public image couldn’t be any worse. Breathe. Fight the urge. Unlearn the behaviour. Grow up. Grow some.

    Please, before it’s too late. You have a family, for better or worse, you got what you wanted. Now cherish it. Family is not celebrity, it’s more than that. It’s not a commodity to be branded or managed, or shoved down people’s throats to prove anything. If you truly love your family than respect it enough to let it live in peace.

  22. Stevie says:

    Her behaviour is deplorable BUT I don’t think it’s that uncommon in these situations. I’ve seen so many couples in similar situations where the new “happy couple” just can’t stop bringing up their exes and try their best to make the spurned parties suffer even more. it’s sickening.

  23. Super Steph says:

    I think what bothers me the most is that she only talks about her emotions and how she feels. She has never once, that I’ve seen, acknowledge the heartache and pain she caused Brandi when she stole her life. Of course the mother of his kids doesn’t like you – you stole her family and flaunt it in front of her everyday!

    I’ve been trying my best to give LR the benefit of the doubt, but her interviews lately are just ridiculous. She needs to acknowledge and apologize for what she did to Brandi and maybe the public will eventually forgive her.

    Also, I’ll bet those boys will grow to dislike her when they hit teen years and learn about their homewrecking bonus-mom.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Well said. But what she really needs to do is back off Brandi’s kids. Stop presenting yourself as a parent, stop trying to block Brandi and Eddie co-parenting, stop calling the paps on the kids (I think her PR team has stressed this with her because there are less photos of the boys at their games, etc), stop posting video/photos of the kids on Twitter, stop trying to one up and outdo and interfere with their mother raising them. The great stepparents I know are ones who play a supporting role and don’t interfere with parents co-parenting their child(ren).

      • SuperSteph says:

        I totakky agree. She needs to back off a bit with the kids and have more respect for their privacy.

        I’m a stepmom myself, to 2 teens, and even though their mother isn’t actively involved, I still do my best to promote the relationship with the kids and their mother.I play a supporting role while their dad does 95% of the discipline – I just support him when required. Watching Leeanne behaviour sometimes makes me cringe.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        My BIL is stepdad to my 2 nephews, and even though one nephew’s dad passed, my BIL still plays a supporting role. He respects the boys’ other families, is supportive of my SIL and my first nephew’s dad co-parenting, etc. Not once has he tried to behave as though he’s the father, though the younger one’s dad isn’t around. Leann is insane- calls Brandi “bio-mom” as though she simply birthed two kids for Leann to take over and refers to herself as a parent, insults their mother and has her fans and entourage abuse Brandi and then brings them around the boys. That Eddie allows all this crap is further proof of what complete s— he is as a human being.

  24. Haolebunny says:

    I can’t get past her gigantic nostrils in the interview. She is so damn stupid! How can she keep regurgitating the same lies? Ugghhh, I could barely watch this dog and pony show. She needs a new act.

  25. Cam S says:

    WOW! Who wrote this article? It was direct, straight to the point and AWESOME!

    Now, please chronicle Leann’s crazy history of style stalking and her obsession with Glanville. It will never cease to amaze me how someone famous can openly stalk another person (Brandi is famous I her own right) and not be called out on it by media outlets.

    There are way too many instances documented for it to be anything other than blatant stalking. As a victim of stalking myself, I am utterly horrified that people let Leann off so easily.

  26. nomorerimes says:

    Took my anti-nausea meds again and watched LiaR on Wendy this morning. I was hoping Wendy would ask her questions that I would ask. But just another fluff job. Wendy did ask about the story in Brandi’s book about LR asking EC if he wanted to lick the food off her chest. LR said that even on her drunkest day, she would never say that! Was she drunk when she was making out with Lizzie? HaHa! And as to the things said by both parties and written about Brandi and her, she (LR) tells the truth! Of course we know what the truth is and what her “truth” is. What a pathelogical liar! And the proof is out there for all to see!

    And she sure is getting all the songs on her CD exposed, as she sang a different one from the other outlets she has been on. Still couldn’t understand the words and she was yelling most of the time.

    Loved the intro for her–She is a two time Grammy winner. Big deal! How many have Carrie and Miranda won? And in less time in the country music business.

  27. hezzer19 says:

    If it’s any consolation very few people are buying the shit she’s selling. According to Hits Daily Double Spitfire barely managed to chart in the top 50 in its first week with a pathetic 10,496 copies sold.

    Considering her past sales history and the amount of promotion she’s been doing this is an epic fail. It’s lovely isn’t it?

    Just as an aside I love this place. You all make me laugh out loud every day, thanks. Now back to lurking.

  28. Apsutter says:

    No bitch, you’r massive eating disorder and raging narcissism is the f*cking elephant in the room.

    Also, I want her rose gold watch! A horrible biotch like her doesn’t deserve such nice things

  29. Izzy says:

    Right, that’s it. I’m grabbing the superglue and using it on her lips. Why can’t she just SHUT UP already? Ugh.

  30. Macey says:

    I wonder who is watching Ediot while she is out promoting, is he still in Canada or has he been with her? I havent seen him in any pics.

  31. Zombie Shortcake says:

    As much as she talks, she rarely seems to divulge details about her relationship with Eddie, or their daily lives together as a couple- apart from stuff about the kids, or going on vacation. For her endless blabbing, that is a really noticeable omission. And stuff about their daily work lives- given how much time she spends on social media.

  32. Rita says:

    As usual, she’s simply using her personal life to sell a few records. As if anyone gives a shit about “HER” emotional experience while she’s stalking and f-cking a married man with two children.

    I might also add while she’s stalking and f-cking the man’s wife as well…just a different kind of f-cking.

  33. Jennifer12 says:

    If I’m sick of this drama, I can’t even imagine how Brandi feels. It’s like a hideous Groundhog Day every day. She could dry hump Eddie in public (again) and no one would care. People are offended by how she treats Brandi and what she does with the boys. Then again, she’s savvy enough to know what keeps her in the public eye, or she wouldn’t crow about teaching the boys the words to her cheating songs. But karma has pretty much arrived. How’s that new music selling!?

  34. qtpi says:

    The thing I find hysterical in all this is that she doesn’t have the ability to put herself in Brandi’s shoes. She could very well be Brandi 2.0 in a few months/years (minus the shared children).

    Would she walk away graciously if Eddie found his next true love and he left her in the dust? Doubtful! Her inability to see things without the rose colored glasses may be the thing that drives me the most nutty.

    PS I think Eddie will hold out for 10 years of marriage. That will cover most/all of the child support payments to Brandi and potentially set him up for tons of LeAnn money. Especially if she destroyed the prenup as she is rumored to have done. I think he will cheat if he hasn’t already, and she will look the other way because it would be humiliating to divorce him any time soon.

  35. SouthernGal says:

    I laugh because while she promoting her version of the TRUTH…Eddie isn’t anywhere around to support her. Is he working? Also, she’s rewarding him for being a “good boy” last week by taking him to Cabo for his birthday and Father’s Day. Get ready for the staged pap shots of her happy family moments (yes the boys are with him and her on vacay).

  36. Scarlettmoon says:

    No, my brother doesn’t rub his new wife in old wife’s face but with kids going back and forth in a joint custody situation, it’s definitely there. I felt terrible for ex sis in law and Brandi and everyone whose had to deal with marriage blowing up in their face. My main point is that at the end of the day, I had to stand behind my brother’s happiness. I don’t believe people tear apart relationships and families because they’re just bored that day! There’s gotta be a lot more to it, if a couple is willing to stand up to the huge mess in order to be together. Like I said, I don’t condone it or think its right but you can’t steal someone who doesn’t want to be stolen.

    • LAK says:

      People are not contemptuous of LeAnn for having an affair. That ship sailed 4-5yrs ago. People are contemptuous of LeAnn for behaviour AFTER the affair. And for the way she continues to conduct herself over the years.

      LeAnn is the one who thinks we are talking about the affair. two very separate issues.

  37. Karma says:

    Well, Kristen Johnston (the tall, stunning, hilarious, blonde from ’3rd Rock from the Sun’ and ‘The Exes’), probably isn’t going to like that I brought this here but she actually got LeAnn to back down a bit.

    Which as everyone knows is amazing especially considering how it started with this tweet that has a link to a Celebitchy article.


    Here is the tweet thread where LeAnn does her lame southern FU after her fan gives her the heads up about Kristen’s tweet. But then LeAnn kinda backtracks and wishes Kristen well, who doesn’t backtrack at all.


    The weird thing is that Kristen calls out LeAnn on her addiction to drama, and LeAnn, granted, typo/flubs the response, but essentially agrees she’s addicted to drama. :lol:

    Kristen implies LeAnn is not so smart within another conversation on the topic, so her timeline still holds more, but those two tweets are where it begins and later ends.

    • Apsutter says:

      I love Kristen! She’s one tough chick. I read her memoir last year and it only made me like her more. She was bluntly honest about her addictions and problems in her life and how she almost died.

      Also LOOOOOVE how she says “bless you.” Reminds me of Leann’s shitty “sweetie, bless your heart” crap. Loved how someone on there called cb trash and full of bullies! This is the best gossip site on the web and there is very little bullying, if any.

      • Karma says:

        LOL!!! I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone but those were all the things I loved too. Kristen sent that “bless you” right back at her.

        I also laughed that CB is full of bullies, far from it, my eyes can’t take the other sites. They’re either too mean or haven’t got a clue about the facts. CB is full of witty people who are laughing at this stuff not bullying people.

        Love Kristen as well, her book sounds interesting, I didn’t realize she had such a rough time of it. Glad she’s back on tv, we recently caught some of re-run of her old show and they are still funny all these years later.

      • Apsutter says:

        Yea, Karma, it was all about how she was a RAGING addict. Like take any pill or drug that’s available kind of addict. She went to Great Britain to be in a play and she took like a whole bottle of pills but she didn’t realize that they contained aspirin and were different than what she’d usually take in the States. Well her stomach/intestines were eroded by the contents of the pills and they literally EXPLODED inside of her. She passed out and woke up in a pool of her own blood(very lucky she didn’t choke) and went to the hospital but everyone thought she was just a regular addict so they didn’t know that she was literally at deaths door for hours! It was a great and fast read and her witty personality really shines through. I’d love for her to get back on tv or write another book.

    • ya says:

      Wow that’s a horrible thing to say on the part of Kristin… I agree with her that LR is addicted to drama, but why insult her appearance like that? They’re both pretty attractive blondes with hooded eyes so I see the similarity.

      ETA: just checked out the entire twitter thread – it’s pretty bad – LR’s haters on twitter really jumped on it.

    • ya says:

      Ya… I guess judging from her correction to her typo, she admitted that she was addicted to drama and also admitted that she couldn’t stand that she was. Interesting – maybe she is finally trying to change – I hope she can.

      I thought her responses to Kristen Johnston were pretty good overall if she didn’t want to simply ignore her. I mean, what can you do when someone insults your appearance publicly like that? It must feel horrible.

      • Karma says:


        I agree, it must suck to have people constantly insult your appearance but LeAnn is far from innocent on that front. She has tweeted, re-tweeted, and laughed at stuff about Brandi’s appearance for years now. LeAnn recently posted a pic of her feet after the Daily Mail got on Brandi for her feet. She just never misses an opportunity to try and one-up/be mean to her, it’s bizarre.

        And in case you didn’t know LeAnn and her band of twitter bullies’ nic for Brandi, was OBB. ‘Old Bitter Bitch’ among others.

        So if LeAnn can’t take it, she shouldn’t dish it out and she certainly shouldn’t twitter high-five people who do the same to Brandi.

        That said, I would irked too if someone said I looked like LeAnn. Sorry, but that’s the truth, though I do try not to say such things about her, because her actions are where the real issue are.

        Anyway, it’s nice how you see the positive with her. You are one of the nicest pro LeAnn posters I’ve seen, anywhere.

  38. DGO says:

    I’m tired of her acting like she has an amazing voice. She’s a yodeler, was a child novelty act. You can turn on the Voice and hear better singers.

  39. Emily C. says:

    I had outpatient surgery today. (So please forgive me if I’m less than coherent, I’m still quite mellow from the anasthesia.) In the waiting room, an interview with Leann Rimes was playing on the TV. I didn’t hear it because I went, “ack, Leann Rimes!” and I then had to explain the whole sordid thing to my husband.

    I did, however, hear her sing. And: wtf happened? She’s still got the instrument, but she seems to have entirely forgotten how to use it. It was this weird shoutiness that reminded me of Katy Perry but more annoying. Leann was never off-key at all (I have perfect pitch and would have been able to tell), but she also didn’t seem to be trying to sing the actual song. One note didn’t flow from the next, the words seemed immaterial — it was all very, very weird. Also, it was a song that should have been sung with a sort of quiet sadness and she blasted it out like a power ballad.

    The woman needs some coaching desperately. She still has that instrument, but she sounds like the equivalent of a little kid banging randomly on a piano with it.

  40. Leslie says:

    Now that her CD has been released and bombed, could she please go away? I’m tired of seeing that frozen upper lip everywhere.

  41. Lalove says:

    Wow, Leann is getting DAILY coverage now on this website….
    Seriously, how much is she paying you guys?
    Is it less or more $$$ than the K Klan? LOL

  42. Baylor says:

    Saw Wendy Williams interview. She was nicer to LeAnn than she should have been. However, she did tell her to ignore her haters and said that BOTH Brandi and her talk smack. She also said she would continue to talk about her. So, probably not LeAnn’s favorite interview either. Audience didn’t love LeAnn when she said she spoke “truth.” LeAnn looked at the audience and seemed shocked. Not as good as it could have been but not as ass-kissing as I feared.

  43. sunny says:

    Meann has SUCH a lovely voice, I wish I could buy her music but she is such a vile person that I just can’t bring myself to financially support her in any way, shape, or form.

  44. melma says:

    Can you seriously not do a story on her EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know, I know, I can just not click on it, but there must be more interesting / less insane people to write about.

  45. Dawn says:

    Anyone else notice when LeAnn is speaking it sounds like she has a lisp? I don’t think those teeth fit her mouth properly, and I think that is the problem with her enunciation. I cannot understand most of what she says when she sings, but after watching and listening to her talk on the Wendy video it was real clear that those teeth are like a bad pair of dentures.. Unfortunately this is a problem I’m familiar with. She spoke more clear when she had those long chompers; they looked better also. She really needs some speech therapy in my opinion. Maybe it’s caused from botox or fillers. I don’t know but something is really off with her mouth/teeth/speech, and that’s not even touching on the crazy that carries those teeth around.

  46. Iyanla says:

    Leann is up to her old tricks again, meeting strangers off twitter who are extreme Brandi haters. Amejeans new bff on twitter is some woman Iggysmallz, who has said some vile things about Brandi herself. Birds of a feather…Leann promoted her to real life friend and pics of them In nyc are on this chicks twitter…really crazy that Leann surrounds herself with people who hate Brandi. Sick bunch of people!

  47. moon says:

    No one cares about her affair except LeAnn. I think even Brandi is over it by now.

  48. Baylor says:

    Anyone know anything about the Smiley case? I think she will refile. However, just to be mean and have the family on pins and needles, they will wait till very last minute and not file it till day 20. Just watch.

  49. skeptic says:

    Um, MeAnn, the phrase, “the elephant in the room” means something that everyone is aware of but no one is talking about. Your sleazy “affair” is the only thing YOU’VE talked about these past 2 years, ad nauseam. Shaddup already.

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