Baby Kardashian-West looks like Kim, weighs less than 5 lbs, will have a ‘K’ name

Kim Kardashian gave birth to a little girl yesterday. There was an onslaught of initial reports, and the whole thing reminded me a lot of when Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy (cough). I’m not saying there was a conspiracy, I’m just saying that with some of these celebrities, there’s hyper-drama when it comes to giving birth, and the general public tends to throw shade on whatever the birth choices are. And like Beyonce, Kim is sticking to the story that she gave birth naturally, and that she was five weeks early:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their first child. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star delivered the couple’s baby girl on Saturday, June 15, 2013, in Los Angeles.

Kim gave birth at Cedars Sinai Hospital, the same place where her sis Kourtney Kardashian delivered her little ones, Penelope and Mason. And while it wasn’t clear if Kanye was in Los Angeles prior to the birth, given that he didn’t attend his Yeezus listening party last night, a source told E! News her rapper beau was right by Kim’s side during the delivery.

Kim was due to deliver the baby in July, but gave birth five weeks early. However, Kim delievered the baby girl naturally and both mother and baby are happy and healthy, E! News confirms.

A source tells E! News exclusively that the baby girl weighed in at “under five pounds” and is definitely a Kardashian Mini Me: “She has dark hair. She looks just like Kim.”

The proud parents haven’t revealed the baby’s name just yet, but a source tells E! News that Kim told friends and family in the weeks leading up to the birth that the name “will start with a K.”

The E! star has also told friends she and Kanye talked about using his late mom’s name, Donda, as the baby’s middle name.

[From E! News]

People Magazine has more details too – apparently, Kanye canceled his appearance at the listening session Friday night “15 minutes” before he was supposed to show up because he wanted to “be by Kim’s side”. Friday afternoon, Kanye and Kim had been spotted together at Cedars Sinai and an onlooker tells People that Kim “looked very exhausted and tried to be incognito… Kanye seemed very supportive. It looked like support in pain and labor.”

As for the other details… the baby weighed less than 5 pounds? That’s interesting, and I guess that means that Kim did go into labor weeks earlier than her due date. As for the name, I don’t mind the idea of “Donda” as a middle name. I think that’s sweet, and that’s where Kanye’s mother name should go. I think it’s ridiculous that Kim is insisting on a “K” name though. So, let’s get into it. What should it be? Krystal. Kassie. Kerry. Klassy. Kash. Keely. Kallie. Kadie. Kyra. Kitty. Keira. Katie. Kalinda. Kelly. Ugh. I’ll admit, I kind of love the idea of Kitty West. RIP MERCY.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Hipocricy says:

    Good that she looks like Kim PRE surgery.

  2. nell says:

    i can’t believe the baby is that small consedering how big her belly was!

  3. dorothy says:

    Happy Kim and baby are healthy. Now go away and raise your child!

  4. Kassandra says:

    Kashonda–emphasis on the KASH
    Knikole (their version of being clever with a silent K and extra unnecessary K)
    Kay (literally K)
    Kenya/Korea/Kiribati/any country or city beginning with a K to represent their jet-set lifestyle and all the places the baby will visit the 1st year of her life as her mother forces her to go on tour with her father

    Eh. That’s all I got.
    And yes, I highly resent having a K name myself at this point.

  5. Devon says:

    A “K” name. Please surprise us and be Katherine. Not something stupid like a “C” name with a “K” instead.

  6. Jade says:

    Read in the other post that having a baby changes you so some readers are hoping Kim will be less selfish. Uh hello PMK is also a mother. Now little baby, you shall be a study of how it’s like growing up with a grandma and mother who struck it rich with a sex tape. My guess is with Kanye’s height, this daughter may finally allow Kim to live vicariously as a runway model. Carry on.

  7. Holly says:

    With the best medical care that money can buy and every advantage in life (plus warnings that her ridiculous lifestyle was taking its toll on the fetus), I’m aggravated that she gave birth to a baby weighing less than 5 lbs. This isn’t an attack on women at all, but I’m tired of hearing how “healthy” a baby is when it’s born when it’s incredibly unlikely there won’t be complications for the child sooner or later.

    The whole thing reads like the show Scandal where the first lady induced prematurely to keep her husband from divorcing her. And that’s bad fiction! I’m just disgusted with Kim and Kanye, and wish the best for the baby.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      This! ^^^ I’m not attacking women, either, but there are drugs that can stop labour if caught in time. (Yes, I know they aren’t always effective, and sometimes nature just has to take its course, but lung development in unborn babies is a BIG DEAL, and every day in utero counts!)

      Makes me wonder how long she waited to go to the hospital.

      Anyway, I hope the little Konsequence Kouture really is healthy, as they claim. I guess we’ll find out if Kim leaves the hospital and baby girl stays.

      Good luck and blessings, baby girl. I wish you the best.

      • IWantToLiveInNew York says:

        Just said something similar down below – they couldn’t stop the labor and Kayne happened to be over there? What if a fight with Kayne caused early labor, is that possible? (mean I know, but I love conspiracy theories)

      • jess says:

        After a certain length, they do not stop labor, or due to complications, it is safer to have the baby early. I know a few people that recently had babies before 28 weeks because their bodies kept going into preterm labor and they didn’t have enough amniotic fluid, and the babies went into distress. Both babies were less than 2 lbs, but wouldn’t have even had a chance to make it if they hadn’t had emergency c-sections. My mom went into labor 5 1/2 weeks early with me, and gave birth 3 hours later. Even if they had wanted to stop it, it was far too early. I was 5 lbs at birth at went home at 4lbs 10 oz and (minus a quick newborn bout with jaundice) have had no issues or long term affects because I was early. I don’t even have allergies.

      • Pinky says:

        You win with Kouture. That is THE name. It fits both parents and, I’m ashamed to say, I kind of like it!

      • Sullivan says:

        I just want to caution commenters about making disparaging remarks regarding K’s early labor. It happens. It happens to women who take good care of themselves and their unborn babies. Sometimes there are complications, through no fault of the mother, and the baby has to come out weeks early. Sometimes the baby is okay. More often than not, the baby spends time (days, weeks, months) in NICU. Tragically, sometimes the baby doesn’t make it.

      • Isa says:

        We have no idea what happened. Yes there are drugs that can stop labor but sometimes they don’t work. Maybe her water broke. Go to any of the baby websites. There’s preemies born everyday.

      • Itsa Reallyme says:

        I don’t think the baby was early and I doubt it weighs under 5 pounds. I’m thinking this is all just her way to keep her name in the news since Kanye won’t let her talk about the baby or show pics. Without pics, she can claim the baby is any weight she wants to.

    • GiGi says:

      There are situations where it’s medically necessary to deliver. My youngest was 6 weeks early – 4lbs – absolutely no complications, thank God. She’s 3 now and wonderfully healthy.

      Her birthmother had impeccable prenatal care but fell ill with pneumonia. It became necessary to deliver in order to treat the mother. Not saying that’s the case here, but only that it’s not always adventageous to try to stop labor.

    • MCraw says:

      Yeah, but even with all the best medical teams, you never really know what’s up until the baby is born. So of all the things to be critical about, announcing that you and baby are healthy is totally acceptable. Now, WHY that baby was born early, if true, your reasonings are on point- her choices put we baby at risk and she’s wrong for that.

      • Jarredsgirl says:

        I mean really, it’s none of your business. To suggest that she deliberately put her baby at risk based on the information you have is a horrible thing IMO. I’m sure that everything was fine and she told everybody that she was having the baby later to throw everyone off.

    • BlackMamba says:

      Yeah I wondered about that too. Maybe she had preeclampsia. Other than that I don’t know why they wouldn’t try to stop labor so the baby could get stronger and bigger. I really hope the baby is in good health because less than 5 lbs is not good. And like you I wonder if Kim’s lifestyle had something to do with this premature birth. I hate to see any child suffer especially because of selfish parents.

      • A says:

        If she had pre-eclampsia she would’ve been on bed rest, closely monitored at the hospital for weeks now. She definitely didn’t have pre-eclampsia, it just doesn’t sneak up on you in a matter of hours.

        The baby is probably smaller due to stress, not resting and all those airplanes during pregnancy.
        There has also been a link between a lot of flight hours and dwarfism and/or downs syndrome.

      • GiGi says:

        A – I’m sorry but your comment is hilarious. And baseless. And not grounded in reality or science whatsoever.

      • Maria says:

        Exactly… She flew too much and too long into the pregnancy. She continued with all her chemically ridden life, salons, hair products, make up perfumes maybe, synthetic clothes, dry cleaned clothes, chemicals in hotels and other indoor urban environment. Let us not even get into likely imbalances within her mental and spioritual realms. Kim appears to be a control freak.

      • Hercules says:

        Actually A, preeclampsia can come on that suddenly. If she wasn’t feeling well and went to be checked and had extremely high blood pressure that can’t be brought down they would get that baby out immediately to save the mothers life. A woman in my prenatal class was feeling dizzy and when she checked her blood pressure on the machines it was really high and they took her straight to the emergency area and induced her that night. She was not quite 36 weeks pregnant, so it definitely happens. Im not saying Kim had preeclampsia, just saying it can come on quite quickly. And dwarfism and Down syndrome occur during cell division and come from either the sperm or the egg right from conception so saying that either is caused by flying while pregnant is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        A- everything you said was wrong. It can develope rapidly. And no. There is no link between dwarfism or downs and long plane flights. That’s one of the dumbest things I have heard this week.

      • mayamae says:

        The first thing I thought of was pre-eclampsia. It could have come on suddenly or she could have simply been non-compliant with her MD. It goes along with how edematous she was, premature delivery, and low birth weight. Hopefully the baby is healthy.

        Never heard about frequent flying being connected to Dwarfism and Down Syndrom -both of which are chromosomal related and exist at conception.

      • GSE says:

        I had preeclampsia, and nobody knew it until the last minute! There were warning signs, but so random that nobody put it together. And I was never swollen like that. . . So, in my case, it surely seemed to appear out of nowhere!

        My son was 3 weeks early, 5lbs 6oz, luckily with no complications for him, but many for me! Now he is above the 90th percentile in height, and his old pediatrician said to us, “he may always just be small. . . ”

        You truly never know what is going to happen. Although I hate the publicity whores that the Kardashians are, I absolutely wish the best for the new child.

    • Lucinda says:

      You are also assuming the numbers given are real. That said, I understand not wanting to underplay the seriousness of a baby born early. But even at that weight, the baby could turn out to be very healthy (or at least as healthy as the average joe). Premature care is very good these days.

    • floretta50 says:

      Let me play Devil’s advocate for a minute, happy for the new born hope it is healthy. I know Kim k a beautiful young girl have lots of fans, I am not one of them,don’t look or read anything concerning that woman. But you do know if Kate Middleton delivered her royal baby before Kim k, the royal baby would soak up all of the media attention,Kim K bay not so much and it is reported Kate’s baby is due in days she just had her last public appearance until her delivery.This might be a scandal worse than the fake marriage.

    • nicegirl says:

      I would point out that many of us women have given birth early, myself included, due to pregnancy related reasons, NOT BAD CHOICES – as in, we did not ‘bring this on ourselves’. I have never met Kim and have no idea of her medical situations. I do know, however, that ladies can give birth early to less than 5 pound babies due to preeclampsia/toxemia, sometimes such medical issues make it so the uterus cannot expand further (IUGR) while Mom’s body gains substantial water weight quite quickly and her BLOOD PRESSURE RISES SUBSTANTIALLY, rising risk of stroke. It was explained to me that when the uterus can no longer expand and Mom is in this risky medical condition, baby cannot grow(they measure and can tell baby/uterus has stopped growing but Mom keeps swelling up)and if baby’s lungs are developed enough, it is better for the baby and the Mom than staying until due date – some are induced as advised, and consider it as ‘natural’ a birth as any, through the birth canal vs. C section. Those babies can grow up strong, healthy, smart, gorgeous – I only mention this to note that at times, certain medical conditions can make the uterus NOT the best place for baby’s best continued growth, and to further note, that at times, these conditions are due to NO FAULT OF THE MOTHER whatsoever, who may already feel like a kind of failure that her body could not hold onto the pregnancy for the duration. Again, I don’t know about Kim, but that could happen to ANY single BODY able to be pregnant, and if it happened to her, I am glad the baby and Mom are healthy and safe.

      • GiGi says:

        Thank goodness for you! I love me some conspiracy, but some of these commenters make me wonder if they’ve even taken reproductive health yet, lol! So much fuzzy science…

      • BlackMamba says:

        @nicegirl…I appreciate and understand all those factors that you mentioned in your comments. I’m sorry if my comment made any woman feel inadequate in any way(God knows with have enough on our plate already):).
        Now back to Kim K, I think people are thinking the worst of her because she seems so selfish and self-absorb that you cannot put anything past her. She seems like she did not enjoy her pregnancy at all, she was flying constantly, wearing impossibily tight clothing and super high shoes that seemed so uncomfortable for her and her baby, she kept posting skinny pics of herself every thursday and friday and talking about how she cannot wait to look like that again. She didn’t seem happy or excited about her baby, she just seemed over the whole thing, including the baby. I myself was pregnant 1 year ago and by the end I was tired but even more excited and happy to meet my baby not going on and on about how I want to look sexy again. I really don’t think she would endanger her child like that but this girl is on another level of selfishness so…

      • Noinin says:

        Perhaps there was an issue with the umbilical cord. Sometimes it stops working properly, and mothers are induced when the baby is too small. Even if I think Kim is the most selfish person in the universe, I don’t think any hospital would induce the birth of a 5lbs baby without a very good reason.

    • shannon says:

      Oh calm down. I was born four weeks early, 37 years ago. I weight 5 lb. 12 oz. This was almost four decades ago in a Navy hospital, with a chiropractor actually delivering me (her obstetrician wasn’t available since it happened so fast). I spent a week in ICU and went home.

      Sometimes babies come early, it happens. There’s no reason to blame the mom for that. Congrats to both of them, why throw shade over childbirth?

    • decorative item says:

      Learning problems have been proven to skyrocket for premature babies. Not all will suffer, but the odds go way up.

      • turningviolet says:

        Some of these comments are ridiculous – I’ve had 3 premature babies – all much earlier than KK (2 x 31 weekers and a 27 weeker) and I can tell you that once those babies decided to come nothing was going to stop them.

        And thanks – I feel guilty enough without the odd insinuation that my lifestyle (non drinking, non smoking, healthy weight, fit vegetarian fwiw) might have had something to do with it – in virtually all cases there is nothing that the mother could have done / not done to prevent it.

        Anyway let’s just hope this baby is healthy and happy.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Oh, really? Did you read this in a medical journal? On the Daliy Fail? Do you have any source at all to back it up? Because it sounds like BS to me.

    • Enui says:

      I’m really wondering if she had preeclampsia. I had it with my first child, and he came early (only two weeks). I developed it in the last trimester, and I had feet that looked like KK’s did in the past couple of weeks. The only thing that cures it is delivery, and if the mother is in danger, they will induce and deliver.

      The only reason I doubt preeclampsia (playing both sides of the fence here) is because any decent doctor would have had her on bed rest.

      Kind of a side note– she may have had a vaginal delivery, but I doubt it was “natural” (if natural means without drugs). I know that my epidural was mandatory because my blood pressure was sky high.

      No matter what, I feel sorry for this baby. Unless it’s dropped off with the closest pack of feral wolves, it doesn’t stand a chance. :/

  8. DanaG says:

    Kim must have been carrying alot of water if that is how small the baby is. Nice of Kanye to be there for her and great timing of the baby to come just as dad is doing publicity for his masterpiece. I think that is why some are questioning the whole labor it’s the timing. So it’s going to be another K name really? Katie is cute what about Kanyette? LOL

  9. janie says:

    I don’t believe she was that small. We will never know the truth, that’s just how Kim rolls. I think when her mouth is moving, she’s lying. TMZ reported the birth first? Doesn’t she work for E? I’m glad this little one is safe & now the fun begins! She’ll probably be released today, if she hasn’t been already.

  10. Murphy says:

    Those pictures of her in the red aren’t half bad, she had a neck!

    I bet Kris is giving her diet shakes in her hospital bed.

  11. Jacqueline says:


    (And, yeah, I could kind of see a natural birth if the baby was that small. Depending on how labor progressed, she may have just had no choice but to go for it.)

  12. Sabrine says:

    Looks like she just went into labor early. Who cares about all the nonsensical theories, blah, blah.

    I prefer to wish them congrats on their beautiful baby girl. And saying she looks like Kim because she’s got dark hair is ridiculous, just like people say Ireland Baldwin looks like Kim Basinger, because she’s got blonde hair, when meanwhile she has her father’s face.

  13. Bridget says:

    Okay, I actually wonder how much will be shown on KUWTK. As staged as most of that show is, it would be difficult to fake certain aspects of delivery (especially if she goes the Kourtney route).

  14. Tiffany27 says:

    Combining the names of both mothers:
    Krissonda Kardashian West

  15. Quinn says:

    Let’s hope a nice pack of wolves comes along and adopts that baby soon. That’s about the only chance this little girl has for a normal life. :)

  16. A says:

    Reports are staring to come in that it was a c-section. I believe those reports.
    Probably schedueled since Kanye will probably leave for a PR tour next week plus that their reality show stops filming next week.
    Giving birth in a month when Kanye is on tour and the cameras have stopped rolling makes no sense for a famewhore like Kim.

  17. Simply Red says:

    Ha I called it!

    KW and KK are blessed with a beautiful baby girl congrats to the couple…

    Those 2 will be fine

  18. Nev says:

    I hope it’s Kelly Donda West.

  19. Nanea says:

    KaKi? KiKa?? KaKaKiWe???


    Poor kid though, I hope she’s OK. It’s not her fault that she was born into such a KarTrashy family.

    But it did look in the photos that were published the other day as if the baby had dropped.

  20. UsedToBeLulu says:

    A baby that small definitely means she was early. But like I’ve previously shared, I was 4 weeks early and it was completely natural. And I took excellent care of myself. My body decided it was time. She was very healthy and vigorous at birth. 40 weeks for a baby in utero is an AVERAGE number, not a hard and fast rule.

    Knickers Donda West.

  21. lisa says:

    i still kile konsequence kouture

    or krisonda

    someone in the other thread suggested krist, nice one

    or kardashian or k-dash

    karma would make me chuckle

    kimye wouldnt shock me


  22. lovegossip says:

    Just because the reports say the baby weighed so little means crap. I still think it was calculated from the beginning. She was always due around now, and made up the early delivery for sympathy and ratings. Sorry but I wouldn’t put it past her to start using the baby for selfish reasons right from the start. I Don’t buy anything this family does or says. :-(

    • skilo says:

      I kind of believe this is about the time the baby was due too. I figure Kim was hoping that it would seem less like she got pregnant while she was still supposed to be with KHump. And more like she got pregnant after the split.

      • Hercules says:

        The baby was conceived in October 2012 almost a full year after she split from Kris H. God damn I hate being a Kardashian apologist but I am reading some of the most ridiculous ad mean spirited things on here. I personally hope everything is ok with both her and the baby and wish them well. The end.

  23. BlackMamba says:

    Less than 5 pounds? I hope the baby is healthy. It looks like Kanye really has the K family under control because normally they would be all over twitter commenting and expressing their feelings. None of them have been papped going to the hospital so far, it’s astonishing since they are all so famehungry. And you know the only reason Kim hasn’t release a statement with the baby’s name and post selfies on twitter by now is because Ye said hell no. It’s funny to see all the respect the K family has for Kanye because he’s a superstar.

  24. pwal says:

    How about Klandestine… given how they were kreeping around together when they were with other people (Amber Rose, Reggie, Kris H.)

  25. greetingsfromyonkers says:

    Someone on another site suggested Key West LOL.

  26. Gayle says:

    5 weeks early is a lot, definitely a preemie. I wonder what happened, hope she’s okay!

  27. truthful says:

    and it begins…a bunch of lies and rainbows.

  28. Mew says:

    Come on, all the babies look exactly the same. And I doubt it’s really preemie. Just some sort of a lie and hoax to get publicity on Kate Middleton’s wing.

    • lovegossip says:

      Babies don’t all look alike! I have seen some UGLY babies and some ADORABLE babies, you need to get our more. ;-) YIKES!

    • Enui says:

      I liked what someone else said about newborns looking like potatoes.

      My mom always said newborns look like Winston Churchill, and I think she’s spot on with that assessment– kind of grumpy and jowly. Of course, to the parents of the new potato, it is the most adorable, beautiful grumpy face ever seen. :) I know mine were!

      C-section babies tend to look cuter at first, they’re a bit less squished looking.

  29. Nicole says:

    I don’t get the hateon people have for Kim – she’s a much harder worker than Kate Middleton or than a lot of Hollywood actresses. She’s a pinup girl. It’s a job. Why not wish her the best with and leave it at that?

    • Trillion says:

      I cannot stand her because of what she puts so much energy into representing: conspicuous consumption, lack of depth, lack of intelligence (I do NOT consider making millions to equal intelligence), superficiality, artificiality, clamoring for fame by any means necessary while being unable to produce anything I would consider meaningful, enduring, or interesting. It’s a very sad world to me when people actually admire her qualities over others who are doing way cooler/smarter/more important things with their lives. It’s not just her either, it’s an entire posse of girls who exploit themselves for the sake of vapid, shallow, fleeting fame sans substance.

      • janie says:

        Well said, trillion. I saw young girls on Twitter last night saying the K baby is “already more successful than I’ll ever be” — it’s awful when money and fame are literally synonymous with success. A neuroscientist is successful. Even a rock star is successful. This baby just got born to some famous, rich, awful people.

    • mercyme says:

      I don’t doubt she’s a hard worker. It’s what she’s working so hard at that I don’t appreciate. I’d have more respect for her if she was an artist who wasn’t that gifted but worked hard at it. At least she would be working hard on something other than ‘What can I do to get attention?’

      Parenting is tough and one of the most important jobs in the world, but I doubt she’ll be doing much of that, either. Bring on the nannies, and thank goodness for them because Kim couldn’t take care of a kitten.

    • Rae says:

      Thank you!

      I am disturbed by the sheer loathing that seems to be rolling off some of these other posters.

    • SkettieO's says:

      Because Kim is a nasty pig.

    • moptop says:

      We hate her because she thought it would be a good idea to put out a sex tape where she got urinated on?

  30. Talie says:

    I would guess she had a planned C-section… she looked like she would was ready to move on this once it was safe to do so. No way she wanted to wait out the entire length. Stranger things have happened, but I don’t know if I buy this.

    • mayamae says:

      I so hope this wasn’t an elective c-section. It would hardly be ethical to deliver a premature baby from a mom not in labor or distress.

      Having said that, I was a recovery room nurse for years and I know that both moms and doctors have electively planned c-sections weeks early for both convenience (of mom and MD) and so-called comfort. In fact I know of pregnant women who continue to smoke through entire pregnancy to guarantee a lower weight baby for perceived easier delivery.

      I have no idea what the truth is in this case, but do not doubt that many women have chosen convenience and comfort over the safety of the newborn.

  31. The Original G says:

    I wish them all well and I hope they stay out of the public eye.

    However, I don’t believe a single detail being released is necessarily true and never will.

    • gogoGorilla says:


      I don’t believe anything they’ve said so far. I don’t think she was early, I think she had a planned c-section, and I don’t think the baby was that small.

      However, I DO think Kim is throwing herself a “thankgodI’mnolongerpregnant” party. She was probably the most miserable-looking pregnant woman ever.

      And welcome, Keyonce Kashkow Krist West!


      • sapphire says:

        Birth weight at either extreme tends to run in families. I was 3 weeks early and just shy of 5 lbs. None of my cousins on the maternal side topped 7 lbs at term. So sometimes not an issue. PS, 3 of said cousins are now over 6’3.

        Co-sign on the C-section-along with a little ni and tuck. I really doubt induction if the baby looked small on ultrasound, unlikely a Dr. would do it without a maternal health issue.

      • sapphire says:

        Birth weight at either extreme tends to run in families. I was 3 weeks early and just shy of 5 lbs. None of my cousins on the maternal side topped 7 lbs at term. So sometimes not an issue. PS, 3 of said cousins are now over 6’3.

        Co-sign on the C-section-along with a little ni and tuck. I really doubt induction if the baby looked small on ultrasound, unlikely a Dr. would do it without a maternal health issue.

      • Amanda says:

        Yeah. It’s hard to believe anything this family’s PR team says.

  32. Dommy Dearest says:

    I still think this was her original due date and the one set for next month was publicity competition against Kate, though I’m sure Kate and William rolled their eyes and said LAWLS.

    BUT in the case that what’s being reported is true, dislike for Lucifer’s Army aside, I do hope that baby is going to be fine. My sister-in-law had her son five weeks early and he was in the hospital for about three weeks due to his underdeveloped lungs and other health problems brought on from the early delivery. Though the mom pretty much made them induce her due to her lucking out with a new nurse who should have told her to go home.

  33. Memphis says:

    I’m not sure 5 weeks early is correct based on dates reported before? but anyway, I hope all is good with the baby.

    A K name was expected, so not surprising. I’m hoping the baby is not named Kash West because naming a little girl Kash is just, no. I’m thinking Kleo or Kaia.

    I doubt she went traditional with Kate/Katherine.

  34. Jayna says:

    Wow, only five pounds. It sounds like the little baby is okay, though. That’s the most important thing always.

    She sure gained a lot of weight to not even go full term. Although, she is very, very short, so maybe whatever weight gain she had just looked like more on her and really just average weight gain. I like the outfit she is wearing in that top photo, very classic.

    Maybe they will name the baby Kezzus. Lol.

  35. trishy says:

    If Kim delivered five weeks early, and the baby is under five pounds, then I truly hope she’s ok. My twins were five weeks early and spent two weeks in the NICU. (I know twins are a whole different animal but five weeks is pretty early.) it’s too easy to blame the mom when something doesn’t go right during pregnancy or delivery but I will just send them all good thoughts right now. (Never thought I would withhold judgement on a Kardashian but . . . Babies!)

  36. DiamondGirl says:

    Kalla. Like the lily but misspelled of course to be a K.

    Since Blue Ivy is named after a plant….they’ll go with the nature theme too.

  37. Lucky Charm says:

    I think Kandice (Kandi) or Kassandra (Kassie). But more likely some version of Kris (Kristin, Kristina, Kristian, Kristiana).

    I still don’t believe she was born five weeks early, I think the July due date was a red herring. And of course baby girl has dark hair, look at her parents coloring. Did they expect her to have blonde or red hair?

  38. Qwest44 says:

    Keep it proper Kali style.

    Kardashiana Donda Kouturea’y West

  39. Tania says:

    Guys , being under 5 lbs at 35 weeks is pretty much around normal. It’s normal for baby to be around 5 lbs at 35 weeks. It’s in the very last weeks of pregnancy that the baby gains up to a pound a week. If this is true though, baby will not be allowed home until she is over 5 lbs. And remember that they lose weight after coming out. Car seats are only designed for a 5+ lb baby. In Canada, the baby would be in a NICU/special care nursery and allowed to go home once baby is over the 5 lb mark. And because it’s only 35 weeks, a team of a Pediatrician, respiratory therapist and NICU nurse would have been at the delivery to receive the baby. So if I hear that the baby is home tomorrow, I’m gonna call bs.

    • GiGi says:

      It’s different in the US. My daughter came home at 4lb. 8oz. — it’s not based on weight but rather on ability to take food from a bottle, ability to maintain oxygen levels at all times but especially in a carseat – more functional type of things.

      My Violet was born at 34 weeks with perfectly healthy lungs – she never needed oxygen or anything else. HOWEVER – she was still in the NICU for 2 weeks to make sure she gained weight – I’d imagine this baby would be there at least that long, too.

    • TinyTurtle says:

      My oldest was born at 31 weeks, they knew he was going to be early so I was taking some hormone shots to speed cook him so his lungs were developed and his brain was clear,
      (Did you know that almost all preemies have some kind of brain hemorrhaging?)
      He weighed 2 lbs 13 oz.

      I was allowed to take him home at 3 1/2 pounds once his temperature was self regulated. and because I was there literally 24/7 for the 3 weeks he was in the NICU and I was deemed not to be an idiot.

      So in California it is possible for them to go home under 5lbs

      *Now he is almost 18 and 6 feet tall*

      And they do make car seats for preemies.

  40. Terri says:

    Both of my kids were 35 weeks. I ate right, didn’t fly, it just happens. My son was considered premie, but my daughter was just considered underdeveloped. 37 weeks is considered full term. I just apparently cannot carry a baby past 35 weeks.

    My son was 4#3oz, and I nearly had to have an emegency csection, when they are that small, they can turn sideways coming out.

    So – presuming she was really pregnant, and really delivered on time, the few details available all sound reasonable.

  41. bullpin says:

    She gave birth around the same time Yeesus is coming out.

    Publicity much?

  42. dcypher1 says:

    I don’t believe she gave birth naturally I don’t see why it matters if had a c section who cares just tell the truth. Having a c section us nothing to be a shamed about. Sometimes you can’t give birth naturally there’s nothing wrong with that.

  43. Dedrie says:

    From CDAN
    Kim Kardashian Gives Birth To A Girl Named Yeezus J-Hova West

    Depending on who you ask, Kim Kardashian’s delivery of a baby girl was either three weeks early and a planned C-Section to avoid weight gain and competing against Kate Middleton for tabloid space or five weeks early via natural delivery because Kanye gave Kim two possible days when she could have the baby and he was not going to be in Paris with his friend which caused Kim to go into labor and why, despite the baby being five weeks early, Kanye was there for the whole thing. Hmmmm. The baby does appear to be in an incubator so no doubt the headline in some tabloid paying a lot of money will be the baby is fighting for life and it will turn into a very special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I am leaning more towards that she wanted the headlines to herself for a few weeks. I know you are saying to yourself that seems wrong, but then think about what family you are talking about here.

  44. Ag says:

    5 weeks early is quite a bit. Hope the baby’s ok.

  45. Nicolette says:

    Dlisted had a very funny post about this yesterday. It’s so f’d up but so hilarious too when at the end of the post, it was written that the baby was born on 6/15/2013…….6, 1+5=6,2+0+1+3=6……..666.

    Perfect for Kris, who probably was squeezing Kim like a tube of toothpaste to get that baby out before they wrapped up filming for this season of their show.

  46. Jay says:

    Honest question: I thought the genes for black skin were dominate so children of mixed parents tended to look more black than not? It’s certainly been the case for my friends. (I don’t consider Michael Jackson’s children reliable examples.) So isn’t it odd that the baby is allegedly exactly like Kim?

    • GiGi says:

      Genetics are a funny thing, Jay. My youngest daughter has very dark skin at 3 years old but was much lighter at birth – born to two African American parents. I have a friend who has fair skin, freckles, blue eyes and red, curly hair whose father also has very dark skin but whose mother was White.

      *Generally* babies will be born a bit lighter and their skin tone darkens over time. However that’s not always the case. Even children born to the same biological parents can have greatly variant skin tone.

    • NorthernGirl_20 says:

      My son’s father is Bengali and I’m white as you can get. When my son was born he was pale with red hair but very dark eyes. After about 3 months his eyes started getting light blue but his skin darkened. Now he is 10 and has the most piercing beautiful green eyes like me and light brown skin like his dad. I always get comments about how good looking he is especially how his eyes stand out.

    • LAK says:

      These days very few pockets of people are pure, in terms of their racial heritage. As a result, it’s impossible to predict which race a child will favour since they are probably culling from a pool of various races in the parents.

      I don’t know that Black features are dominant though since i have a friend who is a mixed race ginger which should be an impossibility since red is a recessive gene, and her mother is a Dinka.

    • cocomama419 says:

      The baby could have Kayne coloring, but still have Kims Armenian facial features. Or are you saying people of a darker skin color have dominant genes when it comes to their coloring and their features?

      My babies are biracial, but they all look more like me than my husband (I’m black, he’s white) facial feature wise. But it comes to coloring my girls range from chocolate brown skin with light brown eyes and black hair to latte color skin with green eyes and red hair. When you mix melanin its always going to be a surprise! =D

  47. Jade says:

    Khamakhamakhamakhamakhamakhameleon West.

  48. pnichols says:

    God bless all of them. As long as the baby is healthy thats all any parent can ask for. Let them be and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment. Give it a rest people.

    • June says:

      ↑↑↑↑ Exucse me??!?! KK is a fameho this kid is going to be used for fame and money. If they don’t want people making comments about them then they should go away and raise their kid in private. The kid will be around much longer than this “relationship”.

  49. mercyme says:

    The thought that a 5 weeks premature delivery might have been arranged because it was convenient for the commerical interests of the parents and the mother’s family makes my skin crawl. Kanye lost his mother during her elective surgery. Would he sign off on putting his own child at risk? Did he have a choice? I’ve never cared about her sham marriage and other shenanigans, but this merits an investigation.

  50. pnichols says:

    Bless all of them. As long as the baby is healthy thats all any parent can ask for. Let them be and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment. Give it a rest people.

  51. Ginger says:

    Wow! 5 weeks early doesn’t sound like a good thing no matter how they are spinning it. I hope they are healthy. My lil man was born nine weeks early and was 2 1/2 pounds so when I hear a story like this I automatically think there must have been complications. I’m not a huge fan of either of these folks but I wouldn’t wish bad things for them. I hope all is well.

  52. qtpi says:

    So…. will this sweet little preemie be jet setting all over Europe on tour Kimmy? The best laid plans…..

  53. Narsa says:

    Keilani (kealani) Donda kardashian west . Pretty & exotic name . Im sure the baby is georgous & will hav exotic features . Her name should extenuate that , congrats to the new family stay strong feel better , it’s only the beginning be prepared for no sleep in the near future ; )

  54. qtpi says:

    Everyone keeps saying a Dr wouldn’t deliver early without cause…. couldn’t she do something or take something if she wanted to force this along??? This have a lot of money and resources to make it happen. Just a day or two before the birth she was posting old pre preggo pics and saying she couldn’t wait for her old body back. Worried for the baby… she has very vain people around her.

  55. Narsa says:

    Keilani could be a ki ki for short or lani as in Sofia Laurent or st Ives Laurent , cute nick name .

  56. bettyrose says:

    LOL @ “Kitty West.” In general I opposed saddling little girls with porn star names, but sadly with this kid what difference does it make?

  57. Maritza says:

    They’ll probably name her Kween Donda West.

  58. Lauren says:

    The name is Kenya.. Just confirmed ..

  59. jane16 says:

    Ooops, sorry Nicolette, didn’t see you’d already posted this upthread!

  60. L.E. says:

    The first steps this little girl takes will be public. Her first word will be public. Her potty training will be public. Her nerves on the first day of preschool (unless she’s homeschooled or whatever they do) will be public. Her first visit to a park will be public. We will know when she is teething, eating solids, reading, and has her first hair cut. Let’s hope that the “popularity” of the Kardashian clan vanishes before this girl is old enough to understand the kind of drama she was born into.

    • mercyme says:

      +1 on your wish, but declining popularity might make them more desperate to exploit. I’m hoping they can be publicly shamed into doing right by the child, since they seem to live for the cameras, but I’m not sure they have any shame. :/

  61. Dawn says:

    If it’s true that they named her Kenye can’t you just hear Kimmode yelling and dragging out the ye forever. “Kenyeeeeeee I said nooooooo”. That poor child. I hope she didn’t inherit her mother’s little girl voice as well. Oh god when the War of the K’s begin it will be EPIC! No way Kanyeeee will let them whore out this little girl they way they plan it to. Well never say never but if he does he will lose all his cred. It will be interesting for sure.

  62. lady_luck says:

    I am thinking Keeley, Keira or Kaleida. Whoa – look at the tense body language between the two of them. Kim has definitely “enforced” Kanye’s presence at the hospital. It is not a comfortable look.

  63. cw says:

    haven’t heard anything from these fame wh*o()res
    that makes me worried that perhaps this baby is in the NICU
    I do’nt like the kartrashians – but NICU babies are quite sad

  64. Fan says:

    I doubt it. I think the baby looks more like Kanye.

  65. chrissy says:

    i’m placing bets on Ka-ching! or Kashkow

  66. MaryO says:

    She gained 150 lbs. and the baby weighs less than five? It couldn’t have been because she didn’t eat well enough – something else was wrong. Normal babies weigh at least 6 lbs.

  67. Jenna says:

    There’s no way to say this without sounding like a giant asshole, but – these are the fame-whoriest people EVER, and no name? No pics of baby? Or of Kim, fully made up and doing a Mother Theresa impersonation with her newborn? Makes me think something is wrong with the baby. Maybe NICU, maybe something worse. I wondered earlier if part of the reason she seemed so miserable was because they found out something was wrong during routine testing.

  68. Leslie says:

    As much weight as she gained, I figured she would have a super big baby or twins. I gained around 70 lbs when I was pregnant, and delivered a 9 lb 14 oz baby that was 21 inches long. Hard to believe that as big as she got, she only had a 5 lb baby.

  69. MsAubra says:

    LMAO that little family is now going to be referred as “the KKK”

  70. Cricket says:

    They both seem obsessed with the British royal family….. I think it’s gonna be Kamilla …

  71. sarah says:

    Here’s what I think is the most likely scenario. Kim was about 38 weeks and had a scheduled induction to coincide with Kanye’s album/taping of Keeping up/Father’s Day/Kim was sick of being pregnant.

    I doubt the baby is really under 5 lbs. or that she was 5 weeks early. Those are just a couple of little lies to get people talking (like we are all doing now) and for ratings/sympathy.

    The story that her due date was July 11 doesn’t even match up with the “5 weeks early” bit, so we know one of those was a lie.

  72. apsutter says:

    Embarrassing confession time: I’ve always loved the name Kitty. My mom has a close friend who has that as a nickname but it’s basically her name now. I’ve always thought it perfectly suited her because she’s this incredibly intelligent, amazing, and beautiful woman. Long chestnut hair, tall but with delicate features, and beautifully soft-spoken.

  73. Thora says:

    I hope they go too overboard with the K names and end up giving her the initials KKK. I’m serious. These two are clueless enough to do it

  74. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I say this a fan of neither but it almost seems as if people are waiting for the ‘told you so’ moment, as if it would be quite the gas to see them live down to the worst of the public’s expectations. I don’t know what how they’re going to do as parents–even if can imagine– and I don’t if this baby was delivered by the notorious crypto-gyno faction that operates by some calendar we’ll never be privileged to see, because a dog ate my MD, making the only woman on earth who isn’t an OB/GYN.

    Neither of these people are making a dime off of me, I don’t own his music and I’ve never seen any of her shows, so I’m not getting kickbacks or anything from their people.

    I’m certainly not going to call anyone a hater because A: This is one of the few times when I’ve been out of step with the popular view and B: I hate the term ‘hater’.'Hater’ is something that you call someone because you’re too psychologically feeble to understand the fact that people are free to not engage in the sycophantic hagiography of you pet celebrities and are too cognitively cracked to lay out a decent case as to why you disagree.

    It’s just that some of this is getting kind of sinister. They might tank this parenting thing, but they might not. I just don’t know what’s to be gained by this and my stance on them is as follows: she bugs me and he confuses me. I duuno, I hope they’ll do right by the girl and I hope they turn out to be at the very least, adequate in their child-rearing. And that’s where I take my pause.

  75. Squeakie says:

    I read on some other website that the name Khrist was in the running and I wouldn’t put it past them…

  76. moon says:

    I love that they’re saying the baby the baby looks like Kim because she has dark skin and dark hair. And, uhm, Kanye doesn’t?

    Blue Ivy looks like daddy, I’m hoping for Baby West’s sake she doesn’t look like hers.

  77. Chrissy says:

    My bets are that they’ll call the baby Ka-Ching! (yes, with an exclamation mark) or KashKow…man, i feel sorry for that little girl :-/

  78. Amy Tennant says:

    My daughter is Katarina. We called her Katie, and she decided on her own to be Kat for a while and now Kate.

    (Hurricane) Katrina George-Bush-doesn’t-care-about-black-people Donda West? Kandy Kayne?

  79. JL says:

    Krissondra Kimye West.

    Congrats, lets hope Kanye fights to keep the baby out of the limelight.

  80. ladybert62 says:

    The best suggested baby name I read was: ka-ching!!! ha ha

  81. Hahahahaha says:

    Less than 5LBS ya’ll…ITS NO FAT BABY< OKE!just so you know…UNDER 5 lbs

  82. Hahahahaha says:

    KRIS JENNER WAS ALL LIKE:’HAPPY FATHERSDAY’,( BITCH UR STUCK ON US forever and ever and ever…)thats all i could read in her TWEET!!

  83. Canada Guy says:

    That kid cant look like Kim.
    Babies are all wrinkly.
    Unless they had the kid botoxed before her big arrival.

  84. Anon says:

    I hope Kim and baby are doing well. The baby coming early is no surprise considering how swollen and miserable Kim looked, I bet her blood pressure was through the roof. Good luck to all and please, keep the little girl away from harsh camera lights.

  85. Norman says:

    I’ve got it. Khrist Kesus Kimye Kardashian West

  86. Felipe says:

    Please watch the video “Glass Walls” with a very important message from Paul McCartney

  87. Dirty Martini says:

    Isn’t this this the lying heifer who used to claim a size 4 when her backside alone was a 44?

    So excuse me for not believin’ this baby is 1 month early and less than 5 pounds.

    She just didn’t want the world to know exactly how quickly she tricked KW into fatherhood, how close to her active marriage with Kris blah blah blah she was when she hit the KK egg/KW sperm jackpot.

    She’s a skank. He’s a narcissist. And this baby doesn’t stand a chance at a normal childhood.