Brad Pitt shows off his long, greasy hair at the NYC ‘WWZ’ premiere: gross?

Michael K really got it right when he declared Brad Pitt’s current hairstyle “The Full Aniston”. I’m a Brad apologist by default, because I like Angelina so much, but I can no longer defend his hair. This is awful! Brad’s hair doesn’t even look clean or well-maintained! It’s too long. Why is he doing this to us? It’s gross. Anyway, these are some photos of Brad at last night’s World War Z premiere. Angelina didn’t come, which is disappointing. Apparently, she didn’t come to the after-party either:

After walking the red carpet in Times Square last night for his big-budget zombie epic “World War Z,” Brad Pitt was expected to slip off to an intimate VIP dinner for 30 at Meatpacking District hot spot Catch. The hush-hush dinner was for the cast and filmmakers, as well as Paramount boss Brad Grey, we hear. Pitt’s partner, Angelina Jolie, was not at the premiere, and Pitt told us she was with their kids and getting ready to embark on a trip for UN World Refugee Day, June 20.

Following the dinner, Pitt was to head to a Catch Rooftop after-party for 200 sponsored by Esquire magazine and DeLeón tequila. Earlier yesterday, after Pitt appeared on “Good Morning America” — and reported that Jolie’s “doing great” after her double mastectomy — he headed to Forty Four at The Royalton for coffee.

A witness reports, “A group of fans then approached him in the lobby and begged for photos. Brad’s security team gave him a look, but Pitt replied, ‘Of course ,I can take a photo — I would love to.’ ”

Pitt’s been pumping his movie with smaller screenings leading up to last night. Spies at one said audience members were on edge when six guards swept a MoMA screening room during the film wearing “night-vision goggles.” Luckily, they were on the lookout for film pirates, not zombies.

[From Page Six]

I wonder where Angelina is headed for World Refugee Day? Usually there are large events held in various world capitals, but Angelina might be traveling to an actual refugee camp to bring attention to one of the many refugee crises facing the UNHCR this year. Somewhere with Syrian refugees, maybe?

I’m also including photos of Jon Voight and James Haven (Angelina’s father and brother) at the premiere, plus Mireille Enos and her husband Cameron Frye Alan Ruck. Enos is wearing J.Mendel – I could see Angelina in this dress too.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. serena says:

    Oh it’s so nice that Angie’s brother and father went to the premier to support Brad, really nice. It’s a pity Angelina wasn’t there though..
    I love Brad but he need to do something with his hair and stop this hobo style he’s into lately.

  2. Nanz says:

    Here’s my conspiracy theory: I think Pitt looks like the pits because he wants us to talk about his greasy long hair and his baggy, wrinkly clothes instead of WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING TO HIS FACE? Seriously. This bloat he’s sporting isn’t just food/drink bloat. He is either ‘toxing or getting some kind of “work” done and it hasn’t settled yet. So the bad hair and terrible clothes are distractions. I’m telling you. Injections!

    • marie says:

      I dunno, the bloat doesn’t look as bad here as the photos from yesterday. I’m not saying he isn’t jacking with his face, it just looks a little better here.

      In that photo under Enos, Brad’s giving me a David Spade vibe which is not a good thing. I didn’t realize Enos was married to Cameron. (he will always be Cameron)

    • tracking says:

      I know that’s what Lainey thinks, but it does look like he’s put on a little weight. Could be carb/drink bloat.

    • Jess says:

      This. I’m starting to think he dived straight into the deep end with cheek implants, or else he’s really going nuts with the fillers. He looks like a chipmunk when he smiles now and his skin in that area is so stretched and shiny. His face never looked like this before, even in his early days when he still had a little puppy fat. For him to suddenly start gaining so much weight in his normally chiseled cheeks without gaining much weight elsewhere would be a miracle for someone his age.

      I never thought he’d be the type to have work done, but the more pictures I see of him lately the more I’m convinced he’s being pretty heavy handed with it.

      • Esmom says:

        Agree. His lean-ish body doesn’t match the chipmunk cheeks.

      • holly hobby says:

        Despite his attempt to look like a hobo (this isn’t the first time he looked like this. He was just as awful and smelly looking during the Juliette Lewis years), Brad is actually very vain so I’m not surprised he’s getting goosed up in the face. I remember reading about him and Jenn getting his and hers matching highlights before their wedding. So yeah based on that, I always knew he was vain.

    • doofus says:

      agree on “he’s doing something”, and I think fillers is a good guess.

      he is much less wrinkly around the eyes than he’s been in the past and he does look bloated. but he can still move his face so I’m thinking no to the botox.

    • Jalopy says:

      OR coke bloat? Heavy drinking?

  3. Another Ann says:

    Honestly, I never understood all the fuss about Brad Pitt. He’s a decent actor and all, but never found him particularly hot. But now he’s starting to look douchey.

  4. doofus says:

    “When Cameron was in Egypt’s land…let my Cameron go………..”

    sorry, I LOVE that movie and LOVED your reference to it.

    and yes, his hair is GROSS.

  5. tracking says:

    Mireille Enos is married to Alan Ruck?! New favorite couple alert! Brad, take a look at Ruck. He may not have your career, but he accepts his age and looks all the better for it (and, yes, some effort at grooming is helpful).

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I had this exact thought when I got down to the photo of Ruck. This is the difference between trying and not trying. I guess Pitt doesn’t feel like he has to or just doesn’t want to try anymore.
      As for facial work, meh, who cares if he has had it done or not? It doesn’t go with the image that he has tried to create for himself so even if he has he will never admit to it. I’m okay with all that but I am not okay with such a handsome man dirtying himself up (hair) and hobo-ing himself out (clothes).

    • Esmom says:

      I noticed Ruck’s suit. He looks polished and business-like, befitting a premiere. Pitt looks like he just came from the local biker bar. I don’t get it.

  6. poppy says:

    never have understood what people find attractive about him.
    he’s always had a reputation for being hot but stupid (see living in oblivion). the stupid i understand, most actors are, but hot?!?!?!
    ITA, he’s doing something to his face.

    • holly hobby says:

      He was hot for one little minute – when he was married to Jenn Aniston. I’m not really a fan and I won’t get into the merits about that whole drawn out triangle but he looked his best when he was with Jenn. I really think Jenn did influence him on how he looks – just like she’s doing it to Justin now.

  7. lisa2 says:

    My god the man is almost 50. He is not smoking anymore either. And by accounts of the people that saw him there he looks great.

    My older brother is the same age as Brad a year older actually. And the thing I noticed this weekend is his face has gotten fuller. He is not doing anything to his face.

    I like his hair shorter too, but damn the obsessing over his hair; head or facial or if he is wearing hats too much or if his beard is too long. Goodness

  8. Kim1 says:

    His hair looks greasy because of the hair products his hairstylist puts in it. When did Aniston have a hairstyle like that? I hope Brad doesn’t cut his hair until he starts WW2 film or until his 50th birthday.I love that people are bothered by it. LMAO.BTW Brad’s brother and nieces attended premier. Shiloh and Zahara are in NY.Also love Brad wearing Black to every premiere because it pisses people off LOL

    • gennline says:

      I agree.Brad is his own man and will cut his hair when he wants to.Also despite certain people no longer approving of him,by his own words he is happier than ever,which is all that matters.Also it has already been documented by his ex that he was 98 per cent responsible for what went wrong in the marriage,so he was just confirming that.Therefore as the villain,if wants to talk about his life 10 years ago,then so be it.I hope he speaks out more.

  9. MP says:

    I thought Pitt’s haircut in Ocean’s 12 and Mr and Mrs Smith was bad. This one is worse

  10. Dibba says:

    He’s trying to be “cool”. Counterculture, defying the norms of beauty, etc.

  11. Leah says:

    Me and friends was just talking about Pitt the other day. We all agreed that he hasnt aged well. Like Leo Decaprio he just isn’t hot anymore. The hairstyle doesnt help. He invariable looks like KId Rock,David Spade or Steven Segal in recent times.

  12. lower-case deb says:

    what on earth is he wearing? did he wear the same clothes to all premiere? is this ensemble the Pitt answer to a lucky jockstraps not to be washed until the trophy is hoisted?

    gross pittzy.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I think he’s wearing different clothes, as the shirt and jacket are the same material, and weren’t the same before. I think there is credence to the theory that he dresses close to whatever his character is during the promotions,, as his character dressed like THIS during the whole movie…but he’s doing it slightly nicer. His character wore black cargo pants and a long block shirt (like he’s wearing in the premiere). So I guess that’s why he’s dressing like he is.

      I can’t wait until he cuts his hair. He looks so much better (and younger) when his hair is short.

  13. Pao La says:

    I know what he needs! to STFU and a shampoo

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Ha ha…plus one.

      The hair is really greasy. It’s not ok on K-Stew and it’s not ok on Brad.

      As much as I like Brad, I think he’s starting to talk too much again and he’s not doing himself any favors.
      Good actor but not the most articulate man on the planet.

  14. Hipocricy says:

    The more i see Jon Voight, the more i see Shiloh resemblance.

    As for Pitt, it’s time for a new fresh haircut.

  15. Stacey says:

    His suit and his hair both look filthy.

  16. Jayna says:

    Not down. I’m not a big Brad fan. Not a fan of blond pretty boys like he was. But I saw him on TV in an interview with his hair back in a ponytail, and he looked so good, very sexy.

  17. evyn says:

    He hasn’t had any work done, he’s just a bit tubby. Yes, men gain weight in their faces, too. I’m guessing he has gained some in his ass too, since he seems to be favoring the long jackets and baggy pants lately.
    He has probably been doing a lot of stress eating lately, which is normal considering the love of his life has had some medical problems.
    So, lay off the guy. You people act like he has gone all Mickey Rourke, or something.

  18. RobN says:

    How well is Pitt aging? Let’s put it this way, when I got my recent copy of Vanity Fair, I wondered why there was a picture of David Spade on the cover. That’s not good.

    Team Cameron.

  19. K-rock says:

    Gotta love those
    Angelina lips that run in the family hee hee.

    Side note: Brat cut it and wash it. And for the love of God please shave that gray mess on your face. It doesn’t make you all “Indy and cool and introspective”. Blech. You can be smart and good looking at the same time! Really I promise!

  20. jasmine says:

    brad = as hot as ever!!!!! nice see angie’s brother..

  21. Shannon says:

    He’s totally sexy and fine. Short hair, long hair, its hot. I love this hair, but a good shampooing wouldn’t hurt.

  22. Maggie says:

    James Haven is so creepy looking to me.

  23. Madriani's Girl says:

    Oh FFS, this man is 50 years old and not aging well. Lose the long, greasy hair, Brad. You don’t look hot, you look like a dink.

  24. Jai says:

    Is it just me or is he starting to look like Val Kilmer?

  25. anon says:

    Mireille Enos is GORGEOUS! She has great features that even without makeup on in “The Killing” she is a pretty woman.

  26. Onyx XV says:

    Yes, gross. I’ve thought of him as gross for a lonnnnnnnnng time. I think the last time I thought he was hot was when he was in “Thelma & Louise.”

  27. Jen Wind says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the dirt on his shirt? Seriously…time for a bath and laundry.

  28. floretta50 says:

    I guess some people haven’t noticed that under Brad Pitts thin, flimsy shirts he has been wearing at the premiers,Pitt has a stomach pouch! The man is pushing 50. I don’t think he is using botox he looks like his dad who has the same big cheek features. Put on weight his broad cheeks get bigger. Look at his kids they all have broad fat cheeks Brad Pitt has been able so far to keep his fat cheeks down with a good diet apparently he has been eating up.

  29. Jefferydean says:

    I have never liked Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anisiton. Their acting, their looks. Overrated!
    Funny, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and RDJ are around Brad Pitts age, but they look way better then he does. They are better actors too. I don’t get why this overrated, overexposed guy and his two overrated loves are worshipped by many people.

  30. sharylmj says:

    stress eating theory makes sense.. plus he’s been promoting this movie in a billion countries like a mad man, I bet he’s SUPER tired… maybe that’s why it looks like he didn’t try very hard. My favorite look on him is at the premiere of Salt, they both looked HOT at that time!!

  31. M.M. says:

    From the back it kind of looks like extensions. There is this layer of shorter hair covering longer.

  32. Nad says:

    Is movie must be very very bad to do this show

  33. videli says:

    Mireille Enos is a fox!

    Is Brad Pitt superstitious? It’s like he’s beholden to a superstition where he can’t cut his hair, can’t wash it much, can’t change his clothes, definitely can’t iron them, until the promotion of the damn movie is over.

    And I see a paunch. There could be love handles, too. Mmm, Brad Pitt love handles!

  34. Elliee says:

    Which other celebs turned out to help support Brad? I can’t find their pics anywhere?

  35. A Fan says:

    Yes! It is gross. Ewww, gross.

    It is gross because I personally dislike long hair on men…and because his is individually gross…and stringy and very unflattering. Hell, it would be gross on a woman.

    Gross, I say!

  36. Jade says:

    ugh either cut it or wash your nasty hair! same to depp bum

  37. Jade says:

    a fan theres nothing wrong with menwho have long hair. if they don’t wash it it looks nasty!!

  38. TOPgirl says:

    Brad doesn’t look like he’s aging so well these days. He also looks tired. His hair needs a wash, new color, and perhaps even an oil treatment. I think he’s stressed out. But I think he’s doing a great job promoting his movie and he’s still a good looking man!

  39. Lexi says:

    Sooo gross, he looks like such a slob lately

  40. FartSack says:

    My husband has long blond hair like Brad’s (though he is tubbier than Brad and not nearly as rich) and if he doesn’t wash it everyday or more if he gets sweaty, it gets like this. Wear it in a tail or get it cut off.