Angelina Jolie arrives in Hawaii, where she’ll spend the 2 months filming ‘Unbroken’

Here are some new photos of Angelina Jolie and her sons arriving in Oahu, Hawaii yesterday. Ordinarily, I would have thought they were either on vacation or merely stopping through Hawaii on their way to some war-torn refugee camp. But as it turns out, Angelina and the Jolie-Pitt family are going to spend much of the next two months in Hawaii while Angelina films her second feature film, a film adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s historical novel Unbroken.

Angelina signed on to the directing gig last December, and I had sort of forgotten about it in the last few months as we dealt with the news of her double mastectomy. But it’s still happening, and I’m assuming that Hawaii is going to stand in for several Pacific islands during World War II.

As a special envoy to the United Nations, actress Angelina Jolie doesn’t usually get nervous in crowds. So when dozens of smiling locals greeted her very warmly as she touched down in Oahu, Hawaii Sunday, the 38-year-old smiled back and indulged in small talk with her fans as she made her way through the airport.

The Girl, Interrupted actress was accompanied on the trip with her two eldest sons, Maddox, 11 and nine-year-old Pax as she returns back to work after her elective mastectomy.

Jolie will reportedly bring in her other four children to stay with her on the island while she films Unbroken. Unbroken will be The Changeling’s star second turn at directing, having already helmed in The Land of Blood and Honey.

Unbroken is based on the novel by Laura Hillenbrand about the heroic tale of Olympian-turned-WWII prisoner-of-war Louis Zamperini. It will be filmed on location throughout the 50th state.

According to reports, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their six kids will live in Oahu, Hawaii for eight weeks while Angie directs.

[From The Mail]

Oh, how rough on the Jolie-Pitt family! Eight whole weeks in a Hawaiian paradise over the summer! Of course Angie will be working, so I’m assuming we’ll get some blurry long-distance shots of her while she directs. But this also means that the paparazzi will get lots of shots of Brad with the kids, don’t you think? I bet all of the paparazzi have talked to their agencies and they’re trying to get an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii to dedicate themselves to getting Hawaiian Jolie-Pitt photos.

Also: it’s sort of funny to me that Brad and Angelina are going to be in Hawaii for two months because Justin Theroux has a house there, I’m pretty sure, and because Hawaii was one of the alleged ideas Jennifer Aniston had for a destination beach wedding. Now JustJen’s wedding is on hold and they can’t even visit Hawaii without it becoming a “thing”. Ha.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. EmmaV1 says:

    When I see pictures of her like this I always think “very slender” woman…skinny yes, but I can never understand people who call her anorexic. She looks far from anorexic.

    Yet people get up in arms if Demi Lovato is called fat, which in reality she is a chubby girl.

    • booger says:

      How about not labelling Angelina as anorexic or Demi as chubby?

    • Jess says:

      Look how big and pronounced her elbow is in comparison to her forearm and upper arms in these pics. You don’t see that in people who are naturally very skinny. They might have even skinnier arms but you don’t get such a good look at their joints because their frame matches the weight their body is designed to be at.

      Plus there’s the veins, the downy body hair and facial hair, the fact that up until about a decade ago she was always much healthier looking (even when she had drug issues, even when she slimmed down for roles), and of course, the fact that she’s repeatedly admitted she doesn’t eat well or eat much.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Jess, who wrote: “Look how big and pronounced her elbow is in comparison to her forearm and upper arms in these pics. You don’t see that in people who are naturally very skinny. They might have even skinnier arms but you don’t get such a good look at their joints because their frame matches the weight their body is designed to be at.”

        In which of the photos above do you actually see Angelina’s elbow?

      • Janet says:

        What downy body hair and what facial hair? Are you hallucinating or what? I know you can’t stand the woman but this is ridiculous.

      • Bijlee says:

        LOL I wish I had that downy hair that she supposedly has all over her body. It’d be better than the dark hairs I’m cursed with because of my ethnicity.

      • carol says:

        maybe brad likes his women extra skinny :/

      • diana says:


        “Look how big and pronounced her elbow is in comparison to her forearm and upper arms in these pics. You don’t see that in people who are naturally very skinny. They might have even skinnier arms but you don’t get such a good look at their joints because their frame matches the weight their body is designed to be at.”

        this can’t be any farther from the truth. I am 5’9” and have been 120 pounds my entire life. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want… I am just naturally thin and so is my mom and grandmother.

        My elbows are significantly bigger than my forearms/upper arms, I am veiny (thin skin), but in no way shape or form does that make me “anorexic”.

        These hurtful comments are worse than someone calling someone fat. Everyone has different shapes and sizes- calling someone too skinny is just as bad as calling someone fat.

    • eliza says:

      I am sorry but since when is wearing a size 4 or 6 considered chubby? Maybe if you are comparing Lovato with Jolie, she would be, in your words “chubby” but in the real world, outside of Hollyweird, Lovato is actually on the thin side.

      Lovato has dealt with severe eating disorders and it is nice that she tries to help others with opening up about her own difficult struggle with weight issues.

      Not trying to be mean, but it is comments like these that lead women , young and old, to resorting to drastic means in order to avhieve unhealthy and unrealistic weight goals.

      I have no problem if someone is ultra thin, obese or in between , normal. If you are healthy and happy why should weight be an issue for anyone.

      • cs says:

        There’s nothing wrong with Demi Lovato’s weight, it’s her fashion sense. She has horrible taste in clothing that doesn’t flatter her body.
        Kendall Jenner is tall and thin, she can wear almost anything and still look good.
        It kills me when people are so delutional that they advocate this nonsense. It’s all in the clothing.
        I see this everyday. Heavier girls are trying to wear clothing that’s meant for a thinner girl so it makes them look heavier.
        Older women trying to dress like they are in their 20′s and it makes them look older.

        That’s Demi’s problem.

        Octavia Spencer is a big woman, not obese but she wears clothing for her body unlike Melissa Mac.

        The same women that applauds Melissa M obesity will slam Angelina, Taylor S., Victoria B., Nicole Richie for being too skinny.

        Are we kidding ourselves? I damn sure would rather to be a skinny minny than a fatty patty. I rather have a beautiful face and meh body than a meh face and great body.

        Would I like both? Sure. But I rather be 50 year old with still a beautiful face and some wrinkles.

      • Siren says:

        “I damn sure would rather to be a skinny minny than a fatty patty.”

        Wow… what a mature comment. News flash- no one wants to be a so called fatty patty.

      • cs says:

        Let’s talk reality.. it’s much harder to shop for clothing being a size 14 or above. Most boutique stores don’t offer clothes over a size 14. I didn’t realize that until one of co-workers mentioned she couldn’t shop at Banana Republic.
        So stop with the nonsense most women would love to be a size 4-8. Jut like most men would love to be Brad Pitt, Leo D, Ryan Reynolds, Channing tatum, Idis.. Men have the same hang-ups. But fornately for them if they have money and fame they can land a VS model.

      • Sullivan says:

        Lovato looks lovely, but she’s not “on the thin side.” Angelina is thin, so what? Why is it ok to pick-on thin women? It shouldn’t be ok. “Step away from the buffet” is a mean comment meant to shame someone about her weight, right? Well, so is “eat a sandwich.”

    • Nalgene says:

      I do think Angie is an unnatural weight. She has a lollypop head now for goodness sake. I like her but her stans make me so uncomfortable with their blind denials. Its so twihardy.

      And no I dont think Lovato is at an unhealthy or unnatural weight. Lol. I mean really???

      Hopefully Angie will pick some pounds while shes in paradise aka Hawaii.

    • Jen says:

      This is a general comment. Why do people worry so much about this woman’s weight. Some people are thin (Jolie)and some not so thin (McCarthy), so let people be who they are and not get so hung up on it. If you are healthy, what is the problem? And if you want to talk veins, look no further than Hugh Jackman, but no one complains about him, just women. I’m with Eliza on this. Women come in all shapes and sizes, but folks just can’t seem to stop talking about it.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        +1 on the veins! I have gigantic veins as well, and they are there even 10 lbs above my ideal weight according to BMI charts. Prominent veins do not always = super low body fat. Although I do think AJ is too thin. But whatevs. As long as she is healthy.

      • Nalgene says:

        I think the worry is that she doesnt seem healthy or natural. I am sure Naomi Campbell is as thin as Angie but you never see people comment. Why? Her body is proportional to her head, she doesnt look like shes fighting her natural shape. We are not worried she will collapse any second. We are not itching to offer her a protein bar.

    • Siren says:

      So to defend Angelina, you put down a girl who has openly struggled with eating disorders?? Ok. Why do her fans ALWAYS do that on here? To defend Angie, they put someone else down. She is obviously very thin, but I doubt she is anorexic.

  2. mslewis says:

    I thought they were to be in Hawaii for almost a year because Angelina will direct and then Brad will star in a movie that will film there. However long they are there, it will be nice seeing photos of the kids on the beach.

  3. lower-case deb says:

    looking at the pics on DM, seems like Maddox is going to be a heartbreaker when he’s older.

  4. Jess says:

    That photo of Pax makes me sad. Adult celebrities often look scared when faced with the yelling and jostling of the paps, how horrible would that be as a kid.

  5. hi says:

    she looks so haggardly to me Especially that last photo – the side of her face
    i know she’s been thru a lot, but still.. ……, it’s kind of sad to see.

    • Sullivan says:

      Yes, she has been through a lot. She also has a big family. Plus, she never let up on her U.N. duties. Now she’s directing a feature film. And you seem to think she should get off the plane looking like it’s a red carpet event.

  6. Kim1 says:

    According to tweets from Brads neice and others the JPs spent the holiday at a resort in Ozarks in Missouri.After Angie wraps her film,Brad will film Fury in UK late Sep or early Oct

  7. serena says:

    I hope the movie will come out good. Also I can’t wait to see picture of all the Pitt-Jolie children lol.

  8. marie says:

    Poor Pax, that kid must hate getting his picture taken. And that’s not a bad 2 month gig..

  9. SLM says:

    Unbroken is not a novel. And a portion of the book takes place in Hawaii where Louie Zamperini was stationed.

  10. ThatGirl says:

    Those glasses! Anyone have any idea what they could be? I need them.

  11. Mayday says:

    Okay I’m NOT defending how thin she is – she’s def underweight a tad and I’m guessing her health situation isn’t helping – but has anyone else noticed that in candids she NEVER looks at thin as she does on the red carpet? I’m convinced they (the agencys) are photoshopping good quality images of her cause they sell better if they have her looking reaaaaaaalllly thin. More for people to talk about.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      I think she generally only wears body skimming clothes on the red carpets. The rest of the time she favors loose flowy clothing, which makes it difficult to see her true shape. Plus I think she wears a girdle on the red carpet, to give her more of a waist.

    • ShakenNotStirred says:

      She appeared thin before the health situation. Remember those photos of her in those white pants? And she really didn’t have a situation to begin with. Jolie didn’t have cancer, she took measures to prevent it from occurring. Good for her for taking charge, however, I’m tired of the media making it seem as if she was dying. It does a disservice to those who had cancer and fought to survive.

  12. Maggie says:

    I loved the book Unbroken. I hope she does it justice. I was rather disappointed to hear she was the one doing the directing.
    I really hope the paps stay away from those children.

  13. ShakenNotStirred says:

    What’s going on with her jaw and chin area? She always looks malnourished to me.

    • Kim1 says:

      Angie is skinny and has been for the ten years I have been a fan.Obviously she is healthy enough to give birth to 3 kids and raise 6.Healthy enough to perform her own stunts.Healthy enough to be the most powerful actress in the world,to pass the physical to star in a $170M Disney film.Healthy to travel the world as A UN envoy to refugee camps.Healthy enough to direct her new film.For those that find her appearance ugly,disgusting,haggard,etc why not avoid looking her? There are many celebs who I think are physically unattractive mostly as a result of plastic surgery I no longer at their images.Try it and save yourself the pain of looking at someone you find unpleasant or disturbing

      • LoL says:

        More like the 7-8 years you’ve been a fan. If you started being a fan when she adopted maddox why aren’t you in shock over her low weight during the dreadful Brad years? (Honestly they must be dreadful if this is what she looks like the entire time she’s been with him. )

        I’ve said this before on celebitchy. When she adopted maddox she gave people magazine an interview and she states that it is the healthiest she has ever been. It was obviously the truth because she had never looked more beautiful and healthy and then a few years later she meets Brad Pitt and goes back to being dreadfully/painfully thin. It’s terrible and it’s terrible how brange fans excuse it as if she has always been this thin. When she was this thin anytime before brad it was because she was not healthy – her words.

        Face it Brad Pitt (maybe the stress that he brought with him) was/is a terrible influence on her health wise. So sad.

      • ShakenNotStirred says:

        Sure, she’s always been slight. I’m well aware. But I the past few years her petite frame is different. At least to me it is. I’m just voicing an opinion. As for me not looking at her, that’s a bit much don’t you think. It’s not as if I despise the woman. Your knee jerk defense of her written in mini-essay form is alarming.

      • Trek Girl says:

        @Lol: Angelina’s mom died not too long into Brad and Angelina’s relationship. I think her thinning out has much more to do with the fact that she’s had children — which makes some people thinner and carry fat in a different way — and the affect her mom’s death had on her. She got very thin after that.
        It doesn’t make sense to blame Brad for her appearance when so many more things have happened — things that we know can change someone’s appearance.

      • NM9005 says:

        She doesn’t perform all stunts. On IMDB you can usually find at least 2-3 stunt performers AND doubles. In fact, Eunice Huthart, you know, Jolie’s friend, has been a constant stunt double and you can find plenty of pictures of them. Even for that motorcycle scene in Salt they used Huthart and that’s a simple scene, imagine how many stunt performers there are for the tricky ones. For Lara Croft 2, she had a male stunt double.
        She isn’t allowed to do all of her stunts herself due to insurance, she chooses to put in some work.

        You don’t need to be healthy to be an actor. There are plenty of unhealthy people (mentally or physically) who have a great career. A lot of celebs are on dangerous lifestyles to keep themselves skinny.

        Sitting on a plane and talking to people doesn’t require a lot energy or strenght either.

        In general, for what she does, she doesn’t need to be very fit and energetic.

        Her pregnancies were interesting, she pretty much dropped all the baby weight in a month with Shiloh (and she gained quite a lot) which is very Hollywood. After the twins she pretty much went into hiding for 3 months to then pop up skinny as fuck next to Pitt for his film in that tight WHITE dress. Those castle pictures showed how big she was in those hiding months so we know she must work hard to stay skinny. Baby weight doesn’t magically dissapear, especially not after her second pregnancy which totally contradicts the stans facts about her natural slim frame. She loves being phyiscal, her action roles and own quotes on that prove that.

        As for the start of her new directing job. I’m sure it will be better than her last effort mainly because she didn’t write the book or the script. Now she can just focus on the directing alone.

      • NM9005 says:

        Correction: black dress! I thought I was wrong, woops.

        She also said that running around and breastfeeding were part of her body’s recovery. So Hollywood.

      • Toot says:

        @ NM9005

        Angelina gained weight in her torso when pregnant, but her legs and arms were still thin, like fans always say. :)

      • claire says:

        to NM9005

        She has said that she got a lot of injuries from the film Salt, which is the movie that she did the most stunts in.
        Angelina Jolie’s Salt Trainer: “She Can Be Stubborn!”

        Read more:
        angelina-Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest stars in the world — but that doesn’t mean her Salt stunt trainer didn’t tease her.
        “We often used to joke about making her suffer, especially when wearing a harness,” Simon Crane tells Self magazine of working with Jolie on the new action thriller, out Friday. “She wouldn’t show me the bruises from that!”
        And tough Jolie, 35, did sustain a minor injury while making the flick.
        “During her final fight Liev [Schrieber]…She had to dive through an opening door firing a gun…as she carried the sequence on, she rushed into a corner piece of a set and bumped her head,” Crane recounts.
        The fight sequence was delayed, and Jolie took “a precautionary trip to the hospital — arguing against it all the way…she can be stubborn!”

        Crane has worked with Jolie on numerous films and says the veteran action star does 99% of her own stunts, occasionally using a stunt double, Eunice. To prep for fight scenes as Evelyn Salt, “we got her learning a combination of Muay Thai and Krav Magha,” for two-hour sessions three or four times a week, Crane explains.

        He adds: “One of the important issues was to bring her body and mind up to a level of fitness that would enable her to take on same of the physical pressures of Salt.

        Her Salt-y diet? “She has to have 70% carbohydrates and 30% protein diet with an anaerobic training regime as opposed to aerobic, so she can put muscle on without losing weight. Sticking to four or five meals a day routine as much as possible.”

        And plenty of restrictions for the mom of six: “No junk food, no empty calories, and alcohol only on weekends.”
        Follow us: @usweekly on Twitter | usweekly on Facebook

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @LOL, who wrote: “More like the 7-8 years you’ve been a fan. If you started being a fan when she adopted maddox why aren’t you in shock over her low weight during the dreadful Brad years? (Honestly they must be dreadful if this is what she looks like the entire time she’s been with him. )”

        Because ‘fans’ know Angelina Jolie has always been thin, with exceptions in films for which she was asked to gain weight. See, ‘we’ know those roles where she carried more weight were the exceptions, not the norm.

        If you rent/netflix/or even check out from your local library films from the late 1990′s and early 2000′s you’ll see her limbs are exactly the same size now as they were then. I suggest “Life or Something Like it” from 2002.

        “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” was on cable over the weekend. I watched part of it, and all I could think of was how her arms and legs weren’t any fuller then than they are today.

        I think people have just latched onto this–fueled and encouraged by women from FF and Ian Halperin Undercover–because it’s really the only thing (since people are finally jumping off of the ‘poor victim, you know who’ wagon) left for them to rag on her about.

      • NM9005 says:

        @Toot: Never talked about her arms or legs. I agree with you on that though.

        That doesn’t explain her pregnancy belly. She dieted/exercised that away in 1 month with Shiloh unless the breastfeeding + running around with her children suffices for her (but not for every other celeb?). And with the twins there were the illegal castle photos that clearly showed her tummy was far from flat and only 3 months later for her premiere (again mistake on my part oops) she was pretty slim (sure Spanx helps but can’t perform miracles either). Both times she wasn’t seen in public until she got lean/skinny again. It’s typical Hollywood.


        I said she doesn’t perform ALL of her stunts and that’s a fact. Why else are there pictures of stunt doubles on the set of EVERY action movie she did? On IMDB some stunt doubles are even listed as ‘not credited’. Google ‘Angelina Jolie stunt double’ and you get tons of pictures of various sets. Eunice Huthart her friend can be found very easily as her stunt double. Some shots they use Jolie’s stunt and in others a double, you can’t tell but she does have them and they do get used.

        I’ve seen documentaries, I know she trains and performs stunts. That wasn’t my point though.

        And sorry but it was claimed Portman did most of her stunts too and we all know how that story ended. We don’t know what happens in the editing room, Jolie is an action movie star, why would they say anything else about her performing stunts? As if they would say ’50%’ or ‘but we have a lot of doubles too’. Yeah right.

      • claire says:

        @ NM9005
        Most movies involve stunt doubles to do extent.
        There are stunt doubles in movies sot the actors aren’t injured.

        If an actor is injured and can’t act, then the filming must stop until they are well. In the meantime, the other actors and the rest of the crew are being paid to sit around and wait. That is cost prohibitive.
        All de big movie stars have stunt doubles (even if they do their own stunts from time …

    • claire says:

      Seriously, get over this weight obsession. There’s a difference between naturally slim & sickly skinny. Unless you’re a Doctor, no one should tell you what to weigh.

  14. LoL says:

    Pitty will be filming yet another lame overrated film during angie Filming her movie. Of course angie and nannies will have the children just like always and pitty will take the credit for taking care of them “while momma works”. :-)

    Yes, she looks too skinny but she has looked like that for the last 7-8 years. She hasn’t lost any weight , she looks like the same bony women Brad Pitty Turned her into years ago.

    I keep hoping shel’ll dump or get dumped by him and go back to her healthy look pre-Brad Pitty. Shame it looks like his Pr team doesn’t want that to happen as we see how well his movies do when he uses her for publicity. :)

    • Zoid says:

      Let’s not feed the troll everyone.

    • Maya says:

      Wow what a pathetic person you are that you wish for a family to break up.

      Angelina has never been on the heavy side and she even had to go on a fat diet and train hard for Tomb raider movies to be able to gain weight. Even when Angie was pregnant she only gained weight in her stomach and no other places.

      And if you have read the article more cleary then you would have noticed that Angelina is going to film July and August. Brad’s movie doesnt start filming until end of September in UK. That means Brad is free to spend time with his children while Angie works and Angie will be with the children while he works.

      • LoL says:

        What a terrible person you are that you wish for a person to continue being in a relationchip that causes her to look the way she looks atm. malnourished.

        I think angelina would benefit from a breakup from Brad which means it would also be a good thing for her children.

        Do her children not deserve a healthy mom? Or would you rather her children live in a household where mommy is painfully unhealthy and (just guessing here because how happy can she be at that weight) unhappy?

        And since when does the dailymail know anything about filming shcedules… Especially AJ’s. I can see them knowing Brad’s as his Pr team lets it be known but not AJ’s.

      • Kim1 says:

        Who ‘s fault was it she was the same size in 2004? Oh and WWZ is at $366M Happy @Lol LMAO

    • Nalgene says:

      Actually, I have been side eyeing Brad for the mess that Jolies body too. Aniston grew scarily skinny too when she was with him and then reverted back to hot when she got with Vince. I might look into his Paltrow days too but I suspect theres a pattern here.

    • Janet says:

      I can’t begin to imagine what Brad Pitt ever did to you to make you hate him so much. Does he remind you of the guy who dumped you in high school or the guy you had a crush on who didn’t know you were alive?

      You were telling everybody and his mother that World War Z would be a world-class bomb. Hope that crow tastes good.

      • Kim1 says:

        Let’s see how @Lol spins it WWZ will exceed $400M worldwide this week.I predict it will be Brads biggest film ever HaHaHa.

      • LoL says:

        Actually I don’t hate him. I just don’t like him and don’t care for him. If Angie was not with him I would not follow him or his news just like I never did before she was with him. Ik it is hard for Hardcore Pitt fans to believe. Get over it.

        Brange fans will never admit that part of why AJ is so underweight is because of Brad Pitt. It is very sad to see her like that.

        Btw I never said wwz would bomb. Or maybe I did before Angie revealed her double mastectomy … After that announcement and the Publicity spun in his favour I knew it would be a hit. :-)

      • Janet says:

        @LoL: Honey, you are full of it from nose to toes. You said WWZ would bomb right up to the day it opened. You want fries with that crow?

      • NM9005 says:

        So stans can admit he never really had a big box office hit despite him being the biggest most handsomest, most greatest etc MOVIE STAR?! His film barely get their money back. WWZ isn’t even on the way of making profit even WITH overseas openings (it’s not that big, why are people acting like it is?). With the other films opening (MU) it’s even falling back faster. Why rejoice when people like RDJ, Depp (and Smith, Cruise in the past) smashed the box-office time and time again? More so than Pitt?

      • claire says:

        His film barely get their money back. WWZ isn’t even on the way of making profit even WITH overseas openings
        you’re kidding
        budget:190 MILLION
        worlwide: 366,389,638 ( in release 17 days
        next week over 400 million in projection

      • NM9005 says:

        Excuse me but the Vanity Fair article stated that:

        There was much at stake if Forster and Pitt delivered a flop. With a cost that had climbed to what rivals are now saying is more than $210 million, Paramount would have to spend another $125 million to $150 million to globally market the film, according to a person familiar with the budget. And that did not include the additional $8 million to $15 million needed for the 3-D conversion. This meant the movie would have to take in around $400 million at the worldwide box office for Paramount and its financial partners to break even, the person said.

        So let’s the say the rivals are wrong and it IS just 170-190 million than that still doesn’t include those extra costs like marketing and 3-D conversion.

        The stans are so happy to dismiss the 400 million estimation because that would mean that Pitt doesn’t stand a chance to make the money back. For WWZ to be a hit, he would have to make over a billion. Or 800 million if we go easy on the estimations. And let’s face, he isn’t RDJ. He can’t do that.

        You do know that even if he breaks even that it isn’t considered a hit? A hit is 3x its budget. Like Depp did with Alice (200mill budget – 1 BILLION) He might get 2x if he’s lucky but considering what other blockbusters brought in (like Smith did for a long time and RDJ with IM) than no, he isn’t doing well with WWZ. They need to stop with the big budget and the risks because WWZ would have been fine on a 125m budget. They can only blame themselves. And Pitt can’t carry it, he never proved he could so why take that risk?

      • claire says:


        400 million ? Deep ? RDJ ? Alice ?
        what are you talking about ? LOL

      • Monica says:

        You sound very bitter and highly upset that WWZ isn’t the bomb you were hoping for. I love how you compare Pitt with Smith Cruise etc. hate to break it to you but Brad does not do blockbuster actions movies. The last summer movie he did was Mr and Mrs Smith which made more than 4 times its budget and before that it was Troy which also made a profit. brad does not do summer blockbusters period but when he does it makes money. Um maybe no one believes the $400mil because it came from British tabloids and even the British paper that reported it later changed the number to $200mil. Go on movie forums most people laughed at that ridiculous number because no studio would green light a $400mil zombie movie. As far as marketing costs the DVD is already doing well on preorders for amazon and will make a killing in rentals and VOD. The movie will make $550mil without China and if China is added(which I know you are praying it is not released there)it will make more than. $600mil. You pressed haters are worse than the stans.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        Monica: Great reply! lol :)

      • Monica says:

        @camille people like @NM9005 are upset because they wanted and predicted WWZ to bomb ala White House Down, After Earth, and Lone Ranger. now that it is doing well they make up their own new rules to downplay it success. For example that VF article clearly says it needs $400mil to break even now our very own NM says it needs 3 times its budget when the rule has always been 2 times. . I wonder if the said actors that NM names could carry a zombie movie with literally one full year of negative buzz including Vanity Fair doing a whole magazine cover over production woes. I have never in my life seen a movie bashed so much before anyone had even seen it. did you see above where NM was dissecting Angelina’s weight and her stunts, these haters are more obsessd than the so-called stans.

      • NM9005 says:

        Of course, I’m bitter and jealous etc that’s why I use facts and figures from reputable magazines instead of rag tabloids and attacking posters at random when they don’t agree with me. Sure.

        Do tell me, why would Vanity Fair lie? Stans always need reputable sources and I for one wouldn’t believe it when it’s from OK mag or the Sun so here I am offering you the 400 million estimation from VF and still you come back with nothing but speculation from movie boards and formerly mentioned rag tabs????????
        Claire isn’t even trying, that’s how sad the reality is.

        The 400 million is not a myth and you all know it. If anything, it annoys the stans because it kills the fantasy of Pitt making enough money to ensure at least the costs are covered. With his other films on certain threads, everything (even per theater gross or per genre!) is dissected to ensure Pitt is a hit at the box office when it’s clear he is NOT. Now, all of a sudden ‘breaking even’ is considered a great thing for a movie that is supposed to make WAY more money. LMAO at the fierce denial. Even bringing in DVD numbers when it’s mainly the theater run that counts. None of the rebuttals make sense so I’m not the one who’s pressed. You’re so thirsty for a hit from this guy and you’re not getting it.

        Even if he breaks even etc, the film is still bad and I realise that Depp’s film and consorts aren’t always great either. It’s not like I’m stanning them, just comparing movie stars who can open big budget films. Stay mad.

        And lol at Monica having to compare WWZ to absolute stinkers to make her point. Enough said. Obviously, if you’re comparing WWZ to those flops you can win 1 tiny aspect of the discussion. Congrats.

        I rather be bitter than delusional.

      • NM9005 says:

        And what is this 2x its budget lie? What’s going here? Everybody knows it’s 3x! I even read it here on CB and found it myself on various movie sites. Talk about reaching.

        And really, calling me a hater is juvenile especially when I didn’t even lie. There’s picture proof of Jolie’s stunt doubles *drumroll* doing their job: STUNTS. And oh yeah, IMDB listing those people too. But yeah, I’m a hater for pointing out some facts to another poster. Ok then.

      • Janet says:

        NM9005 says: So stans can admit he never really had a big box office hit despite him being the biggest most handsomest, most greatest etc MOVIE STAR?! His film barely get their money back.

        Okey-doke, let’s take a look at a few of Brad’s films that “barely got their money back”:

        Interview with the Vampire: $250 million
        Seven $320 million
        Oceans Eleven $450 million
        Troy $497 million
        Mr and Mrs Smith $478 million
        Benjamin Button $330 million
        Inglourious Basterds $317 million
        WWZ (as of 7/7/13) $365 million and counting

        I’ve been reading your posts for a while now and wondering where you get this attitude from like you know every thing about everything when you actually know doodly-squat. Letting your animosity cloud your ability to perceive reality doesn’t make you look perceptive and discerning, it just makes you look silly. Just so you know.

      • Monica says:

        NM are you really this slow? the Vanity Fair article that you are quoting clearly says it needs. $400mil to BREAK EVEN from them on everything it makes is a profit. If the movie cost $200mil and the article you quote says it needs. $400mil then um 200 times 2 is $400. In the end it will make $500-600mil thats about a $200mil profit not including DVD sales,VOD,etc(and yes studios make a ton from this that is why a movie can bomb at the box office and still make money, go look it up)Lone Ranger, White House down, and after earth are 3 original big budget summer movies starring “bankable” movie stars, why wouldn’t I compare WWZ to it not to mention none of these movies had a year of negative buzz. Read your rants on this thread, you sound very delusional and make absolutely no sense. And lol at “stay mad” the only person mad here is you that WWZ did not bomb.

      • Janet says:

        NM9005 says: “I’d rather be bitter than delusional”.

        Actually, you’re both.

        If you don’t think Vanity Fair has their own agenda, there’s a bridge over in Brooklyn I’ll sell to you cheap. This is the magazine that published Aniston’s epic weepfest, remember?

        Now you’re trying to hedge your bets and say the movie is still bad even if it’s a hit, when it’s gotten very good reviews from 2/3 of the critics and is a clear smash at the box office. In fact, if you like numbers, check this out: Brad’s movies have made a total of SIX BILLION DOLLARS. That six with nine zeros behind it. If you don’t believe me, go to

        Any way you want to slice it, you lose.

      • Thora says:

        It’s sad that some you know so much about how much money these lamestream movies did or didn’t make. It’s also sad to see how much you care about it. Personally I don’t hate Brad Pitt but I’m sick of him. At nigh on 50 it’s time for him to step aside and let the twenty somethings play the heart throb roles. I can’t believe there aren’t hundreds of talented young actors out there ready to take his place.

      • Janet says:

        @ Thora: I’m sure there are thousands out there who would love to take his place. So far, though, they are sh*t outa luck. Brad Pitt is one of the very few actors who can pack a movie house just because he’s in the movie.

      • Nalgene says:

        Interesting discussion. Brad has passionate Stans! But none of that changes that he has never helmed a certified hit on his own. Inglorious was marketted as a Tarantino flick not as a Brad Pitt or Fassbender or Novak film. Mr and Mrs Smith rode on the cheating scandal and JOINT star power et al. WWZ isnt out of the woods and even then benefitted from masectomy publicity.

        Brad really isnt a top tier actor. He has had neither the blockbuster nor the universal critical acclaim. Contrast with his agemates, Depp, RDJ and Cruise. Maybe it will come with the Producing work.

  15. moon says:

    I’m a bit worried about the fact that in the recent photos of the Jolie-Pitt children, they all seem to be very uncomfortable with the paparazzi attention. Pax in particular.

    • Rena says:

      The JP kids were out of paps sights for most of the last year, in the UK and in LA. Angie and Brad have done a good job of keeping them out of public eye unlike some celebs whose kids are seen almost every day.

      So yes the kids are not happy with grown men and women shouting their names and 1000′s of flashbulbs blinding them and paps all up in their faces. I think the kids tolerate these stalkers very well for the most part, with Pax seeming to be the most sensitive who uses his bear as his anti-pap protector and surrogate.

      Angelina is no thinner than she has been for years. Some who are the main critics now for years just use the too thin mantra as a way to attack her due their own anger that she and Brad continue to have a successful loving relationship and happy family for 8+ years, when all they wish for them is failure. How disgusting to want to see a family break apart for no rational reasons.

      Sad that those who continue this endless vendetta against this woman who is leading an exemplary life cannot see the forest for the trees, that life is what it is supposed to be, not some fairy tale dreamed up by PR.

      And I must repeat again what others have said as the truth is the truth, that neither Angelina nor Brad have publicists, they are not paying big sums for some to crank out super spun cotton candy puffery to tabs, they don’t play those childish games like some do on a routine daily basis.

      Glad to see her directing Unbroken, she and Brad have visited LZ a number of times, and LZ has spoken of how much he likes them especially Angie.

  16. Sandy says:

    Angelina needs to put on 20 pounds but the only time she has been heavier on her own was Gia. Lara Croft doesn’t count because she had extreme training and dieting for those films. She does need to gain weight, but she has a very busy lifestyle. She never stops moving. She is an actress, director, mother of six kids,and a humanitarian. She has alot on her place and she’s wearing herself thin. The Angie of early 2000′s wasn’t a mom of six and plus trying to save the world. If she was malnourished she wouldn’t have been able to birth three healthy kids, carry her kids around, or wouldn’t have been allowed to direct a film or make a film last year. She is extremely thin, but malnourished is being drastic

  17. MAC says:

    A while ago, she was on inside the actors studio. She addressed this herself. Why is there a need to constantly comment on it. She said I know addiction in all forms. Direct quote.

  18. Ginger says:

    It’s true that most boutique stores don’t carry size 14 and up. I noticed on my last trip to H&m that they are finally carrying larger sizes. I personally find it more difficult to find tops that fit my boobs. It took four different stores and countless dressing rm trips to find a proper bathing suit. It’s frustrating trying to find clothes that fit. Add to that pressure certain people like the Ambercrombie CEO declaring people fat if they are over size 10 and its even worse.

    • doofus says:

      Off topic – re: the bathing suit issue…

      Honey, I hear ya…I wear a 38/40 DD and it is SO hard to find a suit that fits AND supports the girls properly.

      My solution (and I swear I’m not getting paid – lol) is either Title Nine or Athleta. BOTH of them sell suits for women who are active, they sell the tops/bottoms separately, and a LOT of the bikini/tankini and one-piece styles are sold in bra-sizes, with a built in underwire and adjustable straps and back, just like a regular bra.

      LOVE LOVE LOVE them. expensive as suits go, but totally worth it as they’re well made, fit well, and will last a few years at least. If you’re not in a chlorinated pool every day, they’ll last MORE than a few years.

  19. lisa2 says:

    Every Angeling post turns into weight watch. Such a shame when she is directing her Second film; and she must be so excited.

    but I guess this is the thing that women need to talk about regarding her.

    oh well.

  20. Sandy says:

    I’m on the heavier side myself and the double standards upset me. So it’s okay to slam Angelina for her weight but nothing can be said about people like Melissia Mc. or Adele. They are as beautiful as Angelina, but she has to picked on about her weight. It should go both ways. One shouldn’t be thrown to wolves actually none should be thrown to the wolves,but we shouldn’t overlook one’s weight problem because we like this one but don’t like the other.

  21. Springtime says:

    What I find funny is how Angelina has talked about being ridiculed/teased in school by her peers due to her weight because she was real thin and made fun of her long limbs.

    Now at 38 she has old bullies making fun and/or rude comments about her weight and limbs. I guess children never really grow. Thank goodness Angelina has found peace with herself and ignore the negativity that once affected her when she was a young girl.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Springtime, who wrote: “What I find funny is how Angelina has talked about being ridiculed/teased in school by her peers due to her weight because she was real thin and made fun of her long limbs.”

      This is true, she was bullied for being skinny, ‘odd’ looking (not my words), and ‘poor’ by Hollywood High School standards (Jon Voight was extremely stingy with Angie and James … both of them have said this).

      During the promotion of “Kung Fu Panda,” Dustin Hoffman said the first time he met Angelina Jolie while he was filming “Hook” (he made a film with Jon Voight call “Midnight Cowboy,” don’tcha know, so they were pals). He said she was this skinny kid with braces, and when he asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she looked at him with this fiercely passionate look in her eyes and said “I’m going to be an actress.” He said something along the lines of not thinking she had any hope of making it as an actress, and I assumed it was based upon her looks.

      This is the closest I could come to the actual interview from 2008. That ‘very’ pregnant photo of Angie proves it’s from 2008, probably Cannes (notice how thin her arms are?):

  22. Sandy says:


    RDJ, Depp (and Smith, Cruise in the past) smashed the box-office time and time again? More so than Pitt?

    They bring in the big bucks with franchises. I would love to see them pull in a film that isn’t connected to MI, Pirates, or Iron Man. Will Smith and Tom Cruise latest films this year flopped. WWZ has already gross more than Oblivion and After Earth. WWZ is doing very well even if you don’t like it. It has grossed $ 366 million, and nearly its budget back. It will probably reach near $ 500 million and you consider this a flop, how? WWZ is doing fantastic. It has exceeded expectations at the BO.

    • NM9005 says:

      Yes they did flop that’s why I said ‘in the past’. Big budget films are unjustified in this economy (jmo).

      Smith has 5-6 hits under his belt unrelated to franchises, check your facts.
      RDJ had a hit with Due Date, also not a franchise and he leans more on the indies anyway when you take away Iron Man and Sherlock. But still, he brings in okay money.
      Cruise is an action star, I agree it’s only franchises for him or trying to kickstart one with the same character as all the other action films. Le sigh.

      Depp has a hit with Alice, Sweeney Todd, Charlie, granted, they were big budget films but still not a franchise.

      Franchises can only begin when the first film is a hit. There are plenty of big budget films who were supposed to be franchises (e.g.HP rip-off Percy Jackson) that didn’t become one because it flopped. That’s why there’s a rumour about WWZ getting a sequel but it’s probably AFTER its cinema run is over that they will decide because only then they can know if it’s worth pumping more money into this project.

      It’s not because it ‘exceeds expecations’ that it becomes a hit automatically. A hit is based on money not expectations and he needs to gross 3x the budget before that happens. That’s the way it works, don’t blame me for pointing it out.

      • Sandy says:

        What have Brad and Angelina done to you? The hate for this couple is just weird. Breathe in and out.
        Believe what you want.Someone is upset because they wanted WWZ to flop so hard and it didn’t. BOM says $ 190 million and using Vanity Fair as a source is just ridiculous, anything to make WWZ look bad. I laughed when VF was used
        as a source.

  23. Loira says:

    Brad Pitt’s filmography does not lean towards summer blockbusters. He has avoided them for years. What franchises has he been in? The Ocean’s one (ensemble cast)
    What action movies has he been in? Mmmmm Troy, Mr and Mrs Smith, errr, 7? Nope, mmmm 12 monkeys? He was a supportive actor.
    He is hardly ever signed for a typical hero film, where he saves everyone, until his WWZ personal project.
    As soon as he had enough star power to select better films, he steered away from mostly commercial films, and preferred smaller movies, and with his production company, he has breathed life into some hard to do projects, like The Benjamin Button movie, Moneyball or the Jesse James film.
    I loved JDepp, but now I find him too repetitive, the Burton movies now seem a bit of a chore, the Pirates, you know what you will see. I still find RDJ endearing, and I like his movies and franchises a lot, but I hardly remember a movie where he is not Ironman or Sherlock.
    Brad is in a different place, he wanted it that way. He is creating and choosing good movies, and that is great, not everything has to be a great summer blockbuster, or a repetition of the same character over and over for a lifetime.

  24. Loira says:

    I forgot to add that, to me at least, Cruise and Smith are done. They will probably still bring the numbers, but MI #12, or another vanity project like this last Smith movie, forcing his kid upon my eyes and wallet? Not for me.
    The craziness took over them, I cannot take their movies anymore. And even if they were more subtle, their projects scream MEMEMEME, I’d much rather read Celebitchy or a book instead of paying them for another film. I hope they could surprise me, though. Cruise used to be a good actor(in some films), and Smith had lots of charisma.

  25. lenje says:

    Comparing her pictures now and 10 years ago, I don’t think she has lost tons of weight. She’s always been thin. I do think, though, that she looks older compared to most women her age. (And don’t get me started with Asian women he he he)

    On the other hand, anytime someone criticizes Angelina, why is there always someone else defending her by referring to the First Female website?

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I agree. The only real, noticeable difference about her, since she and Brad got together, is that her face has thinned. And I’m sure that happened because of her mother’s death, and because she has a hard time keeping weight on.

      I know a girl like her from school. She is skinny. Not deathly skinny, but skinny…she’s all long arms, limbs, and has a long torso in comparison to her height. She has a hard time keeping weight on…she used to be a vegetarian but had to start eating meat again, because she was losing too much weight. So I’d imagine that in twenty years, when she’s around Angelina’s age, she’ll be having the same issues.

    • Loira says:

      Itis because thetypes over at that site bragthat they havesome sort of “agenda” to bring Angelina Jolie down, to show what she truly is ( what they think she is).
      They will mostly attack and mock her, not Brad so much,but they do invent such stories. Once I went over there and on a thread they were bragging how they went over to different sites to post the same lunatic stories. They are somesort of “fanenemies”,if such a word existed.

      • Janet says:

        “Bring her down”, who do these idiots think they are? Do they really think they have that much influence or that people are stupid enough to believe the lies they spread on other websites?

        I don’t know if the people on Female First realize it, but they are an Internet joke. Mention Female First on any website and everyone starts talking about how crazy they are. I think some of them are posting from a nut house,

  26. Monica says:

    @NM9005 is so upset that WWZ ddnt bomb, I am loving it, spin spin spin.

  27. diculous-re says:


    She looks healthy ENOUGH. DONE.

    Isn’t there anything to talk bad-blah on this woman? So, obsession with her weight too much and only and always? There are so many skinny or fat women in HW, and they’re so fine yeah, I mean, to your eyes. ;)

  28. Katherine says:

    “A hit is 3x its budget”

    Absolute rubbish!

    Studios and theaters do not share a 50/50 split of Box Office receipts. This is a myth that might be true if a film made the same amount of money each week and each weekend of its run. But it doesn’t. Films as everyone knows make the lion’s share of their money during the first weeks of its run. During those first weeks the studios get the biggest share of BO.

    Studios get at a minimum 70% of the first weeks BO and often for big studio movies like WWZ they get an even higher percentage. That split drops slowly – sometimes not until the 3rd week. So you can bet that WWZ got at the very least 70% of the OW and the first week of dailies. It probably got 70% the 2nd week as well. Even if you drop the 2nd week to 60%, you end up with a huge share for the studios.

    As for 3D costs, the cost to the studio/theater is approx. 50 cents per ticket (glasses and RealD equipment) and the surcharge is $3-4 per ticket – so there is no loss there at all.
    – there is an added profit.

    Also for WWZ the 3D conversion was done for free in exchange for a percentage of Paramount’s share of 3D ticket sales.

    Plus WWZ already signed $30-35 million in licensing revenue in its first week of release.

    So I think it’s fair to assume that Paramount has made it’s production costs back by now. Studios worry about the marketing costs later in the budget analysis.

    WWZ has quite a number of revenue streams including merchandise and the almost pure profit of the DVD sales and other media viewings. WWZ presales have already made it a Top Ten DVD.

    WWZ is doing just fine thank you very much.