Stacy Keibler & George Clooney’s breakup was not ‘a one-sided decision’

Yesterday, I started out covering some random UK tabloid story in which “sources” claimed that George Clooney was slowly backing away from baby-hungry Stacy Keibler. Then, just a few hours after I wrote the lines “What bugs me, however, is that George hasn’t confirmed anything. Usually he’s pretty good at getting the word out either way, and it just seems like Stacy is clinging and he’s letting her cling to this idea that they’re still sort of together,” George and Stacy confirmed that they had in fact broken up. The official line is that Stacy wanted babies and George did not and that SHE dumped HIM. Which no one really believes, but sure, let’s play along. Us Weekly’s sources go even further and claim that the decision to breakup up was mutual and mature. Sure.

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler’s relationship had been on the rocks for months, multiple sources tell Us Weekly. “It’s been slowly falling apart for awhile,” one insider explains. “Stacy knew George was not the man to settle down with.”

According to another source, the decision to call it quits wasn’t an easy one. “Stacy and George have been having ongoing discussions in the last few weeks. It wasn’t a one-sided decision. No one got dumped,” the source says. “They both discussed it and realized it was better that they split.”

The pair’s biggest issue, the insider says, was that “they haven’t been in the same country for a long time. They are both working and haven’t seen each other. You can’t have a relationship with someone that you don’t see.” Neither stars have any regrets about the breakup, the insider adds: “They know this is for the best.”

The Gravity star, 52, and the Supermarket Superstar host, 33, were first linked in July 2011. The pair became inseparable in the following months, making their red carpet debut at the Toronto Film Festival and attending high-profile events like the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

After spending the summer of 2012 at Clooney’s famed Lake Como compound in Italy, the pair were rumored to have split in September. Clooney’s rep denied such reports, telling Us at the time rumors of a breakup were “not true.”

Though Keibler joined Clooney during the recent awards season circuit (he co-produced Argo with Ben Affleck and Grant Heslov), sources said the two were drifting apart. “They have little in common,” one source told Us in March. “She likes to go out and have fun. She’s been feeling the age difference.” Another source predicted the split was inevitable: “The end is near. It’s a matter of time.”

[From Us Weekly]

Stacy didn’t make it two years. Which is pretty much in the standard range for George’s Girls. They usually last one to two years, rarely longer than that. They got together in late July/early August of 2011 when George invited her to Lake Como, and then came the Toronto Film Festival and a parade of cocktail waitress styles and some really, really bad hair. So, when will Clooney arrange for another girl? Does anyone want to place bets on what her job description will be? George loves ‘em when they’re really trashy and D-list. I’m saying the new girl’s job description is going to be “part-time lingerie model and bartender”. I’m also getting a feeling that the next girl won’t be American. He’s going to go for… maybe another English girl? That should be interesting.

Let’s play a new game! Let’s name all of the stuff we think Stacy managed to get out of George. I believe the reports from several months ago that George bought her a condo, and she gets to keep all of the jewelry he gave her. She got a new agent and she’s got a reality show. I bet she got to keep all of the clothes he bought her throughout the course of the relationship too, plus lots of purses and shoes. But… did he give her a cash payout, (which is what I believe he did for Elisabetta Canalis)?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Christin says:

    The exes generally stay quiet, so I would assume a little cash is tossed their way.

  2. lisa2 says:

    I was just thinking this morning that this story would last about another few days/a week or so then no one is going to care.

    It will be interesting again when she is dating or George is. It is not like they were expected to last forever.

  3. Eleonor says:

    It’s the same plot over and over.

  4. Suze says:

    A few years ago something like this would have been news.

  5. crab says:

    OMG he looks so old in that 3rd pic!

  6. magpie says:

    Stacy got clothes, jewels and probably some cash for her time (escorts get paid ya know). But she also got something more important: exposure. She was able to obtain a C-list career and avoid the F list unlike like Sarah Larsen.

    • V4Real says:

      I think all George girls enter into this farce of a relationship thinking they would be the one to change him. Truth be told you can’t change a player’s game in the ninth inning.
      George is going to end up a lonely old man when he discovers that he is no longer desireable to women the way he once was. He’s a shinny example of the 40 year old man in the club who still thinks he got game.

      • Noreen says:

        He’s got tons of money and is very generous with gifts, exposure to a fashionable lifestyle, and lots of perks. Therefore, he will always have women interested in him. Even when he’s elderly.

      • Liv says:

        Do you really think they had a proper relationship? I’m torn on this. He seems very organized in the girlfriend department though.

      • V4Real says:

        @Noreen Yeah, well Hugh Hefner has tons of money as well and young girls hanging all over him but it doesn’t mean he does not know that they are only there because of the money and not him. With George it was more than money, he had looks, charm and unbelieveable fame. Most women wanted to be with him not just because of the money but because he was a handsome charismatic man. The money was a plus. He will eventually end up as one of the older celebs that girls use to flock to because he was George; now they just come for the money; like they do with Heffner.

      • Ok says:

        V4Real — I have to agree with Noreen. George will always have plenty of money. No man with money is ever lonely for long.

      • V4Real says:

        @Ok but you guys are ignoring the main point of he will always have girls because of money but they will only be with him for that reason only (just like Hugh). He will be a 60 year old man with a 30 year old girl with dollar signs in her eyes.

      • Emily C. says:

        George doesn’t date “girls” — he dates women. And no, I do not believe all the women he dates think they’re going to change him. They’re all grown-ups. Every woman does not enter every relationship wanting babies and marriage.

        And dang, I wish I’d gotten from my casual relationships what Stacy got from George.

      • Moncheechee says:

        He’s probably gonna wind up a a happy old man in a homosexual relationship living the life because he’s filthy rich.

    • V4Real says:

      Girls, women, females you knew what I meant; no need to try to be so technical. If George were dating girls this would be a completely different topic.

      BTW where did I say anything about babies or marriage; there are married couples who don’t have a desire to have kids and there are also people in long term relationships who have never been married for instance Goldie and Kurt Russell.


    • gefeylich says:

      Keibler will hit the F list soon enough. And it’s absolutely ludicrous for anyone to say that this break up wasn’t one-sided. Yeah, I’ll bet she wounded George deeply when she “broke it off with him.”

      The only reason she lasted as long as she did is because Clooney was fucking with everyone who dared to suggest that her contract was up with him. I think he kept her around longer just to show people.

      I think he and Cruise will be running neck and neck now to produce their next “princess/’love of my life’/large hanging beard.”

  7. Sarah says:

    His private life is just so bloody undignified.

    • Noreen says:

      It’s sad, played-out, predictable. And I’m not even talking about the break-ups and lack of commitment. He seems incapable of having a relationship at all that is purely organic and natural. He ALWAYS has to get a woman from the lower class, stick her in his ivory tower, treat her like a queen for a couple years, then kick her to the curb with some cash for good measure. It’s not just the plot that’s the same–it’s the women. He can’t be with a woman who is equal to him in any way. She can’t be famous, she can’t have her own wealth, she can’t have a career, she can’t be equal to him in intelligence. He has to CREATE HER. I think Stacy is the only one who actually had a least *something* going on when she met him. Not much, but more than the others.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I so agree with this. He has to play Pygmalion to these women.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        Oh boy, you really hit the nail on the head with this one Noreen. Great post.

      • Noreen says:

        Yeah, and it’s not as if he’s JUST a sugar daddy. It’s more. He RE-CREATES them. To their benefit, of course. It’s not like they’re worse off for it. Remember the French girl? He literally BOUGHT her a modeling career (albeit an extremely minor one, b/c she wasn’t any good at it and very try-hard). And she got so deep into her “act” as a model that she actually believed she was a model, and she was universally referred to as a model. It was weird, like she and everyone else had totally forgotten that she was, in fact, a college drop-out/restaurant hostess. Well, first he tried re-creating her as a kindergarten teacher’s assistant (she had no degree and couldn’t be an actual teacher) but she realized she didn’t want to work. She didn’t want to finish her studies in LA either. So he bought her a modeling “career”. I remember seeing her on the website of a major modeling agency right alongside the legitimate models. Like it was real and not a gig paid for by her rich and powerful Svengali.

  8. Nalgene says:

    I dont even believe they were together this year. Being pictured together, especially so intermittently, doesnt make you a couple. I really think, if they ever dated, it was a brief few months.

    Whats this Supermarket Superstar thing about? Coz thats one shitty title for a show.

  9. Aria says:

    In George’s defense, he is always very honest about the fact that he doesn’t want to be married or have children. It may seem cold or even odd to some people, but that is his decision.

    The fact that most of his exes get incredible exposure for being with him cannot be denied. I never warmed up to that Stacy woman anyway (I can’t remember her last name if I don’t look it up). I hate that she is being, albeit subtlety, marketed as this fierce independent woman that got all she has on her own. It bothers me for some reason.

    • Masque says:

      Agreed. Fiercely independent women don’t go for the sugardaddy types. She was in this game to win…something. She wanted to be The One or she wanted the fame-by-association but regardless, she had an endgame in mind.

      Granted, I think she played the game better than his usual women but not for one second am I buying the line from her camp about being too independent. Her contract was up, plain and simple.

  10. paranormalgirl says:

    Supermarket Superstar appears to be a sort of “Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den” show for food entrepreneurs.

    I think Stacy went into this “relationship” with her eyes wide open. She knew what she would and would not get from Clooney. I doubt she ever thought or believed she would become Mrs Clooney and have babies with him. She knew him before the relationship so I doubt she had any misconceptions about it at all. She’s ready to move on with a real life and he’s ready for the next arm candy.

  11. Jess says:

    When did he start doing this with all his girlfriends, giving them so much exposure? I’m sure I remember him being quite private about his relationships in the past, never really confirming or denying anything. Whilst there were always stories about him giving his exes money, apartments etc. after they broke up, he seemed to go to most red carpet events, parties etc. solo, so he wasn’t giving them fame as well. Wasn’t that a big part of the reason for the gay rumours, that he was rarely even seen with women?

    Or am I remembering wrong?

    • Noreen says:

      He started after his divorce. That marriage/divorce seemed to have done a number on him. I’m not that interested in GC, but boy would I love to hear some details on that. It was clearly something really awful but no one has ever said or even hinted as to what it was.

      • kibbles says:

        Yeah, I also wonder what happened in his marriage that made him this way. He must have really gotten his heart broken or the marriage must have been so awful that he decided he’d be better off as a playboy for the rest of his life. Or the rumors are true and he’s really gay.

      • Emily C. says:

        Or he just realized, after trying it, that marriage was not for him. That happens a lot without anyone getting particularly burned.

      • Noreen says:

        @ Emily C

        You’ve obviously never, ever heard or read of GC talking about his marriage. Because if you did you wouldn’t have just said “Oh well, maybe he just realized it wasn’t for him”. People come to that kind of conclusion rather peacefully and aren’t talking about their broken marriage for the next 25 years (and the ex is long re-married with children). He talks about it like he was LITERALLY traumatized. No, something happened. He didn’t just wake up one day with a general realization that he’d rather not be tied down.

      • Liberty says:

        His ex-wife: Talia Balsalm.

        She married Clooney in ’89. They divorced in ’93.

        After the marriage, she married John Slattery (Roger on Mad Men) in 1998, and they have a child and are still married.

        After the marriage, George got a pig, some male roommates and dated John Travolta’s current wife.

      • lisa says:

        once he said that if he couldnt be successful at marriage with his first wife, he couldnt be successful at marriage with anyone

    • DreamyK says:

      Robert Hallowell is the hairdresser most often linked to Clooney in the rumor dept.

      I was never sure I bought into the whole bearding thing with Clooney, but now I do. George gets a contract, you see lots of them out in public, by the time their 2nd red carpet Oscar appearance happens, the relationship is over. It’s all so passionless and predictable.

    • Also says:

      I think it is was just different pre-internet, digital cameras, etc. George seems to be doing the exact same thing, but it was easier for him to be “below radar” in the “old” days. He is getting older and the women he is dating are younger & more into social media, reality fame, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Also, he seems to like being able to “market” himself as part of a couple since he became a “regular” on the award show circuit. Back in the “old” days, he was not being nominated for things, so no need for the very public couple thing, new dresses, etc. Last, but SURELY not least, George has one of the most powerful PR guys in the world that has been with him FOREVER, so, as a result, he can pay/favor trade to contain the narrative re: relationships/breakups better than most.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Very true—the “old days” before social media were a completely different kind of life. Good assessment.

        Before the internets, a famous couple could be broken up for weeks or months before a tidbit made its way into the gossip rags. Now it’s “George & Stacy broke up this morning!”

        Glad my break-ups haven’t been in the news! ;-)

  12. Larissa says:

    Yes, he is old and is starting to look much more of a grandpa than a daddy. I don’t care about this woman but good for her.

  13. Thora says:

    Meh. He’s another old man like Brad Pitt. Who cares about his sex life? He’d climax once and fall asleep.

  14. Joanna says:

    that would be a pretty sweet gig. trips to italy, condo, rub shoulders with the rich and famous, walk the red carpet. i could do that. i could even have sex w george. i’d rather do him than leo. at least clooney treats his women well and they get something out of it too. i think leo f’s em and dumps em. at least clooney’s a gentleman about it.

  15. Christin says:

    GC is 52. I think he looks older and a bit worn out. He has been compared to Cary Grant, who was age 56 in An Affair to Remember. Cary looked far better and aged very well.

  16. MistyNinja says:

    Stacy Keible and George Clooney’s breakup was not a one-side decision…because they both mutually agreed when the relationship would end when they both sign the legal contract.

    • Chris says:

      Completely agree. I don’t think the term “relationship” is appropriate in this situation. At least not in the romantic sense. This was a business arrangement from the start. I think George just likes to keep his personal relationships private, so the women you see on all those red carpets with him are just a business partners. I don’t think we ever get to see who he actually sleeps with.

  17. MsAubra says:

    I think she knew what she was getting into and she milked that cow for what it was worth.

    They all do! It’s standard procedure by now to grin and bear it a couple years with him! Each girlfreind makes out better than the last. He’s upgraded the parting package from gift basket to Rolex, to Range Rover over the years!

  18. j.eyre says:

    I really like her dress in the second photo. I couldn’t handle that much detail around my face, but she is striking enough to pull that off.

  19. PinkG says:

    “The Gravity star, 52, and the Supermarket Superstar host, 33″

    Plugs like this annoy me to no end!

  20. BeesKnees says:

    A friend of mine dug out a picture from about 13 years ago of a dance camp we attended as seniors in high school, and apparently Stacy was one of our coaches. She was just a Ravens cheerleader back then. She is not much older than me and I vaguely remember her being pretty normal. I just don’t get the deal with George. What is he trying to prove with this parade of girlfriends? I don’t always buy the gay rumor either. Having a new, D listerer girlfriend is going to send up red flags to even the mini van majority. Does he want to come off as a ladies man or a womanizer? It’s very off putting to me. If he were gay, why not find a long term beard. I know people who are convinced John Travolta is straight because he has been married so long.

  21. Rux says:

    I would totally be Clooney’s Girl for a condo, jewelry, clothes, shoes, purses, parties, Lake Como, vacas, etc. Then bounce after two years too and get me a man my age.

  22. Cora says:

    Maybe it’s time George dated a petite woman for a change. Then he wouldn’t look so old and shrunken standing beside her.

    • RobN says:

      You’ve got a real point, there. He’d probably look fine with a smaller woman instead of picking women who look like they could snap him in two.

      • Emily C. says:

        The problem isn’t that they’re not tiny. The problem is that he’s way older than them. Any 29 through 35 year old who is at all healthy is going to look like she can snap him in two.

        And really, why not? Why is it expected that the woman be all fragile and itty bitty and the man be all big and burly, able to snap her in two if he wants? I hope George keeps going with strong women. I wish he’d pick a tall, healthy, strong woman nearer his own age though.

      • RobN says:

        All we’re saying is that a really tall, strong looking woman exaggerates his own skinny little frailness. Considering the business he’s in, looking old and frail is not helpful. I’m taller, and stronger looking than my own husband, but he’s not spending his career attempting to play the romantic lead.

      • Emily C. says:

        @RobN — Is Clooney trying to play the romantic lead at this point? I don’t think it’s what his career has been based on for a long time. He’s more into prestige pictures now.

        I think he could still be a romantic lead in a movie with a woman in his own age bracket or older, easily. I’d love to see him and Susan Sarandon in a good romantic comedy, for instance. But those aren’t really made any more.

  23. shelley says:

    I used to not like Stacey..mostly because I had no idea who or what she is..still don’t know but lady worked the red carpet unlike all of his exes put together. She always looked better than most A-listers…even in Marchesa!

    I hope she gets herself a better gig doing whatever it is she claims she does.

  24. Arock says:

    Frankly, she showed poorly. Cute and all but pretty boring. Hope she’s living the good life after this it was the best career move for a “supermarket sweep ” host ever.

  25. GeeMoney says:

    Contract is up, time for a new chick. I hope Stacy got all the publicity and jewels and cash payouts she needed to stay afloat now, b/c a year from now… no one is even going to remember who she is.

  26. lady_luck says:

    It’s funny how the story suddenly changed as to why they broke up….suddenly it was all “busy schedules” – u know that old one, it was like Stacey’s PR panicked by the press painting her out to a be a biologically ticking ready-to-be-homemaker domestic barefoot mama and she couldn’t handle the way it looked. The situation is transparent, and always has been. Stacy can’t fool anybody. It’s sad, sad for George more than anybody that he is completely incapable of sustaining an organic, loving relationship. Wait for the next piece…..who will touch him? Again, it’s gonna be a z-list model or waitress hungry for fame. Planning on riding the train or deluded by the notion of rising to the challenge of “taming the commmitment-phobe”.

    Sad, very sad.

    I have no respect at all for that man.

  27. break says:

    Am I the only one who laughs every time I read, “The Supermarket Superstar Host”?

  28. janie says:

    I think he looks great, I’d have him in a New York minute. These women all know upfront the rules of the game. Not everyone wants or needs to marry? They are all compensated well. He is kind and generous to them. I have never heard anything mean or negative from him re: any of these women. I’m sure the women are in line to be next.. pretty good gig for a couple of years.

    • Chris says:

      I think we don’t hear anything negative or mean because they all signed non-disclosure agreements. The closest we ever came was Sarah Larson crying to ET, but she didn’t reveal anything specific. I’m not saying he’s evil and abusive, but whenever there’s a break-up, there’s usually some hurt feelings. Especially when the power in the relationship is one-sided. So he pays them off not to say anything negative.

  29. Jackson says:

    I’m glad to see this one go. She was so budget and had no style. Let’s go, Clooney, I’m ready to judge your next Two-Year-Contract. Just don’t get one that thinks it’ll be forever because that’d be mean.

  30. Therese says:

    I’m really tired of the whole Clooney thing. I really think it is fake, and I’m bored. Don’t care. If I don’t care, there must be others that don’t -so who is he trying to placate or please? I surely don’t think it is himself. He is rich and powerful, could do what and whom he pleased. Just isn’t honest enough to do so. Maybe he never will because Rande Gerber has a family. I totally think Rande is his partner. Wish people wouldn’t beard. I don’t care who they really partner with.

  31. Mayday says:

    She kinda bugs me but I don’t think she was ever fooling herself about what this was, I’ll give her that.

  32. Mimi says:

    Their relationship was a business agreement from the start…same as all his other relationships have been. She gets to up her status, contracts, etc and he gets a pretty girl on his arm to accompany him on the carpets and help him portray the playboy bachelor instead of the gay man he so obviously is

    • candigirl says:

      ITA, there are tabloid pics and stories of George with young men in Lake Como, where they say it’s pretty obvious to the locals he is bisexual or gay. My guess is he likes to keep up his Hollywood image and lifestyle of aging playboy. It allows him to keep his high profile couples’ relationships with people like Rande Gerber. It also lets him project the image of hetero, (although aging) leading man to the adoring fans. He gets to play dress up with his human Barbie dolls and every few years, he gets a new toy to play with. I think he doesn’t mind the media following these faux romances/breakups because it is all a screen for his real life, with boyfriends in Italy.

    • Nina W says:

      Again, don’t see the point of pretending to be heterosexual if he’s not. He’s rich and successful, his career would not suffer if he were gay. This is not the 1950′s, he’s been married, been with a string of women, what, you need an actual porn tape?

  33. mandalynca says:

    I’m not one to follow lots of gossip sites, but it seem pretty common knowledge that he does 2 year agreements with women – whether this is a bearding arrangement or not, lots of speculation as to why. I assume that these women go into this with their eyes open. Only hope they don’t end up getting too emotionally involved (I couldn’t stop my feelings if it were me)and crying all the way to the bank.

  34. Emily C. says:

    Of course their breakup was mature. It was all worked out by contract beforehand.

  35. Luna says:

    I don’t believe G.C is gay but…what is he hiding?! It has to be something pretty strange if his girlfriends need contracts and payouts.What weird stuff is he into that the public cannot ever know or accept without him hiding it? It has to be something big and career has to.

  36. Linda says:

    How boring it would be to date him. You can’t ever actually want anything that you would with any normal relationship. You couldn’t grow or become closer. He’s just a cock blocker.

  37. Jane says:

    The whole “she wants a baby” thing is not passing the sniff test anymore. It has been well known, from George himself, that he doesn’t want children and he said that a while ago. It was all in the media, etc. I am sure Stacy knew that from the beginning and any woman with him, especially at this point, will know it.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if George is clipped since there doesn’t seem to be any little George’s running around. It makes more sense than him either trusting the woman to use birth control or him using a condom.

    • Emily C. says:

      Birth control pills also have a failure rate, even if used perfectly, as do condoms, and the rate for both are high enough that it’s not surprising when they fail. Plus you have to keep paying for them and they add another hassle to one’s life. Vasectomies also have a failure rate, but it’s vanishingly tiny, and it only has to be done once.

      So yeah, I agree, he was smart and got snipped. It’s the cheapest, easiest, most sure, most elegant solution for any man who doesn’t want to reproduce.

    • Jen says:

      First, as I said before, I don’t think he is gay, just a person who likes to have total control and does not want to be in a long term relationship. This attitude does not make one gay, though being gay is hardly terrible.

      I too think he got snipped because there are way too many “oh my God I am pregnant by so and so” folks with accidental babies running around for him to have escaped this fate. He does not want children and that is the best way to make sure. Why he does the two year thing is odd and I also think he is odd, but he is who he is. He dates mature women who know how to read I am sure, so I don’t feel for them as they go in with their eyes open and anyone who thinks they can change him are in for a rude awakening.

  38. truthful says:

    This relationship helped her no matter how it ended, plenty of folks had never heard of her before GC.

    I think she thought she’d be different.

    I’m sure she got alot of nicenice parting gifts.

  39. The Original G says:

    There was a Blind Gossip story a while ago about an A listed who was basically asexual. He just wasn’t that interested.

    Made me think of George. He needs some arm candy to fulfill his work obligations but is otherwise content to work and live privately and without comprimise. After a couple of years,inspite of the kindness and perks the woman finds she wants more and they move on.

  40. lee says:

    When you have your own Tequila to promote and your girl is promoting another guys Tequila as she did last week or so it isn’t good. After all the exposure George gave her what she did must have felt like a betrayal. I’m not sure she even understands what she did since she isn’t very profound, but I get it. One must know things themselves without having things spelled out for them. Yes, she is very pretty and she will be just fine and I don’t think George is the type to feel anyone owes him anything for what he’s done, but I also think he will be just fine. He doesn’t need a scholar although it would challenge him and to me it’s a sexy trait to have, but someone he can at least be an equal in intellect, and someone with a solid job. I think he at times he probably feels he’s the one in constant charge of everything and everyone and that must get old. To keep things fresh and challenging he should allow a woman to posses what he does so it’s not a burden. It’s got to be rough to care for yourself and still thing of others who should be responsible for themselves. Anyway, their split doesn’t matter to us, just spit second or two and life is full of surprises for both of them. If they indeed split up only greater things can come to them both, so congrats is my opinion, but he/ she doesn’t need it either…Next…

  41. mandy says:

    don’t forget that in last christmas(&new year)in cabo stacy and gigi had room apart and an girl who work in the hotel said that micheal phelps was with stacy in her room !!
    there is one year in barcelona geof joined stacy too !!!

  42. Joanna Joanna says:

    This is what I can’t figure out about George Clooney,if you really are a lifetime Playboy and don’t want to settle down, then why not just secretly date models like Leo Dicaprio does? Leo doesn’t bring his girls to movie premieres,meet their parents or make them feel like they have a chance at a ltr.So why does George put on a whole show like every girl is “the one” if he is just going to dump them in about 2 years? Who is the act for?The public,the women,tabloids? Idk about this guy.

    sidenote:the pic of him in the tequila shirt is the only time he has ever looked like an ugly old man to me.

  43. Aqua says:

    I’m surprised at all the internet and media coverage this split is getting, and in no way am I buying the “Stacy wants marriage and kids” excuse because as it has been pointed out before that George and Stacy have knows each other for a long time before they even became bf/gf so I’m sure Stacy knows all about Georges idiosyncrasies.In the end both of them will be just fine.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Yeah. What’s the story? They were together and now they aren’t. Neither was trumpeting it as true love. They will be fine. Why wouldn’t they? A breakup isn’t the end of the world, regardless of what the Twihards believe.

  44. Corky-rwb says:

    He needs to go for someone older next time. Diane Lane or Sandra Bullock would be good.

    • Chris says:

      That would never work for him. Those two women are on equal footing with him as far as power in Hollywood goes (and, sadly, as far as women have power in Hollywood). Can you imagine Sandy putting up with this cr@p? No way. The only way he can buy their silence is if they are powerless.

  45. Ally8 says:

    It’s bad when you’ve basically become the upmarket Simon Cowell, with the watersports, sunny locations and interchangeable arm candy (albeit with beards instead of Botox in George’s case).

  46. april says:

    The whole relationship seemed so lukewarm. It was boring to even read about them. At least when he was with Canalis things were interesting. It was even interesting when he was with the cocktail waitress.

    Maybe the sameness with the way all of his relationships go is boring everyone.

  47. scarlett says:

    This was just another business deal and the contract expired. Nothing more, nothing less. It was probably written into the contract that she would claim that the relationship ended due to her wanting children, etc,. I guess it lends to the appearance that these relationships are real and not just paid escort arrangements. IMO, the guy is asexual and probably has not interest in sex or even having a meaningful relationship with a woman much less having children or a family. He seems most happy shooting the sh*t in Lake Como with his male buddies. I’m not saying he’s gay it just seems like he would rather sit around drinking with his make buddies and friends like Cindy Crawford. He’s asexual but he has to keep up appearances to reinforce his image as a leading man, hence all of these dubious women and relationships that expire every two years. I’ve heard that he has back problems so sex is probably painful anyway. Moving along.

    • Guesto says:

      @scarlett – totally agree. Asexual. I’ve thought that for quite a while. Not interested in women in any evolved sense, just has one handy for publicity purposes and to keep the ‘eligible bachelor’ *snort* baloney going. He comes across, for all his fine pretentions and so-called charm, as an incredibly shallow, dysfunctional man.

  48. lady_luck says:

    I do not think he is gay, but I do think he is bisexual, and considers himself an “anti-marriage liberal”. I also do agree that the girls signed non-disclosure agreements right at the very start of all these relationships as it is well known that George indulges in 3-somes, orgies, and lots of drug taking as part and parcel of any of the above.