John Mayer buys a teenage girl her dream guitar: nice guy or attention seeking?

John Mayer

When he’s not hitting back at Taylor Swift in a song war, John Mayer and his questionable accessories are waging a PR war against his own “David Duke c-ck of days past. John’s trying very hard to get his career back together after being on mandatory rest for a pesky throat granuloma, and he wants everyone to know what a nice guy he is these days. Because nice guys sell concert tickets, you know?

John is anything but dumb, and he’s realized how to gain the maximum amount of good publicity with the smallest amount of effort. So when he (and Katy Perry) encountered a teenage fan named Julie Fermin in a record store, he decided to buy the girl her dream guitar. Of course, she tweeted about the incident, and now everyone thinks John is a great guy. That’s a pretty smart investment to throw a little bit of cash at an invaluable return of amazing publicity. If you think about it, this girl has done a lot more for John than he did for her. Here are the details from Us Weekly:

John Mayer Katy Perry

John Mayer made one lucky fan’s day — or maybe life — when he popped into a music shop in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood with girlfriend Katy Perry on Friday, July 5. The fan, 16-year-old Julie Fermin, was admiring an expensive guitar when the star stopped by, and when she told him she couldn’t afford to buy it, he purchased it himself as a gift for her.

“We started freaking out and getting super excited,” Fermin revealed to Us Weekly of how she and her friends first reacted to seeing Mayer, 35, and Perry, 28. The famous couple obliged the teens with a picture, which Fermin shared on Twitter, and then hung out for a bit talking to them about music.

At one point, the “Born and Raised” singer asked Fermin — who has been playing guitar since she was 11 — which instrument she liked in the store. “I showed him, and he went over and checked the guitar’s price,” she told Us. “I said, ‘Yup, but I can’t afford it,’ and he said, ‘Oh, stop it!’”

Fermin thought that was the end of the discussion, so she and her friends said goodbye and let the stars go about their day. After Mayer and Perry left, however, a store employee approached them with a surprise. “Well, you should get more excited, because John Mayer just bought you that guitar!” he told her.

“I was so shocked,” Fermin gushed to Us. “I started crying and screaming. I cannot describe all the emotions I felt at that moment. I just knew I was the luckiest and happiest person alive.”

“I never in my life thought I’d meet and get to talk to Katy Perry and John Mayer,” she tweeted later. “I literally thought it was impossible. FOREVER MIND BLOWN.”

[From Us Weekly]

It also seems that Katy herself is also part of John’s grand plan to be a likeable guy. Almost immediately after she gushed to Vogue about being “madly in love with him,” John got onstage on the opening night of his Born and Raised world tour and thanked Katy from the bottom of his heart for being “so patient” and taking the time “to continue to get to know and love me.” I’m interested to see how long John can keep this “nice guy” act together — you know that sooner or later he’ll slip up and let his douche flag fly. And it will be spectacular.

Here’s John performing in Philly on Independence Day. Dude needs to wear a belt or find some better fitting pants.

John Mayer

John Mayer

Photos courtesy of Twitter and WENN

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30 Responses to “John Mayer buys a teenage girl her dream guitar: nice guy or attention seeking?”

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  1. Jennifer12 says:

    Maybe he’s got decent qualities when he doesn’t have to be fully committed to a situation. He made the girl happy and all it took was a guitar. But he doesn’t have to go around visiting cancer wards or whatever; he does a fast, kind thing and that’s his style. Maybe?

  2. jen says:

    He’s a douche when it comes to women, but I don’t think he’s necessarily a douche when it comes to being an overall person. Does that make any sense?

  3. DSS says:

    Katy looks really cute in the record store pic. I lighter touch with the make-up really suits her

  4. Belle Epoch says:

    Something wrong with that boy. It’s too bad, because he’s a good musician – but I can’t listen!

  5. MonicaQ says:

    Oh it was nice but he’s still a Level 4 douche. Douchey people can do nice things. I’m sure Justin Beiber put the toilet seat down once or twice.

    But in all seriousness, it *was* nice of him. I’m just a snarky bitch.

  6. mel says:

    I agree..I don’t think he is a total jerk…just has jerkish behaviour at times.

  7. Alexis says:

    You can do “nice” things and still be a POS at heart. Let’s not get it twisted. LOL

  8. Sloane Wyatt says:

    If Elvis can buy strangers Cadillacs, then Mayer can buy a fan a pricey guitar.

    That girl will be thrilled forever, so I don’t care about his motive.

  9. Stacie says:

    It’s pretty sad when people are so quick to question and judge a good deed. I believe John is an overall good guy.

  10. TheOriginalKitten says:

    He might never be able to get down with a black chick but this white chick could never get down with a dude who makes cheesy, easy-listening, elevator music.

    So there.

    This was a nice deed, but I’ll never get over the Playboy article and I still think he’s a douche.

  11. Kiddo says:

    I don’t care. The end justifies the means in that the kid is happy.

  12. Jane says:

    He might be a douche, but he did a nice thing. Case closed. Moving on…

  13. bagladey says:

    I’d like to know how much the guitar cost.

  14. MistyNinja says:

    This story does nothing to make me not want to punch in the neck. Him and Katy are a match made in cupcake boob, three cord guitar, weird head scarf, adult acne, bubble gum tongue, douche bag, puke puke heaven.

  15. icantbelievethis says:

    He actually does a lot of nice things under the radar. He’s talked about his friend (little boy with a genetic condition) Isaac and been kind to their family over the years: And he does things for the military.

  16. Brannie says:

    He’s a douche. Even if he only did it for attention, its a damn nice thing to do for a stranger.

  17. Bianca says:

    I don’t know who this guy is. Why is he considered such a douche?

  18. xxx says:

    Yikes. I can’t handle the cynicism!! Can’t people just do nice things for other people anymore without an ulterior motive? Guess not.. I mean, it COULD be a PR move, or it could just be someone who remembers what it was like to want a guitar soooo badly, who was impressed by this girl and her music knowledge, and so just bought her the damn guitar. Call me an optimist but I prefer to believe the latter.