Halle Berry shows off her new wedding ring at LAX: pretty or not cute at all?

Well, we can all have a collective sigh of relief. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez did not keep Nahla in France for very long, because these are photos of Halle and Olivier arriving back in LA with Nahla. Which is good news. Gabriel Aubry must have given Halle permission to take Nahla out of the country for the wedding and that’s it. Also good news? The paparazzi didn’t swarm Halle, Olivier and Nahla as much as they usually do, so there wasn’t some huge catastrophe when they arrived at LAX.

Meanwhile, Halle is still carrying beautifully, and she is “glowing”. I think that’s a cheap way to describe a pregnant lady, but there it is. Halle looks beautiful and glowing from her pregnancy and her new marriage. Godspeed, Olivier. And don’t come crying to us when the whole thing falls apart.

Meanwhile, Halle was showing off her new wedding band at the airport – I’m including a close-up of the band and her engagement ring, which Olivier designed with a friend, apparently. I actually love emeralds so, so much, but I have a real hate-on for this ring. It looks like a man’s pinkie ring rather than an engagement ring – so much yellow gold, such a masculine setting. And that wedding band looks like it was molded out of Play-Doh.

Also: check out Halle’s henna tattoo on her clavicle. That’s really pretty!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    Yeah, I don’t care for the ring either; and when is Olivier going to toss those fug jeans?

  2. GiGi says:

    I like her rings – different, more modern than I prefer… but I think the brushed yellow gold is actually really gorgeous.

    And *again* with those pants? How many pairs does the man own? So hideous. I could never marry those pants.

  3. Rose says:

    I lovelovelove the emerald ring. It looks so raw and old like it was hammered out in the ironage or something. It really catches the light. i do think it’s odd to go for such a chunky wedding ring next to such a statement engagement ring though

  4. Dawn says:

    She looks tired like she just flew in from Paris. Oh wait…she did! I don’t know how this is going to work out for her but I hope everything goes well. Maybe number three will be the charm. Who knows.

  5. Tapioca says:

    Still married then, I see? Well, that’s me out of the sweepstake…

  6. lisa2 says:

    The emerald ring is an antique so it would be hard to match the color. They don’t make them like that anymore. Besides the engagement ring is one of those rings that is hard to put with another ring (if that makes sense) some rings just lend themselves to a wedding ring. Others that are more nontraditional don’t.

    I’m sure she loves her ring(s) and that is all that matters.

  7. JulieM says:

    I’m glad to see they brought Nahla back. Can we expect some new maturity on Halle’s part? I hope so. Now, maybe Gabriel will be allowed to take his daughter to Canada,

    • Sabrine says:

      Beautiful rings and she’s got the longer fingers for them but a little too chunky for smaller hands.

      “Marry me, marry my old man, Farmer Bill (From Cowsh*t HIll) jeans.” We’re a package deal!

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @JulieM …

      Do you know anything about Gabriel Aubry’s dating history prior to Halle Berry? I’m really curious and no one ever talks about it … no one.

      I would really appreciate any details you can share. Thanks! :)

      • JulieM says:

        I have no idea what his dating history is or was; I’m just not that invested. I was referring to his being Nahla’s father, not someones boyfriend. And by all accounts, except Halle’s, he’s a good father.

      • An says:

        Uhm. Didn’t he date Cher at some point?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @JulieM, who wrote: “I was referring to his being Nahla’s father, not someones boyfriend. And by all accounts, except Halle’s, he’s a good father.”

        I know … I’m just surprised that so many people give this guy a pass without knowing anything at all about his dating habits/partners. I just thought you might know something about his past, that’s all. I’m curious.

        No offense intended.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I don’t know about his dating history, but if I recall correctly, he’s a cheater.

      • JulieM says:

        Emma, you obviously do know something about his dating history. Let’s just say that whatever his past history, nothing has played out in public (except his relationship with Halle because a child is involved) the way Halle’s failed marriages, hit and run incident, etc. and her public statements about her relationships have. He, of course, is not as well known as Halle, so fewer people care. You don’t like the guy, I can appreciate that. Team Halle; good for you.

      • Barhey says:

        I think the fact none of us know anything about his dating life points to the fact that he’s probably got a good history. He’s been conscientious of either staying out of the media spotlight or at least keeping his dates on the down low – seems like he’s really into fatherhood and less into the fame, you know?

    • Bbb1975 says:

      Agree! Gabriel seems like a great dad. I really lost respect for Halle when she tried repeatedly to push him out of her daughters life. I wonder if she’ll do the same thing to this guy, when this marriage fails.

    • Belle says:

      Well, she will have a new baby to distract her some, so maybe she will ease up a bit on Gabriel….

      Hopefully she doesn’t go the other way, deciding that Nahla’s father is even more of an inconvenience, with her ‘new family’.

  8. Eleonor says:

    I love emeralds, but that ring looks fake.

  9. tracking says:

    Meh on the rings. She is fine boned and typically wears more delicate jewelry, just don’t think they suit her. The henna tattoo, however, looks quite exquisite. She’s got great maternity style as well. Always looks chic yet comfortable (sideye certain other recently pregnant celebs)

  10. Kim1 says:

    I love seeing Nahla with her bonus dad.

  11. Lorif757 says:

    I love the rings, but what the heck is she wearing and why is there a big stain on the pants?

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Lorif757, who wrote: “I love the rings, but what the heck is she wearing and why is there a big stain on the pants?”

      Well, it’s a gazillion degrees all across the country this week, even L.A. My guess would be water bottle dew or sweat.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      She was on a plane for many hours with a young child. It would be a miracle if her pants weren’t stained!

      • Belle says:

        ^^Yup, this.

        Probably just some water or juice was spilled.

      • Mia says:

        Sounds like hell. Being stuck on a plane with a young child. Not a part of parenting that I’m looking forward to. :-/

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        @Mia: It can be trying! I’ll never forget the time I took an anti-anxiety drug (phobia about flying) that worked a little too well, when I was flying solo with my then 3 year old. She had always slept during previous flights, but not this one! I kept nodding off with her in my arms, only to get elbowed in the nose or to have my glasses knocked off as she jostled around to flirt with the other passengers. Pure torture!

        Actually, I found that the vast majority of people were very helpful when I was traveling with her. I got all kinds of help with the stroller, luggage, offers of any help I needed if the flying got a little bumpy, etc.

  12. SamiHami says:

    What’s wrong with yellow gold? Personally I love yellow gold and actually prefer it to other metals; it complements my skin tone.

    The emerald ring is not to my particular taste, and I definitely dislike both of these people, but a person’s wedding rings should be what they want. So if she likes them, I guess I don’t have too much to say about them.

    • Bbb1975 says:

      I’m the same, I love yellow gold. It suits me better than platinum/silver. In fact I have a yellow gold wedding set, while my husbands band is white gold.

    • Belle says:

      I haven’t really seen the yellow gold hate in this thread (yet) that usually comes out on this site. White metals seem to be more popular right now, but yellow gold is timeless and will never go out of style (imo).

      I have two wedding sets (long story), my original being in yellow gold. I have been wearing my white set for quite some time, though I know I will eventually switch back to the yellow for a while.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Nothing’s wrong with yellow gold or even white gold, except I’m allergic to it. I can only wear gold jewelry for a very short time before I break out, so my wedding rings are platinum.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      There’s NOTHING wrong with yellow gold.

      I used to covet white gold/platinum but truth be told, I’m rather sick of it.
      Regardless, I’ve seen gorgeous rings in all three-just depends on the variety of stone, the cut, and the overall design of the ring.

  13. MeowuiRose says:

    She looked great!….she is craycray but she looks great. I like her hair a little more grown out. Also aren’t henna tattoos a no-no for ladies in her “condition”?

  14. Maggie says:

    I like the rings but not her hairstyle so much. She’s a beautiful woman though.

  15. fabgrrl says:

    She is just about physical perfection.

  16. HalfricanQueen says:

    Oh Halle honey, no. Just… No.

  17. Alexis says:

    Is it just me, but WHY is she leaning/taking the arm of someone who has to use a walker? Am I seeing this correctly? I know she is pregnant but she is able bodied.

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    I like the rings. They look original and compliment her skin tone. Emeralds generally don’t make good stones for engagement rings, as they are soft and that makes them vulnerable.

    I also really like the henna tattoo. It’s beautiful.

  19. HalfricanQueen says:

    Hahaha @alexis, leaning on someone using a walker! I wish that was the actual case. Hilarity :)

  20. DeepFriedLies says:

    I give it 2 years. Halle is a failure at keeping relationships. Oliver is an idiot.

  21. Mia says:

    I don’t really like the rings and I wouldn’t wear them, but something about them hearkens back to Greek and Roman jewelry of antiquity and I appreciate that. It’s not the same old same old. And I love that Halle Berry looks so gorgeous, happy, and most of comfortable in sensible casual clothing during her pregnancy. She looks like she embraced being pregnant. I hope the baby is delivered safely and without complication since this is such a late in life pregnancy. I will never be able to get out of my head how disgustingly bloated, overly tight clothes uncomfortable Kim K looked during her pregnancy. Not to mention miserable. I hope I never have to see something like that hot mess ever again.

  22. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Hideous rings and really hideous jeans on OM.

  23. Dena says:

    Like both Halle and Olivier. However, the long bang-flip thing is not working for her & neither are his jeans working for him. I like it when people in their 40s hook up with other 40 year olds. It’s something sexy about it.

    Also glad to see how protective of Nahla he is. That’s a good start.

  24. Mar says:

    I love the ring and its unconventional, but it is her third marriage….