Pippa Middleton slammed in a dishy NYT piece: ‘People here just don’t like her’

In one of my Duchess Kate stories yesterday, we read some quotes from some “royal sources” who assured People Magazine that Pippa Middleton had already been by Kensington Palace to see her little nephew, Prince George. People Mag claims that Pippa has been telling friends that she’s “very excited about my sister’s baby” and “so happy to be an aunt, as I love kids.” The source also insists that when Pippa came around to see the baby, she brought her boyfriend of four months, Nico Jackson. I imagine Nico and Pippa will get even more time with the baby prince in the months to come, with Kate and the baby staying at Casa Middleton for the summer.

But that’s not really why I’m writing about Pippa right now. I’m writing about Pippa because now, more than two years after the royal wedding, I think we can safely say that the bloom is off the rose for Pippa and the press. After a “honeymoon period” where Pippa was billed as the new hot thing, the single sister with the hot ass (of lies), etc, everyone is really over her. And the fact that Kate just gave birth to the future king of England while Pippa is mired in a petty legal tangle where she’s suing a PARODY Twitter account… well, the comparison is stark. So it’s extra interesting that the New York Times published a lengthy, dishy and fascinating story about how Pippa managed to so swiftly lose her public goodwill, complete with named sources (mostly royal journalists) complaining about Pippa. You can read the full piece here, and here are some highlights:

“Pippa did not just steal the limelight at her sister’s wedding,” says Ingrid Seward, editor of the London-based Majesty magazine, which covers royal families around the world. “She was the limelight.”

Flash forward to just over two years later, and Pippa’s press is now decidedly different. “Does Pippa Dress in the Dark?” asked one of England’s most popular tabloids, The Daily Mail, recently comparing her clothing to “potato sacks” and her “lolling” breasts to “spaniel’s ears.”

But Pippa’s problems stem less from her wardrobe than how she has spent her time these last two years. While, as of Monday, her sister has a new role as the doting mother to yet another heir to the British throne (making Pippa perhaps the most famous aunt in the world), Pippa also has a new identity: that of author and magazine columnist on all things related to food, party planning and general merriment. This spring she was named a contributing editor by Vanity Fair magazine, only months after securing a “Friday Feasts” column in a popular British supermarket glossy. All this coming off a home entertainment book she wrote last year that flopped in bookstores. The result is a disdainful British press and populace who have all but forgotten about her star-making turn on Kate’s wedding day.

“People here just don’t like her,” Ms. Seward said. “She is not a cook, not a writer and has not really done anything but get this all off the back of her sister. Generally, there is a feeling that she is simply capitalizing off the situation.”

Camilla Tominey, the royal editor for The Sunday Express, a British newspaper, said, “There is some pretty sneering commentary over here that she has been cashing in on her sister.”

But at the same time, both correspondents acknowledge it is not easy being Pippa. “Whatever she does, she will probably be criticized,” said Ms. Seward.

Ms. Tominey added: “She may have seemed like a shrinking violet around the time of the wedding, but she is not. She has to make a living and this is her found fame.”

But does Pippa, 29, really need to earn her keep? The Middleton parents’ mail-order supplies business, Party Pieces, was estimated by financial analysts around the time of the wedding to be worth around £30 million ($45 million), given their newly cemented courtly connections. Family trusts and inheritance have also reportedly helped the Middletons with the purchase of their latest home (an 18-acre manor house in Berkshire), as well as a $1.2 million apartment they bought years ago that Pippa and her younger brother, James, now occupy in London.

“They are a very wealthy family,” Ms. Seward said. “Those kids are not wanting for anything. Let’s just say they don’t have to pay a mortgage.”

“Look, she obviously worked hard at the book [Celebrate], but it didn’t sell well,” Ms. Seward said, adding with a tone of outrage, “and then she replaced Delia as a columnist for Waitrose’s magazine.” “Delia” is none other than Delia Smith, now 72, a beloved national figure in the British cooking world (think Julia Child) and Britain’s best-selling cookbook author and foodie television series presenter.

William Sitwell, editorial director of John Brown Media, which publishes the Waitrose magazine, stands by the choice of Pippa. “Sales are soaring since she started writing for us,” he said recently, estimating that the circulation on the magazine has jumped from 1.5 million to 2.2 million. “She is a good cook and writer and works very hard,” he said, adding that she comes into the office once every month or two when they “bash out a few issues” and that “she has impressed the whole team here.”

Furthering her fortunes, in June Vanity Fair magazine announced that they had hired Pippa as a contributing editor. “We’re delighted to have Pippa,” Graydon Carter, the magazine’s editor, was quoted saying on its Web site. “She’s a keen observer of classic British pastimes.”

But her first dispatch in the July issue did not exactly prove fascinating reading. Writing on the upcoming Wimbledon tournament, she gave advice on everything from how to handle the weather (“You have to prepare for all weather surprises”) to measuring the audience’s enthusiasm (“You know the crowd is having fun and enjoying the match if the wave starts”).

“It was a 4-year-old’s guide to Wimbledon,” Mr. Hanson said. “I personally feel sorry for Pippa,” he added. “She must have thousands of offers, and she is picking the wrong ones, making a fast buck.”

Rumors are rife that she will soon become engaged to Nico Jackson, her financier boyfriend, whom she has been seeing for the last four months. “He is not an earl or duke, which would be better,” Ms. Seward said, “But he will do just fine.”

[From The NY Times]

This is the NY Times’ version of royal gossip, I think. I love all of the royal reporters bitching about Pippa. But doesn’t it feel like there’s something going largely unsaid here and in the NYT piece: maybe the reaction to Pippa’s “coattail-riding” and money-seeking behavior would be more acceptable if she actually delivered a good product that people actually wanted. If she had great recipes or if she had some really smart tips about how to throw a party or if she was a gifted writer, people would cut her slack. Instead, she just flits around, taking any high-profile or big-money gig she’s offered and she just expects people to cut her slack because of who her sister married. Oh, and if she’s smart she’ll seriously drop the legal challenge to PippaTips. That is the absolute dumbest move she’s made thus far.

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  1. Maya Memsaab says:

    On what planet is “keen observer of classic British pasttimes” a talent? If you or I went about saying that was our job or put that on a CV, we’d receive some very strange looks indeed.

    • Seagulls says:

      Sarah Lyall at the NYTimes is a keen observer of British culture, but she’s actually good at it and a really entertaining and skilled writer. So it is a skill; just not one Pippa possesses.

    • Thinker says:

      It’s a euphemism for the oldest talent in the world: Nepotism.

      Pippa would be unemployed, were she born anyone else’s sister. When one thinks of all the creative and dynamic people who have been turned away from rags like Vanity Fair in favor of this woman… But, then again Graydon Carter didn’t even bother to give her a proper compliment. Basically, he told us that Pippa gets the invite to elite British events, and she’s a warm body willing to sit in the chair, take notes, and then sell out the experience.

      • Betty says:

        Thinker, you are spot on. If anyone should have beef with Pippa, it’s the struggling journalists out there. Here’s someone with fame but no background in journalism becoming a contributing editor at Vanity Fair all because of her royal connections? Puh-lease.

    • Pinky says:

      “Oh, and if she’s smart she’ll seriously drop the legal challenge to PippaTips. That is the absolute dumbest move she’s made thus far.”

      I would have thought the dumbest move was when she was carting around with her gun-wielding moron friend. “The company you keep” and all that.

      Pip-pip! Cheerio!

      • Kitten Mittens says:

        That was bad, but many people including myself find #pippatips to be witty and endearing. If not for them I would never have though drawers are great for storage and how glasses work best when filled with liquids.
        To attack the pipptips people only after their book “Too Posh To Push” outsold her Celebrate was a bad move.

  2. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Ahhh, let’s just say that discovering the joys of of Queen’s music, and Freddie Mercury’s very nice ass (no lies) in tracksuit bottoms-I am in a good mood for someone who has been up all night watching Grey’s Anatomy and listening to who should’ve been my future husband if I had been born a decade or so earlier. So I won’t make this into an expletive filled rant like I want to.

    I seriously do not like that Pippa Middleton, not only used her royal connections to get a book deal that she wasn’t even qualified to write on its topic-but used it, did a crap job of it, and is now suing someone because they did it better. I am an aspiring writer, and it just BURNS ME that someone who can’t even plan a party in an interesting way, got PAID to write a book about it. No experience or anything. None.

    And then, after that bombs, instead of not being accepted by ANY literary community she gets to write for Vanity Fair. I read her article. I was bored within the first paragraph because I had no idea what she was trying to write about. I could’ve come up with a better topic and better writing in an hour. I shudder to imagine what my College Writing teacher would do to her essay. Fun fact: she makes it a point to not give 100%, and she used to teach 7th grade English and made someone cry. She’s tough, and that article was pure crap.

    I will stop now, because I want to get back to Freddie’s tracksuited bottom, and I have lots of summer homework to do (blurg!).

    • Hakura says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how frequently (to put it nicely:) completely unqualified people are offered ‘book deals’… When there are SO many amazing writers out there who get NO recognition, & can end up fighting most of their *lives*, just trying to be published *once*, where-as celebrities/wanna-be-celebrities/entertainers/groupies/politicians/athletes… Are being thrown multi-million dollar book/column deals from several companies every day. ¬__¬

    • RobotDog says:

      Queen rules! That was the best part of the Olympics closing ceremony last year, watching the video of Wembley Freddie absolutely owning the crowd.

      You’re in good company, by the way. “Elizabeth Windsor” on Twitter (she also writes the Gin O’ Clock blog) wanted to name Baby Crumpets Prince Freddie Brian Roger John Cambridge.

      And now I have an image in my head of Brian “I got my PhD in astrophysics and co-authored a book about the origins of the universe” May and Pippa “How to make ice” Middleton running into each other and discussing their books.

      It is AWESOME, so thank you for that. :)

  3. Anna says:

    What goodwill did she squander, exactly? Wasn’t it always almost solely based on her derriere? She started being papped right away, which isnt exactly her fault, but then very soon after she started to exploit her ‘celebrity’, which really wasnt hers but her sisters, and pretty much everyone called her out on it right away.

    • gefeylich says:

      Yes. She doesn’t need to work to support herself, so everything she’s done after her sister’s wedding has been pure attention-grabbing (I won’t call it famewhoring because as bad as she might be, she’s not a Kardashian).

      All this might stem from jealousy, envy, rampant self-regard, insecurity, whatever – but as the British are the most unforgiving people in the world when it comes to the success of others, Middleton should have known better than to press her luck. She’s over. She’d better marry that financier guy and fade quietly into the moneyed background.

  4. DanaG says:

    Last time any Royal bride chooses a hot bridesmaid. Problem is Pippa has no talent for telling a story she is so boring and so is the way she writes. If she had some sort of talent it would be ok but she doesn’t yet idiots still pay her large sums of money for a really bad job. And she will continue to accept the biggest payday for the smallest amount of “work” while people offer it to her. She doesn’t work hard and people are sick of her.

  5. Belle Epoch says:

    I remember a photographer saying “there’s not much self-doubt there.” It was an understated way of saying she was a horror.

    Does she have a degree in anything? Education? Career? Nothing but an awful party book?

  6. Mary says:

    I was in the stands with Pippa at Royal Ascot a few weeks ago and she was unbearable. She literally wouldn’t talk with or acknowledge anyone there. Seriously snobby air about her.

  7. Talie says:

    Most of these people seem to wish Kate was an only child and her siblings would disappear. I still think Pippa’s book would’ve done fine if she could’ve promoted it.

  8. Eleonor says:

    “she obviously worked hard on her book”.


  9. Ktx says:

    Does anyone else think it’s odd that she brought her boyfriend of 4 months along the first time she met her nephew? I’m all for bringing one’s significant other along on family events, but I’d think that meeting little George for the first time would be such an intimate family experience, and that she’d want that special time with her sister and her sister’s child. It’s not as if she never does things w/o Nico, so I guess I’m wondering why she felt she needed to bring him.

  10. T.Fanty says:

    This isn’t startlingly original, NYT.

    Pippa Middleton: The New York Times is ON IT.

  11. Viv says:

    If that is Nico, he is one handsome mofo.
    But are his jeans made of silk? Weirdly transparent jeans pocket.

    • Thinker says:

      Nico is very attractive. Much better looking than Pippa…. Which tingles my gossip senses. I cannot help but think Nico must be a proper famewhore to have pursued Pippa after her recent public breakup and general public scorn. Only a person who views fame as an asset would have the need to be dating one of the lesser Midd Kids.

      Speaking of which, have you seen the photos of Donna Air and James Middleton? Beauty and the beast… She’s obviously in it for the name recognition and the association with the royal family.

  12. aquarius64 says:

    I doubt Pippa is going to marry this guy. For Pippa “title search” does not pertain to land or property.

  13. Christin says:

    Both sisters seem to be as dull as dishwater. I cannot see how P would help any brand other than her current connection to royalty.

  14. Carolyn says:

    Pippa wouldn’t be a good catch unless the chap wanted to get close to the Royal family and run in the same circles.

    Hasn’t Vanity Fair been credibility-free for some time now?

  15. GiGi says:

    Puh lease. There are loads of people (especially in Pippa’s circle) who do nothing in particular. They shade Pippa as “common” because they can’t do it to Kate anymore. Not that she doesn’t deserve it, but she certainly didn’t invent being wealthy and boring.

    If she’d been born at a different time her highest aspiration would be to become Lady in Waiting to her sister – maybe it still is.

  16. els says:

    Pippa is what Kate would have been without her marriage to William. The former is just the ugly and painful image of the real face of the duchess: a spoilt kid with no talent and no desire to achieve anything in life.
    They can’t be tough on Pippa and go easy on Kate – it’s just stupid.
    Pippa shouldn’t be judged so harshly because she didn’t marry a prince and instantly turn from a lazy-bone to a princess.

    • dena says:

      I agree with you re: Kate’s fate had she not married PW. I think Pippa needs to watch “her brand”. I think she may end up with a hedge fund type, if they deem their is some traction there (i.e., Nico Jackson), but I don’t see her landing a title (perhaps a lessor one maybe).

    • Reece says:

      I think they go hard on Pippa because they can’t on Kate.

    • FLORC says:

      I think you’re wrong here Els. Kate was always the one that was babied a little more. Her mother supported her financially her entire life and did not encourage her to leave William ever and to always wait for him to return with incredible strategy which has been proven behavior by them. Kate had a much easier time being lazy is my point. Pippa not so much.
      For 1 thing she was smarter. Kate no longer hand writes notes because of her terrible spelling and grasp on conjugation. Pippa wrote for the PP news letter and did a decent job of it. No other Middleton child had that kind of responsibility in their company.

      Pippa had support from many of us here. We loved she was taking the popularity from the wedding and getting jobs with it. She slowly lost her supporters when she showed no talent and no signs she wanted to improve her skills. Just get jobs and make a quick buck. Then she sued the pippatips people and she lost us entirely. She was showing promise, but squandered it. Kate was raised thinking all she needs to do is land a man and she’s set for life. Pippa wasn’t, but disappointed us just the same.

      • HH says:

        @FLORC – I recall her Wimbledon note. There were only 2 spelling mistakes. What are the other examples in which she showcased terrible spelling and/or grammar? Not to say that you’re wrong, I just don’t recall hearing other stories. The one thing that did strike me about the Wimbledon note, however, was the terribly simple writing. Thank-you notes are not supposed to be novels or creative writing essays, but her note read as if it was written by a child.

      • FLORC says:

        I just came back hoping someone went hunting for the other times… They’re slipping my mind. The time frame was all the way back to Kate’s gf status days. She was dating William’s friend(s?). Anywho, There were minor grammatical errors which we all make daily, but the other was the there/their/they’re issue which when you’ve graduated from a great Uni you should never make that mistake. Which is why she may have written to the child she visited in the hospital within the same timeline, but her office killed the note and typed one up on their own with a picture of her.
        And 3 or 4 years ago it was so easy to find this stuff on Kate. Post wedding it’s nearly impossible and the 1st 20 pages of google are pro kate stories and search irrelevant stories.
        Bottom line here is I don’t know how she wrote a decent essay in college with those skills. And Pippa could have excelled at writing, but she rode her fame wave and never concentrated on quality.

  17. Jackson says:

    In a way I feel kind of bad for her – she will always be just “the sister.” But she’s made terrible choices with her new-found celebrity and if she really is as full of herself as has been reported then I can see why people don’t like her very much and aren’t willing to cut her a lot of slack. Oh, and my spaniel and his ears object to being compared to Pippa’s lolling breasts. The horror!

  18. Hakura says:

    Does anyone else think 4 months is way too soon to even consider marriage? It seems like people are rushing into it younger & younger… Miley Cyrus only just turned 20, & there are plenty of other celebs who spent no time together before marrying… I associate that with the huge spike in celeb divorces.

    (I live in the US, so I don’t know if it’s maybe more of an ‘overseas’ thing, but I’ve never found anything even remotely interesting about this girl. I don’t get the ‘attraction’ some people have to her.)

  19. Melissa says:

    I never had a problem with Pippa, but really believed that she was terribly overrated. The press started covering her like she was the Messiah. Sure, a girl can have money, great hair, clothes, and hang out with a string of wealthy bachelors, but that doesn’t mean she needs to be shoved down our throats. I remember reading an article about her friends whom were called “Pipparettes” or some weird term like that.

    Also, I’ve come to realize that the fascination with socialites is fading. People are preoccupied with other things or maybe it’s just a new era.

    The only thing Pippa could do to bring back some good attention to herself is move to New York and start an event planning business like some predicted she would do. But then again, you never know…

  20. Annie says:

    I remember thinking she was cute at the wedding. And people certainly agreed. I would’ve been perfectly content with that. Oh, people think I’m cute and I have a nice butt? Yaay. But I would not have tried to make a career out of that. I would just enjoy the occasional attetion and pap picture and enjoy my real job. I don’t understand attention whores. On one side I get that people REALLY liked her and the public interest in her was huge one point, so she probably felt the presure to take advantage of that… On the other hand she REAALLY wants to be a celebrity and social climber like that entire family. So of course she was not going to pass up many opportunities. But I think the backlash has begun so maybe she should just chill and lay low for a while.

  21. The Original Mia says:

    The media made her what she is today. Ordinary people knew she had a flat butt and wasn’t all that fresh in the face. But no…the media just had to make her into the next big star. Her Pippa tips were laughable. Her tennis tips were laughable. The media wanted her. The public is all…nah, no thanks.

  22. mslewis says:

    To me, this is a classic case of “build them up just to tear them down.” The Brit press went mad for Pippa’s bottom at the wedding and started photographing her and writing about her as if she was important. Now, after two years, they are tired of her.

    I feel sorry for Pippa. I know it’s partly her fault because the girl loves to have her picture taken but I think the press should just stop writing about her and let her just fade away. Maybe if she got married and settled into a life as a wife and mother the hate will stop. I hope so.

    As for James and Donna Air . . . they look to be in love from what I can see. However, she could be in it for the fame but it’s unfair to say that because nobody really knows.

  23. DCJ says:

    I don’t think the NYT should have referenced the Daily Mail article about her clothes. It was written by Liz Jones and she hates everyone and everything. It had some good lines, but also some silly criticisms.

  24. Grumpycat says:

    Hmmmm… He looks like he is wearing concealer around his eyes.

  25. Sisi says:

    Eh I don’t understand the fuss they make over Pippa and how much they pick on her. She’s a little tacky and uninteresting, but I fail to see how she’s scandalous enough for journalists to comment on her, because she’s too boring to be considered newsworthy. A little snark or an eyeroll seems to suffice in her case. That’s why Pippatips is actually so perfect, just the right amount of mocking for one of the many harmless vapid socialites who think they have substance. Long live pippatips.

  26. Michelle says:

    I agree with the fact that Pippa is receiving offers for jobs that she is completely unqualified for. However, I find Ms. Seward’s comments extremely offensive. She says that Nico “…is not an earl or duke, which would be better,” Ms. Seward said, “But he will do just fine. She is reinforcing the idea that a person’s circumstance of birth can make them superior to others, which it should not.

    • CC says:

      But they are, and since Pippa has actively been trying to land a titled husband, in her perspective, yes, titled would be better. Too bad for her that the guys she’s been trying to land also are after a titled wife, she is just for some fun. At least that’s how I read it.

    • Angelique says:

      Pippa’s resume is so short it could fit on an index card.

      I think the comment about an earl or a duke being better than Nico was in reference to Pippa’s marital aspirations. She would dump Nico in a heartbeat if she found an aristo to marry.

      I would guess that Pippa absolutely believes that a person’s birth makes a person superior.

    • Sachi says:

      Seward said it because the Middletons are a title-hungry family. Kate has already gotten the future King and birthed another future King. Pippa isn’t expected to marry a plumber after Kate married a Prince.

      Pippa must care about titles and society status given her social circle is exclusively aristo/wealthy people and her family has been social climbing for well over a decade now. They most likely think that a person born to an aristocratic title DOES make them better than someone who wasn’t.

      • mslewis says:

        That’s ridiculous!! The only aristo Pippa has “dated” was George Percy and he’s gay and they were just friends. If the Middleton’s are social climbers, as you say, then they have reached the top of the mountain and are quite happy now. You can’t get much higher than having a future king as a son-in-law. I’m sure they don’t mind who Pippa or James marry as long as they are happy.

      • Elise says:

        Pippa dating George Percy is questionable, and up to this day we don’t know if they truly did or not, although there are many reports saying they didn’t. Am I correct in assuming in the UK that status (the aristocracy, nobility, etc.) still matter? In the USA, what Catherine has done would be considered the highest pinnacle of social status. However for the Middletons in the UK (even though their daughter is the mother to the heir), a title or belonging to the nobility is still considered the ultimate status symbol and should be strived for.

        As someone from the USA, I don’t really understand how having a title or being in the nobility makes you a better person than everyone else. If the Middletons will be given titles (and I suspect that they eventually will be courtesy of William because he’s so enamored with them), how quickly will they be accepted in such circles? Many of these families like the Percys, Howards, etc. have existed for hundreds of years. You can’t buy respect, you have to earn it.

      • LAK says:

        mslewis – Pippa was notorious for only befriending trophy posh people whilst at Edinborough. Her BFs are either from aristocratic families or extremely wealthy or both. Not as a coincidence, but as a plan. Rather Becky sharp of her without personal need for money since her family is wealthy. Nico is the exception to her rule and frankly i think he is a perfect match for her if one is only looking at superficialities from the outside. He seems to have the same need as she does.

      • bluhare says:

        Speaking of titles, I see there’s an article at The Telegraph stating the Middletons should be given a title and putting forward Earl and Countess of Fairfax.

      • Elise says:

        I’m sure Prince William will make Christopher Lewis’ article a reality, because the Middletons are the ONLY family in the UK who have worked hard and built a business for themselves, and who are NORMAL. So of course they deserve a title.

    • Suze says:

      I think Ms. Seward is channeling what we believe Pippa to think – that a titled husband would be better.

    • Angelique says:

      I wonder how many titled men (under 40) think Pippa is wife material? I am pretty sure that many titled men think of her as a woman who is fun for a little while but would never take her to meet the family.

      She looks at least late 30s or early 40s, leathery skin, beady eyes, stubby legs, fashion disaster, no talent or skill, trainwreck waiting to happen…

      • Suse says:

        no way. The real aristos don´t mix with people like the Middletons. Kate and Pippa have access to some aristos but only to friends of Willy. Would William dump Kate, the doors would shut for the whole Middleton family.

      • Mel says:

        “The real aristos don´t mix with people like the Middletons.”

        Well, Dave AKA Edward VIII not only “mixed” with them, back in the far less democratic 1930s, but left the throne for a woman whose origins are far, far, FAR less “posh” than the Middletons’. Not to mention she was twice divorced.

      • Suze says:

        Wallis Simpson came from the poor branch of a wealthy and socially prominant Baltimore family. She had an excellent education from good schools. Each time she married she traded up, socially. She was not far less posh than the Middletons. She was probably their equal on social scale. She was certainly their equal at striving to improve her lot.

        Perhaps she was a vulgarian to aristos and royalty but she did not come from the gutter or the scrap heap of society.

      • LAK says:

        Mel – Your are wrong about Wallis Simpson’s pedigree and the make up of Edward VII’s 1930s society. Society was very strict then. No way someone could penetrate it as easily as we do now. Even Wealthy foreigners had credentials and or wealth.

        Wallis wasn’t some low born chancer. Her Warfield side of the family made their mark as long ago as William the Conqueror and are mentioned specifically in the doomsday book for being one of his commanders.

        Her Montague side of the family arrived in America in the 16th century as a result of Charles I settling American land on them for services rendered to the crown.

        By the time she was born, despite the families having little money, they were still respected and she was sent to one of the finest schools in Baltimore funded by a very rich uncle with ambitions to be Mayor.

        In books about American society, her pedigree is always described as many rungs higher than Jackie O, even Thelma and Freda, the two ladies she replaced.

        Whilst her first husband wasn’t wealthy, her 2nd husband came from family money – not as much as Thelma, but enough to afford him a Harvard education and a very comfortable life in London with a socialite wife with a respected pedigree.

        Edward was troublesome. Lazy and workshy long before Wallis came into the picture. In many ways, Wallis was the perfect scapegoat for everyone since Edward could be allowed to withdraw with dignity and the government and the church could pretend that she offended their moral ethics by being twice divorced and therefore unsuitable as Queen Consort when the problem was Edward’s complete unsuitability for being Monarch.

  27. lisa says:

    pippa has the craziest eyes

  28. Tara says:

    Some people dont care for Carole Middleton but at least she built her family’s fortune before the royal connection. Too bad her daughters never picked up any of her work ethic. She started Party Pieces in her storage shed with a desk, a lamp and a phone. And she did the wiring for the electricity herself.

    • Eleonor says:

      While Carole has a workethic, she has raised two daughters teaching the motto “the most important thing you can do in your life, is marry a rich and famous man”.
      neither Pippa or Kate has work ethic, neither of them has ever worked.
      Kate was only able of “waiting for the ring”. Pippa…well she is an attentionseeking, with “Uptradind” manners, who can’t even write a decent post on VF. Probably even I could write something more decent than her.

    • Suze says:

      Gosh, I hope that wiring story is true because it is an excellent story.

      I admire Carole Middleton for her drive, because she has it, in buckets. She is like Martha Stewart. I bet like Martha she only sleeps four or five hours a night.

      I still think there’s something shady about Party Pieces cash flow but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Mrs. Middleton is one of the world’s hardest workers.

      Pippa seems to have inherited her mother’s energy, but in her case it’s so unfocused that it is a negative, rather than a positive quality.

  29. GeeMoney says:

    Please stop trying to make this girl happen. She’s not that pretty and her ass is not that big. Jessica Biel has a better butt than Pippa.

    And apparently, she is of no use other than to write boring books and be left in the shadow of Kate. Next.

  30. Suze says:

    I personally am glad that Pippa had her few minutes of fame at her sister’s wedding because now we have Kaiser’s genius “Pippa’s ass of lies” phrase.

  31. Sachi says:

    Pippa bought into her own hype and took it a little too far when she went to Paris and got into a car full of men, and one was brandishing a fake gun and pointing it at other people. That tacky party for some minor noble that she attended in Paris made her look like she had no idea why she was there and that she was only invited to attract attention from the paps.

    Her writing endeavours wouldn’t be so criticized if she actually showed she had extensive prior experience in it. Her resume about party planning/writing for her parents’ company never looked impressive.

    Her writing style is really quite out of touch. IMO she writes these “tips” with the belief that people are THAT stupid and her advice is full of wisdom. There’s just too much repetition of the same “Make ice using ice trays”-style of writing for her articles to be some sort of comedic work.

    I think she genuinely believes her tips will help a lot of people and it’s one of the reasons why she sued #Pippatips. It wasn’t just because they were making fun of her work, but they made Pippa realize how shallow and boring she comes across.

    • LAK says:

      on reflection, after catching a few of Kate’s speeches including the one when she presented her baby to the world, i’ve decided that they all speak in #pippatips and don’t know any better.

      Seriously, go back and read the text of Kate’s speeches and off the cuff remarks. There is something very #pippatips about them aside from the obvious criticisms of everything we’ve criticised about them.

      • Sachi says:

        LAK, you have a a very good point.

        I think we’ve talked about it repeatedly in the past, but what if this is really the best Pippa can do? Like writing these shallow articles is something that she believes she does well? It’s a bit like The Emperor’s New Clothes.

        As for Kate, I thought she looked overwhelmed with the baby’s debut only a day after giving birth, but her past ‘small talk moments’ that have been documented in the media point to someone who really doesn’t seem very bright and insightful. Again, the “can you test the smell of the tea by smelling it” is a good example.

        IMO that is one reason the Midds did their kids a disservice by not encouraging them to be more than party-goers and chasing after wealth and titles. Rich kids who went to expensive schools…but aren’t articulate and can’t express themselves properly.

        Kate is lucky that as a royal, she is expected to be neutral and not express opinions on serious issues and other sensitive topics. I can’t imagine her having a smart word to say to politicians, activists, and dignitaries, people who do make changes and affect the lives of many others.

      • Elise says:

        I think it is unfortunate if all we will discuss in the years to come is Catherine’s outfit/style and “not setting a wrong foot forward.” Maybe she will change once she becomes Queen Consort, let’s hoping.

  32. Chicagogurl says:

    He sort of looks like Richard Chamberlain, right? Creeps me out. http://artandwriting.tumblr.com/post/41386999232/a-young-and-handsome-richard-chamberlain-straight

    Or who is that really famous soap opera guy who he looks like?????

  33. janie says:

    I’m not royalty, but if my sister brought a virtual stranger to my home to visit my day old baby I would be livid! This chick wants her sisters life. Her party book is a joke & now she has a job writing for a magazine? Nepotism is alive and well in England.

  34. s says:

    while I find pippa gauche, she is in the unfortunate situation that basically anything she does is going to be perceived as capitalizing on her sister’s station.

    that said the legal challenge to pippatips is dumb.

  35. Suse says:

    I wonder what William feels when he looks at these silly signet rings. That´s so weird.

    I thought the “down to earth Prince, the poor child of divorce and half-orphan” William wanted to be part of an ordinary, non dramatic family? But the Middletons don´t behave “normal”.

    I have this bad feeling this family won´t end well…

  36. Noodles says:

    I keep reading versions of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    I don’t believe that.

    The problem is, Pippa is not interested in working her way up– proving herself. A contributing editor for Vanity Fair when her only other writing gig (besides the “book”) was writing her parents’ newsletter?

    As a former journalist who worked for a variety of magazines and newspapers, I find it absurd. Know what, Pippa? Do your time, like everyone else.

    Want to write for a party magazine? Why not use some of the family fortune and hop over to France for a pastry course?

    Interested in publishing? Pull a Jackie and get a job as a junior editor.

    Do something that shows that you aren’t that entitled that you must always ride your sister’s coattails.

    • kay says:

      Good points, Noodles but can I add that Kate is hardly the best example of someone who has worked hard and earned their way!! The only reason she has coattails for Pippa to latch on to is because of her marriage and nothing else. She wouldn’t know work if it came up to her and shook her hand.

    • Mel says:

      But surely as a journalist (I am one myself) you of all people realise why editors want her writing for them, regardless of her previous expertise (or lack thereof)?

      She doesn’t need to be particularly good to be published. Her name equals publicity; it draws readers. Readers mean advertising, and advertising means $$$.

      Heck, some editors cynical enough may be *wishing* for ridiculous pieces from her – because they know that even more people will read them. Sad (maybe) but true.

      • bluhare says:

        In this case it didn’t bring sales. Pippa’s book tanked and I don’t know if the publisher made back its advance. That being said, Pippa was going to go on a promotional tour in the US and the palace asked her not to do it.

      • Mel says:

        Bluhare: I meant writing for magazines and newspapers, specifically the Vanity Fair and similar offers.

      • Noodles says:

        Yes, I know WHY they do it– a lot of magazines have these types of editors (Jenna Bush Hager is one for Southern Living, correct?– I just feel annoyed by it.

        Let’s see Pippa write the obits for awhile :)

        @Kay- I definitely don’t think Kate is an example of hard work, though I must give credit for her patience. I don’t think I would have lasted that long while waiting for a proposal.

  37. Green is Good says:

    Pippa suing that parody website shows she has no sense of humor, and has an exaggerated sense of self-importance. She’s full of herself.

  38. Debbie says:

    The middletons are the kardashian family of England.

    I also question why we know so much about them and see them at all these royal affairs. I mean we never heard or saw Diana’s family hell I didn’t know she had a brother until she died! I was always under the impression when you married into that family you sort of had to give up yours.

    • GeeMoney says:

      Don’t forget that Diana prior to marriage was “Lady Diana Spencer” and her father was an Earl. Her family was already noble, so they didn’t need to social climb.

    • Tara says:

      True, but Diana would have been better off if she had kept some family around her. And a title and money do not make you better. Diana’s brother caused a scandal by greedily cashing in on her death. And he was an Earl.classy. Diana’s mom was distant and judgmental and when her dad married a much younger woman hid children would never feel warm towards him again. And lets not forget that Di threw her stepmom down a flight of stairs. At least the Middletons are undeniably close and affectionate. We would find out horrible things about people if their money and power were removed. Pippa is a dumb, harmless goldfish in a very large bowl.

      • bluhare says:

        Diana was famous for speaking/not speaking/speaking to people, including her family. She was on the outs with her mother when she died. Plus her upbringing could not have been fun. Her parents wanted a boy, were in an unhappy marriage and I think her father was accused of abusing his wife.

  39. Itsa Reallyme says:

    I thought this girl was a Party Planner? I remember them saying she had planned the party after the royal wedding and people seemed impressed at how things turned out. Maybe she needs to stick to what she was doing before and stop trying to be famous.

  40. Reece says:

    I admit I was trying to give her a chance in the beginning, thinking maybe she could turn it into something but nope. Talentless, humorless(pippa tips case) and boring.

    Btw, They’re both orange! That can’t be lighting as it’s at night. Nico has that look of “I’ve just been in the sun” when really he’s just been to the salon.

  41. bettyrose says:

    Hard to feel pity for someone young, healthy, with no debt and a posh flat in London. But she’s young and hasn’t found herself yet. Being Kate junior flopped but she could still be a world traveling, art appreciating, eclectic aunt who drops in randomly with bizarre gifts from far off lands. She’s never going to be a titled aristocrat.

  42. Susie says:

    I am not impressed with the Middleton kids.I think their parents worked hard to get where they are, and there is nothing wrong with wanting better for your kids . The problem is that the Middleton kids are famous because of connections and reasonable looks- not for any skill or ability. They have been lauded as being so independent, talented, etc.- but the reality is that without their name, they would be as anonymous as the rest of us- perhaps even more so given an apparent lack of any natural ability except to pose hard.Kate seems nice enough, but rather vacuous and, I suspect, not terribly bright. Pippa seems livelier but once again, not terribly bright or skilled except at athletics. She looked very cute at the wedding but certainly not deserving of the massive media storm that followed. i don’t get that at all. James is just a big blah. They were raised with money and their education was done with the intent that the kids would be in a milieu where they would meet and marry well.
    I would really like to see members of the British aristocracy- whatever that is- to actually pursue worthwhile fields- like maybe some doctors, physicists , social workers, professors- fields that actually take hard work and a little intellect. Wouldn’t you want to be known on the basis of your own achievements? I know that I do.

    The Middletons are a product of our society’s increasing infatuation with fame and exposure, an example of which is the increasing preponderance of stupid reality TV. You knw you are in trouble when your kid’s aspiration is to be a reality TV star.

  43. GirlyGirl says:

    nepotism indeed. The only reason she got the Vanity Fair gig is so Graydon Carter can get into Royal parties.

  44. Amelia says:

    Pippa is a professional wedding guest.

    She really is a waste. She had all this momentum, interest and goodwill (thoroughly undeserved imo) yet she blew it because she has NOTHING to offer. She’s not even particularly pretty.

  45. shazzz says:

    Poor thing, sister of the future Queen, rich parents…lousy taste in clothes…and really should have landed a Royal by now…
    Gee I feel so sorry for her…Not

  46. Amelia says:

    I like Pippa. I think she is as beautiful as Kate, but in just a different way. She herself said, I thought very self-deprecatingly, that she was famous because of whom her sister married and her bum.
    At least she’s trying to work. It’s hard enough to have a career in the public eye but when your sister is married to a future king, it must be thousands of times worse. I wish her well.

    • Angelique says:

      I just wish she would try a little harder at working

    • Elise says:

      Well, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes’ (nee Parker Bowles) stepfather (Prince Charles) is the second in line to the throne, how come we don’t hear about them a lot? Do we hear a lot about Princess Letizia’s siblings or Princess Mary of Denmark’s siblings?

      • Bridget says:

        Okay really? Parker-Bowles kids and Middletons are like apples and oranges.

      • Sachi says:

        Letizia’s sister did all she could to sue the paparazzi, only for her case to be thrown out by the Supreme court and be told she wasn’t a private citizen and was fair game. Really quite sad since Telma has no ambition to be in the spotlight yet the media keeps on chasing her to make up rumours about her and sell papers to the point that she had to leave Spain for a couple of years just to escape the press. The opposite of Pippa.

        Mary of Denmark’s older sisters and parents are often in the media to promote something or other as Mary’s “representative”.

        The most ridiculous example being the Danish Royal Family sending Mary’s father and stepmother as proxies of the DRF when Charles and Camilla came to visit. Mary’s father planted trees with the Prince of Wales at an official/scheduled event, something that the Danish royals should have done but for some odd reason that was never really explained by the Palace, nobody from the DRF was available to accompany the freakin’ Prince of Wales on the very rare occasion that he visited Denmark.

        Those Danish royals barely work, especially Frederik and Mary (their calendar only has 5 events per month and frequently empty except for holidays. They count attending royal birthdays as “work”) and they had no other scheduled event at the time.

        Mary’s father lives in France but managed to be in Denmark just in time to attend a royal event with the Prince of Wales?!

        Mary’s family is just as fame-hungry as the Middletons although they’ve toned it down in recent years.

      • Julaine says:

        In 2007, the sister of Princess Letizia of Spain, Erika Ortiz, committed suicide after the breakup of her marriage. The relentless onslaught of the tabloid press in Spain has been sited as a contributing factor in her death. After the Princess’ unexpected marriage to the Crown Prince Felipe in 2002 the press in Spain following every member of the new Princess’ extended family and hounded them relentlessly.

      • Elise says:

        Bridget, how are they different? Hearing these tragic stories, if I were Pippa I’d pull a disappearing act on the paparazzi like she did for two months last year.

  47. Ha says:

    She’s being bashed for trading on a connection??


    The US is full of “celebrities” who work even less than she does – and at least she didn’t need a sextape to kickstart her.

    No matter what she does, it will mever be good enough. Guess what? Heir or no heir, getting knocked up and pushing out a baby? Eh. No big deal. Millions of women do it every day. What has Kate ever really done, except get a useless degree and finagle a wedding proposal out of a hesitant boyfriend?

    At least Pippa’s trying.

    • Angelique says:

      Surely you know that royalty is above the common man (and woman). Of course they are more talented, better educated, harder working, more dedicated, etc. Because if the royals weren’t better than the rest of us (or at least pretended to be) then there would be no need for them. I mean, who wants an ordinary king??

      So Pippa, while not royal herself, has enjoyed the benefits of her sister’s position while consistently exhibiting fame-whorish behavior and pocketing every freebie and undeserved salary that comes her way.

      If Pippa were Kloe Kardashian I would have no problem with her.

  48. MavenTheFirst says:

    These exploitative know-it-alls are aggrieved because Pippa has taken a page out of Waity’s book and doesn’t even break a sweat for the money. After all, like Waity, her elevated ‘position’ makes her entitled to it so why do any more than the minimum of “work”? And these sycophants are enabling her, hat in hand.

    What a pathetic, laughable bunch.

  49. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    I keep seeing comparisons of the Middletons to the Boleyns, which I think has its merits (if Kate is Mary and Pippa is Anne), but I really think they’re the Seymours – Kate is Jane Seymour (do exactly as he says, lie low, endure other wives, score the top spot, have nothing noteworthy about your personality) and Pippa is a female version of Thomas Seymour (blatantly social climb, give yourself more credit than you deserve, ride on the coat tails of your siblings).

    Baby fever needs to die down already so we can go back to snarking on this damn family properly.

  50. Elise says:

    “Ingrid Seward:” why does that name sound familiar? Oh yes, isn’t she a die-hard royalist? William Sitwell of John Brown Media says “she [Pippa] comes into the office once every month or two when they ‘bash out a few issues’ and that ‘she has impressed the whole team here’.” Uh ok, so she’s like Catherine before when the latter used to work at Jigsaw: hardly at work. I’m sure Pippa “impresses the whole team” by showing up there once or twice a month, impressive indeed. Does this really surprise people anymore?

  51. Paloma says:

    This girl has done nothing wrong. Perhaps the people that don’t care for her should take a good look at themselves.

    • Lisa says:

      I wouldn’t say she has done anything right either. I don’t have an issue with her — she is what she is. I have an issue with a media and culture that overhype and overvalue Pippa and her meritless ilk.

      I also feel sorry for her — she must have crazy pressure on her to stand out.

      • bettyrose says:

        I have no issue with Pippa, either, and on some (very small) level I do feel for her. She’s new money, but she’s the younger sister of the future Queen. She doesn’t fit in with actual aristocrats and none will marry her, but she has no guidance on how to become her own woman. When I think about how she could be a jet-setting art connoisseur, patron of noble charities, and secret playgirl of the rich and famous, I realize what a waste it is that I work a day job.
        Oh, and she could totally afford to pay someone to ghost write some children’s books for her (a la Madonna) and then claim her right to literary circles.

  52. raincoaster says:

    The Vanity Fair appointment is effectively for life. As the sister-in-law of Prince William she will give them access to people they could not otherwise reach, and it entails no heavy lifting. I don’t begrudge her the money at all, but the sooner they stop pretending she has to write anything the better. Because she’s awful.

    • Lola says:

      I agree that all of the nastiness and media hype directed at Pippa is unwarranted. None of us know her or Kate personally so it seems silly to blindly worship them (as some people and mainstream media do) or belittle them over just about every aspect of their existence.

      Personally I enjoy looking at photos of Kate because I like her fashions and think she is a breath of fresh air from the usual half-dressed or sloppy looking young women peddled in the media. As for Pippa – I honestly do not pay much attention to her, what she wears or what she does. To me, Pippa is a private citizen who happens to be related to the British royal family. Nothing more, nothing less. I do not believe her connections or Kate’s title make either one better or less than me. (Though Kate DOES have a much better wardrobe than I do!!! LOL)

      That being said, I realize this site is just for fun and a little harmless venting about those who are materially better off than the majority of people.

    • Moi says:

      I agree with this. And it makes me feel a bit bad for her. So it was her fault that her ass got so much attention at PW&DK’s wedding? No. She’s being told that she has exclusive knowledge on etiquette because she is Kate’s sister and she is believing what she is being told due to the ego boost (which most of us would fall for). She needs a blunt, no BS rep/publicist that will help her filter through. JMO.

      P.S. Who gives a crap how she dresses…it’s clothes people.

  53. Renee says:

    Pippa made headlines at the wedding because the male press couldn’t stop writing about her ass. How sick and twisted is that? After building her up they tore her down. Lovely.

    • Baskingshark says:

      Yeah, let’s not try and make this a gender war thing. First of all, nobody built Pippa up as sexy as much as Pippa herself. She went out of her way to appear as slinky as possible at the wedding by wearing super-spanx or sticking chicken fillets down her panties or whatever it was she did and being sewn into that skintight dress so she could try and get as much publicity as possible and it worked.

      Trouble is, being an attention-seeking famewhore is the ONLY thing she can do; her writing is ridiculous rubbish and when she’s not stealing a job from someone who’d actually be good at it, she’s nakedly pursuing rich and/or titled men for purposes of marriage. Like the article says, If she’d capitalised on being the sexy sister by doing something good that people actually liked, she’d be huge now and still popular, but she didn’t – she just tries to force herself and her below-par work on the world using her contacts and notoriety. The backlash is against what people learned she is actually like since she appeared on the scene and that’s all on her.

      • Ktx says:

        Man, I need to get myself some of those super-spanks or chicken cutlets! :) Seriously, though, maybe I’m naive, but I don’t think it was Pippa’s intention to enhance her bum and look as slinky/sexy as possible for attention at her sister’s wedding. Didn’t Sarah Burton design both of those dresses? I doubt that the designer would make Kate’s dress as conservative as possible and Pippa’s as sexy as possible; moreover, at a royal wedding, I would imagine that the palace would have some influence and would not have approved of an overtly sexy ensemble for Miss Pippa. The girl’s got a cute figure, and in a modern-style dress (somewhat like the style Chelsy Davy wore as a bridesmaid a few weeks ago), her figure looks good. Chelsy’s figure looked darn good in said dress too!
        My point being…I definitely think that Pippa welcomes attention, but I don’t think she was trying to upstage her sister at the royal wedding. I think the media thought she looked cute and tried to make her the next “It” girl.

      • Deedee says:

        Not overtly sexy? Did you forget about the cone boobs on Kate’s dress?

  54. ChandaLew says:

    Why does it surprise anyone that she would try to shut down pipptips? Her and her sister both don’t like any type of negative press or publicity at all. The world someday will know what the Middleton family (Kate included) really are like. I still think Kate complained about the hospital nurse accidentally breaching her privacy. Its a shame the nurse committed suicide. Because I have to say, that a nurse contributes far more to society than a “princess” does.

    • Julaine says:

      “We” don’t actually know the name of the nurse who breached the Duchess of Cambridge’s privacy only the one who transferred the call to from the switchboard to that nurse. Mrs. Sahali was found to have been deeply troubled and have previously attempted two prior suicide attempts, one almost fatal. While we are at it, let us not forget the two DJ’s in Australia that thought it would be fun to call up a sick woman’s hospital room in the early hours of the morning and attempt to breach her medical privacy in the first place.

      It’s interesting to note that the press has been very careful to respect and abide by all the rules now and no one has ferreted out the name or publicized the identity of the nurse in question. I think if William and Catherine had actually been upset, her identity would have leaked by now given the enormous amount of publicity this incident has drawn.

      • ChandaLew says:

        Given what happened to his mother, Diana, and how committed William is to protect his wife from the same thing (too much attention from press, lack of privacy, hounded to death by papparazzi), I DO think he may have chastised the hospital for what occurred. Before this incident, remember that the royals were extremely upset about being spied on and their nude photos taken in the villa. I think the whole environment was very ripe for the Royals, Will & Kate, or all of them to complain to the hospital about what occurred with regard to the prank.

        It actually defies credibility that no member of the Royal family complained to the hospital about what happened.

    • Ktx says:

      ChandaLew, I’d probably complain too. It’s not okay, accident or not, royal or not. But it’s no one’s fault that that nurse committed suicide. As Julaine said, she was deeply troubled. The DJ’s, if anything, were way out of line, but it’s still no one’s fault.

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