Chris Hemsworth covers Esquire while Elsa Pataky hijacks the interview

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemworth covers the September issue of Esquire to promote his role in Ron Howard’s Formula One film, Rush. Since this is Esquire, Chris looks all metrosexualed up instead of at his scruffy best, but he does clean up pretty well. His rather lanky form is probably a symptom of the weight loss required to properly fit into a race car for the movie. To be certain, I prefer Chris’ bulkier Thor physique, but I certainly wouldn’t turn him away in any form. Elsa Pataky is one lucky woman. Grabbing a Hemsworth these days is like scoring a mid 1990s Baldwin brother. Hopefully, the Hemsworths will age in a much less ragey manner than their predecessors.

Speaking of Elsa, she sort of hijacks this interview, but it’s actually a funny story. To be absolutely fair, Chris and this journo were not vibing well together. The journo keeps hinting for Chris to take him for a Saturday joyride while the poor guy just seems exhausted from his long workweek (and chronically packed schedule) while he, Elsa, and little baby India are recharging their batteries at a borrowed beach house. So in a roundabout way, Elsa is taking some of the pressure off of Chris to deliver. In fact, if Elsa hadn’t decided to muscle in, this would have been a total snoozefest, and now we at least have something to talk about with this photoshoot. What did Elsa do, exactly? She presented the journo with an autographed cover of her Women’s Health “Great Butt” issue. Then she fishes for compliments, which is just an awe-inspiring move:

On his version of Thor: “You talk to the comic-book fans, people who’ve been there since the beginning — you know, since the sixties — and you realize the religious significance of this thing. And there is a kind of work that follows. You do your research. You listen and learn what you can. But then you let go. Eventually you’re down to it. You gotta make this guy your own. The challenge in the first installment was this fish-out-of-water quality, this naivete about everything that makes up earth. That was a familiar dynamic to me. A Crocodile Dundee thing, really. A stranger arrives at your shore. He’s in foreign territory, out of his element, with his own set of tools. Very powerful in one world, stripped of that power in the next.”

On slimming down for Rush: “Thor is large. For that I had to add some muscle, which hasn’t been all that hard so far. I like training just fine, thanks. But to play a Formula One driver, I had to drop quite a bit of that. You know, slim down. First time I looked at a Formula One car in person, I just stared at the cockpit, figuring I’d never get in there. The drivers wear the whole car like a tight-fitting suit. So I just started training differently, shedding all that Thor. I’ve come to see size as just a kind of prop.”

Elsa gets interviewed too: Pataky sits at the table and tells tales about The Fast and the Furious. Just now she’s on the cover of Women’s Health, turned at her hips, with the words “Great Butt!” and a giant red arrow pointing to that very butt. She signs one for me, slides it across the table, and asks, “What do you think?” The autograph? The butt? The cover shot? Who wants to answer that? Hemsworth, his hands folded behind his head, seems to understand. “It’s great,” he says, gracious and aware. “It’s a great butt, honey.” She is pleased to hear it, particularly from him. “Good,” she says. “Very good answer.”

[From Esquire]

Elsa really has Chris where she wants him, and it sure sounds like he wants to be there too, right? She certainly is gorgeous (with an admittedly enviable booty), and Chris seems like he’s perfectly content to share some of his spotlight. Really, I’m not trying to throw too much shade at her because, obviously, she turned this pretty uneventful discussion into something amusing. Chris really isn’t a good interview at all, and Elsa felt hungry enough to speak up here in his absence. That seems like a good match to me.

Cover photos courtesy of Esquire

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  1. Anna says:

    I read the whole piece and the journo is a bit sycophantic, not just when talking about Chris but about EP as well (‘beautiful wife,’ ‘gorgeous wife’…). EP, at that, presents a picture of model domesticity, fetching snacks and ‘not touching her beer’ (baby on board speculation? there have been plenty of pix of her drinking before, so…).

    As for the photoshoot, I like my Hemsworth more scruff and rugged, less ‘cocky pretty boy.’

  2. mom2two says:

    I don’t get the Chris Hemsworth hype at all. He is probably the best looking out of Hemsworth brothers but he has zero charisma. At least with the Baldwins, there was some talent and charisma there.
    I would throw shade at Elsa, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. We all know why she’s hitched her wagon to Chris.
    My Baldwin rating system:
    Alec-talented, was handsome, a douche
    Billy-not a douche, still the most handsome, talented but not as talented as Alec
    Stephen-douche, had good comedic timing but no where near Alec’s talent
    I cannot remember the 4th Baldwin brother and that’s okay-I think he’s the one in trouble all the time. I think I called him the lesser Baldwin.
    The Hemsworth Brothers-Australian, vacant expressions…and Chris is the best looking of them all. All overrated by Hollywood.

  3. T.Fanty says:

    I don’t like the styling. Too many clothes.

  4. Andrea says:

    I find him so average looking when he’s not Thor but he seems like a nice man who loves his wife and baby. That will take you far.

  5. lisa2 says:

    I’m not on the Chris bandwagon. He seems like a nice guy though. But not that interesting. Even when he is carrying the baby it looks very well “here I am carrying my baby”

    That photoshoot doesn’t help. looks very boring.

  6. Amelia says:

    Ignoring the Tacky Pataky part of the interview, I can’t *wait* for Rush to come out. I’m a huge F1 fan, hoping to get tickets for Silverstone next year, and the rivalry between Hunt and Niki Lauda was one of the best the sport has ever seen.
    Slightly miffed that Olivia Wilde is in it, but hey. I’ll take it.

  7. Kate says:

    I’ll take Timothy Olyphant with both his looks and amazing sense for humour over this beefcake. Sorry, he is bland vanilla.

  8. Tiffany27 says:

    I need to read the whole thing. It sounds random as hell how she just signed a magazine cover and handed it to the journalist. What?!?!? Who does that?

  9. Mia 4S says:

    This just made me laugh. He has a great body but otherwise? He really is completely dull and definitely…how shall I put it…not the brightest bulb on the string of Christmas tree lights? Eh, if he doesn’t try to stretch his “talent” too much he’ll do fine as an action star.

  10. Hannah says:

    Honestly, until this I thought she was an Australian who had moved over with him.

    I googled her. She was with Adrien Brody for years who I also love.

    But for some reason she has taken on a completely new form in my mind that isn’t as cool or endearing as it was when I thought she wasn’t in the spotlight!

  11. Marty says:

    I like the pictures, but his recent Marie Claire interview was better. He was more candid in that one.

  12. heidi says:

    Love Elsa, love them as a couple and family. Hope they are one of the rarities who make the marriage last.

    And Liam PUHLEEEZ leave Miley. She’s nothing but trouble and far below your level.

    • Bijlee says:

      Lol girl your liam is a fame hungry gold digger. That’s why that whole family doesn’t mind Elsa so much. Cause she’s helping liam to get it ya know. I like Chris. He’s a perfect Thor, but he’s soooo boring and vapid. Occasionally he can be funny and witty. But his brother is even more vacuous. When Chris holds his daughter is when I find him most appealing.

      • Eugenia says:

        Chris is super good looking. He is not even my type but I can’t deny that dude is fine. However, he is incredibly dull, vapid and comes across as a bit of a dullard.

        Color me shocked that him and Matt Damon are super close. Well, close enough to be on the short list of invitees of Matt’s recent vow renewal on the islands. I would love to know what a conversation between Matt and Chris sounds like.

  13. Talie says:

    Most beautiful people have spent their lives coasting because no one expects them to be witty or interesting… look at any interview Brad Pitt gave when he was Chris’s age. Nothing there.

  14. Dommy Dearest says:

    She does not have a booty. A booty calls for there being a booty there. She has the typical Hollywood booty but no booty like Biel booty.

    Booty :D

    Now, can I just please have Thor? I’ll even take him now that he’s downsized.

    • Marty says:

      Agreed! Biel’s booty, and body, are to die for! Unlike her personality…

      Elsa like to think she has curves but she actually is a lot skinnier now than she used to be. Really can’t tell her apart from any other Hollywood blonde with implants, tbh.

  15. henderswife says:

    I totally had a dream about him last night. It’s so weird seeing him on Celebitchy first thing this morning. My heart is fluttering a bit.

  16. Jenna says:

    I don’t even know what I just read, or what Elsa apparently contributed to that interview. Ladies, you can continue to ravage Thor but apparently you must consult with Miss Eyre first. Carry on. :)

  17. Lindy79 says:

    I love how she happened to have a copy of the magazine to hand, then signs it and gives it to the journalist without being asked.

    And wasn’t her part in the last F&F, the smallest out of all the women yet she acts as though she was the star.
    CB does have a point though, he seems happy enough for her to get the attention so maybe they are genuinely a well matched couple.

  18. Relli says:

    You know what would have been better? Had she had a copy of her safari photo shoot lying around to autograph and comment on because that would have been amazing! I would love to here some sane thoughts on posing in full makeup and hair while being surrounded by indigenous people in a jungle.

  19. Lark says:

    Oh Elsa. What else can you say about her? She does have a good game, and Chris does seem to love her.

  20. Zombie Shortcake says:

    I remember MK calling her Tacky Pataky. Seems fitting.

  21. Buzz says:

    He would make a great Christian Grey!

  22. jess says:

    He is so much more attractive than his brother, but he needs his scruff and bulk back.

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