Miley Cyrus broke the VEVO record with 19 mil ‘Wrecking Ball’ views: shocking?

Miley Cyrus

Here are some photos of Miley Cyrus yesterday in London. She’s wearing ridiculously tall, thigh-high Louboutin boots and a tartan “dress” that’s probably just a long shirt. We all know Miley enjoys going pantless whenever possible. I think she’s in Europe to promote her gross “Wrecking Ball” video. Sorry, Europe.

Miley Cyrus

There are a bunch of Miley stories out there, so I’m going to borrow Kaiser’s bullet point method:

* Miley’s formula: Beg for attention and go from there. Her new naked video has now officially shattered the VEVO record (previously held by One Direction). Miley’s tan lines were gawked at over 19 million times in 24 hours. Is that really so surprising? The sad thing is few people were there for the song. They just wanted to see Miley make a fool of herself by grinding on a chain. Miley got the views, but people will tire of the “Look at me!” stuff very soon. What else can she do to top getting naked? Nothing. She doesn’t write her own songs, and she’ll make little to no money for her RCA record deal. For singers, the money is in touring. I’m not convinced attention will translate into ticket sales whenever she goes on tour to support Bangerz.

* The media is in a frenzy over this dumb video. The Guardian has already published an editorial about how Miley is setting back the battle of the sexes. They criticize how she’s clearly begging for attention with the nudity. Actress Shanae Grimes (“90210″) told E! Online Miley needs to wear some clothes, but I don’t think that’s the real problem. Nudity itself is not the issue here. The problem is Miley is only getting naked for attention. Miley can claim she did it to look “vulnerable,” but that’s a lie. Nudity also isn’t empowering when the revolting Terry Richardson is directing the video.

* Courtney Love (who also talked about Goop) approves of Miley’s antics: “You know, that hillbilly Miley Cyrus is sort of punk in a weird sex way.” Miley must be so pleased.

* Miley revealed the Bangerz tracklist. The songs listed include a duet with Britney Spears. Poor Brit.

* Hollywood Life is going batsh-t crazy with their stories about how Liam Hemsworth feels about the video. A mysterious source (Larry Rudolph? Tish?) keeps feeding them info. It is hilarious. Supposedly, Liam is cool with the video: “He is just separating everything and treating it as what it is, and that is entertainment. Let’s be honest, she’s not killing anyone.” He is also very proud of her: “He is very proud that she is doing the thing that she loves and he supports her, he just doesn’t broadcast it with a parade for the whole world to see.” Right.

Here’s some pics of Miley in Paris a few days ago. This outfit is so fug, and the weird side-boob cutouts make it look even cheaper.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Amelia says:

    For whatever reason, I made the stupid decision to contribute to the number of views and find the video last night (BIG mistake. Didn’t make it past 30 seconds).
    I though the thumbs up/thumb down bar was pretty telling underneath the video; it was only around the 50/50 mark when I clicked on it, and I haven’t seen many music videos with so few ‘likes’.

  2. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    Not at all tbh. Views are still views – even the people who watched it and didn’t like it still contributed to its success. If it’s buzz Miley wants, she certainly seems to be getting it.

    • becky says:

      True, although the point regarding how said buzz will translate into tour ticket sales is important. I’m not sure I understand what is her target demographic. I don’t think adults are into her act and I cannot see mothers taking young teens to her concert after this. Could she be a hit with gay males? Like Gaga?

    • Lucinda says:

      This is what I keep saying. Her marketing strategy is brilliant because people can’t stop talking about her and we aren’t her target audience anyway. Think Madonna 30 years ago. The sex book. Justify my Love video. My generation ate it up while my parents wrung their hands and shook their fists.

  3. Rida says:

    She is so gross and desperate! And your second bullet point is exactly right. We aren’t slut shamming her for being naked but being disgusted because it’s nudity for all the wrong reasons!

    • Liv says:

      Women sell their bodies since ages, but it’s still sad when a young woman with all privileges in the world has nothing better to do than to get naked just for attention. It’s a shame.

      • PrettyTarheelFan says:

        @ Liv: You’re right. It’s sad. She considers herself a commodity, and this is getting her what she has been taught to crave: attention. This is what happens when parents are not well-equipped to deal with child stars. They never bothered to teach her that she’s worth more than the dollar value the public and her manager place on her.

        See also: Justin Bieber, Britney Spears.

      • Trillion says:

        Naked women selling whatever has been around forever, yes, but between Wrecking Ball and the attention Blurred Lines got for the same exact reason, we can expect more of this.

      • Jenny says:

        I agree. I did not really mind the video aside from the nudity (and embarrassingly enough I kind of like the song: until yesterday I didn’t know she sang it). It just seemed 100% gratuitous and awkward. It took away from the song for me.

    • lbeees says:

      ITA. It’s funny, I actually–and I may be in the minority here–kind of dig her new look. The hair, her new-ish tattoos, even some of the clothing choices… I think it’s a fun look. And I did like the song. IDK who asked it below, but I was buying songs on Amazon and picked up Wrecking Ball. I thought it was catchy,

      But her actions & attitude are ruining what could have been a great transformation. Her dancing at the VMA’s, this cringe-worthy video… so terrible. It’s really not good. Her people should have managed this better. She has great image consultants, her producers are the best, she gets the first pick of good songs… there is no reason for her train-wreck of a video.

      Sorry for the novel. I just agree that it is the TACKINESS that gets me. Not that she’s nude (I really don’t have a problem with that.)

      • Ctkat1 says:

        Thank you for this, because I feel the same way. There’s so much potential for her to have turned the new look into something edgy and androgynous, the new sound into something kinda “high pop” (if that makes sense) and it could have been fun and cool and interesting. Instead it’s desperate and TACKY and thus embarrassing. She’s a stunted 20 year old who is calling the shots on her public image and no doubt ignoring the knowledgeable professionals around her because she’s 20 and thus she know everything, and it’s a mistake. She’s getting a ton of short term attention, but it won’t translate to an enduring career.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        +1 and well said! Her edgy new look and her nudity are fine with me, in fact I really dig her new look–but her VMA performance was tacky, cheap, and just plain dumb. If Miley could learn the diff between sexy and cheap, edgy and tacky, artistic and exploitive, she’d be on her way.

  4. LAK says:

    Of course she did. Nudity/ Porn or suggestion of porn/nudity is the most popular thing on the internet. Add to it, a pop star, BOOM, everyone, even non music/Miley fans are there….

  5. Side-Eye says:

    As someone who$e father works in construction and plumbing, I don’t think I can,describe the distress her licking that hammer gave me.

  6. MeowuiRose says:

    Her video was obscene. Not sexy, not edgy, just desperate and unoriginal. I also found her whole making out with the sledgehammer rather icky. Miley needs to grow up and have some self respect.

  7. CaribbeanLaura says:

    I didn’t hate the video! I know right! I kinda got what she was trying to do. The licking the sledgehammer thing made no sense and the nudity was a bit gratuitous but I got the general concept and didn’t hate it totally. I thought it had the potential to be a good video. It wasn’t but it could have been. Still really like the song tho.

  8. Ella says:

    My guess is she and Liam broke up ages ago but Liam doesn’t want to announce it and make headlines because he’s hoping everyone will forget they dated in the first place.

    Poor Miley. I hope she’s okay and not heading towards a Britney-style breakdown. All of this is just sad.

    • dlsmith says:

      I think they broke up a long time ago too. Liam agreed to shut up about it to save face – so Miley wouldn’t be embarassed about the whole January Jones thing. This way her publicity is all about her antics and not about her being cheated on or dumped.

      • Ray says:

        I think they broke up a long while ago, Miley keeps him relevant, I’m not entirely sure I believe this is his intention but its true. I think he still cares about her as he did love her at some point, but let it fizzle out instead of having it splashed across the tabloids to help her save face, maybe to make him out to be less of a douche if he cheated. I don’t know that’s my 2 cents. Maybe they’re still together and madly in love… Heh heh heh

  9. Leah says:

    I’m not surprised – EVERY one seems to be watching this trainwreck. Nobody in my research room gets me or has ever had a clue what I’ve been yapping on about in terms of pop culture, celebrity goss etc…until We Cant Stop Miley, Yesterday they had seen the new video before me.

    It’s madness.

  10. lisa says:

    she looks like jan in grease

    “brusha brusha brusha”

  11. Jayna says:

    I am loving her hair these days and on the video. I love it really shaved on the sides short and high on top with blonde. Very striking on her. It does make her stand out from all the other pop stars and better than that ratty wig sported on Gaga’s iTunes concert where the mass of huge hair ratiness overpowered Gaga and at times looked like a budget porn star who couldn’t afford a good wig.

    Well, I guess Miley has done one thing, no matter how much she was trying from her last album on, she hadn’t made the transition from her identity as a Disney star. This has really jumped her over that threshold.

    The song is really good and save for a few awful blips, like the licking the sledgehammer, the gratuitous nudity the video is visually good
    for about 70 percent of it. So the controversy still coming off of the VMAs and the video and a good song are bringing in the viewers. If the album is solid, she still can evolve from this exhibitionism and be successful in the business past this album. If the rest of the album is filler, this boost she has gotten will die down and the sales will show it.

  12. TherapyCranes says:

    I actually liked the song. I don’t feel the video goes with the song but the video doesn’t really offend me. I think she gets a lot of hate just for attention whoring. It seems to be working to her advantage for now so I guess good for her.

  13. KatieD says:

    Her antics and desperation are childish and irritating, but the good news is, her “shock value” schtick won’t last forever, and then she’ll fade away…hopefully sooner than later.

  14. Gia says:

    I’m just going to put this out there – Getting naked and licking hammers is a pretty sure fire way of getting people to watch your sh-t.

  15. dorothy says:

    That’s not necessarily a good thing. Voyeurism does not mean the public likes the song or the woman, it simply means they want to see a train wreck in the making.

  16. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I hate pop music in general, but even I had to admit that the song didn’t suck for a pop ballad.

    That being said, the video was laughable. Still, gotta give the girl props-she is getting a TON of press right now, which is never a bad thing for any celeb’s career.

  17. Sarah says:

    Ugh she’s like a cartoon character. Why does she always look the same? Same cheap red lipstick and same Zach Morris hairdo. She’s actually gotten boring to me.

    The video is like a parody of itself but the song isn’t bad… if not for her voice.

  18. shitler says:

    Thought she said her new music was going to shut people up? It seems to be having the opposite effect. All this pearl clutching seems to be spurring her on. Just do what I do whenever I see her, laugh &change the channel

  19. Tiffany says:

    There is no way the parents of the Hannah Montana fans going to pay and take them to see her concert. No adult is going to spend their hard earned cash to see her. Yeah, her tour can bomb in a big way. She will not come ahead after all of this. This is a trainwreck and it is all for free.

  20. Anki says:

    Her behavior is so carefully orchestrated. It’s all about PR. She and Larry knows for sure that this schtick won’t last long and it definitely won’t last through another record.

    She’s doing all of this now only to make the biggest impact on the industry and make sure she’s talked about for years to come, even when she’s under the radar, polishing her new image.

    I predict she’ll keep the act up until she goes on tour in early 2014. By summer she’ll be under the radar and early 2015 she’ll come back with a new image. It’ll probably be a slow album, more vulnerable and with songs about growing up and learning. She’ll do some deep interviews about being a child star and the public with grow sympathetic.

    It’s all a show and knowing that makes her behavior so much more bareable. I’m enjoying it all. :)

    • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      Dude, can I high five you? My brother said the exact same thing right after the VMAs (although less eloquently hehe), A+ comment, this should be attached to every Miley post lol :)

    • Emily says:

      I hear you, but I just think everyone is giving her too much credit. Lady Gaga wasn’t deemed absolutely repulsive and pathetic when she went for the shock factor. Whether they liked it or not, people gave Gaga credit for what she was doing. It helped Gaga, it didn’t hurt her. It’s not the same with Miley. People see it as so desperate that they’re turned off by it. She is trying so hard where Gaga managed to pull it off.

      Miley Cyrus was hardly a household name until she put out a video of herself twerking in a onesie and it went viral. It got her tons of exposure, which she saw as positive attention and like a child, she continues to try to behave the same way or “better” desperately attempting to get what she thinks is positive feedback.

      She may be selling more records but ironically, the people that are buying her album are still the same fan-base she had with Disney that she’s so desperately trying to shake off. Only kids are entertained or finding her new “schtick” anything other than an absolute train wreck.

      Being that she’s so hard up for attention, when she stops getting any and this whole thing crashes and burns, it’ll be the perfect recipe for a full on meltdown.

    • Carolyn says:

      The industry and paying public won’t give Miley a few years’ mileage out of this PR nonsense. She’ll get a few months to coincide with the release of her album.

      That’s all.

      When there’s no consistency to a performer’s image/product, fans don’t hang around for years & years. Especially when there’s no integrity and the whole shebang is shallow and so obviously orchestrated. A new fan base isn’t going to magically materialise in a few years either.

  21. Adrien says:

    I’m liking her voice in Wrecking Ball but the song is overproduced. Like I said, going the Lady Gaga route (yep,like that pantless thing too)is not really a smart career move because you are laying all your cards too early. Lady Gaga took an abridge version of Madonna’s career thus she peaked early. Now Hannah Montana is killing her at the media coverage game. If she’s no longer offensive, she will be doing door to door shockfest like Marilyn Manson in The Onion article.

  22. d says:

    I think Miley must be Larry Rudolph’s dream client…the one that WANTS all the attention and big time. Britney after a while wanted to check out and live a normal life (I’m convinced that’s why she dresses the way she does; to separate the person from the persona and to keep herself to herself). Miley wants it all, sells herself willingly, and shows no sign of getting tired of all the attention. Rudolph must be making bank all the way and loves every second of this. IMO. I think it’s gross.

  23. Amory says:

    I didn’t watch the video, but the problem I see is that using shock and vulgarity can only go so far. How is she going to top this? Is actual pornographic penetration next? Eventually the antics run out, and I just hope she has some sense of pride and self-respect left by then… Selling one’s body is bad for the soul – just ask all the former models, and they didn’t have to resort to such graphic displays.

  24. Violet says:

    Thank you for using photos without tongue!

    As for the video, I’ve stayed strong so far and have avoided watching the trainwreck but I have seen a clip.

    The song is actually not bad, but I doubt anyone will ever be able to hear it without picturing Miley licking a sledgehammer. Which is probably what Terry was going for.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Miley will try to top these numbers. Sex and/or self-mutilation in her next video, all with her horrible grey tongue sticking out? Ugh.

  25. Emily says:

    I watched the video and all I can say is what the hell was that?! I don’t even understand what she is trying to do at this point. Writhing naked on a wrecking ball is bizarre enough, but licking a sledgehammer? The overacting and melodramatic crying while singing? Once again… what in the hell was that?! I don’t think she’s just desperate for attention at this point, I think this is about to turn into a full meltdown.

    In reference to all this speculation about her and her boyfriend not being seen together for a while… If he hasn’t fled by now, he surely will soon if she continues acting this way.This is not sexy or entertaining, its creepy and gross. I think this child has snapped.

  26. momofg says:

    I guess I am not easily offended. This video did not bother me. I liked the song. Is it not her job to self promote.

  27. Siddhi says:

    The world has rewarded her. She will keep doing it. It’s just Pavlov. Making her change her mind is fairly easy because there’s no significant talent, nothing of importance will be missed.

  28. Saffie says:

    I don’t think she’ll be doing anything differently and I expect her behavior will continue on this exploitative path because right now her singles are selling and people are interested. Just goes to show you that even negative attention is prized in the celeb world. I personally don’t find MC particularly appealing or talented. She’s an okay singer, can’t dance. she’s cute but not particularly beautiful. But she is a famewhore like know other. She will do whatever it takes to get attention and put herself out there.

  29. Tiffany :) says:

    Her whole act depresses me because it once again tells girls that they don’t need to aim to be smart, or creative, or talented. They just need to be the MOST naked or the MOST sexual of their peers to be celebrated and given attention. Parents can tell their kids otherwise, but the world will drown them out.

    Take it off and they will reward you.

    Miley didn’t make our society like that, she is just such a clear example of it. Her manager used this line of promo before with Britney, and clearly it worked.

    • Bijlee says:

      Yup. You know I’ve found that girls my age are outright disgusted but everyone I talk to younger than me…dear god it is disturbing. The way they forgive Justin bieber for everything and seem to LOVE Miley’s new video is downright disturbing.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Agree! Selling your body – world’s oldest profession. This is NOT “empowerment” – it’s porn. Lots of stroking, licking, writhing, nudity – so sad girls see this and think Miley is a big success.

      It’s not difficult to get THAT kind of attention! Wish we could raise the bar to include an iota of talent, but she just dropped the bar on the floor.

  30. Suzy says:

    She’s disgusting; I watched the video last night & was appalled (and I don’t consider myself a prude). Terry “the Pervy Pedo” Richardson directed this video & it’s no surprise b/c EW.

    Ok, Miley, we get it, you’re saying a big “eff u!” to Disney. Now put some clothes on.

  31. lady mary. says:

    she is having the time of her life ,cant blieve couple of years back ,she had almost passed into obscurity with her cant be tamed video ,looks like she is doin smthn right this time even if its all wrong ,well good luck miley ,what else can one say?

  32. mike says:

    I wonder if all these antics will prove counterproductive for her?

    Here’s the thing. The songs aren’t bad at all. “We Can’t Stop This” and “Wrecking Ball” are both very catchy pop singles, but I feel like both are getting overshadowed by her antics to their detriment.

    Case in point. Before the VMA, I knew a lot of people who thought We Can’t Stop was a catchy tune, but now EVERYBODY’s backing away as far as possible from the song. No one’s even willing to admit that they like it. Couple of guys told me they USED to like.

    For Miley’s sake, hope it’s not like this everywhere.

  33. stinky says:

    loving that Courtney, aka: Blanch DuBois, called her ‘that hillbilly’.

  34. NANALU says:

    Once again here she is trying to rip off Rihanna’s image, from the hair hte clothing style, straight to the attitude.

    So sad that she has to copy someone else’s image… no more originality left .

    Either way Miley you suck and this whole tongue thing is wayyyy STUPID!

  35. dlsmith says:

    Why is her nose so freakishly small? Did she have another nose job? It seriously looks too small for her face in the top picture, like the nose of a 2 year old on an adult. Weird.

  36. socalgal says:

    I Um, actually liked the song *ducks*

  37. Teen says:

    Hi, i’m a teen and i’m really like addicted to this site but may I tell my teenager point of view ? Miley Cyrus is like super annoying and like she’s so lame and if I were her I’d lock myself in a the basement and never go out because you know … the VMA’s but her music is so gooood, I love it (and a lot of other teens do) the we can’t stop video was really good and well edited and that sort of stuff but I have to admit … Wrecking ball video is …. awful
    Kisssess ;)

  38. John says:

    Not at all “shocking,” she saved hundreds of thousands of teenaged boys the fee for porn sites, just because she’s gross and completely devoid of femininity and *actual* sex appeal doesn’t mean the other sites won’t benefit.
    The lasting legacy would’ve been the Vogue cover, but she made her clear choice there.
    God Bless Anna Wintour.

  39. I Choose Me says:

    Hated the video but damn that song is catchy. Just caught myself humming it under my breath.

  40. Dommy Dearest says:

    Well considering what she had to do to get that many views no I’m not shocked it has that many views. Like I said yesterday Terry is a certified pervert. His facial hair looks like a woman’s pubic hair just styled. It’s disgusting of him and her.

  41. St says:

    Yeah, well Miley is so clearly obsessed with fame and breaking those stupid records to prove to herself that she is new Britney and Madonna that I seriously suspect that she could fraud her way to those numbers. Remember how Gaga begged her fans to go to some site and put her video on repeat? Increasing numbers like that. Only silly Gaga did that publicly but Miley’s team could arrange that thing privately. She is so obsessed that she could even buy her own records to get that #1 on ITunes and then proudly blab about it on Twitter.

    Miley’s level of obsession with fame is crazy. And really – what next? People will be tired of that “shock naked” fact pretty soon. I don’t think Miley and Justin Bieber understand how truly people hate them and disrespect. And they will never gain that that “respect” back. Ever. No matter how they will try in 2-3 years – people will always think of them as “those idiots”.

    Look at Zac Efron. He became famous only because he was wearing that ridiculous haircut and lots of make up on his face. So he became famous. Then he grew up, cut it off and wants to become serious actor and be respected as actor. Only no one takes him serious and he will always be that teen clown with that hair. If he will be be somehow cast in some Pirats or Star Wars movies then Internet will explode with rage and will demand to take him out.

  42. Jane says:

    I just can’t with this child….

  43. homegrrl says:

    I try to imagine how I’d few Miley back when I was age appropriate to regard her. I was a “molly” going out person, but I still would have thought she wasn’t that cool. She’s kind of clowny and hyper. Also I wouldn’t have rocked out to her music. It’s just not that amazing or epic. I know she’s having an identity crisis, and I feel for her.

  44. snappyfish says:

    what happened to her pants? did she forget them? does she just not care? is someone running around LA stealing women’s pants?

    so many questions.

  45. homegrrl says:

    wow. mcwhitegirl was super naked and licking an hammer in that video, but that lasted the whole time. I’m in a shockedaze.

  46. Paige says:

    Would anyone believe me if I told them I haven’t heard either of her two new songs. I’ve read about them, but have no idea what either sound like. I probably won’t watch the video either. She is a disturbing and disgusting talentless hack.

  47. Barbara says:

    That is not a victory of any sort…it is just watching another train wreck

  48. Jay says:

    Haven’t watch this one, but if you want to see nudity used to convey vulnerability in a video, may I suggest considering Sarah McLaughlin’s “Path of Thornes”. Maybe Alanis Morissette’s “Thank You” also but I think Sarah McLaughlin’s worked better.

  49. mytbean says:

    I was just stunned to see images without the tongue of doom.

  50. andrea says:

    Song aint bad, video is awful. Miley trying to stage cry = FAIL

  51. Sue says:

    Say what you want…… She is the one rolling in the money and I don’t think she is losing any sleep over these comments…..

  52. kim says:

    It’s watched because it’s so stupid, not because it’s good hahahahahahahahaha

    She’s gonna be alright. ..until she wants more out of life then being a punchline and a joke…that day will suck for her.