John Stamos is 50 years old and looking for a special lady: would you marry it?

John Stamos turned 50 years old last month. Can you believe it? He has GREAT genes. Age-defying genes. And I buy that he hasn’t had any work done too, because seriously, he’s had the same face for the past 20-odd years. Anyway, this isn’t really breaking news or anything, but since it’s slow this week, I thought we could check in with Stamos and see what he’s up to. He gave a new interview to this week’s edition of In Touch and as it turns out, now that he’s officially 5-0, he’s even more determined to settle down:

Ageless ’80s icon John Stamos is finally ready for his Mrs. Right. Full House’s resident hottie, Uncle Jesse, admits in the new issue of In Touch, “I’d really like to be in a relationship.”

Surprisingly, the sex icon doesn’t think his game is up to par. “I got no moves! I think I’m being presumptuous if I hit on a girl. There have been plenty of times when I should have asked for someone’s number but I didn’t.”

Before becoming Full House co-stars, John dated Lori Loughlin but according to him, “It fizzled out.” When he and X-Men actress Rebecca Romijn split in 2005 after six years of marriage, “I felt like a failure,” says John. He moved on with with model turned Pilates teacher Leah Marsh, who he dated for three years, but the couple broke up in 2010.

However, John, who is now the host of Losing It, a Web series where stars open up about their first sexual encounters, is still hopeful that he will settle down.

“People used to say, ‘If you’re not married by 50, you’ll be alone [forever],’” he tells In Touch. “But the world is different now. For the last 10 years, I’ve thought, ‘I’ve got to get married again and have kids!’ So I’m totally open to it.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

If this was a woman, our reactions would be very different. I’m just sayin’. One point of view that I will apply to John and any 50-year-old woman who said this stuff is this: if it hasn’t happened already, it’s probably you. What I mean is that there’s probably something holding John back, right? Maybe he doesn’t want to really be in a relationship. Maybe he doesn’t really want to be a dad. Maybe he’s a perpetual self-saboteur. Or maybe everything hasn’t gelled for him quite yet but since he’s a good-looking man, he can get away with being 50 years old and still playing the “I want to get married and have babies” game.

So, here’s the series of questions: would you hit it? After you hit it, would you marry it? And would you have its babies? I have to admit, I would probably hit it. I’m not sure I would marry it though.

PS… Eyebrows.

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  1. Nono says:

    I’d hit it hard, AND marry it!

    I didn’t know he had a webseries. Watching it now! :) The videos are quite cute and funny!

  2. MrsBPitt says:

    I’d hit it, marry it, and procreate with it…YUMMY!

  3. Anna says:

    Nah…I want big into his younger self either

  4. Jospehina says:

    He is fine as hell!! Dayum.

  5. ann says:

    Nope. Well…maybe if he sings ‘Forever’

  6. A says:

    I’d look at it and play with it a little…but that’s all! He’s 50 ffs.

  7. rianic says:

    The second photo gives me Scott Disick vibes.

  8. GiGi says:

    He’s so great. Charming, handsome – he works with an organization that rescues abandoned babies… so, um, yes… marriage material!

  9. Josephina says:

    Just noticed name is misspelled. Ha!

    And yes, he IS fine as hell. Nice eyes…

  10. Tulip Garden says:

    Amazes me that “Blackie Parish” is still around and looking so good! Hope I am not the only one old enough to remember is General Hospital debut :)

  11. j.eyre says:

    Sure, I’d hit it. Marrying and birthing things is not on my agenda though. I mean, you know, anymore.

  12. Rice says:

    Yes, Yes and Yes! That is all.

  13. Jayna says:

    He is a playboy. Different women all the time. He told Howard Stern one night at dinner he wanted a Beth and Howard was so lucky. Howard told him Beth is wonderful but even if he had dated Beth herself, Stamos would have found something wrong with her and moved on to the next girl. That if he really wanted to settle down he would. I remember maybe five years ago some guy on Howard’s show John took a liking to and would invite him out and let him stay at his swank home for however long he wanted. The guy amused John I guess. The guy said he loved to visit because there were always lots of hot women hanging out at John’s party house.

  14. Kimberlogic says:

    Too bad he & Jennifer Anniston didn’t get together. They actually seem like they’d be a good couple with long term potential.

  15. Holly says:

    So, he’s the male Jennifer Aniston..

  16. T.fanty says:

    Hit it? Absolutely. Marry it? Not so much.

  17. Jegede says:

    If a guy has still been prowling nightclubs at 40+ then for me- No No No

  18. SBJ says:

    Of course I would ! Have a huge crush on him since “Full House” (and Michael J. Fox since “Family Ties”.

    God I feel old ;P

  19. PixieWitch says:

    only if i got a lifetime supply of greek yogurt

  20. Tessa says:

    Lori Laughlin is the love of his life, and he can’t seem to find anyone else good enough to settle down with. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Jessie and Becky forever!

  21. jinni says:

    A long time ago, I remember him telling a story on Stern about how he was on a date or dating a woman and while they were having sex he switched out with one of his friends to let him have a go at her ( it was dark in the room, so I guess she couldn’t tell the difference), after that I’ve found him pretty creepy.

  22. GlimmerBunny says:

    Hell yeah, even though he’s over twice my age! I had such a crush on him when he guest starred on Glee :D

  23. eliza says:

    Sure I would. He has gotten hotter with age and he is the Oikos spokesman which means free products like their yummy french onion dip. Win/win.

  24. Nev says:

    Nah. He’s handsome but I don’t see any swagger or sex appeal. I can’t visualize him that way. Seems non sexual actually.

  25. MademoiselleRose says:

    I’d think about hitting it, but I think any woman would be stupid to think he’s marriage material. Something doesn’t add up. I don’t believe he wants to settle down. Plenty of women would be interested so if he hasn’t settled, he don’t want to.

  26. truthful says:


    I’d hit and marry Uncle Jessie!

    He was so sexy in that Lifetime movie
    “The two Mr. Kissels” or whatever the title was.

    love him!

  27. Actions, not Words says:

    Yeah, I agree about the it would have happened already if it was a huge priority for him. He’s been on Howard Stern a lot over the years with this same lament and Stern, who socializes with John, has ripped on him for YEARS about the parade of hot, young models that John is always dating, i.e., chasing lots of young girls is exactly the opposite of “settling down”. Like so many in Hollywood, Stamos’ actions contradict his words. He got with Rebecca R when she was 19/20 and he was in his 30s. If he does wife another, I expect her to be at least 15-20 years younger then him.

    • Also says:

      Yup- he spotted Rebecca on the Victoria’s Secret runway and finally married her 4-5 years later. While dating/married, John & Rebecca used to go on Stern together. During those appearances, John alluded to the possibility that he & Rebecca were swingers, which she never contradicted. Who knows- maybe they were saying that just to tease Howard, but they lasted a longer than expected.

  28. Axis2ClusterB says:

    I really think he’s still hung up on Lori Laughlin.

  29. the other Kate says:

    I wouldn’t marry it, wouldn’t hit it, but I never found him attractive.

    But geez! Uncle Jesse is already 50?! I felt sooo old.

  30. Lflips says:

    No, no I would not. If he’s 50 and still doesn’t have it together…like you said, it’s probably you; or in this case, him.

  31. QQ says:

    Id put a ring on it, and other things ..but i’d not procreate even if God herself ordained it

  32. Jen says:

    “One point of view that I will apply to John and any 50-year-old woman who said this stuff is this: if it hasn’t happened already, it’s probably you.”

    I don’t believe that AT ALL. It’s not like it’s easy to just meet someone you want to be with forever. He’s already been married and divorced. You can’t just snap your fingers and a new person magically appears (at least not for most people).

  33. Kim1 says:

    Stamos is just a prettier version of Gerard Butler.John just pretends that he is not a “ho”whereas Gerard owns “it”

  34. Dawn says:

    But of course I would hit it and marry him. No to the babies as I’ve been there and done that.

  35. kibbles says:

    Stamos looks better with age. He’s probably one of the best looking 50 year old men I’ve ever seen. He is old enough to be my father and I don’t usually go for older men, but I’d make an exception for him. He’s incredibly handsome. I’d be more than willing to have his babies. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who could ever be with the same woman for the rest of his life though. Maybe he is changing now that he is older?

  36. StormsMama says:

    Yes I’d hit it.
    Yes I’d marry it.
    Yes yes yes babies babies BABIES with it!

    Haha to “it” instead of him. :-/

  37. Pixiestix says:

    I’ve met him — he’s friends w/my brother & he struck me as very down to earth, unfazed by his hotness, and pretty normal.

  38. barbiegirl says:

    Seems like there is an arbitrary timeline that dictates if you’re not married by a certain age, it’s you that’s the problem. Why does there have to be a problem? If you’re married at 25, and then divorced by 35 are you free and clear of problems because “at least you got married!!” Such an unnecessary stigma for men and women. Single or married people can be full of issues and being/getting married does not mean you’re immediately normal.

    • Tara says:

      I believe the common feeling being expressed here is that if you are unmarried by 50 and you are complaining that your awesome amazingness hasn’t found any takers then you’re probably not that awesomely amazing.
      And of course marriage is no indicator of character and some people make the personal choice to avoid long-term or monogamous relationships, which is cool. But at least they are honost about it.

  39. Lisa says:

    He’s hot, and I feel like he’s older than 50 because he’s been around for so long! I get a douchey vibe from him on talk shows, though. Does he not like doing them, or is he a not-so-secret prick in real life? :(

  40. Vee says:

    He is adorable to look at, but I tend to be wary of 50 year old single men,(George Clooney, I’m looking at you.) He does not want a commitment and/or kids which is fine, it’s his choice.
    Follow people’s actions, not their words.

  41. Dana M says:

    Yes, I’d marry him. On the exception that he would have to move to Austin. Oh, yeah, and he would have to be ok with my husband around too!

  42. Gayle S says:

    *grabbing first wedding dress on rack*


    Wait, what was the question?

  43. JEM says:

    This is a piece on Gawker that talks about the Jane article:

    I remember reading that Jane interview when it came out and wondering what the f**k I just read. It’s really super disgusting and questionable as to whether that girl consented at all.

    His hotness is forever tainted for me.

  44. Ok says:

    He is a very handsome man. HOWEVER. There has to be something off with him.

    I know there is a lot of feedback about how you would all hit it and procreate with it.

    But I get a very odd vibe from him that makes
    me uneasy. I would not hit it. I would not procreate with it

  45. Isa says:

    He’s a vampire.
    And I always assumed he has been single for so long because he has enjoyed it.
    Sounds like he’s having a midlife crisis. Quick I need someone to grow old with!

  46. themummy says:

    I honestly do not get why anyone thinks he’s good looking. gross. His face is just weird somehow. When he was really young he had a certain sexiness, I guess (although I never was a fan personally), but now he looks odd, like a caricature(and not because he’s older–my husband is 50; I’m not ageist). His mouth looks exaggerated and joker-esque, his eyebrows look like sad, fat caterpillars, and everything else…yuck. I sound so mean, but I just don’t get it.

  47. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Ewww, after reading all the comments I think two things:

    He’s disgusting, although very hot.

    He’s a male Jennifer Aniston–if you don’t want a long term partner around, then ADOPT, or use a surrogate. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood…..

    So, no, will not hit it.

  48. Maggie says:

    I’ve always thought he and Jennifer Aniston would make a handsome couple and if they were to have children they would be gorgeous.

  49. Stephanie says:

    Would not hit it, would not marry it.

  50. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I had the most massive crush on him way back when he was on Full House.

    He still looks great and I wish him the best, he seems like a nice guy.

    As for whether he’s had any work done, I am pretty sure that is not the nose that he was born with. So he’s at least had a nose job, if nothing else. Good genes indeed.

  51. Ginger says:

    He’s a beautiful man. You would think he could find a young lady to settle down with and have babies.

  52. Fabgrrl says:

    John, John, John. You look great, seriously and seem like a smart, charming follow, but babies, really? At 50? Now, im sure you can find some young twit who will do it. But thats not what you need, dude. Find a 40-something single Mom and be a cool step-dad.

  53. chops 13 says:

    no way this man would get near me

    guess I stand ( almost ) ALONE on this one

    but he’s fug, with questionable morals (at BEST ) conspiracy to rape ( at worst)

    no way… no thanks

  54. Claudia says:

    What age difference is too much of an age difference? I think it varies, depending on how old you are, right? Most people are still figuring things out in their 20s, while people tend to be more stable in their 30s so the 30+ set give more leeway to the age difference. I know others go by that +/-7 rule.

    Also, is that affected by whether or not your parents had a big age difference? My parents are 15 years apart (divorced). I’m 27 and would be okay with dating a 40 year old, but my friends think that’s “gross”.

    • Lafrenchy says:

      I am your age and 32 – 33 becomes too old for me. I Go by + 3/-3 as a personek rule.

      I alfk would like yo add that the infamous /2+7 rule… Is actually not a rule but just the repeat of a saying said by a very mysoginistic Writer ( Sacha guitry) and it´s actually not used elsewhere.

      To me 40 is creepy territory plus I try to stick with my much older Fellow ladies : i don ´t Stephane on their territory 😉

  55. Karen81 says:

    Like it’s a even question assuming my husband didn’t exist. A million times over Uncle Jesse! The real question is what I do with his TV wife (Aunt Becky), Lori. I admit it, if she put a few glasses of wine in me and some nice music, she at least getting to second. Hell Lori might not even need the wine. ;)

    some nice music

  56. Tara says:

    He wants every lonely girl out there to fantasize about being the one in a million to finally complete him. And she can as long as she brings her own toothbrush and is gone by breakfast.
    But hot? Oh, yes!

  57. Jag says:

    If I could remember why he and Rebecca divorced – and it wasn’t that he cheated – then yes, I’d hit it and marry it if I were single. I had pictures of him on my wall from Teen Beat or whatever teen mags way back when. lol

  58. anet says:

    I like stuffed animals on my bed, but not in my bed – bada bing!
    Sorry no.

  59. Yelly says:

    I’d neither hit nor marry. I get more the urge to slap him.

  60. mkyarwood says:

    Uh, nah. I think the marriage grab at 50 bugs me too much.

  61. Matti says:

    Top picture handsome, others not so much

  62. Calabar says:

    Looks so good for 50. take me John Stamos, please take me now! LOL