Brangelina Conspiracy Theory: Angelina & Brad are already secretly married?

I was just telling someone (who? I can’t remember) the other day that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if I found out that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had quietly gotten married without any fanfare or press releases. The rumors were flying around quite often just before Angelina announced her mastectomy news, but since then, the rumors have been on a low simmer. Now Radar has photos – go here to see – of Angelina in Australia, wearing what seems to be wedding rings. What do you think? I’m half-and-half on it. Angelina has worn wedding-band-looking rings before and it might not have meant anything. But then again… Brangelina Conspiracists would love it if they had gotten married quietly and no one was the wiser.

It’s the wedding the world has been waiting for. But did it already happen?

Rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have secretly tied the knot are abuzz after the A-list beauty was spotted wearing a new bauble on her wedding ring finger while shopping in Bondi Beach, Australia, on Sunday, September 29.

The Maleficent actress has been wearing a gold band on her left ring finger since April. Once the wedding ring of Pitt’s great-grandmother, it was said to symbolize “their impending marriage,” and act as a less-flashy substitute for the $250,000 diamond engagement ring he gave her in April 2012.

But the second new ring, a thicker, lighter band, has not been seen in photos before Sunday.

Could Brangelina have pulled off a secret ceremony? The couple reportedly acquired their marriage license in late February, which required them to wed within 90 days. At the time, the couple’s florist, Lucille Michel, claimed they were planning a May ceremony at the Chateau Miraval estate in France. That month passed without a peep about nuptials, as Jolie revealed that she’d undergone a double mastectomy.

Then, in June, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, which Pitt and Jolie had previously used as a justification for delaying their trip down the aisle.

Last Monday, eyebrows were raised when the couple was spotted shopping together at a Hong Kong jewelry store, where Pitt allegedly splurged $300,000 on gifts for Jolie. Is the new bling part of that purchase? Or the sign of a bigger commitment?

Calls to Jolie’s rep for comment on a possible marriage went unreturned.

[From Radar]

From what I remember, the story about the marriage license came from a UK tabloid and was never firmly confirmed by any official in France. In America, marriage licenses and such are matters of public record – so here’s my question: if they had a secret wedding in France some time over the last year, would their marriage license be a matter of public record in France? Would journalists be able to request a copy or a viewing of Brad and Angelina’s records?

But it will certainly be interesting to see if anything comes of this. In November, Angelina receives her humanitarian Oscar. Brad will be Oscar-campaigning for 12 Years a Slave December through February. If they were going to announce something special, now would be the time to do it. And now that we know – from the mastectomy story – that Brad and Angelina are capable of keeping BIG secrets, anything is possible.

PS… It does seem like she’s wearing a wedding-band-like thing in all of the photos from Australia.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Corrie says:

    Ring or not. When you have 6 kids together. You’re more than married. That’s called Ride or Die for life!!

    • bettyrose says:

      Right? At this point it’s a mere formality, but they did keep their word and wait for federal marriage equality in the U.S. I’ll be even more impressed with them if they married in secret and didn’t create a huge media storm over their private family experience.

  2. Astrid says:

    I don’t know the marriage laws outside of America. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did it quietly. Good for them! I hope it’s true

  3. aims says:

    Good for them if it’s true. If they can pull it off without the madness, and have a ceremony, between two people that love one another and are committed to each other and their family I applaud them. It’s a little refreshing, and sweet.

  4. Thinker says:

    I love her, and I’m so sorry to say this but: Her new breasts are garish. They are massive. And she’s never wearing bras anymore. I feel like I’m looking at her topless.

    She’s too accomplished and intelligent to present such a tawdry image. I hope she starts wearing bras.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Ang has a beautiful face and a body like a scarecrow

  6. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    I think they got married over Christmas, with all the members of their families in attendance. :)

    • The Original G says:

      I thought that was possible too, but it’s just speculation. :)

    • Decloo says:

      If they get married they will do it to coincide with the release of her movie “Unbroken” which she is working on now. Even Brad and Angie wouldn’t give up that big of a PR opportunity.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Decloo, who wrote: “If they get married they will do it to coincide with the release of her movie “Unbroken” which she is working on now. Even Brad and Angie wouldn’t give up that big of a PR opportunity.”

        Oh gee, you’re right! I wonder why Brad didn’t think about that with the release of “World War Z” this summer? Not wanting to give up “that big of a PR opportunity” and all. And darn if it looks like they’ll miss an opportunity with “12 Years a Slave,” too … what with Brad being in England and Angie being in Australia.

        Those two just don’t seem to really ‘get’ that whole PR thing at all, do they? Of course, there’s also the slightest change that they just don’t ‘care’ about that crap at all.

  7. lisa2 says:

    I think that is just her engagement ring backwards and a gold band. I don’t think they got married. I mean they could have but I’m saying no.

    She is so pretty in those pictures. Never overly made up at all. gosh love her skin.

  8. Anki says:

    Wouldn’t suprise me. They seem so happy together! Best of luck to them.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I know that when she goes her goodwill work she would wear a band or no ring at all. I believe that they are and have been since the engagement announcement. They always mentioned planning a wedding, so I think that civilly they are.

  10. Cecilia says:

    Nah…I don’t think they’re married. She’s just laying the bait to drum up attention.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Right…because nobody would pay attention to them otherwise…(sarcasm)

    • Maya says:

      Are you for real? This is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie we are talking about. They just have to breathe and people would want to know about it.

      Like it or not – they are the most photographed and famous family in the world – from USA to Australia.

      Unlike other wannabe A-lister actresses Angelina doesnt play the guess game with the public or media. If you ask her directly she always answers back truthfully.

      • Hubbahun says:

        Wow. Just wow. Yes, I agree, she’d NEVER do ANYTHING just for the attention…NEVER….

        Cecelia – You have awoken the Brangeloonies, run! Run for your life!! :P

      • LillyC. says:

        Lol, Hubbahun, what is exactly so horrible in what she did? She posed on a red carpet!
        Also, don’t worry about Cecilia, she is a pro in slamming Angelina and Brad in every post, she can handle fans, lol. I like to read her and Maggie’s posts – they are always so funny and predictable in their dislike, lol!

      • Sal says:

        Wow. Just…WOW. The haters are getting desperate aren’t they? Calm down Hubbahun.

      • Maggie says:

        Seriously? They breath and we want to know about it? Over-rated is more like it.

      • LillyC. says:

        Honestly Maggie? Of course you want to know. You never miss posting something negative in their thread, if you don’t care, you wouldn’t.

      • Maggie says:

        LilyC: I dont care. Really I dont. They are so over-rated. There are so many ppl who donate more and give more of their time than these two. You just dont hear about it on celebitchy. Brad has been in a few movies where I appreciated his talent but her? Nope. I’ll give her this. She sure knows how to manipulate the fans and media. They arent getting married and probably arent even a couple. But I do believe they are committed to their children who she drags all over the place. It’ll be interesting to see how they turn out as adults.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Maggie, who wrote: “I’ll give her this. She sure knows how to manipulate the fans and media. They arent getting married and probably arent even a couple.”

        Wow! You Jen-Hens know Jennifer SO well!

      • Janet says:

        Maggie, we’ll believe you really, really don’t care when you stop snarking about them on every single thread.

      • sal says:

        Wow. You are so full of INTENSE HATE, aren’t you Maggie, or is that Bird, or Spinner? o.O You are as scary and delusional as your fellow FF nutters. I truly feel so sorry for you that you are stuck back in 2005. You came on here attacking Angelina and Brad and then get upset when the same is done to your precious Jen. Honey, wake up. If anyone knows how to manipulate their fans, its Aniston. She has completely manipulated the gullible ilk like you to feel sorry for her and she manipulates the media by doing a magazine spread about her phony engagement and talking about babies. Aniston is a master manipulator and shes really done a number on you but you are so brainwashed and starry-eyed over her that you can’t see it. Your hatred is missplaced as is your projection and deflection of the master media manipulator Aniston and her publicity whore stunts. bI truly feel sorry for you. When you finally wake up and the scales fall down and you see Aniston for who and what she truly is, you are going to be really shattered.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Cecilia, who wrote: “Nah…I don’t think they’re married. She’s just laying the bait to drum up attention.”

      (Blinks) To drum up attention for what, exactly??

    • Kim1 says:

      Thanks for the comments and making her more popular that’s why she named most powerful actress again despite not appearing in a film since 2010.Web mentions and social media strength.Thanks haters for making AJ powerful.Signed A fan

  11. bns says:

    Who cares? Leave them alone already.

  12. Rida says:

    She is so beautiful when she smiles.

  13. dahlianoir says:

    In France, your wedding announcement is on display in the town hall for everyone to see a month before the wedding. They’re celebrities so they may have asked for privacy but as someone said before, 6 kids beat marriage.

    • Marion says:

      Totally true! I’m not sure though that you have a special treatment of “privacy” if you’re someone famous.
      Well, I bet there must be some sort of “privacy agreement”, but is it really legal?
      I’m not sure of that since it’s even illegal to close the door of the city hall during a wedding ceremony.
      If the city hall published the “bans” I bet some journalist would have found out, and if the city hall didn’t and if they did get married, then I guess you can make this wedding illegal…!!!

  14. BeckyR says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all. She seems like a lovely person and a very good mother. Some things should remain private. Not everyone wants a big publicity filled wedding with a cream puff gown. SOmehow, that picture doesn’t seem to fit her.

  15. Green Girl says:

    It would kind of be awesome if they’ve actually been married for years and years. I guess I’m kind of over celebrities getting their wedding pictures splashed on the cover of magazines, so it’s refreshing if a couple does it completely low-key.

  16. Lucky Charm says:

    Another possibility is they could have quietly gotten married just before her announcement about her medical procedures. They knew all the talk & focus would be on that and not their marriage. I know in California you can get a confidential marriage license, which would not be in any public records.

    • V4Real says:

      I’m not too sure how you meant that but I liked that you called Brad waity. Kate Middleton has been called that and just today so was Anna K. Iglesias longtime gf. It’s good to see that reference used on a man.

      • Blanca says:

        Well, it seems he is more eager than her. And yes I don’t like these double standards… There are Waity men too and Bunny boiler men as well.

        Groom-zillas, etc..

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t think the term “waity” can really apply to Brad or Anna–at least not the way I see it.

        When I think of ‘Waity Katy’, I see someone who basically made it her life’s ambition to be Duchess of Cambridge, Mrs. William Wales, to put it like that. I have no issue that she spent ten years with him–if that’s how she wanted to play it. But she didn’t do anything during those ten years–she went to college with him, when she went to work she did that around HIS schedule–that’s how I see waitying.

        Neither Brad nor Anna are sitting around, twiddling their thumbs waiting for the other person to come around to the idea of marriage–they’re out living their lives.

        But I do agree–I think Angelina was fine with not being married/engaged, but like having biological children, Brad convinced her to change her mind.

  17. Kay says:

    Maybe they are maybe they are not.But if they are,i want to see pictures!!i just can’t imagine her in a wedding gown,that’s like me wearing a tiara.

  18. doofus says:

    been saying that for a couple of years now.

    wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL if they were already LEGALLY married…I know they consider themselves married in spirit, if not in law.

    and can we PLEASE get over the bra issue? FFS, every woman who’s gone through what she went through has a different experience. if she NEVER wore a bra again, I wouldn’t care, and I’m not even a fan. her boobs are covered and that’s all that matters.

  19. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised–the last time they were asked about their wedding plans was when Brad did the press for WWZ-and that was overshadowed by her mastectomy news. So they could be.

    All I’m hoping is that they release some pictures. Those I wanna see.

    And as to whoever said they’re drumming up publicity–neither of them have publicists. Angelina has never had one, and I read that Brad got rid of his publicist in 2008–found the link.

    And only Brad has talked about their wedding plans–once in People, when he was promoting Killing Them Softly–he said that it was time, and it would be soon.
    And then he was asked about it on red carpets for WWZ. And, of course, they had their “Finally! Engaged!” People cover…with my favorite dress on Angelina. The nude versace one she wore to Cannes in 2009, I think.

    I remember that because it was on Yahoo, and that was when I had first started getting into fashion and jewelry and I LOVED that dress. That was probably the first time I’d ever seen her and Brad together–I didn’t even really know who they were. But I looked at that dress for months afterwards.

    So I don’t get how they’re publicizing their wedding/engagement beyond the norm.

    • LoL says:

      I still find it odd that Angelina has said zip zero nada about a her engagement ring. She’s said nothing about a wedding.

      If anything I think they’ve broken up.

      That’s why he is smoking his lungs out in London. Haha

      Angelina fought to stop cancer by getting a double mastectomy while pittstain is busy trying to get lung cancer by smoking.

      • LillyC. says:

        Where would she talk about it? Call for a press conference to discuss her ring? She did not give an interview for a long time and there will not be any before she starts promoting Maleficent.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        She hasn’t said anything because she hasn’t been interviewed by any Hollywood media, beyond a few red carpet interviewers asking her how she felt, when she did the WWZ red carpet, after her mastectomy.

        She filmed Maleficent earlier this year, did her usual UN work–what with the Warzone Rape Initiative getting passed (she traveled around every few weeks for a good 3-4 months, while getting her surgeries done in between those times), supported Brad with his film, had the kids, and then scouted locations for her new movie.

        She just hasn’t been interviewed-period. I’m sure that when Maleficent comes out (next year?), she’ll be asked about her engagement, if they’re not married by then. Unless they do go to the Oscars–which I’m sure the Academy will do their best to get them to come–I don’t think she’ll be having very many interviews. She’ll be directing Unbroken and promoting Maleficent next year.

        And how is not being in everyone’s face about your engagement mean that you’re broken up? If she was out there doing press releases about her engagement, then you’d be on here calling her a famewhore who’s trying to push her engagement/wedding so hard–they MUST be broken up! Why else would they be blathering about their engagement/wedding plans every time you turn around to the world…..unlike some other actress I could name.

      • Kim1 says:

        Lol wants Angie to leave Brad and hook up with her or him.I can’t recall if Lol is the poster on JJ who claims he’s a man

      • LoL says:

        Oh please, this is Angelina Jolie we’re talking about. It was big news and nobody has bothered to ask about it?

        There’s been plenty of times she could have answered the engagement / wedding questions. She’s been on the red carpet and at events several times since becoming engaged.

        Face it, Pittstain used the engagement , potential wedding, and her double mastectomy for Pr purposes.

        He is the one who kept the wedding rumors going and he is also the one who talked up the 3 day rule. Now angelina + 6 have been in Australia for like month without him. + She is not wearing the ring anymore. That makes me think breakup.

        I have to admit it She looks happier. And he looks like a ball of nerves smoking them cigs. Ya know, those things that cause cancer?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        The last red carpet she was on was for WWZ, and that was in August (and she went to that Disney thing to promote Maleficent)…so I don’t get where you’re coming from at all.

        So you do expect her to give us a blow by blow of her wedding details?

        And you don’t think that it would be big news if she refused to answer questions about her engagement, if asked? Really?

        And I’m honestly surprised there aren’t any new tabloid rumors about their wedding at all. At least nothing that ended up on this site, beyond a few rumors of when and where.

        And like I said before, Brad’s talked about their engagement two times–once in People while promoting Killing Them Softly, and when he was doing WWZ an interviewer asked him when/how the wedding planning was going and he said he was in charge of napkins and that it’d be small.

        So what wedding rumors have you heard?

        And you’ve got to be delusional if you think people are going to go see a movie because the main star is engaged and the main star’s fiancee had a mastectomy–I read stories/comment on celebrities whose acting I think sucks. That’s not going to make me pay to go see their movies. Period.

      • The Original G says:

        Good Lord. I have a substantial wedding set(not Angelina substantial)and I don’t wear it all the time for a lot reasons from it being impractical, to not wanting to damage it and sometimes feeling it’s too ostentatious.

        The DH and I know we’re married, anyway.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @LilyC, who wrote: “Where would she talk about it? Call for a press conference to discuss her ring? She did not give an interview for a long time and there will not be any before she starts promoting Maleficent.”

        No … she’ll preempt the 2013 “People” magazine Oscars edition cover to make an announcement.

      • The Original G says:

        These two can work their own timetable. Neither of them is desperate for a People cover on their wedding. And neither of them seem desperate to prove their togetherness to anyone.

        Brad buying Ange a $300,000. necklace last week would tend to contradict the theory that they’ve broken up.

      • lisa2 says:


        you are really upset that they are still together People like you have been calling a break up since they got together. From what I saw there was 1 or 2 pictures of Brad smoking in character on set. So how you equate that to smoking his lungs out. Besides you do realize that all cigs on a set are not always real ones. There are lots of pics from the first and second day of shooting. 1 or 2 of him smoking.

        YOU need to get a grip. They are together.

        I’m glad that fact seems to send you spinning out of your mind.

      • tracking says:

        Who’s saying they’re broken up? Work commitments were bound to separate them for a period of time at some point.

  20. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    But someone needs to come up with some good headlines–I can’t believe the tabloids are behind on this. Maybe because they haven’t been publicizing their engagement/wedding all that much? I was expecting some “Angelina threatens to upstage Jen–goes to same wedding gown boutique!” or “Angelina to Jane Pitt: ‘I’m a prettier bride than Jen!’” or something equally stupid.

  21. Kim1 says:

    Stop projecting your relationship onto them ,it’s pathetic.
    Radaronline got that story from fansite.

  22. Kay says:

    LOL your name suits you.You ALWAYS make me laugh out loud.

  23. mslewis says:

    They are happy together so I don’t care if they are married or not. Six kids means they are totally committed to each other and their family.

    On another note: I don’t care what anybody else says, I LOVE Brad with long hair. I think he looks so sexy.

  24. The Original Mia says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they are married. And like the first poster said…with 6 kids, that’s pretty much a given ceremony or no ceremony.

  25. jane says:

    Angelina likes her diamonds. No big deal. Hmmm, looks like her new breasts have permanent “stand at attention” nipples a la Jen Aniston. lol.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I’ve been reading celebitchy going on two and a half years–and every time Jennifer Aniston’s nipples poked out, people always defended her saying it didn’t matter, who cares, she might just have naturally hard nippes, it’s not a big deal, etc.

      Fine, cool–not my bag but whatevs.

      But when Angelina has a major surgery, and decides to either forgo bras (because of swelling, because they’re uncomfortable, because she just doesn’t want to wear them anymore, whatever) or just not buy any thick padded ones that’ll mask her hard nipples, there’s a problem?


      I guess we can see why Jennifer is so popular–people who like her are willing to flip flop on everything that concerns her–reminds me of the posts on Heidi/Justin/Jennifer.

      When People said that Jennifer and Justin were dating, the issue of Heidi came up quick and Jennifer denied it to US weekly–and then so did Heidi’s mom.
      But then on June 2nd, People said that Justin and Jennifer had been dating a few weeks and thing were heating up fast–and that on May 27nd, Jennifer threw a big party for her friends (Chelsea and Courtney) to meet Justin, and also said that they became friendly on the set of Wanderlust. However, on May 25th, Jennifer and Heidi’s mom issued a huge denial about them being together.

      So a difference of two days means going from ‘WE ARE NOT DATING’ to ‘come and meet my close friends AT MY HOUSE!’

      And the majority of her fans defended her, saying we didn’t know what was going on and so we should cut her some slack because they’re just rumors.

      And these are the same people who said that their little candid photo op by Terry Richardson was so cute and quirky (it was done less than two weeks after Heidi moved out-she moved out June 14th-issue a statement–and the pics came out on the 22nd), but they’re the same people who say that W photoshoot was so insensitive to Jennifer–when it was done for WORK, and done four MONTHS after their divorce had been filed.

      I don’t get it. I try to be fair and factual in the way that I present my thoughts and opinions–but this doesn’t make sense to me at all.

      These links back up what I said–if you’d care to read them.

      I mean honestly, am I missing something?

      • doofus says:

        Virgilia, to be fair (and you are fair!), what you wrote about the nip-hypocrisy goes both ways.

        I’ve seen the same posters who complained about Aniston’s in-your-face nips now defending Jolie’s nips.

        which is why, in the first post about Jolie’s mastectomy and nipple-gate, I said something to the effect of “can we now stop with the nipple shaming? for every celeb on this site?”

        I don’t care if it’s Aniston’s nips, Jolie’s nips, or Helen Mirren’s nips…THEY’RE NIPPLES! WE ALL HAVE THEM! and some women’s just stick out all the time…they don’t “flick” them, “tweak” them, or “ice” them, they just ARE.

        as far as the hypocrisy over timelines/relationships, that annoys me too…not just Aniston/Theroux and Jolie/Pitt, but other hollywood relationships, too. how many actors/actresses were with someone when they started up with someone else? or started up with someone when that someone was already attached? Hollywood is such an “incestuous” place (not literally), relationship-wise, that overlap happens. I mean, didn’t even the great Tom Hanks start up with Rita Wilson during Volunteers when he was still with his first wife? Just because someone strays doesn’t make them 100% a bad person, it just means they did a bad thing. Though some folks on this site think differently, the world is not a black and white place.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I kind of agree, for the most part. I don’t think your nipples poking out of your shirt looks good-it makes me uncomfortable, but I’m also not going to make moral judgements because of it.

        The way I see it with the people defending Angelina’s nipples, is that she had a major surgery–and she could still be in pain from it. Everyone is different–but if not wearing a bra, or not wearing a padded bra helps you, go for it. For all we know, the implants make her nipples permanently hard–I’ve never seen her nipples before now (outside of film roles and photoshoots).

        I don’t agree with attacking Jennifer about her nipples showing either–it just seems silly to be serious about that.

      • Josephina says:


      • Midnight says:

        Preach sista preach! And the congregation says “Amen.” Agree and couldn’t have said this any better.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Virgilia Coriolanus, who wrote: “And these are the same people who said that their little candid photo op by Terry Richardson was so cute and quirky (it was done less than two weeks after Heidi moved out-she moved out June 14th-issue a statement–and the pics came out on the 22nd) …”

        Yep … Jen certainly is missing a sensitivity chip.

      • Annie says:

        “For all we know, the implants make her nipples permanently hard–I’ve never seen her nipples before now (outside of film roles and photoshoots).”

        They can’t. The procedure she had done cuts the nerves apparently. No sensation at all. So, she’s actually had something done to make them permanently that way.

        At least maybe we’ll stop hearing anything about nipples at all. It’s ridiculous really.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      I must be missing something if a post about Angie requires 6 links about Aniston.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I know, I get a little excessive and I’m a little stressed out from a project right now–

        But my point is there are so many people talking about her nipples, how she needs to put them away, references to how she just got a boob job to get bigger breasts, etc–and that’s all fine, but these same people (not all of them) get defensive if you mention Jennifer’s nipples–if you say she should wear a bra, etc.

        And then I went off on a tangent about how they flip flop on that deals with her–the nipples, etc.

        But yeah, I apologize–I have a headache and am stressed and some good old fashioned snarking always does me good–especially with people I can respond to–it’s no fun if no one else wants to talk.

      • Laura says:

        @Usedtobelulu Some people are a bit obsessed… I think they actually like ragging on Jennifer more than they love defending Angelina.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @UsedToBeLulu, who wrote: “I must be missing something if a post about Angie requires 6 links about Aniston.”

        Well, if you guys would discuss the actual topic of this thread rather than going off on Angie out of hateful spite, there wouldn’t be a need to ‘once again’ prove how weak your water is.

      • sal says:

        Laura, just as some of the more obsessed and unstable Aniston loons enjoy ragging on Angelina more than they do defending Aniston. (ie FF)

      • Used☩oBeLulu says:

        Aw Virgilia, hope you feel better soon!

  26. Midnight says:

    Angelina and Brad are wearing matching rings, on Brad is wearing his on his right hand. I, too, think they’re already married. And whether they have paper in hand or not, with six children, they are (like Brad) said married in their heart.

  27. Maritza says:

    If they got married good for them,they don’t need to make any announcement nor party. It’s no one’s business but theirs.

  28. Aww says:

    I love Angie too but I agree w/ others about her new breasts. I hope that they settle and turn out to be more proportional to her small frame. I don’t mind women not wearing bras, hell, I don’t, but when you constantly wear silk or other thin material, you can’t tell me she doesn’t see her nipples poking through her shirt. It has been constant.

    I just think that professionally, she wouldn’t want that kind of attention as she’s working with a lot of males while scouting locations for Unbroken. When she starts directing officially, she can’t give everyone a free nipple show.

    And yes, it’s her body, but I can have an opinion too. I’m not condemning her, just speaking out loud. Her boob Job is so obvious, which is surprising since I’m sure she was worked on by the best surgeons in the world. I just would’ve thought they would’ve looked more natural. I wonder what she truly thinks of them. For all we know, she could end up getting an adjustment in the future.

    • Kim1 says:

      Why not Men give us a free nipple show ? I am just baffled by this obsession with her not wearing a bra.

    • Ennie says:

      Too late, but anyway.
      As I understand, aJ does not have any mammary tissue or probably even fatty breast tissue in/around her chest. They looked well for vestiges because breast tissue can be under the armits or even in other places. Then they replaced the breasts with an implant, I am guessing saline implants because they are lower maintenance (correct me if I am wrong).
      The saline implants look less natural than silicone, so there you are. She probably chose a similar size that she used to have, but they are too round unlike natural breasts (which she does not have anymore).
      It is a miracle that these surgeries exist and they get to save the nipples! . Let her perky breasts be.

  29. Janet says:

    I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion they got married last winter when they were on vacation with all their extended family.

    If they are actually married, they’ll announce it when they are good and ready.

  30. eliza says:

    Wedding, schmedding. Pax is boss. Everything.

  31. BreeinSEA says:

    New tattoo on her forearm?

  32. Maggie Grace says:

    I don’t care if they’re married or not, a couple or not, or the truest love to walk the planet or not — they bore me as a couple I think her boobs are unfortunate as well. Why would such a stick figure get big ole tits? What would cause A LOT of discomfort is them bouncing around, even without surgery. A supportive bra would be a must – I can’t imagine going without one so soon after the surgery.

  33. Esmerelda says:

    I read a piece on them on the FT and they referred to Brad as Angelina’s husband. No correction issued, afaik. So yeah, I think they are married.

  34. Hypocrisy says:

    Already married or not, i have a lot more faith about the authenticity of the love they both feel for each other, the emotional and genuine attachment, the tenderness in full display and the long term future about that couple than the one where the friends of the man have so much faith in that relationship (sarcasm) that they are throwing bets for a potential conclusion …OR NOT…

    For me, Jolie and Pitt, just like Goldie and Kurt, behave and have behaved right from the start more like husband and wife than a lot of married couples do in Hollywood (Gwyneth is an example).

    So marriage is just the officialization of what we have whitnessed right in front of our eyes for the past 7 years and still counting.

    Just sayin…

    • Hypocrisy says:

      Well, when someone in a couple reputed as independant adopts 100% the lifestyle of the other one, it never bodes well for the future.

      The former NY hypster has become a tanorexic Californian addicted to Spa, aesthetic appointments and make up. He sure found himself a sugar mama.

      So no, i don’t beleive there are some genuine strong feelings between those two, just a matter of ponctual common interest…better having him as a boyfriend than remaining Mayer’s leftovers and being called “desperate” while the other party is getting more exposure to upgrade professionally.

      It’s a win win collaboration reinforced by the fact that they both have now the same PR team and that it came out of the blue…

      Rememberred, Aniston PR team is famous for setting hook ups for her, blind dates included. Girlfriend always starts her long term relationships through PR set ups. Can’t have a decent one with her own skills…otherwise, she gets the likes of “Mayer the Player” who plays her hard. PR guaranteed the man to play along for a certain times…Brad anyone ?

      Anyway, those two will separate their ways once one will lose that interest in that joint venture of common interest. They just don’t ooze love to me AT ALL !

    • Josephina says:

      Well said.

      When I first saw the pictures of them in Africa on the beach… you could see the same pictures today and feel that this is the REAL thing. These two are kindred spirits. They have a true love that has grown stronger and stronger over the years. They have accomplished so much and have gone through so much pain… and joy. That’s REAL LOVE.

      Think about it. Bad press, slandering, grotesque amount of jealousy, everyone saying they would not make it. Cancer, death, surgery, births, raising children, traveling the world together, fighting for what THEY believe in, living their lives… Great material for many love songs to come.

      If you have the courage to do it, love hard like Brad and Angie.

    • sal says:

      “Already married or not, i have a lot more faith about the authenticity of the love they both feel for each other, the emotional and genuine attachment, the tenderness in full display and the long term future about that couple than the one where the friends of the man have so much faith in that relationship (sarcasm) that they are throwing bets for a potential conclusion”

      Well said! Angelina and Brad are so comfortable in their relationship they don’t have to physically change each other or do a magazine spread on a faux engagement or confirm and deny every single rumour about their relationship. It must be SO EXHAUSTING to be Aniston and have to play to the media and confirm and deny everything and anything rather than just… I honestly don’t believe Justin and Aniston are even truly together let alone engaged at this point. Everything with them is just one media stunt and manipulation after another. They are too busy controlling the media narrative and the image their fans see that they have no time to truly live and enjoy life. Theroux and Aniston are a faux couple. Pitt and Jolie exude comfort and calm. They live their life. Aniston tries to manipulate how her shallow little fans see her life. As you said, when the friends of the man are betting he won’t marry her, that says it all. They know he is using her. hahahahaha Sham couple for publicity. I’d feel sorry for Aniston if she weren’t such a conniving, malicious manipulative, evil and cruel bitch.

  35. Ginger says:

    I live in Las Vegas and see a multitude of women with implants who wear tight tops or barely there clothing so maybe I’ve become jaded but I don’t think it’s a big deal. I personally do not feel comfortable showing off the girls but I don’t judge other women for doing so. Besides Angelina is a beautiful woman…why complain about it? I won’t fault her. she seems to dress conservatively when necessary.

  36. Naddie says:

    Man, I thought they were married already. In my head they were on the “married couple’s list”.

  37. Maggie says:

    Oh I get it! We’re supposed to come on here and fawn all over these two. One isnt supposed to have their own opinion.

  38. Aja says:

    As long as Angelina and Brad been together it really doesn’t matter at this point. Like someone said earlier in the comments when you have six kids they are married ring or not. Who else is going to marry them knowing they have six children together. It’s just not logical.

  39. qwerty says:

    i don’t think this qualifies as a ‘conspiracy theory’. i’m pretty sure it’s just a theory (since there’s no conspiracy aspect to it).

  40. Amelia says:

    I like Brad and I like Angelina. I don’t love them or obsess over them. I’m not a Jennifer fan, but I don’t have animosity towards her.

    Having laid that out, I don’t think AJ’s boobs are that big or too large. It takes a year for swelling to go down. AJ has always had a full chest. In the movie Gia, she had nude scenes and she was full-breasted.

    I think bras are tasteful. If I were small busted and not “bouncy” I might try to get away without one, though. They suck in the summer. I can’t, so I don’t. If I had new fakes that were perky and firm, I might go braless. Aniston goes braless a lot. Does it really matter?

  41. hag says:

    I think they are married as well. Some want to deflect from the topic. The thought that Brad may have another wife is just to much for some.

  42. Promise says:

    Naddie,me too.I actually thought they were married before i started visiting this site,and i know lots of people who still do.It’s like anywhere you mention angelina people say and her “husband” brad.But what i don’t understand is;aren’t the same people-you know yourselves-who say angie is a bad mother and uses her children for PR the same people also saying she’s living in a “loveless” relationship JUST FOR THE HAPPINESS OF HER KIDS.Those two statements kinda contradict each other.I recently started visiting this site and what i find funny is the fact that the hollywood celebs hated in america are the ones with MILLIONS of fans over here,and that’s pretty hard to get because tabloids don’t sell here( cos no one buys them) and your fame depends wholly on your career.Am talking about celebs like;angelina jolie,beyonce,rihanna,julia roberts,jennifer lopez,chris brown,lil-wayne,eminem,miley cyrus,will smith,brad pitt,tom cruise.Their fanbase is just insane!I guess there’s something we see that you people don’t.

    • Josephina says:

      Well, just about 80% of the world’s population lives OUTSIDE the U.S.

      When we JP reiterate just how large their fanbase is, a lot of poeple just cannot fathom just how large that number is… until you look at their box office numbers…

      That gives a hint of how well they are like. Brad and Angie’s lifestyle appeals strongly the to global community.

  43. Jennifer12 says:

    I don’t say this often, but these two really are soulmates.

  44. faith says:

    I too think they were meant for each other.This are old pictures,and her breast don’t look big to ME.Zahara-thats the dark one right?-seems so matured.So this is a word of encouragement to those who have undergone mastectomy,don’t listen to people who say you look unnatural,you’re beautiful,and for those scared to do it just for that reason,believe me you’ll still look beautiful.

  45. Luna says:

    Jennifer Aniston, watch and learn! This is how you do it if you want to get married! You do it quietly, whether there are 10 people or 10 million people watching!

  46. Lucky Charm says:

    I wonder what the reaction would be from certain people, when Brad or Angelina say “My wife” or “My husband” on the red carpet. :)

  47. Kath says:

    God, it’s been 6 or 7 years (or more)? Why do the comments on every Brad & Angelina story bring up Jennifer Aniston (and vice versa)? Are we still going to be doing this in another 20 years’ time?

    Brad and Angelina have SIX kids together – who cares if they get married at this point? It reminds me of those couples who have a bunch of kids together but hold off getting married, “because it’s a big commitment”! Surely the kid(s) are the bigger commitment?

    Also, Angelina’s nipples, Jennifer’s nipples… their breasts, their business.