Chris Brown claims he lost his virginity at the age of 8: ‘It’s different in the country’


Chris Brown, America’s Suckiest Baby, had a new, lengthy interview in The Guardian this weekend. You can read the whole thing here, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. It’s a long piece and no one really needs that much Breezy in their life. Which is why I’ve culled some highlights (if you want to call it that) from this mess. I think The Guardian interviewer was trying to do a “clean slate” interview – they note at the beginning that Chris is a tabloid mess and his image is that of a tantrum-prone thug, a woman-beater, a liar and a misogynist. But still The Guardian gives Chris a chance to tell his side of things and the result is… ugh. The interviewer repeatedly says that Chris seems out of it, that his answers don’t seem to have any bearing on anything, that Chris seems bored, angry and annoyed. So professional, Breezy.

Breezy is a ball of creativity: “Well, I would say I’m an inspirational guidelines book. You can take my life story or scenarios or songs and relate to them, and apply them to your everyday life. You know, whether it be personal or musical, I just think I’m a walking art piece, just a ball of creativity.” Were it not for what he refers to as “the incident with Rihanna”, he would now be “bigger than life. Yeah.” He can’t think of anything he’s bad at, apart from “just being able to relax and sleep”.

If he could speak to his 14-year-old self: “Honestly, I probably would have laughed at my clothing. Because back then our T-shirts would be down by the knees, baggy jeans, maybe some Timberlands on. I don’t wear baggy any more.”

What’s his earliest memory? “I remember my kindergarten teacher made me count pennies and see how much did it add up to, and then I just remember her telling my mom, ‘He’s a smart kid.’ When I was three, I remember being at a daycare centre and having to stay in a room with a bunch of little kids my age, but I just felt like, OK, I know what I’m doing, I know how to unlock the gate, I know how to get out. My mom told me as a youngster I was always intellectual, like as far as being able to adapt fast and quick. But I had a fun childhood, went to regular school.”

He lost his virginity when he was 8 years old, or so he claims: He lost his virginity when he was eight years old, to a local girl who was 14 or 15. Seriously? “Yeah, really. Uh-huh.” He grins and chuckles. “It’s different in the country.” Brown grew up with a great gang of boy cousins, and they watched so much porn that he was raring to go. “By that point, we were already kind of like hot to trot, you know what I’m saying? Like, girls, we weren’t afraid to talk to them; I wasn’t afraid. So, at eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it. You can be the best at it.” (Now 24, he doesn’t want to say how many women he’s slept with: “But you know how Prince had a lot of girls back in the day? Prince was, like, the guy. I’m just that, today. But most women won’t have any complaints if they’ve been with me. They can’t really complain. It’s all good.”)

Whether he thinks of himself as a child star who flames out: “I guess people could say that. But the only thing that’s probably changed for me is just the facial hair a little bit. When I first came out, it was more of a young, warm, clean look. Very clean, very Disney.”

Does he regret becoming famous so young? “Honestly, where I’m from, probably not. I think me being able to travel from the small town I was from, me already having a good IQ, and you know being intelligent, and regular stuff, I just had to learn more and more of the street life, you know, how to manoeuvre around a room full of wolves.”

Was he always in control of his career? “No, I think control, I definitely had that under wraps. I would pick the songs, write the treatments for the videos and co-direct them, but people didn’t know it because I would always give the director his credit and say I don’t need a co-directing credit. But actually I started getting behind the camera more, every video, the concepts, how the video’s coming together, what it’s about. I’ve always had that creative side.”

Nearly killing Rihanna was hard on HIM: “That was probably, like, one of the most troubling times in my life, because I was 18 or 19, so being able to feel the hatred from more adult people, you don’t understand it at the time, because you made a mistake.” But he knew one thing: “I’m going to come back, I know the music that I’m doing, how hard I work, is not just for nothing.” He found himself writing seven or eight songs a night, “just out of pure… I wouldn’t say heartbreak, but just pure ambition. To prove people wrong. So from there it wasn’t really a problem. I just focused on what was necessary, abiding by all the stuff I had to do legally and professionally.”

The judge ordering 1,000 hours of community service after he lied about it: “But that’s not a compromise! Community service, that s–t is a bitch. I’ll be honest – and you can quote me on that – that is a motherf–ker there. For me, I think it’s more of a power trip for the DA. I can speak freely now, because I don’t really care what they say about it, but as far as, like, the 1,000 extra hours they gave me, that’s totally fricking bananas.” Did it seem vindictive to him? “Oh, absolutely. They want me to be the example. Young black kids don’t have the fairer chances. You can see Lindsay Lohan in and out of court every day, you see Charlie Sheen, whoever else, do what they want to do. There hasn’t been any incident that I started since I got on probation, even with the Frank Ocean fight, the Drake situation, all those were defence modes. People think I just walk around as the aggressor, this mad black guy, this angry, young, troubled kid, but I’m not. I’m more and more laid-back. It’s just that people know if they push a button, it’ll make more news than their music. Attaching themselves to me, good or bad, will benefit them.”

His anger management classes: “I think the actual class I went to was a little bit sexist.” What does he mean? “It was beneficial because it made me cater more to a woman’s thoughts and a woman’s needs, and how to handle situations. But the class itself, no disrespect to the class, but the class itself only tells you you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong.” I ask him to elaborate, but he seems to check himself. “Well, I don’t want to get too far into that.”

The Rihanna Incident: He describes “the Rihanna incident” as “probably the biggest wake-up call for me. I had to stop acting like a little teenager, a crazy, wild young guy.” But when I ask if that’s how he thinks of himself when he looks back at that time, he snaps back, “No, not at all” as if the description had been mine and not his. “Cos you can talk with all my girls that I did mess with before, and it’s never been a violent history.” Then he switches again: “But at the same time, I learned from it, and it was almost like… I wouldn’t say it happened for a reason, but it was something to trigger my mind to be more of a mature adult. To handle myself in situations, don’t throw tantrums, don’t be a baby about it.”

His tattoos: “I really don’t care. A tattoo’s a tattoo; it’s my body, my skin.” Suddenly he is sulky and petulant. “My favourite line is, ‘F–k you.’ I like giving the world a big f–k you. Every tattoo I have is a big f–k you. So it’s just, like, this is just me, and I’m the guy who’s going to be just the same guy at all times… I’m not going to walk around every day of my life depending on the opinions of other people. Because if I do that, I’ll just be trying to please everybody and that’s not what I’m here for.” He glowers. “Just make music. If they like it, they like it. If they don’t, f–k you.”

[From The Guardian]

The interview ends when The Guardian interviewer keeps pressing Chris about his tattoo of a woman’s face, and how the tattoo looks a lot like Rihanna’s bruised and battered face. That’s when Chris gets really mad and I’m guessing he just walked out of the interview. Because of course he did. Anyway, what are the thoughts on Chris’s claim that he lost his virginity at the age of 8? To a girl of 14? I don’t think that whatever happened would, should or could be called “sex”. It’s like Chris was being molested and he doesn’t even realize it, I think.

Obviously, this interview is a symphony of delusion, aggression, tantrums, self-pity and self-aggrandizement. I don’t know what was funnier, the part where Chris talks about how he was always brilliant or the part where he’s whining about his community service, or maybe the part about how he didn’t like his anger management classes because they kept telling him, the abuser, that he was wrong. He’s such an a—hole. Gawd.



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  1. Anna says:

    Are male parts even fully sexually operational at that age?

    • Sixer says:

      Well, they get mini “stand-ups” from when they’re tiny. But no um… struggling with SFW… follow-through.

      So, no!

      The first time one of my sons properly noticed that shape-changing occurred, he came rushing in from the garden – “Mum, mum, help me! My willy has broken itself!” He was 7.

    • CaribbeanLaura says:

      I think they may operate but i don’t think that they’re fully developed though. I concur that mr. Creezy was sexually assaulted and may not even realize it.

    • Nono says:

      There are a few outliers that develop early but, considering what Chris Brown looked like until five years ago, I doubt he was one of them.

    • Anna says:

      Thank you, y’all. I am actually now slightly less disturbed bc I think he might be in some sort of idiotic bragging contest shaving off a few years here and there to seem like a super-cool Don Juan. I’m surprised he didnt say he was 6.

      Also ‘no girl has complained if she’s been with me’??? Oh yeah, except for after being beaten half to death. He doesnt even REALIZE….ugh…

      • Seán says:

        As a dude who reads this blog on the sly, I think I am qualified to say that it is possible and common to get an erection as a young kid but you can’t do anything else until puberty strikes.

        This guy is a deluded arsehole and I think he needs years of therapy and a break from the limelight to make himself an anyway decent human being!

      • Hakura says:

        @Sean – I hope you’ll consider posting more often, when you have a chance on the sly ;) . It would be great to get a guy’s perspective on a lot of these stories. I *love* the ladies here, a ton of diversity in ages/locations/life-styles/experiences. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned, since joining. ^^

        The only aspect in which I disagree is that of ‘taking a break’ from the limelight. I’m of the opinion he should take a permanent break from it (if only to spare us from having to look at his smug, increasingly drug-gaunt face),

      • Seán says:

        @ Hakura I may post here a bit more regularly. Before I found this blog, I wouldn’t have really considered myself as someone who was into celebrity gossip but I am a massive fan of movies, television and music. What I like about this site is that the writers and commentators such as yourself actually analyse all these famous people that I watch and listen to in the post. It’s not just “This person hooked up with this person” but there’s actually some analysis on why the celebrities do this and some speculation on their personalities. It’s interesting. Before reading this site, I had no idea James Franco was such a pretentious douche or that Tom Hiddleston was so earnest. Haha!

        It’s great hearing your perspectives so I’ll try and add mine too.

      • Hakura says:

        @Sean – I’m glad to hear it! I felt the same way, before finding this site. At first, I was just surprised that pretty much everyone commenting were actually using proper spelling/grammar. xD (not that I mind abbreviations, it just gets pretty ridiculous sometimes, on other sites).

        But i love the focus on celebrities as actual flawed human beings, & the ability to discuss that w/others (allowing me to see things from perspectives I’d never considered, as well as getting to learn about other’s life experiences so different than mine). But also, while people can totally disagree & get annoyed/frusrated w/eachother, theres’ almost no disrespect or immature insults…& when there is, it’s almost always someone whos new or not regular.

        Apologies for the ‘long-winded’ reply, though! Kind of a habit xD point is, CB is great, & welcome to the community =)

      • Celebitchy says:

        Hi Sean,
        Thank you for that, I really appreciate it! We’re launching a new version of the site soon and we have a feedback section. Do you mind if I excerpt some of this comment to use there with the name “Sean” as the credit? If you have any questions about it you can email me at thank you!

    • Ange says:

      I have a friend who lost his virginity at the same age with another little girl so yes, it does work even though he didn’t really know what was going on. The girl started it, clearly she was being abused and sadly my friend got picked up in the periphery of it. Heartbreaking.

    • Rin says:

      He was molested which would explain the irrational hatred of women.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    Its rare I feel this way but I honestly think the world would be better if he, I dunno, fell out of a plane or something.

    I can’t see one redeeming feature, and his music is shit.

    • Tanguerita says:

      definitely +1. The humanity would only benefit from it greatly.

    • mom2two says:


      Dear Chris Brown,
      Stop talking.
      Just stop.

      • Hakura says:

        @mom2two – For some reason, your comment reminded me of Kanye’s response to paps (a few days before the ‘Kanye attacks paps‘ incident)… Paps were yelling questions, & Yeezus finally deigned to lower himself from on high to respond with something like ‘Do NOT speak to me. Do not speak, at all. Stop speaking.’ xD

        Maybe Kanye could convince Wheezy here to shut his douchehole.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He really is the most unlikable guy on the planet.

      And for a self-proclaimed “intellectual” with a “high IQ”, he sure sounds like a total moron.

      • foodlover says:

        He must have read the same memo that Miley Cyrus got. you know, the one where they’re told that the world doesn’t see their importance to music, art and mankind in general and that it is by all means necessary to remind your audience about said importance. Oh, and not to forget the other very important message that we all would have never understood otherwise, thanks so much for explaining ist, I so get it now. YOU DON’T GIVE A F**k!

        …i don’t even have to hate on chris for “the incident with rihanna” (how much more could you play it down?), he offers so much more reasons to loath him.

      • bbb1975 says:

        @foodlover, Clearly Miley and Chris are attending “The Kanye West school for the delusional”
        I think Lady Gaga also attends

      • gg says:

        @ foodlover – I guess this clears up ANY questions about his beaten woman tattoo. Is is her, and he doesn’t give a fck what anyone thinks.

    • Liv says:

      I can’t believe that after all these years he still doesn’t see his guilt.

      • moot says:

        I can. He’s still a millionaire, correct? You have millions of dollars, friends with millions of dollars, sycophants who tell you exactly what you want to hear all day and night, you can buy nearly any experience you want. People still buy your music, make wedding dance videos that become YouTube sensations, other artists still agree to collaborate with you.

        What kind of time do you think CB has to really consider his inner demons? Work through his stunted emotional range and possible childhood traumas?

        Why would he have a reason to?

        He doesn’t. Hence, he still believes he’s the one being persecuted by judgy a-holes who have no business getting in his business.

        Makes perfect sense to me. [Cut and paste into comment on Beiber douchery (minus the stuff about guilt).]

    • hunter says:

      Actually he’s a really good dancer (sorry).

      That’s all I got though, otherwise yes he’s a POS.

      • Hakura says:

        @Hunter – Unfortunately, you’re quite right about that. Before that (so-called) “Rihanna incident“, I liked his voice, & was very impressed w/his dancing (which I believe he said came from being obsessed w/Micheal Jackson as a kid, & watching his videos over & over to learn the moves). It was another aspect that made me so disappointed in what he became.

        Some of the very worst the human race has ever had to offer were very talented, prodigies, &/or are just plain brilliant (talented, yes. Brilliant? Only in his own mind, the vast, cavernous real estate that it is). Such a waste.

  3. Froggy says:

    Wish I didn’t read this. He makes me ill.

  4. gilmore says:

    He was definitely assaulted and its almost sad he doesn’t even realize it. I feel like you hear that from loads of lads who see losing it early as an accomplishment. When, in reality, they were taken advantage of.

    • Side-Eye says:

      I’m glad someone said this. As much as I despise this guy, that’s pretty fucked up.

    • hunter says:

      If anyone can imagine FOR ONE SECOND a female pop star saying “oh yes my first sexual experience was at eight years old…” people would be up in arms about the abuse.

      • DreamyK says:


        Some 14 yr old boy had sex with an 8 yr old girl and he would be in custody, as would her parents, for child neglect.

        I wish Chris would shut up. I seriously did not want to know that about him. It caused me to Google when males begin to ejaculate. The consensus seems to be at 12 yrs and up. And…it’s shower time.

    • islandwalker says:

      He was raped and abused. Just too dumb to know it and too much of a douche for anyone to care.

    • Alexis says:

      Yup, he was raped. Goodness knows what other physical and/or sexual abuse he had to endure as a child. The tricky thing about abusers is that often they have been abused themselves. How to break the cycle? Many people face abuse without becoming abusers. How does that work?

    • Jay says:

      What immediately came to my mind is a friend of mine who was sexually abused by his baby sitter. Similar age difference. He calls it abuse though not an accomplishment. (And yet other mutual friends, upon hearing about this when we reached our 20s, had the gall to say “what are you complaining about?”) For the record he didn’t have traditional intercourse. It was more about her getting him to manually pleasure her. So if you wonder how an 8 year old could’ve even had “sex”, this could be the answer.

    • Lucinda says:

      He’s a victim. His reaction is a boy thing. They will not admit abuse. It’s humiliating. This is how he is spinning it. It’s most likely where all his anger comes from too. Unfortunately, he is not a big enough person to face his demons head on and get the help he needs. He clearly doesn’t have the people around him he needs to get his head on straight. He’s a POS but I feel slightly sorry for him because after reading all this, I can see the very angry, confused young boy he still is.

  5. BeckyR says:

    Just. Ugh. And F-ck you, too.

  6. T.fanty says:

    God, what a mess. I’m torn between wanting to make a joke about a tasteless SNL skit where rappers sit and brag about losing it when they were still a foetus, and feeling that him being a victim of child abuse (and I’m skeptical about his claim) would explain SO much about his character.

    • bluecalling says:

      why skeptical when it makes it all make sense?

      still, it’s on hime now, as an adult, to do… as they say, counter measures. you’ve been abused, it affects you no matter if you oppress it, overpower it, call it something else; the fissure remains. it is what you do to deal with your triggers that counts. and he is not doing much.

      ah chris, such an ass but he has an amazing sounding voice and makes good music. still pulling for him because there are many men who are abused and become abusers, they must know that they too can change and continually learn from their experience… and hopefully the world will not through it in their face at every chance if they really DO change.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Skeptical, because he seems immersed in a culture that’s all about being one better than the guy before, and he seems stupid enough not to realize when he’s crossing a line.

        However, I think that it’s worth considering because it’s important to remember that victims don’t always come in manageable, self-aware little packages that’s easy for us to identify.

    • Kiddo says:

      In either case, true or not, I see pathology in glorifying a situation like this.

  7. DanaG says:

    Gross. I don’t believe he lost his virginity at 8 most kids that age don’t even know what it is. Maybe he sat on a toilet seat after a girl and thought that was sex. LOL He wonders why so many people find him such a sleaze.

    • Kim1 says:

      He was sexually abused. I was coerced into having sexual intercouse when I was six by a eleven year old.The difference was I was threatened and told to keep it a secret.Chris was given props by his older cousins and he thinks of it as a badge of honor.

      • fingerbinger says:

        Kim1 sorry that happened to you. You understand what seems to escape Chris,it was sexual abuse. In his mind he thinks 8 year old Chris “scored”.

      • Tulip says:

        @Kim1. I hope you were able to get any help and support you needed to get through that abuse. And, yeah, our porn culture is doing way more damage than I think people realize.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Kim1, I too am very sorry you were sexually abused, and I hope your life has been so much better since when you were a little girl.

        Tulip, ITA.

        Of course, people have personal responsibility, but porn culture deadens us inside and leaches away the ability to see others as people deserving of care and respectful treatment. Hypersexualization of children is only one of the horrifying end results of this insidious porn culture that churns out child victims.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Whoa. Thank-you for sharing that story with us and adding your perspective.

      • Hakura says:

        @Kim1 – As all the others have said, I too am so sorry for what you went through. I’m sure it was an event that had far-reaching emotional/mental consequences, & I truly hope you were able to find love & support to help you get through it.

        You have a perspective that (I hope) no one else here has, & your contribution to the discussion is totally appreciated.

    • fingerbinger says:

      I actually believe it,but he was sexually abused and isn’t aware of it or he’s in denial. When you read that part of the interview as a whole you can see he’s trying to justify it,basically saying it made him really good at sex. Chris Brown is a sick person.

    • Erinn says:

      Lol, you’re kidding right? 8 year olds are way more aware than you think. I remember having a conversation about condoms when I was 8, and I came from a VERY sheltered household. None of my friends were particularly rough and tumble either.

      • John says:

        No, eight year olds are not. If you were having conversations about condoms at that age, someone else was initiating inappropriate discussions with a child (and if it was another child, call them today, they will very likely tell you that they were abused), or you were from anything but a sheltered household.

  8. neelyo says:

    I don’t think pig f&*king counts.

  9. Kim1 says:

    I agree he was sexually abused.When a 15 y.o. probably freshman in HS has sex with a third grader it is rape maybe not forcible rape but still rape.Unfortunately his older cousins probably praised him so he still doesn’t realize he was violated.Watching porn at that age desensitized him.With kids these days watching free porn on their phones more kids will be desensitized
    Very sad

  10. genevieve says:

    In translation:

    I’ve always been smarter than everyone else, but I had to go to regular school with my inferiors.

    If it weren’t for Rihanna, I’d be bigger than God right now.

    I’m a delicate flower. What Rihanna did hurt me more than it hurt her.

    And it’s not fair that when I lied to get out of paying the consequences, that I still had to pay the consequences.

    That anger management class clearly was messed up because it kept saying crazy s–t like “you’re wrong.” As if I’m wrong.

    I’ve grown up a lot. I don’t have tantrums. My tattoos? F–k you. It’s my body. F–k everybody. Wah wah wah.

  11. Sixer says:

    Did he just use “heartbroken” and “ambitious” as near synonyms?

    • Lucrezia says:

      You can do that when you have a good IQ *AND* are, you know, intelligent.

      Actually though, I think I understand what he meant. He was upset. Not upset as in “sad/heartbroken”, but upset as in “defiant/ambitious to prove them wrong”. It works, kinda. If you squint at it.

  12. blue marie says:

    It’s not that damn different in the country, at 8 I still thought boys had cooties and was giving myself a shot daily. Gah, this guy’s a jackass..

    • Duchess of Corolla says:


      What the heck kind of “country” is he even talking about? Sex at 8 isn’t acceptable anywhere that I know of!

      What a jerk.

    • Hakura says:

      @Blue Marie – I thought the same thing the other day, when I 1st read this story on another site. I was telling my mom about it (I always brief her on the entertainment news. She’s from Georgia, but lived in Alabama & SCarolina a couple years too, as a young kid, as her dad was a preacher & ‘overseer’, so rotated from place to place every few years), & while she expressed the same ‘outrage’ as I did, she surprised me by saying “It’s *true*, though, in some rural areas… Not quite as much w/the church crowd I had as friends, but we’d hear about it…

      Those she knew of were usually age 10 for the boys, about 12 for the girls. Sick, I know. She said the impression she got was that it was usually purely out of boredom that it would happen. By age 12, girls are just starting to deal w/their sexuality in a major way (I got my period at 11, & the daughter of mom’s coworker started at *8*, poor girl..) but the boys weren’t exactly to that point yet, even if they could get aroused physically. She thinks the girls, out of curiosity (or the unfortunate reality of sex abuse), may have wanted to ‘explore’ a bit… W/someone they didn’t feel at all threatened by.

      It’s just plain wrong, no matter where you are.

  13. Anna says:

    “I think me being able to travel from the small town I was from, me already having a good IQ, and you know being intelligent, and regular stuff”

    He is the complete opposite of intelligent, it’s embarrassing.

    “I had to stop acting like a little teenager, a crazy, wild young guy.”

    Hate to break it to you Chris, BUT YOU STILL ARE.

    As for the virginity situation, if it is true, I would consider that molestation. I wonder if he suffered other forms of abuse without realizing it.

  14. Aww says:

    He’s such a child still. It’s amusing how he doesn’t recognize that about himself.

    The only thing I can agree with him about is that he really is talented. He’s an average singer and an amazing dancer, and his music is great (the dance ones, not the rapping ones, ugh). He’s an awesome entertainer. He could’ve been the next Usher but his petulant behavior made sure that wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

    His biggest mistake was not taking a break. HE NEEDS ONE. No more music or interviews or partying, etc. just find yourself and get some therapy. He has a lot of anger in him and all for the wrong reasons and at the wrong ppl.

  15. Samtha says:

    I love that he can “adapt fast and quick.”

    Like Lindy79 said above, there’s absolutely nothing redeeming about this guy. If there is, it’s buried deep. Really deep (or should I say “buried deep and far down”?). He’s a mass of ego, self-delusion and anger.

  16. mari says:

    He comes across like a total fool.

    And his neck tattoos look awful! I have nothing against tattoos in general, but these are ugly!!

  17. lucy2 says:

    “But most women won’t have any complaints if they’ve been with me. They can’t really complain.”
    Why? Have they been beaten and/or choken unconscious?

    He is the WORST.

  18. Leah says:

    and this just reaffirms my reasons for stopping reading the guardian weekend awhile back.

  19. Word says:

    What a prat.
    Your pencil dick was even more microscopic @ 8, quit lying dude. Except the “girl” was some doll lying around, then it’s totally plausible

    • Kim1 says:

      He is an ignorant a##hole but I have seen pics he doesn’t have a pencil dick

      • Hakura says:

        @Kim – I was going to say something, if you hadn’t. Unfortunately, at least from what I’ve seen in certain pics, that is one body part he has major bragging rights over. (Which makes me ask, why would a man-child douchelord like CB be blessed w/something all men wish for? I know it’s not the size, but how you use it, but it just annoys the hell out of me that it went to someone so undeserving).

  20. Mon says:

    I gave up reading halfway through. What a load of bs. Another gods gift to the world… Well, in his on eyes only.

  21. MrsBPitt says:

    As a woman, a mother of a daughter, and a human being, it disgusts me that he seems to think that HE is the victim, in the Rhiana assault. Its like he is saying “Ok, Rhiana got beaten, but I had to take the consequences…and going to court, going to anger management, and doing community service is so much harder than a little beating. And, excuse me, but what the hell ever happened to a little humility? If I have to hear one more “entertainer” tell me how intelligent they are, how they are the biggest star on the planet, how nobody can compare to their talent, I’m going to scream…

  22. logan says:

    I try not to reply to anything this idiot says, but to say things are “different” in the country is an out rage. I was born and raised in the country and from MY point of view things were NOT different. The fact that he states he watched so much porn that “he was ready to go” is a reflection on the household he was brought up in, not the area he lived in. If the family who raised him had porn available to an 8 year old, shame on them. This person makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Annie says:

      He was sexually assaulted and doesn’t want to admit it. No way in hell he was ready to go at 8. At 8 boys still hate girls and have no libido. And I doubt his parents were playing porn for him. It’s always the stupid older cousins who were probably molested too and repeat the circle of sexual sickness by playing porn to freak out the youngest. And to prove his manhood he did what he was told.

      What kind of 15 year old fucks an 8 year old little boy? A very fucked up one. She might be the reason why he hates women. He’s like Don Drapper without the handsomeness and brains.

  23. Cecilia says:

    This is the only time I will leave a comment on this POS.

    Hey Chris…F-ck You.

  24. Marigold says:

    Yeah, Chris, I’ma have to go ahead and call that rape. You were raped. A fourteen or fifteen year old girl that has sex with an 8 year old boy is a disgusting, sick rapist.

    And that ain’t how we do things in the country.

    My god, this guy needs help. Badly.

    • NerdMomma says:

      Thank you, Marigold. I have an 8 year old son and reading Chris’s story made me feel really ill. A 14 year old girl would absolutely be a sick predatory rapist to have anything to do sexually with an 8 year old boy. This explains some of his anger issues toward women. The sooner he views it as rape and works through that pain, the sooner he can truly work on his anger towards women. First time in my life I have felt bad for Chris Brown.

  25. janie says:

    So what is new in this interview? He still takes no responsibility for a thing! He’s so intelligent, why can’t he grasp the obvious? Grow the F-ck up little boy!! I’m sick of these over indulged, violent boys!!

  26. SleepyJane says:

    “…having a good IQ, and you know being intelligent, and regular stuff”

    Yes. He is our generation’s Albert Einstein.

  27. AlmondJoy says:

    He was molested as a child and he witnessed his mom being physically abused on a regular basis… sorry to go against the grain but I feel bad for him. Yes, he’s an arrogant, annoying, spoiled jerk of a man, but I’m starting to think he really needs help. More than just anger management classes. I can only imagine what other things he experienced or was exposed to as a child.

    • fingerbinger says:

      I don’t think he needs help I know he needs help,but he’s to far up his own a$$. He has all these enablers. A posse of Yes men. His mother thinks he does nothing wrong and the sun rises and sets on him. He’s immature 24 yr old with a lot of money. He is in a place where he isn’t even thinking about therapy,unless it’s court ordered.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Difficult Brown is a victim and a perpetrator. In spite of all the opportunities for personal growth and change offered throughout his moneyed life and despite his Anger Management classes, Chris Brown may be a Sociopath who, no matter how much anger management or therapy is given to them, is simply not going to respond effectively to treatment. Sociopaths don’t respond to any type of therapy. The core of someone who is a sociopath is that they have no empathy for others and will pretty much do anything to get what they want, including killing someone. Lacking empathy is simply a part of who he is, so CB may act the part to get off the hook, but it ain’t gonna cure him.

      • msw says:

        I have worked with sociopaths quite a bit and I would certainly say isn’t useless. If nothing else, they can be taught to manage themselves in a more socially acceptable way. You may not “fix” them, but I would rather be around someone who is managing their selfishness/cruelty for their own gain than someone who is not.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Thank you for an enlightening reply, msw. I think it’s great that you can impact sociopathic behavior. Do sociopaths always act out, and what percentage are able to have somewhat of a ‘normal’ life?

      • msw says:

        No problem :) I don’t think they “always” do, necessarily. It kind of depends on how convenient it is for them, in general. If they have learned that life is easier for them when they’re not jerks to other people, they tend to lay low. But the primary motivation is not concern for others, its achieving a selfish end (staying out of trouble, developing alliances, etc.).

        As for your second question, I don’t think I can answer that. Almost all the antisocial individuals I worked with were patients at a substance rehab facility, so their outcomes were varied and dependent on a lot of variables. For what it is worth, i am very weary of personality disorders, as a professional. Every personality is unique and I feel like it can be somewhat victim blaming to diagnose someone with a personality disorder when its learned behavior to get by in what is usually an f’ed up situation. I think people can change their personalities with a lot of work, training and desire, so I tend to disagree with the DSM on a lot of stuff it presents as hard rules.

      • Trashaddict says:

        MSW the nature of sociopaths is that they figured out what you wanted to hear and said it to get you off their case. In that way they can be viewed as “intelligent”. They can be quite charming if they’re after something. The giveaway is that it’s never their fault, and it never will be.

      • msw says:

        Well, yeah, I know its lip service most of the time, and for this particular diagnosis, probably all (unless they were misdiagnosed, which definitely happens with alarming frequency)… Your comment seems a bit non sequitur.

      • Hakura says:

        @Sloane – Before reading your comment, I wasn’t sure of what sociopathy consisted of, which spurred me to go look. My God. Chris Brown sounds like a textbook case of sociopathy… There wasn’t a single identifying symptom he doesn’t openly project, down the the letter. I realize the diagnosis of mental illness is very complex, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s a raging sociopath, pure & simple. = It really sucks, given how difficult it is to convince them to modify their destructive/abusive behavior, & own lack of self awareness.

  28. teehee says:

    Its a complex dynamic of a culture that rewards and praises the sexual activities of males incessantly, to the point of being oblivious to the injurious effects those can have on the men (and not just the women) as well- ie, boys can experience abuse and can also be negatively affected by childhood experiences. Sex for anyone that age is not healthy in my book, it must be a very warping thing. Also both parties were underage (as I read it) so actually BOTH are guilty of statutory rape in this sense. She was older but he frames it so that he was the aggressor. Very, very twisted and sick on his part, becuase that means were a 5 year old swayed by his words, he could have chosen her instead of a 15 year old; even if he ‘bagged’ a 30 year old, what the hell was wrong with him that he was acting out like that, at such a young age??? Its just so wrong, I could go on forever about even more aspects… but… I’m sure we’re all pretty aware of how wrong this is anyway.

  29. Andrea says:

    Disgusting fool of a human being who contributes nothing good to society.

  30. Diana says:

    He was sexually abused. Why can’t this guy get out of the limelight– sober up, get help, gain some humility and devote his life to helping the world. I just can’t with his victim mentality! It bums me out.

  31. fabgrrl says:

    Ewwww!! I know that at that age sometimes kids “play” doctor or whatever. Usually they have a healthy curiosity about their own and others genitals. Ug, I was hoping he was exaggerating, and it was an “I’ll show your mine if you show me yours” situation with a same-aged girl. But no, this was molestation.

  32. BlackMamba says:

    From his interviews you can tell he blames rihanna for the state of his nonexistent career. They can’t be together because he hates her. He hates that she is this megasuperstar and he’s not, he hates that people like Drake keep having #1 albums that are selling over 600 000 copies in their 1st week, while his album keeps getting push back. He’s a very angry dude and Ri should watch her back with this guy because you never know when abusers like him are going snap, it’s obvious that he blames for everything wrong in his life.

  33. ashley says:

    Chris, go work on yourself,stop blaming people for your downfall.Take three to four years out of the spotlight,go back to v.a.and find yourself. Learn to be by yourself,go to church,stay out of the clubs!! Come back with good material and a more mature you.

  34. Tish says:

    Anybody who claims he is an intellectual with a high IQ is neither of those things.

  35. Suzy from Ontario says:

    In what country? The country of Delusion? He clearly thinks stating something so outrageous makes him sound cool and manly and somehow means he’s a better lover. And having a “good IQ”? I don’t think so. He can barely string a coherent sentence together.

    This guy is completely delusional and beyond narcisstic. He thinks he’s an inspirational guidebook? Yeah, maybe on what NOT to do!

    He literally makes me want to puke.

  36. msimmonsva22 says:

    Before the days of the information highway I use to question the purpose of publicist. Why do adults need a paid person to speak for them. Now with idiots like this speaking nonsense I have a brand new respect for publicists. He should too and just shut the hell up!

  37. Lucy says:

    This interview…I mean, I can’t be for real. It has to be a freaking joke. PLEASE, tell me it’s a joke.

  38. HK9 says:

    Just when I think his jackassery can’t get any more ridiculous, he says something else.

  39. d says:

    I want to weep for the little boy who lived a life where so much exposure to porn was normal. Who didn’t and doesn’t realize that at the very least, was molestation. I would say this revelation explains A LOT about the damaged human being he is today and about how he expresses himself in this interview. Very sad and disturbing. I don’t think he’ll ever be able to change, not with the way he lives his life now and the pressures from being in the music biz and the type of people he surrounds himself. He was damaged at an age when the brain and sense of self was still developing and I would think some beliefs and behaviours have become so ingrained, it’s part of him. It would take years to undo, if it’s even possible. That has got to be the saddest interview I’ve read in a while about a human being (not boohoo sad, but aghast sad). Enlightening article, but sad.

  40. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    Anyone having sex at the age of eight, no matter who they are, is just wrong. And with a 14 year old? It’s still child rape, even if the victim is Chris Brown.

  41. nicegirl says:

    How sad that he was molested and the abuse has manifested itself in such dangerous and painful ways – and even sadder still that he seems fully unaware that there are natural human reactions to sexual assault in childhood, which include, along with a host of other super un-fun and hard to dump habits/characteristics, anger, sexual promiscuity and addiction.

    It would be great to see him get the help he needs and then work to help others. Can we manifest this somehow?

  42. bowers says:

    That is child molestation, and I wish he’d recognize it.

  43. judyjudy says:

    I find it depressing to know that people this like exist.

  44. Flora Kitty says:

    It’s different in the country, so there were sheep in that part of Virginia?

  45. karolina says:

    It is amazing how not sorry he is for smashing Rihanna’s face. And of course he plays the race card. Yeah and Drake totally needs promo he would not get otherwise by starting a fight with this stupid ugly fool. Right, f*ck you Chris Brown you delusional woman beating weak c–t.

  46. Ture says:

    the funny thing is, i still think he’s hot………….*wailing* help me

  47. John says:

    That explains a lot. He never dealt with the sexual abuse, and is taking it out on all women.
    Why is he still relevant?

  48. WendyNerd says:

    You know, I’m sick of people saying shit along the lines of “this messed up stuff is okay because IT’S THE SOUTH!!!” There are a ton of extremely intelligent, normal, sophisticated southerners out there who constantly get a bad rep because of shit like this. My brother-in-law and his family have lived in Baton Rouge for generations, they’re lovely, educated people and this sort of thing would never be considered normal by them. Nor would it be considered normal in Virginia, my native state.

    Children having sex is nasty no matter where it takes place. Period. He was molested and it’s messed up. He’s still a douche, but I’m starting to wonder if he might have serious mental problems.

  49. Denise says:

    Um, he does not look well and hasn’t for a while. His face is gaunt and reminds me of…something that starts with A.

  50. Andrea says:

    I have three stories to add here but they weren’t involving 8 year olds. I knew a girl in college who was leery to give up her virginity to her bf (they were both 19) so he left her for a 12 year old!! That story always makes me shudder to this day. Apparently she was well known in the country in the south having gotten around already.

    I also had a friend in college who revealed to me that she started having sex at 12 willingly with 14-16 year old boys and she said it was a “beach thing”; she lived on the beach.

    In addition, I had another friend in college who said her bf lost his virginity at 11 to a 14 year old babysitter!! Crazy eh?

    These things happen more often than not, but 8 just seems crazy to me. Definite molestation.

  51. frankly says:

    The scary part is there is no follow up — so, what happened next? He was having sex with 9 year olds when he was 12, and that was awesome – or 10 year olds when he was 14? It’s different in the country, y’all, so it’s all good when you have sex with your 11 year old cousin and you’re a 16 year old dude, because that makes you the man. There’s a big gap between 8 and beating Rhianna. A big, f’ed up gap.

  52. jwoolman says:

    If he was steeped in porn by the age of 8, that explains a lot. My guess is that his older porn-loving cousins were experimenting with the little guy. Maybe it wasn’t actually a girl or maybe she was just yet another setup by the cousins to abuse the kid. Brown does seem to have special anger issues with women, maybe a combination of seeing his mom abused and all the porn.

  53. Rebecca says:

    Apparently, he does not know he was molested. Maybe this is where some of his “issues” come from.

  54. mary simon says:

    How old was he when he beat up his first woman?

  55. Marianne says:

    So he was 8 and she was 14/15? Sounds like rape to me.

  56. Becca says:

    Um ya. It’s called rape Chris Brown. What a tool…

  57. Jenn says:

    I’m from the country. We didn’t do that crap. What country is he talking about? Ew.
    He’s such a crybaby sissy boy trying to prove he’s a big bad man.

  58. kim says:

    Dude was molested by the person who may or may not have been a female or 14.

  59. bijlee says:

    …dear god what an idiot. what a simple simple mind.

  60. AprilStar says:

    I live in a population 3000 town in NC (claim to fame: A Yam Festival) and that type of aggressive and overt sexuality and sexual activity by prepubescents and teenagers did not happen “in the country” with us. I am not saying that we didn’t know what sex was or that there weren’t a few junior high pregnancies but these were rare and when they happened it wasn’t exactly like something everyone talked about around the dinner table like it was just country living. It is so sad that he mistakenly believes that sexual molestation is something to think about in a positive light as a claim to fame of sorts because an 8 yr old being coerced into a sexual act by a 14 yr old is molestation. It is actually sickening and I really wonder what is going on in the mind of a 14 yr old who looks at an 8 yr old child in this way as well because that person also is in need of help. This whole situation is profoundly sad but like someone else posted in Chris’s mind he believes he’s scored. He has quite a bit of deep-seeded issues and I would wager that he would benefit from some very intensive therapy and some extended time away from his Mama Brown who seems to be rather immature and a poop-stirrer. I know that all parents believe their child is a special snowflake but I take issue when your special snowflake starts wrecking havoc everywhere and then you take your “should know better behind” on Twitter and compare your son to Jesus. I just can’t with this entire family. It’s not even about the whole Rihanna debacle because celebrities have been forgiven for a lot worst but it’s that he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth and show a little humility and have at least one saving grace or redeemer. So far he has been nothing but egotistical and unapologetic as if the music market isn’t saturated with artists for other more thankful and endearing to their public. Chris’s PR team has mishandled him for years and continues to, causing me to question: does he have a PR team and does he listen to them if he does have one?