Amy Winehouse’s love letters to Blake will be used in their divorce

Blake Fielder-Civil has decided to divorce Amy Winehouse, following her public romance with other men and comments that Blake isn’t much of a sexual performer. Now that he will no longer be married to his meal ticket on his release from prison, Blake feels the need to ensure that he’s got a reasonable claim to her money.

His evidence is a rambling love letter that Amy wrote hime, where she implies that he is inspiring her music and that she will be writing songs about him.

After suggesting a collection of cover versions of their favourite songs she put the idea to one side and wrote: “So I’m thinking how about I WRITE you a few albums instead.”

In her own rambling fashion, Amy continued: “Blake you are . . . the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I pinch myself thinking about pinching you baby. Oh to kiss your skin.

“You are grace and majesty, your lips with mine are royal cushions that carry away in sweet savage dreams the minute they meet. You are a REAL boy. Everything I could pray for. REALLY my Boy Wonder.”

Amy then teased Blake with revelations of her new lingerie. She wrote: “For my birthday I got loads and loads Agent Provoc stuff, you’ll love it.

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But how is this proving that Blake has a claim on his soon-to-be-ex wife’s earnings?

And as Blake’s mother Georgette Civil gave us the bombshell love letter yesterday she admitted she’d been enraged by Amy humiliating Blake and branding him a flop in bed.

“Amy’s been incredibly cruel with her comments.” said Georgette. “It was so unnecessary.

“This love letter completely contradicts what she’s been saying. It will be an important part of his divorce case.”

A legal source revealed: “The letter could prove pivotal as it proves how important Blake was to Amy’s career.

“By the time the case gets to court Amy could be worth as much as £12 million and realistically Blake could end up with a quarter of that.”

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£3 million pounds to get rid of Blake and his clearly adorable mother Georgette? Sounds like a bargain to me. Why would Georgette release this letter to the papers if it actually had legal merit? Unless she is desperately eager to embarrass Amy, or show other potential sugar-mamas that her son is a desirable partner, I can only imagine that she is attempting to create a public perception that Blake is somehow deserving, which in turn could lead to a bigger divorce settlement.

Blake has admitted that he introduced Amy to cocaine and heroin, and her addiction has left her incapable of making an album at a time when she should be releasing a follow-up to her successful Back to Black album. In this sense, it would be easy to prove that Amy’s marriage and drug addiction have been a distraction from her work, and have in fact cost her millions. Could be a very interesting divorce, sure to be fought out in the British tabloids as much as the courts.

Amy and Blake are shown on 10/4/07 and 10/11/07. Credit: WENN

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11 Responses to “Amy Winehouse’s love letters to Blake will be used in their divorce”

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  1. sissoucat says:

    Georgette is a wonderful mother. And a bit broke, too.

  2. Megan says:

    If Blake put on some weight he’d be a very good looking guy.

  3. geronimo says:

    Can the drunken, coked-up ramblings of a crackie (sorry, Amy, but I’m defending you here) be used as evidence of anything? Amy, hopefully, will have decent lawyers to ensure he gets the bare minimum, being that he’s a convicted criminal and thug, a scummy drug dealer and a lying, scheming, crybaby waste of space.

  4. Baholicious says:

    I can just imagine the oil slick on the inside of that hatband…

  5. dr.grrl says:

    what about blake’s little blonde “girlfriend” who would come and visit him in jail? the same girl he was blowing kisses to and whispering “i love you’ with?! how would that play in the divorce proceedings? i just don’t understand how the incarcerated one is trying to play innocent!?

  6. Codzilla says:

    It’s hard to believe the “beautiful creature” she’s referring to is that slimy-looking cretin in the header pic. He’s nauseating.

  7. I think the letter ought to be inadmissible in court. “Beautiful creature”? She was clearly loaded out of her beehive.

    This sleaze is sniffing around for any bit of fame and money that he can parlay into hard drugs. Has he even heard “Back to Black”? It was a beautiful, soulful album that received huge accolades, and it was all written about his sorry ass. Now he wants future royalties for continuing to “inspire” Amy with passive-aggression and emotional abuse? What a greedy little tweaker.

    I hope he gets laughed out of the courtroom.

  8. blahgirls says:

    using a love letter to claim earnings? wows, this is gonna be one of the more interesting divorces

  9. gg says:

    you guys took the words right outta my mouth! He doesn’t deserve one thin pence. All this parasite did for their year of marriage was sponge off her and sit on his criminal ass in jail. I will be really pissed if somebody actually awards this moron money. Alimony’s not a given just because one party has cash.

  10. Love Letters says:

    The pair looks very good. I am really confused why they are taking divorce.

  11. now says:

    Such crazy musicians with crazy public lives and addictions.

    Lots of people can’t handle fame and the money that comes along with it.